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  1. RealTiP
  2. randomouscrap
    woah what. The chatdraw should replace colors... OOOHHHOOOOOHHHH I'M USING A BUFFER NOWdang ok so the chatdraw only supports 4 colors
  3. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  4. RealTiP
  5. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  6. randomouscrap
    No it's supposed to only support 4 colors
  7. RealTiP
    as you can see, i replaced the white multiple timesbut it didn't show :I
  8. RealTiP
  9. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    here kuragen, this might help you understand velocity better: S5DX33AEjust inspect the code
  10. Lumage
    haha what Genso Wanderer is on Switch
  11. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  12. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  13. RealTiP
    >i mean update to show that the colors were actually the same
  14. randomouscrap
    I'm fixing it now
  15. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh shoot he left
  16. RealTiP
    yep and yey thx
  17. Lumage
    Mima dies
  18. RealTiP
    looked confusing at first
  19. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  20. ProgrammingChicken
    oh, tip, have you played on the minecraft server recently? i moved around a month ago and forgot to tell you lmao
  21. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  22. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  23. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  24. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  25. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  26. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  27. Autz64
  28. RealTiP
    umm my hand is broke m8ill be on in a week
  29. RealTiP
  30. Autz64 has left the chat.
  31. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  32. RealTiP
  33. Autz64 has left the chat.
  34. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  35. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    your what what
  36. RealTiP
  37. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    http://smilebasicsource.com/page?pid=802oh i did something for once
  38. RealTiP
    well fine
  39. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  40. Autz64
  41. RealTiP
    i mean... i was working on that for kura:P
  42. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    lmaoi should try making a more glorified version maybe
  43. RealTiP
    now i guess i'll throw away my work and say i don't have any
  44. MasterR3C0RD
  45. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no no yours is probably better
  46. MasterR3C0RD
  47. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  48. Autz64
  49. RealTiP
    pls dont persuade me... my minecraft/botw time is being leached
  50. Autz64
  51. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  52. Autz64
    dont go plox
  53. RealTiP
  54. RealTiP
    well then
  55. Autz64
  56. RealTiP
    what is plox?
  57. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  58. Autz64
    please but bad written
  59. RealTiP is has been the confused
  60. RealTiP
    oh waiti haave a braaini understand nox*now
  61. Autz64
  62. RealTiP
    plox will now be a new word
  63. Autz64
    how can i talk wit shadows?
  64. Autz64 has left the chat.
  65. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  66. RealTiP
    waiting for someone to die in-game so they'll pass the controller...:I
  67. Autz64 has left the chat.
  68. Lumage
    nna soul as red as a ground cherry
  69. randomouscrap
    I suppose I should maybe... bring back the clear button maybeclearing is kinda annoying now
  70. RealTiP
    yesyes plstho keep a fill tooli like the fill tool
  71. randomouscrap
    That means the full fill should default to just flood fill
  72. RealTiP
    yepflood fill = good fill>How are they not dying!? ToT
  73. Lumage
    oh I think I have to delete a page on the wikino wait maybe I didn't publish ityeah
  74. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  75. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  76. randomouscrap
    OK clear button is back, fill defaults to flood fill, and ummmmm paint tool sprays paint based on radius so it should all feel consistentBut I think I did a bad and I'll have to fix it laterIf you don't like the new paint tool I'll work on it
  77. RealTiP
  78. RealTiP has left the chat.
  79. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  80. randomouscrap
    I made the paint tool consistent across radius AND speed, so IDK how you'll feel about that
  81. RealTiP
    kinda weird
  82. randomouscrap
    idk I like it. It's more like painting nowYou just go over the same area a lot to get more paint
  83. RealTiP
    could see the usefulness of the brush, but doesnt feel as random as the old
  84. randomouscrap
    pft it's MORE random. I can remove the consistent speed
  85. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  86. randomouscrap
    I introduced another level of randomness
  87. RealTiP
    well, i meant radius-wise random
  88. randomouscrap
    oh it's smaller that's allset the brush to 3 for the old size
  89. RealTiP
  90. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  91. RealTiP
  92. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  93. randomouscrap
    oh and the color thing should be fixed
  94. RealTiP
    >playin botw
  95. randomouscrap
    sorry, you really do only have 4 colors T_T
  96. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ack what should i draw maybe mmmmmmm
  97. RealTiP
    thxmaybe a not-furry furry?
  98. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  99. RealTiP
    the anti-furrydo that
  100. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  101. Lumage
  102. RealTiP
    some furrybut not
  103. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  104. RealTiP
    like the opposite of a furry
  105. randomouscrap
    oh oops
  106. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    a... a yrruf
  107. RealTiP
    >i like that palette.
  108. Lumage
    how to draw alice?
  109. randomouscrap
    oh and I made the slow tool a bit smoother
  110. RealTiP
    yea. draw a yrrufyeygoin back to LoZ:BotW
  111. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    maybe i'll draw a not awful yuuka just because maybe
  112. randomouscrap
    gah why do I keep clicking that
  113. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  114. randomouscrap
    blue. I want BLUE, not the send buttonmaybe I should move that
  115. Lumage
    hmm maybe I have some alice
  116. RealTiP
    stuck on vah ruta
  117. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  118. ProgrammingChicken
    should i upload a trash arrow firing sim*shovel
  119. RealTiP
    i dont know what i did but it workeddungeon solved
  120. blizord has entered the chat.
  121. ProgrammingChicken
    i want to play minecraft but my entire set of resources, tools, and armor is trash.the only thing i have going for me is my broken auto-furnace.
  122. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  123. ProgrammingChicken
    i don't even have enough slime to make a block\r
  124. randomouscrap
    If you see 12me, tell him that his image converter (is it his?) needs to put images into the buffer instead of the canvas. I have example code here: https://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=15734#post_15734
  125. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  126. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  127. PhilFish has left the chat.
  128. PhilFish
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Nod7j9HN1U EVERYONE CLICK ON THIS VIDEO AND SHARE WITH FRIENDS"for every 25 views on this video i'll say "ya like jazz" in a livestream"
  129. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  130. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  131. PhilFish
    so far we're up to 404 "ya like jazz?"sand it was just uploaded like 15 minutes ago
  132. RealTiP
    is that a yrruf?
  133. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no that's a yuurafr-u
  134. RealTiP
  135. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  136. ProgrammingChicken
    what's a helb
  137. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bleh a s'tahw
  138. ProgrammingChicken
    what's a helb
  139. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  140. PhilFish has left the chat.
  141. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it's french for "ban"
  142. PhilFish has left the chat.
  143. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  144. ProgrammingChicken
    what's a "nab"
  145. RealTiP
    actually thats deustch
  146. ProgrammingChicken
    what the HELL is a staht?is it a yrruf?(͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  147. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you're not funny
  148. ProgrammingChicken
    yep a ton
  149. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    yep a ton...
  150. ProgrammingChicken
    i feel as though i have been bannedoh my
  151. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...yepa ton....
  152. ProgrammingChicken
    ye paton
  153. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  154. ProgrammingChicken
  155. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  156. RealTiP
    support my patreon
  157. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  158. RealTiP
    my nonexistent patreon
  159. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    The name for the new comic
  160. RealTiP
  161. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  162. RealTiP
    Yepaton? More like...yiffaton
  163. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  164. Lumage
    that's almost alice-like
  165. RealTiP
    great. blood moon.
  166. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  167. RealTiP
  168. Lumage
  169. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  170. Lumage
    <canvas width="1" height="1"></canvas>pls stop broken drawings
  171. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  172. RealTiP
    ummdat look broke
  173. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    just testing the waters real quickalso yes they're all broke
  174. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  175. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  176. ProgrammingChicken
    sb download play dlcwould you buy
  177. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  178. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  179. blizord has left the chat.
  180. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  181. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  182. MasterR3C0RD
  183. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  184. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  185. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  186. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  187. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  188. Autz64
    geeez, i should download the DLC
  189. Lumage
    phil, how many windows are you running right now
  190. Autz64
    now that i have CFW
  191. Autz64 has left the chat.
  192. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  193. Tgaming has left the chat.
  194. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  195. Lumage
  196. Tgaming has left the chat.
  197. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  198. Tgaming
  199. Tgaming has left the chat.
  200. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  201. Tgaming has left the chat.
  202. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  203. Tgaming
    That was weirdCould listen to this for hourshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GS2jczNsIU0**TEST**Fail
  204. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  205. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  206. Tgaming has left the chat.
  207. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  208. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  209. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i hate weekendsi hate weekdays too but
  210. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  211. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  212. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  213. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  214. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  215. LacksHead Admin
    I love the weekend but by Monday I'm ready for a day of work. Then the weekdays suck again
  216. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  217. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    during weekends i just have so much to do mn
  218. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  219. Tgaming has left the chat.
  220. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  221. Tgaming
    I hate these reloads
  222. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    then don't reload
  223. Tgaming has left the chat.
  224. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  225. Tgaming has entered the chat.
  226. Tgaming
    uptonogood is the only way I can switch tabs
  227. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what whywhat are you using lol
  228. Tgaming
    i O S b r o w s e r s
  229. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  230. Tgaming
    Safari sucksI wish I had an android
  231. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    fun fact 3ds browser is considered safari by websites
  232. Tgaming
  233. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  234. Tgaming
    So what would happen if I made a virus that puts hundreds computers on a botnet?Would I get arrested?Would I have enough processing power to bruteforce anything?HehehehOr I could make a game that runs in the background and processes whatever I want it toBut also disguising as a gameSo people won't delete itI wouldn't need much dedotated wanW A M
  235. Lacks has entered the chat.
  236. Lacks has left the chat.
  237. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  238. Autz64 has left the chat.
  239. Lumage
    spooky scary skeletons
  240. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  241. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  242. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  243. Tgaming
    Is 226goodpixels per onch
  244. Lumage
  245. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  246. Lumage
  247. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  248. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  249. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  250. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    drew this for my mom todayshe just LOVES lee for some reason
  251. Tgaming
  252. Trinitro21
  253. Tgaming
    Do you have an iOS device
  254. Trinitro21
    why would i have an ios devicetake a look at my avatar
  255. Tgaming
    I need someone who knows about jailbreaks and parental controls xDI'm going to try to jailbreak again but with out getting caught 4 months later this time
  256. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  257. Tgaming
    >Which is why I've been using a 3DS to browse the Internet until recentlyIt's been 6th months since my downfallAnd summer is coming soon which means that my complete isolation from socialization will cause me to go insane and fall in love with random Pokémon art
  258. Lumage
  259. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  260. Tgaming
    Holy crap they autocorrect Pokémon now?
  261. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  262. Tgaming
    Thanks for that accented e thingPoke - AYYYYYYYYY lmao - mon
  263. Trinitro21
    ok what
  264. Tgaming
    Does anyone have iOS?
