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  1. Tgaming
    Tfw Switch sells 2.7 million units in the first month
  2. 12Me21Admin
  3. Tgaming has left the chat.
  4. Lacks has entered the chat.
  5. HTV04 has left the chat.
  6. 12Me21Admin
    Having multiple Youtube channels is so stupid...
  7. LacksHead Admin
    Sometimes lolVet ranch and demo ranch and off the ranch require seperate channels
  8. 12Me21Admin
    The fact that people feel the need to make multiple channels means that youtube doesn't have good enough tools to organize videos(Or that there's some way to abuse it to make more money)
  9. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  10. Chemicalex
    am i alone
  11. 12Me21Admin
  12. Chemicalex
    Oh okjust making sure
  13. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  14. Tgaming has left the chat.
  15. LacksHead Admin
    Loneliness is now outpacing smoking for health problems in the statesOr so I hear.
  16. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  17. LacksHead Admin
    And 12, that is definitely true about YouTube and shoddy organization and etc
  18. Chemicalex has left the chat.
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  20. Lacks has entered the chat.
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  23. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  24. Chemicalex
    Maybe my SPD was caused by my siblings never caring about what I did lol
  25. Chemicalex has left the chat.
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  28. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  29. Chemicalex
    I'll alter the lz url create Aww
  30. LacksHead Admin
    brb for supper
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  32. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  33. Chemicalex
  34. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  35. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  36. Chemicalex
    http://lz.x10.mx/?i=MmcOk there we go
  37. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  38. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  39. Tgaming has entered the chat.
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  43. Chemicalex
    I should make 12me a chatjs thing that automatically turns bare image links into /img
  44. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  45. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
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  47. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  48. Kuragen
  49. Chemicalex
    So regex eggghhh
  50. Chemicalex has left the chat.
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  52. Kuragen has entered the chat.
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  60. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  61. Kuragen
  62. a_load_of_barnacles has entered the chat.
  63. Kuragen
    ehm how do i load this kinds of files so i can see them on edit mode.http://imgur.com/Ry5g73K
  64. Kuragen
  65. Picy3
    still here
  66. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  67. Kuragen
    how can i load this file onto edit mode
  68. Picy3
    after 2 days
  69. a_load_of_barnacles
    I think I will join this contest. This should be fun!
  70. Picy3
  71. Kuragen
    http://imgur.com/Ry5g73Ki want to load this data file.
  72. Picy3
  73. Kuragen has left the chat.
  74. Picy3
    I don't know anything about wav filesmost people don't knoe
  75. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  76. Picy3
  77. a_load_of_barnacles
    It saves it in a data array it appears
  78. Kuragen has left the chat.
  79. Picy3
  80. a_load_of_barnacles
    You cannot load that and conventionally edit it I think
  81. Chemicalex
    Okay let's try this
  82. MisterLZ has entered the chat.
  83. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  84. Kuragen has left the chat.
  85. Chemicalex
  86. MisterLZ
  87. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  88. ProgrammingChicken
    picyhow long have you been on again?
  89. MisterLZ has left the chat.
  90. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  91. Chemicalex
    hey lz, Test
  92. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  93. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  94. Kuragen
    ohhow can i load it if its posible?
  95. Chemicalex
    hey lz, testShit
  96. Kuragen has left the chat.
  97. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    'something like VAR ARRAY[0] LOAD "DAT:WAV_WAVEDATA",ARRAY 'this won't work if the array the file stores has more than one dimension
  98. Chemicalex
    hey lz, test
  99. MisterLZ
  100. Chemicalex
  101. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  102. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    DAT files store arrays, not normal text, so you can't load them into edit mode, just into an array
  103. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  104. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  105. Chemicalex
    hey lz, test
  106. MisterLZ
  107. Chemicalex
    Woo we got it
  108. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, chem sucks
  109. MisterLZ
    chem sucks
  110. Chemicalex
    hey lz, I tried
  111. MisterLZ
    I tried
  112. Chemicalex
  113. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, spamscore
  114. MisterLZ
  115. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, spamscore
  116. MisterLZ
  117. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, spamscore
  118. MisterLZ
  119. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, spamscore spamscore
  120. MisterLZ
    spamscore spamscore
  121. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hey lz, spamscore
  122. MisterLZ
  123. SpiderLily
  124. Chemicalex
  125. SpiderLily
    lacks ban
  126. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    sorry i'll stop
  127. Chemicalex
    You're going to ban yourself before yo ban him lol
  128. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  129. SpiderLily
    no more bots
  130. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  131. Chemicalex
    That was just a text cropping whatever testIt's going to work mainly in pmsspeaking of which how do you detect if you've been pmed and what Who did it
  132. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  133. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    do you have any way of detecting the room name
  134. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  135. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  136. Chemicalex
  137. Omiwa
    wheree is master
  138. Chemicalex
    Via /pm I mean
  139. Omiwa
  140. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    oh those are modulemessages
  141. SpiderLily
  142. Tgaming has left the chat.
  143. Omiwa
  144. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  145. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  146. Chemicalex
    shit I might have just overwritten my chatjs
  147. Kuragen has left the chat.
  148. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  149. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  150. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  151. Omiwa
    why did I start fbi without hiding the title I'm playing
  152. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  153. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  154. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  155. Chemicalex
    HuhLooks like if an lz link is used in an img src it counts everyone who sees the broken image as a clickOh this gives me an ideaI could use this on lzbot to tally u P users, even hiding Ones
  156. Omiwa
    I want to understand what you're talking about.
  157. Chemicalex
    Basically uhWhen lz runs it tells the servers to add a click to the counter
  158. Omiwa
    I don't know what lz is.
  159. Chemicalex
    Apparently /img runs the page locally even though it shows up as a broken image
  160. Kuragen has left the chat.
  161. Chemicalex
    Oh lz is my linkshortener/image hosthttp://lz.x10.mx
  162. Omiwa
    I think your theory is interesting. I wonder if one with the power of a head admin would test whether or not it works.
  163. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  164. Kuragen
    doesnt work.
  165. Kuragen has left the chat.
  166. Chemicalex
    So using this to my advantage I could get MisterLZ to tally uUp active chat Users
  167. snail_ has entered the chat.
  168. Omiwa
    Someone with the powers of a head admin... Someone like that can see who's hidden.
  169. Chemicalex
    Okay I have to go o/
  170. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  171. Kuragen has left the chat.
  172. a_load_of_barnacles has left the chat.
  173. Omiwa
    Bye-bye.Sorry for talking weirdly. ^w^"
  174. SpiderLily
  175. snail_ has left the chat.
  176. snail_ has entered the chat.
  177. Omiwa
  178. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  179. snail_ has left the chat.
  180. Omiwa
    My screen is acting weird and it made my message look "bloody" lol
  181. SpiderLily
    well if i say it twice doesnt that mean i care about you
  182. Omiwa
    or just badly done actuallyUmmsorrycan I tell you something
  183. SpiderLily
  184. Omiwa
  185. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  186. Omiwa
    eeek lol
  187. SpiderLily
  188. Omiwa
    get back here so I can apologize maybeOh lol hahahaSorry I'm such a sarcastic sillylololol
  189. SpiderLily
    that was a good one
  190. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  191. Omiwa
    Sorry for insulting your repeated greetingsOh, was it? Heehee. Thanks!lol
  192. LacksHead Admin
    omgmy mom shaved her little shi tzuit looks like a wet rat
  193. SpiderLily
    wow i read that way wrong the first time
  194. LacksHead Admin
  195. Omiwa
    what did you read it as
  196. SpiderLily
    why do you want to know
  197. Omiwa
    I think I read part of it wrong at first too ^w^"
  198. SpiderLily
    i didnt read the obvious part wrong
  199. Omiwa
    was it shi tzu that you read wrong
  200. SpiderLily
    for some reason 'little' looked like tittie to me
  201. LacksHead Admin
  202. snail_ has entered the chat.
  203. Omiwa
    shi tzu looked like what you saw but minus the three ending letters but with an s after that
  204. LacksHead Admin
    My mom shaved her titty shits
  205. SpiderLily
    yeah thats basically what i saw
  206. Omiwa
  207. snail_
    on this site: 12me and squarefingers publicly embarrass themselves as staff leaves them be
  208. Picy3
  209. LacksHead Admin
    Are they still fighting?
  210. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  211. Lacks has entered the chat.
  212. Lacks has left the chat.
  213. Omiwa
    one of those people is weird but interesting and creepy etc
  214. LacksHead Admin
  215. snail_
    not anymore. but it probably won't be the endI guess they don't understand that both of their viewpoints are pretty important
  216. LacksHead Admin
    they even had a tiff here
  217. Omiwa
    I'm all of those maybe so that's a huge compliment to me as I myself maybe
  218. Picy3
  219. snail_
    it's pretty embarrassingi know as soon as i try to have an opinion i become bad so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ time to leave sbs
  220. Omiwa
  221. LacksHead Admin
    bahh, you can embarass yourself and still come out on toplook at the yellow tag by my name
  222. snail_
    well 12 is admin so his thread-closing is lawoh look he's online
  223. LacksHead Admin
    I think the last time he closed it was the proper time to close it
  224. SpiderLily
    lacks remember who got you that tag
  225. LacksHead Admin
    Square seemed like he wanted a fight.Thanks Lexi :p I'm drawing you right now
  226. snail_
    yeah but I can't tell him that or I'm the bad guy
  227. LacksHead Admin
    It will probably offend you...
  228. Omiwa
    yellow...?!goodness is that really yellow
  229. snail_
    one time I said "you're acting ridiculous" in reference to both of them and he took it as a direct insult haha
  230. LacksHead Admin
    golden yellow?hehe
  231. SpiderLily
    oh i am still waiting for that drawing lacks
  232. Omiwa
    the thing to the right of your name!?
  233. LacksHead Admin
    I may not finish it tonight, Lexy and Yes, OmiwaLexi*
  234. Omiwa
  235. snail_
    is miwa colorblind
  236. Omiwa
    gosh I can't be that awfulwell I do stare at the sun sometimes hehehe and I think I am
  237. LacksHead Admin
  238. Omiwa
    but it looks horribly orange
  239. 12Me21Admin
    make [Admin] great again
  240. Omiwa
    please show me what you seemaybe my theme is doing something weird
  241. SpiderLily
    dont talk bad about him snail or you will have to take it up with me
  242. snail_
    square is one of those people with good intentions but the way he says things makes him come off an ass
  243. LacksHead Admin
    you're gr8 in my books m8
  244. snail_
    how is colorblindness an insult lexiit was a legitimate question.
  245. LacksHead Admin
    I use dark mode
  246. Omiwa
    awwh you called me miwa thank you lol
  247. SpiderLily
    'snail are you deaf because you couldn't hear what i said'
  248. snail_
    i feel like my freedom of speech is under attack
  249. Omiwa
    Umm will one of you please show me a picture of chat
  250. snail_
    why is that in quotes
  251. LacksHead Admin
    oh, ok yes
  252. Omiwa
    is the thing next to 12me's name pink?
  253. LacksHead Admin
    one sec omers
  254. SpiderLily
    snail are you blind because those arent quotes
  255. 12Me21Admin
  256. LacksHead Admin
    yes.... sorry about that 12 lol
  257. Omiwa
    that's an interesting name -w-
  258. snail_
    well lack's tag is more gold and 12's is more red
  259. Omiwa
    Oh gosh no no no I'm screwed up
  260. SpiderLily
    snail are you colorblind because thats not even close to red
  261. snail_
    fine they're apostrophesand his tag is red NOW are you colorblind
  262. 12Me21Admin
    a red is a red, you can't say it's only a half
  263. Omiwa
    YesI am oh no
  264. snail_
    the colors might be contrast adjusted for dark theme
  265. 12Me21Admin
    MisterLZ has used the following IP addresses: ----------------------2017-05-03 01:11:30 ChemicalBot2016-05-12 22:35:02 Chemicalex2017-05-03 01:21:49 EIzoBro2016-04-02 00:46:41 LZBot2017-05-03 00:56:10 MasterR3C0RD2016-05-13 18:28:45 Spalonebabagoo2016-02-09 16:32:51
  266. Omiwa
    I already thought I was but I didn't know it was this bad maybe
  267. SpiderLily
    its pink
  268. snail_
    it looks redpink to mw
  269. 12Me21Admin
    definitely pinkwell it's hard to tell
  270. snail_
    no it's definitely a bug
  271. Omiwa
    Umm what I said pink
  272. 12Me21Admin
    my message background is pink
  273. LacksHead Admin
  274. 12Me21Admin
    (random if you're reading this don't change the tag colors whatever)oh is it actually different in dark theme?
  275. Omiwa
    gosh why does that look so scarlet to be
  276. snail_
    anyway if we take the "every negative feature is a bug" definition then tables in Lua are a bug because they're badboth intent AND user convenience are important
  277. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  278. snail_
    not only are you both wrong, you're both right.
  279. LacksHead Admin
    thanks 12. Looks like chem wants his botbut forgot to ask first
  280. snail_
    smileboom may have intended on that INPUT behavior but it's still shitI wouldn't call it a bug either. This is why I prefer "issue" trackers.
  281. LacksHead Admin
    "It's not a bug, it's a feature" Isn't just a meme?
  282. snail_
    in ways.there can be reallly bad featuresdeveloper isn't always right, user isn't always right either.
  283. 12Me21Admin
    ok here's a fun gamehttp://rei.to/PetitMovieCreator1.0.0.zip guess the correct linkhave fun
  284. snail_
    changing the topic are we
  285. Omiwa
  286. snail_
    go make up with square or you won't see me again lol
  287. 12Me21Admin
    I tried but he just attacked my argument even more
  288. Omiwa
    is lacks' thing not orange in that picture?
  289. 12Me21Admin
    I think he's in a bad mood or something idk
  290. LacksHead Admin
    We need to check Snail's man card, that's a bitch move hahaha
  291. snail_
    lacks take his admin card away lolhe's being volatile! lol
  292. LacksHead Admin
  293. 12Me21Admin
  294. LacksHead Admin
    to me, Omiwa, I see a golden yellow
  295. snail_
  296. Omiwa
    btw thanks for having shown the picture lacks but that's not exactly what I think I seeOh okay thanks
  297. Lumage
  298. Omiwa
    dear gosh I'm not good at seeing colors
  299. 12Me21Admin
    so I assume random's sticking with his 01F847 symbol
  300. snail_
  301. 12Me21Admin
    not to be confused with HEAVY DOWNWARDS ARROW
  302. LacksHead Admin
    Does anyone have a colorblind test we can throw at Omiwa lol
  303. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think that's how it works
  304. Omiwa
    gosh I'm so so screwed up I can't even imagine that the way you might
  305. snail_
    not to be confused with ARROW DOWNWARDS HEAVY
  306. 12Me21Admin
    *throws test at Omiwa* *bounces off and lands on the floor* yeah definitely colorblind
  307. Omiwa
    a-are you calling me f-fat!?
