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  1. MasterR3C0RD
    Japanese people can be fucked in the head
  2. Picy3
  3. SpiderLily
    record americans would make that too but they have no talent
  4. Lacks has entered the chat.
  5. Lacks has left the chat.
  6. randomouscrap
    MasterR3C0RD wa saikin chiisai onnanoko ni narimashitakek google translate has such a hard time with that one
  7. Picy3
    wat^you know..
  8. randomouscrap
    "Masterrecord recently became a little girl"
  9. Picy3
    ohwhen I first joined SB everyone here thought I was like 7 years oldbecause idkthen I was like "why the fuck do you think im 7..?"
  10. MasterR3C0RD
  11. Picy3
    ^so should I change my new picture or do you think its fine?
  12. MasterR3C0RD
    Randomouscrap est une petite fille qui est tres laid"Randomouscrap is a little girl who is very ugly"
  13. Picy3
    true.. true..jkjk
  14. Lumage
    MasterR3C0RD wa itsumo kare ga fukushū o enakereba naranai to shinjiru
  15. Picy3
  16. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  17. Chemicalex
    oh random left
  18. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  19. Picy3
    >just now realizes
  20. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  21. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  22. Picy3 Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  23. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  24. Chemicalex
    I don't notice sometimes how evil I am
  25. LacksHead Admin
  26. Omiwa
    That looks like tails doll in black and white
  27. PikaRyan has entered the chat.
  28. PikaRyan
    I've come full circle
  29. Omiwa
    I wish I knew properly what yellow looked like maybe darn
  30. MasterR3C0RD
    I might have to rewatch an anime seriesBecause I literally can't find any good ones atmAnd that's bugging me
  31. LacksHead Admin
    Hello PikaRyanlong time no see
  32. PikaRyan
    its been over 1000 yearsso long story shortI tried learning c++that was sadso then I moved to javascriptand realized it was too weak to do what I wanted it toso now I'm herewell its gonelikesmilebasic -> giving up -> art -> pixel art -> realizing I'm shit at those -> indie again -> c++ book -> giving up on c++ -> phaser and js -> back to here.....yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
  33. MasterR3C0RD
    Don't bother using a framework for JSJust write your ownIt's not THAT hardJust learn how to draw to the canvas
  34. LacksHead Admin
    I see what you mean by full circle now
  35. MasterR3C0RD
    I think I'll just RPTa-ta
  36. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  37. PikaRyan
  38. LacksHead Admin
    o.O I think he roleplays SAO sex
  39. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  40. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  41. Chemicalex
    Oh ryan hi
  42. PikaRyan
    >>>>>>>sao sexwell this was a fun comebackI think my mom...just...called....YEAHshe...uhh....did
  43. LacksHead Admin
    lol I don't actually think that's what he's doing
  44. PikaRyan has left the chat.
  45. PikaRyan has entered the chat.
  46. PikaRyan
    ./uptonogood can make for some funny jokes
  47. Chemicalex
    Also lol I like how record is super proud of not being a furry but he does all he other weeb stuff like roleplay
  48. PikaRyan
    lmfaosomeone used to think I was a furry at one point
  49. Chemicalex
    Well ge
  50. PikaRyan
    cause of<--------
  51. Chemicalex
    We'll get you soon enough
  52. PikaRyan
    they thought it was a fursonaLMFAO
  53. Lacks is literally working on roleplay homework
  54. Chemicalex
    Lacks you don't count you're already a furry anyway
  55. PikaRyan will be caught pls help him
  56. LacksHead Admin
    it's dnd. No one is playing a furrythey're all elves
  57. PikaRyan
    dnd is good
  58. Chemicalex
    We will help you become one of usHold on let me pull up the uhh
  59. PikaRyan will not be converted
  60. LacksHead Admin
    Some lycans attacked them last session and got some info they needed to go ransack one of the players towersnow the chase is on
  61. Chemicalex
    Ha found it
  62. LacksHead Admin
    yeah, watch out for that guy :p
  63. PikaRyan
    LMFAOthat is def how it works
  64. Chemicalex
    "The wrong spot" :lenny:
  65. LacksHead Admin
    What were you trying to do in programming?
  66. Lacks looks at the tabs several times until Pika sees the thing
  67. Picy3
    anyone here..?
  68. Chemicalex
    Uhh try making each level focus around one asset of your gameA certain kind of enemy/obstacle
  69. PikaRyan goes through several tabs and then sees the thing
  70. Chemicalex
    That way your courses are more memorable
  71. LacksHead Admin
  72. PikaRyan
    @lacks I just cant find the right engine for me
  73. Picy3 has left the chat.
  74. PikaRyan waits forever for lacks to come back to this tab
  75. LacksHead Admin
    What are you looking to do with the engine?
  76. Chemicalex
    I need to dump this into lz uhh
  77. PikaRyan
    just a 2D gameI just cant find the right one for me2D multiplayer game
  78. Chemicalex
    lz url upload whenThere we go
  79. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  80. LacksHead Admin
    Hello Kuragen
  81. Kuragen
    Hello lacks!
  82. PikaRyan silently waits for help
  83. Chemicalex Chemicalex
  84. PikaRyan but just uses /me command cause he doesn't want to ask directly
  85. Lumage
    jikan... jikan... jikan... toki...!
  86. Kuragen
    who likes megaman here? :0
  87. LacksHead Admin
    What do you need help with, Ryan? Choosing an engine? I don't think any of us have really looked into that
  88. PikaRyan
    for me its hard
  89. LacksHead Admin
    I liked the 64 version of megaman :p
  90. PikaRyan
    me toobut back to what I was sayingfor me its hardcause I'm the kind of fuck that cant have something too simple or too complex
  91. LacksHead Admin
  92. PikaRyan
    @lacks what
  93. Kuragen
    lacks cool! i liked that game to! there was gonna be a sequel to it for the 3ds but it was canceled...sadly. :'placks what do you think about the new megaman cartoon that is going to be released soon?
  94. LacksHead Admin
    I didn't even know there was one coming out
  95. Kuragen has left the chat.
  96. PikaRyan
    so yeahI cant have something too simple or too advancedI need something that is inbetweenits strange tbh
  97. LacksHead Admin
  98. Chemicalex
    Unity Engine
  99. PikaRyan
    >>>>>unityI tried it it was uhhdifferentI like how in that article @lacks gave me there is BYONDFUCKING BYONDits one of the shittiest game engines lmfaoSS13 was made with it though so I do give credit
  100. LacksHead Admin
    like I said, I haven't ever looked into this so...
  101. PikaRyan
    kkthanks for that site though @lacks, I'm rummaging around looking for stuff on it
  102. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  103. Chemicalex
    Oh cool my first feedbackhttp://chemicalhecks.deviantart.com/art/Last-Resort-Lee-679853195
  104. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  105. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  106. PikaRyan
  107. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  108. Kuragen
    lacks oh ok. :0 hey lacks have you made simple programs on sb?
  109. LacksHead Admin
    just some text adventuresand a cookie clicker esque gameIs the tv show Megaman going to be based off a specific megaman? Like the game boy advanced games or something?
  110. Kuragen has left the chat.
  111. PikaRyan
    markdown[markdown]is md broke
  112. Chemicalex
  113. Trinitro21
    doesn't seem broken to me`doesn't` *seem* **broken** ~~to~~ __me__
  114. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  115. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  116. PikaRyan
    oh I was using a different thingthanks for clearing that up
  117. LacksHead Admin
  118. Trinitro21
  119. Kuragen
    lacks is based in someway from the one on the old nes game. hello trinitro
  120. LacksHead Admin
    hopefully not off the cover art hahaha
  121. Kuragen has left the chat.
  122. LacksHead Admin
    wow, it took til 3 to give him the arm blaster on the cover
  123. PikaRyan
    abcdefgwhat is the game engine for mehijklmnop
  124. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  125. PikaRyan
    It cant be that easy
  126. Trinitro21
    make your own
  127. Kuragen
  128. PikaRyan
  129. Kuragen has left the chat.
  130. PikaRyan
    someone fuckin help me@trinitro21 no
  131. LacksHead Admin
    lol link fail!He wants something not too easy, not too hard. Not too hot not too cold. Fuck, you're Goldilocks!
  132. PikaRyan
    LMFAOI'm even yellow
  133. Trinitro21
    what about scratch
  134. LacksHead Admin
  135. PikaRyan
    >>>>>>not too easy
  136. LacksHead Admin
    inbe4 scratch is the worst
  137. PikaRyan
    scratch is shit
  138. Lacks doesn't even know what scratch is
  139. LacksHead Admin
    Have any of you played with this Rust language I see on /r/programming?
  140. Trinitro21
  141. PikaRyan
    https://www.elektormagazine.com/assets/upload/images/0/Scratch.pngthis is scratchin a nutshell
  142. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  143. LacksHead Admin
  144. PikaRyan
    https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/cf/5c/fc/cf5cfcaaf3f886a480793bb0da2e8b4b.jpgits discussing>discussingdiscusting*
  145. LacksHead Admin
    disgusting?gus gus gus
  146. PikaRyan hides in a corner because he's a goldilocks pikachu that cant spell
  147. Trinitro21
    scratch is drag and drop, and typing is easier and faster
  148. LacksHead Admin
    Man, they need a non-kiddie scheme for that
  149. PikaRyan
    @trinitro it doesn't export and its too simple
  150. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  151. PikaRyan
    it doesn't even look fun to use
  152. Kuragen
  153. LacksHead Admin
    It definitely isn't appealing
  154. Trinitro21
    i made a 3d game in it and realized that it's waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too tedious
  155. Kuragen
    here is link of the megaman imagetrinitro on sb?
  156. PikaRyan
    I really need a engine that can do what I needidk
  157. LacksHead Admin
    i think he meant in scratch
  158. Kuragen has left the chat.
  159. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  160. PikaRyan shrugs
  161. Kuragen
  162. PikaRyan
    I guess I'm too picky
  163. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  164. Kuragen
    pika ryan what do you wanna do exacly? a sidescroller?
  165. PikaRyan
    pretty much yeahbut I need an engine that can do more than just that y'know for the next project or so
  166. Chemicalex
  167. LacksHead Admin
  168. Chemicalex
    All 3ds games and other popular titles were made in unity
  169. Trinitro21
    unity 3ds sucks
  170. Chemicalex
    Most 3ds games*
  171. LacksHead Admin
    is there a better happy medium?
  172. Trinitro21
    when you look through the eshop and you get ripoffs of old games which the o3ds could easily run but they're n3ds only because unity 3ds
  173. Chemicalex
    Unreal engine?
  174. Trinitro21
    http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/brick-race-3ds this is n3ds only solely because it was made in unity
  175. Chemicalex
    I'd actually like to make a n3ds game
  176. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  177. PikaRyan
  178. LacksHead Admin
    I saw that isn't it N3ds exclusive?
  179. PikaRyan
  180. LacksHead Admin
    wow I gotta learn to read XD
  181. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  182. LacksHead Admin
    regular 3ds is getting killed off methinks hence the New2ds
  183. PikaRyan
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UNITY @chem
  184. LacksHead Admin
    I bet (and hope) to see more games utilizing the N3ds hardware and not playing to the lowest rig in their lineup
  185. Trinitro21
    also unity is bad enough to get discontinued in favor of gnome
  186. Picy3
    is there a way to use GCLS without erasing the GLINE for like if you wanted to move the line around the screen without it leaving a trail or completely disappearing because of using GCLS?
  187. LacksHead Admin
    all the unity games I have on pc are HORRIBLY optimized
  188. PikaRyan
    what is gnome@trinitro
  189. LacksHead Admin
    and most aren't out of "early access" yet
  190. Trinitro21
    it was a joke, substituting the unity game engine with the unity desktop environment gnome is the desktop environment that's replacing unity as the ubuntu default
  191. PikaRyan
    kIDFK what to do tbhunless someone can give me an actually good answer idk
  192. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  193. ElzoBro
    We went to the 9/11 Memorial
  194. LacksHead Admin
  195. ElzoBro
    People are terrible. We saw people sitting on the memorials and usigg their phonesSome lady shushed us because she was on her phone
  196. LacksHead Admin
    burn in hell bitch
  197. ElzoBro
    People were throwing coins into the memorial grave water fountians, and others were fishing them out
  198. PikaRyan
    that is uhhsad
  199. LacksHead Admin
    what the hell
  200. PikaRyan
    fuck this generation I'm outI'M OUT
  201. PikaRyan has left the chat.
  202. PikaRyan has entered the chat.
  203. LacksHead Admin
    this is what happens when you can't hit kids, folks
  204. ElzoBro
    It was all high schoolers from differnet schools wtfOur people were acfually respectful for once
  205. LacksHead Admin
    what a shocking turn of events! haha
  206. ElzoBro
  207. LacksHead Admin
    Is it crazy packed there with people?
  208. ElzoBro
    No it's late
  209. Picy3
    can someone go to the programming page
  210. ElzoBro
    It's 10:15 rn
  211. LacksHead Admin
    the memorial is still open to the public that late?
  212. Picy3
    have a question
  213. ElzoBro
    I guess
  214. PikaRyan
    someone help mehelp
  215. Kuragen has left the chat.
  216. SpiderLily
    help yourself
  217. ElzoBro
    Anyways, we're on the bus
  218. LacksHead Admin
  219. ElzoBro
    I'm gonna nap
  220. LacksHead Admin
    that's cool, Spider, did you draw it?sleep peacefully wanderer
  221. ElzoBro
    Were going to our hotel and I don't want to sleep there
  222. SpiderLily
    no i stole it online
  223. LacksHead Admin
  224. ElzoBro
    I'll stay up if I have to
  225. SpiderLily
    i cant tell if you could tell if that was a joke or not
  226. LacksHead Admin
    don't want to get pranked?
