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  1. Lacks has entered the chat.
  2. Lacks has entered the chat.
  3. Lacks has left the chat.
  4. Picy3
  5. LacksHead Admin
    Lumage, if you're here and free for a few minutes could we talk privately?
  6. Lumage
    In a few minutes.Okay.
  7. LacksHead Admin
    lol I'm such a shit admin I still don't know how to open pm rooms with hidden users :p
  8. Lumage
    /pmcreate Name/identifier
  9. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  10. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  11. PhilFish
    I'm installing Ubuntu on the third computer in a week
  12. LacksHead Admin
    You are an addict!
  13. PhilFish
    One for actual use, one for future use, and one for testingThough the third one's storage medium looks like it's dying
  14. LacksHead Admin
    all on desktop pc's?
  15. PhilFish
  16. LacksHead Admin
  17. PhilFish
    This has been my view for hours today
  18. LacksHead Admin
  19. PhilFish
    Also you don't want to see my cable management lmfao
  20. LacksHead Admin
    You don't want to see mine either :pthe side of my pc is always off because my power button stopped working. So I just touch the wires myself.
  21. PhilFish
    I have a USB stick 4x as big as this hard drive
  22. PhilFish has left the chat.
  23. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  24. PhilFish
    20 GB 2.5" HDD
  25. Omiwa
    hot leg
  26. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  27. PhilFish has left the chat.
  28. SpiderLily
    excuse meyou never called my legs hot
  29. Omiwa
    but it's no match for spiderlilys
  30. LacksHead Admin
    nice save
  31. Omiwa
    btw I have no idea what your legs look like they better not be disgustingthanks lol
  32. PhilFish
  33. SpiderLily
    id like to think i have some nice thicc thighs
  34. Omiwa
    spiderlilyslol thicc
  35. PhilFish
    Puberty fucked my legs upqup*
  36. LacksHead Admin
    growth spurts?
  37. PhilFish
  38. LacksHead Admin
    Do you have stretch marks too?ohI'm still waiting for that
  39. PhilFish
    I have motr hair on my legs than my headmore
  40. LacksHead Admin
    My chest looks like I'm 13
  41. PhilFish
    My chest got fucked up by some medicine I took and made me grow minimoobs
  42. Omiwa
    ew I hate hair that isn't on my head it's so ugly
  43. LacksHead Admin
    well that's.... awkward
  44. PhilFish
    >actual reported cases of that btw
  45. LacksHead Admin
    will they go away?
  46. PhilFish
    No. Permanent.but it's not as bad as a lot of people who suffered the same side effect I did
  47. LacksHead Admin
    damn, that sucksso... no lawsuit then? :/
  48. PhilFish
    I mean I don't swim or anything that requires removal of my shirt so it's not that bad
  49. Omiwa
    phil never showers true fish confirmed
  50. PhilFish
    we could've done a lawsuit but since mine wasn't as bad, we didn't have as string of a case
  51. LacksHead Admin
  52. PhilFish
    okay so except showering
  53. LacksHead Admin
    ahh, i see
  54. Omiwa
  55. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  56. Omiwa
    uuuI had planned yo watch anime todayTO
  57. PhilFish
    Okay let's see if the install worked
  58. LacksHead Admin
    yo kai watch?
  59. Omiwa
    Nice joke -W-
  60. LacksHead Admin
    I try
  61. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  62. PhilFish
    yus it worked
  63. Chemicalex
    heyyis the chat happy time again??
  64. snail_ has entered the chat.
  65. Chemicalex
    >if you're going to volunteer to be an admin, you'll be a bad admin
  66. LacksHead Admin
    happy happy joy joy
  67. Chemicalex
  68. LacksHead Admin
    Smile thru the tears
  69. Chemicalex
    smile through the basic source
  70. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  71. Chemicalex
  72. snail_
  73. LacksHead Admin
  74. Chemicalex
  75. snail_
  76. Omiwa
    that was beautiful!
  77. PhilFish
    I k
  78. Chemicalex
    alright i got some stuff to do. bbl maybe
  79. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  80. PhilFish
    ... okay then well I'll just go fuck myself then
  81. Lacks has entered the chat.
  82. Lacks has left the chat.
  83. LacksHead Admin
    No go on round 3?
  84. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  85. Tgaming
    Welpturns out I don't have depression
  86. PhilFish
    Fresh install of linux, I have 11GB free
  87. Tgaming
  88. PhilFish
    Super small hdd yay
  89. Tgaming
    Only 11 GB20 years later people be like:"Only 11 TB?"
  90. PhilFish
    Man I still don't have a single drive over 500gb
  91. Tgaming
    Consider yourself luckyThe only computer I own was made in fucking 2001
  92. PhilFish
    My largest five drives are a 500gb SSD, a 160gb HDD, a 110gb SSD, a 64gb flash drive, and a 32gb microSD
  93. Tgaming
    How would you like it if your computer was older than you?
  94. PhilFish
    I have several like that
  95. Omiwa
    are you sure your 500 gb is not actually 499... Gb?
  96. Tgaming
  97. PhilFish
    That would suck yesBut luckily I was born in the 90s lmao
  98. Tgaming
    I have to use Windows XPWINDOWS XPIN 2017
  99. snail_ has entered the chat.
  100. snail_ has left the chat.
  101. PhilFish
    Windows 98 was my first OSthat was funWhat are your specs tgaming?
  102. Tgaming
    Even though my computer is weak, it can still do simple tasksBut certainly not *gasp* 720p YOUTUBEHD isn't a thing on my com
  103. PhilFish
    I'm curious about your specs pls
  104. Tgaming
    Uhhh 1 GB RAM, Pentium 4Shit graphix card
  105. PhilFish
    Oh dear
  106. Tgaming
    I can't even run any game made after 2008
  107. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  108. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  109. PhilFish
    ~Can it run Crysis max settings?~
  110. Tgaming
    Probably not
  111. PhilFish
    we gotta get you an i5 man
  112. Tgaming
    *a jobToo bad I'm not old enough
  113. PhilFish
    I mean I just did a bunch of stuff on a pentium 4 processor
  114. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  115. PhilFish
    it has 3gb ram but still not that much. Pentium 4 2.8GHz, no graphics card
  116. Autz64
  117. Tgaming
    Why isn't it called Everything Access Memory?Cuz I wanna scrEAM
  118. PhilFish
    And with a shitty card from the 90s(?) it runs minetest 30fps
  119. Tgaming
    It can run DirectX 9 at most
  120. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  121. Autz64
    i still remember playing Doom on a old pc with Win98back whenW7 was a thing
  122. Tgaming
    I can run a N64 emulator
  123. PhilFish
    I tried using Win3.1
  124. Autz64
    or Vista
  125. PhilFish
    I can't be productive on it
  126. Tgaming
    But GameCube is a no
  127. PhilFish
    The oldest OS I can be productive on is Win95
  128. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  129. Chemicalex
    what you can run a '64 emu
  130. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  131. Tgaming
    Yeah but not GC
  132. Chemicalex
    i can't run a 64 emu and my computer is almost decent
  133. Autz64 has left the chat.
  134. Tgaming
    Maybe my computer was on the powerful end for its time thenIt could support all the W A C K Y E F F E C T S
  135. PhilFish has left the chat.
  136. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  137. Tgaming has left the chat.
  138. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  139. PhilFish
    okay I installed dolphin emulatorwhat game to play first?
  140. Omiwa
    sonic adventure 2
  141. Picy3
  142. Omiwa
    I loved that game on gc
  143. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  144. Chemicalex
    did someone say sa2bgood game
  145. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  146. andritolion has entered the chat.
  147. blizord has entered the chat.
  148. PhilFish
  149. PhilFish
  150. andritolion
    Lol.. https://web.archive.org/web/20150208174300/http://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/8041/audioquest-diamond-rj-e-ethernet-cable-12mWho in their right mind would buy THAT???
  151. LacksHead Admin
    Wrong tab, bud
  152. andritolion
  153. andritolion
    Lol... https://web.archive.org/web/20150208174300/http://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/8041/audioquest-diamond-rj-e-ethernet-cable-12mWho in their right mind would buy THAT???
  154. LacksHead Admin
    What is that for?And why a Wayback machine link?
  155. andritolion
    A overpriced LAN cable.
  156. PhilFish
    wtf a 6,000 pound ethernet cable
  157. andritolion
    Crazy, right?
  158. PhilFish
    that better give me petabit ethernet
  159. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  160. andritolion
    And HOW can THAT make it SOUND better??????
  161. PhilFish
    screw gigabit and terabit
  162. ProgrammingChicken
    how about just bit internetactually make that half a bit
  163. PhilFish
    >dial-updial-up internet was measured in bits/secondiirc
  164. ProgrammingChicken
  165. Lumage
  166. andritolion
    I found that at this article. http://hothardware.com/news/10000-ethernet-cable-claims-earth-shattering-advancement-in-audio-fidelity-if-youre-stupid-enough-to-buy-it
  167. ProgrammingChicken
    okay do you think I should keep on oorting popular games with little in their titles, replacing themwith petit?because there are a LOT of easy-to-make games out there
  168. andritolion
    I rather get a MONSTER of a computer... Maybe 5 of them...
  169. PhilFish
    okay so apparently the transfer rate of Bell 101 dial-up is 110 bits per second
  170. andritolion
    Jeez... I don't think even BILL GATES will even think about getting this...
  171. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  172. Omiwa
    c'est moiii
  173. andritolion
  174. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  175. andritolion
    I cant believe that ANYONE will buy a 10 GRAND cable...
  176. LacksHead Admin
    Stupid people are dumb. I can believe it.
  177. andritolion
    Instead of burning your benjis, donate them... PEOPLE ACTUALLY NEED THEM...
  178. Chemicalex
  179. andritolion
    100$ bills...Benjamin
  180. PhilFish
    dolla dolla bill y'all
  181. Chemicalex
  182. andritolion
    I would pay at MOST 50$ for a Ethernet cable....NOT 10,000$...
  183. PhilFish
    I wouldn't even pay $50
  184. LacksHead Admin
  185. PhilFish
    I have like five CAT5 ethernet cables just lying around I'm not using
  186. LacksHead Admin
    We needed 100ft before wifi as a kid. Anyone want some ethernet cable? I got miles.
  187. andritolion
    LOL...I need some! (JK)
  188. Chemicalex
    i wouldn't pay anything for an ethernet cable
  189. andritolion
  190. Chemicalex
    got one already
  191. andritolion
  192. PhilFish
    I'd pay $5 maximum and that's if like I need ethernet THAT DAY and there's literally no other way I can obtain onebut honestly I have enough ethernet for years
  193. Chemicalex
    kk mister i got 2 grand in computer parts
  194. andritolion
    This one? https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Cat5e-Ethernet-Patch-Meters/dp/B001TH7GVE
  195. Omiwa
    Lacks, why is your attitude so chill usually >w<
  196. PhilFish
    I have several hundred in computer parts if not $1000+y'know probably definitely over $1000
  197. andritolion
    I have several thousand in games....
  198. PhilFish
    99% of my gaming is via steam
  199. Omiwa
    I have life.
  200. andritolion
    Want to see my eShop account records?
  201. Chemicalex
    i only play 3ds games anymore, IF that
  202. Lumage
    >The cable provided a new sense of "air" and "space" to my recordings. Black backgrounds were seemingly "more blacker."
  203. andritolion
    Oh, and my Windows Store records?
  204. Chemicalex
    >more blacker
  205. PhilFish
  206. andritolion
    Your screen can get more blacker if you get a LED TV...
  207. Lumage
    an HDMI cable by the same group as the thing dorito linked earlier
  208. andritolion
  209. Lumage
    (review of)
  210. Chemicalex
    I've probably paid about $600 total in DS/3DS cartridgesballpark number
  211. andritolion
    You can get like 3 of them with 10 grand... and HUGE OLED TVS...
  212. PhilFish
    huge rear projection TVs are cheap
  213. Chemicalex
  214. PhilFish
    worth a buy if you're going for size
  215. snail_
    there's a difference between a shit HDMI cable and a not shit one, but if the blacks are already black then idk what they're expecting
  216. andritolion
    Get a OLED if you want deeper colors... (Most phones (except the iPhone) have a OLED display...)
  217. Lumage
    here lol https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IL3TZSQ/
  218. snail_
    a really bad HDMI cable could totally compress the dynamic range and make deep blacks "less black" though.
  219. Lumage
    >indications are that the new one will have more blacker "blacker blacks."
  220. snail_
    no fucking way I'm paying $13,000 for a wire
  221. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  222. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  223. Lumage
    read the joke reviews
  224. andritolion
    I wonder why a phone that costs like 1000$ have no OLED display, while a Lumia 650 (200$) have OLED displays...
  225. PhilFish
    if I'm paying $13,000 for a wire it better be lined with intel xeons
  226. andritolion
  227. Chemicalex
    > more blacker blacker blacks
  228. snail_
    >compare to similar items>shows a HDMI cable that's $7
  229. andritolion
  230. Omiwa
    darn I didn't watch anime
  231. andritolion
  232. Omiwa
    goodnightOh zut
  233. Lumage
    wow not even asking me several questions
  234. snail_
    "I decided to pull the trigger and purchase this cable because my Samsung 85 inch 4k HD 3D TV ($40,000 if you are curious, fantastic TV, only had to re-finance my house 4 times and sell a kidne. I only need one so why not right?) just wasn't getting the best with its supplied cable."
  235. LacksHead Admin
    Goodnight Omiwa
  236. Omiwa
    Goodnight Lacks ^w^
  237. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  238. Chemicalex
  239. AnswerXOX
  240. andritolion
    Look... https://web.archive.org/web/20150208174300/http://www.audiovisualonline.co.uk/product/8041/audioquest-diamond-rj-e-ethernet-cable-12m
  241. snail_
    I'm always concerned about buying cables because an affordable one could just be really low quality and a super pricey one is just a ripoff
  242. AnswerXOX
    Uh... why am I looking in the web archives,,,>
  243. LacksHead Admin
    Your tv is only 4k? Ha! My tv
  244. Chemicalex
    did anyone notice i look tired as fuck all the time
  245. AnswerXOX
  246. a_load_of_barnacles has entered the chat.
  247. LacksHead Admin
    Was 40
  248. snail_
    40k?that must be some hot resolution
  249. LacksHead Admin
    I failed at my joke lol
  250. AnswerXOX
    You mostly look laid back as a Pikachu
  251. Chemicalex
    you have a TV? That's SO 2014
  252. andritolion
    Those people that make that cable are crazier than Apple....
  253. Lumage
    mine is 78 thousand lbs.!
  254. AnswerXOX
  255. LacksHead Admin
    There is that 140,000$ tv
  256. snail_
    can someone do the math and figure out what 40K is
  257. Lumage
  258. LacksHead Admin
    100 inch curved Samsung
  259. andritolion
    Answer, trust me, open that WAYBACK Machine link...