  265. Trinitro21
    i'm having problems with this new installation so maybe i'll reinstall again
  266. Lumage
    install gentoo
  267. Tgaming
    I need to know what exactly the parental controls can conteo E N T E R I N G. C L U B. P E N G U
  268. Lumage
    you'll shake and shudder in surprise when you hear these jiangshi shriek
  269. Tgaming
    SHHHRIIIEIEEEKScrew thisyou only live onceI'm gonna take the plunge and not look back
  270. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  271. Autz64
  272. Tgaming has left the chat.
  273. Autz64 has left the chat.
  274. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  275. Autz64
    going to post a screenshotif i get the internet
  276. Autz64 has left the chat.
  277. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  278. Autz64
  279. LacksHead Admin
  280. Autz64
    the good thing is that the choice window can support upt to 5 choices
  281. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  282. PhilFish
    I bought a Galaxy S7
  283. Autz64
    also, i think i'm going to add an RPG-esque battle scheme
  284. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  285. Autz64
  286. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    lee has a reference sheet now heh
  287. Autz64
  288. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  289. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  290. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  291. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  292. Lacks has left the chat.
  293. Lacks has entered the chat.
  294. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i drew a yuuka so that can count for today's maybe
  295. LacksHead Admin
    I drew randoms bunny
  296. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  297. Lumage
    'Cause spooky scary skeletons shout startling shrilly screams
  298. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  299. Autz64 has left the chat.
  300. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  301. Guzzler829
    I want one of those ti 84 graphing calculators just to mess around with it lol
  302. andritolion walks into the SmileBASIC Source Off-Topic chat. He has something on his mind, but what? andritolion scours his head for his last thought, but it had eluded him.
  303. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  304. andritolion found what he was going to talk about. The Windows 10 Creator's Update went onto my Windows 10 Home file server and disrupted my file accesses while it was updating. andritolion also asks if he should upgrade to Windows 10 Pro so he can defer updates on that PC.
  305. Trinitro21
    wow not much happenedkek windows automatic update policy messing up andritolion
  306. andritolion
    Did you see my roleplayed thing?
  307. Trinitro21
    if uo linux then you wouldn't have that problem, and you wouldn't have to pay to fix it
  308. andritolion
    I should get Pro so I can defer upgrades...
  309. Trinitro21
    just for that reason?
  310. andritolion
    And EFS...Encrypting File System.And BitLocker.
  311. Trinitro21
    yeah pretty sure linux has encrypted filesystems toowhat even does bitlocker do
  312. andritolion
    Encrypt files...BitLocker is Microsoft's encrypting feature...
  313. Trinitro21
    mhm, as i said pretty sure the free stuff has that too
  314. PhilFish
    ya linux can encrypt your filesystem
  315. andritolion
    I need Windows on that fileserver though...
  316. Lumage
    i'd get some linux but I don't really have a spare drive
  317. Trinitro21
  318. andritolion
  319. PhilFish
    I have two spare drives so yayzers
  320. Trinitro21
    oh you use that junk?kek
  321. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  322. andritolion
  323. Trinitro21
    i was thinking you were making samba shares but i guess you're doing that ok
  324. andritolion
    What junk? HDDs? I mostly have upgraded to SSDs...
  325. Trinitro21
  326. andritolion
  327. Lumage
    maybe I should buy another high capacity flash drive lolIs keeping a linux system on a flash drive maintainable?
  328. PhilFish
    I've done it before
  329. Trinitro21
    i think so google persistent flash driver or something*drive
  330. andritolion
    I am using a SSD for my files, and a HDD for other people in my house's files.
  331. Trinitro21
    i never questioned that
  332. PhilFish
    I use two SSDs for files, and a couple old HDDs for test benches I guess
  333. Lumage
    Mm I see
  334. Trinitro21
    i never really need more space than i have on my computer
  335. andritolion
    I retrieve my files through OneDrive and my parents dump their files through HomeGroup.Bet my mom is wondering "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CRAP???"...
  336. PhilFish
    I don't use cloud storage lmfao
  337. andritolion
  338. Trinitro21
    bet your mom doesn't need her files constantly
  339. andritolion
    I only use OneDrive for Fetch.
  340. PhilFish
    I just make sure everything I have is replaceable lol
  341. andritolion
    She isn't on her computer, but if she is, she is gonna go nuts...
  342. PhilFish
    if all my computers were nuked, within a week I could be back up to full power
  343. andritolion
  344. Trinitro21
    anyways i need to ignore the microsoft shill
  345. andritolion
  346. Lumage
    someone who has a vested interest in something but claims not to
  347. PhilFish
    is 37C a good cpu temp for a stock heatsink lol
  348. Lumage
    just use ice cubes
  349. andritolion
    It's OK...No, Ice Cubes will drip...
  350. Trinitro21
    oh maybe i'm using it wrong then
  351. Lacks has left the chat.
  352. PhilFish
    tbh <40C is actually pretty good
  353. Trinitro21
    i thought it meant someone who mindlessly promotes something
  354. andritolion has entered the chat.
  355. Trinitro21
    is there a word for that
  356. PhilFish
    @andrito professional overclockers use liquid nitrogen directly onto the CPU
  357. andritolion
  358. Lumage
    I had a bad definition too, apparently
  359. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  360. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  361. andritolion
    Still, they have control, unlike ice...
  362. PhilFish
    I think it was a joke
  363. andritolion
  364. PhilFish
    Dry ice would be a good coolant maybe
  365. andritolion
    Working on updates: 0%...
  366. Lacks has entered the chat.
  367. Lumage
    but yeah shill implies you're part of the product you're pretending to promote as a third party as an INSULT it just implies "annoying overpromotion" though
  368. andritolion
    lol "This will take a while." It'll be a LONG WHILE with that slow crapheap...It just went to 1%... 5 minutes per percent? 500 minutes? I'll be awake by then...It's 8:46 PM and I wake at 5-ish.Hello?
  369. Trinitro21
    nooooboooooddddyyyyyyyyy'sssss hhhheeeeerrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee
  370. andritolion
    U are...
  371. Trinitro21
    i'm not
  372. andritolion
    U were...
  373. Lumage
    If all goes well a standard syslinux prompt should appear on the screen.
  374. Guzzler829
    hey uhI was watching a youtube video when I found this:did calc make a calculator gameboy thingamajig?
  375. Lumage
    yeah calc84 comes from the Ti hacking community
  376. Guzzler829
    NiceI know it's dumb, but I want one of those calculators just to program some dumb stuff on it
  377. andritolion
  378. Lumage
    I did tooanyway
  379. Guzzler829
    (also if I need it for a class in the future lel)
  380. Lumage
    Why does only Ubuntu support persistence?
  381. andritolion
  382. Lumage
    Is it the only one that NEEDS a special overlay?
  383. andritolion
    As in?
  384. Lumage
    oh nvm it was javascript
  385. Guzzler829
    pretty sweet that you can play gameboy games on the ti 84(plus I think)
  386. PhilFish
  387. Guzzler829
    the frame rate looks painfully low though
  388. PhilFish
    I have a Ti-84+ and I didn't know about this
  389. Guzzler829
    wait hold oinon
  390. Lumage
    ...this doesn't seem right.
  391. andritolion has entered the chat.
  392. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  393. andritolion has left the chat.
  394. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  395. Guzzler829
    TI 84+CSE
  396. PhilFish
    going through some old emails and I found this obfuscated SB program I wrote
  397. andritolion
    Dad's complaining...
  398. PhilFish
    _=_:__=_+(TRUE<<TRUE>>TRUE):___=__+__:____=__*(__<__)+__:______=__*(__<<___)+__:_____=______-(___>>__):__________=______+_____:________=__*(__<<____)-__:_________=__________-__:_______=____<<__:_$ _,________,__:_$ __,_,__:_$ __,_,_________:_$ __,_,_________:_$ __,__,__:_$ _,____,___:_$ _,_________,________:_$ __,__,__:_$ __,__,_____:_$ __,_,_________:_$ __,_,_:_$ _,____,____:? DEF _$ _%,__%,___%:?CHR$(VAL(STR$(_%)+STR$(__%)+STR$(___%)));:END
  399. Lumage
    I remember that
  400. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  401. Guzzler829
    calc84 made a thing for it
  402. Guzzler829 's lights are flickering a lot... Spooky
  403. Guzzler829
    Oh yeah I lightbulb went out lol
  405. Guzzler829
    there goes the other--it went out for like 4 secondsbut now it's backtime to change a lightbulb or two>"lightbulb" isn't a word lol
  406. Lumage
    https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=46050 >2003
  407. Trinitro21
    ha nub shoulda used !.steada TRUE
  408. andritolion
    Gee... My dad is MAD about not being able to finish that AutoCAD file... He says its not due till Friday though...
  409. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  410. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  411. andritolion
    Hurry updating!!!
  412. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Hurry updating!!!
  413. PhilFish
    bro I never even thought about !.
  414. PhilFish has left the chat.
  415. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  416. PhilFish
    that's brilliant
  417. andritolion
    Oof.. I hit my head...Hit the top bunk...
  418. PhilFish
    see linux updates take like 10 seconds
  419. andritolion
    I feel sick...
  420. PhilFish
    and it updates our OS along with all of our installed programs
  421. andritolion
    It took 40 minutes on that PC...No kidding.
  422. PhilFish
  423. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I might try some object oriented stuff in SB
  424. andritolion
    That PC is old... Even if it's from the Win8 era...
  425. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Mass object handling
  426. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  427. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  428. Guzzler829
    UPDATE: Changed the bulbbecause you were all on the edge of your seats
  429. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm glad yu told us
  430. Guzzler829
    lol>win8 being old
  431. Lumage
    mmm this thread seems to be about running gentoo from the flash drive with a separate disk for filesystem
  432. PhilFish
    I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 if that says anythingbut then again, apt upgrade
  433. Guzzler829
    I like linux. I should make a build with linux on it sometime.
  434. Lumage
    ok here's a thread from 2009 lol
  435. Guzzler829
    >lights still flickering a lot
  436. andritolion
    I'm dual-booting Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 10 on that PC. I only run Windows on my Surface.
  437. PhilFish
    what WM for UbuntuUnity?
  438. andritolion
  439. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  440. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  441. PhilFish
    sudo apt install mate-desktopmake yourself happier
  442. andritolion
    I only run Windows 10 on that Surface because I don't want to wreck it...
  443. Trinitro21
    sudo apt install kubuntu-deskt---wait you want something lightweight don't you
  444. andritolion
    I am not in Ubuntu right now, Fish Tank...
  445. PhilFish
    oh by the way I have my classes for the fall semester at college
  446. andritolion
    What you got?
  447. PhilFish
  448. Lumage
  449. Guzzler829
    wait wait what
  450. andritolion
    Computers, math, logic...
