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  1. lilstrubel
    why don't you like using GOTO? I would help you but I'm not trained with WHILE loops Atmwhy don't you like using GOTO? I would help you but I'm not trained with WHILE loops Atm
  2. Kuragen
  3. lilstrubel
  4. Kuragen
    ok thanks anyway.
  5. PhilFish
    GOTO is badhe's right for not wanting to use it
  6. lilstrubel
    you're welcome good luck
  7. Lumage
    https://github.com/H2Developers/Nuclear-Armegeddon-Series/tree/master/AaH%200.0.1 wtfthis is all binaries
  8. PhilFish
    he's right for wanting to stick to WHILE/WEND that's best practice for procedural languages like SmileBasic
  9. lilstrubel
    Yeah I heard bad things about GOTO but I never really understood fully
  10. Lumage
    what about the source tracking
  11. PhilFish
    it leads to spaghetti code (unmaintainable/messy) code
  12. lilstrubel
    is it because of all the Go to this go to that stuff?
  13. PhilFish
    programming tab kuragen
  14. Picy3
    back again'
  15. PhilFish
    and it makes it harder on yourself if you try using a language like Python that doesn't even have "goto"yesit's harder to track
  16. lilstrubel
    I see can you teach me a basic WHILE loop
  17. PhilFish
    functions and looping should be what you use instead of GOTO/GOSUBWHILE [this condition is true] [do this] WEND
  18. lilstrubel
    I just started using DEF
  19. Picy3
    def is amazing
  20. lilstrubel
    Oh now I see why people put WHILE 1
  21. PhilFish
    WHILE X<6 INC X WEND this will increment X until it's 6... then the loop will exit
  22. Picy3
    its the best thing ever
  23. PhilFish
    yes WHILE 1 is an infinite loopfunctions are good
  24. Picy3
  25. lilstrubel
    Are you talking about this?DEF NAME(ARG,ARG)
  26. PhilFish
    there are languages based entirely on functions they're called "functional programming languages"
  27. lilstrubel
    did I do that right
  28. PhilFish
  29. Picy3
  30. PhilFish
    if you google the Haskell programming language, the entire language revolves around the mathematical application of functions
  31. lilstrubel
    I guess functions are really important :O
  32. Picy3
    wait how do you put programming lettering in the chat..?
  33. Kuragen
    i have a question why does my character moves while i press the button. but i doesn't do it continously while is being pressed?..
  34. lilstrubel
    Why does Smile Basic have functions anyway I don't think conventional basic had functions but I'm not sure
  35. Kuragen
  36. lilstrubel
    do /code (Code)
  37. Kuragen has left the chat.
  38. Picy3
    oh cool thanks
  39. lilstrubel
    np :)
  40. Picy3
    DEF somethingDEF Chestitems
  41. lilstrubel
    Hey Phil did conventional basic have functions?maybe I was wrong
  42. Picy3
    ^hey while im here, does anyone have ideas for my game..?
  43. lilstrubel
    Will "Island wars 2" Have a day/night cycle? :)
  44. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  45. Picy3
    yeah it already does
  46. lilstrubel
    cool :)
  47. Picy3
    yeah its really coo;:)
  48. lilstrubel
    How many lines of code is it atm (Estimate if you don't have access to your 3DS atm) :D
  49. Picy3
    I think around 1100..?
  50. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  51. lilstrubel
    wow same as Smile World LOL
  52. Picy3
    LOL :)
  53. lilstrubel
    Anyway I am happy because I will be 15 tomorrow :D
  54. Picy3
    though a lot of it is unneeded stuff
  55. Kuragen
  56. Picy3
    oh awesome!
  57. Chemicalex
    kuragen i hope you know that unless you actually tell us how your code works we can't help you
  58. Picy3
    -15 is always the best--forever will be too-
  59. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  60. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  61. Picy3
  62. lilstrubel
    yup hahaha
  63. Picy3
    HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!!
  64. lilstrubel
  65. Chemicalex
    wrong tab
  66. lilstrubel
    fuck I forgot about the tab lol srry
  67. Chemicalex
  68. Picy3
    Well we are still talking aout my game..anyways so NPC's in first with 9/10 votesthen fire pits with 8/10 votes
  69. lilstrubel
    Is this a good avatar?I want to stop putting girls on my avatar lol
  70. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  71. Picy3
    And for NPC's we got lots of votes! (108 total)
  72. lilstrubel
    I think I voted for NPC's on multiple devices lol
  73. Picy3
  74. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  75. Picy3
    in first we have blacksmith! (idk how..)
  76. Chemicalex
    try something with a subject that isn't a korean female
  77. Picy3
    2nd woodsman (which I agree too)
  78. Kuragen
  79. lilstrubel
    okay I'm changing now but only once because I don't want to upset any of you okay
  80. PhilFish
    lil sorry I was eating dinner
  81. Picy3
    3rd is Lost Soldier (which I honestly don't know how it got so many, but im happy anyways)
  82. lilstrubel
    It's okay :)
  83. PhilFish
    I haven't learned conventional BASIC so I can't tell you much about it
  84. Picy3
  85. lilstrubel
    no worries I was just curious :)
  86. Kuragen
    oh thats great...thanks anyway.
  87. Picy3
    so ill make a new poll tomorrow for voting on the top winners
  88. lilstrubel
    @Kuragen Something cool is you can span /code to multiple lines :)PRINT "HI" PRINT "BYE"
  89. Picy3
    wait how
  90. PhilFish
  91. lilstrubel
    do shift+Enter
  92. PhilFish
    now does anyone know how to do this?
  93. Picy3
    oh thx!
  94. lilstrubel
    no :O
  95. Chemicalex
    i've learned 3 variations of BASIC and they're all pretty much the same
  96. PhilFish
    ./md `code`
  97. lilstrubel
    is VB.NET one of them?
  98. Picy3
    nice it works
  99. PhilFish
    gravemarks are necessaryVisual Basic isn't Basic
  100. lilstrubel
    ./md hello
  101. Chemicalex
    what i didn't say vbasic
  102. lilstrubel
    didn't work
  103. PhilFish
    Visual Basic is C# with a more verbose syntax...okay 1:gravemarks are NECESSARY
  104. Chemicalex
    /md (text)
  105. lilstrubel
  106. PhilFish
    2: you don't put the dot before the slash... it's a command ;-;
  107. Kuragen
    now have to re write that crap again....with the phone.....yaih!
  108. lilstrubel
    lol sorry
  109. Kuragen
  110. Picy3
  111. Kuragen
    here is a pic of the code.
  112. Chemicalex
    I've learned SmileBASIC, JustBASIC and...one other one
  113. GoodGameGod
    >Imma back
  114. PhilFish
    ./md `code`
  115. lilstrubel
    Okay I'll see you guys tomorrow I gtg eat
  116. PhilFish
  117. lilstrubel
    thanks phil
  118. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  119. Chemicalex
    phil just use /md /md and it'll display normally
  120. PhilFish
    no because the gravemarks will make it into code/md code
  121. Kuragen
  122. PhilFish
  123. Chemicalex
  124. Kuragen
    pressing space and enter at the same time on the phone doesn't work.
  125. PhilFish
    yea phones don't work
  126. Picy3
  127. PhilFish
    with multiple lines
  128. Chemicalex
    no it won't work on phone/3dsalso wrong tab
  129. Chemicalex
  130. Kuragen
    well...cant you help me looking at the link? there is a pic of the code.
  131. PhilFish
    what is goING ON WITH MY LIFE
  132. Chemicalex
    nice smgalaxy background ggg
  133. PhilFish
  134. Chemicalex
  135. Kuragen
    sorry i ask to much....i am starting to learn...
  136. PhilFish
    so the girl I met in the mental hospital we had our unofficial first date yesterday and now she and her mom are contacting me and my mom over social media
  137. Chemicalex
    i have just a few questions
  138. PhilFish
  139. Chemicalex
    why were you in a mental hospital
  140. PhilFish
    tried to kill myself
  141. Kuragen
    very cool
  142. Chemicalex
    why are you trying to start relationships with people at mental hospitals
  143. PhilFish
    I wasn'tafter we got out she moved to my school and things started from there
  144. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  145. Chemicalex
    also why does everyone act proud of suicide attempts
  146. PhilFish
    because I'm so much of a boss that not even I can kill myself
  147. GoodGameGod
    >Thanks chem, surprised anyone would ever notice lol
  148. Joshuaham123
    I'm finally making touch os like ios
  149. PhilFish
    if not even I can kill myself, imagine how invincible I'll be to anyone else
  150. Lumage
    12me21 uh I think this was you I answered my favorite xkcd
  151. Chemicalex
    "hey everyone look i'm a certified attemptee of suicied wwwwwwwwww"
  152. Kuragen
  153. PhilFish
  154. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  155. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  156. Picy3
  157. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  158. Kuragen
    be proud if you can code pretty well. not if you attempted to killyourself lel. cause it would be such a waste of potential.
  159. PhilFish
    so yea I really admired this girl while I was in therebut I convinced myself to forget pursuing everything because I'd never see her again
  160. Kuragen
  161. GoodGameGod
    You're not gay?
  162. PhilFish
    for months I'd nailed it into my head I'd never see anyone from in there again
  163. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  164. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  165. Chemicalex
  166. PhilFish
    and boom, there she is at my school
  167. Kuragen
    picy can you help me with this crap? lol
  168. PhilFish
    no not entirely gay
  169. Picy3
  170. PhilFish
    I'm bi but prefer girls tbh so in case you were wondering
  171. Picy3
  172. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  173. Chemicalex
    being aromatic is so nice
  174. GoodGameGod
    >Ruined joke lol
  175. Picy3
  176. Chemicalex
    i don't prefer squat
  177. Picy3
    lol @3 G true
  178. Kuragen
    picy and gamegod hello. can you guys help me with this crap? xd
  179. PhilFish
    I've always felt one of the most important things ever is to understand yourself
  180. Lumage
    what I see is Phil just typing like badly like a teenager. Actually, like a young female, your style is typical of. That the experiences have to be qualified with "what is happening in my life" -- I sense a disconnect in a ability to sort the feelings in your head into language. However, that's beside the point. It's not pride in having attempted suicide, the obvious thought is that he's happy about having survived it. I mean, look at the context, because of his experience he met this girl and it seems to be turning into something.
  181. GoodGameGod
    >I'm not very skilled at programming so probably not @Kuragen
  182. PhilFish
    nailed it lummy
  183. Picy3
    what crap?@kuragen
  184. Chemicalex
    lumage you ruin everything
  185. PhilFish
    I've always been able to figure out my preferences but feelings have always been foreign
  186. Picy3
  187. Lumage
    Not only is there already some kind of interaction between the rest of the family which could be good for various reasons, this is someone who understands being messed up. A partner like this is invaluable when you have a condition like Phil and you will need that support every once in a while.
  188. PhilFish
  189. Kuragen
    i am having a lil trouble using while and wend.. picy.
  190. GoodGameGod
    >Lumage the therapist
  191. Picy3
    k go to the programming tab
  192. ColinTNMP has entered the chat.
  193. Picy3
  194. PhilFish
    I've determined I want to pursue a relationship
  195. Picy3
  196. Chemicalex
    haha relationships haha
  197. Picy3
    >I will try
  198. PhilFish
  199. Lumage
    With this person, or in general?
  200. GoodGameGod
    With another human or...
  201. PhilFish
    with this person
  202. Picy3
    lol ok
  203. Lumage
    I'm happy for you, then.
  204. Picy3
  205. Chemicalex
    what are you implying ggg
  206. PhilFish
    yea my last relationship ended in me calling DHR on her parents so that was funny
  207. HTV04 has left the chat.
  208. Picy3
    >im guessing your typing
  209. Kuragen
    alright so i wrote this code to move my chara. but the thing is that i have to press the dpad everytime lol.. yeah i am typing on a phone. xd
  210. Picy3
    @chem ^
  211. Kuragen
    https://imgur.com/Wh8ooXJi want to make my chara move continuously.
  212. Chemicalex
    why am i only respected by people i don't like
  213. GoodGameGod
    @Chem http://perezhilton.com/2012-02-10-season-two-premiere-of-my-strange-addiction-features-a-man-who-has-sex-with-his-car#.WRUDloWcHIU
  214. PhilFish
    <cliche time> like whenever I'm around this person, I just feel calmed and happy. I can't explain it... it's probably dangerous for me because of where I know her from but I think it's worth the risk. </cliche time>
  215. GoodGameGod
    There are OTHER options hehehe...
  216. Kuragen
    when i press the dpad. like when i held the dpad button down. it doesnt work i have to press it everytime.
  217. Chemicalex
    all jokes aside i'm glad you're deciding to do something with yourself
  218. Picy3
    ok first why is SPCHR like 0,,,,,#SPSHOW
  219. GoodGameGod
    >So I married an axe murderer, starring Phil
  220. Picy3
    why so many ,'s
  221. Kuragen
    do you get what i mean picy?
  222. GoodGameGod
  223. Chemicalex
    no not the axes don't kill the axes
  224. Picy3
  225. PhilFish
    what did the axes ever do to you
  226. Picy3
    so you see the B=BUTTON(1)
  227. Kuragen
  228. Picy3
    change that to B=BUTTON() I think(look at the help tool on button command)
  229. GoodGameGod
    >Lol, I'm racist against axes
  230. Picy3
    it will tell what the numbers mean
  231. Lumage
    shameless promotion http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/66
  232. Chemicalex
    that's not how racial discriminationworks
  233. GoodGameGod
    >We should build a wall to keep the axes out
  234. Chemicalex
    speciesist or something
  235. GoodGameGod
    Axes are a race!
  236. Chemicalex
    are you discriminating against inanimate objects
  237. GoodGameGod
    That's not very PC of you chemAxes have the right to be known as a race
  238. Chemicalex
    no i'm on a 3ds not a PC
  239. GoodGameGod
    shame on u
  240. Picy3
    that should be it, ill go make sure brb
  241. GoodGameGod
    >Politically correctThere, I finished it: http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/143#p13182
  242. Chemicalex
    i'm not that stupid
  243. GoodGameGod
    That took forever
  244. Chemicalex
    when i say something that stupid i'm obviously joking
  245. Kuragen
    oh so that was the mistake? XD lmao...lol thanks! wow its wierd when i used goto to move it i dint had to change that.