  260. Chemicalex
    put your dollar sign before the number bimbo
  261. snail_
  262. LacksHead Admin
  263. AnswerXOX
    $7000 for an ethernet cable.....
  264. snail_
    if 720p is "1K" then
  265. AnswerXOX
    tf even
  266. a_load_of_barnacles has left the chat.
  267. Chemicalex
  268. andritolion
    We cant even see 6K...
  269. Chemicalex
    in my head at least
  270. snail_
    1080 is 2k
  271. Chemicalex
    o...oh then
  272. snail_
    and uhh 1080 isn't 720*2
  273. LacksHead Admin
    Hehe remember when people said we didn't need more than 24 fps because that's all the human eye can see
  274. Chemicalex
    no uh1080 is full hdso still 1k maybepff lacks
  275. snail_
    yeah but 720 is "not full" HDidk what they call it
  276. Chemicalex
    720p is HD, 1080 is Full HD
  277. AnswerXOX
    you guys are weird
  278. blizord has left the chat.
  279. andritolion
  280. Chemicalex
    we're worried about what's "1k" though
  281. AnswerXOX
    the way to go is 320p
  282. andritolion
    just playing acnl...
  283. Chemicalex
    no 43k ftw
  284. AnswerXOX
    you guys think you're so cool with your 1080p
  285. a_load_of_barnacles has entered the chat.
  286. AnswerXOX
    give 180p a try
  287. LacksHead Admin
    The new movie program on SB is all I need. Move over GrayV
  288. Chemicalex
    someone write 40k in scientific notation so it can look bigger
  289. a_load_of_barnacles has left the chat.
  290. AnswerXOX
    It's official 320*240 is clearly bigger than 1080pso that means it sucks ass
  291. LacksHead Admin
  292. Chemicalex
    4.3 x 10^3 if i recall correctly4.32*
  293. LacksHead Admin
  294. andritolion
    Seriously... I sold my fish I was supposed to give to Katt...
  295. Chemicalex
    1900 x 1080
  296. andritolion
  297. AnswerXOX
    *1920get git
  298. Chemicalex
    if you have a massive screen does it take up more CPU
  299. AnswerXOX
    *gudmore VRAM
  300. andritolion
    gtg. bye!
  301. AnswerXOX
    I think
  302. andritolion has left the chat.
  303. Chemicalex
  304. snail_
    your resolution only really cooks your GPU
  305. AnswerXOX
  306. snail_
    but if you use software rendering then it's all CPU anyway
  307. Chemicalex
    dorito used only one punctuation mark
  308. AnswerXOX
    that or if you're using no GPU at all
  309. LacksHead Admin
  310. AnswerXOX
    which is pretty bad lol
  311. snail_
    ...by definition you would be using software renderingbut yeah pretty much every CPU ever these days has an onboard video core
  312. Chemicalex
    i composed like 3 songs today and they're all the best m2 songs i've ever done
  313. snail_
    let should hurry up and replace var alreadybut the two of them aren't equiv anyway so
  314. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  315. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  316. snail_
    I can't think of a situation I WOULDN'T want block scope, but it must exist
  317. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, send em over I can listen now
  318. Chemicalex
    oh uh
  319. AnswerXOX
    Maybe I should get Rytmik Ultimate on Steam*maybe*
  320. Chemicalex
    http://soundcloud.com/chemicalhexmusiclatest two
  321. snail_
    also ES6 has const which needs to get into browsers real quick
  322. Chemicalex
    i didn't export the third one yet
  323. snail_
    V8 and SpiderMonkey have that stuff already so whatever
  324. Chemicalex
    (i said the best m2 songs, not M2 because spooky ghosts)
  325. snail_
  326. Chemicalex
    I love coming up with the wacky piano solosbrb
  327. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  328. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  329. Chemicalex
  330. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  331. LacksHead Admin
    They sound nice, albeit way too fast for my taste
  332. Chemicalex
    oh yeah they're both epic final boss themes
  333. LacksHead Admin
  334. Chemicalex
    hold on let me find the inspiration
  335. Lumage
    it's In The Final
  336. Chemicalex
  337. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  338. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  339. Lumage
    close enough
  340. Chemicalex
    ohh in the final, i loved that onemy favorite mario game to date
  341. SquareFingers
    Hi folks! Sorry about the noise lately. The good news is, it has been moved to private chat, as suggested. I hope that for any discussion-based community, an occasional object lesson in identifying bad rhetoric is good, but this one is played out for public chat, so it has been moved.
  342. Chemicalex
  343. snail_
    woah, browser just strobed at me
  344. Chemicalex
    can't you speak procedurally like everyone else
  345. snail_
    oh. I seeI accidentally dragged a tab into a new window
  346. Chemicalex
    ...but yes lum BiS was a big inspiration for my musical style
  347. snail_
    somehow this continues to happen
  348. Chemicalex
    so you were also right
  349. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  350. PhilFish
    bowser's inside story is an amazing game
  351. AnswerXOX
  352. PhilFish
  353. AnswerXOX
    >tbh I would seriously give it that rating if I could lol
  354. PhilFish
    also a good friend of mine just said she would incest with me if we were brother and sister why do I have these friends
  355. Chemicalex
    you can easily find hints of that game's motif style in my music
  356. AnswerXOX
    What... the fuck?
  357. PhilFish
    that's what I said
  358. Chemicalex
    you said fuck to a real person
  359. snail_ has left the chat.
  360. AnswerXOX
    what else would you say, that it sounds hot? ._.
  361. snail_ has entered the chat.
  362. PhilFish
    she also told me that she'd had alcohol tonight so
  363. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
  364. snail_
    why browser, whyyyyy
  365. AnswerXOX
    snail_ is just slowly dying, don't die....
  366. Chemicalex
    >i would wish i weren't related to you...if i weren't related to you
  367. snail_
    heh, yes.
  368. Chemicalex
    so did they stop updating o3ds?
  369. snail_
    this is good stuffGPSET 0,0,#RED OUT PRINT
  370. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  371. snail_
    you would think this is an ambiguous statement, but SB actually sees PRINT as the keyword, and not a variable name
  372. Autz64
  373. Chemicalex
  374. snail_
    so GPSET is called as an OUT with no receivers, yes.of course, if you give it any variables, it's Illegal function call
  375. Autz64
    this is a day
  376. snail_
    same error goes for OUTs that get too many or too few outputs
  377. Lumage
    I'm dying, squirtle.
  378. snail_
    so... every call is homogeneous in some way? inclined to think so
  379. Chemicalex
    i need oxygen to live.
  380. Chemicalex
  381. snail_
    basically: everything is a function?or ratherEverything is an OUT?
  382. Chemicalex
  383. Autz64
    well, this was posted years ago, but writing something like this will return a really big number
  384. Chemicalex
    what would happen if you uhh
  385. Autz64
    ? POW(7,99)
  386. snail_
    commands are like void functions in C. they don't have return values, so you can't give them receivers to the return value
  387. Autz64
    but if you convert that to a string, it will appear with scientific notation
  388. snail_
    but they CAN be called like OUTs, so they have the capacity to return SOMETHING
  389. Chemicalex
  390. Autz64
    ? STR$(POW(7,99))
  391. snail_
    you can't redefine printreserved word
  392. Chemicalex
  393. Autz64
    there was a way to avoid such behavior?
  394. snail_
    use FORMAT$if FORMAT$ had a code for scientific notation output that would be nice
  395. PhilFish
    I never knew
  396. Chemicalex
  397. Autz64
    hmmmit works
  398. Chemicalex
  399. snail_
    so in general... everything you call in SB is just an OUT. another syntax is sugar? seem that way to meof course functions are a weird case, because they can be expressionsbut when they're transpiled... they probably become something similarjust a long chain with intermediates, probably
  400. Chemicalex
    this new comic's gonna be great just waiti should...get a domaini have enough in paypal probably
  401. Autz64
    using chem function returns 0hmmm
  402. snail_
    if I can attach OUT to a command name, as long as I don't specify a return var, then OMITTING it must be syntax sugar
  403. PhilFish
    joseph stop eating all the butterflies
  404. Chemicalex
    wait what if you used DEF PRNT PRINT "PRNT" END before
  405. snail_
    same with writing functions in OUT syntax. it's different though, because as expressions I can chain them without intermediates
  406. Chemicalex
  407. snail_
    chem what are you even talking about
  408. Autz64
    returns prnt
  409. snail_
    DEF PRINT is always going to be illegal syntax
  410. Picy3
  411. snail_
    PRINT is a keyword
  412. Picy3
    first thing I see is "joseph stop eating all the butterflies"
  413. Chemicalex
  414. PhilFish
  415. Chemicalex
    PRNT, not PRINT
  416. snail_
    this is just a deeply nested function
  417. AnswerXOX
    I never knew
  418. Autz64
    that will return error since PRNT doesn't have return value
  419. snail_
    can I ask again what this has to do with anything I said lol
  420. Autz64
    should be DEF PRNT()
  421. Picy3
  422. Picy3
  423. Chemicalex
    mmi forgot sb lol
  424. Chemicalex
  425. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  426. Picy3
    Aragorn *running* "the beacons of minith tireth are LIT, the beacons are LIT, gondor calls for aids!!" "and rohan shall answer, gather all the aids that can be spared!"
  427. Lacks has entered the chat.
  428. Lacks has left the chat.
  429. SquareFingers
    I think Chemicalex's code will result in a stack overflow, out of memory error.
  430. Autz64
    also, OUT in commands seems just a messy stuff just like BGM
  431. SquareFingers
    If it's DEF PRNT() at the beginning.
  432. Picy3
    lol, chem, what is your miiverse name?
  433. snail_
    it won't compile anyway, PRNT doesn't have a RETURN statement
  434. PhilFish
  435. snail_
    functions are held to the requirement that they have to return one of SOMETHINGthe way this all intermingles with OUT syntax is REALLY neat though IMOso functions, commands, out syntax, they're all just "callables". but a callable with a return count of one can be written as function expression.
  436. SquareFingers
    Good summary snail_.
  437. snail_
    since they can all be written as OUT with zero or more return values, as long as the number of return values matches the outputsit's pretty insane. does it work in reverse? I have to see
  438. Picy3
  439. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  440. Autz64
    well, i tried that trick with LOCATE, and no errors
  441. SquareFingers
    Yes, is you define the function in code like the docs say to define a function, you can use it as a 'callable' with one OUT variable.
  442. Autz64
  443. SquareFingers
  444. snail_
    DEF TEST OUT A% A%=10 END ?TEST()works as expected.a function is just a DEF with one out valueinterchangeable syntax.
  445. PhilFish
    oh I could've told you that
  446. snail_
  447. PhilFish
    >~:hi im philfish and i liek meemoos :^)yea OUT parameters are neat in SB
  448. HTV04 has left the chat.
  449. Picy3
  450. snail_
    so he's not too far off saying a "command DEF" and a function are the same thing, I guess. it's just the number of return values.
  451. Picy3
    yee meme
  452. snail_
    only difference.calling them is a matter of syntaxkinda crazy, how one thing can work in two or more ways
  453. PhilFish
    now if only SB OUT parameters were the same as in C#
  454. snail_
    does Ruby have multiple returns? I actually don't know
  455. PhilFish
    DEF TEST(OUT A%) A%=10 END ?TEST()
  456. snail_
    I don't think it doesthough you might be able to "decompose" an array
  457. PhilFish
  458. snail_
    ...maybe that was haskell
  459. PhilFish
    array decomposition as in...?
  460. SquareFingers
    Phil, you mean, pass-by-reference parameters?
  461. PhilFish
    nionoout parameters, C# style
  462. snail_
    C# basically just supports OUT, with different semantics
  463. PhilFish
    it's basically the same, but the out vars are inside the parenthesis instead of outside
  464. snail_
    I don't think you're allowed to use OUT variables inside of the function body in SB. IIRC that's illegalso they aren't by reference
  465. PhilFish
    public static void Function(out int a, out int b) { a = 5; b = 6; } //I think
  466. SquareFingers
    But if you're using OUT, there are no parentheses - at least, not for the actual parameter list.
  467. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  468. SquareFingers
    Or the formal parameter list, now that I think about it.
  469. snail_
    he's saying, in C# the argument list including out arguments is wrapped in parensthey're included in the argument list.
  470. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  471. PhilFish
  472. SquareFingers
    Ah, gotcha.Yeah, I guess I can see the appeal of that.
  473. Autz64
  474. PhilFish
    one day we shall have this out ref ValueType* parameters
  475. snail_
    Ruby is kind of weird, because every function has a return value.
  476. PhilFish
    same with any functional language
  477. snail_
    if you don't use an explicit return, it's the result of the last expression evaluates
  478. PhilFish
  479. snail_
    it actually works pretty awesomedef square(a) a**2 end
  480. PhilFish
    not for meI'll take haskell thank you very muchlet square a = a ^ 2
  481. snail_
    but of course, you don't have to specify anything to receive the returnputs is a function, sleep is a function etc.some of them return nil, of course
  482. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  483. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  484. snail_
    the only reason PRINT, INPUT etc. in SB are keywords is because they support goofy irregular syntaxand SB doesn't support arbitrary-length argument or return lists
  485. PhilFish
    we need user-defined by-ref variables
  486. snail_
    you mean strings and arrays, right?*laugh track*
  487. PhilFish
    :( I meant like good support for by-ref variables
  488. snail_
    explicit passing by reference is always something I think is a good idea
  489. SquareFingers
    By-reference can be accomplished by passing a string containing the variable's name, and using VAR inside the function.
  490. snail_
    ^or that, yeahbut arrays and strings pass byref anyway so if you're expecting to work with those, no extra work
  491. PhilFish
    and arbitrary argument count functions
  492. snail_
    anywho, PRINT could have just been a "function" with no return values, but I guess not in this realm
  493. PhilFish
    one sec
  494. snail_
    Python used a print keyword until Python 3 :P
  495. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  496. PhilFish has left the chat.
  497. Autz64
  498. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  499. PhilFish
    The python print keyword was stupid
  500. snail_
    I agree
  501. PhilFish
    So glad it's a proper function now
  502. snail_
    since everything is a proper function in Ruby, you can omit the parentheses where it's not ambihuous*ambiguousputs "hey"
  503. Autz64 has left the chat.
  504. snail_
    which is ACTUALLY sugar forKernel.puts("hey")because everything is also an object
  505. PhilFish has left the chat.
  506. AnswerXOX
    I swear, I've almost figured out how to connect to SBS via IRC
  507. snail_
    you ideally just need middlewaresomething that can talk to both a IRC client and the chat via socket (or the proxy)
  508. Lumage
    er hey
  509. AnswerXOX
  510. snail_
    it's just passing and reformatting of messages at that point
  511. AnswerXOX
    *I want to ask GeekDude how he set it up, but he's been dead for eternity now*
  512. snail_
    he was here yesterday.
  513. AnswerXOX
    Huh?He was alive?