  308. 12Me21 no
  309. snail_
    anyway I find it mildly amusing that 12 can just close a thread when he decides an argument is over heh
  310. Omiwa
    lol that's beautiful
  311. 12Me21Admin
    reopening it was kind of a mistake
  312. LacksHead Admin
    Maybe he could tell this was going to go nowhere except hurt people?
  313. Omiwa I was joking
  314. Omiwa
    "mildly amusing"
  315. snail_
    he closed it at the proper time the first time
  316. 12Me21Admin
    squareFingers's argument basically fell apart after that
  317. SpiderLily
    sparky we all know you are a little thicc
  318. snail_
    more like you two don't know how to communicate with each other
  319. Lumage
    yeah but that's what ignoring it is for
  320. Omiwa
    eek hush lol don't call me that maybe lol
  321. LacksHead Admin
    In chat, Square kept saying he wanted an argument. he wanted to agrue. Not discuss, not debate. Argue
  322. Lumage
    not deciding the discussion is ""over""
  323. LacksHead Admin
    I know it's kinda semantics but...
  324. snail_
    yeah ignore him and be inflammatoryerdon't do that second one. typo.lacks you're the boss
  325. Omiwa
    eek does anyone see creepy pixels belowOh good they went away
  326. LacksHead Admin
    Maybe I'm a bad boss, but here's my take.
  327. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  328. randomouscrap
    Lacks how did you know that account was an alt
  329. snail_
    "creepy pixels"
  330. LacksHead Admin
    the thread was devolving to an argument. 12 closed the thread. square told him to open it again. Argument continued, 12 closed the thread.LZand chem in the ip
  331. 12Me21Admin
    actually I think
  332. randomouscrap
    That's not enough, I'm sorry. It's better to be safe than sorryI hope you saw just how many accounts have used that IP.
  333. Lumage
    uh because chem used it as a bot
  334. 12Me21Admin
    they were all alts
  335. LacksHead Admin
    I did
  336. 12Me21Admin
    except R3C0RD
  337. LacksHead Admin
    and Elzo lol
  338. snail_
    square started it but 12 allowed it to continue wchhchhckc
  339. 12Me21Admin
    no that was Eizo
  340. randomouscrap
    Right but they weren't all alts from the same person
  341. Omiwa
    lexi goodnight
  342. LacksHead Admin
    You're the real bodd lol
  343. snail_
    lacks you should check my IP record
  344. LacksHead Admin
    bossI'm just your angry mask
  345. snail_
    it's like 200 unique addresses
  346. randomouscrap
    It's fine; just leave him banned this time
  347. snail_ has left the chat.
  348. snail_ has entered the chat.
  349. randomouscrap
    But please be careful. Just because something LOOKS suspicious doesn't mean it is. Try to confirm your suspicions in chat. It's usually easy to determine (unless you did that)
  350. Lumage
    Chemicalex hey lz, test ✖18:12 MisterLZ test ✖18:12 Chemicalex Woo we got it ✖18:12 Trinitro21Chat Moderator hey lz, chem sucks ✖18:12 MisterLZ chem sucks
  351. randomouscrap
    Ah I seewell that's fine. I'm sorry for interfering
  352. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  353. snail_
    I use private/VPN connections pretty frequently, and at home the DHCP lease time isn't exactly long
  354. LacksHead Admin
  355. snail_
    so my breadth of IPs isn't weird or anything
  356. LacksHead Admin
    Thanks LumageI totally shot my load too early there thoI'm sorry Randowow, phrasing
  357. Omiwa
    vpn 24x7
  358. Lumage
    sounds like lacks didn't actually SEE this but it was a bot (and thus "alt" is a poor ban reason)
  359. snail_
    anywho if there's another stupid argument and it's just allowed to continue I'm outta here
  360. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  361. LacksHead Admin
    I was too lazy to type bot I just tacked on to an old response..... But him running lz.com was a big clue in my books
  362. snail_
  363. 12Me21Admin
    aaaaaaaaaaa what
  364. LacksHead Admin
    oh, do you want to be head admin agaoin, Snail?
  365. snail_
    I made it something pretty hard to actually put in
  366. SpiderLily
  367. snail_
    fuck no dealing with this peanut gallery?
  368. 12Me21Admin
    make all users head admin and see what happens
  369. Omiwa
    not nice?
  370. snail_
    my idea of a good time ^
  371. LacksHead Admin
    what's the big deal? People bickerwe're fucking human
  372. snail_
    eh. I'm just annoyed
  373. 12Me21Admin
    can head admins kill other head admins?
  374. SpiderLily
    sparky isnt human
  375. 12Me21Admin
    or only ranks below them?
  376. LacksHead Admin
    you did see what I posted, correct
  377. snail_
    let me wallow in my frustration for now I'll get over it
  378. Omiwa
    awwh yes I am
  379. 12Me21 : prove it
  380. Omiwa
  381. snail_
    I should probably change my pattern back anyway
  382. Omiwa
    you really want to argue don't you
  383. snail_
    feels like I'm breaking my thumb
  384. Omiwa
    I'm joking hahaha
  385. LacksHead Admin
    you can wallow, Snail but to say you're gonna leave if people get into an argument is kind of ridiculous lolif 2 people try to help one person on a simple problem, there's an argument
  386. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  387. Chemicalex
    Aww you banned MrLZ
  388. LacksHead Admin
    about that
  389. snail_
    pretty sure you have to ask for permission to get a bot
  390. LacksHead Admin
    if you want a bot on the site, like everyone else please ask first
  391. Chemicalex
    Eh whatever i dont really care lol
  392. Omiwa
    can I have a bot
  393. snail_
    egh I'm tired of being monochrome
  394. SpiderLily
    can i have a bot too
  395. Omiwa
    everyone is monochrome in my screen
  396. Chemicalex
    Oh lacks if you didnt hear P&L is half ending
  397. GeekDude has entered the chat.
  398. GeekDude
    Is randomouscrap nearby?
  399. Omiwa
    --"unless you reconsider your banning to my dear bot"
  400. Kuragen has left the chat.
  401. snail_
    wow it's good to see you here
  402. LacksHead Admin
    I did hear that
  403. GeekDude
    It's finals week, so the perfect time to slack off right?
  404. snail_
    I graduate like a month from nowhigh school sucks aaaaaaa
  405. LacksHead Admin
    I had the whole "So you're making batman and robin into the justice league" comment when you cried it wasn't original enough :pcried is meansorry
  406. Chemicalex
    Oh shit right
  407. snail_
    I hope I make it
  408. Chemicalex
    Oh lacks we should have a role for botsNo more perms just a label
  409. GeekDude
    Anyways, I'm trying to find out if random kept good backups of the data on tinycomputer, since I kinda hit "save" instead of "load" one of my files
  410. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  411. Chemicalex
    Think about it ;)
  412. GeekDude
  413. randomouscrap
    how long ago did you do this
  414. LacksHead Admin
    I am thinking
  415. randomouscrap
    I keep backups of all data. It'll be... hard to get...
  416. GeekDude
    I deleted it yesterday
  417. Chemicalex
    Even though you cant make roles maybe lol
  418. randomouscrap
    mmm and when was the last time you worked on it?
  419. GeekDude
    It's not really important to get back, it'd just be nice
  420. LacksHead Admin
    No, I can't. Can I? No
  421. GeekDude
    I have no idea when the last time I worked on it was. I was trying to load it as a demo
  422. snail_
    No, you can't.
  423. randomouscrap
    oh so it was a long time ago? That's fine, I should be able to salvage it then
  424. Chemicalex
    Is it possible to un-terminate an account
  425. randomouscrap
    Just not tonight, sorry
  426. GeekDude
    That's fine. I don't need it any time soon
  427. randomouscrap
    it's stowed away in a database backup and eugh it'll be hard to get it out. What's it called
  428. snail_
    you should write scripts for this
  429. GeekDude
  430. randomouscrap
    I have a backup from april 30th is that good?
  431. LacksHead Admin
    based on the big bold red warning letters, no. Sorry Chem
  432. GeekDude
    Waaaiiit a secondI just hit load and it pulled up the file what the heck
  433. randomouscrap
    pft does saving even work
  434. snail_
  435. Chemicalex
    Oh random i figured out how to tally up active chat users, even hiding onesLol thats ok lacks
  436. randomouscrap
    even hiding ones?
  437. snail_ has left the chat.
  438. snail_ has entered the chat.
  439. Chemicalex
    Keyword active
  440. 12Me21Admin
    only users who have /img enabled
  441. Chemicalex
    And that, yes
  442. randomouscrap
    oh you're doing some stupid php thing
  443. Chemicalex
  444. snail_
    did you use a tracking pixel like rec did weeks ago
  445. randomouscrap
    heh well that's why there's a warning
  446. RealTiP
  447. Chemicalex
    Hey tip
  448. 12Me21Admin
    when you use /img the image gets loaded for all the users that have it enabled
  449. randomouscrap
    I'll get the backup anyway geekdude. Otherwise it'll disappear
  450. GeekDude
    Looks like if you're saving a blank file it will warn you it's overwriting, then let you know it successfully overwrote, but it doesn't actually do anything
  451. randomouscrap
    oh pftprobably some php thingSo you DEFINITELY don't need the backup?
  452. 12Me21Admin
    yeah whatever image host he uses has a thing to track the number of views
  453. GeekDude
  454. RealTiP
    >so... did you see me before i wrote that?
  455. Chemicalex
    Whatever image host he uses
  456. randomouscrap
    yes you don't need it
  457. Chemicalex
    You mean...lz? Lol
  458. GeekDude
    I just pulled a hard copy of it down to my local storage so you can delete the live copy for all I care
  459. Chemicalex
  460. randomouscrap
  461. GeekDude
    I'm good
  462. Chemicalex
    Tip here
  463. randomouscrap
  464. Chemicalex
    I made a theme maybe
  465. randomouscrap
    hope things work out well geekdude
  466. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  467. GeekDude
  468. RealTiP
  469. snail_
    lol making a 3ds theme based on yourself
  470. RealTiP
    i did that too
  471. Chemicalex
    12 you can /img with a regular pageAnd the page runs for every client
  472. RealTiP
    i fixed the annoying 3ds bit
  473. Chemicalex
    So for exampleI just tallied up users with /img on
  474. Lumage
    cute ghost
  475. Chemicalex
    In this case, 5
  476. RealTiP
  477. Chemicalex
    http://lz.x10.mx/stats.php?i=LP3Even though no one clicked it, it got counted
  478. RealTiP
  479. Chemicalex
    Oh lacks since i do apparently need to ask can i have a bot
  480. snail_
    look can somebody unban fucking small_robot
  481. 12Me21Admin
    well yes when you do /img it asks the server for the file and tries to display it as an image
  482. LacksHead Admin
    I think I need to talk with Random some more about bots
  483. snail_
    unlike rec I haven't used PHP to unlock people's private foldersgod dammit
  484. LacksHead Admin
    So.... Maybe
  485. 12Me21Admin
    I think random just doesn't want people to have multiple accounts at all
  486. snail_
    I know I should have asked first but still
  487. 12Me21Admin
    which I think is probably a good idea
  488. LacksHead Admin
    I agree
  489. RealTiP
  490. snail_
    does a bot count as an alt?
  491. Chemicalex
    Bots are fun though
  492. 12Me21Admin
    yesit would be nice if we could make chat bots without having a separate account
  493. snail_
    depends what it does.
  494. Chemicalex
  495. LacksHead Admin
    What if we take chem's idea of a bot rank and make a literal bot account you sign up for?
  496. Chemicalex
  497. snail_
    oh, then we would have to provide an actual system and API
  498. RealTiP
  499. LacksHead Admin
    Random is probably sitting there shaking his head....
  500. Chemicalex
    Pff lolIn this case why does TDOS exist
  501. 12Me21Admin
    I guess a bot rank could work it could like block you from voting on polls or doing other things that would be considered cheating
  502. Lacks can faintly hear a darth vader esque NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  503. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  504. LacksHead Admin
    That's kind of what I have wondered since before I was an admin
  505. snail_ has left the chat.
  506. LacksHead Admin
    you know what the answer I was given was?
  507. AnswerXOX
    I'm surprised the trash is still the top on kland lol
  508. LacksHead Admin
    "He asked"
  509. snail_ has entered the chat.
  510. Chemicalex
    Pff lol
  511. snail_
    rec has that magic powerhe can manipulate peopleI can see through it usually though
  512. LacksHead Admin
    I think he has nudes on Lumage and Random:p
  513. AnswerXOX
  514. 12Me21Admin
  515. snail_
    apparently his intrusive behavior is just "his nature" and we shouldn't try to hold him accountable so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  516. LacksHead Admin
    Random has said that if you want a bot, the dev site is there for that reasonNot an exact quote. But I think that was his meaning
  517. snail_
    **but there's no activity there?**
  518. Picy3
  519. LacksHead Admin
    it's best to prove your concept before you drop SpamBot9000 on us
  520. snail_
    the problem is that people don't want to make bots that are actually useful
  521. Chemicalex
    My nature is rude and sarcastic
  522. LacksHead Admin
    Andrito didHe wanted to make a chat buddy
  523. Chemicalex
    How much do you see me being rude and sarcastic
  524. 12Me21 : rest in peace 12Me23
  525. Chemicalex
    ....dont answer that
  526. snail_
    and when I suggest an idea like a bot that can send you twitter DMs about site activity I get told "no"
  527. LacksHead Admin
    I mean "Useful" is a relative term :plol
  528. snail_
    look I'm honestly gonna say that I'm personally upset about this for a totally personal reason and I just want a bit accounthonest.
  529. LacksHead Admin
    12me21, what was 12me23 for?
  530. 12Me21Admin
    just a random chat botit was SOOO badly written but it somehow WORKED
  531. SpiderLily
  532. LacksHead Admin
    And the big worry is that we will use these secondary accounts to vote on our programs and shit, right?
  533. 12Me21Admin
    To get the chat messages it literally did Ctrl+A Ctrl+C and checked the clipboard
  534. Lumage
    lol levi
  535. SpiderLily
    i knew my bot senses were tingling
  536. LacksHead Admin
    Can't they be locked out from that kind of stuff? Isn't that all privileges?