  246. Kuragen has left the chat.
  247. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  248. MasterR3C0RD
    What's DHR?
  249. Chemicalex
    also inanimate objects can't be classified as a race
  250. GoodGameGod
    >And I know, that's a duh, I was correcting you to make you mad lolThe race of axes, swords, lances...
  251. Chemicalex
    i hate you
  252. GoodGameGod
    They could be...
  253. PhilFish
    department of human resourcesin america
  254. Kuragen
    i am so dumb...it was such a stupid shit that i did wrong in my code XD.......why dint i think of it earlier...
  255. GoodGameGod
    Be prepared for a lot of those moments
  256. Chemicalex
    oh no we're encouraging foul language in the youngin'sam i spelling that rightyungin'sidk
  257. Kuragen
  258. Picy3
    still not sure-im testing to make sure
  259. GoodGameGod
  260. Chemicalex
    i'm mentally older than i am so can i theoretically classify other people as young
  261. GoodGameGod
    NopeWhich sucks for me
  262. Lumage
    >i'm mentally older than i am so can i theoretically classify other people as young
  263. PhilFish
    stop you guys's fucking swearing you shits
  264. 12Me21Admin
    BUTTON(1) has some settings so it might change after you run someone's program
  265. PhilFish
    swearing is fucking bad
  266. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, good luck getting the girl @Phil
  267. PhilFish
    thanks man
  268. Lumage
    the spelling you're looking for is young'uns, anyway
  269. Chemicalex
    no if you do more than one message you're overdoing it
  270. SpiderLily
    fuck you you piece of fucking shit people can fuckin swear if they fucking want to cunt
  271. Chemicalex
  272. Lumage
    >>i'm mentally older than i am so can i theoreticallly
  273. PhilFish
    shut the fuck up you god damn cuck lexi
  274. Lumage
    what's your mental age though
  275. GoodGameGod
  276. Chemicalex
    speaking of swearing i don't think i've done it today huh
  277. MasterR3C0RD
    My mental age is 1/0AKA undefined
  278. Lumage
    aka 0
  279. Chemicalex
  280. GoodGameGod
    Aka -1
  281. MasterR3C0RD
    x / 0 = undefined
  282. SpiderLily
    person you fucking little bastard shut your little pie hole before i beat your fucking ass
  283. Picy3
    yeah just take out the 1 in BUTTON
  284. MasterR3C0RD
    Or NaN
  285. Lumage
    stop swearing, but because the joke is annoying more than anything
  286. GoodGameGod
    Mmm piethat's all I got out of that...
  287. SpiderLily
    kys lumage
  288. Chemicalex
    oh my mental age is different depending on things, usually 17-22
  289. Lumage
    PSSSHSHSHI find that inaccurate.
  290. GoodGameGod
    In two years you'll look back on yourself and disagree HIGHLY chem...Everyone does lol.
  291. Chemicalex
  292. Kuragen
    it worked that was the problem. thanks guys. i still find it wierd tho cause when i did it using goto it worked. :0 but bah while is better to work with so thanks!
  293. SpiderLily
    my mental age is like 3
  294. Picy3
    also if you dident know you don't have to use numbers for the buttons you can also do like: IF B==#RIGHT THEN
  295. Chemicalex
    oh shoot gotta go. (- v - )/
  296. MasterR3C0RD
    x / 0 can't be defined because there is nothing that can be multiplied by 0 to give x
  297. Kuragen
    oh really? COOL!
  298. GoodGameGod
    You'll look back on you're 15-year-old self and think "Why the fuck did I do that?" and "Was I really like that? Damn..."Just wait lol
  299. Picy3
    or #LEFT, #UP, #DOWN, #A, #B, #X, #Y
  300. GoodGameGod
    Just wait...
  301. MasterR3C0RD
    0 / 0 is undefined as well, because anything multiplied by 0 is 0, so there is no constant value
  302. Chemicalex
    i didn't just pull that number out of nowhere
  303. Picy3
    #L, #R
  304. Chemicalex
  305. MasterR3C0RD
    It's whatever you want it to be
  306. Picy3
    they're really useful
  307. PhilFish
    0/0 isn't undefined it's "indeterminate"
  308. Kuragen
    Thanks! now the code would look better!
  309. MasterR3C0RD
    > In ordinary arithmetic, the expression has no meaning, as there is no number which, multiplied by 0, gives a (assuming a≠0), and so division by zero is undefined.
  310. Kuragen
  311. MasterR3C0RD
    >division by zero is undefined.
  312. Picy3
    yep (and easyer to understand)
  313. MasterR3C0RD
  314. Picy3
    and np
  315. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  316. GoodGameGod
    I use the numbers instead of #A...It just makes me feel better for some reason lol.
  317. Kuragen has left the chat.
  318. Picy3
    if that's what you like
  319. Lumage
    it's super conceited to call yourself mentally older than your physical age desu
  320. GoodGameGod
    You want to hear something funny about programming advice?
  321. Picy3
    oh if you ever want a circle pad demo I can give oneto you guyssure@3G
  322. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  323. PhilFish
    I look like 19 but I'm only 17
  324. MasterR3C0RD
    But whatever
  325. Picy3
  326. MasterR3C0RD
    My mental age is "indeterminate" then
  327. Kuragen
    picy sure drop it here!
  328. Picy3
  329. PhilFish
    in certain forms of calculus, 0/0 is defined as 1
  330. GoodGameGod
    Whenever I get/got help from someone SUPER skilled at programming like Hanzo, they always use something FAR more complicated then what I can fathom lol.
  331. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, like I said
  332. Picy3
    k, ill give a key to my demo
  333. MasterR3C0RD
    My mental age is 1 / 0
  334. Picy3
  335. SpiderLily
    lumage what do you consider your mental age to be
  336. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  337. Picy3
  338. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  339. PhilFish
    0/0 := 1 they would write"0/0 is defined as 1"
  340. PhilFish has left the chat.
  341. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  342. Lumage
    I can't give myself one after saying it's conceited to do so lol
  343. randomouscrap
    wow this reconnect thing is awesome
  344. GoodGameGod
    How a pro place a sprite: VAR SP LOAD "GRP4:MYSPRITES" SPDEF 50,0,0,32,32,16,16,1 ... SP = SPSET(50)
  345. MasterR3C0RD
    Unlike youi*you
  346. GoodGameGod
    How I do:
  347. randomouscrap
    someone thank 12me for the suggestion
  348. PhilFish
    now my mental age ranges from 13 to 25 probably
  349. randomouscrap
    wow you even fail at insults
  350. MasterR3C0RD
    Yep, I'm a failure
  351. randomouscrap
    no wait it was snailsomeone thank snail for the reconnect suggestion
  352. MasterR3C0RD
    I +1'd it
  353. GoodGameGod
    SPSET 0,16,16,32,32:SPOFS 0,0,0-10
  354. PhilFish
  355. SpiderLily
    so lumage are you trying to say you think you are mentally older than yout actual age?
  356. MasterR3C0RD
    >>>>is it Cherry Pop?
  357. PhilFish
    Raver Raver Raver
  358. GoodGameGod
    I just find it so funny for some reason lol.
  359. MasterR3C0RD
    KekFuck gotta go showerBe back
  360. PhilFish
    you've heard it or no?
  361. MasterR3C0RD
  362. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  363. PhilFish
    I'll PM
  364. Lumage
    yeah I think I implied that I guess No, I'm 5000 years old, so my mental age is probably quite a lot less than that.
  365. Picy3
    lol so true
  366. Lumage
    A difference of maybe -4988see I even tried to make difference a pseudovector
  367. SpiderLily
    i feel like mental age is a stupid concept and that everyone acts their age
  368. Kuragen
    lol what games has hanzo made on sb?
  369. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  370. Lumage
  371. PhilFish
    lumage from hearing you speak you range from 18 to 30 probably
  372. Kuragen
    picy :0 were the CoDe!
  373. GoodGameGod
    (I don't remember if I put a link already) Here's an unofficially game key list for anyone who's interested. http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/143#p13182
  374. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  375. GoodGameGod
    It's basically a key rummage sale.
  376. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  377. Lumage
    Everyone is controlled by certain things that their age suggests, but there are still wide differences in mannerisms within age groups.
  378. GoodGameGod
    He's made a couple...One of them won the grand prize in a game making event smileBASIC put on.
  379. Picy3
    almost done, had to do some updating
  380. GoodGameGod
    He's easily one of the best and most skilled in my opinion.
  381. Picy3
    yepand hes really nice
  382. GoodGameGod
    Can anyone really rate their own maturity?
  383. PhilFish
    kek lumg u act fukin 12
  384. Lumage
    I mean compare yourself, Lily, to um... well, whatever kind of person you hate the most. Some really stupid jock that's really stereotypical of teenage stupidity.hey u wanna fite
  385. PhilFish
    ill fite u m9 irl
  386. randomouscrap
  387. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  388. SpiderLily
    lumage what if im the person i hate the most
  389. PhilFish
    seeya random
  390. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  391. Lumage
    Well then don't take the comparison literally.
  392. GoodGameGod
    Then you have issues?Lol
  393. Picy3
  394. Kuragen
    oh cool! does he come here on smilesource?
  395. Lumage
    Why are you telling him what he already knows
  396. SpiderLily
  397. Picy3
    no on miiverse I think
  398. GoodGameGod
    No, he's on miiverse though
  399. Picy3
  400. GoodGameGod
  401. Picy3
  402. GoodGameGod
    That's him
  403. Picy3
    he speaks English btwso ill be back in a little bit, bye for now
  404. GoodGameGod
    Well duh, otherwise he probably wouldn't answer questions and comment on posts on SB lol.
  405. Picy3
  406. GoodGameGod
    Raimondz is also quite talentedhttps://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/raimondzz
  407. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  408. Kuragen
    lumage from were is that character image? the one that you are using as your avatar.
  409. Lumage
    This is Sagume Kishin from the Touhou Project. The plague doctor mask is not typically part of her character.
  410. Picy3
    and stewarthttps://miiverse.nintendo.net/users/segludian1
  411. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  412. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  413. GoodGameGod
    Do you want to see a few good game keys?
  414. Kuragen
    yeah sure!
  415. GoodGameGod
    RPG battle: D3SN4DDF Nyan cat: 4344R3E3 Escape from hacelot demo: JD3ECKQE Lil' dude: JD8ED34E Lama thing: V3NEW3A4 War of tanks: NREEXXCD Jump high: 4KKNEJ46 3DD: C4CNS3AJ MG Senryu: NK43XXJ3 9jigoshinho: ABE338AE MG draw: NKA33X7D And clystg: V3EQK3ZJ And grush201: QD2EDXCD 2nin ninja2: E224NV4V 3D line paint: 4KKD14L3 7F wfn: XKE34PZ1 And skuno14: QKEKXPAM Hidelike GB 7XV3D4 *Something in Japanese*: P33XC33E Legend of maid: E2C4S344 Volley bally game: QK483EJF I wanna be the free: KXNE4334 Spike game?: 5R33CKNE Games003 (Conveyor): 5K28XJZY Quiz maker: QRXXJEX3 MT fight: 7K2KXXAF SA KA NA: 8K5QK3DJ Partial world: Z58EVW3E Smash bros: S584VW4V Minecraft: YK4NEX4P Don't touch: D323XX3M *Something* Platformer: DX3QW3JJ Petit font editor: ZDVXVEW Jappon: LENEV34J Petit maker: D3ANNXJF Stock pro: C47YH3Z4 Puzzle piece puzzle: 2X337D Sara: 4D34PEZD Agario agar.io 3DS: 2SEXK334 Would you rather: RB2E3WNE BB: L3VX43R4 The legend of maid mona: 5KEKVXKX Piero: TS3QH3QJ Platformer no sprites game: EK7EX3KJ Battle demo: S3VXE2AE Words game MG: XDE3VKHE Ninja game MG: J384523V Iraipabo: S5DE9D Forget-key-not: DA3E36D 3D-ish looking game: D3NN83HJ Taka's BGM: 4KXK3PA6 Pop'in catcher MG: W4CN83DJ Racing game: DSEEX3QJ Some game with good graphics: 5KSKV3DS Stage rush: LSC3V34J Jump runner: NKKJK3FD Some kind of jungle game: 5RNEDE4V Space eat run: LS5Y33NJ Pac-dig: 5KENX4JX Traffic light: N34PJ323 Side scroll shooter: QKX33XL3 Jump: B35443A4 Slide puzzle: NK45AXLD Block dude: 4KX3PX7D Game6talk English version: 74NXS3HJ Text adventure demo:D5243E8E Mr.Krabs!: D338VEZP Pokémon game: Y33NEEJ6 3D block looking game: 7EE3F3HJ Petit island: XK2KXPZM Five nights at petit's: XB3XDEKE Petit jang fairytale: CKENNDJF GoodGameGod ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2017‎ ‎1‎:‎41‎:‎57‎ ‎PM 13181 Pong: KEDVX34J ???: 525VH334 Super Mario bros 3?: BE54S334 JRPG: LAENK3D4 ???: CA53N3DJ Skate-board platformer: V3EVE3DJ ???: VK2N4E41 Car hunt: VXDX433J ???: XD84523V Stage maker DX: WXDES34J Sakana jump: CK3KV3RS Cakko: N33J53Y3 Song: E38EC24E T-viewer: C233234J 47 Party: ED83C2QE ???: QRE4EE3D ???: LE342334 ???: NDKJ338D DX?: C328X4AX MML: 4RAPJEV3 Kimarite mekuri: 43XXJ33D Squid jump clone: 2KNXD3AE Mario clone?: RAP4EWD Square slider: R4PP3YD Minigames collection 2: V2DVA3Q4 Nuincraft: QK2443VD Pon Pon athletics 2: VXDQ433J A kind of majong game: YK43XPRF Slot machine: 4ENX73AE Cow-grandma monster thing MG: 4K2NNPZP Puchiko's holiday: K5837K8V Fuchine sangoh: YKKK4D4M Pop-in batter: CA3Q83L4 Crashie plane: PB8ED3AV Super Mario maker: NS3NK3NJ Wolf hitting ducks: NKSP3E33 Jump kun?: NXEEK34J Hopper 3D: C454A3N4 Frog game: ND3XDEXD Space garage: EENED2AE Galaxen?: QR44PEY3 Petit brawl: 5KE8X4RY P3D: BBW3E88V Menu: TS7Y333J Chaser: V37VF3CJ Maze escape 2: Y33NQ54S Ochipetit: N3KN3DJ1 Petit brush: 428XN8HV Ice floor: TKNVA3Q4 Set and dash: VKS3XEDX Rally 500: VKAKV3ZP Poker solitaire: E3K845JM Handle drive: RAPAE8D Checkers game: R4VV233J 3D Platformer: E583DNKV Kirby's dance: RE3X239J Orbit demo: Q
  416. Trinitro21
  417. Lumage
    Here's the source. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=manga&illust_id=59660742
  418. GoodGameGod
    Sorry...I had to crack that joke
  419. andritolion
  420. GoodGameGod
    Couldn't help it.http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/143#p13182Read the first part.