  451. Guzzler829
    into to C
  452. PhilFish
    C programming CompSci ethics Honors english siminar Honors cal A Honors FYE class Intro to logic
  453. Lumage
  454. Guzzler829
    Don't you...?
  455. Lumage
  456. PhilFish
    what guzz?
  457. andritolion
    Want my agenda?
  458. PhilFish
    sure andrito
  459. Guzzler829
    C programming
  460. andritolion
    I don't got my 8th classes, though...
  461. Lumage
    yes WHAT ABOUT IT guzzler
  462. Guzzler829
    I'm justsaying
  463. Lumage
    but you're not
  464. PhilFish
    it's required
  465. Guzzler829
    I can't figure out what I'm saying
  466. PhilFish
    so what about it
  467. Guzzler829
  468. Lumage
    you haven't said anything yet
  469. andritolion
    Here's my 7th classes.
  470. Guzzler829
    You know C really well right?
  471. Lumage
    phil doesn't know c
  472. Guzzler829
    wait what
  473. PhilFish
    C# I know really well, but it wouldn't matter either way
  474. Guzzler829
    howI thought you knew C
  475. PhilFish
    I can make my way around C but it's a required course
  476. Guzzler829
    anyway it'll be an easy class for you I'm sure
  477. andritolion
    Damn... I can't find my agenda...
  478. Guzzler829
    Next year I'll be taking geometry at home and some writing classalso biologyuuuugh biology.....
  479. andritolion
    I'll ask for another one tomorrow...
  480. PhilFish
    I took bio my 9th grade year
  481. Lumage
    high school biology
  482. Guzzler829
    So phil you're in... College?
  483. PhilFish
    I graduate high school in 5 days and I'm enrolled in college, yes
  484. Guzzler829
    oooh okay
  485. PhilFish
    yea I had freshman orientation this past weekend and got signed up for classes
  486. Lumage
    when does term start
  487. andritolion
    I got room numbers and the paraphrased class name, but not the actual official name...
  488. Guzzler829
    You should learn to cook really good food from cheap stuff
  489. andritolion
    Or work.
  490. PhilFish
    term starts August 16
  491. Guzzler829
    hmmI'll be in 9th grade
  492. andritolion
    Or starve. I only eat once-twice a day...
  493. Lumage
  494. Guzzler829
    whoa andrito
  495. PhilFish
    I'll get a 2-meals-per-day meal plan
  496. andritolion
    I intently do it to save time...
  497. PhilFish
    the food on campus is actually really good
  498. Guzzler829
    Well, i guess I'm the sameI wake up at like noon lol
  499. andritolion
    I hate school food.
  500. Guzzler829
    But Phil you can make cheaper food for super cheap
  501. PhilFish
    I'm required to have a meal plan
  502. Guzzler829
    I've gotten pretty good at just using whatever I have to make somethingokay
  503. andritolion
    I never eat the cafeteria food unless It's Mac&Cheese...
  504. PhilFish
    they have a world of wings
  505. Guzzler829
    Well I understand not eating cafeteria food
  506. PhilFish
    and a papa johnsso I'm set to go
  507. Guzzler829
    not badAll of this just gave me an ideaI should just start a list of all of the food I eat every day with dates
  508. andritolion
    I don't usually eat breakfast, unless my dad prepares it, because I want to save time...
  509. PhilFish
  510. andritolion
  511. Guzzler829
    so I can keep track of what I'n eating better and so I know how muchhe said @andrito because he meant to say "same" directed towards youhe was just clarifying.
  512. andritolion
  513. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  514. andritolion
    Unless my dad makes breakfast, I usually skip it. My mom sucks at food, any food, and I don't have time to cook...
  515. Guzzler829
  516. randomouscrap
    hey lacks. IDK how often you use it, but you can now select only certain date ranges for minecraftprogress
  517. andritolion
    I hate school lunch, so I skip it.
  518. Guzzler829
    that sounds no good
  519. randomouscrap
    this way, you can skip all the time where people did nothing lol
  520. Guzzler829
    Why don't you have time?
  521. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  522. andritolion
    Work. I divide my HW in the morn and night.
  523. Guzzler829
    You have a job?orlol duhI'm bad at reading
  524. andritolion
    Im only 12...
  525. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  526. PhilFish
    my first job was at 16
  527. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  528. Guzzler829
    I hope to get a job sometime soon
  529. PhilFish
    $7.25/hr baby, that's the good life
  530. Guzzler829
    what was it?
  531. PhilFish
    chick fil a
  532. Guzzler829
    cash register?
  533. PhilFish
  534. Guzzler829
    ohis that how those places work?
  535. PhilFish
    cooking to cash register to janitorial duties
  536. Guzzler829
    >or I guess just chick fil a loloh
  537. PhilFish
    not typically, I was more special in that I could do basically anything
  538. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  539. PhilFish
    most people had just a specific position they'd stick to usually
  540. andritolion
    Guess where I want to work when I become 14?
  541. Guzzler829
  542. PhilFish
  543. Guzzler829
    where>microsoft store
  544. andritolion
    MSFT Store.
  545. Guzzler829
  546. andritolion
    Guessed it.
  547. Guzzler829
    was I...
  548. PhilFish
    guzz you were right
  549. Guzzler829
    wow spot on
  550. PhilFish
  551. Guzzler829
  552. PhilFish
  553. andritolion
  554. Guzzler829
  555. PhilFish
    while at college
  556. andritolion
  557. PhilFish
    yea UAH does internships with Nvidia so that's totally an option for me
  558. Guzzler829
  559. andritolion
    Godamn... My phone inverted colours...
  560. Lacks has left the chat.
  561. Guzzler829
    wat>Oh my, do I hear harsh language?yeah uhI went to bed at like 1:30AMand then was woken up at like 9:15AMso I took a two hour nap
  562. andritolion
    lolI can sleep 12 and wake 5.
  563. Guzzler829
    I was so tired I could hardly lift myself upoh dang
  564. andritolion
    I do it everyday.
  565. Guzzler829
    I couldn't do that if I got payed
  566. andritolion
  567. Guzzler829
    I would have to go to bed at like 7pm
  568. andritolion
    I can do it everyday...Wonder why I'm not tired when I wake up...
  569. Guzzler829
    You sound like you aren't very talland scronyloljust based on your sleep cycle and amount you eat it sounds like you don't grow a whole lot
  570. andritolion
    I'm 5'9"... I think...
  571. Guzzler829
    ohthat's about how tall I was when I was your age actually
  572. andritolion
    When u were 12?
  573. Guzzler829
    I'm turning 15 in August
  574. andritolion
    Im 13 on Aug. too!
  575. Guzzler829
  576. andritolion
  577. Guzzler829
    0829>SEE IT IN MY USERNAME?kek
  578. andritolion
    Close! We r only 2 days apart!
  579. Guzzler829
    wait what22 to 29
  580. andritolion
    I mean7
  581. Guzzler829
    oh7, 2, same thing.
  582. andritolion
    I wonder where 2 came from...I had 7 in my head, but I typed 2... Lol
  583. Guzzler829
  584. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  585. andritolion
    Why are you always active? Bot?
  586. Guzzler829
  587. andritolion
  588. Guzzler829
    I just
  589. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Oh height? Guess mine(Age 15)
  590. Guzzler829
    I keep the tab open so I can get coinsI think you're uh
  591. andritolion
    So, bot.
  592. Guzzler829
    6'2"Well kinda yeah
  593. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  594. Guzzler829
    coin bot lol
  595. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  596. Hey losers, Guzzler829 has 538172 coin(s).
  597. Guzzler829
    did I guess high or low?
  598. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  599. Guzzler829
  600. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  601. Guzzler829
    higher than that?
  602. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  603. Guzzler829
  604. andritolion
  605. Guzzler829
  606. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  607. Guzzler829
    wowI have a friend your age who is something like thatI think just an inch taller though
  608. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    3 months ago I was 6'
  609. Guzzler829
    I haven't been measured properly in about three yearsthat's incredible chem
  610. andritolion
  611. Guzzler829
    that's a month an inch
  612. andritolion
  613. Guzzler829
  614. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  615. Guzzler829
    chem what classes are you taking this upcoming school year?
  616. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Oh umHold on
  617. Guzzler829
    9th grade right?
  618. andritolion
    I can't find my agenda for 7th...I don't write in it anyway...Use my Surface...More convenient.Syncs everywhere.Paperless too!
  619. Guzzler829
    that's an expensive piece of paper
  620. andritolion
  621. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  622. andritolion
    Guzz, do you know why one day my pen battery was 80, the next, 0?
  623. Guzzler829
    hmmmm80% charge?
  624. andritolion
    It should last a year...Yup.
  625. Guzzler829
    Were you charging it?
  626. andritolion
    It uses AAAA cells...
  627. Guzzler829
    WellDo you charge it often?
  628. andritolion
    You only need to change the battery each year...
  629. Guzzler829
  630. andritolion
    Well, usually...
  631. Guzzler829
    that's awfully odd
  632. PhilFish has left the chat.
  633. Guzzler829
    did you let the battery run completely dry?like run the battery out then just not charge it for a while I mean
  634. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    There are a few settings on my physics simulator I could make inputted
  635. andritolion
    No, I just woke up to find my pen have a flashing red light...
  636. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Like elasticity
  637. Guzzler829
    that's... strange
  638. andritolion
    The battery is Alkaline...Not rechargeable.
  639. Guzzler829
  640. andritolion
    I can't believe I woke up and saw my pen flash a red light and my Surface was reporting my battery draining a % a minute...
  641. Guzzler829
    I can't help you there
  642. andritolion
    I changed the battery, and it lasts now...
  643. Guzzler829
    was it leaking or something?
  644. andritolion
    I saw no leak...
  645. Guzzler829
  646. andritolion
    Maybe internal leak?
  647. Guzzler829
    well I mean the batteryahg I can't think right nwo
  648. andritolion
    I did fling the pen battery once...
  649. Guzzler829
    ohmaybe that could have caused it
  650. andritolion
    It was banged up...A month later?
  651. Guzzler829
  652. andritolion
    The battery died quickly...
  653. Guzzler829
    I don't think I can helpI don't know too much about batteries anyway
  654. andritolion
    Yeah, just bummed out that I had to spend 5$ for a new battery...
  655. Guzzler829
    Well I think that I'm going to look into programming on one of those ti 84 calculators or something
  656. andritolion
  657. Guzzler829
    dang, $5?I guess you don't often find a AAAA battery anyway
  658. andritolion
    Yup. On top of that, hard to find...
  659. Guzzler829
  660. andritolion
  661. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  662. Picy3
  663. andritolion
    hey.Wonder why a pen battery suddenly died...
  664. Picy3
  665. andritolion
    80% one day, 0 the next...Usual 1 year battery life...