  537. Chemicalex
    You probably dont want my oponion on this but ill give it anywayspponion
  538. LacksHead Admin
    no, state your opinion
  539. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think we have privileges set up for polls and things, but of course it could be done.
  540. LacksHead Admin
    and be honest snail lol
  541. snail_
    i feel like using a bot to send keystrokes to the browser is actually more work than to ACTUALLY get the message object
  542. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  543. Chemicalex
    You want to enforce rules that don't need enforced
  544. LacksHead Admin
  545. 12Me21Admin
    Yes, but you have to realize that at the time I didn't even know JavaScript
  546. snail_
    "don't need enforced"
  547. SpiderLily
    its a rule why shouldnt it be enforced
  548. Chemicalex
    Why is it a rule though
  549. LacksHead Admin
    Can anyone point me to a set of rules?
  550. snail_
    no they can't.
  551. LacksHead Admin
    I've asked for them before
  552. SquareFingers
    Ah, 12. To answer your question: To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of [icode]INPUT A$[/icode], given the user input >[icode]Q[/icode]<, is that [icode]A$[/icode] should have any value other than [icode]"Q"[/icode], is unreasonable. To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of [icode]INPUT A$[/icode], given the user input >[icode]45!23[/icode]<, is that [icode]A$[/icode] should have any value other than [icode]"45!23"[/icode], is unreasonable. To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of [icode]INPUT A$[/icode], given the user input >[icode][/icode]<, is that [icode]A$[/icode] should have any value other than [icode]""[/icode], is unreasonable. To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of [icode]INPUT A$[/icode], given the user input >[icode]Bobble[/icode]<, is that [icode]A$[/icode] should have any value other than [icode]"Bobble"[/icode], is unreasonable. (Consistency, you see, applied to the primary aspects of the operation, before the secondary aspects.) I say all these 4 sentences with equal conviction. If you state, clearly, you would have one or more such expectations (it doesn't matter which one), I will state, clearly, that you are being unreasonable on that point. How about it?
  553. Chemicalex
  554. snail_
    oh god not this bs again
  555. RealTiP
    " will uphold the rules!" "go get a thesaurus!"
  556. Chemicalex
    Why make an issue where there is no issue
  557. LacksHead Admin
    Chem are you talking about bots?
  558. Chemicalex
    Not just bots really
  559. LacksHead Admin
    the issue is we DO have a no alt rulethe bot is an alt account, no two ways about it
  560. snail_
    listen square. lemme level with you. by no means is suggesting that SmileBoom may have intended the behavior is an unreasonable suggestion. it's still bad behavior regardless of intent. nobody said "the developer is always right and the user is always wrong" on that thread IMO
  561. Chemicalex
    Yes and why IS this a rule
  562. snail_
    this argument is frankly petty and ridiculous, you both just "want to be right" but guess what? you both are.
  563. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  564. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    oh wow snail got a new avatar
  565. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, I don't know. Maybe the whole contest we're runningVote manipulation
  566. snail_
    it's a bad feature. could it be a bug? could be. could it be intentional? could be. who cares?
  567. 12Me21Admin
    I suppose I could respond with: >To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of [icode]INPUT A$[/icode], given the user input >[icode]Hello, world![/icode]<, is that [icode]A$[/icode] should have any value other than [icode]"Hello, world!"[/icode], is unreasonable.
  568. Chemicalex
    The no alt rule has been there from the start
  569. snail_
    you two are acting like children.having a simple conjecture on a feature should not be an ideological attack.
  570. LacksHead Admin
    again, vote manipulation on programs and page views
  571. Chemicalex
    Like i said though, just my opinion. It's you and random's site
  572. LacksHead Admin
    I have 14 devices that can load this site from unique IP addresses.
  573. 12Me21Admin
    but anyway I understand why you consider it to be a bug and all that umm... oh yeah you can use markdown stuff in chat with /md
  574. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    oh, you have 14 networks? wow
  575. snail_
    yeah vote manipulation is a very real problem
  576. RealTiP
  577. LacksHead Admin
    So now my program defaults at 14 upvotes cause I'm a dick
  578. Lumage
    you'd have to make 14 accounts though
  579. RealTiP
  580. LacksHead Admin
    I'm more analog than that, Tri. I'd walk to opem wifi networks lol
  581. snail_
    have fun getting that past the radar
  582. LacksHead Admin
    Uhh LZ almost slipped thu
  583. snail_
    LACKS_ALT_14 created an account!
  584. 12Me21Admin
    I remember when I just waited 2 months for 12Me23 to be unbanned lol
  585. Chemicalex
    If you really want to fix the issue just make a bot role. Otherwise just ban TDOS and 12Me23
  586. SquareFingers
    Where can I learn this "/md" of which you speak?
  587. snail_
    it's markdown, square
  588. LacksHead Admin
    Random yelled at me for autobanning based on names in the ip thingamadoo and the name as my only clues
  589. 12Me21Admin
    I think the format codes are
  590. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    "/md `hello`"hello
  591. snail_
    /md *sample text* ~~aaa~~ `inline`
  592. 12Me21Admin
  593. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  594. 12Me21Admin
    me: and 4
  595. RealTiP
    oh wow
  596. 12Me21Admin
  597. 12Me21 : and 4
  598. SquareFingers
    This is a code test, a bold test, an underline test, a tilde test
  599. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    `code` ~~strikethrough~~ *italics* **bold** __underline__ are what i know
  600. Chemicalex
    ...but random doesn't really like adding new features anymore. So i doubt the bot rank will happen
  601. snail_
    there should probably be some kind of BBCODE resolver built in though so you can use both
  602. LacksHead Admin
    I thought /md stood for medical attention o.o
  603. 12Me21Admin
    test test test **
  604. RealTiP
    >code strikethrough italics bold underline
  605. snail_
    just my opinion
  606. 12Me21Admin
    oh you can't stack them
  607. snail_
    oh yeah it works with greentext too
  608. 12Me21Admin
  609. SquareFingers
    italics test too. OK, got it.
  610. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    medical attention
  611. LacksHead Admin
  612. 12Me21Admin
    hmm nevermind it just breaks on weirdly nested markdown./md *test **test * test **
  613. snail_
  614. RealTiP
    test test test **
  615. LacksHead Admin
    don't let Tgaming see that. He might think someone likes his meme
  616. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    medical attention
  617. Chemicalex
    Pff yes
  618. snail_
  619. 12Me21Admin
    * test *
  620. Chemicalex
  621. snail_
    trin do you need medical assistance?ok just turn your head and cough
  622. LacksHead Admin
    Do you still feel like how your avatar looks?
  623. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think I can combine bold and italichmm
  624. snail_
    yes you can***
  625. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    you can, 3 asterisks
  626. Chemicalex
    Oh lacks ive been working on this new comic ideas and its gonna be great
  627. AnswerXOX
  628. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  629. 12Me21Admin
  630. AnswerXOX
    how do you code in md?
  631. snail_
    markdown is ambiguous and weird like that
  632. LacksHead Admin
  633. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  634. LacksHead Admin
  635. AnswerXOX
  636. LacksHead Admin
    I need an adult
  637. SquareFingers
    Yes, you could respond with: To have an expectation, a priori, that the result of INPUT A$, given the user input >Hello, world!<, is that A$ should have any value other than "Hello, world!", is unreasonable. That response, too, adds nothing of value to the discussion.
  638. 12Me21Admin
    And that is why I didn't actually use that as my argument
  639. LacksHead Admin
    Actually I just need to know what's the reasoning behind Broken's bot being allowed
  640. Chemicalex
    Alright choldren settle down
  641. RealTiP
    >* ¡Click For FREE Subscriptiones! *
  642. snail_
    "a priori"
  643. LacksHead Admin
    Keep in mind I'm inheriting her rules and modifying to suithisfuck
  644. Chemicalex
    DID YOU JU--
  645. RealTiP
  646. snail_
    nobody uses latin unless they specifically want to feel smarter than the other person
  647. Chemicalex
  648. snail_
    >or you're like a lawyer I guess
  649. 12Me21Admin
    (That was in the original, I just replaced the input text)anyway
  650. Chemicalex
    Can you at least take this to a pm room or smthAt least the programming tab
  651. snail_
    yeah you could at LEAST not have a marital spat in public
  652. 12Me21Admin
    I don't see the point of continuing this at all, really
  653. RealTiP
    ergo uti
  654. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    marital spat
  655. snail_
  656. LacksHead Admin
  657. RealTiP
    therefore, i use
  658. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    what is a marital spat
  659. LacksHead Admin
    programming talk to the left boys
  660. Chemicalex
    marital spatMarital Spat channel when
  661. snail_
    if you want to have a one on one battle of ideology you should use a PM room
  662. LacksHead Admin
    Snail is joking that 12 and Square are fighting like a married couple
  663. snail_
    in public you risk people intervening
  664. 12Me21Admin
  665. LacksHead Admin
  666. snail_
    in fact neither of you are actually adding anything of worth to this "discussion" at all
  667. LacksHead Admin
    So uhh
  668. snail_
    it's just a playground fight but with smart person words
  669. LacksHead Admin
    This drawing of lexi
  670. Chemicalex
  671. RealTiP
  672. LacksHead Admin
    I'm thinking mouse
  673. RealTiP
  674. Chemicalex
    Mouse lol
  675. snail_
    but I can tell I'm not being listened to anyway so.
  676. 12Me21Admin
  677. Chemicalex
  678. Picy3
    sup\still here after 2 days
  679. 12Me21 : maybe if you don't want the argument to continue you should stop talking about it
  680. LacksHead Admin
    SpiderLily (Lexi) asked random for a drawing of what "You think I look like" Random said no. So I asked Lexi if I could draw him as a furry. He said no, so I said cool, I will draw that tonight
  681. 12Me21Admin
    >Oh, what was that command to restart the chat server
  682. snail_
    well if I have to see it then I should be allowed to have a thought about it
  683. Picy3 :what did I miss?!
  684. Picy3
  685. LacksHead Admin
    So far all I got is a vague outline of a guy slitting his wrist with a violin bow
  686. Picy3
    nothing new
  687. 12Me21Admin
    Yes, but you keep talking about it after we've stopped
  688. snail_ has left the chat.
  689. Chemicalex
  690. snail_ has entered the chat.
  691. snail_ has entered the chat.
  692. snail_ has left the chat.
  693. RealTiP
    ohk, cool.
  694. snail_
    clearly square hasnt stopped talking about itaanyway.
  695. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    what lacks uhm why
  696. Chemicalex
    Shit i need to back up my chatjs next time
  697. snail_
    it's getting somewhat late
  698. LacksHead Admin
    Idk I think he will like it
  699. Chemicalex
    hey lz, you died
  700. RealTiP
    when your done, you should add to http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/image?bucket=sbsavatars
  701. snail_
    I want to wait for this lexi drawing though
  702. RealTiP
    putting all the user "spoofs" there
  703. LacksHead Admin
    but....then I will ruin the awesome with my crapyou are really good btw!
  704. RealTiP
    ...what awesome?
  705. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    your awesome
  706. Chemicalex
  707. snail_
    what about my awesome
  708. Chemicalex
    Why have you not shared your abilities before recently though
  709. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    snail look at context
  710. RealTiP
    i will no ask you all to prostrate yourselves and take me as your king im kidding... except for the king part
  711. snail_
  712. RealTiP
  713. Chemicalex
    >even though i never said i drew until i started p&l but psssh
  714. RealTiP
  715. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    based on lacks' and tip's comments, awesome is being used as a noun, not an adjective, paraphrasing "awesome drawings"
  716. LacksHead Admin
    yeshahadamn pun humor
  717. RealTiP
    @trinny, did you use your trusty thesaurus?
  718. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    snail you should know me better than this
  719. Chemicalex
    Wow im the designated d. For a partyDesignated drinkerThat was bad im sorry
  720. snail_
    the designated D? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  721. LacksHead Admin
  722. RealTiP
    pls no
  723. LacksHead Admin
    Double d
  724. RealTiP
    not againnooooooooo
  725. LacksHead Admin
    The not-fun variety
  726. Chemicalex
  727. SpiderLily
    tip obvious has a lot of experience with double d'sly*
  728. RealTiP
  729. Chemicalex
    lz*Self advertising hah
  730. snail_
    just the TiP
  731. RealTiP sighs...
  732. SpiderLily
    ack who made the fanfic disgusting
  733. RealTiP
    those are all the bad of the bad kojes.
  734. SpiderLily
    sparky wouldn't cheat on me
  735. Chemicalex
    Oh tip im still up for helping you with a website
  736. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  737. RealTiP
    >sweet.>i'll draw some things to put up soon???
  738. Chemicalex
  739. AnswerXOX
  740. Chemicalex
    I want to make a forum but it seems pointless since no one will use it
  741. snail_
    oh that's me
  742. LacksHead Admin
    someone "started eating their sandie the wrong way"yeah, him
  743. snail_
    my backwards sandwhich eating
  744. LacksHead Admin
    that someone
  745. RealTiP
    i'd use itthat's not backwards
  746. Chemicalex
    I eat around my sandwich and then eat thr center
  747. RealTiP
    thats a sandwich!
  748. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    yeah i was wondering why you called it backwardsdo you normally eat bread from the top down?
  749. snail_
    because you start from the round part
  750. Chemicalex
    If i made a forum about literally anything would anyone use it
  751. RealTiP
    i thought you were mocking the person at the top of the image
  752. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i usually start from the bottom
  753. LacksHead Admin
    I start from whichever end comes out of the baggie first
  754. RealTiP
  755. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  756. RealTiP
  757. LacksHead Admin
    My wife puts them in sideways, I put them in whichever way they fitbaggy*
  758. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  759. RealTiP
    dumbest looking word ever xD
  760. LacksHead Admin
    I put a baggy in my baggy pants pocket
  761. Chemicalex
  762. RealTiP
  763. Chemicalex
    Shh let's not
  764. LacksHead Admin
    that was my request
  765. RealTiP
    reminds me of something kind of... not really... nvm
  766. Chemicalex
  767. RealTiP
  768. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    oh yeah i did a thing todayhttp://trotyl.tk/sb/you can see all the uploaded keys
  769. RealTiP
  770. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    and it has a rudimentary parser thing
  771. RealTiP
    thats for the cfw thing right?
  772. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  773. RealTiP
    >you need to walk me thru that
  774. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    https://github.com/trinitro21/sbserverhas directions
  775. RealTiP
  776. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    also as you can see i'm hosting a copy on my own server so feel free to use that
  777. Chemicalex
    ZzzzzzShud i make a gtthub for waat i make maybe
  778. RealTiP
    thx m8!