  421. andritolion
    LOL... Surface studio-like computer in a 2002 anime???I found it during a search about the Surface Studio.
  422. PhilFish
    andrito there's more to life besides surface computers
  423. Trinitro21
    other people can have ideas toonot just microsoft
  424. andritolion
    But that looks very similar to it...
  425. Trinitro21
    doesn't mean it's an anachronism
  426. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  427. PhilFish
    a character in nichijou had on an ACDC tshitty
  428. andritolion
  429. PhilFish
    tshirt*I swear to god that was a typo
  430. Trinitro21
    i would quote that but i don't do bad words
  431. SpiderLily
    andrito you do know other drawing tablets exist right
  432. andritolion
  433. Kuragen
    thanks goodgamegod. hello trinitro and thanks for the gravity explanation. you and 12me21 helped me undertand that shit xd
  434. Chemicalex
    lmao i thought you were talking to tgaming
  435. Trinitro21
  436. andritolion
    That one looks exactly like one, though... Except that one is thicker...
  437. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  438. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  439. Trinitro21
    inb4 "eww google"
  440. Kuragen
    hello trinitro and thanks for the gravity explanation ive manage to it. it took some time to actually get but i did! :D lol
  441. Trinitro21
    np kuragen
  442. Kuragen has left the chat.
  443. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  444. PhilFish
  445. GoodGameGod
    That is a golden joke right there. https://gyazo.com/d0d5a26687750296a1f8de1161270a48
  446. andritolion
  447. Kuragen
    wall what?
  448. Chemicalex
    oh it's a piece of technology not by microsoft!? destroy it
  449. andritolion
  450. PhilFish
    alienware is nice
  451. andritolion
    I agree.
  452. Trinitro21
    if it's microsoft it must not exist
  453. andritolion
  454. Trinitro21
    microsoft is the only realityeveryone else doesn't exist
  455. 12Me21Admin
    "if it's [not] microsoft it must not exist"?
  456. Chemicalex
  457. PhilFish
    I know this is satire but I still feel an urge to debate
  458. SpiderLily
    t-theres no way andrito has to be a troll
  459. Trinitro21
    oh yeah i made a mistake there
  460. andritolion
  461. Chemicalex
    debate what
  462. Trinitro21
    thank for catching it 12me
  463. andritolion
    I'm not a troll...
  464. PhilFish
    microsoft's .NET is nice but open source is the way to go
  465. Chemicalex
    unity engine
  466. Trinitro21
    we must worship microsoft and devote our avatars to the glory of win10
  467. PhilFish
  468. andritolion
    Lol... Family Feud is HILARIOUS...
  469. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  470. PhilFish has left the chat.
  471. PhilFish has left the chat.
  472. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  473. PhilFish
  474. andritolion
    Guess what they asked?
  475. Chemicalex
    yeah frick apple
  476. PhilFish
    I hereby defend Ubuntu MATE
  477. Trinitro21
    oh are we doing this now
  478. GoodGameGod
  479. Trinitro21
    hang on lemme get mine
  480. Lumage
  481. andritolion
    The question was "What might be sold at a store called Strippers R Us?lol
  482. PhilFish
    I did a paper on Karl Marx in Economics class
  483. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  484. GoodGameGod
    What is you're avatar Phil?
  485. PhilFish
    Ubuntu MATE logo
  486. andritolion
    Ubuntu MateDang, late...
  487. Trinitro21
    there we go
  488. PhilFish
    oh what's that
  489. Trinitro21
    kde neon
  490. andritolion
    Huh...Can someone get Lubuntu?
  491. Kuragen
    hey ehm...this question might sound wierd but ehm...is there a way to extract data stored in a array so i could see it? i am asking cause i was working on some mml and i created a wave using that wave program and manage to load it on my mml song. but i wanna see it if its possible.
  492. Trinitro21
    D E S K T O P C U B E
  493. PhilFish
    I've used Lubuntu but MATE dekstop is bettersee I'm all set
  494. Trinitro21
    i've used lxde and i honestly don't really like it
  495. andritolion
    That's what I'm using on my recently revived WinXP laptop.
  496. Kuragen
    if i could extract the data out of the array that i loaded.
  497. andritolion
    I'm using Lubuntu because it is more light than Ubuntu.
  498. Trinitro21
    if you really want to go lightweight become one of those arch+i3 people
  499. PhilFish
    Lubuntu IS ubuntu
  500. Lumage
    hi guys
  501. Trinitro21
    try xubuntu andriit's a good lightweight
  502. PhilFish
    Lubuntu = Ubuntu + LXDE
  503. Lumage
    chatting from my PDP-10 here.
  504. PhilFish
    just like Ubuntu MATE = Ubuntu + MATEXubuntu = Ubuntu + XDE
  505. andritolion
    Lubuntu is a bit more light on its feet than Ubuntu.
  506. Trinitro21
    desktop environment != operating systemyou mean unityunity sucks
  507. PhilFish
    I've never used Unity desktopthe heaviest desktop I've ever used is Gnomeand that was for like 5 minutes
  508. GoodGameGod
    I don't even know what I'm suppose to change my avatar to lol...
  509. Trinitro21
    it feels ok for touch but it's really bad for customization
  510. andritolion
    It took like 20 minutes to boot Ubuntu 16.04.2 on that WinXP while only 2 for Lubuntu...
  511. SpiderLily
    what the hell happened while i was gone
  512. Trinitro21
    lubuntu is still ubuntudefault ubuntu=ubuntu with unity desktop lubuntu=ubuntu with lxde desktop
  513. andritolion
    Still, I find faster boot...
  514. Trinitro21
    i get that
  515. andritolion
    They both get the samerepositories.
  516. PhilFish
    my ubuntu mate boots in like 15 seconds
  517. 12Me21Admin
    why does everyone have circle icon avatars
  518. Trinitro21
    if you want around the same level of lightweight try xfce
  519. 12Me21Admin
    circle logo*
  520. Trinitro21
    because we're linux circle jerks
  521. LacksHead Admin
    some don't
  522. andritolion
  523. GoodGameGod
    Like me!
  524. PhilFish
    we're defending our preferred OS
  525. GoodGameGod
    Oh wait...
  526. andritolion
    I'm defending Windows 10.
  527. Kuragen
  528. LacksHead Admin
    awww but I don't wanna be a windows avatar
  529. Kuragen
    hello lacks
  530. LacksHead Admin
  531. Trinitro21
    bad windows doesn't have a circular iconK W I N B L U R
  532. andritolion
    No, Vista?
  533. PhilFish
    who the hell defends vista
  534. andritolion
    The Vista logo?I hate Vista...
  535. GoodGameGod
    Agreed ^
  536. Lumage
    yeah steam is pretty good operating system
  537. PhilFish
    7 was boss though tbhSteamOS
  538. andritolion
    But the logo is a Windows logo in a circle...
  539. LacksHead Admin
    thereI feel dirty
  540. andritolion
    Inverted colors?
  541. Kuragen has left the chat.
  542. Trinitro21
    it looks like a methane firefrom the side
  543. LacksHead Admin
    no, I just fiddled with the bars
  544. andritolion
  545. PhilFish
  546. SpiderLily
    hi guys
  547. PhilFish
    oh god
  548. andritolion
  549. LacksHead Admin
  550. PhilFish
  551. andritolion
    Who likes MAC???????????????????
  552. GoodGameGod
  553. Trinitro21
    T O U C H S C R E E N L A P T O P S
  554. andritolion
  555. GoodGameGod
    I fucking hatethe touchscreen on my laptop
  556. Lumage
    http://fatduck.org/gnulinux/distro-logos.en.html find one you like, then search the name to get an avatar
  557. 12Me21Admin
    ok here we go
  558. SpiderLily
    guys did you hear about the new macbooks
  559. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  560. GoodGameGod
    It's so useless!
  561. 12Me21Admin
    circle icon logo avatars
  562. Trinitro21
    what kek
  563. 12Me21Admin
    *(circle icon logo)s avatar
  564. Trinitro21
    touchscreens are amazing
  565. PhilFish
    >ubuntu christian edition
  566. andritolion
    Get a Surface Book... Costs the same, 1000 times better...
  567. Lumage
    is there a new one?
  568. Kuragen has left the chat.
  569. Trinitro21
    but that just goes to demonstrate my point you get a choice between having a touchscreen or not
  570. Lumage
    macbooks are alright
  571. PhilFish
    http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntucewhat the fuck
  572. Trinitro21
  573. SpiderLily
    i dont know lumage i dont know anything about macbooks
  574. Lumage
    it's just the kind of thing you uh get an institution to buy for you lol
  575. andritolion
    Can you take the screen off your MacBook?
  576. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  577. SpiderLily
    you can take the screen off of anything
  578. andritolion
    Then draw on it?
  579. Lumage
  580. SpiderLily
  581. 12Me21Admin
    I can draw on anything
  582. andritolion
  583. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  584. Kuragen
    best os
  585. andritolion
    And I mean on Photoshop, not on the actual device...
  586. Trinitro21
    permanent marker
  587. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  588. SpiderLily
    first you get a crowbar pry it off then use a permanent marker
  589. LacksHead Admin
  590. PhilFish
    a pokeball?
  591. 12Me21Admin
  592. MasterR3C0RD
    I feel like saying something stupid
  593. 12Me21Admin
    too late
  594. andritolion
  595. Chemicalex
    b...b-but I don't want to change my avatar to worship bill gates!
  596. MasterR3C0RD
    PhilFish More like PhilPhish
  597. Lumage
  598. Kuragen
  599. PhilFish
    mbr PM
  600. SpiderLily
    chem join us
  601. Kuragen has left the chat.
  602. MasterR3C0RD
    Listening now @Phil
  603. Lumage
    remove android right now
  604. Trinitro21
    D O I T C H E M W O R S H I P W I N D O W S
  605. GoodGameGod
    Join the dark side chem
  606. Chemicalex
    ahhhhhhhhhhhh help me
  607. SpiderLily
    join us chem mac is the best
  608. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh shit I need to grab an OS icon
  609. Trinitro21
    try playing youtube videos in the background on android
  610. Chemicalex
    shit uhh'
  611. LacksHead Admin
  612. PhilFish
    join the ubuntu clan
  613. Lumage
    cockbind OS
  614. GoodGameGod
    Steam chem steam!So many games!
  615. andritolion
    Join the Win Team.
  616. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  617. PhilFish
    W E H A V E O P E N S O U R C E
  618. GoodGameGod
    Play with team steam chem
  619. SpiderLily
    chem come on we assure you we have quality products
  620. Lumage
    here's Lacks http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=evilentity
  621. Trinitro21
    no common theme frameworks on windows kek
  622. MasterR3C0RD
    I think I'll stay on team Linux
  623. andritolion
    We have better apps!
  624. GoodGameGod
    IT rhythms!
  625. LacksHead Admin
    Based on: Slackwarefound snail
  626. Trinitro21
  627. Chemicalex
  628. Lumage
  629. Chemicalex
    am i doing it right
  630. GoodGameGod
  631. Trinitro21
    we have ssh built in
  632. PhilFish
    We can use Wine to run any windows app along with the standard linux repos!
  633. blizord has entered the chat.
  634. Trinitro21
  635. Kuragen has left the chat.
  636. andritolion
    We have a Linux Subsystem!
  637. Trinitro21
    but it's not really linux
  638. Lumage
    fdisk /dev/hda && mkfs.xfs /dev/hda1
  639. SpiderLily
    chem we are waiting
  640. Chemicalex
    okay yes um i feel like doing digital doodle requests
  641. Trinitro21
    and x support is bad
  642. 12Me21Admin
    We have built in pinball game and solitaire oh wait not anymore
  643. Chemicalex
  644. PhilFish
    we have rm -rf /
  645. Trinitro21
  646. Lumage
    mkswap /dev/hda2 && swapon /dev/hda2
  647. andritolion
    We have the best antivirus!
  648. SpiderLily
    we have mac things and those are better than any other things
  649. PhilFish
    oh wait we have linux so that's not a concern!
  650. Lumage
    mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/gentoo/ && cd /mnt/gentoo/
  651. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  652. PhilFish
    getting a virus on linux is actually really difficult
  653. Lumage
    hold on guys
  654. Chemicalex
    am i doing it right
  655. Trinitro21
    we don't need an antivirus
  656. PhilFish
    we don't even NEED an antivitys
  657. andritolion
    We have more stability!
  658. 12Me21Admin
    I've used windows my entire life and never gotten a virus
  659. Lumage
    nks http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/mirrors.xml && md5sum -c stage3-.tar.bz2.DIGESTS && tar xvjpf stage3-.tar.bz2
  660. SpiderLily
    mac has no viruses guys
  661. Trinitro21
    so does the 3ds
  662. Chemicalex
    niether does 3ds
  663. MasterR3C0RD
    We have most stability
  664. andritolion
    Yes, Mac has viruses.'
  665. PhilFish
    ubuntu is stable I've never had it crash
  666. Lumage
    tar xvjf /mnt/gentoo/portage-latest.tar.bz2 -C /mnt/gentoo/usr
  667. MasterR3C0RD
    Join the lightweight side
  668. andritolion
    I have...\
  669. Chemicalex
    my 3ds has only bricked 4 times
  670. Lumage
    guys wait i'm still installing
  671. SpiderLily
    no mac is superior in every way shape or form
  672. 12Me21Admin
    your icon isn't a circleget out
  673. Chemicalex
    i'm telling uo 3ds
  674. PhilFish
    >is it open source?