  227. ElzoBro
    LolBye y'all
  228. LacksHead Admin
    No, I thought you meant you stole it, Lexi lolbye
  229. ElzoBro
    and maybe goodnight
  230. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  231. SpiderLily
    i made it lacks
  232. LacksHead Admin
    may I see the rest of it?
  233. PikaRyan
    so idkwhat engine do you guys reccomend
  234. LacksHead Admin
    It looks really good
  235. SpiderLily
    no the rest of it shows an awful attempt at cloth
  236. LacksHead Admin
    Unityhehehefair enough
  237. PikaRyan
  238. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s3iGpDqQpQDo you like Korn, Lexi?
  239. SpiderLily
  240. LacksHead Admin
  241. PikaRyan
    I need something that isn't so advanced its like unityI just need somethinginbetweenI'm a fucking goldilocks pikachuand thats how its gonna be
  242. SpiderLily
    whoa a dark souls clone i havent heard of till ten minutes ago came out today i know what i am buying
  243. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
  244. PikaRyan
    so what would be an engine that is good for 2DI mean there are lots
  245. LacksHead Admin
    My cousin tried to get me into Dark Souls
  246. PikaRyan
    but I mean for me
  247. LacksHead Admin
  248. SpiderLily
    did he succeed
  249. LacksHead Admin
    That game just made me angry lol
  250. SpiderLily
    thats the pointtt
  251. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  252. SpiderLily
    you be angry until you win
  253. LacksHead Admin
    I don't get better when I get angry lol
  254. SpiderLily
    and then when you win
  255. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  256. SpiderLily
    you feel like you just won the lotterytrust me everyone hates it until they beat it and then when they beat it they love it
  257. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  258. LacksHead Admin
    I'm not that much of a masochist thoIt sounds a lot like beer
  259. Lumage
    or you could play a real game like minesweeper
  260. LacksHead Admin
    "Nobody likes it at first, it's an acquired taste" Well why acquire it in the first place!?
  261. SpiderLily
    lacks you could just have someone better play the game with you and kill everything for you
  262. PikaRyan
    http://www.moddb.com/engines this is a list of every engine that was submitted to moddbthere are a fuck ton
  263. LacksHead Admin
    lol that's why I play fps's with my friends. then I'm king shit and they all suck ass
  264. PikaRyan
    this is a hard choice
  265. SpiderLily
    lacks as long as you look everything up its not that hard at first
  266. LacksHead Admin
    this is truebrb buying fez (random said not to look up the puzzles)
  267. SpiderLily
    random said he would buy me a game but now that i have something i want i feel bad
  268. Lacks laughs to a room of stone faces
  269. LacksHead Admin
    What about Slipknottell me you can get down to some slipknot
  270. SpiderLily
  271. LacksHead Admin
    yea you
  272. SpiderLily
    lacks i dont like anything that doesnt make me even more depressed than i am
  273. LacksHead Admin
    I doubt Lumage listens to slipknot based on him never linking mainstream music of any kind lolSo HIM is in?
  274. SpiderLily
    lacks i dont think i like any of the music you do
  275. LacksHead Admin
    well give me one of your band then lol
  276. SpiderLily
    i really only like radiohead and muse but i have been listening to this other garbage band lately called blur
  277. LacksHead Admin
    Song number 2So you like 90's grunge?
  278. SpiderLily
    radiohead and muse arent really 90's
  279. LacksHead Admin
    am I getting my genres mixed up?
  280. SpiderLily
    tbh i dont even know what genres i listen to
  281. LacksHead Admin
    muse started in 94radiohead is older than me85 wowniceyou like english rockapparently
  282. SpiderLily
    thinking about it radiohead are old arent they
  283. LacksHead Admin
    all 3 of those bans "X is an english rock band from Y"bands*idk, based on the artwork and persona, I'm a little disappointed in your tame taste in music to be honest(Blur, 88)
  284. SpiderLily
  285. LacksHead Admin
    You said "Garbage band"have you listened to any Garbage?
  286. SpiderLily
    is that really a name of a band
  287. PikaRyan
    I need help
  288. LacksHead Admin
    hell yeah mangemale singerfemalewow this is way more pop than I remembernvmcancel that
  289. PikaRyan just keeps talking about engines and then realizes its all he's done the entire day
  290. LacksHead Admin
    And in the wrong tabTechnically this is programming related and mildly disruptive to our conversation(now I'm just listening to No Doubt. Back when Gwen Stephani was cool)
  291. SpiderLily
    is it bad i dont know half the names you mention
  292. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHzOOQfhPFgYou make me feel one step closer to the graveSay it again, I like it
  293. SpiderLily
    ehh i cant listen to female singers
  294. LacksHead Admin
    try singing along to itwell this is lame
  295. SpiderLily
  296. LacksHead Admin
    the most depressing song I can think of will probably not depress youhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjx8ye1T-V8
  297. SpiderLily
    it has to be subtle
  298. LacksHead Admin
    This song has legit made me cry when I was an emo teen and still makes me sad
  299. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  300. SpiderLily
    ehh im not feeling it
  301. LacksHead Admin
    I kinda thought so<----- Fiddler on the greenGrim reaper has to take away two children before their time and hates doing it
  302. SpiderLily
    why does he hate it that sounds fun
  303. LacksHead Admin
    "Just hold my hand, I'll take you there. Your pain will go away."
  304. HTV04 has left the chat.
  305. LacksHead Admin
    lol see, Won't depress you, ruins my daythe guitar solo at the end is amazing
  306. SpiderLily
    https://youtu.be/TNRCvG9YtYI stuff like this works for me
  307. PikaRyan has left the chat.
  308. LacksHead Admin
    I find that song confusing
  309. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  310. LacksHead Admin
  311. HTV04 has left the chat.
  312. SpiderLily
    idk that singer doesn't sound suicidal enough for me
  313. LacksHead Admin
    XDhaha Ahhh I just want to hug you sometimes XD
  314. SpiderLily
    oh I wasn't kidding
  315. LacksHead Admin
    Idk what else to throw at you.....
  316. SpiderLily
    how about something good :]
  317. LacksHead Admin
  318. Lumage
    hahaha slipknotthe name itself irritates mesaw somebody with a shirt once maybe
  319. LacksHead Admin
  320. SpiderLily
    is that lumages favorite song
  321. LacksHead Admin
    I love old Dir en Grey
  322. Picy3
    nm after lots of testing I made something
  323. LacksHead Admin
    I kinda grew up on it and Rammstein from age 14-18
  324. Lumage
  325. Picy3
    yay! now I can kill crabs in my gametook way longer than should have
  326. Lumage
    I don't listen to music, you know.
  327. SpiderLily
  328. LacksHead Admin
    Just them High Quality RIPS
  329. Picy3
    well.. what noise does a crab make when it dies..?
  330. LacksHead Admin
    arfI would do a crunching noise
  331. SpiderLily
  332. LacksHead Admin
    definitely moo
  333. andritolion has entered the chat.
  334. andritolion
  335. SpiderLily
  336. andritolion
  337. andritolion has left the chat.
  338. SpiderLily
    it worked
  339. LacksHead Admin
    here we gogood musichttps://youtu.be/5-2TcNJMfdw?t=44s
  340. andritolion
    LOL ...What did Spider do?
  341. SpiderLily
    lacks where the hell do you find this stuff
  342. andritolion
  343. LacksHead Admin
    I like bassa lotthis song pounds in my car even without subs
  344. andritolion
  345. LacksHead Admin
    I want to make a throne of speakers
  346. andritolion
    Why does SpiderLily hate me?
  347. LacksHead Admin
    on a platform of big subs
  348. Picy3
  349. SpiderLily
    hey andrito ask me not himwuss
  350. andritolion
  351. LacksHead Admin
    Hey SpiderLily, why do you hate Andritolion
  352. Picy3
    do you guys like my new picture?????
  353. LacksHead Admin
    I like it
  354. andritolion
    Yes. I do.
  355. LacksHead Admin
    idk what it is
  356. Picy3
    ok thanks
  357. andritolion
    Me too...
  358. Picy3
    its like a clocka cool clock
  359. andritolion
  360. LacksHead Admin
    ahh, I kinda see it now
  361. andritolion
    I see it ...BRB.
  362. LacksHead Admin
    it doesn't happen to be stuck at 1:50 does it?
  363. SpiderLily
    because when I first saw this young boy, I thought I could fix him. He has broken me. He will never change, he will always ask hello after 10 seconds of silence, and he will always advertise Microsoft products.
  364. Picy3
    so is it possible to create layers with graphics?
  365. LacksHead Admin
    you thought you could fix him!?
  366. PikaRyan has entered the chat.
  367. andritolion
    Big lie...
  368. PikaRyan
  369. SpiderLily
    every man has a breaking point
  370. PikaRyan asks again for help
  371. PikaRyan
  372. SpiderLily
    andrito ain't no humam
  373. PikaRyan has left the chat.
  374. SpiderLily
  375. andritolion is a machine. (lol)
  376. SpiderLily
    Id like to believe he is a spam bot sent out by microsoft to make us buy their products
  377. andritolion
  378. LacksHead Admin
  379. Picy3 is a tired
  380. andritolion is a human...
  381. Picy3 is a tire
  382. Lacks is forever unsure
  383. LacksHead Admin
    is this real?
  384. andritolion is tired...
  385. LacksHead Admin
    Are you real?
  386. andritolion
  387. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  388. andritolion is VERY real.
  389. LacksHead Admin
    Sometimes I don't htink we are
  390. PhilFish
    okay so what the hell is going on in my life
  391. andritolion
    What happened?
  392. PhilFish
    my entire life is utter chaos
  393. LacksHead Admin
  394. andritolion
  395. SpiderLily
    I also have the theory that andrito is a figment of my imagination and it's my brain telling me to end my life
  396. LacksHead Admin
    or his
  397. Picy3
  398. LacksHead Admin
    have you considered murder/suicide?
  399. andritolion
    I tried killing myself twice...
  400. LacksHead Admin
    oh yeah, then there's that elephant in the room
  401. andritolion
  402. Picy3 is a BOT
  403. SpiderLily
  404. Picy3
    so lets talk about stuff;.
  405. LacksHead Admin
    AnyhowPhil, Chaos, eh?
  406. andritolion
    Gee, why are my speakers crackling?
  407. Picy3
    is this a chat
  408. PhilFish
    1. My friend got suspended from school indefinitely for bringing a flamethrower. 2. I just had my first date with someone whom I first met in a mental hospital. 3. I finished my last day of high school... what now? 4. THIS WAS ALL JUST TODAY what the fuck is happening
  409. Picy3
  410. andritolion
    You went to a mental hospital??? I stayed there for a day...
  411. LacksHead Admin
    Welcome to adulting
  412. SpiderLily
    phil that sounds like a good day what are you talking about
  413. LacksHead Admin
    Congrats on the freedomnow to start your enslavement
  414. Picy3
  415. LacksHead Admin
    The date went good tho? :D
  416. Picy3
  417. andritolion
    Only bad thing you said is that your friend got expelled....
  418. PhilFish
    yea we hung out for a few hours around the mallnot expelledsuspended indefinitely
  419. andritolion
  420. SpiderLily
    bye lol
  421. LacksHead Admin
  422. Picy3
  423. andritolion
  424. SpiderLily
    wow picky too lazy to type it yourself
  425. PhilFish
  426. Picy3
    wait.. does anyone here know how old I am..?
  427. LacksHead Admin
  428. SpiderLily
  429. Picy3
    holy fuck you guys are off
  430. LacksHead Admin
  431. SpiderLily
  432. Picy3
  433. andritolion
    But how did you get into a mental hospital, Phil Fish?
  434. LacksHead Admin
  435. SpiderLily
  436. LacksHead Admin
  437. Picy3
  438. LacksHead Admin
    way off to me would be 23
  439. SpiderLily
  440. PhilFish
    okay long story
  441. LacksHead Admin
    somehow I doubt you're 23
  442. PhilFish
    on how we met
  443. andritolion
  444. Picy3
    not im not 23>higher
  445. andritolion
    I went there b/c I tried to kill myself...
  446. Picy3
  447. andritolion
    IDK why u went there...
  448. Lumage
  449. LacksHead Admin
    it is known
  450. Picy3
  451. andritolion
  452. PhilFish
    okay so we met in the mental hospital after we both tried to kill ourselves so yea
  453. Picy3
  454. LacksHead Admin
  455. SpiderLily
    I wanted to fix him but it's impossible I tried alright but there is no fixing that boy and it's driving me crazy
  456. andritolion
    So... Same as me?
  457. PhilFish
    and then she moved to my school and we determined we actually knew each other
  458. Lumage
    nah you're too stupid to be more than 16
  459. Picy3
  460. LacksHead Admin
    Lexi, one must learn to take pleasure in watching self destruction
  461. Picy3
    >lol was talking bout eleventy one
  462. SpiderLily
    wow am I the only one here who hasn't attempted suicide I need to step up my game
  463. LacksHead Admin
  464. Picy3
    >I haven't
  465. LacksHead Admin
    suicide is dumb
  466. andritolion
    Phil, I never expected you were the type to attempt suicide...
  467. SpiderLily
    no one wants your opinions
  468. andritolion
  469. SpiderLily
    microsoft ad I wasn't talking to you
  470. andritolion
  471. Lumage
    oh right i'm asleep
  472. LacksHead Admin
    lol now you're just being mean, Lexigood night sleepy mask
  473. andritolion
  474. LacksHead Admin
    isn't it like.... 7pm your time?
  475. andritolion
    gtg.It's 8:23 PM in PST.
  476. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  477. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  478. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  479. andritolion
    Nah... I usually stay up 'till 12...