  779. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  780. Chemicalex
  781. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  782. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i'll probably expand the parser to give you more info and the insides of the files
  783. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  784. Chemicalex
  785. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  786. RealTiP
    that woul be even mo' interesting...
  787. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    basically what mbr did in sbapiwhich i should probably bug him about
  788. RealTiP
    im just bad at posting "/img"s
  789. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    you can't have an /img and then a /md in the same postone command at a time
  790. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  791. RealTiP
    kdoin good, hexmy fav> :Pi will print, ink and edit >:D
  792. RealTiP will take credit for halting the chat train. choo... - choo... *sigh...
  793. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  794. Chemicalex
    Did chat die
  795. AnswerXOX
  796. RealTiP
    yea, but i'll fix it
  797. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  798. RealTiP
    hi guys!i am the back!
  799. AnswerXOX
  800. RealTiP
    nvm i give up
  801. AnswerXOX
  802. RealTiP has left the chat.
  803. RealTiP
    "nvm, i give up"-tonogoodlike puns? upvote! -or something>i'm open to commisions
  804. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  805. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  806. RealTiP
    >if you want, ask me for some nsfw stuff>> i won't do it tho
  807. AnswerXOX
    :? whut...
  808. Chemicalex
    If i made a forum about abythnng would abyone use it
  809. RealTiP
  810. Chemicalex
    What the fuck autocorrect work when i want yuu to
  811. RealTiP
    i'd just purge itin a "clean"ing sense
  812. Chemicalex
    I want to make a frrum frr experienceO
  813. 12Me21Admin
  814. Chemicalex
  815. RealTiP
    ---RealTiP's Chat Statistics--- Total messages: 4388 (0.30%, #41) Average message size: 25 characters (#246) Average users while chatting: 6 Total users you've seen: 65 Total chat time: 7 days Average session time: 1 hour Current session time: 0 milliseconds
  816. LacksHead Admin
    Sorry Lexi
  817. RealTiP
    'cos that's possible.
  818. Chemicalex
    I want to make a forum for experience but i want to base it knsomething so people might use it maybe
  819. 12Me21Admin
  820. LacksHead Admin
    I barely made it past stick man tonight
  821. RealTiP
    art commisions?
  822. Chemicalex
    >actually dealing with bank info or external login on http
  823. RealTiP
    artists gotfffffta makefff a living>+ no one really likes me on e62...
  824. AnswerXOX
  825. Chemicalex
    But a nice little community for artists would be nice i mean if anyone would use it
  826. AnswerXOX
  827. RealTiP
    but that's 'cos they don't know me>'cos i don't have a profile page on there...>I guess I should make an account on e62... now
  828. AnswerXOX
  829. Chemicalex
    Seriousyy though i want to make a fkrum
  830. LacksHead Admin
    fuck room?
  831. Chemicalex
    autocorrect i aate yuu
  832. RealTiP
    pls no lacks
  833. 12Me21Admin
    The sand can be eaten.
  834. AnswerXOX
    I wanted to as well for personal uses
  835. RealTiP
    you should do it for artists and things
  836. AnswerXOX
    >but we need a fuck room so the nsfw people can run and hide I didn't say that
  837. Chemicalex
    Ahtocorrect why are uo so annoying what the fucc
  838. RealTiP
    or something you're into
  839. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  840. AnswerXOX
  841. Chemicalex
    I mean a forum for artists and programmers would be nice but that sounds like what random wants to doAnd there's two gokd reasons to ntt do something random plans to lolgokd nttFor one id feel not good doing it
  842. RealTiP
    thats okay
  843. LacksHead Admin
    wait, what does Random plan on doing? lol
  844. Chemicalex
    General forum fkr what we doFor
  845. RealTiP
    >also randoms working on something like that!?
  846. Chemicalex
    No he wants to
  847. RealTiP
    what do we do?
  848. AnswerXOX
    *Isn't that kland(sorta...)?
  849. Chemicalex
    Art and code mainly
  850. AnswerXOX
    *not really
  851. LacksHead Admin
    I hoinestly do not know if random does have any plans like thathonestly*
  852. Chemicalex
    Idk, nothing i do ever seems to kick off. Its all really been done
  853. LacksHead Admin
    hoo hoo hoo!
  854. Chemicalex
    P&L, lz, i've been trimped by multiple artists here lol
  855. LacksHead Admin
    It's all been done!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zs3xXlXSOKkthanks Chem!
  856. Chemicalex
    Tell me honestly why anyone would use something other than SBS
  857. LacksHead Admin
    Weird way to jog my memory
  858. RealTiP
    cos sbs isn't widely used for anything besides 3ds?waits...
  859. Chemicalex
    Sbs is used frr everytghibgeverytghibg
  860. RealTiP
    i didnt answer correctly :'(shuuts.
  861. Chemicalex
  862. LacksHead Admin
    honestly?I like the people here and posting the things hereso.... Random has met all of my meager demands?
  863. Chemicalex
  864. RealTiP
    i don'tjk pls dont stake me
  865. Chemicalex
    I mean tbh the only people fully capable of making a full forum here are random, tri, and me and some i probwbyy forgotprobwbyy
  866. RealTiP
  867. AnswerXOX
    you can just host pbb on a domain :P
  868. RealTiP
  869. AnswerXOX
    anybody can do that
  870. Chemicalex
    Capable of making a GOOD forum
  871. RealTiP
    i will offer to host all your domains
  872. AnswerXOX
    lolI'm already signing up with a host atm
  873. Chemicalex
    I mean webdev skills lol
  874. AnswerXOX
    Yeah, I've got *some* webdev skills but mostly trash
  875. RealTiP
    i am actually ohk at html5
  876. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  877. RealTiP
    ^except not too trash
  878. Chemicalex
    You need a pretty wide array of language skills though
  879. AnswerXOX
    againpbb existsat least as a temporary alternative
  880. RealTiP
    a can javascriptand i have this huge python book
  881. Chemicalex
    Okay but seriously would you guys lkk
  882. LacksHead Admin
    I can't even SB!
  883. RealTiP
  884. Chemicalex
    Would you guys actually like an art and programming forum
  885. RealTiP
  886. Chemicalex
    I need a long-term project to work on
  887. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  888. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  889. RealTiP
    you have the pat and lee comics
  890. AnswerXOX
  891. Chemicalex
    Wait waat did i miss
  892. AnswerXOX
    that's be a fun site
  893. RealTiP
    and a semi business offer from me
  894. Chemicalex
    Wait i do what
  895. AnswerXOX
  896. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  897. RealTiP
    >dev my site 'cos I am too tired to
  898. snail_ has left the chat.
  899. Chemicalex
    Shit i lost all my context
  900. RealTiP
    also i like all that idea of forum
  901. Lacks has left the chat.
  902. Chemicalex
    How was that a busoness
  903. AnswerXOX
  904. Chemicalex
    Business deal
  905. RealTiP
    maybe i'll offer my share of income from page visits and tiny ad views
  906. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  907. snail_ has entered the chat.
  908. Chemicalex
    So you guys really want me to work on a frrum maybe
  909. AnswerXOX
  910. PhilFish
    Lol my computer is screaming "kernel panic"is that good
  911. Chemicalex
    You know fucking waat just ignore my misspells
  912. AnswerXOX
    *if I feel not lazy*
  913. snail_
  914. AnswerXOX
    yes Phil
  915. snail_
    come back my wifi just died ;(
  916. AnswerXOX
    that means you're doing it right
  917. PhilFish
  918. RealTiP
    yes maybe
  919. snail_
    in all seriousness a kernel panic is really bad
  920. PhilFish
  921. snail_
    basically linux bsod
  922. RealTiP
    lel. "Random used Mean Look on the wild RealTiP, but it was inneffective, due to TiP’s Oblivious ability. TiP shuffled out of the car, with yandere popsicle prop still in mouth, and took to the wheel; Omiwa cheerfully submitted, and moved over to the backseat, with a nervous and sweaty Random." its a thing about me.
  923. PhilFish
  924. Chemicalex
    Or a better question would be "would anyone USE it"
  925. RealTiP
    i know i would
  926. AnswerXOX
    I would if it was well made
  927. PhilFish
    Huh okay so hmmm
  928. AnswerXOX
    and you know, other people used it
  929. Chemicalex
    Okay i'll start work on this maybe...tomorrow.
  930. RealTiP
    yey... maybe
  931. Guzzler829
    I'm probably gonna make an RPG engine
  932. RealTiP
    nicei support
  933. PhilFish
    So I have this shitty EPIA-M mini-ITX motherboard
  934. Chemicalex
    Guzzler would you sign up for an art and programming forum
  935. AnswerXOX
    I like how everybody is unsure of everything lol
  936. Guzzler829
    http://oboyweb.smilebasicsource.com/guzzler/0/index.htmlwhat for chem?
  937. RealTiP
    >SUPPORT TEAM!!! woot woot!
  938. PhilFish
    and it's not x86(?)
  939. Chemicalex
    I want to make a forum but i want it to be used too
  940. PhilFish
    Also I'm using a power supply that's as big as the motherboard itselfbut yea it's actually really bad
  941. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  942. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  943. PhilFish
    1GB DDR2 maximum, no SATA ports, single PCI slot, single channel RAMlike it's fucking bad okay
  944. Picy3
  945. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  946. Chemicalex
  947. snail_
    yo why did lacks leave does anyone know
  948. PhilFish
  949. Chemicalex
    There goes that idea lol
  950. snail_
    yes.unfortunately. I was in the middle of something
  951. RealTiP
    hehe lol
  952. PhilFish
  953. Chemicalex
    >buy now for $3000
  954. snail_
  955. PhilFish
    oh shit
  956. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  957. PhilFish
    I thought he was like "fml I'm out" and left forever
  958. snail_
    well does anyone know if he's going to bed or will he be back lol
  959. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  960. PhilFish
    I was panicking haha
  961. Chemicalex
    Probabyy went to bed
  962. RealTiP
    I'll find a nice domain for myself's webpagee
  963. AnswerXOX
    I think it's because the admins are sane and sleep... unlike us
  964. snail_
    my wifi kicked me out like an IDIOT so I couldn't finish my discussion
  965. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  966. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  967. snail_
    I guess he left because I left...
  968. RealTiP
    > where do y'all get your domains?
  969. AnswerXOX
    0fees is a free service for domains
  970. PhilFish
    Okay so I have two mini ITX motherboards. One is having kernel panics, and the other one won't even post
  971. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i got my trotyl.tk from freenom
  972. snail_
    I got snail.cf from freenom as well
  973. PhilFish
    Same with my .tk URL
  974. snail_
    and uh phil, usually the mobo isn't the cause of the kernel panickdid you install everything right
  975. PhilFish
    Yea I know
  976. snail_
    it COULD be broken but it might just be a driver conflict
  977. RealTiP
    k, thx
  978. snail_
  979. PhilFish
    uh I inserted a random 20GB hard drive I had lying around that I'd never used before
  980. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  981. snail_
    oh that drive is probably screwed up
  982. PhilFish
    Yea I know
  983. Chemicalex
    http://theartistocrats.com is free, what do you guys think?
  984. snail_
    if it panicked after hooking up anyway
  985. RealTiP
  986. PhilFish
    but i gotta figure out what chipset the board uses because it's apparently not x86
  987. snail_
    The Aristocrats?
  988. Chemicalex
  989. PhilFish
    please don't be ARM
  990. Chemicalex
    It's a pun
  991. PhilFish
    please please please don't be ARM
  992. AnswerXOX
    *is ARM*
  993. PhilFish
  994. RealTiP
    smells good.
  995. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    what you can get .com domains for free
  996. snail_
    you know what the aristocrats is tho right
  997. Chemicalex
    N...noI pay frr domains
  998. RealTiP
    ^ @trinny
  999. AnswerXOX
  1000. RealTiP
  1001. snail_
    >it's a name for an extremely vulgar comedy routine lol
  1002. RealTiP
  1003. Chemicalex
    It's also a real word you sick fuck
  1004. snail_
  1005. RealTiP
  1006. snail_
    just saying, association.
  1007. PhilFish
    It's VIA C3 apparently...?
  1008. Chemicalex
    I guess Disney's The Aristocats was also associates
  1009. PhilFish
    x86 based but my x86 ubuntu boot drive didn't work
  1010. AnswerXOX
    so... what do I get with a domain...?just a name?
  1011. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1012. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    just a name you can type into a browser
  1013. AnswerXOX
    Ah, okay then
  1014. RealTiP
    ^ a place to build a site
  1015. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1016. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    you need to have some sort of server to go along with it
  1017. snail_
    a domain name is literally just a name yeahyou need a server
  1018. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    a domain name just associates with an ip
  1019. AnswerXOX
    any free servers?
  1020. snail_
    but many services provide both
  1021. RealTiP
    domain = "mystical web land"
  1022. Chemicalex
    Which is only 10x more expensive
  1023. snail_
    yeah oboy 10x more
  1024. Chemicalex
    x10hosting and 000webhost are freeAlso oboy
  1025. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    >you could also set up a home server
  1026. snail_
    I think I should go to bed, maybeI'm uhhm.
  1027. snail_ has left the chat.
  1028. AnswerXOX
    ewww, but my computer sucks
  1029. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    maybe as a desktop
  1030. Chemicalex
  1031. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    my pi has 1gb ram and 1ghz cpu and it's doing just fine as a server
  1032. RealTiP
  1033. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    servers need fewer resources because they're not running an actual desktop environment and putting stuff on a screen most of the time
  1034. RealTiP
    http://x10hosting.com 's home page gives me vertigo
  1035. AnswerXOX
    Yeah, but I use this computer for other stuff :P And how would I hook it up to a domain - not only that, but people play a lot of MMOs on my network so it may affect that
  1036. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    hence my greentext
  1037. AnswerXOX
    >of course
  1038. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i was being somewhat sarcastic because home servers definitely aren't for everyone
  1039. Chemicalex
    P&L used to be a homeserver
  1040. AnswerXOX
    how can one year be 9.95 USD but 12 months be 0.00 USD on freenom?*logic*
  1041. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    idk, bad web design?
  1042. Picy3
  1043. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1044. Chemicalex
    Dangit i really want to make a user ping now
  1045. RealTiP
    >how? why?
  1046. Chemicalex
    Anyway can we agree on the name "The Artistocrats" or is that too dumb
  1047. snail_ dumb
  1048. AnswerXOX dumb
  1049. RealTiP
    i remember a website made solely on summarizing legal documents... but i can't find it...