  675. MasterR3C0RD
    No Xubuntu is lightweight and works on any PC
  676. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  677. andritolion
    Windows 10 IoT Core is open.
  678. Kuragen has left the chat.
  679. MasterR3C0RD
    No it isn't
  680. andritolion
  681. Lumage
    make menuconfig
  682. MasterR3C0RD
    The source code isn't public
  683. PhilFish
    everything linux is open source
  684. Chemicalex
  685. Lumage
    make install modules_install
  686. MasterR3C0RD
  687. 12Me21Admin
    chrome OS would be good if it had firefox
  688. SpiderLily
    wow i thought i was bad
  689. Lumage
    emerge grub vixie-cron
  690. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  691. MasterR3C0RD
    sudo apt install build-essentialy
  692. andritolion
    ChromeOS Sucks...
  693. Kuragen
    lumage for you
  694. Chemicalex
    lol random is gonna be so confused
  695. 12Me21Admin
    Jack OS best OS
  696. Lumage
    grep -v rootfs /proc/mounts > /etc/mtab
  697. Trinitro21
  698. Chemicalex
    Jack OF
  699. 12Me21Admin
    Jack OS
  700. Trinitro21
  701. andritolion
    3DS OS!
  702. PhilFish
    Jack OS
  703. Trinitro21
  704. MasterR3C0RD
  705. Kuragen
    lol jack pf
  706. PhilFish
    is there a jack os logo
  707. Lumage
    grub-install --no-floppy /dev/hda
  708. MasterR3C0RD
  709. Trinitro21
    WAIT 398
  710. andritolion
  711. Chemicalex
  712. PhilFish
  713. Lumage
  714. Trinitro21
  715. Lumage
  716. Trinitro21
    does jack os have a circular icon
  717. 12Me21Admin
  718. Lumage
  719. MasterR3C0RD
  720. Chemicalex
  721. Trinitro21
  722. Lumage
    uno momento
  723. Trinitro21
    crop it to be circular
  724. MasterR3C0RD
  725. Lumage
    emerge gnome gimp
  726. Kuragen
    how do you guys draw here?
  727. Kuragen has left the chat.
  728. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  729. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  730. andritolion
    Pencil Icon.
  731. Trinitro21
    ewww windows
  732. MasterR3C0RD
    sudo bash -c "apt install npm -y && npm i -g n && n latest && apt remove -y npm"exit
  733. Trinitro21
  734. MasterR3C0RD
  735. andritolion
  736. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  737. MasterR3C0RD
    Windows More like Win-D'OH
  738. Trinitro21
    N O D E . J S
  739. MasterR3C0RD
  740. andritolion
  741. Trinitro21
    ogodsomeone make that
  742. MasterR3C0RD
  743. Kuragen
    how can i do it on android phone? XD
  744. PhilFish
    I'll make a Jack OS logo if everyone will use it
  745. 12Me21Admin
  746. PhilFish
    oh nev
  747. Lumage
    jack os doesn't really... circle well
  748. Trinitro21
    install termux kuragen
  749. PhilFish
    link 12me
  750. Lumage
    there you go
  751. Chemicalex
    here 12
  752. Lumage
  753. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  754. PhilFish has left the chat.
  755. PhilFish has left the chat.
  756. Kuragen has left the chat.
  757. Trinitro21
    can the latest windows run on a 3ds
  758. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  759. PhilFish
  760. Chemicalex
    phil are you reloading on purpose
  761. PhilFish
  762. SpiderLily
    so many failures in this room
  763. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  764. andritolion
    Why run it on a 3DS when you can run it on a phone?
  765. Trinitro21
    proof that linux>windows i can run linux on my 3ds that isn't 10 years old and it isn't emulated
  766. Lumage
    someone should be Minix
  767. PhilFish
    can the latest windows run on an ARM processor without having to buy a key to a mobile version
  768. Trinitro21
    what if you don't have a phone
  769. 12Me21Admin
    oh nice windows explorer crashedwhat great timing
  770. Kuragen
  771. PhilFish
    how ironic
  772. Trinitro21
    what if you have 4 hacked 3DSs and no phone
  773. andritolion
    One. Windows comes included with a Windows Phone.
  774. Trinitro21
    linux runs on everything tho
  775. PhilFish
    I have oneIS WINDOWS FREE?
  776. 12Me21Admin
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/ivgua.pngit happened twice
  777. GoodGameGod
    Everything bad lol
  778. blizord
    I feel.. surrounded
  779. Lumage
    http://fatduck.org/gnulinux/distro-logos.en.html don't feeldon't let them know
  780. andritolion
    Windows Explorer never had a problem ever...
  781. Trinitro21
    who's going to be the guy that puts on arch
  782. PhilFish
    I tried installing archI failed
  783. Trinitro21
    oh andri that's because the dice have always rolled favorably for you
  784. GoodGameGod
    I'll just get with the program...
  785. Trinitro21
    explorer has crashed many times for me
  786. GoodGameGod
    What's jack os lol?
  787. PhilFish
    only the best OS ever
  788. Kuragen
  789. GoodGameGod
    >Probably not
  790. Kuragen
  791. PhilFish
  792. GoodGameGod
    Who made that?
  793. Chemicalex
    holy crap lumage you thought 18 was overkill
  794. Lumage
    a 12 year old
  795. PhilFish
  796. Lumage
  797. blizord
  798. Lumage
    what is this lol
  799. MasterR3C0RD
    O YEA
  800. Chemicalex
    http://mymentalage.com/ this unworthy crud
  801. Lumage
    ...well, I wonder what it's really doing now.
  802. Trinitro21
    O YEA
  803. 12Me21Admin
    is this bad enough
  804. Trinitro21
  805. PhilFish
    none of the above?
  806. Lumage
    ...this test sucks already. I'm seriously doubting the metrics they used to come up with these questions.
  807. SpiderLily
    this chat has turned into cancer in its purest form
  808. Chemicalex
  809. Trinitro21
  810. PhilFish
    I'm literally none of those like
  811. Trinitro21
    mbr does nodeos have a desktop
  812. Chemicalex
    i chose conservative since i'm not really eg
  813. Lumage
    the twitter question is even worse than the political question
  814. Chemicalex
  815. PhilFish
    my mental age is 23
  816. andritolion
    My mental age is my age...
  817. MasterR3C0RD
    My mental age is 28
  818. andritolion
    I'm 12.
  819. MasterR3C0RD
    No @Trinitro32
  820. PhilFish
    I'm like dead center between conservative and liberal so
  821. Trinitro21
  822. Chemicalex
    I don't know how the heck I got 47
  823. Lumage
    "Baseball caps look better ..."
  824. 12Me21Admin
    ok let's see how bad this is
  825. MasterR3C0RD
  826. 12Me21Admin
    >first question
  827. Lumage
    I swear if this is just old/young perception stereotypes
  828. PhilFish
    it is
  829. 12Me21Admin
    Alright this already sucks
  830. Lumage
    All of these read like that.
  831. 12Me21Admin
    The best way to become rich is ... Select from... To win the lottery To work hard To become a footballer Get lucky
  832. Chemicalex
    okay say a word and i'll draw the first thing that pops into my head
  833. Trinitro21
    kek mbr uses chromium's sucky csds
  834. 12Me21Admin
  835. PhilFish
  836. Lumage
    NOT LIKE TODAY'S MUSICIANS, THEY COULD ACTUALLY PLAYnext time try to be less of a meme, chemical
  837. GoodGameGod
    WTF http://mymentalage.com/results
  838. PhilFish
    that only shows your personal results
  839. GoodGameGod
    I'm not 55!
  840. PhilFish
    post a screenshot instead
  841. 12Me21Admin
    wow everyone looks the same
  842. PhilFish
  843. andritolion
  844. Kuragen
  845. PhilFish
    bro I'm 10 mentally
  846. andritolion
  847. 12Me21Admin
    I think i'll just try to get the highest and lowest possible
  848. MasterR3C0RD
  849. PhilFish
    you know how many innuendos I make per day?
  850. Lumage
  851. Chemicalex
    I can already tell this might be stereotyping a bit
  852. Kuragen has left the chat.
  853. Chemicalex
  854. Trinitro21
  855. andritolion meows.
  856. 12Me21Admin
    the problem isn't that the questions are stupid, it's just that they're so BORING
  857. Lumage
    yeah that was just perception stereotypes. That's not going to tell you anything that you want to know. It's not anything insightful.
  858. Chemicalex
    i never said i trusted the website lol
  859. andritolion
  860. Chemicalex
    i was making a joke about how bad it was
  861. Trinitro21
    https://www.npmjs.com/package/nodeos-desktop yet no readme
  862. PhilFish
  863. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  864. PhilFish
    well fuck me then
  865. Lumage
    I got 51, but it's just because I don't happen to fall into the young people trap questions they have.
  866. Chemicalex
  867. andritolion
    I'm 12.
  868. PhilFish
    bro I'm slick af
  869. 12Me21Admin
  870. GoodGameGod
    http://am-i-cool.com/results Fuck you test.
  871. 12Me21Admin
    You all need to update your jack OS logots*logos
  872. Lumage
    we still can't see your page
  873. GoodGameGod
    If I wanted to take a test 'd go to school lol
  874. Lumage
  875. GoodGameGod
    What do you mean?Oh, wait, shit lolOne sec
  876. PhilFish
  877. Lumage
    just tell us the numbernot that we care
  878. andritolion
    Links don't post anything...
  879. MasterR3C0RD
  880. GoodGameGod
  881. Kuragen
    fuck you test lol XD.
  882. GoodGameGod
    Oops, I exited off the page...
  883. PhilFish
    what OS is that mbr
  884. GoodGameGod
    eh fuck it.
  885. 12Me21Admin
    someone make a better one on some stupid quiz thingI think there's uh
  886. MasterR3C0RD
    NodeOS @Phil
  887. 12Me21Admin
  888. Lumage
  889. 12Me21Admin
    nose os
  890. PhilFish
    linux distro?
  891. MasterR3C0RD
  892. andritolion is dying...
  893. MasterR3C0RD
    It's Linux but with a Node userspace
  894. GoodGameGod
  895. PhilFish
  896. Trinitro21
    it's basically all of node cancer in one iso it seems
  897. Lumage
    we're not qualified to judge mental age. And perhaps not in 10 questions.
  898. PhilFish
    lol tri
  899. andritolion died.
  900. Kuragen has left the chat.
  901. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  902. Trinitro21
    i like node but not /that/ much
  903. Chemicalex
  904. PhilFish
    if you get me on a deep topic, I'll go full philosopher mode
  905. Chemicalex
    >phone your lawyet
  906. PhilFish
    morality behind determinism? I'll debate about that all day
  907. 12Me21Admin
    JACK OS totalyl destroyed the OS argument
  908. Lumage
  909. 12Me21Admin
  910. andritolion is dead.
  911. Chemicalex
    i'm such a millennial ack
  912. Trinitro21
    i'm so cool
  913. PhilFish
    can we make an .iso for Jack OS?
  914. Trinitro21
  915. Lumage
  916. 12Me21Admin
  917. Lumage
    I have jack os starred on my github
  918. 12Me21Admin
    they censor the word "sucks"
  919. Lumage
    hold up
  920. andritolion
  921. Lumage
  922. Trinitro21
    i'm 101% cool see my screenshot
  923. 12Me21Admin
  924. andritolion
    Something was PhotoShoped,
  925. andritolion a
  926. Trinitro21
    kek no photoshop
  927. Chemicalex
    >Photoshop lmao
  928. Trinitro21
    i don't own photoshop
  929. Chemicalex
    There's this thing in browserscalled
  930. Trinitro21
  931. Kuragen
    why you guys make fun of such a cool os!
  932. Chemicalex
    inspecto elemente
  933. andritolion
  934. 12Me21Admin
  935. Trinitro21
    >>andritolion NOoooooooo!!! My computer, an average Windows has turned into a Dev. tool!!!
  936. Kuragen
    inspecto what?
  937. GoodGameGod
    Jack ass OS is clearly the best.
  938. 12Me21Admin
    Version 0.0.4: Adds menu, and contact info if you find any bugs or glitches. Version 0.1.1: Adds games to the menu. Version 0.1.2: Bug and glitch fixes, and new games added to the OS. Version 0.1.2+: Adding PTC roblox, and music videos.
  939. Lumage
    Because Princess Inada is Scolding Me!
  940. GoodGameGod
  941. Lumage
    anyway I thought someone had made a real jack os boot disk or something
  942. Kuragen has left the chat.
  943. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  944. andritolion
  945. Kuragen
  946. Kuragen has left the chat.
  947. Chemicalex
    sweet ntr streaming is back
  948. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  949. andritolion
  950. Chemicalex
  951. blizord has left the chat.
  952. andritolion
    What app are u using on ur 3DS?It couldn't tell...
  953. Chemicalex
    NTR selector?
  954. andritolion
  955. Kuragen
    whats that?is that the app that you can stream your games only on the new 3ds?
  956. Trinitro21
  957. andritolion
  958. Kuragen
    oh cool. hey do you guys know if you can play ds games downloaded on a sd yet? on the 3ds?
  959. Trinitro21
    some, not allalso saves don't workcfw isn't just about piracy tho
  960. Kuragen
    ah oh crap...i have a R4 that work on the old ds that i used to have but it doesnt work on the 3ds.
  961. Chemicalex
  962. GoodGameGod
    Okay, I'm going to go test out my headphone/microphone splitter with audacity to hopefully record my 3DS's audio.
  963. Chemicalex
    oldest trick in the bible
  964. GoodGameGod
  965. Trinitro21
    cfw can make the r4 worki think
  966. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  967. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  968. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  969. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  970. Lumage
    how about Manjaro
  971. Kuragen
    oh really? ok. i have luma...so idk if its the same thing. but i have the old luma. thats what my friend that hacked it told me.
  972. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  973. Trinitro21
    oh it is the same thingyou may need to update luma
  974. MasterR3C0RD
    http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=1705112157559953&lnk&Let's see how long it takes for people to cringe
  975. Trinitro21
    i thought it was kirito or whatever but i guess i was wrong
  976. MasterR3C0RD
    Kirito is a dude
  977. Kuragen
    oh ok...but eh also...it goes directly to the emu nand...and not the sys nand? is there a way to make it go the sys nand? i ask cause there are some dsi games from the eshop that i used to have but i lost them from the hack and i want to re install them but apparently i have yo go to the sys nand and not the emu nand.