  480. SpiderLily
    I want to die I have been coughing nonstop for like half a week at this point
  481. andritolion is staying here for a bit/
  482. LacksHead Admin
    weren't you sick just a while ago too?
  483. andritolion
    Go to a doctor, Lily...
  484. LacksHead Admin
    Must be aids
  485. Picy3
    fuck.. my gf is questioning my poll..
  486. andritolion
  487. LacksHead Admin
    your poll?
  488. andritolion
    I kinda lost my chance with Lori...Did anyone see the .txt?
  489. SpiderLily
    lacks I don't have aids if I had aids then I would be happy because I would have had someone to give me aids
  490. LacksHead Admin
    You will miss a lot in lifethe point is to not stop taking the shots
  491. Picy3
    the one titled "is this poll useless..? lets see"
  492. LacksHead Admin
    she questions your level of maturity, I'm guessing?
  493. Picy3
    is this poll useless..? lets see0 no, its fine. 1 why did you make this? 1 yes its boring 1 im tired 1 kill yourself 0 beep 0 sheep 1 please stop 0 im hungry 0 im dead 0 im honestly not here 1 don't tell anyone I voted on this 0 new sheep 0 thommett productions 0 XD studios 0 homie joe 0 PChicken 0 Face Guy 0 Picy3 0 -please don't delete this btw_ 0 RealTIP 0 ok im done.. 0 or maybe not.. idk Closed6 votes1 userPoll #152 by Picy3
  494. LacksHead Admin
    please don't do htat a simple link to the poll would suffice
  495. Picy3
  496. andritolion
    Less space waste...GTG.Brb in 10.
  497. LacksHead Admin
    but what is she questioning about it
  498. Picy3
    I think andrito and me are same time zones
  499. andritolion is in PST.
  500. Picy3
    the "kill yourself"
  501. LacksHead Admin
  502. Picy3 is same
  503. andritolion
    I srsly gtg now... bye...
  504. Picy3
  505. LacksHead Admin
    "But hon, nobody voted for it!"
  506. Picy3
    no one guy didand she saw that
  507. LacksHead Admin
    lolshall I make it go away? or is the damage done
  508. Picy3
    damage is done-here comes the shockwave-
  509. LacksHead Admin
    why did you add a closed poll btw?
  510. Picy3
    *BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!*no I redid it and posted itthen it got closed again
  511. LacksHead Admin
  512. Trinitro21
    ughuhafuahsdljfdslkfjd latin
  513. LacksHead Admin
    because it's useless! the same reason it got removed last time
  514. Trinitro21
    it's more latin class that i don't like now
  515. LacksHead Admin
    yay latin
  516. Picy3
    yeah but I wanted to see the votes it got
  517. Trinitro21
  518. LacksHead Admin
    at least the scientific names for stuff will be readable to you.... until you slowly forget lol
  519. Trinitro21
    kek yeahbut i get cool names for things
  520. Picy3
    lol I asked how my game looks and she said:"hmmm.... like a spin-off of minecraft, but the characters are kinda tiny and adorable"THIS MEANS WAR
  521. LacksHead Admin
    "Don't Starve" 8 bit editionI like the redesigned lower screen btw
  522. andritolion
    Aww shucks... My left earbud is dead...
  523. Trinitro21
    >Before leaving, he boasts that Helvetian ability is based on courage rather than cunning strategy when is that a good thing
  524. Chemicalex
    Hey tri uhh
  525. andritolion
    Cable prob. apparently...
  526. LacksHead Admin
    They don't retreat as easilythey attack more fiercely
  527. Chemicalex
    Is there a way to actually get unity 3ds I'm curious now
  528. LacksHead Admin
    but I think the romans still whooped their ass, no?
  529. Trinitro21
  530. Chemicalex
    Without paying $2000 to nintendo
  531. Trinitro21
    chem you would have to sign a nondisclosure agreementwhy would you have to pay 2000 to nintendo when you have a cfw'd 3ds to test stuff on
  532. Chemicalex
    Pff y3EwWhat
  533. LacksHead Admin
    2 grand to develop 3ds games seems really cheap and fair. Especially if they allow games like Block racer
  534. Chemicalex
    Fucking keyboard ugh
  535. LacksHead Admin
    at the same time, $2,000 may be the reason they get games like Block Racer
  536. Trinitro21
    i believe it's free to sign up but you have to be of legal age a couple people here already signed up, like hylian
  537. Chemicalex
    Oh the Dev portal?I'm already a user
  538. Trinitro21
    oh oki have no idea as to the details oki haven't tried it and i have no intention of it
  539. Picy3
  540. Chemicalex
    It also says it does have o3ds support
  541. andritolion
    Music sounds weird with 1 ear...
  542. Trinitro21
    set headphones to mono?
  543. andritolion
    No, left ear broke...
  544. Picy3
  545. Trinitro21
    get better earbuds
  546. andritolion
    Where is that Mono setting in Settings...
  547. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  548. Trinitro21
    i have this really nice pair i got from a garage sale
  549. andritolion
    I broke them after 4 months and they cost 10$...
  550. Trinitro21
    they're way better than the stupid apple earbuds
  551. andritolion
    Cable prob..
  552. Trinitro21
    [unnecessary ellipses intensify...]
  553. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  554. andritolion breaks broken earbud's cable with his teeth and throws it away.
  555. Trinitro21
  556. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  557. andritolion
    Its wierd ti have a earbud dangling...
  558. Trinitro21
    one of my classmates put on apple earbuds today in class i could hear all the snare drums
  559. andritolion
    Lol...People can hear the bass on mine...
  560. Trinitro21
    i find snare drums incredibly annoying in music the way that they're used to create a beatat least i think they're snare drumsidk what else to call themoh it's probably not
  561. andritolion uses this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B003CJTR82/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmr1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1494474660&sr=8-2-fkmr1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=philips+bass+earbuds+earhook
  562. andritolion
    Oops...Too long...
  563. Trinitro21
    how long is this summary
  564. andritolion
  565. Picy3
    well then
  566. andritolion
    Saw it?Hello?
  567. Picy3
  568. andritolion
  569. Lacks has left the chat.
  570. andritolion has left the chat.
  571. andritolion has entered the chat.
  572. Picy3
    ok lol
  573. andritolion
    I need better earbuds...Like better cables...Ones that don't break.
  574. Picy3
    lolget these
  575. andritolion
    It broke at the plug...
  576. Picy3
  577. andritolion
    It broke internally.Huh?
  578. Picy3
    those are the best
  579. andritolion
    Why on Fire?Picy3?Need to reboot... Brb...
  580. Picy3
    this is the reason I
  581. andritolion
  582. PhilFish
    okay I think in my life, today has been the greatest mind-fuck ever
  583. Trinitro21
    what happened today
  584. andritolion
    I think the other ear is broke now...Now how will I take the SBAC???
  585. Trinitro21
    sbacyou don't have to have earbuds to take a test
  586. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  587. andritolion
    Its computerized.
  588. Trinitro21
  589. andritolion
    With audio presentations...
  590. Trinitro21
  591. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  592. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  593. PhilFish
    okay tri a lot of stuff
  594. Trinitro21
    they don't provide you with headphones because not everybody has their own pair?
  595. randomouscrap
    hm cool
  596. Trinitro21
  597. randomouscrap
  598. Trinitro21
    touchscreen rnd
  599. randomouscrap
    oh jeez I'll fix that later.
  600. andritolion
    I donated mine because my friend got a dud and I had mine working before...
  601. randomouscrap
    no wait reload
  602. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  603. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  604. randomouscrap
    OK try again
  605. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  606. randomouscrap
  607. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  608. randomouscrap
    still not working?
  609. PhilFish has left the chat.
  610. andritolion
  611. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  612. andritolion
    It's broke...
  613. randomouscrap
    I just replaced the chatdraw with something entirely new
  614. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  615. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  616. andritolion
    You broke it, unfortunately...
  617. randomouscrap
    It looks the same but it uses my unified canvas
  618. andritolion
    Like the UWP?
  619. Trinitro21
  620. randomouscrap
    IDK. Trin, having trouble?wh...waht
  621. andritolion
  622. randomouscrap
    pft hang on are you using a dual touch/mouse screen?
  623. PhilFish
  624. Trinitro21
    i'm using a touchscreeni have a touchpad but i prefer touchscreen
  625. andritolion
    Phone touch.
  626. randomouscrap
    like a touchscreen with a mouse or just a touchscreen
  627. Trinitro21
    it's a touchscreen laptopi have a mouse-like device
  628. randomouscrap
    yeah it's probably doing both mouse and touch events
  629. andritolion
    Lumia 650 touch.
  630. randomouscrap
    errrrrr IDK how to test thatI don't have a dual device like that
  631. Trinitro21
  632. randomouscrap
    I'm almost certain I'm blocking the events
  633. andritolion
    My phone doesnt have a mouse...
  634. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  635. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  636. Trinitro21
    ohno it keeps freezing
  637. randomouscrap
    oh shoot it's freezing for me toowhat the heck yo
  638. andritolion
  639. Trinitro21
    i can't even close the frozen tabs
  640. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  641. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  642. andritolion
    It's not freezing here...
  643. Trinitro21
    does it really happen when i try to touch the draw icon instead of use mouse
  644. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  645. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  646. randomouscrap
    wow ok I guess I'll just have to disable the touch areawhat the heck this worked perfectly fine
  647. andritolion
    I'm in Win10Mobile.Edge.
  648. Trinitro21
    it's even making lines when i press buttons, not even the canvas
  649. randomouscrap
  650. andritolion
  651. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  652. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  653. randomouscrap
    this was literally working perfectly like... yesterday
  654. andritolion
  655. Trinitro21
    yep, it freezes when i use touchscreen to click the chatdraw icon
  656. BlasticusSaturn has entered the chat.
  657. Trinitro21
    i have 4 frozen tabs now
  658. randomouscrap
    I'm sorry I'll remove it
  659. andritolion has 0 frozen tabs.
  660. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  661. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  662. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  663. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  664. randomouscrap
    ok chatdraw is disabled wow what the heck. I didn't change any code I don't think....
  665. andritolion
  666. BlasticusSaturn
    I'm having trouble using SPANIM, and making a walking animation. While I'm pressing the button the sprite isn't animated, but when I let go it starts up. Anyone have a good way of getting that to work?
  667. randomouscrap
  668. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  669. andritolion
    Chat draw is broken....
  670. Trinitro21
    could i see some relevant code?
  671. BlasticusSaturn
    I haven't used the chat much. How do I type in a code style window again?
  672. andritolion
    I can see the HDD light of my laptop/server working...
  673. Trinitro21
    /code STUFFSTUFF
  674. Trinitro21
    ellipsis...so many ellipses...
  675. andritolion
    Sorry. Can't help it.I made my laptop a server...* .
  676. Trinitro21
    cool, do you have a url i could go to to see?
  677. andritolion
    No, I mean a file server...
  678. Trinitro21
    aw that's boring
  679. andritolion
    I have 4 2TB HDDs plugged into it...Plus the 500 GB internal HDD.Good way to use that old laptop. I'm also mining Bitcoin... Maybe I'm stressing it too much...
  680. BlasticusSaturn
    @OP WHILE 1 F==button() IF F==#RIGHT THEN SPANIM 0,2,STRAWBS0,0: GOTO @RIGHT WAIT 3 WEND @RIGHT WHILE F==#RIGHT F==BUTTON() INC X,3 SPOFS 0,X,Y IF F!=#RIGHT THEN SPSTART 0: SPTOP 0: GOTO @START WAIT 1 WENDi know that it's messed up, but it's nowhere near the first thing I've triedAnd It's whatever crazy experiment I had at the moment
  681. Trinitro21
    i hope that SPTOP is a misspellingjust in chat
  682. BlasticusSaturn
  683. Trinitro21
    ok good
  684. BlasticusSaturn
    but simpler versions of this hadn't worked either
  685. andritolion
    Oh, forgot to mention that the fourth HDD is a shadow drive.
  686. BlasticusSaturn
    and this one included an attempt to force stop the animation and reset it
  687. Trinitro21
    why do you have the SPSTART 0 after #RIGHT is released?
  688. andritolion
    It backups changes to the first HDD.
  689. Trinitro21
    i think i understand but i just want to make sure
  690. BlasticusSaturn
    so that once I release the button, the animation is stopped in its infinite loop, and the reset to it's first frame with SPSTART and sent to start. Or at least that's what I tried to do
  691. Trinitro21
    ooo that's interestingdoes it work when you remove the SPSTART?
  692. andritolion
    So, changes in the first HDD is backuped on the fourth.
  693. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
  694. andritolion
    I have a stack of HDDs...As in a literal stack.
  695. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  696. Trinitro21
    what large amount of things are you storing on this space that I consider wayyyyy over the top
  697. randomouscrap
    trin try again
  698. BlasticusSaturn
    it works once, then never again
  699. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  700. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  701. randomouscrap
    It worked on my tablet
  702. BlasticusSaturn
    But it pretty much did the same before I removed it
  703. andritolion
  704. randomouscrap
    oh no is it freezing again?
  705. Trinitro21
    maybe try putting SPSTART directly after SPANIM?
  706. randomouscrap
    oh goodOK awesome. I changed ONE thing lol
  707. Trinitro21
  708. andritolion
  709. Trinitro21
    yep it works
  710. randomouscrap
    Apparently touch events are SO BAD that they... well... they're badThis is why we need a unified system lol
  711. andritolion
    Nifty save icon now...
  712. Trinitro21
    yeah i like the save icon
  713. randomouscrap
    yeah you can thank 12me for that
  714. andritolion
    What does it save?
  715. randomouscrap
    The drawingas a png
  716. andritolion
  717. BlasticusSaturn
    Ok, I don't know why that made it work, but it worked.