  1050. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1051. Chemicalex
  1052. Picy3
    lol wow
  1053. RealTiP ~dumb-ish
  1054. snail_
    anyway home servers are definitely not a good option if you don't have capital up front or you aren't willing to pay the price in other ways
  1055. Picy3
    TIP, my computer is sooo laggy
  1056. snail_
    I would much recommend a cheap hosting service with good provisionsbecause usually if you want a home server, you have to pay for business internet from your ISPwhich is loads more expensive
  1057. Picy3
  1058. RealTiP
    >why are you telling me?
  1059. Picy3
    becausetheres a really good reasonits very importantits vital imformationits it
  1060. snail_
    you could set up dyndns and other such hacks to avoid the expense of a static IP, but that's massively inconveniet
  1061. Picy3
    its true
  1062. snail_
    and if you're expecting a potentially high volume of traffic, you still need good internet and decent machine specswhich means if you use this machine for other things, or you're putting it on your home network, good luck lol
  1063. Picy3
    snailis a very fast writer even though he is a snail
  1064. snail_
    yes I type fast
  1065. Picy3
    lol wow
  1066. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1067. snail_
    it helps that in chat I don't worry too much about shifting and punctuationIf I did, I'd type slower.
  1068. RealTiP
  1069. AnswerXOX
    I think anyone would at that pointbut it's a lot more cleaner
  1070. snail_
    "a lot more cleaner"
  1071. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    now i want to buy a vps
  1072. snail_
    just "a lot cleaner" or "a lot more clean"
  1073. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1074. AnswerXOX
    I think cleaner is proper
  1075. snail_
    well either works, but cleaner is preferred
  1076. RealTiP
    whoa https://trotyl.tk/stuff/3d/parallax.html
  1077. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    more makes comparative -er makes comparative more *-er makes comparative comparative and comparative comparative doesn't make sense
  1078. PhilFish
    Styles - Weekend Has Come is an amazing song
  1079. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    yeah it's pretty neat isn't it tip
  1080. AnswerXOX
    Then stop trying to make yourself sound like a smart-ass pointing out false grammar mistakes lol
  1081. PhilFish
    Oh I like those parallax things
  1082. snail_
    I thought maybe it was on purpose but how would i have known that
  1083. RealTiP
    my eyes
  1084. AnswerXOX
  1085. RealTiP
    WHOAmy eyesi have 2!!!!
  1086. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    yes, you have 2 eyes
  1087. RealTiP
  1088. snail_
    trin if you expect me to cross my eyes to see this you're mistaken
  1089. RealTiP
  1090. PhilFish
    Is it odd that a parsec can be remembered as approximately pi light years
  1091. RealTiP
    i have two eyes!!!
  1092. snail_
    are those two things really equivalent?
  1093. AnswerXOX
    yeahit actually works perfectly
  1094. snail_
    huh, TIL
  1095. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    is this some sort of revelation that you have 2 eyes
  1096. PhilFish
    A parsec is 3.26 light years, so remembering it as pi light years leaves an error margin of only 0.12
  1097. Chemicalex
    Ive had two eyes fkr At least a week
  1098. snail_
    oh so it's a lieok
  1099. RealTiP
    wow.TWO eyes.
  1100. AnswerXOX
    Stop lying about your eyes
  1101. snail_
    0.12 is actually a pretty big margin of error lol
  1102. AnswerXOX
    People have clearly told me I have 4
  1103. PhilFish
    Yea but it's easy to get an approximation to just remember pi
  1104. RealTiP
    what is this!? i can see everythinh!!!
  1105. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1106. RealTiP
    pi is infinite
  1107. snail_
    if I can memorize pi I can memorize 3.26 but I get your point
  1108. RealTiP
    you can't memorize pi
  1109. snail_
  1110. PhilFish
    And it's only 3.6% precision erroryea 5
  1111. RealTiP
    we don't even know pi very well
  1112. snail_
  1113. AnswerXOX
    >That's a funny answer, but in actuality, humans have 3 eyes.
  1114. RealTiP
    but i have two.
  1115. PhilFish
  1116. AnswerXOX
    But I have 4
  1117. PhilFish
    that's all I know
  1118. AnswerXOX
    so everything is broken clearly
  1119. RealTiP
    i am a special xD yey
  1120. PhilFish
    I know about 20 digits of "e." Used to know 30 but have forgotten over the years
  1121. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1122. RealTiP
    https://trotyl.tk/stuff/wave/ is also really cool
  1123. AnswerXOX
    Wow you know you have no life when you spend it remembering the pi sequence
  1124. PhilFish
  1125. snail_
    who made you memorize e
  1126. PhilFish
    Uh how many is that
  1127. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1128. snail_
    I know they like to do it for pi because march 14th but ehwhy e
  1129. PhilFish
    e is handy in calculus
  1130. RealTiP
    the longitudinal wave is also paralax
  1131. PhilFish
    and it's easy to memorize the first 152. 18281828 45 90 45First few digits, SUPER easy
  1132. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    isn't e like sum(n=1,inf,1+1/n)
  1133. snail_
    I haven't gone into calculus yet and I hope I can just skip it
  1134. PhilFish
    There's no skipping calculus
  1135. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    calc is fun
  1136. snail_
    will community college really make me do calc for a two year programming cert lollike what the heck
  1137. PhilFish
    basically all higher math branches from calculus in some way
  1138. snail_
    oh yeahbut likeintegration
  1139. RealTiP
    i'll be taking calc next year :3
  1140. PhilFish
    Integration is easy for simple monomials
  1141. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    integration is interesting to learn about
  1142. snail_
    I feel like prereq classes are kinda insane, like "take this because we want you to"
  1143. PhilFish
    honestly derivatives are easier because CHAIN RULE
  1144. RealTiP
    space filling lines [but actually infinitesimal widths] yay
  1145. snail_
    integration is just recursion
  1146. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    there's still chain rule in integration but it's only if the derivative is a constant
  1147. PhilFish
    Integrals require stupid fucking u-substitution and other things
  1148. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    yeah it's hard to remember all the rules
  1149. snail_
    i have no idea what you people are sayingto be honest
  1150. PhilFish
    true tri
  1151. snail_
    I'm an algebra man
  1152. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1153. RealTiP
  1154. PhilFish
    I can do algebra but not my favorite
  1155. RealTiP
    git gudrekjgt
  1156. snail_
    oh and trigtrig is good
  1157. RealTiP
  1158. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    snail do you at least know what derivatives and integrals are
  1159. snail_
  1160. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1161. PhilFish
    I'm ta- what
  1162. RealTiP
  1163. snail_
    well the integral of a function is the area under its curve right>
  1164. RealTiP
    don't stake me
  1165. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1166. snail_
  1167. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1168. snail_
    I don't really know how to FIND one but I know what it is
  1169. PhilFish
    A derivative of a function gives a new function to find the slope at any given point of the original function
  1170. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    instantaneous rate of change
  1171. snail_
    so you could do tangent lines, right
  1172. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1173. PhilFish
    so the derivative of x^2 is 2x. Thus, the slope at any point of x^2 is 2x.
  1174. snail_
    see I know a little bit about thisjust have never taken a class.
  1175. RealTiP
    >im just a little fiften year old math nerd...
  1176. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    and integral of 2x is x^2
  1177. PhilFish
  1178. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    derivatives and integrals are opposites of each other
  1179. PhilFish
    integrals and derivatives cancel each other out
  1180. snail_
    so is the derivative of x just x?
  1181. PhilFish
  1182. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    nop, 1
  1183. snail_
    and the integral of x is just x?oh.right.
  1184. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    slope of y=x is 1
  1185. PhilFish
    Because the slope at any point of- ^
  1186. snail_
    yes, linear function = constant rate of change
  1187. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    slope of y=x^2 is 2x at any point
  1188. snail_
    what would the integral of y=x be though
  1189. PhilFish
    In general, the derivative of ax^b is bax^(b-1)
  1190. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1191. Chemicalex
    okay i just finished setting up a webserver
  1192. snail_
    also integrals are only calculated over intervals, right
  1193. PhilFish
    Not really
  1194. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    nop, indefinite integrals
  1195. snail_
  1196. PhilFish
    you can do indefinite integrals
  1197. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1198. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1199. snail_
    what's up with limits, are those just like asymptotes but dumb
  1200. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
  1201. Picy3
    well im leaving now byeafter 2 days
  1202. PhilFish
    Limits give a value as x approaches a value
  1203. snail_
    see my school takes such a long time with these subjects so I feel dumber than I really am
  1204. PhilFish
    the limit of 1/x as x approaches 0 is infinity
  1205. snail_
    we're doing exponential functions right now in PRECALC
  1206. PhilFish
    because the smaller x gets, the larger 1/x gets
  1207. snail_
    because people still don't know what they are I guess? why are you in precalc thenor rather, the district has to ASSUME we don't knowbecause the law
  1208. RealTiP
  1209. Picy3
  1210. Picy3 is leaving after 2 days of beingt here
  1211. PhilFish
    I'm taking trig right now.first month of trig class: FUN
  1212. RealTiP
    get outta alg 2 if ye don't know quadratics!
  1213. Picy3 is extremely tired
  1214. PhilFish
    second month: mehnow: fuck trigonometry
  1215. snail_
    wish we still had a just-trig class because the first semester of precalc was 90% trigI would have taken ittrig is pretty straightforward
  1216. PhilFish
  1217. RealTiP
    it is
  1218. PhilFish
    pythagorean identities manwe got into those today
  1219. snail_
    the tangent of an angle is just the slope of the line intersecting the unit circle's center at that anglelike pshh whatever
  1220. RealTiP
    go sohcahtoa urself and things
  1221. Picy3 has left the chat.
  1222. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    the really interesting thing about limits is that they allow you to cancel 0s in the denominator
  1223. snail_
    no way
  1224. RealTiP
  1225. PhilFish
    Okay so given sin^2(x)+cos^2(x)=1, derive cotangent.
  1226. snail_
    my life has been changed
  1227. RealTiP
  1228. snail_
    derive cotangent...if you gave me a few minutes and some paper, I couldbut I don't want to lolit's almost 1am
  1229. PhilFish
    It's painstaking
  1230. snail_
    yeah but it's doable
  1231. PhilFish
    yea I mean I can do it too but it's really annoying
  1232. snail_
    am I the only one who struggles with matrices? particularly reduction
  1233. PhilFish
    Reduction...? Remind me?
  1234. snail_
    turning a matrix into echelon form
  1235. PhilFish
    hah we never went that far into matrices in algebra 2
  1236. snail_
    leading coefficient is 1 etc.we had to do matrices in precalcI almost failed that stuff eehhh
  1237. PhilFish
    I skipped precalc
  1238. snail_
    my friend thinks it's easy though
  1239. PhilFish
    Linear programming is hell
  1240. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i didn't get to do matrices in precalc hey
  1241. RealTiP
    >gonna make a dinner
  1242. PhilFish
    I can't do linear programming
  1243. snail_
    linear programming?
  1244. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i want to do matrices in school to learn them properly
  1245. PhilFish
    topic we covered in alg2so hard for meliterally the only thing in the class I didn't ace
  1246. snail_
    what do you people even do in alg2
  1247. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    algebra, not college maththe class is actually called algebra 2 and trig where i am
  1248. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1249. PhilFish
    Polynomials, intro to matrices, polynomials, more polynomials, factoring, polynomials
  1250. snail_
    for me it was review of alg1 plus a fraction of trig, stats, functions and composition, etc.we did polys in alg1inverse functions
  1251. PhilFish
    Algebra 1 for me was mainly equation solving lmaoI basically taught that class
  1252. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    i would have actually benefitted from learning matrices in algebra 2 wow
  1253. snail_
    basically alg2 and precalc feel like "Math: grab bag edition"
  1254. RealTiP
    does any others' school offer dualcred college classes?
  1255. Lumage
  1256. snail_
    woah, tags
  1257. PhilFish
    I'm taking Calculus A my first semester at college
  1258. snail_
    is there a way we can submit tags
  1259. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    @tip mine does, but it's only business classes
  1260. PhilFish
    Calculus A and C programming
  1261. RealTiP
  1262. PhilFish
    and erm astronomyBasically all the STEM courses lmfao
  1263. snail_
    there needs to be more vertical space between entries though
  1264. RealTiP
    i'm taking math 100 next year...
  1265. Lumage
    uh PM me I guess. making an actual system is too hard desu
  1266. snail_
    the tags all bleed together and it's hard to read
  1267. PhilFish
  1268. Lumage
    mm yeah
  1269. PhilFish
    what math is that?
  1270. RealTiP
    i feel under appreciated
  1271. PhilFish
  1272. snail_
    i wish the IT curriculum wasn't terrible here
  1273. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    who did that image
  1274. PhilFish
    My school is primarily an ELA and Art oriented school
  1275. RealTiP
    college algebra, @fish
  1276. PhilFish
    I started the second ever "thinking" club.chess was the first and I started the programming clubBut there are like 5 different art clubs
  1277. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1278. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1279. PhilFish
    Well I'm off to watch a moron play Outlast 2ciao ciaooooo
  1280. RealTiP
  1281. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1282. snail_
  1283. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    there's a club at my school called gamedev club but it's really just an excuse to play video games
  1284. snail_ has left the chat.
  1285. snail_
    anyway I know I'll have to take intro to compsci again in college probably because bad curriculum
  1286. Lumage
    a little better now maybe
  1287. snail_
    though I actually learned how to build a GUI that year.that was fun
  1288. RealTiP
    theres a straight up video game club at my school
  1289. Lumage
    should probably stick in a divider or something but it's fine for now
  1290. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    the excuse is that we're playing games to learn how to make one it's not even about programming it's supposed to be making board games or something
  1291. snail_
    send link again?
  1292. RealTiP
    everyone there is just... dumb.
  1293. snail_
    oh right it's uh http://lumage.smilebasicsource.com/sanity/safe
  1294. RealTiP
    its an excuse to play videogames
  1295. snail_
    that's blue, must be wrong...
  1296. RealTiP
  1297. snail_
    yeah that's a bit betterstill could use a divider, yeah, but it's an improvement lol
  1298. RealTiP
    b-day is on may fifth. yeygo celebrate me
  1299. snail_
    cinco de mayo?
  1300. RealTiP
    kidding, don't shootyescinco de mayointernational children's day (boy's day)
  1301. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    >is that sexist?