  978. Chemicalex
    I got so many right it said i cheated lmao
  979. MasterR3C0RD
    A) That'd be a husbando B) You might be thinking of Asuna from SAO
  980. Trinitro21
    oooooooo kuragen do you use menuhax"watching anime all day" isn't an option?
  981. Lumage
  982. MasterR3C0RD
    That's not softwareI watch Hardware, if you know what I mean :P
  983. Omiwa
    you asked donde, I rEply here
  984. MasterR3C0RD
  985. Lumage
    Where do I go design an OS
  986. MasterR3C0RD
    Who's Border of Life?
  987. Lumage
  988. MasterR3C0RD
    How do uo know this shit
  989. Kuragen
    im not sure the hack was done first by going to the themes and doing something on the themes of the 3ds. im not sure how it worked tho cause a friend did it for me.
  990. Lumage
    kek VPN is : On Tor is : On Dnscrypt-Proxy is : Onbecause I've known you long enough to see patterns in how you think
  991. MasterR3C0RD
    Trinitro21: >Q8: Do I h**e you? [X] GUESSED: Lumage: Yes Everyone else: No
  992. Trinitro21
    oh oh i think i see ok
  993. MasterR3C0RD
    But hey, good job with the String.length question
  994. Trinitro21
    that was a guess mbr
  995. Lumage
    I don't have to memorize the information so much to be able to guess which one you think it is as you can see I got the cheap one wrong because I'm not going to bother with the stupid element game
  996. Kuragen
    trinitro is there a way to go the sys nand using luma?
  997. MasterR3C0RD
    So basically you're using your psychoanalysis for this one
  998. Trinitro21
    oh it's been a long time since i used an emunand based setup
  999. MasterR3C0RD
    *You were
  1000. Lumage
    sureactually I want to see Bodhi Linux
  1001. Trinitro21
    try holding L on boot, kuragen
  1002. Omiwa
    immm uncomfortable
  1003. MasterR3C0RD
    >>youwearshortshorts >>Q8: Do I h**e you? [X] GUESSED: Lumage: No Everyone else: Yes
  1004. Lumage
  1005. Trinitro21
    and don't mess around on sysnand, don't update sysnand
  1006. Kuragen
    ah ok. is alright. im happy that it work. maybe ill buy another 3ds and not hack it lol if i see one at a very low price xd
  1007. Lumage
    I wear long jeans
  1008. Omiwa
    not by youuioo same high5
  1009. MasterR3C0RD
    I wear sweat pantsBecause ugh jeans
  1010. Omiwa
    I don't want to wear shorts because of a reason >n<"
  1011. Chemicalex
    quick 45 seconds doodle
  1012. Lumage
    not really. I wear cargo pants and black pants.
  1013. Omiwa
  1014. Lumage
  1015. Omiwa
    lol you're welcome apparently
  1016. Chemicalex
  1017. Kuragen
    is ok trinitro i won't.
  1018. Trinitro21
    i know a good guide that would get you fully up to date with the latest hacks, boot times have improved to normal speed but if you're happy with your current setup then that's great too
  1019. Omiwa
    I wear black ...things but they're jeans except blacksince blue jeans are kind of a name for jeans, would they be jeans still if they're not blue
  1020. Lumage
    some people make other colors of jeans
  1021. Kuragen
    hey trinitro do you like smash brothers?
  1022. Omiwa
    I have a pair of jeans that are kind of big but tight and they make me feel ... a certain way
  1023. Chemicalex
  1024. Lumage
    emerge sync && echo "games-arcade/frozen-bubble ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && echo "media-libs/sdl-pango ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords && emerge frozen-bubbl
  1025. Omiwa
    omg tails doll icon maybe
  1026. SpiderLily
    macs are great
  1027. Kuragen
    oh im ok with the way it works but if you drop the link for the guide i might give it a read and think about it lol
  1028. Chemicalex
  1029. Trinitro21
    http://3ds.guide i love smash bros
  1030. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1031. Chemicalex
  1032. Omiwa
    Cute icon Lily
  1033. Lumage
    Omiwa where's your operating system
  1034. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1035. Omiwa
    why do I feel obligated to say something suggestive lol
  1036. Trinitro21
    oh you actually use gentoo
  1037. Omiwa
    it's in the same place as my operating system
  1038. Trinitro21
  1039. SpiderLily
    omiwa is the compliment a joke or
  1040. Omiwa
    it's cuteI like happy things they're cute
  1041. Lumage
    No, I'm asking where Omiwa's [avatar[ is
  1042. Kuragen
    ok cool! well i gota go. thanks for the link trinitro
  1043. Trinitro21
  1044. Omiwa
    Oh it's in
  1045. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1046. Omiwa
    bloOdSthat's a stupid joke but I'm not sure if it's funny for that or disgusting for what it really is, I think
  1047. Lumage
  1048. SpiderLily
  1049. Chemicalex
  1050. SpiderLily
  1051. Chemicalex
    thanks i plan ot
  1052. Omiwa
    lol that's not nice
  1053. Lacks has left the chat.
  1054. Picy3
    back! yay
  1055. Trinitro21
    why does apple have that stupid face icon thing anyways
  1056. Chemicalex
    challenge control your mouse with your non dominant hand
  1057. Lumage
    it's the finder (windows explorer), isn't it?
  1058. Omiwa
    rude it's cutedo you not like smiling things
  1059. Lumage
  1060. Omiwa
    Lumage, why is yours better than mine?
  1061. Lumage
  1062. Picy3
    lol wowhard
  1063. Chemicalex
  1064. Omiwa
    Oh my gosh <3 I just remembered my darling writes aww with an h too, naturally maybe
  1065. SpiderLily
    chem this isnt a competition
  1066. Omiwa
    what a lovely trait >w<
  1067. Lumage
    oh jeezI just realized...these linux distros are shit
  1068. SpiderLily
    sparky would you marry me if i started adding an h to aww
  1069. Chemicalex
    what was i competingsorry
  1070. Lumage
    "the default app package includes chromium web browser, libre office, midori web browser...."I'm seriously interested in gentoo.Now, I mean.
  1071. Omiwa
    gotta be thicc tooomidori=green?
  1072. Lumage
  1073. SpiderLily
    i am working on it sparky dont expect any results soon though
  1074. Omiwa
    lol stop working on it maybethank you yansim for teaching me green in Japanese
  1075. Chemicalex
  1076. SpiderLily
    but sparky then you wont marry me and ill be depressed and lonely and ill realize that not even you would accept me so i have no chance with any females
  1077. Lumage
    please be a happy couple, you two
  1078. Omiwa
  1079. Lumage
    i want grandchildren
  1080. Omiwa
    awwh it awwh became a sad face
  1081. SpiderLily
    you need to have kids first to have grandchildren lumage and we all know that will never happen
  1082. Lumage
    omiwa is my daughter, you fool.
  1083. PhilFish
    you can adopt and claim it's a grandchild and skip the entire child step
  1084. Lumage
    I can't say I'm satisfied with her.
  1085. SpiderLily
    no she isnt shes my daughter
  1086. Lumage
    you want to fuck your daughter
  1087. SpiderLily
  1088. Lumage
  1089. PhilFish
    well then
  1090. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1091. Omiwa
    awwh, I am? yay are you a good mother or a bad oneOh I'm not satisfying? Darn why am I so defective
  1092. SpiderLily
    sparky marry me
  1093. Omiwa
    do I have a marriage blessing, parental figure?
  1094. Lumage
  1095. Omiwa
    I'll go tell sam
  1096. Lumage
  1097. SpiderLily
  1098. Omiwa
    just joking I'm not marrying someone right now
  1099. SpiderLily
    i work so hard for your approval sparky and i get nothing for it
  1100. Omiwa
    you get affection
  1101. SpiderLily
    you dont even give me that
  1102. Omiwa
  1103. PhilFish
    what the hell is going on between you two
  1104. Omiwa
    , maybe ((was so embarrassing))
  1105. SpiderLily
    all you do is talk about people you would like to have sex with who arent me
  1106. Omiwa
    omg liking someone does not mean lewd things lolOh my gosh why did I say thatdo I really have no dignity
  1107. SpiderLily
    yeah but you only wanna bang those girls
  1108. Omiwa
    it's such an embarrassing jokelewd things at my age I wish were illegal so what could make you think thatI might like to hug some people but that's not illegal and I think I should not be illegal
  1109. Lumage
  1110. Omiwa
    I should have slept a while ago but this discussion is fun lol
  1111. SpiderLily
    idk sparky you tell me about how you dream of some pretty lewd things all the time
  1112. Omiwa
    WhatI don't even choose what I dream ofbut if I could hmmm
  1113. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1114. Lumage
    if minor sex were illegal people would still do it
  1115. Omiwa
    is that not true for every law?
  1116. SpiderLily
    you sure as hell seem to enjoy those dreams though
  1117. Lumage
    now you just have minors in prison
  1118. Picy3
  1119. Omiwa
    serves 'em rightI think I believed it was illegal at some point
  1120. Picy3
    my GF brought me into a chat with 4 of her friends
  1121. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1122. SpiderLily
    sparky but then we would get arrested
  1123. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1124. Omiwa
    since being disabused of that, it's just "ew"
  1125. Lumage
  1126. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1127. Omiwa
    ooh can I join the chat
  1128. Lumage
    ok how about this what if those other people don't find it gross?
  1129. Omiwa
    that's okay, I don't mind :)
  1130. Lumage
    you find it gross, but have not made clear any other reasons for why it's such a horrible thingif they don't find sex gross, is it okay, then?
  1131. Omiwa
    but of course as long as they don't have it at a young age
  1132. Lumage
  1133. SpiderLily
    sparky can you touch me in my special places
  1134. Lumage
    so what's the difference?
  1135. Omiwa
    Which places would those be?
  1136. Lumage
    what makes it wrong at "young ages" and more, what is "young"?
  1137. Omiwa
    "one is irrationally disgusting while the other is acceptable"
  1138. SpiderLily
    my big toe and my left shoulder blade
  1139. Lumage his neck and forehead
  1140. Omiwa
    can I go with lumages things insteadew... feet. not my fetish
  1141. Lumage
    lol but the neck and forehead are more intimate
  1142. SpiderLily
    but i dont feel pleasure from having someone touch my forehead (unless you are talking about another kind of forehead)
  1143. Omiwa
    a neck massage might be nicewheeze
  1144. Lumage
    that's... not what makes it intimate. read some human behavior literature lol
  1145. Omiwa
    well it might be nice
  1146. SpiderLily
    idk foreheads arent that intimate
  1147. Omiwa
    Have you ever had a neck messagebut as a massage instead?
  1148. SpiderLily
    i havent (unless you mean another kind of neck massage)
  1149. Omiwa
    I didn't want to ask you that~
  1150. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1151. SpiderLily
    i know but i couldnt miss the opportunity
  1152. Omiwa
    You could when pi is here. ^w^pi is unnervingeven as a fish or snail it was ^W^
  1153. SpiderLily
    sparky you will marry me someday just watch and then we will live happily ever after
  1154. Omiwa
  1155. SpiderLily
    rude sparky you are supposed to agree so i have a reason to live on
  1156. Omiwa
    "I don't even need a senpai."
  1157. SpiderLily
    but i doso rude sparky i try my best okay
  1158. Picy3
  1159. Picy3
    wall im here..
  1160. SpiderLily
    i need to find a boyfriend that will treat me better
  1161. LacksHead Admin
  1162. PhilFish
    >>>>>I love programming tab
  1163. LacksHead Admin
    not my fault most of the programming talk gets done here with no other conversations going on
  1164. Picy3
  1165. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1166. Chemicalex
    I made a thing is anyone interested in seeing itOkay i,, I'll share anyways
  1167. randomouscrap
  1168. Chemicalex
    Ow my ears
  1169. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  1170. RealTiP
    oh wowthere's no evidence of anime fan-peeps screaming about anime or- i lost my pointi got an award the other day :I
  1171. LacksHead Admin
    congratulations, I think?
  1172. RealTiP
    they mocked me:I
  1173. LacksHead Admin
    well that sucks
  1174. RealTiP
    i got an award in art:ITiP, Master of the "Art."TiP's Ex, Co-Master of the "Art."
  1175. Chemicalex
  1176. RealTiP
    Department/Field Awardsaka the okay-est in the school
  1177. Chemicalex
  1178. RealTiP
    they overshadowed all my leadership workand I''m so decorated in that field...*'
  1179. Chemicalex
  1180. RealTiP
    also, the school's student body government works like parliamentso it was a bit more corrupt than i thought
  1181. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1182. RealTiP
    and a lot less in my favor than i thought
  1183. LacksHead Admin
  1184. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1185. RealTiP
    it's based on the department of education's say, but the student body government can request a......"manipulation", as I'll call it.
  1186. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1187. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1188. RealTiP
    soooo... the big ol' awards ceremony was horribly awkwardyey. :)
  1189. LacksHead Admin
    well...... Congratulations anyway
  1190. RealTiP
    i'm bored and looking for inspiration, know any artists with interesting styles?>thx
  1191. Chemicalex
  1192. LacksHead Admin
  1193. Chemicalex
  1194. LacksHead Admin
    pffthe said "artist" not newb
  1195. RealTiP
    exactly as i feared......self-promotion> xD
  1196. LacksHead Admin
  1197. Chemicalex
  1198. RealTiP
  1199. Chemicalex
    Lacks you're an artist no matter what you thinkBy definition
  1200. RealTiP
    >i just might make those fans 'slightly' transparentthx guys
  1201. LacksHead Admin
    lol not to say I could, but I prefer it hidden in such a way that you COULD see it if it was just a little bit to the left....if that makes sense
  1202. RealTiP
    hmmmhttp://jollyjack.deviantart.com/art/LSCC-2016-Fan-Fox-658977602deja vu
  1203. LacksHead Admin
    I find not seeing it way hotter than seeing it
  1204. RealTiP
    like horror movies
  1205. Chemicalex
    What are you a girlYou tangent a lot
  1206. RealTiP
  1207. LacksHead Admin
    so rude
  1208. RealTiP
    tangent?i think you need a dictionaaaarrrrryyyyyyyy
  1209. LacksHead Admin
    TiP means how it can be more scary to have the horror take place off screen than on scren
  1210. RealTiP
    >kidding. we're all masters of "Art." and grammer here
  1211. LacksHead Admin
    your imagination is way scarier and ever changing compared to what is displayed on screen
  1212. RealTiP
    ^or way hotter
  1213. LacksHead Admin
  1214. Chemicalex
    I was kidding lol
  1215. RealTiP
    its the mind making crazy assumptionswanna know how to do good at arts?