  718. randomouscrap
    anyway if you like messing with stuff, the new chatdraw is an object that you can manipulate directly
  719. Trinitro21
  720. randomouscrap
    LocalChatDraw.drawing gives you an object that allows you to set the color, line width, and all the other crap. It even lets you define new toolsLocalChatDraw.drawing.(color, lineWidth, tools, currentTool)
  721. andritolion
  722. randomouscrap
    but why am I explaining all this now lol I'll just put it in a forum post when I'm all done. Nobody's gonna make new tools for the chatdraw anywaygoodnight!
  723. andritolion
  724. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  725. SpiderLily
    god the spam
  726. Trinitro21
    my guess is this SPANIM sets an animation, but doesn't start it, the animation is in the started state automatically SPSTOP sets the animation in the paused state, and even when you make another SPANIM, it's still stopped
  727. andritolion
    How do you make the chatdraw bigger now...
  728. Trinitro21
    the ◲ icon
  729. andritolion
    doesn't want to...on mobile
  730. BlasticusSaturn
    yeah, that passed my mind too.
  731. andritolion
    Chat crashed, apparently.Tab closed, Edge open.
  732. Trinitro21
    chatdraw can get really big
  733. andritolion
    I can't get it a pixel bigger...
  734. PhilFish
  735. andritolion
    Plus use /img... Better res.
  736. Trinitro21
  737. andritolion
  738. Trinitro21
  739. PhilFish
    I got WinNT inside WinXP inside Ubuntu Mate
  740. andritolion
    Must be taxing on your hardware...
  741. PhilFish
    ha no it's taken over 24 hours for the emulator to run the NT installation process
  742. Trinitro21
  743. PhilFish
    yea it's not gonna go any further
  744. andritolion
    lolHow much RAM and how fast is your CPU?
  745. Trinitro21
    just install virtualbox there and duplicate the already-installed nt drive you have and run it inside itselfthen you don't have to run the installer
  746. PhilFish
    8gb ram, i5-650 processor
  747. andritolion
  748. PhilFish
    not at all
  749. andritolion
    Somewhat reminds me of a base Surface Book...
  750. PhilFish
    7 year old dual core processormy main machine is a server grade xeon
  751. andritolion
    Wait, not i5 this gen?
  752. PhilFish
    1st gen man-650
  753. andritolion
  754. PhilFish
    not -7650
  755. andritolion
    How about upgrading it?
  756. Trinitro21
    i have chromeOS's terminal emulator hosted on my server so i don't need an ssh client pleasantly surprised when it worked perfectly in IE
  757. PhilFish
    this is a cheap little linux rig. I have no upgrade plans
  758. andritolion
  759. PhilFish
    Imma upgrade my main PC soon though
  760. andritolion
    I upgrade my PCs alot...Bricked one though... May it RIP...
  761. PhilFish
    my current Xeon W3520 is nice but not outstandingI really want an i7
  762. andritolion
    If you want a i7 and a fancy laptop, get a SB.
  763. Trinitro21
    hang on what's the cpu speed
  764. PhilFish
  765. Trinitro21
  766. PhilFish
    2.66 GHz base, 2.9 turbo
  767. Trinitro21
    oh, huh
  768. PhilFish
    but it's quad core with hyperthreading so that's nice
  769. Trinitro21
    that is nice
  770. andritolion
    I wonder why I didn't get a SB...
  771. PhilFish
    I want a Ryzen 5... I'd love that
  772. andritolion
    or Pro 4..
  773. PhilFish
    no actually I want a Ryzen 7 processor
  774. andritolion
    I just was kinda deal-savvy...
  775. PhilFish
    one sec
  776. PhilFish has left the chat.
  777. andritolion
    300$ for a Surface 3 128GB with Type Cover? No way!
  778. Trinitro21
    andritolion can you unhide for a second
  779. andritolion
    Letme guess... Block?
  780. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  781. Trinitro21
  782. andritolion
    Ummm... Mean... Just tell me, what did I do wrong. I'll improve next time.
  783. PhilFish has left the chat.
  784. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  785. Trinitro21
    sometimes i feel like you get sidetracked talking about your thing while other people are talking about something different
  786. PhilFish
    the i7-7820hk looks neat
  787. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  788. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  789. andritolion
    Well, I was recommending a computer... Sorry. I'll try harder next time.
  790. BlasticusSaturn has left the chat.
  791. Trinitro21
    you recommended a computer, then went off on a tangent about how you wish you had bought a different surface or something
  792. andritolion has entered the chat.
  793. PhilFish
    I have to head out for the night
  794. andritolion
    Block away.
  795. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  796. PhilFish
  797. andritolion
  798. PhilFish has left the chat.
  799. andritolion has left the chat.
  800. andritolion
    I assume he is done... Now where did he go...
  801. andritolion sucks.
  802. Picy3 has left the chat.
  803. andritolion
    Chat is awkwardly quiet, and empty...
  804. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  805. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  806. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  807. Trinitro21
    the only reason my sister plays ukulele in her room is apparently because she likes the hammock she set up under her loft bed
  808. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  809. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  810. ColeslawProductions has entered the chat.
  811. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  812. Picy3
    lol that is really funny^^^^^^^
  813. Picy3 has left the chat.
  814. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  815. ColeslawProductions
    outputting 2160p60 via the audio jack amirite
  816. ColeslawProductions has left the chat.
  817. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  818. GoodGameGod
    =/Me and ol' Tdos again eh?It's hard for us only-on-chat-around-2am-for-most-people-ers.ZZZzzz...I'm awake!Oh nobody's here...Okay, nap time.ZZZzzz...World's most stupid bullet bill: http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/ofcjq.jpgAmazing art by me.>Not amazingIs there a way to get rid of the white around it so that its not a square? I have no edit/photoshop skills.Goodnight!
  819. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  820. snail_ has entered the chat.
  821. snail_ has left the chat.
  822. Lacks has entered the chat.
  823. Lacks has entered the chat.
  824. Lacks has left the chat.
  825. snail_ has entered the chat.
  826. LacksHead Admin
    Hi Snail
  827. snail_
  828. LacksHead Admin
    how goes the battle today?
  829. snail_
    alright I guessmy first hour is pretty much just people presenting their final projects for the forseeable future
  830. LacksHead Admin
    nice. Boring, but nice
  831. snail_
    yeah, a bunch of nothing to do
  832. snail_
    I see you're using == for assignment== is compare, = is assign>hopefully they show up
  833. LacksHead Admin
    == "Is equal to" correct?
  834. snail_
    yesprobably should have said that instead
  835. LacksHead Admin
    compare made sense to me, I just wanted to confirm I'm thinking about it correctly
  836. snail_
    what's interesting is that in hardware most CPUs perform comparisons using the subtraction hardwarewell, numeric comparisons
  837. LacksHead Admin
    like.... IF A -- 2 then.....
  838. snail_
    no I mean, the actual circuitry subtracts the two numbersjust a side notethought it was interesting lol
  839. LacksHead Admin
    oh, it doesn't chech if they are the same, they subtract them to see if they zero?check*
  840. snail_
    if you do A - B, you get either a positive, negative, or zero (assuming both are positive)if it's positive, then A>Bnegative, A<B
  841. LacksHead Admin
    ahh, that's kinda cool. Efficient
  842. snail_
    if they're both integers, it doesn't matter if they're signed depending on how they're representedyou can just pretend they are both unsigned (thus positive), subtract them, and then treat the result as having a signbecause of the way CPUs represent signed ints (I think)actually idk two's complement is weirdthat might not work, actually…well, whatever
  843. LacksHead Admin
  844. snail_
    real numbers require their own floating point math processor anyway
  845. LacksHead Admin
    I think since the party was attacked mid arena battle, the town is gonna be pissed at them for ruining the tourney
  846. snail_
    hehe what
  847. LacksHead Admin
    Potentially running them out of town
  848. snail_
    sounds like a bad time
  849. LacksHead Admin
    It was supposed to be a non-lethal tournament. Now 1/4 of the participants are dead, but smoke in the arena obscured who killed whoBookies won't honor the bets as the tourney was not truly won, so a lot of the town is pissed their money is gone.
  850. snail_
    hehoh bye
  851. LacksHead Admin
    the paarty is waiting here for a murderer coming down the road to catch up to them, but I'm trying to drive them out of the city so said murderer can slip past them to get ahead againbye
  852. snail_ has left the chat.
  853. LacksHead Admin
    I liked it better when you talked, TDoSooh! where's record!his bot needs a command so that TDoS can link his chat loggermaybe he put it in the profilenope, it still says it's a chat botai* chat bot
  854. Perska has entered the chat.
  855. LacksHead Admin
    Hello Perska
  856. Perska has left the chat.
  857. Perska has entered the chat.
  858. Perska
    eughchat looks a bit bad on my phone
  859. Lumage
  860. Perska has left the chat.
  861. LacksHead Admin
    Good morning Lumage
  862. Lumage : noncommittal grunt
  863. Lumage
    Ah I found out how to add trainers, too.
  864. LacksHead Admin
    oh, niceI didn't know you were still working on that
  865. Lumage
    I haven't done much. I've been busy fthe last few weeks but I have been doing researchMostly I'm writing powershell tools to let me edit mapsso it'll be a while before I actually have a new update
  866. LacksHead Admin
    sweetprogress is still progress
  867. andritolion
  868. Lacks has left the chat.
  869. snail_ has entered the chat.
  870. snail_
    backfor nowguess not
  871. snail_ has left the chat.
  872. Lacks has entered the chat.
  873. Perska has entered the chat.
  874. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  875. LacksHead Admin
    I'm starving. I gotta remember to eat more in the morning.
  876. Perska has left the chat.
  877. Perska has entered the chat.
  878. Perska
  879. Lumage
  880. LacksHead Admin
  881. SpiderLily
    lacks why eat in the morning
  882. Perska
    chat on my new phone seems to be the wrong height
  883. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, it chops the top tabs, Perska ? Mine too
  884. randomouscrap
    It's a chrome thing
  885. Perska
  886. LacksHead Admin
  887. randomouscrap
    I really hate them
  888. LacksHead Admin
    Me too
  889. randomouscrap
    "100% now includes the nav bar!" >what
  890. LacksHead Admin
    I usually can't eat in the morning, Lexi. Food makes me want to puke for the first few hours
  891. randomouscrap
    And there's NO way to fix it I believe, because they don't give you a height that means "viewable area with navbar"
  892. LacksHead Admin
    If you scroll down then up it goes away............. Only to come back as soon as you do anything. Fuckers.
  893. Perska
    and since i have overflow be hidden, i can't move the page
  894. Lumage
    "Is this a good moment to ask myself why my lightbulb started talking to a TOR exit node on UDP port 123 this morning?"
  895. Perska
    my previous phone did use chrome but at least it let me hide the navbar
  896. LacksHead Admin
    Up then down* lol Randy, you made the private rooms hidden then they did this update and I have to keep it open lmao
  897. randomouscrap
    anyway I might figure out how to "fix" it later, but I'm guess there's not really a good way other than making chat fullscreenwhich is really easy but IDK if you guys will want that
  898. Perska has left the chat.
  899. Perska has entered the chat.
  900. Perska
    eughi had to enable overflow so the chat tabs weren't inaccessible
  901. randomouscrap
    perska try umoih shoot where is it
  902. andritolion
    Huh... The history of Microsoft's site! https://www.microsoft.com/misc/features/features_flshbk.htmEven on a old site!
  903. randomouscrap
    Perska do /eval launchIntoFullscreen(document.body);
  904. SpiderLily
    and you say you arent a microsoft ad
  905. randomouscrap
    to exit, do /eval exitFullscreen()
  906. Perska
    even while hidden, you can't stop advertising, huh?
  907. andritolion
    It's a old site...As in 1999 old.
  908. randomouscrap
    Or anybody else who wants fullscreen chat. /eval launchIntoFullscreen(document.body)
  909. 12Me21Admin
    ew fullscreen
  910. randomouscrap
    It helps on mobile devices
  911. andritolion
    It didn't scale well...
  912. randomouscrap
    It's because you're using a microsoft product
  913. andritolion
  914. randomouscrap
    Anyway, hopefully that kinda solves the navbar issues for now
  915. Perska
  916. andritolion
    Um... The chat doesn't completely cover the screen...
  917. randomouscrap
    oh pft wow. UGH what is mobile even doing
  918. 12Me21Admin
    how about name your tabs something that doesn't take up the entire width of the screen perska
  919. andritolion
  920. Perska
  921. randomouscrap
    Again, that is a microsoft thing
  922. andritolion
    HUH?What did MS do?
  923. Perska
    stop using crap and it might work
  924. andritolion
    CRAP???Chrome is crap!
  925. randomouscrap
    I can't control what MS thinks fullscreen means. I call the browser's fullscreen function. I can't do anything more than that.
  926. andritolion
    No, I think the website didn't do Full Screen correctly...
  927. randomouscrap
    If MS thinks that means "leave the start menu" then you'll just have to deal with it
  928. SpiderLily
    lmao chrome is crap funniest thing i have heard in years
  929. andritolion
    On other sites, like YouTube, it covers EVERYTHING.
  930. Perska
    it won't work because ms edge is IE in disguise except with one line of code rewritten
  931. andritolion
  932. Perska
    why are you posting butts
  933. 12Me21Admin
    Edge is very different from IE but still not good though lol
  934. andritolion
    Sorry...Butt still, SBS is the prob here...lol
  935. randomouscrap
    Ok andritolion
  936. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  937. randomouscrap
    While you've got your nose in Microsoft's behind, why don't you read the fullscreen api provided by browsers and see tell me how it's my fault https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Fullscreen_API
  938. Chemicalex
    Oh heated conversation no thank you
  939. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  940. andritolion
    It works great on Mobile though...