  1302. RealTiP
    @trin yes
  1303. snail_
    the next day in cse class they had a ghost as a teacher randmouse was actually pretty good at teaching without a physical body
  1304. RealTiP
    damn feminists changing the japanese holiday
  1305. Trinitro21Chat Moderator
    snail likes my writing does he
  1306. RealTiP
    y'know, sum1 made a fanfic about me>cooking dinner
  1307. AnswerXOX
    >or you made one about yourself halfly>nvm
  1308. RealTiP
    > D:>plot twist>srsly, ill be cookin'>so i better not find anything lewd when i come back
  1309. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1310. AnswerXOX
  1311. Chemicalex
    Mmmmmmmhhhhh ohhhhhhhh yyyeeeeeeessssss don't stop i need mooooooooorrrrree
  1312. snail_
  1313. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  1314. Chemicalex
  1315. snail_
    actually lumlagleyou could alternate the color of the tags for each entry and it would look nice maybe
  1316. Chemicalex
  1317. RealTiP
    imma round up all the lewd pat and lee images i can find now xD
  1318. Chemicalex
  1319. RealTiP
    gender-bent lee is now waifu
  1320. Chemicalex
  1321. GeekDude has left the chat.
  1322. RealTiP
    this is what happens when you put things on the internet "gender-bent lee is now waifu"
  1323. Chemicalex
  1324. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  1325. snail_
    buh bye I guessoslash
  1326. Chemicalex
  1327. snail_ has left the chat.
  1328. AnswerXOX
    What is this supposed to be even? lol
  1329. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1330. snail_ has left the chat.
  1331. Chemicalex
    Not spoiling the character roster for my new comic at all
  1332. AnswerXOX
    Noyou're sending nudesand that's illegal
  1333. Chemicalex
  1334. AnswerXOX
    also, best preview
  1335. RealTiP
  1336. AnswerXOX
    *totally not drawn in 2 seconds*
  1337. RealTiP
    but whut is the female racoon?
  1338. AnswerXOX
    I thought it was male...?
  1339. Chemicalex
    Oh yes Anne is still going to happenSandra too, maybe
  1340. AnswerXOX
    oh, nvm
  1341. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1342. RealTiP
    i will make a crossover of my comics one day...
  1343. Chemicalex
    Basically alex represents me
  1344. RealTiP
    i never would've guesssed
  1345. Chemicalex
    Mike represents my best friend
  1346. RealTiP
    >aka tip
  1347. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1348. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1349. RealTiP
  1350. Chemicalex
    Liam represents my strangest friendNoah is...just sme gu yI know
  1351. RealTiP
    >>aka TiP>>>also TiPi'll introduce my line up later
  1352. Chemicalex
    Pat is the intelligent part of my brain and lee represents the creative partJust like from the original strip
  1353. RealTiP
  1354. Chemicalex
    As in pat and lee
  1355. AnswerXOX
    bad imagebad image bro
  1356. Chemicalex
    Bad image on purpose
  1357. AnswerXOX
    *oh nose*
  1358. RealTiP
  1359. Chemicalex
    There's 5 actives on chat atm
  1360. AnswerXOX
    and 0 unactivesso that's a start lol
  1361. RealTiP
    id say 3, only weve been talking
  1362. AnswerXOX
    I suppose, but technically everybody is active
  1363. RealTiP
    just the "BadFic Crew"
  1364. Chemicalex
    I should write a chatJS that automatically utillizes lz to get a counter
  1365. RealTiP
    i am now disbanding. its been nice writing one bad fanfiction with you two.
  1366. AnswerXOX
    DudeI wasn't even going to work on that anymore lolI've got another legitimate one I'm working on
  1367. RealTiP
  1368. Chemicalex
    All fanfics are bad
  1369. AnswerXOX
    Eh... true
  1370. Chemicalex
    Write a real book with original characters
  1371. RealTiP
    i am now joining the legit "OhkFic Crew"
  1372. AnswerXOX
    Interesting to see AUs sometimes however
  1373. RealTiP
    a u?
  1374. AnswerXOX
    Alternate Universes
  1375. RealTiP
  1376. RealTiP has once again crashed the chat train.
  1377. Chemicalex
    Shit no
  1378. RealTiP
    whatyou injured?
  1379. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1380. Chemicalex
    4 actives
  1381. RealTiP
  1382. Guzzler829
  1383. RealTiP
  1384. Guzzler829
    for my rpg or whatever, what keys should I use for the turn based battle enging?*enginehttp://oboyweb.smilebasicsource.com/guzzler/0/index.html
  1385. RealTiP
    make that a customizable thing, but i'd suggest qwaswith q being something one wouldn't use often, or vice versa making the user used to qi use wasd for directional things, and a pc gamer can get into that comfortable feeling with qwas as keys for battle
  1386. AnswerXOX
    I personally like the arrow keys for those kinds of games, but whatever :P
  1387. RealTiP
    well, this is what i'd imagine if you wanted a location-similar comfortable layout with common pc gamers2nd choice would be to use the numeric keypad
  1388. Chemicalex
    https://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=15585#post_15585Dangtt i had made a whole speech too
  1389. RealTiP
    good explanation thoworking on storyboard for something...what hosts your site chem?
  1390. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  1391. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  1392. RealTiP is the only one left...
  1393. Chemicalex
    Which one?
  1394. SquareFingers
    So an idea has been building in my brain for the past few days, and I think I'm about ready to verbalize it. I've always been a little uncomfortable with the difference between 1's complement and 2's complement, logical inverse and negation. In the back of my mind, the voice "... but, they're the same". I think I've resolved it.
  1395. Chemicalex
    P&L or lz?
  1396. RealTiP
  1397. Chemicalex
    x10hosting free planlz uses the paid plan
  1398. RealTiP
    k, checking it out
  1399. Chemicalex
    Oh also check this out https://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1294
  1400. SquareFingers
    In binary integer representation (taking a little liberty with notation, which I can formalize later), ...11111 is the value -1. In real numbers, binary 0.1111... is 1. So, ...11111.1111... is -1+1 =0.Arithmetic negation of x, is 0-x, equals ...11111.1111... -x, which is, the logical negation of all the bits. Arithmetic negation -is- the same as logical negation. When you're dealing in the reals.
  1401. RealTiP
    k, will postgithub use?
  1402. Chemicalex
    Why not
  1403. RealTiP
    posting screenshots or downloads?
  1404. Chemicalex
    Whichever one you want to
  1405. AnswerXOX
    I'm gonna head in now o/
  1406. RealTiP
  1407. Chemicalex
  1408. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  1409. RealTiP
  1410. SquareFingers
    When you're just dealing with integers, the bitwise negation of (e.g.) ...000101 is ...111010. More fully, the bitwise negation of ...000101.000... is ...111010.111..., which is ...111011. Arithmetic negation is bitwise negation... plus one... because the bitwise negation in this context ignores the infinite digits to the right of the point, which becomes 0.1111... =1.*When you're just dealing with integer representations, is what I meant to say.Anyway, it was fun finally getting everything together to scratch that mental itch. If anyone else has felt uneasy about that mismatch, maybe this will help.
  1411. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
  1412. RealTiP
    oh hi
  1413. ColeslawProductions
    i thought It's probably a good idea i come into chat to talk homebrew instead of the forumhi
  1414. RealTiP
    i'm editing and sceenshotting
  1415. Chemicalex
    Lol sure
  1416. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1417. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1418. Chemicalex
    Was there anythnng else you wanted to know?
  1419. RealTiP
    So... how'd you set up your site?
  1420. Chemicalex
    Like uhh what
  1421. ColeslawProductions
    At the moment, I'm tinkering with config files, but I'll ask when I'm curiousDon't stay up late for me lol
  1422. RealTiP
    what software do you recommend to setup sites?
  1423. Chemicalex
    I didn't use any software really, i just hardcoded it
  1424. RealTiP
  1425. Chemicalex
    But uhhx10hosting does give you an html page editorSl if you're up fkr it, use thatSo* for**
  1426. RealTiP
  1427. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  1428. ColeslawProductions
    dammit i could've changed the controls all this time with the left and right buttons! xD I can also use the Circle Pad Pro, apparently! I'll do that. This is so fun, I didn't think this would work!
  1429. RealTiP
    i swear x10hosting's home page gives me vertigo. such an odd camera angle.
  1430. Chemicalex
    >Welcome to SmileBASIC Source! I'm Chemicalex, one lf the prominent users here. randomouscrap is the site owner and creator and Lacks is the head administrator. >Enjoy your stay!I swear why am i so nice today lolThis isnt normal i think im sick
  1431. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1432. RealTiP
    >Hi i am TiP! [Pronounced: Tee-I-Pee] >Your friendly neighbourhood TiP, and I am open to any questions you may have!
  1433. ColeslawProductions
    I should try snes gamesare there enough buttons excluding "A" though? lol
  1434. RealTiP
  1435. ColeslawProductions
    oh ChemicalHex left lol
  1436. RealTiP
    he has
  1437. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1438. Chemicalex
    Oh i didnt notice i was disconnected
  1439. ColeslawProductions
    Do you know if it's possible to run the top 3DS Screen at 800x240 resolution without turning on the parallax barrier?
  1440. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1441. RealTiP
    i don't think that is possible
  1442. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1443. Chemicalex
    No idea.
  1444. ColeslawProductions
    ah i didn't expect it. Would be cool if it was.
  1445. RealTiP
    messing with chmm2. it is driving me crazy.
  1446. Chemicalex
    Is this your first time using Soundhax?
  1447. ColeslawProductions
  1448. Chemicalex
    Or homebrew in general?
  1449. ColeslawProductions
    First time successful with using homebrewon the 3dsi already have homebrew on wii
  1450. RealTiP
    >oi. controls be weird
  1451. Chemicalex
    Oh in that case there's a nice SNES emu
  1452. ColeslawProductions
    I'll check it out when I get past the opening bowser battle in superstar saga (even though it's very slow lol)
  1453. RealTiP
    on o3ds, emus seem really slow, know any good ones?
  1454. Chemicalex
    I played SSS on the GBA emu on my n3ds, worked fine
  1455. ColeslawProductions
    This does make me wish I put homebrew on my new 3ds but it's updated to 11.4aghh
  1456. Chemicalex
    But since o3ds has a fractiln kf the prlcessing power, it makes sense>fractiln kf the prlcessingGg keyboard
  1457. RealTiP
    i'll buy a new n3ds and homebrew that
  1458. ColeslawProductions
  1459. Chemicalex
    You might be able to soundhax on 11.4, i'm not sure
  1460. ColeslawProductions
    I could try
  1461. Chemicalex
    I just know you can't CFW
  1462. ColeslawProductions
    I'll trywhy the hell not(aside from the possibility of bricking your 3ds) WHO SAIO THAT?
  1463. RealTiP
    ...chmm2 is being annoying...
  1464. Chemicalex
    You would only brick from trying CFW
  1465. ColeslawProductions
    okay i'll try
  1466. Chemicalex
    And there's no danger of bricking an o3DS soGo for it
  1467. ColeslawProductions
    I mean on a new 3ds
  1468. Chemicalex
    Oh there's no way to CFW on 11.4, at least not yetAnd it looks like Soundhax was also patched, so no dice
  1469. ColeslawProductions
  1470. Chemicalex
    ...unless you could use ninjahax.Do you happen to have a copy of cubic ninja?
  1471. ColeslawProductions
    I don't have Cubic Ninja, though I guess I could buy it.
  1472. RealTiP
    know how to take screenshots with userland?
  1473. Chemicalex
    WhatOh cole if you do decide tk buy: http://smealum.github.io/ninjhax2/And tip userland what
  1474. RealTiP
    homebrew launcher
  1475. Chemicalex
    OoohhHome button
  1476. RealTiP
    same ninjhax*same as
  1477. ColeslawProductions
    ooh i wanted to ask about the home button
  1478. Chemicalex
    Yeah the home button just saves a screenshot
  1479. RealTiP
    so every time i press the home button it takes a screenshot?xD
  1480. Chemicalex
  1481. RealTiP
    lel, that's prolly my most pressed button
  1482. Chemicalex
    What are you trying to do
  1483. ColeslawProductions
    i noticed when i opened up the old version eshop and the gba emulator and pressed the home button, it just froze for a second and came back. what's happening? is it all screenshots or something else?like part of the home menu routine?
  1484. Chemicalex
    Yeah it's just saving screenshots because homebrew
  1485. ColeslawProductions
    so it could be changed theoretically, and removing the pause?
  1486. Chemicalex
    Regular home menu screenshot routine is y+ (left/right/up)....possiblyAnd the pause is just it saving the screenshot
  1487. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1488. ColeslawProductions
    i need to fix the a button agh*The "A" button
  1489. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1490. Chemicalex
    Alright i gotta go
  1491. ColeslawProductions
  1492. Chemicalex
    If you have questions leave them in the thread
  1493. ColeslawProductions
    Will do
  1494. Chemicalex
    (- _ - )/
  1495. ColeslawProductions
  1496. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1497. RealTiP
    bye chem
  1498. ColeslawProductions
    So, you know of this SNES emulator?
  1499. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  1500. RealTiP
  1501. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1502. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1503. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1504. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1505. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1506. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1507. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1508. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1509. RealTiP
  1510. RealTiP silently waits for prey
  1511. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  1512. GoodGameGod
    Ello eh watOh cool you finished that theme you were making.It looks great!The game you're making sound very interesting...There need to be more story-based games on SB.My game is sorta story based...It's mostly just a big joke lol.I don't want to put effort into the contest, I prefer to make a great game in 3 months then a good game in 1...If that makes any sense...>Mm...Why am I still talking?>...
  1513. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1514. snail_
  1515. snail_ has left the chat.
  1516. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1517. snail_ has left the chat.
  1518. GoodGameGod
    Agreed ^
  1519. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  1520. AnswerXOX
    You can have custom badges :?
  1521. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1522. LacksHead Admin
    Custom badges?
  1523. AnswerXOX
    On the 3DS home menu
  1524. LacksHead Admin
  1525. GoodGameGod
    Mhm.Using a program, you can make them yourself, or download someone else's badges...You add them to a folder on the root of you're SD card much like you would when downloading a theme/creating a theme.Anyways, goodnight.
  1526. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  1527. LacksHead Admin
    Did Mario Kart launch without online services?Oh, I guess it has original Mario Kart 8 online.They didn't even make a new Mario Kart for their new console?
  1528. AnswerXOX
    Well, they needed games quickly I guess
  1529. LacksHead Admin
    I guess lmaoThe switch is a joke.
  1530. AnswerXOX
    It's kind of a gimmick, it was *going* to be cool; but where are all the games, eh?
  1531. LacksHead Admin
    Their online service is going to do voice. But it does the voice through your iOS or Android device. Aka if you want voice, hang out in discord with your buddies.