  1216. LacksHead Admin
    Practice more?
  1217. Chemicalex
  1218. RealTiP
    1.look at other arts. 2.stop drawing the same thing over n' over 3.resaeerch anatommy
  1219. LacksHead Admin
    after step 1 I get bored
  1220. Chemicalex
    I think I fail at step 1 a lot
  1221. RealTiP
    that's my pet peeve. >anatomical mistakes
  1222. LacksHead Admin
    tell that to my unlevel nipples
  1223. RealTiP
    on step one, i usually get trapped on an explicit furry site
  1224. Chemicalex
  1225. LacksHead Admin
    furaffinity is good if you keep the NSFW off
  1226. Chemicalex
    Dang my inabilities really help me out here
  1227. RealTiP
  1228. Chemicalex
  1229. LacksHead Admin
    e what?
  1230. Chemicalex
    e926: )
  1231. RealTiP
    thats the safe verion*version
  1232. LacksHead Admin
    lol pass
  1233. RealTiP
    621was what i was referring to
  1234. LacksHead Admin
    oh, I found it
  1235. RealTiP
    the furry community is pretty okey.
  1236. LacksHead Admin
    I'm glad to see they got the double dick on the lizardfolkanatomical correctness and all
  1237. Chemicalex
    926 is the safe site, it basically applies the tag rating:s so searchesTo*
  1238. RealTiP
    and gets rid of nsfw ads
  1239. Chemicalex
    How do I even remember this site I haven't been there in like 2 years
  1240. LacksHead Admin
    but not the trending tags lmao
  1241. RealTiP
    i mention it quite a bit, @hex
  1242. LacksHead Admin
    how did I not hear about this stuff
  1243. Chemicalex
    Okay I should go away from these sites before I start liking it for some reason sorry
  1244. RealTiP
    i seriously ALWAYS mention e621
  1245. LacksHead Admin
    some reason lolaromantic ha!
  1246. Chemicalex
  1247. LacksHead Admin
    gimme a fur suit and a pocket pussy
  1248. RealTiP
  1249. Chemicalex
    I do admit that furry stuff is a bit more app-- no no nonono
  1250. RealTiP
    well, i'm working on a small story involving anthros/furs, but i don't tend to like looong muzzles
  1251. Chemicalex
  1252. LacksHead Admin
    same lol
  1253. RealTiP
    working on story?
  1254. Chemicalex
    No about the muzzles
  1255. LacksHead Admin
  1256. Chemicalex
    Look at the evolution of leeBefore he had a muzzle now he doesn't usuallyIt's just...open to interpretation
  1257. RealTiP
    i have only just noticed. lel
  1258. Chemicalex
    If you imagine a muzzle there you its there
  1259. RealTiP
    and i usually look things downentirely
  1260. Chemicalex
    Modern lee:....finding an older one
  1261. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1262. RealTiP
  1263. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1264. RealTiP
    this is lel
  1265. Chemicalex
    Oh here's one
  1266. Lumage
    I found a nude anthro helicopter (by accident)
  1267. LacksHead Admin
    the hell?
  1268. RealTiP
    SHOW MEkidding pls no
  1269. Chemicalex
  1270. Lumage
    [nsfw] (also probably restricted) https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=56789505
  1271. LacksHead Admin
    clop clop chop chop
  1272. Chemicalex
    This is definitely a thing that exists
  1273. RealTiP
    still debating to click
  1274. LacksHead Admin
    it looks like a ceiling fan and ice skates. And then you see the tail lol
  1275. Chemicalex
    It's fine to view just don't look at the recommended stuff under it
  1276. Lumage
    the worst thing in the image is just a little slit vagina don't worry
  1277. RealTiP
    WHAT on earthwhy?
  1278. Chemicalex
  1279. Lumage
    dunno it's kinda cute, I guess? reminds me too much of amputee
  1280. RealTiP
    lemme fix meh history
  1281. LacksHead Admin
    imagine how beefed out her neck would actually have to be to take that torque
  1282. Chemicalex
    ~~We don't need to see what you see in your bedroom at night lumage~~Shoot forgot to md
  1283. RealTiP
    hahai may askif it isnt usually messed up like what you have shown
  1284. Chemicalex
    >like a helicopter or an airplane that resembles a fish and I thought it was erotic
  1285. RealTiP
    >i didnt find it so
  1286. LacksHead Admin
    someone does tho
  1287. Chemicalex
    Courtesy of Google translate
  1288. RealTiP
    >kinda just spit out meh cheese
  1289. LacksHead Admin
    unrelated.... I'll be in my bunk
  1290. Lacks has left the chat.
  1291. RealTiP
  1292. Chemicalex
    Yes totally unrelated
  1293. RealTiP
    ^im still tryin to find a nice art style
  1294. Chemicalex
  1295. RealTiP
    somethin that is open to having text
  1296. Chemicalex
  1297. RealTiP
    and filling ~15 pages
  1298. Chemicalex
  1299. RealTiP
  1300. Chemicalex
  1301. RealTiP
    idknvmi found something nicehttps://e621.net/pool/show/10826doesn't contain anything nsfw, yet.
  1302. Chemicalex
    https://e926.net/pool/show/10826 *****
  1303. RealTiP
    but your missing the rating:q one...:I*you'reI found a weirdlook at my latest drawing on http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/image?page=2&bucket=the preview is upside-down
  1304. Perska has entered the chat.
  1305. RealTiP
    oh hi Perska
  1306. Chemicalex
    It's because Metadata
  1307. Perska has left the chat.
  1308. Chemicalex
  1309. RealTiP
  1310. Lumage
    bad stolen joke mmms
  1311. RealTiP
    Oh, I found something nice
  1312. Chemicalex
    That's the point
  1313. RealTiP
    this fanart of night in the woods is exactly what i want
  1314. Lumage
    reminds me of stone ocean
  1315. Picy3
  1316. RealTiP
    big eyes aren't my thing thoif i draw eyes, they're either lines or dotsif i do big eyes, i'll make it in a cartoon-ish style... or something weird.this is why i need a sketchpad.my mouse coordination is plain bad
  1317. Picy3
  1318. RealTiP
    trying to draw big eyes>so... incorrect lookingoh wowi like this
  1319. Chemicalex
    MmmmMmmMMMmMMmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM^what why is this a suggested word
  1320. RealTiP
    mmhmmhmhmhmmk donenot gonna ink it thowaitin'got itwhen i draw big eyes
  1321. Chemicalex
    Oh nice mmmm
  1322. RealTiP
    >i always draw that bowtie, cos i got that bowtie
  1323. Chemicalex
    technically my character has a bow tie but I never draw it on him
  1324. RealTiP
  1325. Chemicalex
    Also I need to shave wwwwwwwwww http://lz.x10.mx/i/wyn.jpg
  1326. RealTiP
    mine is a black/red diagonally striped thing
  1327. Chemicalex
    mine is solid blurBlue
  1328. RealTiP
    gg solid blur
  1329. Chemicalex
    God pat's neck in this strip http://patandleecomic.com/archive/008.png
  1330. RealTiP
    i need to get more bowties... my current one is not in great shape
  1331. Chemicalex
    How can my art D
  1332. RealTiP
    that shirt tho
  1333. Chemicalex
  1334. RealTiP
    it has no collar
  1335. Chemicalex
    DAMMIT ENTER BUTTONthe shirt looks completely disconnected from the headHow can something fro one month ago be so badFrom
  1336. RealTiP
    continuously drawing the same thing?
  1337. Chemicalex
    I mean I could have at least drawn a collar
  1338. RealTiP
    >also, my short story looks amazing
  1339. Chemicalex
    ...technically pat still doesn't have a collar
  1340. RealTiP
    so much lel
  1341. Chemicalex
    But at least it looks better PF
  1342. RealTiP
    who dat
  1343. Chemicalex
    Chad tropic
  1344. RealTiP
    ... idk my common internet people
  1345. Chemicalex
  1346. RealTiP
  1347. Chemicalex
    http://lz.x10.mx/i/CSZ.JPG this is really messy now that I look at itAhhn tip how is everything you make so dynamic
  1348. RealTiP
    i add watermelons
  1349. Chemicalex
    Find watermelons where
  1350. RealTiP
    kidding, its cosim a Lv.35 Furry Mage
  1351. Chemicalex
    Darn I'm only Lv.28
  1352. RealTiP
    one more level and i'll evolve
  1353. Chemicalex
    You need to put lee in your short story as a cameo
  1354. RealTiP
    i willthe setting is a city, so that'll be easy
  1355. Chemicalex
  1356. RealTiP
    I just noticed somethingone of your main characters is named pat
  1357. Chemicalex
  1358. RealTiP
    and one of mine is Patches
  1359. Chemicalex
  1360. RealTiP
    the last thing i've shown was patches
  1361. Chemicalex
  1362. RealTiP
  1363. Chemicalex
    Lol I still have Random's drawing of lee
  1364. RealTiP
    heh nicei like that he actually kept the character's shape
  1365. Chemicalex
  1366. RealTiP
    Such coincidencei have 2 main chars, and so do you
  1367. Chemicalex
    Actually the new comic will have like 8 mainsWell...technically 3
  1368. RealTiP
    well dangmy chars are "Patches" and "March"
  1369. Chemicalex
    A new character named Alex, and a new one named Mike will be the "mains"Lee will serve as the returning main
  1370. RealTiP
    nice>Wanna guess what March is?
  1371. Chemicalex
  1372. RealTiP
    lelgot it>you saw right thru my bunny inuendo...
  1373. Chemicalex
    Oh also found some early concept for Alex
  1374. RealTiP
    your main avatar i see
  1375. Chemicalex
  1376. RealTiP
    Ive got 3 of these:
  1377. Chemicalex
    What why
  1378. RealTiP
    'cos yugioh is why
  1379. Chemicalex
    Okay so technically this isn't mike but think of this in the style I drew Alex in
  1380. RealTiP
    i see
  1381. Chemicalex
    And less evil, more mischievous
  1382. RealTiP
    >gonna send a pic of meh evil, mischievious, and old yugioh deck
  1383. Chemicalex
    >also pat will be making a return as wellBecause face it what's lee without pat
  1384. RealTiP
    so... working on the sequel to the courtroom thing?
  1385. Chemicalex
    Aghhhh I might not finish that
  1386. RealTiP cries
  1387. Chemicalex
    I had the premis down though. I'll tell you if you want
  1388. RealTiP
    i played phoenix wright cos o that>sure :)
  1389. Chemicalex
    Basically pat was arrested for hate crimes (nazi axtions) in Britain
  1390. RealTiP
  1391. Chemicalex
    But all he did was point up in the sky (Out of context nazi salute)
  1392. RealTiP
    national socialism at its finest
  1393. Chemicalex
    Lee does a thing and exposes the accusers of being Russian fascists the end
  1394. RealTiP
  1395. Chemicalex
    Yeah the end wasn't very ironed out
  1396. RealTiP
    Never in my life have I heard of Russian Fascists>Do you mean FILTHY COMMIES? kidding...-ish
  1397. Chemicalex
    KekI sent nontendo a rweRequest for a Unity 3ds license keyHopefully they'll get back with me in a few days
  1398. RealTiP
  1399. Chemicalex
  1400. RealTiP
    ohi seenoice
  1401. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  1402. GoodGameGod
    Hey tip!
  1403. RealTiP
    helloseems i was right
  1404. Chemicalex
    Oh its the tri force trio back together again
  1405. RealTiP
    oh yea
  1406. GoodGameGod
    Lol.Crap on me for missing triitro...I need some serious help with this shit.I've been trying to figure this out for a month.
  1407. Chemicalex
  1408. RealTiP
    playing boxboxboyhelp for what?
  1409. GoodGameGod
    Recording 3DS audio
  1410. Chemicalex
    If it's simple homebrew/CFW stuff I can help maybeOh uhGot an aux cable?
  1411. RealTiP
  1412. GoodGameGod
    My setup: http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/iuvfh.JPGFull view: http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/mrahz.JPGSettings on audacity: https://gyazo.com/4d3f06c4067b47d88f84754028955b65
  1413. Chemicalex
    What why are you dividing it
  1414. RealTiP
  1415. GoodGameGod
    the aux cable doesn't have 3 stripes.Ground, output, input.It only has Ground, output.
  1416. Chemicalex
    Don't you have a normal aux cable like everyone else
  1417. GoodGameGod
    It has 2 lines....Er here.https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-3-5mm-Stereo-Audio-Cable/dp/B00NO73Q84/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1494568343&sr=8-3&keywords=amazon+auxI have one like that
  1418. Chemicalex
    >Make to maleWhat are aux cables a sex joke now
  1419. GoodGameGod
  1420. RealTiP
    ummmale is the plug, sir
  1421. GoodGameGod
    That one has 3 lines at the ends
  1422. RealTiP
  1423. Chemicalex
    Just put one in the 3ds and one in a PC microphone port
  1424. RealTiP
    ^>i cant puzzle...
  1425. GoodGameGod
    I did.
  1426. Chemicalex
  1427. GoodGameGod
    That didn't work, and trinitro said that it needed to have 3 lines on it for recording. (The aux cable)
  1428. Chemicalex
    What that don't make sense
  1429. GoodGameGod
    So, I bought a splitter, headphone/mic
  1430. Chemicalex
    I did this just a week or so ago
  1431. GoodGameGod
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/aefci.JPGMy aux cable has 2 lines at the end, and my splitter has 3
  1432. Chemicalex
    Just take a regular aux, stick one male sexual organ in the 3ds and the other in a microphone port and set your audacity microphone correctly
  1433. GoodGameGod
    So by plugging in my aux cable into the mic part of my splitter, I should get audio.Whenever I do that, it only records the build in mic on my PC.
  1434. Chemicalex
    You have your mic set on stereo mix
  1435. GoodGameGod
    No matter the setting on audacityI have no fucking joke tried them all.
  1436. Chemicalex
    Are you sure you're nt changing your output device
  1437. GoodGameGod
    what's that?