  941. randomouscrap
    btw andritolion I'm going to have to ask that you stop being a living Microsoft advertisement
  942. andritolion
  943. randomouscrap
    I don't like "making rules", but absolutely nobody likes when all you do is talk about Microsoft
  944. Perska
    random can chatJS read the last executed command
  945. randomouscrap
    yesit's in some array somewhere
  946. andritolion
  947. randomouscrap
    Perska it's "commandList"Just read the command at the very end
  948. andritolion
  949. randomouscrap
  950. andritolion
    Yeah, it works fine, except on PC.
  951. randomouscrap
    I don't control how it works on each device. If you read that document I posted, it is literally just a single function, called "requestFullscreen". Meaning it's up to the BROWSER to determine what that menas
  952. andritolion
    Probably cuz my screen has a weird 3:2 aspect ratio...
  953. Chemicalex
    Wait what are we even talking about
  954. andritolion
    If it's a browser prob, why does YouTube work?And the same browser works on Mobile just fine/
  955. Chemicalex
    youtube does different stuff in each browser
  956. randomouscrap
    Maybe because the browser treats videos requesting fullscreen differentlyor maybe the video is actually using flash
  957. Chemicalex
  958. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  959. Chemicalex
    Wait noI...don't think
  960. andritolion
    What don't you think?
  961. Lumage
    "Here we are." Tails said. Everyone ignored Tails. "Here we are." Shadow said. Tails was mad.
  962. Chemicalex
  963. Perska has left the chat.
  964. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  965. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  966. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  967. Chemicalex
    hey triApparently I needed to send an email to nintendo requesting a license key
  968. Trinitro21
    idcooooo 11.4 ntr streaming
  969. Chemicalex
    i just love how much the people on this site careWait what
  970. Trinitro21
    https://github.com/44670/BootNTR/releases/tag/bootntr_3.2i don't care because you're probably not supposed to be doing it and i don't want to get into that
  971. Chemicalex
    Oh NY my account is fully legalNo*I signed up under a parents' name but added a user under mine and made it the admin
  972. Trinitro21
    mhm seems shadyalso nda
  973. LacksHead Admin
    Two more days then the weekend.... Two more days then the weekend..... Ravioli and a nap
  974. Chemicalex
    I can autoupdate bootNTR right?
  975. LacksHead Admin
    The lost puppy is following me. So I go closer to the, who visibly hates him and he goes away hahahahaTJ* not the
  976. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  977. Trinitro21
    i think so, if it doesn't update i'd just use fbi to do it
  978. LacksHead Admin
    X.x I walked thru a spider nest. Babies keep dropping from my hair into my vision hehehe
  979. Chemicalex
    It updated to 2.8 uhh that's not the current it is?Crap current is 3.2
  980. Trinitro21
    no you're mixing ntr versions and bootntrselector versions
  981. Chemicalex
  982. Trinitro21
    ohwaityou're mixing bootntr versions and bootntrselector versionsthey're differentbootntrselector 2.8 is latest, and has ntr 3.5 capability
  983. Chemicalex
    So what else do I have to do then
  984. Trinitro21
    nothing, you're good
  985. Chemicalex
    ...okay then
  986. Lacks has left the chat.
  987. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  988. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  989. andritolion
    Hey.Plus, Lacks, tell SpiderLily about that spider problem...
  990. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  991. andritolion
  992. PhilFish
  993. andritolion
    What up?
  994. PhilFish
    not much
  995. andritolion
    I forgot to turn on the fan for my laptop that has a dead fan...At least I'll come fhome to some warm laptop...Maybe hot enough to fry eggs on it...It's fan is dead, so I need to use a cooling pad...But I forgot to plug it in after starting folding@home...Hello?
  996. Lumage
  997. andritolion
    Oh god... Now how am I supposed to do the SBAC...
  998. Trinitro21
  999. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1000. andritolion
    SBAC=Smarter Balanced Assessment ConsortiumI'm doomed...
  1001. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1002. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1003. Chemicalex
    What the heck lol http://patandleecomic.com/comments.php
  1004. randomouscrap
    wow you get a lot of bots
  1005. Chemicalex
    I haven't even updated the site in 2 weeksYeah I'll just have to completely remake the site for the new comicThis one was way too inefficient Wow my shadow showdown remake got a 4.8/5 average huh
  1006. PhilFish
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBxpeuxUiOA quality meme 10/10
  1007. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1008. 12Me21Admin
    ok snail you were right using states is a good idea I guess
  1009. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1010. PhilFish
    .odt master race
  1011. Lumage
    >doomed >standardized testing confirmed mentally deficientshould I read Dune yet
  1012. randomouscrap
    is dune even ACTUALLY good?
  1013. Lumage
    idk that's why I'm asking lol
  1014. randomouscrap
    I have it on my wishlist. I'll listen to it next after I'm done with japanese and tell you how it is
  1015. PhilFish
    I think I may finally have my valedictorian speech so that's nice
  1016. Lumage
    show us
  1017. randomouscrap
    I'm having trouble with this generalized undo buffer and yet Phil's over here being valedictorian
  1018. Chemicalex
    I think I won't be valedictorian just so I won't have to give a speech
  1019. Lumage
    random tell phil that lumage will tell him it's bad
  1020. randomouscrap
    But you're lumagea => b => c is equivalent to a => c
  1021. PhilFish
    I'm hesitant to show lumage because I'm afraid he'll rek the speech
  1022. randomouscrap
    so just tell him yourself lol
  1023. Lumage
    But ethos, random.
  1024. PhilFish
    besides, I'm not a language artist or a writer... I'm just a science nerd like what the hell can I say at fucking high school graduation
  1025. Lumage
    I doubt my school has a valedictorian we don't officially rank students
  1026. randomouscrap
    I find it's better to speak your mind than to say what other people expect from you
  1027. PhilFish
    I am
  1028. randomouscrap
    Eventually nobody will care what you said. You will always care though
  1029. PhilFish
    I'm actually gonna do a somewhat controversial speech
  1030. Lumage
    it doesn't matter if it's controversial if you have a purpose
  1031. randomouscrap
    If I was valedictorian I'd make a speech about how insignificant I am and how I find it useless that we're placing so much emphasis on awards
  1032. Chemicalex
    Why do 80% of artists on DA only have the ability to draw anime
  1033. Lumage
    though the fact that you say it's controversial instead of the purpose of it worries me
  1034. randomouscrap
    I think you have it a little backwards there chem80% of artists on DA only draw trash style
  1035. PhilFish
    basically the gist of my speech will be: "I don't know what the hell I'm talking about let the past define who you are because that makes you a better person (learn from experience and have no regrets) be the best at everything change the world"
  1036. Chemicalex
    Same thing
  1037. randomouscrap
    maybe 20% do anime
  1038. PhilFish
    the purpose is basically saying to learn from you past and cherish it to become the best human being you possibly can be
  1039. randomouscrap
    No but seriously, I'd love to make a speech that invokes existential fears
  1040. Lumage
    oh you're just going to talk about your personal beliefs on how to have an outlookme too
  1041. Chemicalex
    "You sucked so look back at when you sucked and it will make you...not...suck"
  1042. PhilFish
    I mean I don't know what the hell else I can say
  1043. Lumage
    Thinking about the past can be super triggering for depression desu
  1044. Chemicalex
    I was at a college graduation last week and a gy who wasn't wearing pants walked up to the podium and yelled "YOU SUCK"
  1045. PhilFish
    bro I have bipolar depression and tried to kill myself twice I think I'm qualified to talk about thinking about the past
  1046. Lumage
    Maybe I can sneak in to say something Most of anybody that gets to speak around here are popularity politics
  1047. randomouscrap
    chem I'd say most of DA draws like this: http://spiderdasquirrel.deviantart.com/art/Jellybean-Love-653125771aka "trash pseudo furry style"
  1048. PhilFish
    random, that's deviantart in one pictureexcept for my deviantart
  1049. randomouscrap
    it's still in my favorites because I love it lol
  1050. Chemicalex
    Oh I thought you just meant trash style in which anime would fit perfectly
  1051. randomouscrap
    I mean trash as in tumblr
  1052. LacksHead Admin
    don't forget all the porn labeled as artistic nudity.
  1053. PhilFish
    I want to take a screenshot of my desktop, then take a screenshot of that screenshot, then a screenshot of THAT screenshot, and go on like 20 iterations
  1054. Chemicalex
    That bad?Uhh Phil I did that alreadyIt j
  1055. PhilFish
    but I have the Ubuntu mate desktop'
  1056. Chemicalex
    It stopped being fun after like 5 iterations
  1057. Lumage
    haha passing off porn as artistic nudity artistic nude is pretty cool actually
  1058. SpiderLily
    wow i actually passed the math eoc
  1059. randomouscrap
    congratulations lexi
  1060. Chemicalex
  1061. Lumage
    wtf is everybody getting out of school now?
  1062. SpiderLily
    just barely too im surprised because this class didnt teach me crap
  1063. Chemicalex
    http://spiderdasquirrel.deviantart.com/art/Rub-Kitty-488758849 why does everyone comment like they're roleplay inAlso I like this added to favorites
  1064. randomouscrap
    SO MANY people roleplayit's not a big dealjust don't get roped into it if you don't want to
  1065. Lumage
    ~replies enthusiASTICALLY~oh wait I bet that's markdown
  1066. randomouscrap
    One of my fetish drawings has over 200 comments because they were roleplaying it's not
  1067. Lumage
    oh alright
  1068. Chemicalex
  1069. SpiderLily
    random thats why i dont use deviantart
  1070. Chemicalex
    It was the umbreon wasn't it
  1071. randomouscrap
  1072. Lumage
    you don't have to worry about roleplay if no one looks at your stuff
  1073. randomouscrap
    I never actually read all their comments. I stopped after like... the first 3 lol
  1074. LacksHead Admin
    Amen to that, Lumage
  1075. Chemicalex
    Oh goodness I found itI read the whole thing aggressiveSolid proof the human race was a mistake
  1076. Lumage
    he gets it
  1077. randomouscrap
    oh shoot plumsI awnt plaums
  1078. Lumage
    ICS format is hard so I'm using a generation tool to make the base so I can fix it by hand afterward
  1079. Chemicalex
    I don't awnt plums
  1080. Lumage
    anything I should add?also I love plumshmmm it seems like pluots have a slightly earlier season than plums better add those pluots is tasty
  1081. PhilFish
    the NT version schemes are retardedWindows 2000: NT 5.0 (okay good) Windows XP: NT 5.1 (huh?) Windows Vista: NT 6.0 (fixed themselves I guess) Windows 7: NT 6.1 (uhh what?) Windows 8: NT 6.2 (did Microsoft break again) Windows 8.1: NT 6.3 (so will 10 be NT 6.4?) Windows 10: NT 10.0 (what the fuck)
  1082. Lumage
    Oh I don't have blueberries
  1083. PhilFish
    so Vista and 8.1 are only 0.3 versions apart, but 8.1 and 10 are... 3.7 versions apart?!
  1084. LacksHead Admin
    Saskatoon berries are better
  1085. Lumage
    what's their seasonality?
  1086. PhilFish
    holy shitwindows xp why so many updatesthis will take years55 updatesand each of these takes a solid 5 minutes to install
  1087. randomouscrap
    phil why didn't you just create all these virtual machines on the original machine and THEN put them inside each other?
  1088. PhilFish
    that's over 4 hoursbecause that's no fun ;)
  1089. randomouscrap
    ...it's fun to wait longer than you need to?
  1090. Lumage
    july and august
  1091. PhilFish
    it's fun to do the work in each nested layer of VMonce I build my boss PC this is my plan:Launch up Windows 10 emulate Windows 8.1 emulate Windows 8 inside that emulate Windows 7 inside that emulate Windows Vista inside that emulate Windows XP inside that emulate Windows 2000 inside thatI'd probably fry my CPU but hehactually I don't think there's a CPU on the planet that could handle thatit would have to be some supercomputer
  1092. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1093. Lumage
    yeah they're not designed to handle stupidity
  1094. LacksHead Admin
    Shit it feels like their season is all of 2 weeks loo
  1095. Lumage
    sorry About your luck
  1096. PhilFish
    it would make an amazing screenshot though
  1097. Lumage
    it is, apparently"Saskatoon berry harvest usually begins in early July and will last two to three weeks." I'm going to say july-august because if they're wildberries the early date matters but I guess maybe you could find them in market in august?