  1532. AnswerXOX
    Whut? lolYou might as well just go on Discord
  1533. LacksHead Admin
    I agreeWhy waste your time on Nintendo's crummy app when we already have 12 that work just fine
  1534. AnswerXOX
  1535. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1536. Lacks has left the chat.
  1537. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1538. LacksHead Admin
    good morning Spider
  1539. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1540. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1541. SpiderLily
    oh hey
  1542. LacksHead Admin
    sorry I didn't get much work done on your drawing there was a lot of drama here yesterday lol
  1543. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1544. LacksHead Admin
    yo yo yosorry about last night, But when you disconnected I just went to bed lol I was tired
  1545. snail_
    there will probably be a mario kart 9 eventuallymaybe like 5 years from now or something
  1546. LacksHead Admin
    all aboard the hype train?
  1547. snail_
    and uh yeah my wifi actually cut out, and when I came back 5 minutes later he was gone ;(I was tired too so whateverat least trin and phil talked about math with me lol
  1548. LacksHead Admin
  1549. snail_
    It's good that the switch parental controls is an app because then you could theoretically operate it anywhere (assuming it works over the internet)if it works only over an adhoc wifi connection locally then it's next to useless
  1550. LacksHead Admin
    because the nintendo console is SO dangerous for little kidsit doesn't even have a youtube app lol
  1551. snail_
    there will be more software
  1552. LacksHead Admin
    screw this extra step between me and toastyou need a third device to do match making? second*
  1553. snail_
    there's already more "hardcore" audience but yeah whatever there's no replacement for a decent parentand yeah the wifi is totally broken
  1554. LacksHead Admin
    I am surprised people actually use parental controls
  1555. snail_
    can you at least work it over a computer? the online stuff
  1556. LacksHead Admin
    what does it even block, like 1% of all nintendo games EVER?they emphasise an iOS or Android device
  1557. snail_
    online features, using the store, games of certain classifications etc.
  1558. LacksHead Admin
    no mention of windows or mac
  1559. snail_
    or linux ;p
  1560. LacksHead Admin
    well duh
  1561. snail_
    if it's doable from a website that's not really a problemI could do it from anything
  1562. LacksHead Admin
    Linux is the red headed middle childnobody cares or even remembers Linux
  1563. snail_
    that's actually not very accurate, it's more popular now than everit's just used mostly by businesses and servers lol
  1564. LacksHead Admin
    and not gamers
  1565. snail_
    but come on nintendo, a website works on ANYTHING
  1566. LacksHead Admin
    Just like macs are for graphics and not games
  1567. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  1568. snail_
    macs have arguably less modern games than linux evenwhich is a surprise
  1569. LacksHead Admin
    Macs are a closed ecosystem
  1570. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1571. LacksHead Admin
    they're as locked down as a tablet
  1572. snail_
    anyway I'm not paying for an overpriced OS I don't even like. that's my sacrifice lol
  1573. LacksHead Admin
    whereas linux can run on anyhting so, yeah, gaming on linux will always be better than a mac because you can upgrade it or work around it waaaaay more easily
  1574. snail_
    SteamOS (which is now totally dead) made the industry care a micron more
  1575. LacksHead Admin
    hahahaSteam OS XDSteamBoxdumb diddly dumb
  1576. snail_
    and the rise of indies, many of which use linux because tech types prefer itusing linux now isn't as weird as it was like 15 years ago is my point
  1577. LacksHead Admin
    Well, it's pertty awkward to use any pc when you're two :p(although, have you watched a toddler run a tablet? HOLY CRAP! they pick that up FAST!)
  1578. snail_
    >in generalI didn't literally use a PC when I was twomaybe when I was like…sixI read the winME book a lot lol
  1579. LacksHead Admin
    hehe I was just jokingI didn't think you werecomputers up here when I was a kid were like 1 in 100 households had SOME kind of pcNobody had the internet until I was about 10 when internet cafe's popped up
  1580. snail_
    I'm not so hard up that I'll never buy windows again lol. I will have to out of necessity eventuallybut multiboot baby!
  1581. LacksHead Admin
    I'll never deny you your mutiboot as long as you don't deny my single boot
  1582. snail_ has left the chat.
  1583. LacksHead Admin
    my point with linux vs windows vs macs on the gaming front is simply; "Nobody advertises a game saying "Also works on Windows!"
  1584. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1585. snail_
    oh totallyI get why people use windows and I'll never call them badbut let's ackowledge microsoft has a (legitimate) monopoly
  1586. LacksHead Admin
    monopoly?But you can install any os on a windows machineapple is a direct competitor of windows
  1587. snail_
    macs and PCs aren't considered the same market (for some reason)
  1588. LacksHead Admin
    stillyou have to opt IN to an OS when you buy a new pc
  1589. snail_
    yeah you DO have control over your OS but every PC you buy prebuilt has windows installed and you don't really have a choice actually
  1590. LacksHead Admin
    unless you go the best buynot truemy local Computer store sells the OS seperately
  1591. snail_
    plus technology like Secure Boot makes it a total hassle to change OSes on some PCsyeah, that's canada.most PCs here come with everything installed already
  1592. LacksHead Admin
    Yeah, from best buy
  1593. snail_
    well yeah always avoid best buy
  1594. LacksHead Admin
    amen to that ahahhaaalthough, if you're a gamer, the US gamer deals in Best buy are TOTALLY worth ityou can get brand new day 1 games for 10-20$ offyou gotta spend money to save money, but thats just life.
  1595. snail_
    maybe they don't have a technological monopoly NOW, but most people are convince either windows or macOS are the only options in existence IMOthere's a term for it.
  1596. LacksHead Admin
    I agree with thatIt is a perceived monopoly but you have choices
  1597. snail_
    and microsoft has done some shit in the past (still do)
  1598. LacksHead Admin
    now here? In saskatchewan? You have ONE company to buy power from. NO CHOICE in who provides your power.Same with gas and waterONE companythis.... this is a monopoly
  1599. snail_
  1600. LacksHead Admin
    but our prices are cheaper than places with choice so...... Fuck it?
  1601. snail_
    but then they can just fuck you and oh well nothing you can do
  1602. LacksHead Admin
    heheAnd I grew up with a welfare bum dad and a minimum wage mom, so they have....NOWthey aren't allowed to cut you offit's a basic human right to have heat and water power? eehohIdk if you were here for it
  1603. snail_
  1604. LacksHead Admin
    but catholic schools aren't allowed to kick out non catholics now :Din Saskatchewan
  1605. snail_
    cool?makes sense but non catholic in catholic school isn't common is it?idk it just sounds weird to me
  1606. LacksHead Admin
    I was a non catholic in a catholic school lo
  1607. snail_
  1608. LacksHead Admin
    our catholic schools are exactly the same as public schools but you learn about GAWD
  1609. snail_
    that must have beenfun
  1610. LacksHead Admin
    instead of taking french you take christian ethicsI hate the french more than christians, so I was ok with that trade hahaha
  1611. snail_
    why does EVERYONE hate the french
  1612. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1613. Lacks has left the chat.
  1614. snail_
    just the french canadians?or every french
  1615. LacksHead Admin
    French canandians. Seperatist fucks
  1616. snail_
    I understand why people hate them lol
  1617. LacksHead Admin
    We should let them seperate. Then attack them and destroy their bullshit elitielst french culture
  1618. snail_
    how would they survive if they split off
  1619. LacksHead Admin
    Even the French hate the French Canadians! They hate talking to them.
  1620. snail_
    what exactly are "christian ethics"don't walk too close to people?
  1621. LacksHead Admin
    And God forbid you don't speak frenchOh it was a fancy way of saying how to be a good person and live a good life 101
  1622. snail_
    the CHRISTIAN way
  1623. LacksHead Admin
    YepI once got beat up in Christian ethics by a bully haha
  1624. snail_
  1625. LacksHead Admin
    Like what the fuck!
  1626. snail_
    "you didn't say the prayer correctly punk!"
  1627. LacksHead Admin
    Nerdy white skinny kid with a funny last name that will stand up for himself but lacked the muscle to do so
  1628. snail_
    well that'll do it I guess
  1629. LacksHead Admin
    Brb shower
  1630. snail_
  1631. snail_ has left the chat.
  1632. LacksHead Admin
    Hehehe thinking about all these fights. Man I sucked assssss at fighting but I got some extremely good licks in too. I never ended up getting a black eye or broken nose. Or piss blood for a week, but they sure did XDAhh the pissing blood one... Fuck that must have looked funny to the crowd. I ran head first into his gut and held him against the wall while pounding, left right left right on his kidneys. But in return I must have taken 25-30 face shots
  1633. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1634. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1635. snail_
    i dont fight because i suck at itbut hey I've never broken anything so
  1636. snail_ has left the chat.
  1637. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1638. snail_
    anyway i byr
  1639. snail_ has left the chat.
  1640. LacksHead Admin
    I found the bullying stopped quicker and lasted longer if you pounded some faces or took your lumps. So that's why i tend to skip fright from words to hulk smash
  1641. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1642. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1643. randomouscrap
    sorry lacks I couldn't do your request yesterday and probably won't be able to today. Bah I wish I had time.
  1644. ElzoBro
    I don't fight because that's what I see the dumb people doing, and school is a place where people should be learning, not going back to primal instincts and going into a rageLolBut a lot if people here think otherwise so*Here = at my school
  1645. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1646. Lumage
    The closest I've personally seen to a real fight was in elementary school and it got broken up by one of my friends
  1647. LacksHead Admin
    My friends sometimes were the people I was fighting for
  1648. ElzoBro
    I've heard of a lot of fights and it's all basic people and fools
  1649. LacksHead Admin
    To stop them from getting bullied
  1650. Lumage
    elzo aren't you in gifted
  1651. LacksHead Admin
    I don't deny being a basic fool
  1652. Lacks has left the chat.
  1653. ElzoBro
    Well your school needed better councilors, and my school needs better councilors
  1654. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1655. ElzoBro
    Lol I never said everyone who fights is dumb, nor was I trying to imply I was "special". I'm saying that in my experience in my school, it's dumb peopleBut yeah I'm in giftedWhy do you ask?
  1656. Lumage
    because everyone is 'basic' to you lol either way my school (and I imagine many, many others) really liked to pretend it had a 'zero-tolerance' policy. If you fight back at all you'll (if you're unlucky, because policy is always selectively enforced) you'll be punished as well which is... okay for fight fights but it applies to aggression in bullying too.
  1657. ElzoBro
    Not everyone lolI don't think you understand what I mean by basic at all
  1658. Lumage
    I don't, but I don't care. I'm not staying on that point. I believe you.
  1659. ElzoBro
    I kind of just mean the white guys who act all 'tough'and urban, and "ghetto"Well it's fine
  1660. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1661. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1662. ElzoBro
    I say stuff about them most because they're the most egregious/cringey type of person at my school
  1663. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1664. Lumage
    /rpsetname ◤☺☆┉☞
  1665. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1666. 12Me21Admin
    Why does mathematical notation have to be so ambiguous? Is log 3 ^ 2 log(3)^2 or log(3^2)?
  1667. randomouscrap
    just look up order of operationsif they are in the same group, it goes from left to right
  1668. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1669. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1670. 12Me21Admin
    so prefix operators come before postfix?or ?
  1671. randomouscrap
    is log precedence as high as exponent?
  1672. 12Me21Admin
  1673. randomouscrap
    you're supposed to know these things lol
  1674. 12Me21Admin
    functions shouldn't need operator precedence because you should just use parentheses
  1675. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1676. Lumage
    if you're not writing (log n)^b explicitly isn't it implied to be log (n^b)
  1677. snail_
    uh yeah log and exp are the same in math I think?
  1678. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I always assumed that things like log, sin, cos are at the same level as exponent
  1679. snail_
    watch out 12, you don't want to be wrong
  1680. randomouscrap
    apparently function precedence is between multiplication and addition, so it is strictly less than exponentslog 2 ^ 4 is log (2 ^ 4)
  1681. 12Me21Admin
    okI saw that log(n)^2 is written as (log n)^2 so that means log n^2 would be log(n^2)
  1682. randomouscrap
    But don't take my word for it. You should probably look it up
  1683. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1684. snail_
  1685. 12Me21Admin
    the wikipedia order of operations page never mentions anything except ^ / * + -
  1686. randomouscrap
    log 2 + x is log(2) + x but log 2x is log(2x)
  1687. LacksHead Admin
  1688. snail_
  1689. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1690. Chemicalex
  1691. snail_
    or as it's called in algebra sedmap
  1692. LacksHead Admin
    And no worries random. I saw your previous post before leaving.
  1693. randomouscrap
    oh ok
  1694. Lumage
    HAHaha snail I added a crappy divider and made them inline-block so now "Mars (Team Weeaboo)" doesn't break across lines
  1695. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1696. snail_
    heheinline-block best
  1697. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  1698. 12Me21Admin
    so implied multiplication is always first?wait no
  1699. randomouscrap
    any multiplicationBecause functions are between multiplication and addition
  1700. 12Me21Admin
  1701. Picy3
  1702. randomouscrap
    and since exponents are of course higher than multiplication they also happen first
  1703. 12Me21Admin
  1704. randomouscrap
    however, since they're functions they should always have parenthesis anywaysoooo you have some grounds for complaining lol
  1705. Lumage
    wow this Joust implementation has SOOO many timers
  1706. randomouscrap
    log(4)^x is always (log(4))^x
  1707. snail_
    what about all those times people write "sin x"
  1708. 12Me21Admin
    yeah it would be nice if we stopped using mathematical notation with all it's ambiguities and UNTYPEABLE SYMBOLS
  1709. Lumage
    untypeable symbols
  1710. 12Me21Admin
    please how am I supposed to type log[sub]12[/sub]3
  1711. Lumage
    do you perhaps know the key ;]
  1712. randomouscrap
    because math was invented before computersdeal with it
  1713. snail_
  1714. Lumage
  1715. 12Me21Admin
    what about log[sub]3x+4[/sub]7
  1716. snail_
  1717. 12Me21Admin
    log(12,3) except most langauges have it log(number,base)for no reason
  1718. randomouscrap
    of course there's a reason
  1719. Lumage
    "no reason" because the base is optional
  1720. randomouscrap
    default parameters
  1721. 12Me21Admin
    optional args can go first
  1722. randomouscrap
    PFT only in SmileBASIC
  1723. 12Me21Admin
    INSTR([start],string,search)really why is log a function unlike exponents and square roots
  1724. snail_
    optional args can totally go first, if you use named argumentsbut nobody likes named arguments I guessLOG(BASE:12,3)
  1725. 12Me21Admin
    reminds me of the TI-BASIC logBASE functionlogBASE(3,12)which is in all caps for... some reason
  1726. snail_
    at least in MathPrint it looks like an actual function
  1727. 12Me21Admin
  1728. snail_
    like how in the MATH menu sigma is called "summation E"well E is a sigma but whatever I don't have that key
  1729. LacksHead Admin
    So uhh
  1730. snail_
    I always read it out loud as E
  1731. LacksHead Admin
    I haven't got new coveralls in 3 weeksI think someone is stealing my covies and wearing them....