  1438. Chemicalex
    Can I have the embed image of that audacity thing
  1439. GoodGameGod
  1440. Chemicalex
    No the raw image link
  1441. GoodGameGod
  1442. Chemicalex
  1443. GoodGameGod
    https://gyazo.com/86bb896c3fd0b20cdbbf66034ec6ba16 this...?
  1444. Chemicalex
    You're changing the sound device on the very left right?
  1445. RealTiP
    >world 11, stage 5 is getting to me
  1446. GoodGameGod
    On the left? I'm lost.You mean MME?
  1447. Chemicalex
    "Mic in at the front panel"
  1448. RealTiP
    >got it :)
  1449. GoodGameGod
    The only other options are Microsoft sound mapper and microphone (high def)
  1450. RealTiP
    mic in the front of the pcis what i think hex means
  1451. Chemicalex
    Try microphone (high def) maybe
  1452. GoodGameGod
  1453. Chemicalex
    See it's reading the data from your aux cable not pc
  1454. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1455. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1456. GoodGameGod
    ...What does that mean?
  1457. Chemicalex
  1458. GoodGameGod
    >I'm suppose to say that lol...
  1459. Chemicalex
    Wait okYou're on windows right
  1460. GoodGameGod
    yeahThe 3DS isn't a mic, so maybe that's why there something wrong...?
  1461. Chemicalex
    Okay right click your sound icon in the Taskbar and select "recording devices"Also the 3DS IS a mic, that's how it gets sound to your headphoneS
  1462. GoodGameGod
    >Yeah but not THROUGH the 3DS mic itself>That happened a couple times before...
  1463. Chemicalex
    are you trying to read core 3ds sounds or sounds from the 3ds mic
  1464. GoodGameGod
    Core 3DS sounds, gameplay, sound effects, etc.
  1465. Chemicalex
  1466. RealTiP
    >im doin a puzzling :D
  1467. Chemicalex
    Did you do the thing I said above
  1468. RealTiP
    >so i may or may not ba eble to help'
  1469. GoodGameGod
    I'm checking...https://gyazo.com/a391d3d9e40d165660a7ad500bd288afNothing appears even though I have it plugged in...
  1470. Chemicalex
    HmmErrDo you have A uhMicrophone port on your pcOr are you using USB
  1471. GoodGameGod
    I have a combo jack.
  1472. Chemicalex
  1473. GoodGameGod
  1474. Chemicalex
    OopsJust stick the aux cable directly into that
  1475. GoodGameGod
    I'm using a laptop btwYeah it's still not appearing...On the recorded devices list anyway.
  1476. Chemicalex
    Aggggg I don't feel like doing this anymore i need to sleep. Sorry
  1477. GoodGameGod
    Here's what me and trinitro had sorted out, the 3DS has an audio in for headphones, but not for microphones, so that's why I needed a splitter...Oh, okay.I can understand, I have been trying to figure this out for a month, it's extremely frustrating.Goodnight.
  1478. Chemicalex
  1479. RealTiP
  1480. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1481. GoodGameGod
    Well, I'm going to go kill myself. Bye.
  1482. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  1483. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1484. Chemicalex
    Oh tip if you need any references of lee r
  1485. RealTiP
  1486. Chemicalex
    There's plenty here http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/image?page=1&bucket=patandlee
  1487. RealTiP
    thxcrossover much
  1488. Chemicalex
    SsshshshhshshshshsshshhhsshshThat was one of Random's whatever
  1489. RealTiP
    what did you send me?key things
  1490. Chemicalex
    Oh the pm?
  1491. RealTiP
  1492. Chemicalex
    You uhh scan the QR codes there with fbi to getErrFree stuff
  1493. RealTiP
  1494. Chemicalex
    Okay o/
  1495. RealTiP
  1496. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1497. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  1498. Picy3 has left the chat.
  1499. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1500. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1501. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1502. snail_ has left the chat.
  1503. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1504. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1505. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1506. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1507. MasterR3C0RD
    Alright I just cleaned up the index page for my loger*loggerhttp://oboy.smilebasicsource.com:49000/brokenr3c0rd/logger/Added a really long "if" to remove statements that we don't need
  1508. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1509. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1510. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1511. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1512. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1513. ElzoBro
    Hey Lacks
  1514. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1515. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1516. ElzoBro
    I've been thinking.As in just nowIf I ever do know a lot of other gay guys, and they're all eligible and stuff. I feel like I'd feel bad because I can only choose one guy. The others will end up being alone. Not to say only one is bad, but it would be kind of sad for them
  1517. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1518. Lacks has left the chat.
  1519. ElzoBro
    The only people like you are already taken
  1520. LacksHead Admin
  1521. ElzoBro
    Lol l was being at least 25% somberAnyway, idk it just seems kind of sad
  1522. LacksHead Admin
    the others won't be alone foreverthere's plenty of other gay fish in the sea
  1523. ElzoBro
    I suppose, but seeing others get what you want and cant have may be depressing
  1524. LacksHead Admin
  1525. ElzoBro
    I'll try my best to keep in touch with anyone I meet like that
  1526. LacksHead Admin
    but that's life
  1527. ElzoBro
    Friendship is the next best thingFriends are the spice of life(?)
  1528. LacksHead Admin
  1529. ElzoBro
    LolI always get really worried for people who aren't ready to come out like thatLike no one knows that they are, and they're hiding it
  1530. Lumage
    this is jow it works for everyone though
  1531. LacksHead Admin
    the struggle
  1532. ElzoBro
    It just seems really terrible. I'm worried that if someone doesn't intervene and tell them that they're okay, and they're perfect however they are, they're gonna lead a life hiding and lying to themselves And others
  1533. Lumage
    "Is this the right person for me?"
  1534. ElzoBro
    That's almost exacty why I came out now that I remember itI wanted to representTo people
  1535. Lumage
    as far as I can tell, the biggest obstacle to the things you're talking about are parents
  1536. ElzoBro
  1537. Lumage
    who cares about bullies
  1538. ElzoBro
    I get so concerned about my parents knowing
  1539. Lumage
    at worst you're going to leave those people behind eventually
  1540. ElzoBro
    I'm gonna avoid telling my brother next year however I canI don't trust him at allbut enough about that, more about meeelol./s
  1541. Lumage
    but if you can't even go to your parents at all what is there sometimes I feel like enthusiastic parents make it worse "I'm just gay you don't have to march in the parades too" lol
  1542. ElzoBro
    LmaoMy parents will be mad
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  1544. MasterR3C0RD
    Just had to fix a bug with broken drawingserrLess a bug than an issue
  1545. ElzoBro
    They use gay as an insult and they call people gay all the time
  1546. Lumage
    I use gay as an insult semi-ironically because it's what I grew up with
  1547. ElzoBro
    They're also Nigerian, and Africans hate gay peoppe to the point of burning
  1548. Lumage
    but I guess if you're condemning people for it that's indicative of another mindsetyeah are you going to get thrown off your housetry not to be thrown off a building
  1549. ElzoBro
    I don't feel comfortable with my friends saying Faggot but I don't really voice it because people get mad as hellI need friends that will listen to me when i ask them to stop
  1550. MasterR3C0RD
    They can be hard to find
  1551. ElzoBro
    I'll try Lumage,
  1552. MasterR3C0RD
    Honestly, all I needed were friends I could talk to, so I found some people that didn't just act like a dick to me when I walked up to themLike uhThey're not the sharpest tools, but they're good people
  1553. Lumage
    yeah but elzo is an extrovert and not a nerd
  1554. LacksHead Admin
    nice backhanded insult too
  1555. Lumage
    can anyone briefly explain RAID modes
  1556. MasterR3C0RD
    It's just how much redundancy the array hasRAID-0 just stripes all of your data across the drives, no parity or mirroringSo if one drive fails, bye-bye data
  1557. LacksHead Admin
  1558. MasterR3C0RD
    It puts some data on one drive, then some on the othersKeeps going across the drives in the RAID arrayRAID-1 just mirrors your data, without parityIt's a glorified backup solution
  1559. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1560. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID-2 isn't really used anymoreSame with RAID-4*3\
  1561. ElzoBro
    The best friends are people with strong morals, people who are just really nice, and people who are really mellow, not like hippie mellow, but mellow as in someone who's not off the wall, and is level headed.Don't make friends with people who constantly insult you
  1562. Lumage
    it's personal preference
  1563. ElzoBro
    That's my tipsIt works for me
  1564. Lumage
    though that's kind of a universal
  1565. ElzoBro
    Yeah, but many people go along with the insultsI know I do a lot for some reason
  1566. Lumage
    to some people it's fine
  1567. LacksHead Admin
    insults are how men bond
  1568. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID-4 is more popular than RAID-[0-3] because it can distribute IO operations
  1569. Lumage
  1570. LacksHead Admin
    I don't insult people I hate. I insult people I love
  1571. ElzoBro
    Ypu laugh at the insults people give you for awhile, then eventually you realize just how much they're insulting you, and how little you're getting from your friendshipThat's not what i m anmean
  1572. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID-2, 3, and 4 all have parityBut are stored on the same drive
  1573. ElzoBro
    You insult your good friends, because you know them like that
  1574. Lumage
    I mean some groups are toxic but other times there's an understanding of harmlessness
  1575. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID-5 distributes the parity data, which means one drive can fail and you can still recover the data
  1576. ElzoBro
    I like to say a lot of your friends are just people you put up with being insulted by
  1577. LacksHead Admin
    put up with? I know they mean it in a joking way
  1578. MasterR3C0RD
    And finally, RAID-6 does double-distributed parity
  1579. LacksHead Admin
    They're exposing my flaws
  1580. MasterR3C0RD
    So two drives can die and you can recover
  1581. ElzoBro
    Of course, but a lot of times I'm getting nothing else besides insults from being friends
  1582. Lumage
    I see.
  1583. LacksHead Admin
    then you're hanging out with assholes
  1584. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1585. snail_
    there's like twelve conversations going on at onece
  1586. Lumage
    If /tmp/ needs to reside on a separate partition, be sure to change its permissions after mounting
  1587. LacksHead Admin
    there's twoRAID and friendship
  1588. snail_
    12/6 = 2 so i was 1/6th right
  1589. LacksHead Admin
    or you were 6* as wrong
  1590. ElzoBro
    That's why i said, "Many of yor friends are just people you put up with being insulted by" you laugh at their insults because I don't want them to feel awkward, and the laughing makes you guys feel like friends, because you're insulting eachother and not hetting mad, but you have to make sure you're getting something out of it besides insults
  1591. MasterR3C0RD
    TL;DR RAID-0 if you want to just use all the capacity of the drives without any parity or whatever, RAID-5 if you have 3 disks and need parity and RAID-6 if you have 4 disks and need parity
  1592. snail_
    and uhhh yeah you should PROBABLY put /tmp/ and your swap partition somewhere that isn't your RAID array
  1593. Lumage
    what's raid10
  1594. LacksHead Admin
    the insults are usually truths wrapped in a joke
  1595. snail_
    raid10 is raid 1 and 0 put together IIRC
  1596. Lumage
    o k
  1597. ElzoBro
    I'm not saying that all friendships are like that
  1598. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  1599. ElzoBro
    As I said, you make close friends
  1600. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID 10 is mirroring striped dataErrStriping mirrored data
  1601. snail_
    putting swap in your RAID would be entirely pointless
  1602. ElzoBro
    Your friends can insult you of course. That's a whole part of it, but pure insults don't make a friendship
  1603. MasterR3C0RD
    ^^It'd be quite slow
  1604. LacksHead Admin
    If all you're getting are insults from these people I reccomend taking a page out of records books and look for some folks who aren't total assholes
  1605. ElzoBro
    If that's the only level it's gonna fall apart eventually
  1606. MasterR3C0RD
    Unless you're using RAID-0
  1607. ElzoBro
    I know, and I have
  1608. snail_
    yeah unless you're raid0
  1609. MasterR3C0RD
    And have disks with similar performance
  1610. ElzoBro
    I'm saying outside of my main friend group
  1611. Lumage
    join a club for nerds
  1612. ElzoBro
    But uh
  1613. snail_
    but IMO there's no reason to use RAID unless you want actual data recovery
  1614. MasterR3C0RD
    And have a hardware RAID controler*controlle*controller
  1615. snail_
    the increase in disk performance is mild
  1616. MasterR3C0RD
    @snail If you're a data-whore, it's very niceBecause then you can just throw it all on one diskWhich is actually 5(ex)
  1617. 12Me21Admin
    >ElzoBro: If that's the only level it's gonna fall apart eventually >MasterR3C0RD: Unless you're using RAID-0
  1618. snail_
    if you need to dedicate gigantic amounts of storage to one volume, you COULD use a spanned volumeidr if that requires raid or not
  1619. ElzoBro
  1620. LacksHead Admin
    i'm thinking the programming talk should move left
  1621. MasterR3C0RD
    RAID can have hardware supportThis isn't programmingThis is computing
  1622. snail_
    raid isn't programming thoughbut i meanhmhe has a point
  1623. LacksHead Admin
    well we got two conversations going on here and it's getting confusing, so
  1624. 12Me21Admin
    >>>>>rename "Programming" tab to "Computing"
  1625. snail_
  1626. ElzoBro
    Yeah that's actually right lol
  1627. MasterR3C0RD
    Make "Programming" "Computing"
  1628. snail_
  1629. MasterR3C0RD
  1630. snail_
    yeah nobody uses thiswhat are we talking about again
  1631. MasterR3C0RD
    You're right, RAID is basically only good if you want to keep your data safeWe were talking about RAID
  1632. snail_
    yeah uhspanned volumeas
  1633. ElzoBro
    So uh yeah
  1634. LacksHead Admin
    because nobody possesses common courtesy anymore
  1635. MasterR3C0RD
    Lumage wanted me to explain RAID modes
  1636. Lumage
    "select your keyboard layout ...I'm going to use 12 for Dvorak"
  1637. snail_
    a spanned volume might be a Windows feature, I forgetor maybe it actually is RAID in disguiseit's been a while
  1638. MasterR3C0RD
    Spanned array is Windows I think
  1639. LacksHead Admin
    Are you still in DC, Elzo?