  1098. PhilFish
    https://www.pcsteps.com/508-nested-virtualization/ "To satisfy your scientific curiosity, we have documented all our attempts, including the failures. So, if you were dreaming of nested virtualization, then you have weird dreams, maybe you should talk to a professional. But you will get the answers to what's possible." so apparently I need to seek professional help
  1099. SpiderLily
  1100. randomouscrap
    jwow is this the current state of the internet? Websites that don't serve images if you have adblock on AND which spam notifications AND full screen "join our newsletter" bs every time you navigate? Jeez manwhat's up lexi
  1101. SpiderLily
    i felt left out so i drew some form of rodent too wanna see it
  1102. Lumage
    yes random
  1103. LacksHead Admin
    Yes. Internet 3.0 "the shitternet"
  1104. Lumage
    it's this kind of stuff
  1105. randomouscrap
    awww yesof course I want to see it
  1106. Lumage
    reminds me of the thing i had to write yesterdaybut oh i can't talk about it
  1107. SpiderLily
    https://i.imgur.com/Nj3SU0Xh.jpg ignore the right atmarm
  1108. PhilFish
    these people know how to do it
  1109. Lumage
    the big spook isn't so much that the internet is 'replacing' traditional services, it's that it will be the same garbage it still is when it does
  1110. randomouscrap
    awww it's so cute and creepy at the same time OwO
  1111. PhilFish
    VM in a VM in a VM
  1112. Chemicalex
    It's less cute more creepy for me but I still love it mmm
  1113. LacksHead Admin
    More cute, less creepy here
  1114. randomouscrap
    awww it's cute though you're just weird chem
  1115. PhilFish
    more creepy less cute
  1116. SpiderLily
    it stopped looking like a rodent halfway through though now it looks like some sort of troll thing
  1117. LacksHead Admin
    Gremlin esque
  1118. randomouscrap
    I like its little legs
  1119. Chemicalex
    It looks like something out of the Muppets Idk more detailed noses don't appeal to me that much that may be itIt's just me sorry lol
  1120. randomouscrap
    lol I was jk I don't think you're weird
  1121. SpiderLily
    random did you also see my avatar
  1122. randomouscrap
    OH right I was going to comment on it last night but then I had to go to sleep and arrghWhat I was going to say last night was: "woah did you draw that Lexi?" and then I zoomed in and noticed it was distinctly your style so I was excited and wanted to say how cool it was and then sleep happenedI know you're "upset" because you just do skeletons or whatever but you do them well
  1123. Chemicalex
    Okay I actually really like paper jam so farIt gives off wonderful vibes
  1124. randomouscrap
    I thought it was an actual thing
  1125. Perska has entered the chat.
  1126. SpiderLily
    well although i only do skeletons now atleast i do them well
  1127. PhilFish
    20 minutes in and we have 13 of the 55 winXP updates doneso estimated one hour 25 minutes total for all updates
  1128. LacksHead Admin
    So tired
  1129. Lacks has left the chat.
  1130. SpiderLily
    random wanna see something else i just finished
  1131. randomouscrap
    Of course
  1132. PhilFish
    estimated time has crossed two hours for these updates
  1133. SpiderLily
  1134. PhilFish
    I found a nichijou manga at the book store yesterdayI love the art styleit's anime but very unlike mainstream anime style
  1135. randomouscrap
    ah, that's pretty good! You got the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and nose all lined up properly and correctly aligned with the head, and that really stands out.I can't do that lolJust remember that people's ears are not usually positioned so high. If you trace a line across your face, the ears usually go from the bottom of the nose to your eyebrows
  1136. PhilFish
    okay estimated 1h55m on these updatesimagine putting glasses on with those ears
  1137. PhilFish runs.
  1138. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1139. PhilFish whispers: sorry that was mean
  1140. SpiderLily
    thanks for the advice random
  1141. randomouscrap
  1142. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1143. randomouscrap
    The position can be higher or lower of course (and it is in those pictures) but it's usually centered around the eyes/nose
  1144. PhilFish
    the updates have finished actually the first 20 took forever but the last 35 took like 2 seconds
  1145. randomouscrap
    You're welcome, and I'm sorry if you weren't looking for criticism right nowOh and it definitely looks like a girl, so I hope that's what you were going for lol
  1146. SpiderLily
    i dont mind its helpful so why would i be botheredi forgot i wanted to show you this one random https://i.imgur.com/Fo80Mznh.jpg
  1147. Lacks is jealous of Lexi's skills
  1148. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1149. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1150. randomouscrap
    oh dang that's really creepy. The super dark, large eyesockets framed by the lank hair really hits you And I love the crown
  1151. PhilFish
    I-I-I can't d-draw b-but I can u-use programs t-to m-m-make spacespaces
  1152. Perska
    what the fuck my brother gave me 20€ for letting him take a 2.29€ chip bag i had bought
  1153. PhilFish
    yo take itdon't complain lmfao
  1154. Perska
    already took it
  1155. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1156. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1157. Lumage
    WE ARE THE 101%
  1158. Perska
    at least i can now get more snacks for game marathons in the summer
  1159. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1160. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1161. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1162. SpiderLily
    random im still self conscious about you calling tip better than me
  1163. randomouscrap
    He just has a better eye for this stuff, even if his stuff isn't as complex or creative as yours.
  1164. SpiderLily
    what does better eye even mean
  1165. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1166. Lumage
    you know how kekhex and lumage both know css
  1167. randomouscrap
    His drawings feel natural; things don't feel off
  1168. Lumage
    but kekhex makes gross things and lumage makes things you can at least look at
  1169. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1170. Lumage
  1171. randomouscrap
    It's probably easier for him than it is for us
  1172. SpiderLily
    am i the only one who can see all the imperfections in his art or something
  1173. randomouscrap
    There are imperfections of course. He's not perfectBut the imperfections are not part of the structureThey are just little details
  1174. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1175. randomouscrap
    IDK maybe I'm just not seeing it like you area
  1176. SpiderLily
    imo he is just not very good
  1177. randomouscrap
    *areok for instance this thing he drew
  1178. Lumage
    it's not that it's perfect the style is really good though, in that it can look good without being 'perfect'
  1179. randomouscrap
    It doesn't really look the person he was trying to draw, but you can feel the volume in this drawing even though there's no shading
  1180. SpiderLily
    random i cant really base his ability on something that incomplete
  1181. randomouscrap
    It's justa feeling lexiIt's probably baseless
  1182. SpiderLily
    not feeling it
  1183. randomouscrap
    *my feeling is just a feeling and my feeling is probably baselessI never said his art was amazingIt's just natural
  1184. Lumage
    I've seen so many people where just the sketches like that feel better than colored and shaded art
  1185. SpiderLily
    you said he is better than all of us sorry but you are an idiot if you think he is better than you
  1186. Lumage
    I think it's that you can tell there's an understanding of the shape and a sense of it even in the simplest sketch of itif random used the minimal strokes to do something it wouldn't look good
  1187. randomouscrap
  1188. SpiderLily
  1189. Lumage
    If I used only the minimal strokes to draw one it would be a mess
  1190. randomouscrap
    I can't visualize a 3D shape and just immediately crap out a the lines for it like he did
  1191. SpiderLily
    different strokes for different folks
  1192. randomouscrap
    I have to sit there and do trial and error for like half an hour before something even comes out and it's usually incorrect
  1193. Lumage
    but some people can use minimal strokes and it'll feel like it has more form than a full drawing
  1194. randomouscrap
    Sure, I can kinda shade maybe. But the part that actually matters: the basic structure.... I have to try REALLY hard and it doesn't turn out right
  1195. SpiderLily
    random you are assuming a lot how do you know he does it in one try
  1196. randomouscrap
    Because of how his sketch looks
  1197. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1198. Lumage
    it's not that it's one try, it's that there's an understanding of where to place the marks
  1199. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1200. Lumage
    so you don't HAVE to try over and iver
  1201. randomouscrap
    If you draw a structure and then erase it, you (a) leave marks and (b) take some of the sketch off
  1202. MasterR3C0RD
    Kek I just made a dock out of these cube things in my math room
  1203. randomouscrap
    IDK lexi I don't have any factual evidence to support my claimIt's just a feeling. I've looked at a LOT of art
  1204. SpiderLily
    random even my sketches can look godly its the final piece that matters
  1205. randomouscrap
    His art reminds me of people like my Mom and my cousin. They're natural artists and when I ask them to draw something it just... works.
  1206. MasterR3C0RD
  1207. randomouscrap
    You don't have to believe me or take what I'm saying to heart. Maybe you are a better artist and he's just been doing it for agesso it just "looks" like something when it's really just practiceI can tell you that I am certainly not a better artist
  1208. SpiderLily
    i dont care about if my art is good random i just get pissed when you say you suck when you obviously dont
  1209. randomouscrap
    And I'm not saying that to get praise
  1210. MasterR3C0RD
    No, you're definitely a good artist RandyDon't act like you aren't, because that's dead wrong
  1211. SpiderLily
    random you are the best artist here and i dont see why you dont think so
  1212. 12Me21Admin
    everyone thinks other people's art is better than their own
  1213. randomouscrap
    OK I don't "suck". I'm like a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being "good artists on deviantart", not "van gogh". But I don't have natural talent and it makes me upset sometimes that I have to practice SO HARD and SO MUCH and I still make amateur mistakes. I'm sorry if my self-deprecating gets on your nerves; I try to make it as objective as possibleAnd thank you lexi, you're saying very nice things
  1214. SpiderLily
    i think like that sometimes but not random level random can see a five year olds crayon drawing and say its better than his
  1215. MasterR3C0RD
    Don't act like you're the only one that self deprecates lolI know I suck at, well, everythingBut I keep trying
  1216. randomouscrap
    I won't say something is better if I dont' believe it
  1217. SpiderLily
    random the time it took to get there doesnt matter its the end that counts
  1218. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1219. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1220. randomouscrap
    Kek throwing some of my own words back at me?
  1221. MasterR3C0RD
  1222. randomouscrap
    I know it doesn't matter if it takes me forever. It's just a little frustrating sometimes. I seriously make some of the same mistakes that I did when I first started drawing because it's so hard for me to see
  1223. MasterR3C0RD
    AW FUCK WHERE'S MY RIGHT ARROW KEYDAMN IThttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect
  1224. SpiderLily
    random with your logic everyone is an awful artist and we should all quit everyone makes old mistakes sometimes
  1225. randomouscrap
    Sometimes is the keywrod
  1226. Lumage
    that's not his logic nor his conclusion
  1227. randomouscrap
    I'm sorry, I'll stop going on about it. I just have to keep trying I guess
  1228. SpiderLily
    lumage stop joining in
  1229. MasterR3C0RD
    I wish there was an easy way to see if I am a good programmer
  1230. randomouscrap
    If you go to college for programming you'll knowYou'll work on group projects or talk to others and you'll definitely know
  1231. MasterR3C0RD
    I want to know nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlol
  1232. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1233. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1234. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm probably not as good as I think Iam*I a*I amPlus, there's the fact that I'm really lazy, so I can't finish a project
  1235. 12Me21Admin
    well let's seehow many useful things have you made?...
  1236. MasterR3C0RD
    UhhhhhhNothing?Oh, maybe SBAPI
  1237. Chemicalex
    >easy way>> go to college
  1238. MasterR3C0RD
  1239. 12Me21Admin
    I guess this is more of a measure of how much of a USEFUL programmer you are, not really how GOOD you are
  1240. Chemicalex
  1241. MasterR3C0RD
    First project was Chat-R(or at least the first one I made entirely by myself)Then I think it was uhMaybe the first TDoS
  1242. 12Me21Admin
    ABR3338V version 7
  1243. 12Me21 grand dad
  1244. MasterR3C0RD
    Then the RICE module for chatNo waitRICE then TDoS
  1245. 12Me21Admin
    I thought RICE was before all that
  1246. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1247. MasterR3C0RD
    No, the RICE chat module was like 2015Chat-R was before that
  1248. randomouscrap
    If you can program better than me then you're doing really well
  1249. 12Me21Admin
    oh well there's been like 20 versions of CHAT-R
  1250. MasterR3C0RD
  1251. randomouscrap
    Well... no that makes it sound like I'm good
  1252. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm probably NOT better than you
  1253. Lumage
    random is decent everyone maybe worse than two points under him is just shit
  1254. randomouscrap
  1255. Lumage
    there's a lot of shit in this field
  1256. MasterR3C0RD
    I might be lower-end decent maybe
  1257. randomouscrap
    Lumage you know I graduated at the top of my class when I got my Master's right?
  1258. Lumage
    I don't.
  1259. MasterR3C0RD
    Random definitely has more skills than me loo*lol
  1260. randomouscrap
    That doesn't mean I'm good; maybe FSU was just a garbage school(it probably was yeah)So I'm the best of the mediocre lol
  1261. MasterR3C0RD
    Well whateverI'll probably finish like 4th or 5th maybe
  1262. randomouscrap
    If I went to Stanford or whatever (if I could even get in) I would've been like bottom tier gah I need to... not say things. I'm sorry
  1263. MasterR3C0RD
    It's hard to really tell how good you are until you try writing something
  1264. 12Me21Admin
    random mediocre programmers are the ones who are like just learning not to use GOTO
  1265. MasterR3C0RD
    I mean, I know where my strengths lie
  1266. randomouscrap
    Ignore the fact that I said I graduated at the top. I don't want you to think I'm trying to brag or that I'm actually good. If I were actually good I would've gotten hired sooner and at an actually decent starting salary and not the lowest of the low end for someone with a master's
  1267. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm no good with graphics in generalKinda shit with really anything that's supposed to look niceGood APIs are not my thingBut I mean
  1268. randomouscrap
    You'll find something to specialize in
  1269. MasterR3C0RD
    If anyone knows as much about SBS' API as Random/Lumage/anyone else that worked on the site, it's me
  1270. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1271. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1272. MasterR3C0RD
    Mostly because it was basically made for me
  1273. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1274. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1275. MasterR3C0RD
    Since, you knowNo one makes anything with the API except me
  1276. Lumage
    12 you're confusing mediocre with median
  1277. MasterR3C0RD
    And I was the only person asking for it
  1278. 12Me21Admin
    >>>>you complain about wanting features and then never use them
  1279. randomouscrap
  1280. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, except when GeekDude was running his IRC bridge
  1281. randomouscrap
    Anyone who gets an education will know the things I know
  1282. MasterR3C0RD
    But he only really knew maybe User and ChatAuth AFAIKI can write a chatbot in my sleep at this point lmfao
  1283. randomouscrap
    Anyway I'm sorry I shouldn't get you guys into this "I'm not good" fest
  1284. MasterR3C0RD
    It'll suck when/if Random rewrites the chat server as IRC
  1285. An administrator has forced a CoinX reset. Everyone is back to square one.
  1286. MasterR3C0RD
  1287. Perska
  1288. MasterR3C0RD
    12, was it you?