  514. Lumage
    What's something I could do in Pokemon #F00 that would be nice, but is also possible to accomplish? I'm thinking about working on that romhack again.
  515. snail_
    hummmmmrebalancing>maybetweaking the moves and stats that are already there so they're closer to the new games?
  516. Lumage
    pfft I don't know anything about balancing. I can copy other people's complaints, sure.
  517. snail_ has left the chat.
  518. Lumage
    I'm thinking I could probably add standing pokemon too. The scripting for that isn't too complex. But I don't know where they'd go.
  519. AnswerXOX
    how does scripting in Pokemon work anyways?
  520. Lumage
  521. AnswerXOX
    I mean... like... the dialog
  522. Lumage
    the... the same way as you'd do it yourself?I mean it loads different banks when you enter another area, but...
  523. AnswerXOX
    I mean, are there any special identifiers for like requiring a key press to continue?
  524. Lumage
    oh sure the dialog function handles that
  525. AnswerXOX
    Ah, okay then
  526. Lumage
    in RGBY and, presumably, other titles too there are different... "types" of dialogue. "text" is just the starting point or something. "line" is a new line. "cont" indicates that the text should be scrolled one line (after a button is pressed) and "para" scrolls two lines/the height of the box
  527. AnswerXOX
  528. Lumage
    oh and you can do prompts and stuff
  529. AnswerXOX
    I was expecting something like how Cave Story worked with TSC :P
  530. Lumage
    er, at least, that's how it's organized in this disassembly. The names aren't important, but the point is that there are various macros to control how text is displayed.
  531. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  532. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  533. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  534. Guzzler829
  535. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  536. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  537. Trinitro21
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  539. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  540. Chemicalex
  541. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  542. LacksHead Admin
  543. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  544. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  545. Chemicalex
    I made a drawing hold onBad picture but ehMight use this for my DA avatar
  546. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
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  548. Chemicalex has left the chat.
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  553. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
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  555. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  556. Guzzler829
    You knowdogs are cool
  557. Trinitro21
  558. Guzzler829
    I'm gonna eat a thing now
  559. Trinitro21
    i agreedogs are pretty neato
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  561. Lacks has entered the chat.
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  567. Guzzler829
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBAOw9RTYGM whoa this song is pretty good so far daaang
  568. Picy3
    well then
  569. Picy3
  570. Guzzler829
    wel I was gonna eat a thing"Putin's cock holster"That guy wasn't even funny to begin with
  571. Picy3
    lolwell goodnight
  572. Guzzler829
  573. Picy3
  574. Picy3 is gone now "aids"
  575. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
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  581. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  582. RealTiP
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  584. RealTiP has left the chat.
  585. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  586. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  587. Trinitro21
  588. GoodGameGod
    Hey trinitro!Out of curiosity, are you going to enter the contest?
  589. Trinitro21
  590. GoodGameGod
    Mm, I didn't think so.Thought I'd ask anyways.
  591. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  592. GoodGameGod
  593. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  594. HTV04 has entered the chat.
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  596. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  597. GoodGameGod
    UhOhNobody has entered the chat....Hmm.Okay then uh...Double goodnight>...I guess...?
  598. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  599. snail_ has entered the chat.
  600. HTV04 has entered the chat.
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  606. Lacks has entered the chat.
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  608. Lacks has entered the chat.
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  610. LacksHead Admin
    such a boring morning
  611. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  612. 12Me21Admin
    I hate parentheses
  613. LacksHead Admin
    Good morning 12
  614. 12Me21Admin
    good morning
  615. 12Me21Admin
    they require 4 extra keypresses per function and they're not even in a convenient place on the keyboardif a function doesn't return anything, it's not a function and shouldn't have parenthesesAnyway, I made this platformer thing KW533H3
  616. LacksHead Admin
    oh, nice I will check it out right now :Dooo I like the "jetpack" the controls are very responsive, I like the feel of jumping and moving. It's smooth and precise when jumping on the blocks
  617. 12Me21Admin
    ThanksI made a special system to make jumping work better than just "jump when you press A and the player is on the ground"when you press A, it tries to jump on the next 4 frames, so you can press it like half a second before you hit the ground, and you'll still jump also, you can still start a jump for up to 4 frames after you leave the ground
  618. snail_ has entered the chat.
  619. snail_
  620. snail_
  621. snail_ has left the chat.
  622. snail_ has entered the chat.
  623. 12Me21Admin
    It was surprisingly simple to make the system where you jump farther by pressing A longer IF JUMPING && !(B AND #A) && VY<0 THEN 'if jumping and you're not pressing A and you're moving upwards VY=0 'stop moving upwards ENDIF
  624. LacksHead Admin
    I am impressed that you have the game AND map in under 155 lines
  625. snail_
    I used to just add a small upward velocity while you're in the air state and holding A
  626. LacksHead Admin
    Good morning Snail
  627. snail_
    but then you also fell slower by a fraction
  628. snail_
    morningthis time of day is actually my second period lol
  629. 12Me21Admin
    I just set the velocity to like -1/2 when you jump and let gravity do the rest
  630. snail_
    I shouldn't be tired still
  631. snail_
    so this game has megaman jumping?you instantly stop when you let go
  632. LacksHead Admin
    hehe not even 6:30 here yet
  633. snail_
  634. 12Me21Admin
    I guess so
  635. LacksHead Admin
    what time do you wake up?
  636. 12Me21Admin
    I'm not sure how else to do it of course I can't set the INITIAL velocity based on how long you press the buttonsince that would require time travel
  637. snail_
  638. LacksHead Admin
    leave for school around 7-7:30?
  639. snail_
    you could make a "jump" state and a "fall" state separateand turn your player into a state machine (which it should be anyway)
  640. snail_
    no around 6:30each period is an hour, so it starts at 7:20>all the times are weird.
  641. 12Me21Admin
    but then I need to worry about adjusting so many values with the current system all I have to do is set the gravity and the jump velocity and it works
  642. snail_
    you would only need maybe one other valueanyway umhttp://gameprogrammingpatterns.com/state.html
  643. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  644. 12Me21Admin
    >There’s nothing to prevent “air jumping” — keep hammering B while she’s in the air, and she will float forever. The simple fix is to add an isJumping_ Boolean field to Heroine that tracks when she’s jumpingthat's a terrible solutionthen you can just walk off a ledge and jump in midair
  645. Trinitro21
    isn't the proper way a ground collision detection?
  646. 12Me21Admin
  647. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  648. snail_
    read the whole thing>Something is clearly wrong with our approach. Every time we touch this handful of code, we break something. We need to add a bunch more moves — we haven’t even added walking yet — but at this rate, it will collapse into a heap of bugs before we’re done with it.
  649. 12Me21Admin
    well yeah I know they say it's wrong, but it's such an obvious and easy to notice mistake
  650. Lumage
    "In a fit of frustration, you sweep everything off your desk except a pen and paper and start drawing a flowchart" L E A R N T H I S
  651. 12Me21Admin
    I guess they're trying to do it as badly as possible to show how bad it is, but still
  652. Lumage
    the most important part of programming
  653. snail_
    this is a good book
  654. LacksHead Admin
    whaaaaathat's so early!
  655. Lumage
    it's 5:30 for me right now
  656. LacksHead Admin
    I think my school started at 8:20That's when I get up, 5:30
  657. 12Me21Admin
    I mean this is probably a good idea but It's not required if you just do stuff right I hopeoh I could totally add ducking by adjusting the hitbox Y start location not that it would be useful lol
  658. snail_
    you really should learn how to use a finite state machine though
  659. Lumage
    this reminds me of some C I was looking at that had like every state in a different file
  660. 12Me21Admin
    I just hate having to define so many constants right now it's just left/right movement speed, gravity, and jump speed. but if I had a state machine I'd have to define a falling horizontal speed, jumping horizontal speed, etc. which would probably make the game better if I picked perfect values, but it would be really annoying
  661. Lumage
    I guess it was because they were different classes like they're doing here anyway my problem with it is that while that might be ok in an IDE with a tree view and multifile it's impossible to navigate with anything else
  662. snail_
    slots echhkck
  663. 12Me21Admin
    ok now I have an idea for the "goal" of my game (waitIstillneedtoadditemcollisiondetection)
  664. snail_
    also this entire book is in C++ which has all sorts of bad "best practices"local variables that end in underscores for no reason
  665. 12Me21Admin
    right now I just CHKCHR() at the player's location which works *mostly* but it's a bit unfair since you have to be mostly inside the item to get it
  666. snail_
    hideous constructor syntax
  667. 12Me21Admin
    I wonder if I should switch to BG rather than text
  668. snail_
    why would you not use sprites
  669. 12Me21Admin
    for background blocksthe original idea for this game was a text-only platformer like that portal game but I decided to make the player a sprite so movement was nicer
  670. snail_
    oh I thought the entire game was text and i was confused
  671. 12Me21Admin
    anyway, the ONE limitation of the collision engine is that all sides must be longer than the player uh let me draw a picturebecause I only check for collision at the CORNERS of the playerhowever, this doesn't mean I need to align things to a grid
  672. Lumage
    you could add a midpoint tho
  673. 12Me21Admin
    that's trueit wouldn't be hard eitherI could try checking collision at every point on the player's perimeter IDK how slow that would beI wonder how slow CHKCHR is compared to BGGET or array accessOH I remember seeing some nice speed test codeCNT%=MAINCNT+1 WHILE MAINCNT<CNT% WEND FOR I%=0 TO 10000 'code to test NEXT ?MAINCNT-CNT%it makes sure to start the test exactly when MAINCNT increases
  674. LacksHead Admin
  675. 12Me21Admin
    They all seem to be the same speedarray access is very slightly faster
  676. snail_
    you could use some kind of rectangle intersection testthose are usually O(1) right
  677. 12Me21Admin
    SPHITRC is O(faster than you)well the problem is that if I get a new collision thing, I want it work with arbitrary collision data not just rectangles and the only way to do that is to check the perimeter
  678. snail_
    SPHITRC also doesn't work half the time
  679. 12Me21Admin
    truemaybeI could actually convert the game to work with a map on the graphics screen rather than something tile-basedbut idk do I really want to
  680. snail_
    no you don'timagine having to draw the map
  681. 12Me21Admin
    but I could make SLOPES!!!!!!!!!!!wait maybe I coulduse text to store the mapdata but then GPUTCHR it on the screen so I can do collision better
  682. snail_
    but you can use slopes in a BG engine if you really wanted toextra work though
  683. 12Me21Admin
    but then I need tile collision data for all tiles ewwso much workanyway brb
  684. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  685. snail_
  686. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  687. 12Me21Admin
    actually it might not be too bad if I check collision at a point with something like
  688. Lumage
    "Please calculate the actual entropy of the fucking system you fucking retard."
  689. snail_
    check for transparent pixels in the BG tile ehhhthen you have to design a friction model for sliding down slopes (not really)
  690. 12Me21Admin
    DEF CHKCOL(X,Y) TILE=BGGET(0,FLOOR(X),FLOOR(Y)) TILEX=TILE MOD (512/8) * 8 TILEY=TILE DIV (512/8) * 8 'then check the point in that tile ENDyeah slopes are just noanyway while designing the test map I accidentally put a star symbol so now that's the goal of the level
  691. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  692. snail_
    oh today is may the 4th yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay?
  693. MasterR3C0RD
    May the fourth be with youKek
  694. GeekDude has entered the chat.
  695. MasterR3C0RD
    WhoaaaaaaaaaaA rarityTHe wild GeekDude
  696. GeekDude
    I spent way too long trying to figure out why my program wasn't working. Then I realized I forgot to call the function that prints to the screenHey MasterR3C0RD
  697. MasterR3C0RD
    Hey GeekDudeBeen a while kek
  698. Lacks has left the chat.
  699. snail_
    somebody wanted to know how the irc bridge worksanswerxox or somebody
  700. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh, did you patch your IRC bridge yet GeekDude?
  701. GeekDude
    Right now it doesn't work
  702. MasterR3C0RD
    Ah okay
  703. GeekDude
    How it used to work is that it was more or less stateless and would translate between the two protocols. How it's going to work eventually is that it keeps an internal state of all the rooms/people/etc and pulls from that
  704. MasterR3C0RD
    The docs for the chat protocol are out of date
  705. GeekDude
    With the old approach it was very difficult to do things like re-join a "channel" (e.g. offtopic, programming, staff) if you accidentally left because it simply doesn't understand
  706. MasterR3C0RD
    Basically, the sender object was standardized and warning/system/module messages are part of the messagelist now
  707. GeekDude
    Since SBS chat doesn't have any idea what leaving and joining means for them
  708. MasterR3C0RD
    So it's a pretty simple change
  709. snail_
    why are you doing 512/8 * 8
  710. 12Me21Admin
    oh so THAT'S why my /reply command broke
  711. snail_
    those two terms cancel
  712. 12Me21Admin
    it relied on PMs being sent one at a time
  713. MasterR3C0RD
  714. 12Me21Admin
    it's TILE MOD (512/8) and then multiplied by 8
  715. MasterR3C0RD
    So you're using SBS to connect to chat right now?
  716. snail_
    oh algebra.yes.
  717. GeekDude
  718. snail_
    order of ... operations
  719. 12Me21Admin
    yeah you can't simplify mod and div like that
  720. MasterR3C0RD
    Ah okayhttp://oboy.smilebasicsource.com:49000/brokenr3c0rd/logger/
  721. GeekDude
    I'm playing with http://smilebasicsource.com/tc/GeekDude/mandelbrot and my C++ interpreter
  722. snail_
    my approach of a /re command would be to just remember who sent you the last PM you recieved*received
  723. MasterR3C0RD
    I wrote it about a week ago, but it was broken for a while
  724. 12Me21Admin
    that's what I didwhenever you got a pm it would check the sender and save it if it wasn't your username
  725. snail_
    I don't get it what would be the problem
  726. MasterR3C0RD
    He was probably just using the raw onMessage eventAs in overriding t=t*it
  727. 12Me21Admin
    before PMs were sent one at a time, separate from other messages now they get sent with other messages yeah I used onMessage so I didn't have to deal with HTML
  728. MasterR3C0RD
    The better way if he wants the JS object form is to override displayMessageIt's truly the best way to get a message's object form without going through onMessage overrides
  729. snail_
    you can just subscribe to the socket message event right?there's a API handler for this
  730. MasterR3C0RD
    var odm = displayMessage; displayMessage = function(msg){ // Do stuff return odm(msg); };
  731. 12Me21Admin
    there's a thing that gives you the HTML for messages
  732. MasterR3C0RD
    msg is the message as a JS object
  733. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I could do that
  734. snail_
    can't you just add an event listener to the socket?brb
  735. MasterR3C0RD
    You don't have raw access to the socket anymorePolyChat abstracted that awayIt'll also break if you use the proxy
  736. snail_ has left the chat.
  737. 12Me21Admin
    yeah but who even uses that
  738. MasterR3C0RD
    Some people do
  739. 12Me21Admin
    what's the difference, anyway?