  666. Picy3
    lol yep
  667. andritolion
    Uses AAAA batteries.Just one day it was 80%, then when I woke up the following day, it was very low and dying a % a minute...It had a flashing red light...
  668. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    >andritolion >>It was banged up...outofcon.txt
  669. andritolion
    The Surface app said it was 0%...Huh?What is outofcon.txt?
  670. PikaRyan has entered the chat.
  671. PikaRyan
  672. andritolion
    Hey.You a battery expert?
  673. Picy3
  674. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Dorito why does it matter anymore it happens
  675. andritolion
    My battery died one day...
  676. Picy3
    I know all about them, they die then get thrown away
  677. andritolion
    Still, 5$ each?
  678. Picy3
    if its dead then throw it away
  679. andritolion
    It was supposed to last a year, but something happened...It looked like it would last a year before it died catastrophically...I woke up to my pen flashing red and the Surface App saying my pen was dying a % a minute...
  680. Picy3
    wait..? your pen..?
  681. andritolion
    Surface Pen.
  682. Picy3
    oh k
  683. andritolion
    What type of pen did u think it was?
  684. Picy3
    haha lol on my NPC poll I have 4 people choosing 4 diff stuff
  685. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Maybe it's because you get angry and throw things and break them in the process
  686. Picy3
  687. andritolion
    I flung the battery as part of a dare...
  688. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What why
  689. andritolion
    I overshot and it fell 2 stories...
  690. Picy3
    lolnice shot!
  691. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Who dares you to take a better out of a pen and throw it out a window apparentlyBattery
  692. andritolion
    From lv2 to 1...
  693. Picy3
    also lol I had no idea what a surface pen was
  694. andritolion
    It was on the stairs...
  695. Picy3
    what is it'?
  696. andritolion
    What is what?
  697. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    A pen for rich Microsoft fanboy
  698. andritolion
    The battery?
  699. Picy3
    a surface pen
  700. andritolion
    It's included with a Surface...It's a active stylus.
  701. Picy3
  702. andritolion
    1024 levels of pressure and a eraser with button.Oh, and side button.Steep price if you lose it, though... 60$ alone...It's based upon NTrig tech.
  703. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Pff you should see the price tags on intuos pens
  704. andritolion
    How much?
  705. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    No batteries, mind you$70-$100
  706. andritolion
    Whoa...No eraser button?No Bluetooth?
  707. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Why the fuck would you need a Bluetooth pen
  708. andritolion
    The Surface Pen has a battery installed, though...Why do you need Bluetooth? Eraser button?
  709. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Intuos pens connect wirelessly to a drawing tablet via magnet and physical contact
  710. andritolion
    Yeah, I know.No eraser, though...
  711. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    They have 2 customizable mapping buttons usuallyJust set one to erase
  712. andritolion
    Yeah, our Photoshop class has one.Well, more like 100 tablets...Oh, can you use the back as a hotkey for OneNote or something?Chem?
  713. RealTiP
    i know this is late... but 7.25/hr sucks
  714. andritolion
    I get 0.
  715. RealTiP
    like really sucks
  716. andritolion
    Min. wage?
  717. RealTiP
    that can't be minimum wage
  718. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Why are you complaining about wages
  719. RealTiP
    that is slave labormin. wage here is 9.25/hr
  720. andritolion
    In CA, the min. wage is 10$/hour.
  721. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  722. RealTiP
    lelbluetooth pen xD\sureee
  723. andritolion
    Surface Pen?brb
  724. RealTiP
    you already get info from touch co-ords xDthats all a pen needsi cant believe this >roflcopter
  725. andritolion
    How about 1024 levels of pressure?
  726. RealTiP
    what do you mean pressure levels?
  727. andritolion
    It can sense how light/hard you press.brb
  728. RealTiP
    well, its not the pen's job to sense pressure
  729. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Yes the tablet does that
  730. andritolion
    Who's job then
  731. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  732. RealTiP
    the TABLLEEETwith a lowercase e
  733. andritolion
    The screen moves???
  734. RealTiP
    no, it can sense pressurelike a scale
  735. andritolion
  736. RealTiP
    the thing for weightlike a scalie*scale
  737. andritolion
    The tip on a pen moves to detect pressure.
  738. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Technically the pressure sensor needs the pen's cooperation too
  739. andritolion
    I never heard of a tablet that does too...
  740. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    None except for all of them
  741. andritolion
    If you rest your palm on the tablet and float your pen, then it'll write...
  742. RealTiP
    yeah, tablets don't need to sense if there's weight on emthey're all sentient, and have psychokinesis
  743. andritolion
  744. RealTiP
    their also ver self-conscious about their weight*verythat's why the slim down every year
  745. andritolion
    Pls stop with the nonsense...
  746. RealTiP
    >I can't believe you didn't know...>You gotta get with the times, and be hyper tech-savvy
  747. andritolion
  748. RealTiP
    >you'll look back at me and say "he was right", when the tablets start developing *luscious curves.
  749. andritolion
  750. RealTiP
  751. andritolion
  752. RealTiP
    Chemical, i hope you read the above reasons of the tablet's sentience. For the betterment of your education. 'The more you know, the more trivia questions you'll get right.'
  753. andritolion
    Huh?I want to learn how to draw...
  754. RealTiP
    That's for my good buddy, chem
  755. andritolion
    I'll ask Lori for pointers...
  756. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What tip I knew all that already psshhhWhat do you think I am STUPID
  757. andritolion
    lolHow is Lori so good at drawing?
  758. RealTiP
    not right now
  759. andritolion
    Chem?How did you learn to draw?
  760. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Years of practice
  761. andritolion
    I'll email Lori for pointers.
  762. RealTiP
    two days of sleeping
  763. andritolion
  764. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Who is Lori
  765. andritolion
    My crush.
  766. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Y...you're 12 years old
  767. andritolion
  768. RealTiP
    oh yeah. you didn't hear of my exclamation of philorisophy
  769. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Don't talk about Lori with ggg around then
  770. andritolion
    You should check her dA...
  771. RealTiP
    Philorisophy - Cognito Ergo Lori
  772. andritolion
    There are some questionable stuff there in her favorites, though...
  773. RealTiP
    >shoots *cogito
  774. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    You're 12 years old.
  775. andritolion
    Huh?She is too...
  776. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    You don't want a relationship yet
  777. andritolion
    Um... Y?
  778. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Because you're 12 years old.
  779. RealTiP
  780. andritolion
    So?What's wrong with it?
  781. RealTiP
    don't expect to last "long"
  782. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  783. andritolion
  784. RealTiP
    you chose a wrong time :<
  785. andritolion
    Um...Owww... My back!!!!!!
  786. RealTiP
    hehthe suspenseit kills me
  787. andritolion
    I'm serious....Right under my shoulders!!!!!
  788. RealTiP
    what happened?
  789. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Yes that is where your back is located
  790. RealTiP
    if its serious, webmd has you covered
  791. andritolion
    It just flared up and disappeared...
  792. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    WebMD would probably tell him he has cancer
  793. andritolion
  794. RealTiP
    lemme check
  795. andritolion
    Sudden powerful pain for like 10 seconds...Im lying on my side.I turn every 10 minutes.
  796. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Did anyone ever think about how fucked up bowser's insides would be by the end of Bis
  797. andritolion
  798. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  799. andritolion
    What's that?What does it stand 4
  800. RealTiP
    you now have Cauda Equana Syndrome
  801. andritolion
    Wtf?tf is that?
  802. RealTiP
    Your spine is like a baby kitten
  803. andritolion
  804. RealTiP
    thats been shoved in a paper shredder
  805. andritolion
    How What???Huh????
  806. RealTiP
    don't worry, you won't die immediately
  807. andritolion
  808. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  809. andritolion
    Well, I better tell Lori...lolMy last days r here...lol
  810. RealTiP
    You have around seven hours to get to a pharmacist for your preparation of chronic seizures.
  811. andritolion
    If that's true, (It isn't most likely) well, time to advance on Lori before I can't...
  812. RealTiP
    whoopswaves of chronic seizures
  813. andritolion
  814. RealTiP
    it would be ill-advised to do that.
  815. andritolion
    To do?
  816. RealTiP
    oh wait.webMD has more
  817. andritolion
    Do what?
  818. RealTiP
    "Have a good day, ma'am."
  819. andritolion
    tf???Im not a girl, and if that was happening, well, it wouldn't be a good day...
  820. RealTiP
    @andrito: https://img.memesuper.com/bd0328acd077f07eba5a65bc072cdbf1_f-you-webmd-webmd-meme_640-492.jpeg
  821. andritolion
    I see muscle strain and tetanus... What did you put???
  822. RealTiP : check for dying... of laughter
  823. andritolion
  824. RealTiP
  825. andritolion
  826. RealTiP
    The Dark Night Rises, duh. ¯\(°_o)/
  827. andritolion
  828. RealTiP
    noNightthe k is silent, and nonexistent
  829. andritolion
  830. RealTiP
    yeplets move onno need to keep talking about this subject
  831. andritolion
    What subject?Pain?Hello?
  832. andritolion has left the chat.
  833. RealTiP
    oh finally:)
  834. andritolion
    Mean...Im gonna email Lori.She is the cutest thing ever!TiP??
  835. RealTiP
    whatcha need?
  836. andritolion
    pointers.Drawing.TiP? You there?
  837. RealTiP
  838. andritolion
    Oh Lori... Can't wait to see you tomorrow...What?I thought you left...
  839. RealTiP
    i'm trying to eat cereal in the evenin'
  840. andritolion
    Um... Good luck...It's almost morning here.11:26 PM.TiP? How do I stop thinking about Lori?
  841. RealTiP
    you just stop
  842. andritolion
  843. RealTiP
    like stop
  844. andritolion
    Um... How?I can't turn off my feelings...TiP, how do I get rid of my Lori addiction?(Don't say 12-step... Lol)
  845. RealTiP
    12 stepbut with 2 extra steps
  846. andritolion
  847. RealTiP
    noit is still a 12 step
  848. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    12 step with 2 bonus stepsGet yur exercise kiddos
  849. andritolion
    Um...What's step 1?
  850. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Follow step 2
  851. andritolion
    What is step 2?
  852. RealTiP
    follow step 2
  853. andritolion
  854. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Step 2 is to repeat step 1
  855. andritolion
    And do nothing...
  856. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Repeat until stack overflow error occurs
  857. RealTiP
    or until you're 1337 enough to move to step 3
  858. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  859. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  860. GoodGameGod
  861. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    It's 4am already what the ruck
  862. GoodGameGod
    Good morning.
  863. RealTiP
    hiits 10pm 3G
  864. GoodGameGod
    Mhm.So it tis'https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Xb7cZWHWc&t=2sI am now begging for help on youtube.It's gotten that bad.I really need to record my n3DS's audio.