  1732. 12Me21Admin
    If I created a new language where % (mod) was define as eqivilant to: DEF mod(a,b) IF B==0 THEN (error) WHILE A<0 INC A,B WEND WHILE A>=B DEC A,B WEND RETURN A END would anyone complain?I feel like this definition would be generally more useful
  1733. LacksHead Admin
    Only that it's not being posted in the programming tab :p
  1734. 12Me21Admin
  1735. LacksHead Admin
  1736. snail_
    yes because that's an awful mod algorithm
  1737. 12Me21Admin
    >eqivilant to
  1738. snail_
    read the C stdlib source for its modf or fmod or whateverit's one line of math
  1739. 12Me21Admin
    yes but you get the idea
  1740. LacksHead Admin
    They're removing some of the drippy sap trees at work so I finally will be able to get rid of all the tree sap on my car and KEEP it off :D
  1741. snail_
    I have a SB clone of fmod
  1742. 12Me21Admin
    DEF MOD(A,B) IF B==0 THEN (error) WHILE A<0 INC A,B WEND WHILE A>=B DEC A,B WEND RETURN A ENDwhatI switched tabsI swear
  1743. LacksHead Admin
  1744. Lumage
    my mod function
  1745. snail_
    chat should be rerigged so every /code gets autosent to programming
  1746. Lumage
  1747. LacksHead Admin
    That seems like it would cause problems snail lol
  1748. 12Me21Admin
    that doesn't work if A is less than 0 or if A or B is not an integer
  1749. snail_
    but then people would finally post in the right tab
  1750. 12Me21Admin
    Ok snail what's your algorithm
  1751. snail_
    I stole the C oneI don't remember what the hell it is lolok the C++ implementation is unreadable hold on
  1752. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1753. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1754. 12Me21Admin
    mine isn't really defined for negative numbers hmm
  1755. snail_
    why does this use pointers
  1756. 12Me21Admin
    negative values of B, that isbut I think I would design it so that if B was negative, it multiplies B by -1 and then multiplies the result by -1 or somethingmaybe A gets negated too
  1757. snail_
    yeah I don't think that's very well definedthe sign is reliant on Adoes mod even work in SB for negative b?
  1758. 12Me21Admin
    A MOD B should be the same as -(-A MOD -B) perhaps IDK I can't find my 3DSMOD in SB completely sucks
  1759. snail_
    not completely only moderatelyoh no that's an opinion
  1760. randomouscrap
    snail I keep confusing you with the other guy who was green star wars villain
  1761. 12Me21Admin
    no it's just a bad pun
  1762. snail_
  1763. randomouscrap
    JP I think?
  1764. snail_
    it wasn't even a pun…on.*oh
  1765. 12Me21Admin
  1766. randomouscrap
    there was someone else who had (worst Star Wars villain ever) as an avatar
  1767. 12Me21Admin
    ok ok MOD in SB fails for non-integers and who knows what it does with negative values of A
  1768. Lumage
  1769. snail_
    which one would that be
  1770. 12Me21Admin
    and negative Bno clue
  1771. Lumage
  1772. randomouscrap
    yeah him legomeister
  1773. snail_
    it's supposed to be defined as an integer operation, like it is in half the useful langs everthat's not always useful though
  1774. 12Me21Admin
    you can use a float mod as an integer mod without any problemsbut not the other way aroundtherefor, float mod is more useful the only disadvantage is speed, I think
  1775. snail_
    can't argue with that.if they gave you a library function to do floating mod it wouldn't be so bad
  1776. snail_
  1777. LacksHead Admin
    Boba Fett?
  1778. snail_
    oh does he have the same icon as me
  1779. randomouscrap
    The only villain who looks like your avatar in the star wars (movie) universe
  1780. LacksHead Admin
    Man that name sounds way cooler than it looks haha
  1781. randomouscrap
    That's like me asking WHAT POKEMON when people are talking about my avatar
  1782. snail_
    see I have no idea because random could have thought any villain was the worst ever.
  1783. randomouscrap
    But I was specifically talking about your avatarAnd yoru avatar is a star wars villain
  1784. LacksHead Admin
    Is he a villain?
  1785. snail_
    but you were talkimg about legomester too midk I never watched the prequels does boba fett suck
  1786. randomouscrap
    I HEAVILY implied that you have the same avatarBOBA FETT IS IN THE ORIGINALS
  1787. LacksHead Admin
    Boba Fett is og
  1788. snail_
    fuck which one?
  1789. LacksHead Admin
  1790. snail_
    I feel like I have brain damage right now
  1791. LacksHead Admin
    And empire
  1792. randomouscrap
    ...I think snail is a bit mental
  1793. 12Me21Admin
    hmm A DIV B is the same as A/B OR 0 it does truncation it seems, which is good (I think)
  1794. LacksHead Admin
  1795. snail_
    yeah after last night, maybe
  1796. randomouscrap
    anyway boba fett is the useless bounty hunter who did absolutely nothing and then fell lamely into the sarlac pit
  1797. snail_
    oh I'm thinking of the OTHER fettyeah he got eaten by the sand hole because he sucks
  1798. 12Me21 : The sand can be eaten
  1799. LacksHead Admin
  1800. snail_
    12's poison is making me a bit weird haha
  1801. randomouscrap
    jango fett is also a useless bounty hunter who used a poison dart SPECIFIC to the place he was staying at to assassinate someone which allowed a jedi to easily track him then leaves his bounty hunter suit OUT IN THE OPEN when the jedi comes to talk to him then half-assedly tries to kill him in space without actually checking that he's dead and then he gets his head cut off without actually doing anything
  1802. LacksHead Admin
    I think snail was thinking Jango Fett.
  1803. 12Me21Admin
    oh right but DIV is a integer DIV so I can't have B be a floatughhow do I round a number to a multiple of another number
  1804. Lumage
    who the fuck was even awake at 10
  1805. snail_
  1806. 12Me21Admin
    (A DIV B)*B only works with integer values of B
  1807. snail_
    10pm?I wasoh 10pm pacific
  1808. randomouscrap
    also this sums up jango fett's suckitude pretty nicely: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/156669/is-jango-fett-inept
  1809. snail_
    not me
  1810. 12Me21Admin
    anyway I think my WHILE algorithm is the best that can be done without going insane
  1811. Picy3
    lacks whydid you take off my poll
  1812. snail_
    >or modf
  1813. 12Me21Admin
    DEF MOD#(A,B) IF B==0 THEN 'divide by 0 error IF B<0 THEN 'handle negative numbers somehow WHILE A<0:INC A,B:WEND WHILE A>=B:DEC A,B:WEND RETURN A END
  1814. LacksHead Admin
    Because it's useless spam
  1815. 12Me21Admin
    still can't find this modf algorithm you're talking about
  1816. snail_
    me neither actuallyit's in a file but my DS is at home
  1817. 12Me21Admin
    the only one I found used a remainder() which we don't have
  1818. snail_ has left the chat.
  1819. 12Me21Admin
    There's [a - b * floor(a / b)] but does that really work with float values of b? IDK
  1820. Lumage
    I saw this one again and laughed http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/66#p11044
  1821. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1822. 12Me21Admin
    oh I guess
  1823. snail_
    yeah I think it's that one
  1824. 12Me21Admin
    DIV is not actually A / B OR 0It's (A OR 0) / (B OR 0)so it fails for small values of Band generally fails for anything elseand it's not even fastI don't think FLOOR should be used there thoughsince it's an asymmetrical functionideally you should always round TOWARDS 0 or AWAY FROM 0not to negative or positive infinity
  1825. snail_
    well it works here so
  1826. 12Me21Admin
    I think that algorithm fails for negative B thoughit also fails for negative Amaybe
  1827. LacksHead Admin
    Well wtf. 50 people send in dirty coveralls... 10 people get clean ones back...
  1828. snail_
    not if you use abs and set sign afterwardwhich is what I did
  1829. snail_
    this sounds like some conspiracy
  1830. 12Me21Admin
    actually it works with -A, I was wrongbut with -B We don't even know what we want lol
  1831. snail_
    yeah that's pretty well undefined
  1832. 12Me21Admin
    hmm fmod seems to give the same result for -A fmod -B as -(A fmod B)while my algorithm justgoes into an infinite loop lolI'm not sure whether I should replace the FLOOR with a truncation
  1833. snail_
    shit I didn't bring a bowlI am just all over the place
  1834. 12Me21Admin
    I guess I should say thatC=A MOD B C should always be between 0 and BI guesswhich FLOOR() doesWell, I guess A-B*FLOOR(A/B) works thenapparently fmod is actually A-B*TRUNC(A/B)
  1835. snail_
  1836. 12Me21Admin
    since they want the output to have the same sign as X but I think the requirement of the output being between 0 and B is much more usefulin SB fmod would be A-A/B DIV 1*B I believeDIV 1 being a truncation function that doesn't convert to integer
  1837. snail_ has left the chat.
  1838. 12Me21Admin
    wait does it
  1839. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1840. 12Me21Admin
    craphmmI guess you'd need A-B*FLOOR(ABS(A/B))*SGN(A/B)but whatever fmod isn't useful anyway
  1841. snail_ has left the chat.
  1842. 12Me21Admin
    I'm naming my function wrap(a,b)
  1843. Picy3
  1844. 12Me21Admin
    https://www.desmos.com/calculator/36c7okxmax since it wraps A to between 0 and Bactually this is justremainderright(x/b - floor(x/b))*bsimplifiedx-floor(x/b)*b
  1845. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1846. 12Me21Admin
    >The IEEE Standard 754 defines the remainder operation x REM y as the mathematical operation x - (round(x/y)*y) >REM well yeah we can't use that
  1847. snail_ has left the chat.
  1848. 12Me21Admin
    http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=15599#post_15599 why did this post get flagged and edited?
  1849. randomouscrap
    oh right I don't have a history view yet do Iuuuguuuguuuu guess I need to add that UUUUGGUGUGUGUGIIt had a huge useless poll on itcheck the closed polls
  1850. 12Me21Admin
    Oh I seee
  1851. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1852. LacksHead Admin
  1853. snail_
    call it something else?
  1854. randomouscrap
    what for?
  1855. LacksHead Admin
    I don't know
  1856. randomouscrap
  1857. snail_
    why apologize for closing a bad poll
  1858. 12Me21Admin
    I could call it WRAP I guess or just cheat and go with REM#() actually would that workit workshmm does that break anythingREM#
  1859. randomouscrap
    yeah if admins are going to do their job I guess I should... UUGGGHHH make some kind of revision viewing... thing
  1860. LacksHead Admin
    It's moreso sorry for not communicating better
  1861. randomouscrap
    it might be lame because you guys are admins and I don't care about you as much as users
  1862. 12Me21Admin
  1863. snail_
    we should all be allowed to talk in staffby that I mean me
  1864. randomouscrap
    The revisions are all in the database (or at least they better be) so... it's not necessarily all that hard. I just have to do it separate for comments, thread posts, and pages (which is why I REALLY want to rewrite the website)
  1865. 12Me21Admin
    We should probably give snail [power user] or something
  1866. randomouscrap
    why though
  1867. SpiderLily
  1868. randomouscrap
    just so he can give opinions in the staff tab?
  1869. 12Me21Admin
    That's like half of [Power user]'s power lol
  1870. snail_
    I guess idkI just don't like talking over here when I have something to say lol
  1871. SpiderLily
    why should you get special privileges
  1872. randomouscrap
    because he was once admin?
  1873. SpiderLily
    so was i
  1874. snail_
    everyone gets special privileges>the staff tab is already public reading anyway
  1875. 12Me21Admin
    I guess because snail has stuff to say in the staff tab Maybe that's not a good enough reason
  1876. snail_
    when do i thoughonce in a million years
  1877. 12Me21Admin
    well yeah
  1878. Picy3
  1879. snail_
    "Susan in accounting has left the company and has been replaced by Manuel."something about this soundsoff
  1880. randomouscrap
    it's bloated
  1881. snail_
    actually I was thinking of something else but it's ridiculous
  1882. randomouscrap
    Susan from accounting left the company; Manuel replaced her.
  1883. snail_
    or maybe just "Manuel is a new employee in accounting"
  1884. randomouscrap
    If you know she's an accountant, it's easier to just say "Susan the accountant left the company; Manuel replaced her."
  1885. snail_
    oh I guess for this Susan is important
  1886. randomouscrap
    We insert all this fluff to make our statements sound more important but really it just gets in the way when all you want to do is convey information.
  1887. 12Me21Admin
    I feel like the fact that you used "has" twice is what makes it sound abd*badmaybe I'm wrong
  1888. randomouscrap
    If you NEED to sound important that's different, but making the sentence longer doesn't do that.
  1889. snail_
    well I understood it completely lol
  1890. 12Me21Admin
    "Susan in accounting has left the company and was replaced by Manuel." or something
  1891. randomouscrap
    You can make it even better by rearranging the sentence: Manuel replaced Susan in accounting.
  1892. 12Me21Admin
    you lose a little bit of information but it's probably not important
  1893. randomouscrap
    Why involve the company or her leaving at all. It's implied in the "replaced"
  1894. snail_
    break it into two sentences
  1895. 12Me21Admin
    that's true
  1896. randomouscrap
    And what would you be an accountant for if not for a company?
  1897. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I guess it isn't any worse
  1898. snail_
    why mention she's an accountant
  1899. randomouscrap
    And this way it follows natural english more closely, since it's subject verb (rest)
  1900. snail_
    "has" is a verb though
  1901. randomouscrap
    it's unnecessary fluff"has replaced" -> "replaced"What's the difference. We insert useless words way too much
  1902. 12Me21Admin
    has implied it was farther in the past, I thinkor maybe not
  1903. randomouscrap
    No, think about it"was replaced" "has replaced" "replaced"what is the difference here.
  1904. Lumage
    My god lacks get yourself togetherI flagged it because it had the long poll on it. You edited it to remove it. No?
  1905. snail_
    this class sucks,>ignore the commaif you want to complain about words we don't need what about "The Mary user account"MARY IS THE USER, JUST USE HER NAME
  1906. Lacks has left the chat.
  1907. randomouscra