  1289. 12Me21Admin
    no one ever uses coinx anymore
  1290. MasterR3C0RD
  1291. Perska
    now i can start playing again and then abandon it at $10
  1292. MasterR3C0RD
    My fault for implementing admin commands in the first place
  1293. Perska
    ok done time to abandon the game
  1294. 12Me21Admin
    more like your fault for making the game flawed
  1295. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1296. Chemicalex
  1297. randomouscrap
    It's... an interesting balance to make though. Confidence has so much power and can get you to do things that are maybe outside your skill level, but it can also close your mind if you think you're so great.
  1298. Chemicalex
    >but kekhex makes gross things
  1299. 12Me21Admin
    I don't think anyone would've noticed if it didn't announce it in chat.which I forgot that it did I should've expected it though
  1300. Chemicalex
  1301. 12Me21Admin
    oh well
  1302. MasterR3C0RD
    I agree RandomSome people think they're so good that something is too simple for themWhen they're actually pretty shitty at programming in generalOthers think they're shittyWhen they're actually pretty good
  1303. randomouscrap
    But is the "greatness" achieved from confidence also fake? I was very confident for a while when I was making some of those drawings, but looking back they're no different than any of the other drawings I made when I wasn't confident. It's all just how >>I<< viewed them, not how they objectively were
  1304. Chemicalex
    What do you mean i make gross things ughnu
  1305. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1306. MasterR3C0RD
    I guess my specialty is just networking stuff in general
  1307. Chemicalex
    Gloom edge you confuse me egh
  1308. MasterR3C0RD
    I can definitely do more than just web developmentLike the BF -> C compiler I wrote that was beating Phil the whole time(he was writing his own at the same time)But that was probably just a flukeWhatever, I think I'll be in the mood for programming todayI might rewrite K4chan
  1309. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  1310. MasterR3C0RD
    I'll need to find someone good with CSS though
  1311. Guzzler829
    I've only got like one more week of school stuffs yey
  1312. Chemicalex
    Oh oops I didn't read the message above it ugh I'm so blegh
  1313. Guzzler829
  1314. Chemicalex
    Sorry lumage css is gross fir me
  1315. MasterR3C0RD
    Not sure Trin would want to rewrite it again
  1316. Guzzler829
  1317. MasterR3C0RD
  1318. Chemicalex
  1319. Guzzler829
  1320. MasterR3C0RD
    cant wait for uo too fial and mk me lafe
  1321. Guzzler829
    >I don't feel right not using the right "to(too, two)" even when joking
  1322. MasterR3C0RD
    I still have a month left ughhhhhhh
  1323. Chemicalex
    I'm going to go back to the previous subject since I missed it
  1324. Guzzler829
    no i"m teh one lafeing
  1325. MasterR3C0RD
    June 29th and I'm out of her*here
  1326. Guzzler829
  1327. MasterR3C0RD
  1328. Chemicalex
  1329. Guzzler829
    lolWhen does your school start back up?
  1330. MasterR3C0RD
  1331. Guzzler829
    eh, I guess it's not that horriblelike later september?
  1332. MasterR3C0RD
  1333. Guzzler829
  1334. MasterR3C0RD
    After Labor Day
  1335. Guzzler829
    what does winter break look like?
  1336. MasterR3C0RD
    This year it was 2 weeks
  1337. Guzzler829
  1338. MasterR3C0RD
    School started late
  1339. Guzzler829
    >Canadian spelling like an American>"Labor"
  1340. MasterR3C0RD
    So what?
  1341. Guzzler829
  1342. MasterR3C0RD
    I spell color color
  1343. Guzzler829
  1344. MasterR3C0RD
    But Canadians spell it colourWhich is bull
  1345. Guzzler829
    I honestly think the British English spellings are dumb
  1346. MasterR3C0RD
    I do spell fibre fibre though
  1347. Guzzler829
    ....so then "centre" too?
  1348. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1349. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1350. Chemicalex
    Ugnnn I'd like to draw someone's avatar maybe
  1351. MasterR3C0RD
    That dependsSometimes I spell it center
  1352. 12Me21Admin
    draw mine lol
  1353. MasterR3C0RD
    Other times I slpell it centre
  1354. Guzzler829
    when I see "centre" I want to pronounce it "sen-tray"
  1355. Chemicalex
  1356. 12Me21Admin
  1357. Guzzler829
  1358. 12Me21Admin
    me too
  1359. Chemicalex
  1360. MasterR3C0RD
    Redraw Xenon in colorrr
  1361. Chemicalex
    I don't color my traditional stuff
  1362. Guzzler829
    what's your favourite spelling*WINK*>DID U SEE THA U
  1363. Chemicalex
  1364. MasterR3C0RD
    https://pastebin.com/DfcTe6ckRedraw it modernly then kekI really want to see Xenon in his full edgelord colors
  1365. Chemicalex
    Technically I did draw him in color the first time
  1366. Guzzler829
    Man, I really wanna play Mother 3, but it hasn't been long enough since I last played it
  1367. Chemicalex
  1368. MasterR3C0RD
    >purple hair
  1369. Guzzler829
  1370. MasterR3C0RD
    >shoes have purple highlights
  1371. Guzzler829
  1372. MasterR3C0RD
    >shirt under jacket is purpleAnyways gotta get home from schooo
  1373. Chemicalex
    Visualizing this in my head it looks.......very not good
  1374. Guzzler829
    does anyone on this site even play much Mother/Earthbound?
  1375. 12Me21Admin
    atm maybe
  1376. Guzzler829
    hmmEarthbound seems to be basically a really revised version of Mother/Earthbound ZeroMother 3/Earthbound 2 seems to be pretty much the best game ever
  1377. Chemicalex
    Me irl
  1378. Guzzler829
    hmm I wonder whywait chemdo you really have the scruffinessaround your chin there
  1379. Chemicalex
    Yes sometimesI forget to shave usually
  1380. Guzzler829
    That's a nice style you've developed.
  1381. randomouscrap
    ^I really like your style. Don't let us stop you from changing it or anything though
  1382. Guzzler829
    I really need to start making revising my style
  1383. Chemicalex
    Oh it was you and others here who made me switch over in the first place
  1384. Guzzler829
    justdon't change it too much anymoreit's at it's peak I'd say
  1385. Chemicalex
    From the blocky whatever style egh
  1386. Guzzler829
  1387. randomouscrap
    What guzzler come on don't make him stagnate
  1388. Guzzler829
  1389. randomouscrap
    If he wants to develop his style more let him
  1390. Guzzler829
    I'm just saying
  1391. Chemicalex
    Lol it's fine. My style will subcontiously develop whether I want it to or not
  1392. Guzzler829
    go ahead and work on itjust keep drawing
  1393. Chemicalex
    Crap o/12 I'll do your thing...soon
  1394. Guzzler829
    I have trouble with drawing things that don't exist(characters, abstract art, etc.)o/I've always been good at drawing things in the real world as I see them though
  1395. 12Me21Admin
    Random did you change the way being active/inactive in chat works?
  1396. randomouscrap
  1397. Guzzler829
    And drawing is one of the things I put off the most
  1398. randomouscrap
    I don't think so anyway. And if I did it was at least 70 days ago
  1399. Guzzler829
    So I actually haven't learned to use color for doing realism drawings of things
  1400. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1401. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1402. 12Me21Admin
    Huh. My avatar stays gray until I post something rather than staying colored whenever I'm on the pageMaybe you changed it a while ago and I didn't notice.
  1403. Chemicalex
    oh shoot also thanks for the kind words
  1404. Guzzler829
    oh shoot also
  1405. 12Me21Admin
    I might have made the first tutorial level too evilMaybe I should save the mean tricks until later levels lol
  1406. randomouscrap
    yeah probably
  1407. 12Me21Admin
    I have a sign that says "collect the ★s to win", and you have to collect the star from the signbut you'd expect the sign to just be a background object
  1408. Guzzler829
    lol that anime sucked
  1409. randomouscrap
    what is it
  1410. Guzzler829
  1411. Chemicalex
    what how is my 3ds camera better than my $250 tablet's camera
  1412. Guzzler829
    mysteryYou might like it though
  1413. Chemicalex
    of course it sucked, it's anime</bias>
  1414. Guzzler829
    die in a hole</weeb>
  1415. Chemicalex
    i think you go in the hole after you die though
  1416. Guzzler829
    >not actually quite a weeb
  1417. Chemicalex
    oh random do the sun rays in my avatar look like sun raysor are they just out of place
  1418. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1419. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1420. Chemicalex
    shoot you're always gone when i go to ask something eghpth
  1421. 12Me21Admin
    They look like sun rays now that you tell mebut before that not really
  1422. Chemicalex
    did you even notice them before
  1423. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1424. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I just wasn't sure what they were though I didn't really think about it at all
  1425. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1426. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1427. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1428. Guzzler829
    holy crap I'm dying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fq2Nzz7hhuI
  1429. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1430. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1431. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1432. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1433. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1434. LacksHead Admin
    I thought the "sun rays" were just a wonky scan
  1435. Chemicalex
    What this is digital
  1436. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1437. Lacks has left the chat.
  1438. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh coolTDoS is still logging
  1439. LacksHead Admin
    I thought you just used them to your advantage instead of letting it ruin the pic
  1440. MasterR3C0RD
    I guess I fixed the bug
  1441. LacksHead Admin
    Did you get my pm, record?
  1442. MasterR3C0RD
    PM room or Site PM/
  1443. LacksHead Admin
  1444. MasterR3C0RD
    Reading nowI'll update his bio
  1445. LacksHead Admin
    SwiggidyDUCK BUTTS!!!!!I like watching the ducks while on breakAlthough I see now the rinks grease bin is leaking into their water....
  1446. MasterR3C0RD
    So uh randy
  1447. randomouscrap
    oh shoot I'm still here yes
  1448. Chemicalex
    Kacks for future fpreference I don't color on traditional stuff
  1449. MasterR3C0RD
    Could you symlink /var/www/html/logger and /var/www/html/brokenr3c0rd/logger?
  1450. LacksHead Admin
  1451. MasterR3C0RD
    FPreferenceFurry Preference?
  1452. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1453. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1454. LacksHead Admin
    Oh we got that in spades
  1455. Chemicalex
    Reference*>oh random do the sun rays in my avatar look like sun rays
  1456. LacksHead Admin
    Furry preference reference.
  1457. randomouscrap
    uhh truthfully, I know that they're supposed to be sun rays but nombr uhhh why
  1458. Chemicalex
    I didn't think so either mm
  1459. MasterR3C0RD
    I want to make a nicer and shorter shortcut for TDoS logs
  1460. randomouscrap
    Sun rays are very sharp and that angle suggests that the sun is very low, which means the tree would have to be a dome (and the light isn't the right color anyway)Make the light shafts almost vertical, make them sharp, and add some extremely thin ones around ituhh maybe later mbr
  1461. MasterR3C0RD
    Cool thanks
  1462. Chemicalex
    Yeah I tinted the light yellow but it looks almost green for some reason
  1463. randomouscrap
  1464. MasterR3C0RD
    So I got one of those fidget spinner things today
  1465. randomouscrap
  1466. MasterR3C0RD
    Not because I believe the bullshit about it being good for fidgetingBut because it's entertaining
  1467. Chemicalex
    I see what you're getting at random but I was dumb and never saved a layer file
  1468. MasterR3C0RD
    I tried my friend's, and it was really fucking funSo I try this one
  1469. Guzzler829
    any songs I should learn to play on electric guitar..?
  1470. MasterR3C0RD
    Theirs was the same brand, and was pretty quiet
  1471. Chemicalex
    How many instruments do you know lol
  1472. MasterR3C0RD
    This one sounds almost like a jet plane taking off though
  1473. LacksHead Admin
    Metallica "whiplash"
  1474. Guzzler829
  1475. randomouscrap
    Metallica "battery"
  1476. LacksHead Admin
    Brownie points if you can play it at that speed
  1477. randomouscrap
    Metallica "fight fire with fire"
  1478. Guzzler829 actually just tuned his guitar down half a step...
  1479. LacksHead Admin
    Creeping death
  1480. MasterR3C0RD
    Duck Song
  1481. Guzzler829
    you guys are gonna make me tune it back up? :/
  1482. Chemicalex
    Ooh maybe I should convert some of my songs to piano sheet music
  1483. Guzzler829
  1484. LacksHead Admin
    Uhh.... PanteraBuddy Holly!
  1485. randomouscrap
    Joe Satriani
  1486. LacksHead Admin
    The immigrant song
  1487. Guzzler829
    I don't know what you guys are even saying anymore
  1488. Chemicalex
    Can you play by ear
  1489. Guzzler829
    mmmmm usually not
  1490. Chemicalex
  1491. randomouscrap
    Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson
  1492. Guzzler829
    I've tried randomkekI could if I just practiced for like a month straight
  1493. randomouscrap
    Joe Satriani: Satch Boogie F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X by The Fall of Troy
  1494. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  1495. Chemicalex
    Mozart's 5th violin concerto but on electric guitar
  1496. Guzzler829
  1497. Picy3 has left the chat.
  1498. LacksHead Admin
    Canon in D
  1499. Chemicalex
    A lot of the melodies used in some of my songs are almost unplayable because they're so quickThis for example https://soundcloud.com/chemicalhexmusic/mew-ae
  1500. LacksHead Admin
    Slow that shit down so a mofo can tap a beat, yo
  1501. MasterR3C0RD
    https://myanimelist.net/animelist/MasterR3C0RD @RandyAny recommendations?