  865. RealTiP
    well dang
  866. GoodGameGod
    Someone with the youtube name MKchipIs helping meSo I made the video to show him what I was having problems with since it was hard to explain.
  867. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  868. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  869. RealTiP
    he seems to be doing well for a starting channel
  870. GoodGameGod
    I have a friend who writes programs for companies, he's a computer nerd so hopefully he might know something too...MKchip you mean?
  871. RealTiP
  872. GoodGameGod
    I'd say soIt's very interesting, but it's the youtubers that don't have a lot of subscribers that I ask for help.
  873. RealTiP
    i see
  874. GoodGameGod
    Because the ones that have a lot will never respond to me.Due to the sea of comments
  875. RealTiP
    yeaits good to be put out there, too. even if its a small channel
  876. GoodGameGod
    As for the smaller channels, that have like, 5 comments, they'll help you VERY thoroughly in my opinion.Agreed
  877. RealTiP
    it makes you look good as a smaller youtuber, toobeing confident at the start looks good
  878. GoodGameGod
    Hey have you seen bendy and the ink machine? I enjoyed it, and I'm thinking about it as I'm watching a Easter egg video on it.Thanks, and yes, that is very trueI'd like to do some livestreams sometime in the future, they don't need to be edited. =P
  879. RealTiP
    yea i've seen itits getting some recognition on furry sites now. scary.
  880. GoodGameGod
    Wtf, it's an ink monster lol.
  881. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Bye banning myself
  882. GoodGameGod
    How can it even be a furry? People are weird lol.
  883. RealTiP
  884. Picy3 has left the chat.
  885. GoodGameGod
    Once I figure out audio, I'll hopefully release some videos.
  886. RealTiP
    sounds goodi'll be happy to do art if you ever need anyone#selfpromo
  887. GoodGameGod
    Lol, You'd be the first person I'd call for that job for sure. =P
  888. RealTiP
  889. GoodGameGod
    Guardians of the galaxy vol.2 was sold out. So we went to get tacos instead.
  890. RealTiP
  891. GoodGameGod
    (For mother's day of course)
  892. RealTiP
    kewl, kewli tried to play botw todayit was hilarious only using one hand
  893. GoodGameGod
  894. RealTiP
    legend of zelda: breath of the wild
  895. GoodGameGod
  896. RealTiP
    combat was sooo bad
  897. GoodGameGod
    With one joycon, or in general?
  898. RealTiP
    in generali wa using a wii u pro controller... with one hand + a palm
  899. GoodGameGod
    >Mad skillz u hav
  900. RealTiP
    did you play LoZ:BotW?
  901. GoodGameGod
    I must just be weird, but I find the pro controller, and the xbox one/PS4 controllers to be unbearable.No
  902. RealTiP
  903. GoodGameGod
    I don't have a switch. =(>Yet
  904. RealTiP
    the map is huge.thats all i'll say. its huge. and pretty.
  905. GoodGameGod
    I spent $50 for a microSD card, cubic ninja, and a splitter for recording audio from 3DS to PC. (You know how THAT went)So I've seenIt's surprisingly unlimited for a Zelda game too.
  906. RealTiP
    i walked across it. took forever. you wouldn't believe the amount of times i failed
  907. GoodGameGod
    I saw a video of a guy who threw a cocoo into a volcano...
  908. RealTiP
    hmmi haven't gotten to any parts containing volcanoes...(i have a feeling that's loads farther)
  909. GoodGameGod
    And the same guy make two big enemies fight each other by steering one of those monsters with 8 legs. I have no clue lol.
  910. RealTiP
    i now fear all the quests i must do.big 8 legged enemies sound "not so great"
  911. GoodGameGod
    Heh, that's the best and worst part of every large video game.
  912. RealTiP
    ol princess zelda had a game e-i-e-i-oh! and on her game there was a map e-i-e-i-oh! with a clay pot herea rupee therehere a key there a quest everywhere a side-quest I am so downright bored e-i-e-i-oh!
  913. GoodGameGod
  914. RealTiP
    i swear there is no consistency, nor does it rhyme xDthats an unused word... nor...
  915. GoodGameGod
    "I'm gonna buy me a switch! Yes-siree, okay, that's only $300! No sweat. Games? Well let's see...2 For about $100, yea, oh and the pro controller so my friends can play $80....>5 hours later..."$870?! WTF?!"
  916. RealTiP
    i swear pro controllers aren't worth $80USD
  917. GoodGameGod
    I swear you're right.
  918. RealTiP
    i have 3, but at least they're compatible with everything
  919. GoodGameGod
  920. RealTiP
    i've seen snipperclips... and it is amazing.
  921. GoodGameGod
    It looks like it'd be fun, but not fun enough for $20, unless you have a friend/sibling.
  922. RealTiP
    i love the art style of everythingso kawaii~
  923. GoodGameGod
  924. RealTiP
    I love the boots
  925. GoodGameGod
    Puyo puyo tetris is overpriced, pity.
  926. RealTiP
    brbbacksoo...hao ya doin?
  927. GoodGameGod
    I'm doing good.Lots of work lately.
  928. RealTiP
    like what?
  929. GoodGameGod
    Farm work.Laying down mushroom bags and putting EM dirt ontop of them to keep the weeds down and to help the plants grow.
  930. RealTiP
    haha country boy! (wanna switch places?)
  931. GoodGameGod
    Making rows in the garden, all that good stuff.Like a tale of two cities lol.
  932. RealTiP
    i <3 garden/farm work
  933. GoodGameGod
  934. RealTiP
  935. GoodGameGod
    Funny, I hate it.
  936. RealTiP
    lel1... 2... Switch!instantly came to mind
  937. GoodGameGod
    Unlike my father, I'd much rather be in front of a PC coding.
  938. RealTiP
    i code... but "meh"its fun when i'm really into it.
  939. GoodGameGod
    Lol, someday I want to create indie games for websites like gamejolt and stuff.Quite different.
  940. RealTiP
    that would be cool
  941. GoodGameGod
    I'm very into it too, I'm VERY SLOWLY learning piano so that I can make my own music for said video games. So far I know "Mary had a little lamb"I said slowly.Okay?
  942. GoodGameGod knows it's not an accomplishment
  943. RealTiP
  944. GoodGameGod
    My mom says I'd be good at it because I have very long fingers...
  945. RealTiP
    swippety swipe
  946. GoodGameGod
    I can not draw with a mouse lol.I can draw an "Ok" goomba on paper though.
  947. RealTiP
    the new draw tools are neatoso much more control
  948. GoodGameGod
    I use to draw Mario, goombas, and other Mario stuff on cardboard and then cut them out and play around with them while we drove along in the RV.The new drawing tools are great, who made them?>The new ones of course
  949. RealTiP
    i cant even12merandom built the frameor somethingEither way, I blame (thank) them both.
  950. GoodGameGod
    I use to draw a lot of comics when I was younger, (10-14)But not so much nymore.*AnymoreThey weren't...Funny back then lol.But some of the ones from age 14-15 were pretty funny and even drawn "Ok"
  951. RealTiP
  952. GoodGameGod
    Do you draw any comics out of curiosity?
  953. RealTiP
    nope :)
  954. GoodGameGod
    Not funny enough? That's what most people with insane drawing skills say...>At least the ones I know lol.
  955. RealTiP
    i need to see
  956. GoodGameGod
    See what?
  957. RealTiP
    teh comics
  958. GoodGameGod
    There's only about 5-6 that are even good lol.
  959. RealTiP
    lemme see teh gud ones
  960. GoodGameGod
    I just do not have the drawing skills, I'm not bad at writing the jokes or so others say. How do I know you won't steal my ideas and claim them as your own. =o
  961. RealTiP
    'cos i'm nice
  962. GoodGameGod has a good point
  963. RealTiP
    and practically your internet neighbor
  964. GoodGameGod lost his good point
  965. GoodGameGod
    Alright then, I'll show you them sometime.
  966. RealTiP
  967. GoodGameGod
    Just don't cringe when I do lol.
  968. RealTiP
  969. GoodGameGod
    >Right now the lights are out, so pictures would be too dark atm
  970. RealTiP
    thats okaycan do later
  971. GoodGameGod
    Alrighty then.Yea...Is there a website to post comics like that?
  972. RealTiP
    nopenot that i know ofthat is a cool idea
  973. GoodGameGod
    I think I remember one, but hell if I remember lol.
  974. RealTiP
    webcomic host
  975. GoodGameGod
  976. RealTiP
    sounds neat
  977. GoodGameGod
    There has to be one already.I'll look it up.
  978. RealTiP
    if there isn't, sounds profitable.
  979. GoodGameGod
    https://tapas.io/episode/695735That's funnyAnd it's also a site for that too.
  980. RealTiP
  981. GoodGameGod
    But it's also more of a...Professional website. I'd just want to trademark my shit.
  982. RealTiP
  983. GoodGameGod
    So that people can't claim it as their own, and at the same time, I can give a link to it to anyone who wants to see it. (Family, you, etc)
  984. RealTiP
    yeai'll actually do that
  985. GoodGameGod
  986. RealTiP
  987. GoodGameGod
    I just popped the back off my n3DS
  988. RealTiP
  989. GoodGameGod
    To upgrade the SD card and...
  990. RealTiP
  991. GoodGameGod
    Ya know the slot where you put the stylist?
  992. RealTiP
  993. GoodGameGod
    Well sometimes my hands get very sweaty when gaming, so the slot is covered in a layer of dried sweat.
  994. RealTiP
    lel ew
  995. GoodGameGod
    So gross lolDamn hands lol.
  996. RealTiP
    i now will check minenvmtoo tired :P
  997. GoodGameGod
    =PNot much to see anyway...
  998. RealTiP
    just a naked 3ds
  999. GoodGameGod
    Not naked, more like...De-pantedStill wearing boxers
  1000. RealTiP
    kk, half-naked 3d*3ds
  1001. GoodGameGod
    Copying files to PC...
  1002. RealTiP
    what for?
  1003. GoodGameGod
    4 GB...This will take a while...I'm full on my memory card, so I got a 16 GB microSD card for my n3DSAnd I need to copy the files on my 3DS's SD card to my PC, then to the new one.At least, that's what the youtube video says.
  1004. RealTiP
    oh audio thing
  1005. GoodGameGod
    No, homebrew thing.When I have homebrew, I'll probably need more room on my microSD card.*This can go really good or really bad*
  1006. GoodGameGod hopes for the former
  1007. RealTiP
    ahh, i see
  1008. GoodGameGod
    ---PikaRyan's Chat Statistics--- Total messages: 6362 (0.42%, #36) Average message size: 26 characters (#236) Average users while chatting: 9 Total users you've seen: 101 Total chat time: 5 days Average session time: 28 minutes Current session time: 4 hours
  1009. RealTiP
    doin a deviantart thing
  1010. GoodGameGod
    I don't think I've ever seen him type on this chat before lol.