  740. MasterR3C0RD
    Proxy goes through a query page
  741. 12Me21Admin
    but... why?
  742. MasterR3C0RD
    Apparently some schools block WebSocketSo it's there as an alternative for those and older browsers like the 3DS that don't have WebSocket support
  743. snail_ has entered the chat.
  744. Lumage
    some proxies in general don't handle websocket
  745. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  746. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  747. snail_ has left the chat.
  748. 12Me21Admin
    ok it looks like if I just use the normal addMessageEvent function, I can check if class=="modulemessage", data-module=="pm", and data-user!=useruid and save the data-user if that succeeds
  749. MasterR3C0RD
    YeahI just use odm if I want to make something... disappearLike with the Extinguisher
  750. 12Me21Admin
    I found this regex in my chatJS and I have no idea what it does /<[^>]+>([^<]*)/g
  751. MasterR3C0RD
    UhhhhLooks like a really bad HTML parser thing
  752. 12Me21Admin
    oh here's the entire function
  753. randomouscrap
    it's one-eyed square man giving a hug to one-eyed circle man
  754. 12Me21Admin
    //addMessageEvent(function(element){ // if element.dataset. //console.log(element.innerHTML.replace(/<[^>]+>([^<]*)/g,"$1")) //console.log(element.textContent) // if(element.innerHTML.replace(/<[^>]+>([^<]*)/g,"$1")!=element.textContent){ // warningMessage("badmin?") // console.log(element.innerHTML) // // } //})
  755. MasterR3C0RD
    Ahhh youYou're looking for Badmin
  756. 12Me21Admin
    and then I found this one //addMessageEvent(function(m){m=m.querySelector("message-part") //if(m&&m.dataset.encoding=="raw")m.textContent=m.innerHTML})
  757. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  758. MasterR3C0RD
    That'd sanitize Badmin messagesI have a script that does all of thataddMessageEvent(function(messageElement){ var b; if(b = messageElement.querySelector("message-part")){ var encoding = b.dataset.encoding; if(encoding === "raw"){ b.textContent = b.innerHTML; b.style.backgroundColor = "red"; b.style.color = "white"; b.dataset.user *= 9000; } } });
  759. randomouscrap
    wait who was doing what with the socket?
  760. MasterR3C0RD
    12Me was talking about a PM reply command he made
  761. randomouscrap
    You DO have access to the socket directly though
  762. MasterR3C0RD
    Yeah, I looked through and found it
  763. randomouscrap
    it's just a field in PolyChat
  764. MasterR3C0RD
  765. randomouscrap
    But it's easier to just overload the onMessage event of polychat
  766. 12Me21Admin
    and there's a line with all these brackets })()))
  767. randomouscrap
    Just wrap it in a function that calls both the original function and your function.
  768. MasterR3C0RD
    It's even easier to overload displayMessageIt gives more control over individual messages (which you would be using most of the time anyways)
  769. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  770. MasterR3C0RD
    Man, I love this Chromebook's keyboardSooo ncie*nice
  771. Chemicalex
  772. MasterR3C0RD
    Thin keys, little travel, very well spacedHi CHem*Che*Chem
  773. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  774. 12Me21Admin
    random, is it safe to assume that no user has a UID of 0?
  775. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  776. MasterR3C0RD
    Yeah 12
  777. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  778. MasterR3C0RD
    2 is the lowest used UID
  779. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  780. MasterR3C0RD
    There was never a user with UID 2*0
  781. 12Me21Admin
    I mean is the site designed around that not existing or was it just a test account that got deleted
  782. randomouscrap
    uid 1 is always default and uid 0 never exists
  783. MasterR3C0RD
    And testuser (which no longer exists) was UID 1
  784. 12Me21Admin
  785. randomouscrap
    uid 0 CAN'T exist because the field is auto increment
  786. MasterR3C0RD
    default is UID 99 though
  787. randomouscrap
    if I tried to insert a uid of 0 it would just go to the next available uid
  788. Chemicalex
    auto incriment starts at 1
  789. MasterR3C0RD
  790. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  791. randomouscrap
    yeah but it used to be 1
  792. MasterR3C0RD
    Ohhh okayWhy did it get changed anyways?I have a feeling you told me before, but I forgot
  793. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  794. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  795. 12Me21Admin
    someone pm me
  796. randomouscrap
    my database update script reinserted the default user each time in case some new data needed to be added to the account
  797. 12Me21Admin
  798. Chemicalex
    why is everyone here so forgetful
  799. MasterR3C0RD
    What do you mean?
  800. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  801. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm definitely forgetful IRLAnd ah okay, makes sense @Random
  802. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  803. 12Me21Admin
    testhmmcommands.push(new Command("reply",(function(){ var pmSender=false addMessageEvent(function(messageElement){ //console.log(messageElement) if(messageElement.class=="modulemessage" && messageElement.dataset.module=="pm"){ var uid=messageElement.dataset.user if(uid!=useruid) pmSender=uid } }) return function(message){ if(pmSender!==false){ sendMessage("/pm #"+pmSender+message) } } })()))this isn't workingit's not creating the eventtest
  804. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  805. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  806. 12Me21Admin
    hmm it works when I make that a separate function
  807. GeekDude
    http://i.imgur.com/3EgP8aL.png It's working :D
  808. Chemicalex
    ack when i added 14 people to my friends list
  809. 12Me21Admin
    ok someone PM me again
  810. randomouscrap
    what, the mandelbrot or your tiny computer emulator?:
  811. MasterR3C0RD
    Probably the emulator
  812. GeekDude
    Both, the mandelbrot is running in the TC emulatorhttp://i.imgur.com/iQnFLRA.gifv Plus I gave the visuals a new look (no more # everywhere, all solid colors)
  813. Lumage
    now do it with half-block characters
  814. GeekDude
    I spent way too long trying to get the mandelbrot to work in the TC emu, then realized I was never calling vsync (which is required for the emu to draw to the screen, I don't have an every-so-often updater unfortunatley)
  815. randomouscrap
    ah nicethat it all works
  816. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  817. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  818. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  819. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  820. Chemicalex
    oh i just noticed dan came back
  821. randomouscrap
  822. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  823. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  824. 12Me21Admin
    oh can I not just check htmlelement.class?
  825. Chemicalex
    y...your avatar
  826. randomouscrap
    oh lol
  827. MasterR3C0RD
    Someone send me a PM
  828. randomouscrap
    12me intercept the message
  829. MasterR3C0RD
    Mine works
  830. randomouscrap
    It has "pm" in the module
  831. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I know
  832. randomouscrap
    actually there's a "data-module" field
  833. 12Me21Admin
    I was checking class and dataset.module
  834. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  835. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  836. randomouscrap
    ohwell I'm still posting this anyway lol
  837. 12Me21Admin
    I guess I don't really need to check class though
  838. randomouscrap
  839. MasterR3C0RD
    You can use messageElement.dataset.moduleffs
  840. 12Me21Admin
    I wasn't sure if it would be bad to check dataset.module when it doesn't exist
  841. MasterR3C0RD
    If it doesn't exist, it'll be undefinedvar lpm = 0; var odm1 = displayMessage; displayMessage = (msg, scroll) => { if(msg.type === "module" && msg.module === "pm" && msg.sender.uid !== useruid){ lpm = msg.sender.uid; } odm1(msg, scroll); }; commands.push(new Command("reply", args => { var message = args.trim(); if(lpm){ sendMessage(`/pm #${lpm} ${message}`); } }, "Reply to the last sent PM"));
  842. GeekDude
    I'm going to go take a final exam. <3 the inline code highlighting btw
  843. MasterR3C0RD
    12Me made it
  844. 12Me21Admin
    uh just
  845. MasterR3C0RD
    And gl GeekDude
  846. 12Me21Admin
    don't trim the message and remove the space
  847. Chemicalex
  848. GeekDude
    Thanks. I'll probably be back later tomorrow
  849. 12Me21Admin
    if(lpm){ /md sendMessage(`/pm #${lpm}${args}`); }
  850. MasterR3C0RD
    Good point
  851. randomouscrap
    good luck geekdude
  852. 12Me21Admin
    also eww global variables
  853. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  854. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  855. MasterR3C0RD
    I love globals
  856. 12Me21Admin
  857. GeekDude
    Cya people later
  858. GeekDude has left the chat.
  859. 12Me21Admin
    var reply=(function(){ var pmSender=false addMessageEvent(function(messageElement){ console.log(messageElement.class,messageElement.dataset.module,messageElement.dataset.user) if(messageElement.dataset.module=="pm"){ var uid=messageElement.dataset.user if(uid!=useruid) pmSender=uid } }) return function(message){ if(pmSender!==false){ sendMessage("/pm #"+pmSender+message) } } })() commands.push(new Command("reply",reply))for some reason I can't just put the function directly in the new Command constructoruhis there some reason for this
  860. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  861. randomouscrap
    should I add tagging to kland images? It'd be public tagging so anybody could add tags, but it might help for personal bucketsOr are buckets enough?
  862. 12Me21Admin
    if you want
  863. randomouscrap
    it might be because of all the ())()()()))()() you're using
  864. MasterR3C0RD
    I like that idea@Random10/10 would definitely use
  865. 12Me21Admin
    is there a way to do this var uid=element.dataset.user if(uid!=useruid) pmSender=uid without creating a variable or accessing element.dataset.user twice?
  866. randomouscrap
    why are you worried about that
  867. 12Me21Admin
  868. MasterR3C0RD
    There MIGHT be statics in S6
  869. randomouscrap
    set pmSender to uid first
  870. MasterR3C0RD
  871. randomouscrap
    then check if pmSender = useruidthen you don't need uid
  872. 12Me21Admin
    but it's not supposed to set pmSender if uid==useruid
  873. randomouscrap
    pmSender=element.dataset.user if(pmSender==useruid) //reset pmSender
  874. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  875. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  876. 12Me21Admin
    reset pmSender to what though?I'd have to create a backup of it
  877. MasterR3C0RD
    Huh this is weird
  878. randomouscrap
    What is pmSender anyway? What value does it have before that if statement?
  879. 12Me21Admin
    it's where I store the sender of the last PM you recieve
  880. randomouscrap
    oh I see, so the last value is importantidk just use your uid thing it's not a big deal
  881. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  882. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  883. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  884. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  885. MasterR3C0RD
    Pfft I found a simple bug
  886. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  887. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  888. 12Me21Admin
    ok this is weird for some reason it's not evaluating my function when it's inside the commands.push(new Command
  889. MasterR3C0RD
    Probably because it's not made to do thatJustUse a globalAlso, don't forget about //
  890. 12Me21Admin
  891. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  892. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  893. 12Me21Admin
    awwcommands.push(new Command("reply",function(){return (function(){ ... })()}))did not work lol
  894. MasterR3C0RD
    Of course?It wouldn't run until the command is run one time
  895. 12Me21Admin
  896. MasterR3C0RD
  897. 12Me21Admin
    ok it has to pass a function to the constructor and so it should get evaluated and pass the return function
  898. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm just showing my skillz are better than yours
  899. 12Me21Admin
    this is a BUG
  900. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, did you notice that Rei tried to 1-Up CraV?
  901. 12Me21Admin
    well I doubt they knew about it
  902. randomouscrap
    a bug in... mysystem? yeah probably
  903. 12Me21Admin
    plus their video player is older and this is just an update
  904. MasterR3C0RD
    Probably true
  905. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  906. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  907. MasterR3C0RD
    3840 pixels in each frame in their player
  908. 12Me21Admin
    they need to do some dithering on their converter though I think
  909. MasterR3C0RD
    5184 in ooursOur pallete is better
  910. 12Me21Admin
    but theirs is more practical to use
  911. MasterR3C0RD
    But their sample rate is definitely better
  912. 12Me21Admin
    since it can load from multiple files
  913. MasterR3C0RD
  914. 12Me21Admin
    basically infinite video length
  915. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  916. MasterR3C0RD
    We should probably work on adding such a thing to CraV some time
  917. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  918. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  919. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  920. MasterR3C0RD
    And release a working converter
  921. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  922. MasterR3C0RD
    Also they have 15 FPS instead of 12
  923. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  924. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  925. 12Me21Admin
    var reply=(function(){ var pmSender=false addMessageEvent(function(element){ if(element.dataset.module=="pm"){ var uid=element.dataset.user if(uid!=useruid) pmSender=uid } }) return function(message){ if(pmSender!==false) sendMessage("/pm #"+pmSender+message) } })() commands.push(new Command("reply",reply))
  926. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  927. 12Me21Admin
    so this works, but when I actually put that function in place of reply, it doesn't work
  928. MasterR3C0RD
    CraV is still a great project
  929. ElzoBro
    Can someone send me a pic of the robot sprites in sb?
  930. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, te bell rings\o
  931. ElzoBro
    In Pm im leaving nowbye
  932. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  933. Chemicalex
    i have to do a thing, also.
  934. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  935. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  936. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  937. Lumage
    http://scratch.smilebasicsource.com/sb/GRP/SP.png ?
  938. Lacks has entered the chat.
  939. randomouscrap
    My standard pencil drawings get like... 15 favorites maybe. My pokemon pencil drawings get like 30. So I thought that my full-color actually-kinda-decent pokemon drawing would get maybe 45 favorites. I shouldn't have dreamed so big; now I'm sad T_T
  940. Lumage
    silly randomyou only have 30 followers anyway
  941. randomouscrap
    Actually I have 60
  942. Lumage
    wekehoh jeez your entire page is 'thank for llama"
  943. randomouscrap
    oh my regular acount? YeahI have 200 followers there ^_^wow it really is all thanks for llamas lolI should turn into one of those assholes who gets mad at people who leave thank yous on my profile and send mean notes to them
  944. Lumage
    no I was going to do that
  945. randomouscrap
    What, get people to say "thank you" on your deviantart page just so that you can tell them off?
  946. Lumage
    no just be intolerant of that kind of thing in general
  947. randomouscrap
    lolOH I see your mspaint drawing again
  948. SpiderLily
    random rude i am one of those assholes
  949. randomouscrap
    It's so good. I tried mspaint and I failed miserably IDK how to draw lines
  950. 12Me21Admin
    hmm "3"==3 'true [1,2,3].indexOf(3) '-1 why do some things in JS care about type when others don't?
  951. randomouscrap
    oh ok then lexi sorrybecause you're supposed to use ===
  952. 12Me21Admin
    but I WANT it to not care about type in the indexOf
  953. snail_ has entered the chat.
  954. Lumage
    "- If you use emoticons I will block you - If you spell something incorrectly, I will make fun of you - If you call me out for rudeness I may, to be judged individually, write a short essay describing you as garbage.
  955. randomouscrap
    I'd like that last one
  956. 12Me21Admin
    should I just use parseInt() or is there a better way
  957. randomouscrap
  958. snail_ has left the chat.
  959. 12Me21Admin
    is Number() just the same as parseFloat()?