  1502. Guzzler829
  1503. Chemicalex
    Gotta catch em allListen to Chemicalex 3DS Custom Theme by ChemicalHex #np on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/chemicalhexmusic/chemicalex-3ds-custom-themeHere lacks this one was pretty laid back
  1504. Lacks has left the chat.
  1505. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1506. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1507. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1508. Guzzler829
    If I can be bothered, I learn that version of Cannon in D
  1509. Lumage
  1510. Trinitro21
  1511. Guzzler829
    ehlumage what is this
  1512. Chemicalex
    What the heck this song starts out with about 5 sounds at once and by the last slot it took up 15
  1513. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, I should start working on K4chan 2.0
  1514. Chemicalex
  1515. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1516. LacksHead Admin
    You guys haven't seen all the odd shotgun slugs before?
  1517. MasterR3C0RD
    K4chan (Kay for Can) was an anonymous forum thing I made a while back
  1518. Lumage
    it's not so much the shell as the 'calbiration' at 2:00
  1519. MasterR3C0RD
    Trin, you can come back, I'm not going to ask you to do anything
  1520. Chemicalex
    You mean Kland
  1521. MasterR3C0RD
  1522. Chemicalex
    I mean what you're doing sounds exactly like Kland
  1523. MasterR3C0RD
    It was slightly different from klandIt used BBCodeThe styling was much different
  1524. Chemicalex
    Just like http://lz.x10.mx/I and http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/image are slightly different
  1525. randomouscrap
    oh mbr would you like me to set up another server like oboy but where I give everyone sudo privs?
  1526. MasterR3C0RD
  1527. randomouscrap
    I personally won't be putting ANYTHING on there
  1528. MasterR3C0RD
    I'll just install Suicide Linux
  1529. randomouscrap
    but I can let you guys have fun with a sandbox I guess
  1530. MasterR3C0RD
  1531. randomouscrap
    If you break it I'll only fix it once a month lol
  1532. LacksHead Admin
  1533. Lacks has left the chat.
  1534. Guzzler829
    >If this isn't science, I don't know what is
  1535. MasterR3C0RD
    >>>okay I'll just put all my nudes on itOh uh RandomYou any good with drawing humans?
  1536. randomouscrap
    why do you want some pornI'm not good enough to draw porn right now
  1537. MasterR3C0RD
  1538. Lumage
    he wants you to draw his mary sue
  1539. randomouscrap
    I'm... IDK I'm OK at drawing humans. It's not greatAnd I need to practice faces for like a yearmaybe next year
  1540. MasterR3C0RD
    Alright kekKnow anyone that can?
  1541. randomouscrap
    ask lexi
  1542. MasterR3C0RD
    Is he here at the moment?
  1543. randomouscrap
  1544. MasterR3C0RD
    Hey LilyDo you take requests?
  1545. randomouscrap
    I mean just because he might be hiding doesn't mean he's actually hereas a tangent, unit tests are fun http://randomouscrap98.smilebasicsource.com/scripts/public/unittest.html
  1546. MasterR3C0RD
    undoer.UndoCount() === 5[FAIL](returned false)
  1547. randomouscrap
    Yes I knowIt's because I'm not wrapping 0 like I should. It's a circular buffernow it works ^-^
  1548. Guzzler829
    Goes to gamestop Yes I'd like an old n3ds
  1549. randomouscrap
    this is when "used" would be good to use
  1550. Guzzler829
    nintendo can name stuff reely gudyeah eyah reandoom
  1551. MasterR3C0RD
    Alright time to write some shitLo,l*lol
  1552. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1553. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1554. MasterR3C0RD
    Holy shit literally all the Chrome/Chromium processes on my computer died at the same timeEven discord
  1555. Chemicalex
    Why do you want everyone to draw this character anyway
  1556. MasterR3C0RD
    Because I wanna see it drawn
  1557. Guzzler829
    I think I'll learn Canon in D on ukulele
  1558. Chemicalex
    It's not even a good character though
  1559. Guzzler829
    and then record it and send it to try kek*tri>>>>>>try
  1560. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  1561. Picy3
    darth maul is lonely
  1562. Picy3 as darth maul: "im lonely.. vote for me"
  1563. Picy3 has left the chat.
  1564. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1565. Trinitro21
    guzzzzzzzzi don't want your ukulele recordings
  1566. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1567. MasterR3C0RD
    Ugh I ended up watching Saekano S2E5
  1568. Perska has left the chat.
  1569. Guzzler829
    Tri it sounds really nice though
  1570. Trinitro21
  1571. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1572. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1573. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1574. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1575. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1576. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1577. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1578. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1579. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1580. 12Me21Admin
    You can check the type of DATA with a function like DEF GET OUT VALUE READ VALUE END ?TYPEOF(GET())'1 ?TYPEOF(GET())'2 DATA 3,"A"
  1581. MasterR3C0RD
  1582. PhilFish
    Mirai Nikki?
  1583. 12Me21Admin
    Oh wow my game looks a lot better with color
  1584. MasterR3C0RD
    How tf did you guess
  1585. PhilFish
    I watched it
  1586. MasterR3C0RD
  1587. PhilFish
    it's good but really deep and mindfucking
  1588. MasterR3C0RD
    I just finished episode 1
  1589. PhilFish
    yea that pink haired girlis insane
  1590. MasterR3C0RD
    When I recognized that she was a yandere, I was like"Holy shit there's anime that have a yandere chasing the main character?"Anyways, I need more anime to watch once I finish Mirai Nikki
  1591. Trinitro21
    pty.js how to find out what user has logged on when you spawn a /bin/login terminal
  1592. MasterR3C0RD
    No idea, never used ithttps://myanimelist.net/animelist/MasterR3C0RD
  1593. PhilFish
    yea Yuno... she...she does end up on murderous sprees just a heads up
  1594. MasterR3C0RD
    It's a yandereI didn't expect any less@Trin Best I can say is run "id"
  1595. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1596. Trinitro21
    ohi guess that somewhat works, but i can't /really/ automate it
  1597. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1598. MasterR3C0RD
    You could ALWAYS manually do the login shitParse /etc/shadow
  1599. Lumage
    "found an anime with a yandere"people like you are why 12 and tri think they hate anime
  1600. Trinitro21
    i don't hate it i just don't care about it
  1601. MasterR3C0RD
    Look, I was surprisedI wasn't looking for itBut I had never seen any anime with a yandere in it before
  1602. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1603. 12Me21Admin
    I think there's a relevant xkcd for this
  1604. PhilFish
    there's always a relevant xkcd
  1605. LacksHead Admin
    And if there isn't.... Rule XKCD34
  1606. Lumage
    the furry one is semirelevant
  1607. 12Me21Admin
    hmm that's not the one I was thinking of, but yeah I guess so
  1608. MasterR3C0RD
  1609. LacksHead Admin
  1610. Lumage
    you're reacting like I said something weird but the meaning of the furry one is just "what you like might be weird but there's always something weirder and you're not so bad"
  1611. LacksHead Admin
  1612. Lumage
    I was half talking to lacks
  1613. 12Me21Admin
    Actually the one I'm thinking of might not have even been on xkcd, I don't remember
  1614. LacksHead Admin
    I was laughing at how uncomfortable record gets at furry stuffIf the top hinges of the bifold door broke I would get bifurcatedOr pancaked.Meh. Shade is worth it.
  1615. Lumage
    "I'll get transversed"
  1616. 12Me21Admin
  1617. Lumage
    ah it made me think of "bisected'
  1618. 12Me21Admin
    they fixed the spelling of "HARHWARE" but left in "your" instead of using "you're"
  1619. LacksHead Admin
    Did I mean bisected?Nahhh
  1620. 12Me21Admin
    Omiwa: cave, that memeing fish have cares haven't Lumage: atm959: I'm anything be uh 3 interwebs, was anyone can over the we make the onscreen hair
  1621. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  1622. 12Me21Admin
    jumps slackerSnail: suddenly shit
  1623. Picy3
    lols all adound
  1624. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1625. Picy3
  1626. MasterR3C0RD
    @Lacks I'm uncomfortable around furry stuff because I don't exactly agree with it
  1627. Trinitro21
    I'm uncomfortable around your mildly inappropriate music because I don't exactly agree with it
  1628. Lumage
    ^ THIShahahano one is that serious about the furry thing but I can't speak for your continued interest in that music thing
  1629. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1630. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1631. MasterR3C0RD
    The music sounds goodS3RL makes good music, even though the lyrics can be... very fucked up>>>go after Phil too he listens to S3RL as well
  1632. Lumage
    I'll give you three seconds to realize that's not a good argument
  1633. PhilFish
    yes I do listen to S3RL
  1634. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  1635. Lumage
    phil mentioned it once as far as I know
  1636. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1637. Trinitro21
    ...and the same rationale can be applied to your distaste of furries
  1638. PhilFish
    I posted Weekend Has Come by S3RL which is actually a remix
  1639. GoodGameGod
  1640. Trinitro21
    someone could be into that just because they make good art, even though some of it can be... very messed up
  1641. Guzzler829
    I made candy who wants soooome
  1642. Trinitro21
    how would you get it to us
  1643. Guzzler829
    Just hop into my can*van
  1644. PhilFish
    main pls my address is 1234 Marsmail*
  1645. Guzzler829
    k wil do
  1646. PhilFish
  1647. Guzzler829
  1648. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1649. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1650. Chemicalex
    writing stuff against your belief hurts>Just hop into my can
  1651. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1652. LacksHead Admin
    I'd hop into guzz's can for free candy.All the vans with good candy turn me away. Saying I'm too old.
  1653. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1654. Chemicalex
    darn biased fucksno respect
  1655. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1656. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1657. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1658. Guzzler829
    are you freaks in my can yet*yeetit's only forty paces north
  1659. Trinitro21
    ugh debugging js on a 3ds againoh nvm
  1660. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  1661. Joshuaham123
    Umm guys sorry but I somehow forgot how to put sprites on bottom screen help
  1662. Trinitro21
  1663. Joshuaham123
  1664. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  1665. Trinitro21
  1666. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  1667. HylianHoundoom
    huhevery time i get close to any radio, it starts to get staticyno matter the circumstanceit's weird
  1668. MasterR3C0RD
    They're showing dislike because you prefer digital (computers) to analog (radio)
  1669. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1670. Chemicalex
  1671. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1672. HylianHoundoom
    who said i prefer digital to analog (you didn't need ot point out what each one was, i already knew)
  1673. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1674. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1675. Trinitro21
    when i set innerhtml can i do document.getElementById immediately afteralso don't ask why i'm doing innerhtml
  1676. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1677. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1678. 12Me21Admin
    try it
  1679. Trinitro21
    there may be other factors in the code that affect why fails
  1680. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1681. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1682. 12Me21Admin
  1683. Lumage
  1684. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1685. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1686. Trinitro21
    nvm got it
  1687. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1688. Lacks has left the chat.
  1689. LacksHead Admin
    omgthe fade to black is perfect!this is awesome, Lumage!
  1690. 12Me21Admin
    oh I love when I suggest a feature and then forget how it works
  1691. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1692. 12Me21Admin
  1693. HylianHoundoom
  1694. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1695. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  1696. Joshuaham123
    Umm do you guys know how to turn var$ into var
  1697. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1698. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1699. Trinitro21
  1700. Joshuaham123
  1701. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  1702. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1703. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1704. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  1705. Joshuaham123
    Also is there any way to goto @var or goto @var$ or something like that
  1706. Kuragen
    hello ehm...i have a question. so i made a variable to move my character to the right with x location using while wend. but i have a lil trouble. i have to press the right button every time to make my sprite move. i want to let the button held down so it could move. how should i write the code?https://imgur.com/Wh8ooXJ
  1707. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1708. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1709. 12Me21Admin
  1710. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1711. 12Me21Admin
    use BUTTON(0)
  1712. lilstrubel
    hello :)
  1713. Joshuaham123
  1714. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1715. Picy3
  1716. HylianHoundoom
    back from what?the insane asylum?
  1717. lilstrubel
    Anyone close to finished with their contest entry? :)
  1718. Picy3
  1719. HylianHoundoom
    yeah, i gave up on sb a while ago
  1720. Picy3
    I haven't even started yet lol
  1721. lilstrubel
  1722. HylianHoundoom
    now i'm trying to make games professionally
  1723. lilstrubel
    That sounds cool :D
  1724. Picy3
  1725. lilstrubel
    Can I ask why you gave up on sw?sb*
  1726. Picy3
    im trying to work on my game (Island Wars 2) mainlyso ill probably stary my entry on sundaystart'
  1727. HylianHoundoom
    i gave up sb for many reasonsbut a big onewas somethign to deal with Fnafsb
  1728. lilstrubel
    Oh was that the program that started a lot of bad stuff in the community?
  1729. HylianHoundoom
    since I got all of the heat from that fire.uh, yespretty popular as wellbut, uhit was a huge fucking mess when i got dmcad
  1730. lilstrubel
    I liked that program but the key was removed when I went to go redownload it
  1731. HylianHoundoom
    that's when the DMCA hit
  1732. lilstrubel
    what's a DMCA
  1733. Lumage
    he got a cease and desist letter
  1734. lilstrubel
    is it an acronym?
  1735. PhilFish
    dimming my coke aftershadow?
  1736. lilstrubel
  1737. Picy3
  1738. HylianHoundoom
    well, if you're interested with how i'm making games nowi use unityhttps://unity3d.com/
  1739. lilstrubel
    wow unity is hard af for me to learn
  1740. HylianHoundoom
    funny thing is, I'm still using 2d assets and suchinstead of 3d modelsbut i'm still making a 3d game
  1741. lilstrubel
    I'm making a game for SB called Smile World :)I wish I could make a game and put it on steam but Idk any other programming languages (Idk if VB.NET even counts)
  1742. HylianHoundoom
    for the contest?
  1743. lilstrubel
  1744. HylianHoundoom
  1745. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  1746. PhilFish
    VB countsit's just bad~
  1747. lilstrubel
    oh okay then I know 1 other lol
  1748. HylianHoundoom
    I'm so tempted to name these game objects Solgaleo and Lunala@phil;