  1011. RealTiP
  1012. GoodGameGod
    I'll probably just post it on deviantart
  1013. RealTiP
    im #35, how is he #36?
  1014. GoodGameGod
    What is that, a global score?
  1015. RealTiP
    total messages
  1016. GoodGameGod
    Like, ranked with everyone?
  1017. RealTiP
  1018. GoodGameGod
    People could cheat though.12345
  1019. RealTiP
    ---Lumage's Chat Statistics--- Total messages: 131154 (8.70%, #1)
  1020. GoodGameGod
    Five points right there
  1021. RealTiP
    ---RealTiP's Chat Statistics--- Total messages: 6738 (0.45%, #35)
  1022. GoodGameGod
    Warning: Your spam score is high. Please wait a bit before posting again.
  1023. RealTiP
    oh wow
  1024. GoodGameGod
    Oh maybe that's why rolf
  1025. RealTiP
    hes only twice as much as me
  1026. GoodGameGod
    Lumage, you have no life lol.
  1027. RealTiP
    ya know who's going down?Lumage and his message countexcept message count doesn't go down...
  1028. GoodGameGod
    lol good fucking luck with that one
  1029. RealTiP
    oh, well
  1030. GoodGameGod
    ---GoodGameGod's Chat Statistics--- Total messages: 5686 (0.38%, #38) Average message size: 42 characters (#104)
  1031. RealTiP
    i just need to type twice as much than usual
  1032. GoodGameGod
    Hey, I'm #38
  1033. RealTiP
    haha no life
  1034. GoodGameGod
  1035. RealTiP
    im #35:3
  1036. GoodGameGod
    If nothing else, I'll beat you lol
  1037. GoodGameGod becomes rivals with RealTiP
  1038. RealTiP
  1039. GoodGameGod
    It's gonna be hard.
  1040. RealTiP
    but I'm already 1000 messages ahead :P
  1041. GoodGameGod
    There may be finger cramps involved...
  1042. RealTiP
    and I'm usually always on... >:DmwahahahahaCurrent session time: 9 hours
  1043. GoodGameGod thinks he's beaten before he tried
  1044. RealTiP
    The chat war begins>gets bann'd f'r spam
  1045. GoodGameGod
    Oh yeah? For every message you send, I'll send 2. =3Then I'll have to beat u
  1046. RealTiP
    I'm still doing Deviantart things
  1047. GoodGameGod
  1048. RealTiP
  1049. GoodGameGod
  1050. RealTiP
  1051. GoodGameGod
  1052. RealTiP
    i wanna test something
  1053. GoodGameGod struggles with the spam warnings
  1054. GoodGameGod lol
  1055. RealTiP
    if it counts blocks of text or amount of times enter is hit
  1056. GoodGameGod
    I don't know...2
  1057. RealTiP
    test 1
  1058. GoodGameGod
    Test what lol?
  1059. RealTiP
  1060. GoodGameGod
    Oh, I get it.
  1061. RealTiP
    it counts lines it seemstesting with multi-linetest1 test1 cnt.it counts posts...obviously:3so if you have a string of text like this
  1062. GoodGameGod
    Huh, myth busted.
  1063. RealTiP
    and press send like thisthen that'll INC your post score
  1064. GoodGameGod
    So far the transfer seems to have worked.I'm testing it now.
  1065. RealTiP
    i wonder if markdown messages work...thats good
  1066. GoodGameGod
    Huh.soLikethisorsomethingjustkeeppostingIwill be number one someday"Warning: Your spam score is high. Please wait a bit before posting again."or notHoly shit that's nice93,672 open blocks on my n3DSSweetOh yeah, and a spare 4 GB SD card too.I actually scammed gamestop when I traded in my old 3DS xl.Because I took the SD card out lol.They never checked it.I'm not sure if they were suppose to take the SD card as well but...
  1067. RealTiP
    what the heck man
  1068. GoodGameGod
    They were being total douches that day to me and my bro so whatever.What?
  1069. RealTiP
    thats a lot of post
  1070. GoodGameGod
    >With no response
  1071. GoodGameGod says hee hee hee
  1072. RealTiP
    i was busy lookin' at deviantart...and then i come back to all this xD
  1073. GoodGameGod
  1074. RealTiP
    doesn't actually consider himself a furry.
  1075. GoodGameGod
    Message bomb
  1076. RealTiP says "Eat your veggies. Or your veggies will eat YOU."
  1077. GoodGameGod
    The guy at gamestop (The place known online as the worst job ever, and with some serious scamming) tried to trick me into trading in my o3DS xl for the price of a regular 3DS
  1078. RealTiP
  1079. GoodGameGod
    I know all about the right prices, so when I corrected him, he double checked.
  1080. RealTiP
    and then you were right?
  1081. GoodGameGod
    Yep, price was exactly what I saidThey have a history for doing things like that.
  1082. RealTiP
  1083. GoodGameGod
    The higher-ups issued a new program called "The circle of life"Look it up.It makes employees have to lie to keep their jobs
  1084. RealTiP
  1085. GoodGameGod
    So an employee will lie about having a brand new game of whatever game you're looking for to get you to buy it pre-ownedIt's a long story.https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikkain/2017/02/02/rumors-of-gamestops-terrible-circle-of-life-program-may-be-overblown/#1bb12dc13683There's one article about it.
  1086. RealTiP
    i was reading up on kotaku
  1087. GoodGameGod
    I believe it because it's happened to me. Once, and it wasn't really a big deal but it made me irritated.
  1088. RealTiP
    yeahappy i know about that nowwouldn't want to be all like:
  1089. GoodGameGod
    I don't trust gamestop much anymore, which is fine because I hardly ever go there for video games.heh heh
  1090. RealTiP
    there are no nearby gamestops...two have been closed recentlythere are others, but they're so far away
  1091. GoodGameGod
    In 10 years from now, I think gamestop will end up like radioshack lol
  1092. RealTiP
    radioshack is okay sometimessometimes they carry a pi
  1093. GoodGameGod
    RadioShack has insane pricesliterally, they're terrible
  1094. RealTiP
    well thats cos your in hawaiilel
  1095. GoodGameGod
    Look at their website
  1096. RealTiP
    >hypocrisy everywhereow wow breadboards are on sale
  1097. GoodGameGod
    Oh my god, great idea.
  1098. RealTiP
  1099. GoodGameGod
    Fan fiction about tdos's death
  1100. RealTiP
    good job
  1101. GoodGameGod
    and the story behind the murder.lol
  1102. RealTiP
    it should involve mewere you there when we made a bad fanfic?oh no u weren't...wanna see the bad fanfic? (im in it)
  1103. RealTiP didn't hear a "No"
  1104. RealTiP
  1105. GoodGameGod
    Lol, I have to read that.
  1106. RealTiP
    i didn't hepl.i swaer.
  1107. GoodGameGod
    Random is asexual though lol
  1108. RealTiP
    did you read the whole thing?
  1109. GoodGameGod
    That's Fan fiction for ye lolmost of it yes...more of browser through it.reading select parts
  1110. RealTiP
    "To their surprise, RealTiP was hanging in the backseat (he lived in Omiwa’s car), eating a yandere popsicle prop."
  1111. GoodGameGod
    like the popsicleyeah, that was pretty damn funny lol
  1112. RealTiP
    "Random used Mean Look on the wild RealTiP, but it was inneffective, due to TiP’s Oblivious ability. TiP shuffled out of the car, with yandere popsicle prop still in mouth, and took to the wheel; Omiwa cheerfully submitted, and moved over to the backseat, with a nervous and sweaty Random."best partobviouslyoh waitonly 40% of it contained mei copied the wrong thinglel
  1113. GoodGameGod
    lolAt least you're apart of it.
  1114. RealTiP
    TiP lives in Omiwa's car...
  1115. GoodGameGod
    Here's what I've got so far:
  1116. RealTiP
    seemed legit
  1117. GoodGameGod
  1118. RealTiP
    that is beautifuli was thereinclude me
  1119. GoodGameGod
    You're included in how he created tdos.lol
  1120. RealTiP should be a running gag in all the fanfic. Just sayin'...
  1121. GoodGameGod
    it then cuts to the main story which is a flashback to when tdos was made.total fanfiction, because I wasn't even there lol.
  1122. RealTiP
    and the fall of tdos too?remember when he had neat conversations and could do math...?those were the good times he proposed to me oncewell not hebut y'know what i meani deniedand now its saltyand doesn't talk anymorethe salt. smacks lips.
  1123. GoodGameGod
    It's fan fiction, I don't know shit about him lol, so I'll mostly use the name, and base it off of events that happened. =P
  1124. RealTiP
    ( ^ . ^ ) two right thumbs
  1125. GoodGameGod
    Ya wanna be a peasant?
  1126. RealTiP
  1127. GoodGameGod
    hahaha didn't think so.
  1128. RealTiP
    >wait... i have a choicemy choice is nomake someone else thats old a peasant
  1129. GoodGameGod
    lol, that's okay, your not the person for that role.
  1130. RealTiP
    I'll help to find someone appropriate
  1131. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1132. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1133. RealTiP
    https://smilebasicsource.com/user/test_userTGaming548thertelookin for teh old peoples
  1134. GoodGameGod
    Lol, 8 years? ShitThat's a hard crime lolWhat did he do? Try to sell drugs? Post a link to the dark web?Geez. =P
  1135. RealTiP
    ikri cant think of anyone else who has an old account like mehwhen chat was first a thing, i only remember trinitro and his stick avatar w/ yellow backgroundGuzzler's oldi remember greeting him on chati think i welcomed him, but idkPtcGuy
  1136. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  1137. ProgrammingChicken
    where do i find that list of avatars?
  1138. GoodGameGod
    I'm going to continute working on the fanficCya tip
  1139. RealTiP
    o/have a lovely mornin'
  1140. GoodGameGod
    Btw, Random's castle is made of his deviantart lol.
  1141. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  1142. GoodGameGod
  1143. RealTiP
    good job xDo/
  1144. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  1145. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1146. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1147. RealTiP
  1148. snail_ has left the chat.
  1149. PhilFish
    >RealTiP >i cant think of anyone else who has an old account like meh I joined two days before you did
  1150. RealTiP
    ? "Goodnight!"shhh
  1151. PhilFish
    bro it's 6am I'm not going back to sleep unfortunately
  1152. RealTiP
    thats not including old man perrsonsand his ptc minecraft
  1153. PhilFish
    >old man perrsons well then lmao
  1154. RealTiP
    its 1 in the mornin' :/have a good daychattin' with ryan and good ol' tdosimma sleep for three hours...or lessbye.
  1155. PhilFish
    o/OOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoI found the internship I want to do 10/10Compiler Software Engineer for Nvidiabecause THAT'S A THINGwait that's not located in Huntsville ;-;-;-;-;I could be a Verification/Validation Engineernot as cool but it's still Nvidia lmao
  1156. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1157. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1158. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1159. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1160. Lacks has left the chat.