  960. randomouscrap
    it's nicer imolooking
  961. 12Me21Admin
    yeahand what about doing +"3" ?
  962. randomouscrap
    Numberjust use number
  963. 12Me21Admin
    okhuh I noticed that --3 is not valid, but - -3 works
  964. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  965. snail_ has entered the chat.
  966. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  967. Chemicalex
    doesn't it convert all strings to numbers anyway
  968. randomouscrap
    pft weird
  969. snail_
    if only it were that easy
  970. Chemicalex
    wait no i'm thinking of php
  971. 12Me21Admin
    wait I forgot-- is an operator--why does that look like they're connected
  972. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  973. 12Me21Admin
  974. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  975. 12Me21Admin
    anyway whose idea was it to add a + prefix was it just to balance out -?
  976. Lumage
  977. snail_ has left the chat.
  978. 12Me21Admin
  979. snail_ has entered the chat.
  980. snail_
    I don't even use drawing images anymore because kland button
  981. randomouscrap
    does it put images in a custom bucket?
  982. 12Me21Admin
    I don't like when languages use else ifit implies that there are 2 separate keywords here but really there isn't
  983. LacksHead Admin
  984. 12Me21Admin
  985. snail_ has left the chat.
  986. randomouscrap
    it reduces the keywords and is logically consistent
  987. snail_ has entered the chat.
  988. randomouscrap
    if / else if / else / elseif
  989. 12Me21Admin
    if(true){ ... } else { ... }
  990. snail_
    you could be langs that use elsif or elif or some other spelling
  991. 12Me21Admin
    elif is like whyareyousodesparatetosave2characters
  992. Lumage
  993. randomouscrap
    I personally like else if
  994. snail_
    ruby uses elsif which shows how little I care
  995. Lumage
    I likeon the other hand, if it happens that () {}
  996. snail_
    at least it looks like a word
  997. 12Me21Admin
    yeah but again whyareyousodesparatetosave1character
  998. snail_
    if you were to say it like a word it would be pronounced the same anyhow
  999. Lumage
    ruby is just trying to be like daddy C
  1000. snail_
    I think… bash is the one that uses elifbut bash cares not
  1001. 12Me21Admin
    well yeah elseif > else if > elsif > elif > eif > ef > e > ...
  1002. Lumage
    oh shoot I thought C had it
  1003. 12Me21Admin
    I think we should reduce all keywords to 1 character
  1004. Lumage
    you already did that.with your golf lang or whatever
  1005. 12Me21Admin
    yeahe (for) e (if) e (else) e (elseif) e (goto)
  1006. snail_ has left the chat.
  1007. 12Me21Admin
    I wish chat had more builtin functions like checking if a UID is ignored of course I can make a function that does that, but then I'd have to include it whenever I release a chatjs script that used it
  1008. Lumage
    also it should be "el?" not "eif"
  1009. 12Me21Admin
  1010. Lumage
    el and el?"just wait for rewrite™"
  1011. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1012. snail_
    everyone getting a compsci degree should be required to learn APL
  1013. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1014. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1015. 12Me21Admin
    wait what was the command to read help messages for chatJS commands?
  1016. snail_
    with symbols like ∆ | and too many others I can't type in
  1017. Lumage
  1018. 12Me21Admin
    oh it's /help local
  1019. Lumage
    ( ) [ ] { } 〈 〉 < > 「 」 ⟦ ⟧ « » define uses.
  1020. 12Me21Admin
    use all of them for array access
  1021. Lumage
  1022. snail_ has left the chat.
  1023. randomouscrap
    The revisions are all in the database (or at least they better be) so... it's not necessarily all that hard. I just have to do it separate for comments, thread posts, and pages (which is why I REALLY want to rewrite the website)
  1024. 12Me21Admin
    can we have actual error messages for /pm /md rather than `An internal error occurred for the pm module`craprather than An internal error occurred for the pm module
  1025. Lumage
    ⁅ ⁆
  1026. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1027. randomouscrap
  1028. Trinitro21
    does anyone here know anything about smilebasic's prj format idk if i have enough info to do what i'd like to
  1029. randomouscrap
    I don't want to break that beautiful runtime streak
  1030. snail_ has left the chat.
  1031. 12Me21Admin
    maybe I should just do /resetserver
  1032. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1033. snail_ has left the chat.
  1034. Lumage
    i had this great idea where you give me power user
  1035. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1036. Lumage
    actually i have a better idea where i change my avatar
  1037. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1038. randomouscrap
    I hope you're not keeping this one just to spare my feelings
  1039. LacksHead Admin
    Shame me into getting a haircut please. Haha
  1040. 12Me21Admin
    I found an interesting feature of _ in MML
  1041. Lumage
    i wanna grow my hair out just like random
  1042. randomouscrap
    IDK ju I think you look fine
  1043. Lumage
    also no I kept it because I like it
  1044. LacksHead Admin
    I do too. But it goes up instead of down. :/
  1045. Lumage
  1046. randomouscrap
    do tell
  1047. randomouscrap
    aw thanks lum
  1048. 12Me21Admin
    A<length>_B plays a note with a length of <length>, starting at A and ending at B A<length1>_B<length2> plays a note with a length of <length1>+<length2>. It starts at A, and by <length1> it reaches the pitch of B and continues at that pitch until the end
  1049. Lumage
    a slide? Isn't that what that's called?
  1050. 12Me21Admin
    yeahbut the weird thing is that"A_B" plays for half the time of "AB"
  1051. Lumage
    oh kek
  1052. 12Me21Admin
    while "A4_B4" plays for the full time of "A4B4"
  1053. randomouscrap
    oh that's terribly inconsistent
  1054. 12Me21Admin
    if you leave out the length of the second note it won't play it which is good because there's no other way to do this but I guess there really isn't any other way they could have done thisbut it's still kind of strange
  1055. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1056. randomouscrap
    You wear glasses? HAH what a nerdthere I shamed you
  1057. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1058. Chemicalex
    you take pictures in jpg format? HAH
  1059. LacksHead Admin
    But I want hair shame haha
  1060. Chemicalex
    your hair is in a jpg so it MUST be bad
  1061. randomouscrap
    gah I always do this. The thing looks fine in pencil when I trace over it digitally I always mess up some really important part
  1062. Chemicalex
    seriously though why do you need to be shamed into a haircut
  1063. randomouscrap
    *but when I
  1064. Chemicalex
  1065. randomouscrap
    what no it's already done
  1066. LacksHead Admin
    I am lazy to a fault.
  1067. randomouscrap
    I might go back and... fix it... blegh
  1068. Chemicalex
    ctrl+z your dayrestart it
  1069. randomouscrap
    I just don't know why I haven't been able to get over this yet
  1070. 12Me21Admin
    hmm can we doLINPUT POP(ARRAY)
  1071. Chemicalex
    if my pc could handle it i would totally get Yooka Laylee...but it can'tsadness
  1072. 12Me21Admin
    no it just ignores the POP entirelyand forces you to press enter lumage
  1073. Chemicalex
    i should consider actually entering a contestbbut i'm tired of sb fffffmmmmmm
  1074. 12Me21Admin
  1075. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1076. Chemicalex
  1077. randomouscrap
    he's really into the fm radio bandF IS FOR FRIENDS WHO DO STUFF TOGETHER
  1078. Chemicalex
    oh i messed up
  1079. 12Me21Admin
    oh we can totally mess with SB's OUT variable system hereDEF TEST OUT A INPUT A ENDnow tell me/md which type is Auhoops
  1080. randomouscrap
    what what are you trying to get at here
  1081. 12Me21Admin
    WHAT TYPE IS AOUT variables normally have their type set when you first set their value
  1082. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1083. randomouscrap
    oh I see
  1084. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1085. randomouscrap
    I didn't knowno need to shout lol
  1086. 12Me21Admin
    oh okwow this is weirdso if I input a number, A becomes a number type if I input anything else, it becomes a string
  1087. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1088. randomouscrap
  1089. Chemicalex
    random make everyone head admin and see what happens
  1090. 12Me21Admin
    and if I input nothing... A stays undefined I guesshmm
  1091. randomouscrap
  1092. snail_
    woah woah woah
  1093. 12Me21Admin
    it even lets me input multiple values
  1094. snail_
    so I can accept ANY type from an OUT variable?
  1095. randomouscrap
    head admin has access to sensitive data and can permanently destroy things on teh website
  1096. Chemicalex
    >you weren't supposed to take that seriously
  1097. snail_
    I think I'll learn J lol
  1098. 12Me21Admin
    what do you mean?
  1099. randomouscrap
    all variables are most likely just void pointers in SB
  1100. snail_
    then why don't numbers pass by reference but strings and arrays do
  1101. randomouscrap
    The type is probably just some fake thing attached to the variable. When you do OUT parameters, it probably converts it back into a void pointer so there's no type at alland then when the function is finished, the type is reappliedbut maybe INPUT has some special provision that forces types on void pointers
  1102. snail_
  1103. 12Me21Admin
    wait I think I get it
  1104. snail_
    my question
  1105. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1106. 12Me21Admin
    if you input a number it tries to set A like it's a number. since A is undefined, it turns A into a number variable. if you input a string, it tries to set the value of A like it's a string, which turns it into a string. if you don't input anything, it just doesn't touch A, leaving it undefinedthis means that INPUT doesn't even CHECK the type of its variables until it tries to set them
  1107. LacksHead Admin
    I can? :D Today is going so slow! I feel like I've been here for 4 hours. It's barely been 1
  1108. 12Me21Admin
 ?"?Redo from start"GOTO @INPUT ENDIFENDIFsomething like thisperhaos*perhaps
  1109. randomouscrap
    what can this be used for though
  1110. snail_
  1111. randomouscrap
  1112. 12Me21Admin
    It's my approximation of the way INPUT worksI should write how the ISNUMBER function worksthe fact that it works similarly to VAL is importantthey share some bugslike VAL("100!!!!!") is 100 even though it should technically be 0
  1113. randomouscrap
    I bet isnumber is just a wrapper around val
  1114. 12Me21Admin
    hmm I think internally the VAL function they use will give a result other than 0 (perhaps NaN) when the string isn't a number
  1115. randomouscrap
    if it's C their function most likely looks something likeint tryParse(char * string, int * result) { //parse code if(failure) return 0; *result = (whatever result is); return 1; }it's 2 in one. IsNumber just checks the return value and VAL returns the resultAnd this is a very standard function setup for C
  1116. 12Me21Admin
    I wonder what their number parser is likeit's very brokenI mean at least they fixed the 12 Giraffes thing but
  1117. randomouscrap
  1118. randomouscrap
    damn no matter how I crop this the avatar always looks way inappropriate and disgustingugh fine I'll just stick with weird probably-lewd catI need to draw my self a cooollooooor avatarI have rediscovered the joys of color
  1119. 12Me21Admin
    http://smilebasicsource.com/user_uploads/avatars/1493862572.jpeg the joys of color
  1120. randomouscrap
  1121. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1122. SpiderLily
    wait random i had access to sensitive data and could permanently destroy the site?why did no one tell me
  1123. Lumage
  1124. randomouscrap
    yeah you did
  1125. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1126. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1127. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1128. Chemicalex
    Random what was this picture
  1129. snail_
    >If y is not present in x, the index found is 1 greater than the last possible position. Oh J, what a fool.
  1130. 12Me21Admin
    oh that's niceactuallyif INSTR did that it would make my SPLIT$ function so much shorter
  1131. randomouscrap
    oooo I'm so EXCITED! I found a digital coloring/shading method that fits my style more appropriately and is WAY easier than the perfectionist faux-vector-art that I was doing before. Now I want to color ALL DAY HHNGNGGGWhat, chem?
  1132. Chemicalex
    This thing you say is really bad
  1133. snail_
    I guess it's not that bad
  1134. randomouscrap
    oh you know where it is
  1135. Chemicalex
    Oh ok then
  1136. 12Me21Admin
    Anyway, I think I discovered why you can't INPUT an empty string. It's because INPUT determines the type of the input based on the INPUTTED TEXT, rather than the VARIABLES, and their type detection doesn't expect an empty string
  1137. randomouscrap
    Cropping it just makes it worse because you get a face full of slob
  1138. 12Me21Admin
    and they just kind of left it because it works nice for number inputI guess
  1139. snail_
    that's still bad lol
  1140. Chemicalex
    But it's cute though
  1141. randomouscrap
    yeah butit looks gross lol http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/miftr.pngI can't have that as an avatar. People will complain even more than they do now
  1142. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  1143. Chemicalex
    Who complains about Dan though
  1144. snail_
    every command should change RESULT
  1145. randomouscrap
    nobody really complains but they all say it's weird and I don't want to weird people out even more lol
  1146. SpiderLily
    random did you make that
  1147. randomouscrap
  1148. 12Me21Admin
    that would be nice
  1149. SpiderLily
    thats really good
  1150. randomouscrap
    Oh... thank you!
  1151. 12Me21Admin
    maybe not EVERY command
  1152. Chemicalex
  1153. 12Me21Admin
    just input probablywait hold on how would that handle INPUT with multiple values
  1154. Guzzler829
    Yeah, it's really nice.
  1155. snail_
    if smileboom is going to include silent failure conditions they should tell us
  1156. Guzzler829
    But I'm scared.
  1157. randomouscrap
    ^It's supposed to be weird guzzler
  1158. Chemicalex
    If you photoshopped it it would almost look traditionalPainted
  1159. 12Me21Admin
    I mean they don't tell us about like half the features anyway lol
  1160. Guzzler829
  1161. randomouscrap
    That's what I meant with my coloring thing. I found a way of doing it that matches my traditional art more closely
  1162. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1163. Guzzler829
    I'm bored, I'm gonna give you guys a math thing and see if you remember how to solve it.
  1164. randomouscrap
  1165. 12Me21Admin
    answer is 7
  1166. Chemicalex
  1167. 12Me21Admin
    I bet 10000 coins on it being 7
  1168. Chemicalex
    I bet 2Wow SMM3DS is surprisingly small
  1169. Guzzler829
  1170. Chemicalex
  1171. Guzzler829
    solve for x
  1172. Chemicalex
  1173. randomouscrap
    but that's just pythagorean theorem
  1174. Guzzler829
  1175. randomouscrap
    but... that's not hard
  1176. Guzzler829
    It was a test if your memory more than smarts.