  1640. ElzoBro
    In short, I never said insults were bad, but if it's all you're getting out of a friendship it's not good.YupTomorrow's our last day
  1641. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  1642. snail_
    I guess it's fine if we hijack this because it gets such little traffic anyway
  1643. LacksHead Admin
    I think that goes without saying
  1644. ElzoBro
    We're going to the Holocaust Museum today so I dressed pretty
  1645. LacksHead Admin
    that should be interesting
  1646. ElzoBro
    I love Flannel
  1647. snail_
    I do have two HDDs so I could RAID if I wanted to, but I don't exactly have disk capacity out the wazoo
  1648. LacksHead Admin
    lol you say Flannel I picture canadian lumberjack
  1649. ElzoBro
    I used to wear so much flannel then i evolved to sweatshirts onlyLmao
  1650. snail_
    I think it's like less that 500GB total
  1651. MasterR3C0RD
    Be backLater
  1652. snail_
    and I dualboot
  1653. ElzoBro
    Today's cloudy againI love it
  1654. LacksHead Admin
    same and same lol
  1655. ElzoBro
    It's not raining tooIt rained all day yesterday
  1656. snail_
    I should probably invest in cloud backup of some form
  1657. ElzoBro
    On our tour lolThe rain was really atmospheric thoughI almost miss ittttMy phone's battery died yesterday and it wasnt tyrning on, but suddenly the battery came back to life when we got back on the bus and i was so happy
  1658. LacksHead Admin
    itunes.... wtf.....
  1659. ElzoBro
  1660. LacksHead Admin
    It updated which means it's now worseit doesn't even startfucking piece of shit
  1661. ElzoBro
  1662. 12Me21Admin
    uo should invest in a higher quality avatar
  1663. LacksHead Admin
    "Now with more blue spinning wheel! So we can remind you of what steve jobs is doing in his grave as we shit away his business"
  1664. Lacks has left the chat.
  1665. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1666. LacksHead Admin
    I've restarted it 4 times now and it just sits and spins.so no new podcasts for me today
  1667. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1668. snail_
    classic itunes
  1669. LacksHead Admin
    when did task manager get so shitty?
  1670. snail_
    windows 8, I thinkjust click the Show More or whatever it is
  1671. LacksHead Admin
    ahh, there we go. Killing every apple related thing in that bullshit fixed it"ipod helper" fuck off. Why does one app need 7 different things open?and it still hasn't helped fix the album artworkevery time I play Rammstein I see Joe rogan
  1672. Lumage
    so far I'm confused as to why gentoo is considered a memeare people just too lazy to rtfm and pick up big dumb distros instead?
  1673. snail_
    just install ubuntu mate or somethinggentoo sucks
  1674. Lumage
    but WHY? no one's told me whyI don't think I prefer ubuntu mate
  1675. LacksHead Admin
    australian mate or....
  1676. snail_
    Ubuntu MATE (pronounced mah-tay)it's named after a drink or something
  1677. LacksHead Admin
    Ga-HayMy name is Jack, pronounced Cheryl
  1678. snail_
    it's a foreign word https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yerba_matebut an australian version of ubuntu would be funnier
  1679. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1680. snail_
    they make a chinese version (Kylin) but that's because china is weirdnot just "in Chinese", you can put them all in Chinesebut it has completely different software packages
  1681. LacksHead Admin
    I swear people name shit like this just so they can be all *nerd voice* "Uhm, actually it's pronounced, XYX, you pleb"
  1682. snail_
    who knows
  1683. andritolion
  1684. 12Me21Admin
    I think it's either that or they just actually suck at thinking of good namesmaybe both
  1685. andritolion
    They make a Chinese version because of the government there.
  1686. snail_
    names like Jack OSI thought it was called MATE because it was your mate or something idk
  1687. 12Me21Admin
    No snail it's pronounced "Cheryl OS"
  1688. snail_
  1689. LacksHead Admin
    wow, their codenames for MATE.......Trusty TahrUtopic Unicorn
  1690. andritolion
    The reason they make Ubuntu Kylin named weird is because a kylin is a mythical animal in Chinese mythology.
  1691. Lumage
  1692. 12Me21Admin
    they should just steal names from kirby or something
  1693. snail_
    that's codenames for Ubuntu releases in generalit's all some Adjective Animal alliteration
  1694. andritolion
    lol... But Kirby is Japanese...Not Chinese...
  1695. LacksHead Admin
    the more and more y'all talk about linux the less and less I want anything to do with it
  1696. snail_
    and the release version numbers are year.month (which is pretty helpful actually)
  1697. 12Me21Admin
    Just like anime...
  1698. andritolion
    Same. I was thinking of booting Linux onto my Surface, but forget it .
  1699. snail_
    16.04 is the one most people use, which is... april 2016
  1700. LacksHead Admin
    you all say it's beter than windows and should take overbut then ALL of you use different versions of it
  1701. snail_
    I'd rathery they coexist
  1702. andritolion
    Just like Windows versions.... (1511)
  1703. snail_
    which they do, so whatevethere's a bunch of distros but they're all compatible with each other (mostly)
  1704. andritolion
  1705. 12Me21Admin
  1706. snail_
    it DOES work best in the business server market where it occupies like 90% sharebecause you don't have to worry about a desktop lol
  1707. andritolion
    17 (year) 03 (month)
  1708. Lacks has left the chat.
  1709. snail_ has left the chat.
  1710. Lumage
    "named weird" it's a chinese system so it's a chinese word this isn't even surprising
  1711. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1712. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1713. andritolion
    I wonder... Why does the Chinese government want a certain version of a OS?
  1714. Lumage
    because they restrict their citizen's liberties and control the economyas a result they publish their own products for things like this
  1715. snail_
    MOST people use an ubuntu base and MOST of them are on 16.04 LTS (long term support) so it's a non issue
  1716. andritolion
  1717. Lumage
    to prevent the populace from buying on import by producing your own products keeps the money in the country
  1718. andritolion
    There is no money involved, last time I checked...
  1719. Lumage
    there's the money that isn't buying windows
  1720. andritolion
    Huh?Isnt Ubuntu free, last time I checked?
  1721. Lumage
    if they have their own OS to ship then no one is buying windows and therefore sending money out of the country
  1722. andritolion
  1723. snail_ has left the chat.
  1724. andritolion
    But there is Windows 10 China...
  1725. Lumage
    made by americans
  1726. andritolion
  1727. Lumage
    it might be licensed but unless they're actually shifiting away from Kylin to W10 (which may be happening) it's not going to be encouraged by the government
  1728. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1729. andritolion
  1730. 12Me21Admin
    quick post a screenshot of your desktop
  1731. Lumage
    desktop or screen
  1732. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1733. 12Me21Admin
    desktop I guess
  1734. Lacks has left the chat.
  1735. 12Me21Admin
    I meanyou know your screen with no windows open
  1736. SpiderLily
    why are you still doing the stupid jack os thing
  1737. 12Me21Admin
    Because I didn't feel like changing my avatar
  1738. Lumage
  1739. 12Me21Admin
    I need a better background
  1740. Lumage
    here you go http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/vbbkx.PNG
  1741. SpiderLily
    lumage why are you talking to gabe
  1742. Lumage
    I haven't talked to him in 13 days what the fuck do you want
  1743. 12Me21Admin
    You should use tile instead of fillmuch better
  1744. Lumage
    no that's gross
  1745. 12Me21Admin
  1746. SpiderLily
    13 days isnt long enough
  1747. Lumage
    fuck off
  1748. 12Me21Admin
    Alright I changed it from black to dark gray
  1749. Lumage
  1750. 12Me21Admin
    For some reason there's one pixel of whitehttp://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/pawik.png in the upper left
  1751. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1752. andritolion
  1753. PhilFish
    I see 12me uses win7
  1754. andritolion
    I use 10.
  1755. PhilFish
    my main PC is win10but I'm getting to where I almost use this one more lmao
  1756. andritolion
  1757. PhilFish
  1758. andritolion
    What aspect ratio is your screen? My Surface is 3:2.
  1759. PhilFish
  1760. randomouscrap
  1761. PhilFish
    the linux one is uhhhno cluemy dual screen windows PC is 1366x768okay I checked and it's 4:3 for my linux pc I think
  1762. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1763. snail_
    nice desk random
  1764. andritolion
    What is the aspect ratio for your Windows?
  1765. randomouscrap
    It's not mine
  1766. andritolion
    I cant simplify it...
  1767. PhilFish
  1768. snail_
    it's still a nice desk
  1769. PhilFish
    it doesn't simplify into a traditional aspect ratio
  1770. andritolion
  1771. PhilFish
    if you simplify it as far as possible, you get 683:384
  1772. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  1773. ProgrammingChicken
  1774. snail_
    my system is set at 1280x1024 aka hellat LEAST I get 720p quality
  1775. andritolion
    Huh... Bing has a fraction calculator... https://www.bing.com/search?q=1.433467%20to%20fraction&qs=bs&form=QBRE
  1776. ProgrammingChicken
    oml you're complaining about 720 qualityget a life
  1777. snail_
    when I play a widescreen game I get bad letterboxingmy resolution is 5:4which is more square than 4:3, btw
  1778. PhilFish
    1366x768 is almost 16:9
  1779. snail_
    yeah it's like 16:8.999999999999999
  1780. ProgrammingChicken
    http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1309 < 7 Petit Words, looking for input
  1781. andritolion
    My Surface 3 is 3:2.
  1782. ProgrammingChicken
    also has a poll
  1783. andritolion
  1784. PhilFish
    2:1 master race
  1785. snail_
    if you had to use a practically square monitor you wouldn't be happy either lolI'd rather force Minecraft to run at 16:9 letterboxed but there's no option for that :P
  1786. andritolion
    Gee... Look what Cortana notified me!
  1787. snail_
    maps offhand are half off the side of the screen
  1788. PhilFish
    you actually use cortana huh that's a first. gg
  1789. randomouscrap
    Just go 1080 or 4K and be done with it
  1790. andritolion
    Keep up with teams you love Or love to hate! I'm Cortana, and I can help keep you posted either way.
  1791. snail_
    then I have to spend MONEY random
  1792. randomouscrap
    Andritolion I thought I said I wanted you to stop being a microsoft advertisement
  1793. andritolion
    Sorry...Bye...Switching to Phone. (Was going to say what type, but forget it...)
  1794. PhilFish
    I want that new 8K monitor
  1795. snail_
    if you wonder why I don't use maps it's because I actually can't read them offhand
  1796. andritolion
    mee to
  1797. PhilFish
    >me too?
  1798. andritolion
  1799. PhilFish
  1800. Lumage
  1801. snail_
    I had a widescreen monitor but it diedrip widescreen monitor
  1802. andritolion
    I love NBC!
  1803. snail_
  1804. andritolion
  1805. PhilFish
  1806. andritolion
    Bear on the run?
  1807. snail_
    idk what happened to it but it was literally thrown in the trash so we can't find out now
  1808. andritolion
  1809. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1810. PhilFish
    oh my god this relationship is beginning to advance as planned
  1811. snail_ has left the chat.
  1812. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1813. snail_
  1814. Lumage
    just as planned
  1815. snail_
    sorry i disconnectedxenial xerus is the worst codename ubuntu has ever come up with
  1816. Lumage
    just as planned
  1817. snail_
    way to use two words nobody knowsbut they they did Yakkety Yak and the day was saved
  1818. Lumage
  1819. PhilFish
    okay just as planned wasn't the best phrasehow about "just as hoped"
  1820. snail_
    phil are you dating
  1821. Lumage
    "desktop environment"65 javascript results10 haskell
  1822. LacksHead Admin
    Today is the worst day since yesterday.
  1823. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1824. randomouscrap
  1825. snail_
    hm? what's up
  1826. Lumage
    i thought it was a song lyric
  1827. snail_
    the way I read that is "every day is getting progressively worse" and that's not good
  1828. Lumage
  1829. LacksHead Admin
    It is kinda, Lumage. "It's been the worst...."
  1830. PhilFish
    snail_: phil are you dating I'm not sure that's the thing
  1831. LacksHead Admin
  1832. Lumage
    I remember hearing this song.
  1833. snail_
    how can you not be sure
  1834. LacksHead Admin
    I love flogging Molly
  1835. snail_
    JavaScript coming up in DE results isn't that surprising because web technology is being deployed in general interfaces and things now
  1836. Lumage
    oh right
  1837. PhilFish
    we basically had our unofficial first date wednesday but I'm not sure if that makes us "dating" I doubt it
  1838. Lumage
  1839. LacksHead Admin
    As for why it's the worst.... Usual work bs lol. D-bag is moaning already and we haven't even started.
  1840. snail_
    Mint themes are styled entirely with CSS
  1841. Lumage
  1842. snail_
    but the documentation might as well not exist sooooo
  1843. Lumage
    ugh writing a de looks hard
  1844. LacksHead Admin
    And then right after work it's fly home, shower and go play dnd even tho I failed to prep what I wanted due to writers block
  1845. Lumage
    i'll just make a theme for one of these shitty ones
  1846. snail_
    wing itand uhan entire DE is a whooole bunch of software packages lumageunless I misunderstand how that works
  1847. Lumage
    why though
  1848. LacksHead Admin
    I can wing a bunch. But there is other things I NEED info for. So I'm just banking on the internet lol
  1849. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1850. snail_
    well there's a uha window manager, though you don't necessarily need to include that
  1851. randomouscrap
    lacks do you still want to build those towers this weekendwe don't have to if you're not up for it
  1852. snail_
    if you want GNOME interop you need panels and widgetsthe MATE project made their own wm (marco) but you could just steal onetinywm or whatever maybe
  1853. Lumage
  1854. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1855. snail_
    some totally insane people replace the default wm with specific ones they like to use even though most complete ones are EXACTLY THE SAME
  1856. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, yes I do lol I've just been busy this week. And very very lazy. I'm sorry if you feel like I'm neglecting the project.
  1857. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1858. randomouscrap
    what no I want us both to want to do itI don't want to force you
  1859. 12Me21Admin
    did you get all the quartz yet?
  1860. snail_
  1861. 12Me21Admin
  1862. snail_
    if you want a cohesive DE, you wind up writing your own settings managers and everythinglummerlook at KDEKDE is humungous
  1863. andritolion has left the chat.
  1864. Lumage
    okay what the hell exactly is a desktop environment
  1865. snail_
    a vague term
  1866. LacksHead Admin
    Yes he did