  1161. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1162. Lacks has left the chat.
  1163. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1164. 12Me21Admin
    should've named your function args without suffixes__=_+(TRUE<<TRUE>>TRUE):___=__+__ also you don't need a D colon here
  1165. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1166. MasterR3C0RD
    >tfw someone doesn't want to work at Google
  1167. 12Me21Admin
    my video edits always seem to be "about 90% done"
  1168. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1169. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1170. MasterR3C0RD
    Procrastination ftw
  1171. 12Me21Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1bvkRFWD5w Youtube FINALLY finished editing
  1172. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1173. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1174. snail_
    >is actually about 10% done
  1175. 12Me21Admin
    I have "about" one million subscribers according to youtube's definition of "about"
  1176. LacksHead Admin
    "Category: Comedy"
  1177. 12Me21Admin
    that's the default category lol
  1178. MasterR3C0RD
  1179. 12Me21Admin
  1180. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1181. snail_
    tldr for the firewall people?
  1182. 12Me21Admin
    oh the video? It's just an MML visualizer thing
  1183. LacksHead Admin
    Has the way the chat checks away status changed?Usually flipping tabs will make me active again
  1184. 12Me21Admin
    random says it hasn't
  1185. LacksHead Admin
    weird. This whole weekend it's been wonky imo
  1186. 12Me21Admin
    I noticed it too
  1187. snail_
    oh, mml?neat
  1188. 12Me21Admin
    I remember that just going to the page used to make you activenow you have to say something
  1189. 12Me21Admin
    yeah it just converts the MML like
  1190. LacksHead Admin
    lol I usually open and close empty pm rooms if I got nothing to say
  1191. 12Me21Admin
    CDEFGR -> $0=48 C $0=52 E $0=53 F $0=55 G $0=-127 Roops missed onebut you get the ideaeach track in the MML uses a different variable
  1192. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1193. 12Me21Admin
    but since there are 16 tracks and only 8 variables, I have to have the song playing twice at the same timeI set the volume of one of them to 0, but SB can handle 32 sounds at once it should be fine, even if 0 volume sounds are played it should be fine* but SB can handle 32 sounds at once, so even if 0 volume sounds are played it should be fine
  1194. snail_
    you would think it would just null out zero-volume sounds but treat the logic as them "playing"make the system think they're playing, but don't occupy an output channel
  1195. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I think it either does that or
  1196. MasterR3C0RD
    Might have actually been updated
  1197. 12Me21Admin
    gives priority based on volume
  1198. MasterR3C0RD
    Would only require a client change
  1199. snail_
    FINALLY https://paste.ee/about pastebin without the bs
  1200. 12Me21Admin
    so if you play 32 quiet sounds, playing 1 loud one will overwrite one of the quiet ones
  1201. LacksHead Admin
    that'll change when it gets too big lol
  1202. 12Me21Admin
    if it lasts more than a month
  1203. LacksHead Admin
    that too :p
  1204. snail_
    idk it's not that hard to maintain text filesit even has a file size limit6MB is a LOT of textI don't care if they decide to run ads as long as they use a GOOD ad provider
  1205. LacksHead Admin
    pasteee is a great name imo. Pasty is the color of most nerds XD
  1206. MasterR3C0RD
    Very true
  1207. snail_
    kekit's mostly genetic for me I promise
  1208. Lumage
    but no smilebasic highlighting
  1209. MasterR3C0RD
  1210. snail_
    it's operated by one guy afaikmaybe if we write a good schema we can convince himwhat I like about this is that it's 100% HTTPS without having to pay for the stupid pastebin proand it has encryption
  1211. snail_
    ok figure out how this works https://highlightjs.org/
  1212. 12Me21Admin
    I mean if I didn't want someone to read something I wouldn't upload it on the internet but whatever
  1213. Lumage
    instead of 'unlisted'
  1214. 12Me21Admin
    unlisted=best security
  1215. snail_
    the best security in the world is my brain
  1216. LacksHead Admin
    lol what a weird complaint. "no encryption"
  1217. snail_
    i mean crypto isn't a dealbreakerbut it shows he cares, I guess
  1218. Lumage
  1219. 12Me21Admin
    ew highlighter that assumes all languages use the same syntax
  1220. snail_
    I don't think that's how that works 12
  1221. 12Me21Admin
    1END 1NEXT
  1222. snail_
    well sb has a shitty parser>it's true
  1223. 12Me21Admin
    ok the 1END thing is dumb buthow do I test this
  1224. Lumage
  1225. 12Me21Admin
    they really don't have a thing to test itwhat the hellhow lazy
  1226. snail_
    pretty much all the weird stuff you see in SB isn't actual syntax as much as it is parsing bug/ambiguity
  1227. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1228. snail_
    plus, we're going off the built-in highlighter, which could be really bad
  1229. 12Me21Admin
    but it matches the way the language works
  1230. Lumage
    https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/ inspect?
  1231. 12Me21Admin
    except for &&H whatever
  1232. snail_
    more or less.doesn't mean it's good
  1233. 12Me21Admin
    yes it doesmost highlighters break with phrases like 1ORwhich is valid in python I think
  1234. snail_
    &&H is not an ambiguous case. SB doesn't have an & operator, but it DOES have an && operator.
  1235. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I know it's a bug
  1236. snail_
    so the proper split is && H, not & &H
  1237. 12Me21Admin
    I fixed it in mine7&&HAAAAA
  1238. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1239. 12Me21Admin
    I just defined highlighting on && easybut that's the ONLY bug
  1240. snail_
    I think we should actually try to engineer our own schema instead of trying to clone the builtin highlighter, idkbecause it could be very wrong
  1241. 12Me21Admin
    except it's NOT
  1242. snail_
    idk i don't trust it1END
  1243. 12Me21Admin
    that is a syntax error
  1244. snail_
  1245. 12Me21Admin
  1246. snail_
    what does this do lol
  1247. 12Me21Admin
    syntax error
  1248. snail_
    does it print 1
  1249. 12Me21Admin
  1250. snail_
    but 1NEXT is okay?
  1251. 12Me21Admin
    yeah because N is not EI haven't found any bugs in the highlighter besides the && thing
  1252. snail_
    OH you're rightI totally missed that
  1253. Lumage
    12 has said before that the syntax highlighting is a good indicatoe of valid syntax
  1254. 12Me21Admin
    and I've been doing code golf so
  1255. snail_
    no, you're rightI forgot 1Eblahblahblah was a thing
  1256. 12Me21Admin
    any bad syntax highlighter would have died by now
  1257. snail_
    hum. I guess that's the one bad
  1258. 12Me21Admin
    but it's a bug with SB itself, not the highlighter
  1259. snail_
    I thought it was trying to split 1 and END into identifiers, because they can't start with numbers.since it did the same thing with 1NEXTand it just didn't know what to do
  1260. 12Me21Admin
    no it's just trying to parse 1E... as a number in scientific notation and failinganyway I need to test this
  1261. Lumage
    Looking through this language list
  1262. snail_
    I find it weird that this is highlighted but invalid@it makes sensebut it's still not a valid label
  1263. 12Me21Admin
    hmm I guess you could consider that a bugsurethere's also #ANYTHING
  1264. snail_
  1265. 12Me21Admin
    and &B/&H numbers that are too long still get highlighted
  1266. Lumage
    some of these look like "I'm going to make the worst language I can and still publish it for wide use"what the fuck is HAML
  1267. snail_
    well, there's not much it can do for those I guesshaml is one of those html preprocessorsbecause we need those I guess
  1268. 12Me21Admin
    1E-4.5 'testok this looks bad1E-4.5 is NOT validHOWEVERit
  1269. Lumage
    !!! XML %html %body %h1.jumbo{:id=>"a", :style=>'font-weight: normal', :title=>title} highlight.js /html comment -# ignore this line %ul(style='margin: 0') -items.each do |i| %i= i = variable =variable2 ~ variable3 ~variable4 The current year is #{DataTime.now.year}.
  1270. 12Me21Admin
    It's actually highlighting it as
  1271. Lumage
    !!! XML
  1272. 12Me21Admin
    1E-4 .5
  1273. snail_
    oh my god I threw up a little
  1274. 12Me21Admin
    also it's POSSIBLE that like
  1275. snail_
    I can understand why you would want to make a html dialectbut THATis just
  1276. Lumage
    i bet the whitespace is significant for tree parsing
  1277. 12Me21Admin
    &H000000000000000000000000000000000000000this might just be um
  1278. snail_
  1279. 12Me21Admin
    &H00000000000000000000 00000000000000or whatever the max length of &h is
  1280. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1281. snail_
    you used way too many 0s on the &Hit's 8 chars
  1282. Lumage
    -items.each do |i| %i= i
  1283. snail_
  1284. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1285. snail_
    when did haml become Rubythat's literally ruby block iterator syntaxarray.each do |e| puts e end
  1286. MasterR3C0RD
    Wtf is that Lumage
  1287. 12Me21Admin
    which lumage?
  1288. snail_
    I wanted to make a JSON superset but then I realized I'm just being lazy
  1289. Lumage
    are there two different property syntaxes there?
  1290. 12Me21Admin
  1291. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1292. snail_
    basically JSON but quotes around property names aren't required, you don't need commas in arrays, implicit root object/array depending, etc.JSON for the lazy.oh, and some kind of inheritance I guess>and comments
  1293. Lacks has left the chat.
  1294. snail_
    call it LASONSNAISONyesgood name
  1295. MasterR3C0RD
  1296. Lumage
    "embedded ruby" now with some <% %> variant around EVERY LINE
  1297. snail_
    why would you embed ruby in a html
  1298. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh that disgusting language is Haml
  1299. snail_
    script tags are bad enough
  1300. Lumage
    it was another preprocessor I think
  1301. MasterR3C0RD
    - var user = { description: 'foo bar baz' } - var authorised = false #user if user.description h2.green Description p.description= user.description else if authorised h2.blue Description p.description. User has no description, why not add one... else h2.red Description p.description User has no descriptionThat's much nicer
  1302. Lumage
    when do people leaen that "%" does not look good in codw
  1303. snail_
    but latex comments
  1304. MasterR3C0RD
    I <3 PugJS
  1305. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1306. snail_
    J uses % for division because it vaguely looks like an obelus
  1307. MasterR3C0RD
  1308. Lumage
    yeah but those are comments. They're sparse and it's ok if they're marked different
  1309. snail_
    and you couldn't just make \ the fucking fold operator instead of /
  1310. Lumage
    as an operator is fine because it looks like omne and isn't distractingbut just as.... sugar? why?