  1177. 12Me21Admin
    You entered: Math.sqrt(5**2+14**2) Result: 14.866068747318506
  1178. Guzzler829
    Most people go through school and just forget all the stuffs
  1179. 12Me21Admin
    yes but remember we're programmers
  1180. randomouscrap
    Nobody's gonna forget pythagorean theorem
  1181. Guzzler829
  1182. randomouscrap
    ESPECIALLY programmers
  1183. Chemicalex
  1184. 12Me21Admin
    we actually USE math
  1185. Chemicalex
  1186. Guzzler829
    I don't know what I expected
  1187. Chemicalex
    Pff lol
  1188. randomouscrap
    ask us if we remember trig identities
  1189. Guzzler829
    you hsould know this one fast
  1190. randomouscrap
  1191. Guzzler829
  1192. randomouscrap
  1193. Guzzler829
    I made it sooper hurd
  1194. randomouscrap
  1195. Guzzler829
    wathint: 8
  1196. 12Me21Admin
    You entered: Math.sqrt((8*Math.sqrt(2))**2-8**2) Result: 8.000000000000002
  1197. Guzzler829
    dudeyou don't need to do all of that
  1198. 12Me21Admin
    ha you're wrong
  1199. randomouscrap
    I was joking guzzler lol
  1200. Guzzler829
  1201. 12Me21Admin
    it's 8.00000000000000002not 8
  1202. Guzzler829
    .................yeah sure
  1203. Chemicalex
  1204. Guzzler829
    your calculate is broked
  1205. Kuragen
    eh i need help with spanim. eh so 0,R so 0 means the frame that my sprite will begin with. and R means the command rotate. what means the other characters?
  1206. randomouscrap
    EVERYONE knows that the relationship of an isosceles right triangle is 1 1 sqrt(2)
  1207. snail_
  1208. randomouscrap
    so if you see a sqrt(2) in the hypotenuse you just knowAnd of course the 3 4 5 triangle
  1209. snail_
  1210. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1211. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1212. 12Me21Admin
    I kind of don't like the n*sqrt(m) notation just write sqrt(whatever) it's just easier to deal with most of the time of course this triangle example was an exception
  1213. Chemicalex
    Wit you cant use powers in sb
  1214. Guzzler829
    Like thisPOW(x)
  1215. snail_
    why would I write POW(5,2)
  1216. 12Me21Admin
    yeah POW is slower
  1217. snail_
    too many keystrokes
  1218. 12Me21Admin
    and longer
  1219. Guzzler829
    yeah yeah
  1220. Chemicalex
    O...oh then
  1221. Guzzler829
  1222. 12Me21Admin
    and more unreadableand it sucks
  1223. Guzzler829
    for certain things, you need POW()
  1224. 12Me21Admin
    well yes
  1225. snail_
    isn't the bridge between POW and explicit multiplication like 7 termsthen POW is faster
  1226. 12Me21Admin
    yeah IDK if I tested with ints or floats though
  1227. Guzzler829
    >why did they have to make it POW()? why not something that makes sense?Like ^
  1228. 12Me21Admin
    really it wasn't a great test but really are you ever going to use anything other than x^2 or x^3
  1229. snail_
    because that's bitwise xor
  1230. Guzzler829 carat carat carat carat
  1231. 12Me21Admin
    I'm pretty confident that POW is slower for THOSE
  1232. Guzzler829
    Couldn't they have done **?
  1233. snail_
    thatusually I write X*X when I square something but for everything else it's POW
  1234. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think SB supports operators that are ambiguous like that
  1235. snail_
    because writing X*X*X*X is honestly pretty ridiculous
  1236. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think their parser can handle * AND **but who knows
  1237. randomouscrap
    * vs ** is not ambiguous though
  1238. snail_
    the parser knows the difference between A# and #A
  1239. 12Me21Admin
    ** is pretty new also
  1240. snail_
    it can know the difference between * and **
  1241. Guzzler829
  1242. 12Me21Admin
    that's completely different snail
  1243. snail_
    is it?
  1244. 12Me21Admin
    it might see ** as * *
  1245. randomouscrap
    it's only ambiguous in languages where * is used as the dereference/pointer operator
  1246. 12Me21Admin
    remember this is SmileBoom we're talking about
  1247. randomouscrap
    Is * * legal?
  1248. 12Me21Admin
  1249. randomouscrap
    Then there's no problem
  1250. Guzzler829
  1251. randomouscrap
    unless you're really just making an issue with their programming ability lol
  1252. Chemicalex
    Tri force heroes' soundtrack is amazing
  1253. randomouscrap
    * * vs ** is not ambiguous because only one of those is valid
  1254. 12Me21Admin
    why do you insert random extra spaces ?chem
  1255. randomouscrap
    probably mobile
  1256. Chemicalex
    Accidentally ^^
  1257. 12Me21Admin
    I know but if your parser sucks it might not work
  1258. Guzzler829
    S p a c e s a r e g o o d .
  1259. Kuragen
  1260. randomouscrap
    You'd have to have a SUPER BAD parser for that not to work
  1261. Kuragen
    i suck at it!
  1262. Guzzler829
    It's really confusing yeah
  1263. 12Me21Admin
    well yeah but SB's parser can't even handleX=1END
  1264. Guzzler829
    There's a guide or two on the site for SPANIM.
  1265. randomouscrap
    If you tokenize it first (like almost everybody does) you get ASTERISK ASTERISK in the token stream. Then when parsing the token stream you see ASTERISK, you know what is ALLOWED to come after asterisk, and you just check for those.
  1266. Kuragen
    ok were can i find it?
  1267. randomouscrap
    That is ambiguous 12me
  1268. Guzzler829
  1269. 12Me21Admin
    if ** existed shouldn't the tokenizer see "**" as one token?
  1270. randomouscrap
    doesn't SB support E syntax for numbers?
  1271. 12Me21Admin
    it doesthat's why it fails but
  1272. randomouscrap
    So how does it know if it's 1E(ND) (the ND variable) or 1END
  1273. 12Me21Admin
    you can't have 1 E ND
  1274. snail_
    but you can't use variables after E
  1275. 12Me21Admin
    only numbers can come after E
  1276. randomouscrap
    yeah but the tokenizer can't handle that
  1277. snail_
    it can only be 1Esomeinteger
  1278. 12Me21Admin
    then what does the tokenizer do?
  1279. Guzzler829
    Dang, I started this by just being dumb and making you solve for triangle side lengths.
  1280. 12Me21Admin
    if it's not actually combining things into tokens
  1281. randomouscrap
    Really the tokenizer should just see END and say "THIS IS THE END KEYWORD YOOOOO"
  1282. 12Me21Admin
    oh nevermind this is a different thing
  1283. Guzzler829
  1284. randomouscrap
    So that stream would be VARIABLE EQUALS NUMBER END
  1285. Chemicalex
    ( * _ *)/
  1286. randomouscrap
    there would be no ambiguity
  1287. Guzzler829
  1288. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1289. 12Me21Admin
    yeah even my REGEX number parser can handle itI had to add a special condition so it would break
  1290. randomouscrap
    tokenization is almost exclusively done with regex anyway so
  1291. 12Me21Admin
    well ok
  1292. snail_
    what about in the 1950s when they didn't have regex
  1293. randomouscrap
    they didn't have LEX back then either loland they didn't have C
  1294. snail_
  1295. randomouscrap
    or BASIC
  1296. 12Me21Admin
    anyway, why would "**" be tokenized into "*","*"? Shouldn't "**" be a single token if it's an operator that exists?
  1297. randomouscrap
    eeehhh it depends
  1298. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1299. randomouscrap
    yeah if ** is the ONLY way to use two asterisks together then sure
  1300. 12Me21Admin
    if it was split into "*","*" it wouldn't be able to tell if you wrote ** or * *
  1301. randomouscrap
    But in like C you can have int * * pPointer;
  1302. snail_
    actually it can, if you include WHITESPACE in the token list
  1303. randomouscrap
    and int **pPointer
  1304. 12Me21Admin
    yeah exactly * * would be separated because there's a space
  1305. snail_
  1306. 12Me21Admin
    ** would stay together because there's no space
  1307. randomouscrap
    you don't have to separate it in C 12me
  1308. 12Me21Admin
    oh that's
  1309. Autz64
  1310. 12Me21Admin
    ambiguous as hell
  1311. randomouscrap
    But then the syntax parser would have to have separate clauses for int * * pointer and int **pointer and that's bad
  1312. LacksHead Admin
    Ooooh fishing season opens tomorrow! I can't wait!
  1313. 12Me21Admin
    does C have a ** operator too?
  1314. LacksHead Admin
    I may be busy in the daytime on the weekend hehe
  1315. Autz64
  1316. randomouscrap
    we should talk over in the other tab
  1317. 12Me21Admin
  1318. randomouscrap
    no I don't think so 12me
  1319. 12Me21Admin
    oh ok
  1320. LacksHead Admin
    I think I found more garnets o.o
  1321. randomouscrap
    That's probably why they CAN'T have it because you can't tell if you're doing ** for double dereference or ** for power
  1322. snail_ has left the chat.
  1323. randomouscrap
    how in the world do you just find GARNETS on the side of the roadI love garnets. Send me some lol jk
  1324. 12Me21Admin
    yeah so in that case I wouldn't tokenize ** because it's not a thing
  1325. LacksHead Admin
    I have no clue haha. Where they got this gravel from is a very mineral rich area! I find smoky quartz all over too.
  1326. 12Me21Admin
    *wouldn't tokenize ** into "**"
  1327. Kuragen
    hey can i write here in the SB style?
  1328. LacksHead Admin
    If you do want me to send you some rocks I can put together a little gift pack. Wanna trade for a sketch? :)
  1329. 12Me21Admin
    I find garnets all over the place where I live they're mostly small and crappy though
  1330. Kuragen
    how can i do it?
  1331. 12Me21Admin
    like this?
  1332. Kuragen
  1333. LacksHead Admin
    Yeah, it's mostly industrial grade garnets (sand paper is garnet dust)
  1334. Autz64
    use /code/code
  1335. randomouscrap
    I love aquamarinedo you have any of that?
  1336. LacksHead Admin
    Omg so pretty
  1337. Kuragen
  1338. LacksHead Admin
    Not yet....
  1339. Kuragen
  1340. LacksHead Admin
  1341. 12Me21Admin
    >**wouldn't * tokenize *** into "**"*
  1342. LacksHead Admin
    Idk if Saskatchewan has any aquas.
  1343. 12Me21Admin
  1344. Kuragen
    SPANIM 0,"R",360,0why it doesn't work?
  1345. randomouscrap
    *** wouldn't ** into ** toke*nize ****
  1346. Autz64
    because the first argument (the 360) is TIMEthe rest are the values you're looking foralso, i remember when my dad fished something
  1347. 12Me21Admin
    *** wouldn't ** into ** lumage ****
  1348. LacksHead Admin
    The aquamarines at the gem show last weekend were one of the most expensive stones they had there.
  1349. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1350. Autz64
    like a piranha of somesortlol
  1351. LacksHead Admin
  1352. Autz64
    i don't knowi have vague memories of itbut was scary when i saw it
  1353. LacksHead Admin
    Did it have pointy teeth or flat teeth, if you remember
  1354. Autz64
  1355. LacksHead Admin
    And how big were they, the size of your dad's hand or much bigger?
  1356. randomouscrap
    damn yo this dom pedro aquamarine though http://insider.si.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/NHB2012-008341.jpg
  1357. snail_
    idk if you guys caught my stuff here last night
  1358. Autz64
    it wasn't that big
  1359. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, wow!
  1360. randomouscrap
    here's before and after
  1361. LacksHead Admin
    They may very well have been piranah hahah
  1362. 12Me21Admin
    (http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1286) someone experiment with this someday
  1363. Autz64
    yeh, lol
  1364. LacksHead Admin
    Jesus Murphy!
  1365. 12Me21Admin
    http://mineralsciences.si.edu/collections/dom-pedro/images/large/dp-gallery-before-after.jpg No I don't think that's a piranah
  1366. randomouscrap
    this is how big it was
  1367. snail_
    but basically: every builtin and def has some fixed number of return values and they're all OUTs, they're just allowed to be zero
  1368. randomouscrap
  1369. snail_
    *allowed to have no return valued
  1370. LacksHead Admin
    W....... What.....
  1371. snail_
    their call syntaxes depend on rules imposed based on their number of return values
  1372. randomouscrap
    I love that color thoooouuuggghhhh
  1373. snail_ has left the chat.
  1374. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1375. Autz64
    today is thursdaythis is nice
  1376. LacksHead Admin
    The aquas I saw were all tiny faceted gems of a pale blue. Not a deeper blue like that.
  1377. randomouscrap
  1378. snail_
    you're allowed to write an OUT after any command ever
  1379. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I figured that out a while ago
  1380. LacksHead Admin
  1381. snail_
    you just can't give it any outputs
  1382. randomouscrap
    Only 10,363 carats
  1383. LacksHead Admin
    I thought maybe they cut it in half to do the inner workings
  1384. snail_
    so omitting it is actually the SUGAR syntax, not the normal one
  1385. LacksHead Admin
    My geode is shit now hahaha
  1386. 12Me21Admin
  1387. snail_
    functions as expresions, in functional form, is just a really robust way of working with single retuens
  1388. randomouscrap
    pft no come on now
  1389. LacksHead Admin
  1390. randomouscrap
    NOBODY is going to find stuff like this
  1391. LacksHead Admin
    $10 for that tho.
  1392. randomouscrap
    that geode is awesome thoughBetter than some untouchable monstrosity of a priceless gem
  1393. 12Me21Admin
    weirdly you aren't allowed to do DEF TEST OUT END
  1394. snail_
    this probably has implications beyond the basic "every DEF is one type of thing"
  1395. LacksHead Admin
    True haha. If any of you see cool rocks I WANT THEM.
  1396. snail_
    but they are all one type of thing, with different "return arities" as I'm calling it
  1397. randomouscrap
    I have lots of cool rocks
  1398. Guzzler829
    My older brother used to have tons of cool rocks
  1399. snail_
    the return arity putting restriction on how you can write it, same as arity of operators
  1400. Autz64
    or maybe the interpreter ignore the OUT
  1401. LacksHead Admin
    You don't know how bad I want agates from the great lakes
  1402. snail_
    nah, because specifying a variable after a command out that doesn't return anything is Illegal function call not Syntax error
  1403. randomouscrap
    I live right next to Lake EerieLike... it's a stone's throw away
  1404. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, I know lol
  1405. randomouscrap
    Agates?I can go look for some
  1406. snail_
    which is the same error as specifying the wrong number of returns
  1407. LacksHead Admin
    I am supremely jealous lol
  1408. snail_
    one type, many forms
  1409. randomouscrap
    most likely won't find any but eh
  1410. Kuragen
    SPANIM 0,"R",-100,360,0 'how do i make it rotate from the other side?
  1411. LacksHead Admin
    If you see rocks that kinda glow in the sun and look somewhat like gummy bears, it's probably an agate. Or seaglass
  1412. Guzzler829
    Use tabs first that's how
  1413. 12Me21Admin
    (try doing -360)
  1414. randomouscrap
    Dude there's so many rocks that glowI can't pick them all up lol
  1415. LacksHead Admin
    Bailey bought a chunk of fire Agate from Morocco for $5 that we can probably turn around and sell for $500 if it's as pure as we think.
  1416. snail_
    what I think is most cool about this is that it works in reverse as wellan OUT def with one return can be called as a functionbut uh something like DEF ABC OUT being illegal is…hm
  1417. Guzzler829
  1418. 12Me21Admin
    a bug
  1419. LacksHead Admin
    We have some Tiger eye slabs waiting to be polished. And judging by the gem show we have somewhere between 3-5,000 dollars worth.
  1420. 12Me21Admin
    or rather
  1421. Guzzler829
  1422. 12Me21Admin
    It's technically useless so they didn't bother allowing it
  1423. snail_
    are you sure? maybe they just don't want you doing thatidk.
  1424. 12Me21Admin
    you can call functions like that
  1425. Kuragen
    lol ok it worked. anyway why do i have to write negative 100 to make the animation work? if i write 1 or 100 it doesn't do shit... why?
  1426. LacksHead Admin
    Just need a wet saw and a good buffer
  1427. snail_
    it makes the syntax less homogeneous, which makes this a bit less lame
  1428. Guzzler829
    <<<<<<< thaddaway
  1429. snail_
    a bit MORE lamedo the magical arguments work yet
  1430. randomouscrap
    lacks do you know what these pure black rocks with small white stripes are?
  1431. 12Me21Admin
    idk still can't get it to work
  1432. Autz64
  1433. randomouscrap
    I find them a lot. I like them
  1434. snail_
    we need to dig into all this weird stuff about DEFs
  1435. randomouscrap
    They're SOOOO dark
  1436. LacksHead Admin
    I might have to get my passport to come for a visit, random lol. I know Bailey wouldn't say no if I mentioned agates :p
  1437. snail_
    sounds like a plain sedimentary rock to me
  1438. 12Me21Admin
    oh did you see the stack underflow thing?
  1439. randomouscrap
    yeah probably. I just like them
  1440. LacksHead Admin
    Shiny or dull?
  1441. snail_
  1442. randomouscrap
    er well everything is dull out here
  1443. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  1444. 12Me21Admin
    >If you create a function with over 255 OUT variables, it will trigger a stack underflow error when called. Accessing any of the OUT variables within the function will crash SmileBASIC.
  1445. randomouscrap
    so yeah dull
  1446. snail_
  1447. Picy3
  1448. snail_
  1449. LacksHead Admin
    Dull when wet too?
  1450. randomouscrap
    No it's shiny when wetIt looks polished
  1451. LacksHead Admin
  1452. Autz64
  1453. snail_
    "nice" said nobody
  1454. blizord has entered the chat.
  1455. Autz64
  1456. Guzzler829
  1457. 12Me21Admin
    maybe this could explain some things about how functions work
  1458. Kuragen
    why when i write a positive number on the time on the spanim command. why it doesnt work?
  1459. snail_
    so the upper bound on OUTs is 255 vars? good to know
  1460. LacksHead Admin
    It's not obsidian, of course, eh?
  1461. 12Me21Admin
    but stack underflow
  1462. randomouscrap
    it's probably some garbage and no it's almost certainly not obsidian
  1463. snail_
    then…the return arity is kept as a bytehow does this underflow then
  1464. 12Me21Admin
    no ideathe limit on normal arguments is 255 as wellbut doesn't crash
  1465. snail_
    does it have to do with wrapping to 0
  1466. 12Me21Admin
    oh maybe
  1467. randomouscrap
    here it's this. I just want to know why they look different than the other black rocks you usually find out there: https://cdn-img-2.wanelo.com/p/6b6/5ea/4c2/ba6faf745beb791066a96e3/x354-q80.jpg
  1468. snail_
    so it's the FUNCTION VALUE STACKbecause pretty much everywhere, the argument stack and return stack are the same thing
  1469. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1470. PhilFish
    This trig is so painstaking
  1471. snail_
    can we…pass more arguments than defined?
  1472. Kuragen
    SPANIM 0,"R",100,-360,0
  1473. snail_
    I know we can't specify more OUTs than defined
  1474. randomouscrap
    oh wait I HAVE seen agate before
  1475. Autz64
    Kuragen, ask on programming tab
  1476. randomouscrap
    Damn I should pick this stuff up*dang
  1477. Kuragen
    why when i write positive 100 it doesnt work?
  1478. 12Me21Admin
    I'm pretty sure you can't
  1479. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1480. 12Me21Admin
    maybe if it's the same number AND &HFFI'll try I guess
  1481. snail_
    that would be weird
  1482. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, wow. That is pretty!
  1483. Kuragen
    sorry autz
  1484. 12Me21Admin
    doesn't seem to work for inputs
  1485. LacksHead Admin
    It looks like a type of Gneiss
  1486. 12Me21Admin
    the 100 is the timeif it's postive, it does the animation instantly after that much time has passedwhen it's negative, it does the animation smoothly
  1487. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1488. snail_
    "it looks gneiss"
  1489. Autz64
  1490. snail_ has left the chat.
  1491. Autz64
    $33 on PTC for today
  1492. 12Me21Admin
    anyway here's the thread http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1297
  1493. Kuragen
    SPANIM 0,"R",100,-360,0
  1494. Autz64
    sadly, i was expecting moreayyyyyy
  1495. Kuragen
    why when i write a positive 100 hundred the command doesnt work?
  1496. Autz64
    on 3 PM i should be good
  1497. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1498. Kuragen
    does 100 stands for seconds?
  1499. 12Me21Admin
    it's 100 frames1/60 of a second eachso 60 would be 1 secondIf you want the animation to play smoothly, the time has to be negativeso if you want it to spin around in 100 seconds you would do SPANIM 0,"R",-6000,-360,0
  1500. randomouscrap
    hm according to the ohio mineral website it's probably just smoothed shalethat's lame lol
  1501. Kuragen
    ah ok thanks!
  1502. Autz64
    thanks! ok ahbrb
  1503. 12Me21Admin
    I wonder how functions like FORMAT$() support unlimited arguments
  1504. randomouscrap
    what do you mean "how"
  1505. 12Me21Admin
    well none of the other commands doIIRCeven SORT only accepts 8 arrays at most
  1506. randomouscrap
    knowing SmileBOOM it's probably something special. But PRINT takes infinite paramsdoesn't it?
  1507. 12Me21Admin
    PRINT is a keyword though
  1508. randomouscrap
    And I know it's a keyword but underneath it's a function
  1509. 12Me21Admin
    it uses semicolons and all thatit's already special
  1510. Picy3
    who here uses blender?
  1511. randomouscrap
    It doesn't matter how it looks. That's just syntactic sugarIn C there's a thing called "varargs"They probably just map FORMAT to varargs
  1512. 12Me21Admin
    you can't CALL print, can't do PRINT OUT like you can with functions
  1513. randomouscrap
    or sprintf
  1514. 12Me21Admin
    FORMAT$() isn't identical to printf() I think let me check
  1515. randomouscrap
    sprintf I mean. They could just convert the string to a usable sprintf format and then dump it into theresprintf has infinite arguments(because it uses varargs)
  1516. 12Me21Admin
    but FORMAT$() only supports D H S B and F for format codeswhile sprintf has more
  1517. LacksHead Admin
    If you bust onenopenbthat should let you know lol
  1518. randomouscrap
    Yeah but like I said they probably convert the stringThey don't use % identifiers do they?
  1519. 12Me21Admin
    they do
  1520. randomouscrap
    oh really? hm anyway, http://en.cppreference.com/w/c/variadic
  1521. 12Me21Admin
  1522. randomouscrap
    is there a reverse of format?
  1523. 12Me21Admin
    a reverse? how would that work?
  1524. randomouscrap
    basically a scanf
  1525. 12Me21Admin
    there's not
  1526. randomouscrap
    format is basically sprintf. Aw damnsscanf would be baller. I could rewrite my dictionary library
  1527. 12Me21Admin
    I wonder if FORMAT$ literally just uses sprintf
  1528. randomouscrap
    the dictionary could just be the format string lolOh you're gonna try the things it doesn't support?
  1529. 12Me21Admin
    I already havetried all possible letters for format codesthere aren't any hidden ones
  1530. randomouscrap
  1531. 12Me21Admin
    the manual is wrong about like half the features thoughlike how the space flag works and how length works with %Fsurprisingly FORMAT$ doesn't seem to have any bugsother than %.3S won't display a string for some reasonor %.anythingSfor some reason the precision flag breaks %S
  1532. randomouscrap
    does... does it work in C though?I thought the precision flag is only for numbers
  1533. 12Me21Admin
    it isonly for %Fit's ignored in the other ones except %S for some reason
  1534. randomouscrap
    huh then yeah they're probably doing some silly parsing thingand then piping that into sscanf lol*sprintf"strip out all the identifiers we recognize, then put them back in lol"
  1535. 12Me21Admin
    see what happens if you use %.3S in sprintf()
  1536. Guzzler829
    If I go on FaceBook all I'll see is just going to be "May the 4th be with you."
  1537. randomouscrap
    Unless they really wrote their own implementation of sprintf
  1538. Guzzler829
    I guess I just won't log on today
  1539. randomouscrap
    yeah hang on
  1540. Guzzler829
    Facebook is just old jokes that everyone's heard and politics anyway
  1541. 12Me21Admin
    ok FORMAT$() only supports up to 255 arguments total, just like all functionswhich means 254 values since the first argument is the format string
  1542. randomouscrap
    oh snap it workswoah printf("%.3s puppies\n", "buttholes"); prints "but puppies"
  1543. 12Me21Admin
    in SB that would be um
  1544. randomouscrap
    heh cool. I guess that's how you get fixed-width strings? I wonder...
  1545. 12Me21Admin
    wait hold on I thought that was
  1546. randomouscrap
    dang no it's not. It only truncates it if it's more
  1547. 12Me21Admin
    yeah it does work the same in SBhmmso PRECISION truncates and LENGTH extendstry 3.3yeah3.3 forces it to be 3 charactersnice
  1548. randomouscrap
    3.3? I'll try hang onI'm writing a script to make this easier
  1549. Picy3
  1550. randomouscrap
    yeah it right aligns it with 3.3I wonder how to make it left align....I worked a lot with formatting in C++ but never in C12me if I give you space on oboy you can test C programs yourself easilyNot that I mind testing them, just letting you know
  1551. 12Me21Admin
    left align is with -
  1552. Autz64
  1553. Autz64
    hmmmi have an idea for a SB gamebut is lame that i'm not too good with sprites
  1554. Guzzler829
    "Don't drink and drive"
  1555. Autz64
    neither texures
  1556. Kuragen
    on the SPANIM instructions what does coordinates Z means?
  1557. Picy3
  1558. Guzzler829
    "Your dog wouldn't understand why you didn't come home"
  1559. Autz64
    Z coord. means 3D
  1560. Guzzler829
    >>>>>Actual message
  1561. Picy3
  1562. Guzzler829
    I mean
  1563. randomouscrap
    cool now I have a single command that makes it look like you're just "running" a simple c program
  1564. Guzzler829
    that's all sad and all because your dog doens't understandbut
  1565. Autz64
  1566. randomouscrap
    instead of gcc and then running the output and then having this new executable.
  1567. Guzzler829
    I'm pretty sure your dog is not your biggest concern
  1568. 12Me21Admin
    oh right I forgot I have a C compiler in SB
  1569. randomouscrap
    yeah but will it really support sprintf and all thatthose are library functions. eugh
  1570. Autz64
    heh, i found a MIDI to MML on the webthis could come handy
  1571. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1572. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1573. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1574. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1575. 12Me21Admin
    hmm let's see if this works
  1576. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1577. 12Me21Admin
    aww why is this failing"Can't open file"
  1578. randomouscrap
  1579. 12Me21Admin
    the compilerwait maybe I
  1580. randomouscrap
    yeah did you try to #include something?
  1581. 12Me21Admin
    I thought I knew how to do thisoh I was using the wrong program nevermind
  1582. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1583. 12Me21Admin
    yeah this compiler supports printf
  1584. randomouscrap
    oh and all the options?
  1585. 12Me21Admin
    well I mean
  1586. Autz64
  1587. 12Me21Admin
    I haven't tested it too much
  1588. randomouscrap
    autz do you realize that "hmmmm" means nothing to anyone?
  1589. Autz64
    i know, hence hmmm
  1590. randomouscrap
    so you're just throwing out useless messages in the hopes that what... we'll pay attention to you?at least say something we can comment on
  1591. Autz64
    i'm looking for SF2 files for VLC so i can hear MIDI filesthen i use MIDI to MML
  1592. Lumage
    vlc can't even play midi
  1593. randomouscrap
    wwindows mmeediia player
  1594. Autz64
    i heard that MIDI is not "real music", therefore, not copyright
  1595. Lumage
    I mean I'm pretty sure it doesn't even try.wow.that's so completely wrong in every way.
  1596. Autz64
    i know
  1597. Lumage
    then why would you say it
  1598. Autz64
    i read that somewhere, but i cant rememberi hope SB admins wouldn't care of it
  1599. Lumage
    why do I need to know wrong things though They do.
  1600. 12Me21Admin
    ok it has CC.COM, which is the compiler, CC2.COM, which is.. IDK, and CLINK.COM which converts the compiled thing into a .COM file
  1601. randomouscrap
    it doesn't just convert it to SB?
  1602. 12Me21Admin
    it's a CP/M interpreter that's running a C compilerso no
  1603. randomouscrap
    oh nicethat... seems like a LOT of work(whoever made the cp/m thing)
  1604. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1605. 12Me21Admin
  1606. Chemicalex
  1607. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1608. Picy3
  1609. 12Me21Admin
    It's surprisingly fastit only took 5 seconds to compile the programwhich is uh#include <stdio.h> void main() { printf("%.3s puppies\n","buttholes"); }
  1610. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1611. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1612. Autz64
    how is the compiled cocde?
  1613. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1614. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1615. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1616. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1617. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1618. Autz64
    what i did with ZBASIC compiler wasinstead of declaring tons of functions, it writes "chuncks" of the main codewhich i suspect should be more faster
  1619. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1620. Autz64
    also, i have a vague idea of how to simulate inheritancebut i never tested it
  1621. Chemicalex
    >person: holy shit my grandmas birthday is the same as my bf's grandmas birthday WHAT ARE THE ODDS
  1622. Picy3
  1623. Chemicalex
    me: 0.00273972603%
  1624. Autz64
  1625. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1626. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1627. Picy3
    going afk againg now
  1628. 12Me21Admin
  1629. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1630. Picy3
    yep again
  1631. Chemicalex
    alright i'm going to make a thing for chat maybethe "lz bar"
  1632. Autz64
    i should take a "course" on making sprites and musicmost of the good sprites i made are just ripoffs
  1633. Chemicalex
    music takes a long time to learn though
  1634. Autz64
    yeah, but someday i have to start somewhere
  1635. Chemicalex
    especially if you're compositioncomposing original stuff*
  1636. blizord has left the chat.
  1637. Chemicalex
    same with spriting
  1638. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1639. Autz64
    being a 1-man army is ugh
  1640. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1641. Chemicalex
    not that i'm trying to discourage you but you can't justlearn it in a course
  1642. Autz64
    i know, but is something
  1643. Chemicalex
    you can learn the RULES of it, but you really teach yourself the restart and music are both creative assets. you need to learn how to put your own spin on themotherwise they're just bleh
  1644. Autz64
  1645. Chemicalex
    speaking of composing i have a song to polishbbl
  1646. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1647. Autz64
  1648. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1649. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1650. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1651. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1652. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1653. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1654. Picy3
    say something utrterly random please
  1655. SpiderLily
    something utrterly random please
  1656. LacksHead Admin
    The fortune cookie saved the world from a galactic car crash with a puffer fish.
  1657. Picy3
    thanks!hey guys my friend is trying to make a sbs account on a phone and says it wont workanything to fix this?
  1658. SpiderLily
    does your friend have sb
  1659. Kuragen
    rytmik ultimate is the best program for composing game songs. :0
  1660. Picy3
  1661. SpiderLily
    okay well ask someone else because i dont know or care
  1662. Picy3
  1663. LacksHead Admin
    What seems to be the issue
  1664. Kuragen
    hey is there a way to locate a input?
  1665. Picy3
    my friend is trying to make an account on sbson his phone-but it wont let him on the site
  1666. Kuragen
    i made it on my phone. but i had to do something for a work around.
  1667. LacksHead Admin
    That's weird.
  1668. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1669. Picy3
    so what did you do?
  1670. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1671. Picy3
  1672. LacksHead Admin
    It should just work....
  1673. Picy3
  1674. LacksHead Admin
    Is SmilebasicSource blocked on the wifi?
  1675. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1676. Chemicalex
  1677. RealTiP
    >mornin chem
  1678. Chemicalex
    heyuit's 2pm though
  1679. RealTiP
    >08:05 here
  1680. Picy3
    no I don't think so
  1681. Kuragen
    to make a account...well the way i made it. at first i made a gmail and registered on here and recieved the confirmation thingy. but i closed the tab on the browser and when i clicked the confirmation url from the gmail from here it dint redirected me were i was supposed to go. so i had to make a new gmail register here but not closing the browser tab. so i check my mail and wrote the password or the key to fully register here. "with another gmail"
  1682. RealTiP
    >school's starting at 09:00
  1683. blizord has entered the chat.
  1684. LacksHead Admin
    Just lunch time here now
  1685. RealTiP
    why not look thru history?
  1686. Kuragen
    so yeah..i think there is a glitch when you close the tab from the browser on the phone.
  1687. RealTiP
    breakfast is being consumed
  1688. Chemicalex
    big boy words
  1689. Kuragen
    im using a lg g4 stylus. so ye..idk if he is having the same prob as me but ye.
  1690. Chemicalex
  1691. RealTiP
  1692. Picy3
  1693. RealTiP
    coffee and a small pastry
  1694. Picy3
    im gonna go eat nowbreakfastgoing afk now
  1695. Chemicalex
  1696. Kuragen
    anyway is there a way to locate input?
  1697. RealTiP
    >anyone else in hawaii?
  1698. Picy3
  1699. Chemicalex
  1700. Picy3
  1701. RealTiP
  1702. Picy3
  1703. Chemicalex
    i live on earthhave you ever been there? the streets are wild
  1704. Kuragen
    how can i make a question so i can make the input below to answer not to the side of the sentece like the calculator example on sb.
  1705. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1706. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1707. RealTiP
    >tripleG and I are isolated from everything...
  1708. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1709. RealTiP
    >there's us
  1710. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1711. Chemicalex
    access forbi
  1712. Kuragen
    im just a begginer at this..sorry if ask to much.
  1713. RealTiP
    thats ohk, best way to learn
  1714. Chemicalex
    what's your problem kur?
  1715. RealTiP
    no coffee today :'(
  1716. Chemicalex
    i actually hate coffee
  1717. RealTiP
    just a minibon...that reminds me...
  1718. Chemicalex
    coffee just...tastes not good to me
  1719. Kuragen
    input yes or no?,NO3 'i dont want to type the answer to the side of the question i want to type it below.sorry for got the brackets
  1720. Chemicalex
    ohuhuse LINPUT i think
  1721. Kuragen
    ok let me check.
  1722. Chemicalex
    check the SB documentationbbl o/
  1723. RealTiP
    I went to this nice and humble cafe, where they sold hot chocolate, and this amazing thing called a hot vanilla. It's like hot chocolate, but with white chocolate, but VANILLA.
  1724. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1725. Kuragen
    wait whats the difference between linput and input? is hard to understand the linput command on the help option.
  1726. LacksHead Admin
    Oh man. That sounds so good! @TiP
  1727. RealTiP
    input can get numerical values and will bug you to be anwered
  1728. Picy3
    almost done
  1729. RealTiP
    linput just gets a stringso if you type 1 in input, you will get a numeric value 1, but with linput you'll get a string "1"
  1730. Picy3
    wrong tab..?
  1731. RealTiP
    >well, he asked in this tab, and it's nothing too complicated
  1732. Picy3
  1733. RealTiP
    both input and linput ask for info from the keyboard
  1734. LacksHead Admin
    If it's not disruptive to the rest of the chat it can be hereAnd since we aren't really talking much aside from this it's okay in my books.
  1735. RealTiP
    >so use input when you want numbers, and linput when you want textsooo..., how was your day?
  1736. Kuragen
    ah ok cool and thanks.
  1737. RealTiP
    np :)
  1738. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1739. RealTiP
    i found someone's full name and addressi crossed it out, after writing it down
  1740. MasterR3C0RD
    No doxing on SBS
  1741. RealTiP
    imma send them something free, but what should i send?
  1742. MasterR3C0RD
    Send nothing
  1743. RealTiP
    not on this siteirl, man. it's a friend of mine.were like this:
  1744. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, when you say you figured out their info, it kinda gives the wrong idea
  1745. RealTiP
    oh soz.i don't touch `private` info on the webI'll send a letter with some cashevil pranks. mwahaha.
  1746. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1747. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1748. RealTiP
    hey chem, ill talk to you later today for help with a site, if thats ohk
  1749. Chemicalex
  1750. RealTiP
    yeyanyways, gtg
  1751. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1752. Kuragen
    LINPUT "YES OR NO?",NO3 IF NO3==YES THEN GOTO @LABEL1 IF NO3==NO THEN GOTO @LABEL2what am i doing wrong?
  1753. Chemicalex
    did you just forget the double quotes again or is that actually what you're running
  1754. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1755. nbaptistes71 has entered the chat.
  1756. nbaptistes71 has left the chat.
  1757. LacksHead Admin
    Faaaack..... I forgot to get my bosses lunch so I was 10 min late lolol
  1758. Kuragen
    eh i am running that part exacly the way it looks lol. but i have more stuff on the program. here is the key. 4RW533YD
  1759. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1760. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1761. Picy3
    back!what have I missed
  1762. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1763. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1764. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1765. MasterR3C0RD
  1766. snail_
  1767. snail_
    it's actually a Intel 8008 CPU emulator running CP/M running a C compilerso...yeah
  1768. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1769. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1770. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1771. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1772. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1773. snail_
  1774. Trinitro21
  1775. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1776. blizord has left the chat.
  1777. Trinitro21
  1778. LacksHead Admin
  1779. Trinitro21
  1780. LacksHead Admin
  1781. Kuragen
    can someone give me a example usong linput.
  1782. snail_
  1783. Trinitro21
    LINPUT "Type a thing";S$ PRINT "You typed: "+S$
  1784. snail_
    making a cat program are we
  1785. Trinitro21
    responding to kuragentrying to be helpful
  1786. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1787. Picy3
  1788. Trinitro21
  1789. Guzzler829
  1790. Picy3
  1791. Guzzler829
  1792. Guzzler829 looooool
  1793. Picy3
    FOR I=0 TO 3
  1794. MasterR3C0RD
  1795. Guzzler829
  1796. Picy3
  1797. Guzzler829
  1798. MasterR3C0RD
  1799. Guzzler829
  1800. Trinitro21
  1801. Guzzler829
  1802. snail_
    i did thismy fault.
  1803. Trinitro21
  1804. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1805. 12Me21Admin
    CHKCHR sucks
  1806. Guzzler829
  1807. Trinitro21
  1808. 12Me21Admin
    for some reason they decided to TRUNCATE the values rather than FLOORing themso if you check a position at like -0.1 it rounds to 0
  1809. Kuragen
    another question. why on print do i have to use the + sign?
  1810. snail_
    that's just standard SB integer casting?
  1811. Kuragen
    an never mind is the same thing as ;
  1812. snail_
    every integer cast is a truncation. what's the issue?
  1813. 12Me21Admin
    it should accept a float and then round it
  1814. Trinitro21
    + adds two strings into one string
  1815. snail_
    lol ok
  1816. 12Me21Admin
    so it doesn't fail for values between 0 and -1*FLOOR it
  1817. Trinitro21
    ; works the same in PRINT yes
  1818. Chemicalex
    >tries to paste image and realizes he deleted his chatJS
  1819. Guzzler829
    how would you do a FOR in a FOR/I'm forgetting so much xdd
  1820. Chemicalex
    FOR 4=4 TO 4 STEP 4
  1821. Guzzler829
  1822. Trinitro21
  1823. Guzzler829
  1824. Chemicalex
  1825. MasterR3C0RD
  1826. Guzzler829
    FOR R=0 TO 255 FOR B=0 TO 255 GPSET B,R,RGB(R,B,0) NEXT NEXT
  1827. Trinitro21
  1828. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1829. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1830. Chemicalex
    say this out loud
  1831. snail_
    I replaced all of my software manager shortcuts with synapticsynaptic life
  1832. Chemicalex
    testinghuh it does work
  1833. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1834. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1835. Chemicalex
  1836. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1837. Trinitro21
    what are some companies other than google that are doing really well
  1838. Chemicalex
    Microsoft, AppleAmazon
  1839. 12Me21Admin
    ok I have a rectangle stored as X1 Y1 X2 Y2 should I name the variables X1/X2 or X0/X1
  1840. Picy3
  1841. Trinitro21
    reason is financial planning class stock simulator i'm watching apple's stock price fallit's fallen like 2 cents since i started watching 30 seconds ago
  1842. Chemicalex
  1843. snail_
    I use 0 out of habit, but does it matter
  1844. snail_
    mmmh.I don't like when software isn't in the repos
  1845. Chemicalex
    okay i need some styling ideas for artisiocrats
  1846. 12Me21Admin
    well I have to pick onehmm the manual always uses "start point x" etc.I remember it using X1/X2a good reason not to, I thinkanyway brb
  1847. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1848. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1849. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1850. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1851. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1852. Kuragen
    http://imgur.com/bWBNjn9why my program doesnt go to the @label i am assigning it to go?
  1853. Chemicalex
    quick name a random programming language
  1854. Kuragen
    eh...im stuck lol.
  1855. Trinitro21
    oh, it's not treating YES and NO as strings, instead interpreting them as variables because they're not in quotes put them in quotes and it should work ex) IF NO1$=="YES" THEN GOTO @OPERATION
  1856. Kuragen
    ok thanks!!
  1857. Trinitro21
  1858. Chemicalex
  1859. Picy3
  1860. Trinitro21
  1861. Kuragen
    i wonder why arent you guys on the smilebasic miiverse forum? XD
  1862. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1863. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1864. LacksHead Admin
    Kuragen, you got a key? Key? Key plz. Where's the key for this?That's why
  1865. snail_
  1866. Picy3
    IM on sb miiverse LOTa 'lot
  1867. Trinitro21
  1868. Picy3
  1869. snail_
    oh noJ doesn't obey order of operations
  1870. Chemicalex
    http://artistocrats.x10host.com/styling tests
  1871. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1872. PhilFish
    oh are we discussing J?J is evaluated strictly right to left iirc
  1873. randomouscrap
    I'm going to name the new website "kool kid korner"
  1874. snail_
    yes.well in effect
  1875. randomouscrap
    The url will be kkk.smilebasicsource.com
  1876. Chemicalex
  1877. Picy3
  1878. PhilFish
    I tried learning J once and it was hardthe built-ins are hard to remember because single character functions
  1879. Chemicalex
    >If you like to program and draw too, here's a nice place for you and this bit was just added to ruin the stupid rhyme lol
  1880. MasterR3C0RD
    Great name Randy
  1881. Lumage
  1882. snail_
    this is a "have the book open in front of you" language
  1883. Chemicalex
    document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/(S)mile(basic)/gi, (m, p) => { return "smile basic for 3ds"; });
  1884. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1885. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1886. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1887. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1888. Chemicalex
    by the way don't actually use that
  1889. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1890. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1891. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1892. PhilFish
    that is very trueI love the concept of J and find it a fascinating language; I just have no use for it
  1893. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1894. 12Me21Admin
  1895. Trinitro21
    if uo ever stock simulator thing buy all the GOOG
  1896. snail_
    oh and division is % because I guess we can't use \ for folds>lemme guess \ does something else
  1897. 12Me21Admin
    I'd guess integer division but that's probably wrong
  1898. PhilFish
    I can't remember what \ does in J/ is for a foldl yes and % is regular division @12me
  1899. snail_
    the whole "it looks like an obelus" thing only half works
  1900. PhilFish
    now something that always intrigued me about Jthe array syntax and the function application syntax are the same
  1901. 12Me21Admin
    array access syntax? or just array literals
  1902. PhilFish
    function arg1 arg2 arg3 'function elem1 elem2 elem3 elem4 'array literal
  1903. 12Me21Admin
    that's barely even syntax
  1904. snail_
    this book is dense and putting me to sleep
  1905. PhilFish
  1906. 12Me21Admin
    how am I supposed to read that
  1907. PhilFish
    if only there was a book like "Learn You A Haskell For Great Good" but for J
  1908. 12Me21Admin
    I have to look at the image at an angle so the text isn't squashed
  1909. LacksHead Admin
    We had a fire drill. I'm deaf now.
  1910. snail_
    @: is the function composition operator, so (f @: g) y is f(g y)the diagram only makes a little sense
  1911. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1912. randomouscrap
    oh sorry about that
  1913. PhilFish
    huh now that I didn't know
  1914. Trinitro21
    but if you're deaf how can you hear us
  1915. LacksHead Admin
    :o IM CURED!!!!
  1916. snail_
    do people who were born deaf have that "head voice"if they did it would probably sound like total nonsense
  1917. Autz64
    i dont think so
  1918. randomouscrap
    I believe there are studies on that
  1919. LacksHead Admin
    Lol we use semi horns hooked up to air compressors for an alarm. It makes your eyes vibrate
  1920. snail_
    I can only assume when you go deaf after birth you DO have a head voice
  1921. randomouscrap
    I think they determined that people who are born deaf think entirely visually or textually
  1922. snail_
    like, during adulthood
  1923. LacksHead Admin
    I wonder what texture world peace is
  1924. PhilFish
    I read about a deaf person who thinks in ASL
  1925. snail_