  1311. snail_
    sugar sugar doo doo do do do do mmmmmmmmmm honey honey"funny" programmer parody about syntax sugar
  1312. snail_
    every time I see #anything it looks like a smilebasic constanttwitter is weird for me
  1313. Lumage
  1314. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1315. 12Me21Admin
    % should just be mod
  1316. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1317. 12Me21Admin
    anyway someone make an MML highlighter
  1318. Lumage
    scrolling down "Miscellaneous" and most of these look ok
  1319. 12Me21Admin
    lol jk no one understands MML enough
  1320. Lumage
    but then Lasso
  1321. snail_
  1322. 12Me21Admin
    I think BGMVARs have an undefined state
  1323. snail_
    an MML highlighter would be good
  1324. 12Me21Admin
    it reports it as -1 but it's different
  1325. Lumage
    because no we can't EMPTY LINES
  1326. snail_
    oh, an undefined state?b-bad
  1327. 12Me21Admin
    yeah they do
  1328. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1329. 12Me21Admin
    BGMPLAY "N$0" 'MML Internal error /code BGMPLAY "$0=-1 N$0" 'worksoops
  1330. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1331. randomouscrap
    oh I'm already in chat
  1332. snail_
    lol if we add a MML highlighter we'll need a syntax specifier attrib on the code tagsand a /mml command
  1333. 12Me21Admin
    I should write a MML guidethe manual is very bad
  1334. snail_
    I could spec a MML grammar I guess
  1335. 12Me21Admin
    it doesn't explain BGMVARs at all
  1336. snail_
    it's extremely easy to understand
  1337. 12Me21Admin
    oh did you know that ) and ( accept an argumentmanual never mentions it um
  1338. snail_
    they do?
  1339. 12Me21Admin
  1340. snail_
    what do they even do actually
  1341. 12Me21Admin
    control volume( increases ) decreasesand you can tell it how much to change it by
  1342. snail_
    do they do it by one by default?
  1343. 12Me21Admin
  1344. snail_
    can they take vars though
  1345. 12Me21Admin
    nopeone of the few things that can't
  1346. randomouscrap
    oooohhhhhh so um... different computers/mice/whatever report mice changes at different frequencies
  1347. 12Me21Admin
    I don't know why though
  1348. Lumage
    what oh
  1349. 12Me21Admin
    L doesn't accept vars but individual notes do
  1350. randomouscrap
    Meaning that anything that relies on the update frequency is going to work differently on different computersMy computer at home reports changes probably 4 times faster than this work computer. It makes the slow tool completely different
  1351. Lumage
    lol powershell is so square
  1352. snail_
    humphis there... a delta time available?
  1353. randomouscrap
    ah same for the spray tool. I may have to fix thatYes snail
  1354. snail_
    you could totally generalize if you had a delta timeoh, good
  1355. randomouscrap
    I can't "generalize" it from the drawing program though. I'm not going to force people with higher precision mice to work with the lowest precisionIt'll be up to the tool to do that
  1356. snail_
    the new paint tool is sexy
  1357. randomouscrap
    lol mspaint
  1358. snail_
  1359. snail_ has left the chat.
  1360. randomouscrap
    ah I know what I can do. Certain tools can be locked to frame updates rather than on mouse change events. That way the timing is always consistent
  1361. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1362. randomouscrap
    I'll just have to find a way to condense the eventsMmmm slow tool is nice when it's actually slow
  1363. snail_
    so, you could make your own speed-independent mouse samplerand feed the paint program that dataat regular intervals
  1364. randomouscrap
    yeah but it'll be optional
  1365. snail_
    since you have a delta
  1366. randomouscrap
    I think MOST mice update faster than 1/60th of a second
  1367. snail_
    you could lerp or whateverlerrrrrp.
  1368. randomouscrap
    So it'll only be useful for inherently inaccurate tools like the spraycanand uhhh slow tool I guess
  1369. snail_
    that's fine, any improvement is good
  1370. randomouscrap
    It's not lerp that's the problem, it's merging multiple eventsWhat if in a single frame, both a start AND a stop event occur?
  1371. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1372. randomouscrap
    What if, in a single frame, you are able to stop the last action, move the mouse to a new location, and start a new action?
  1373. snail_
    concurrent event hell
  1374. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I did it haha
  1375. Lumage
    oh I still have my mother's day drawing
  1376. snail_
    is that a form of race condition?
  1377. randomouscrap
    no, javascript all happens sequentially
  1378. snail_
  1379. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm debating whether to call out tabs on this one
  1380. randomouscrap
    there's only one thing going on at once. What I mean is that I have to make a system where the events are spread evenly even though the events come at different intervals on different computers. How to handle the case where two events that can't easily be merged come in on one frame?
  1381. Lumage
    "does anyone want to play this new game" TwinArmageddonz interrupted.
  1382. randomouscrap
    Chem please shushThey are having a discussion in the other tab that I don't want to interrupt
  1383. snail_
    not really anymore we aren't
  1384. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What there hasn't been a message in 5 minutes though
  1385. randomouscrap
    You do realize that YOU caused a much greater interruption than us talking about programming in this tab
  1386. snail_ has left the chat.
  1387. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I never called you out, I said I was debating on it
  1388. 12Me21Admin
    yeah you did
  1389. Lumage
    that's kind of the same thing
  1390. 12Me21Admin
    >Chemicalex: I'm debating whether to call out tabs on this one too late you already did
  1391. Lumage
    "For each step Cucumber will look for a matching step definition. A step definition is written in Ruby." ruinedactually ruby here seems fine
  1392. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm a bad moderator apparently
  1393. Lumage
    tingcan i have a name changeI want to be "lumage sea creature"
  1394. randomouscrap
    no because you're just going to change it back later today
  1395. Lumage
    oh right
  1396. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1397. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1398. Lacks has left the chat.
  1399. 12Me21Admin
    >Tremolo setting: @MA >Vibrato setting: @MP >Auto pan pot setting: @ML
  1400. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I just wonder if inderectly
  1401. 12Me21Admin
    what are these names even supposed to mean
  1402. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Talking about programming would fall under it
  1403. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1404. 12Me21Admin
    the command names
  1405. randomouscrap
    I'm actually talking about the websiteOr rather, my discussion about the website had only JUST morphed into programming and it's silly to move tabs
  1406. 12Me21Admin
    I think the tab system is kind of flawed
  1407. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1408. randomouscrap
    What would you do then
  1409. 12Me21Admin
    the conversation often switches between programming and not programming topixs*topics
  1410. Lumage coughs up blood
  1411. 12Me21Admin
    IDK if there's really a better solution
  1412. Lumage
  1413. randomouscrap
    I don't think it's the tabs that are flawed, I think it's your idea of how tabs should be usedThe tabs are there so that USERS can choose where to talkIf I want to talk in off-topic then that's my decisionBut if you come up with a better idea I might rewrite the chat to work with it
  1414. Lumage
    I think the M is modulation but that doesn't really make the A make sense
  1415. 12Me21Admin
    That's fine, but Lacks and Chem don't seem to agree I guess
  1416. Lumage
    stage a coup
  1417. randomouscrap
    Oh shoot you're an admin too
  1418. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ....unless that's going to interfere with someone else's conversation
  1419. randomouscrap
    Well figure out how you want the tabs used. If I make the decision for anarchy then I'm sure chaos will reign
  1420. Lumage
    literally discuss the moderation with other staff in staff
  1421. Lumage oops
  1422. 12Me21Admin
    yes M is modulation
  1423. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Imo a good system would be opening to user decision unless it interferes with another conversation in off topic
  1424. Lumage
    P could be pitch Modulate Pitch
  1425. randomouscrap
    It's not about interfering with a conversation that might or might not happen, it's about interfering with a CURRENT conversationI would THINK that most people would be able to distinguish between the two
  1426. Lumage
  1427. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    That's.. .what I meant
  1428. Lumage
    "P could be pitch Modulate Pitch"
  1429. 12Me21Admin
    MA is modulate amplitude
  1430. Lumage
  1431. 12Me21Admin
    MP is pitch yes
  1432. Lumage
    what the heck is an L
  1433. 12Me21Admin
    >A second type of tremolo is a variation in amplitude:yeah hmm
  1434. Lumage
    i think it's umModulate Lumage
  1435. 12Me21Admin
    right lol
  1436. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm only calling out the tab situation because that's what lacks wanted me to do. I myself don't really mind in most cases
  1437. 12Me21Admin
    also I'm not even sure how these workYou specify depth range speed and delay
  1438. Lumage
    someone made a thread about this
  1439. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm sorry. I'll stop pointing it out if you want
  1440. randomouscrap
    what no do what lacks wants you to do
  1441. Lumage
    ^, kupo
  1442. randomouscrap
    I don't have a title for a reason. I don't really have any say
  1443. 12Me21Admin
    could be @ML modulate location perhaps
  1444. Lumage
    ohhh yeahspatial lpcation. sure
  1445. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    The only thing that I'm concerned about with your idea is people being able to turn it around and speak about off topic subjects in the programming tab, theoretically And you KNOW what happens when someone does that
  1446. Lumage
    can't find the thread
  1447. randomouscrap
    There is a difference. One is purposeful malicious intent in order to cause trouble and the other is simply deciding where to put your conversation
  1448. 12Me21Admin
    spatial lumage
  1449. randomouscrap
    But whatever. You guys all like your rulesso do that
  1450. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm a moderator I don't make rules I just enforce them
  1451. 12Me21Admin
    There is SOME problem with our tab system since people can't agree on how to use them
  1452. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    But anyway I'll talk with lacks about it. Maybe we can come up with something
  1453. Lumage
    oh wow google indexes chat logs
  1454. 12Me21Admin
    so either we have to decide or just have arguments like this all the time
  1455. Lumage
    "Safe search blocked some results for site:smilebasicsource.com MML @MA depth range speed delay"
  1456. 12Me21Admin
    I think we shouldn't worry about it too much, other than yelling at people who are begging for help in SB
  1457. randomouscrap
    I want to point out that we didn't have arguments until people decided that strict enforcement was needed
  1458. 12Me21Admin
    in the off topic tabGenerally it's better to leave a conversation in the tab that it started in
  1459. Lumage
    what are the exact manual names for the parameters
  1460. 12Me21Admin
    depth range speed delay
  1461. randomouscrap
    I wont' argue with you guys anymore (or at least I'll try not to). If you want to enforce rules then do it.
  1462. 12Me21Admin
    >Tremolo setting >@MA + Depth, Range, Speed, Delay values (0-127 for each)
  1463. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Then again I don't really have the authority to make or break rules. Admin and mod mean different thingsOh boy I have the perfect LET'S ONLY LET USERS USE /CODE IN THE PROGRAMMING TAB
  1464. 12Me21Admin
    the perfect let'sI think that we should only tell people to switch tabs if they're asking for help with SB in the off topic tab
  1465. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    THAT'LL GET EM HAHA(Anyways, I'll talk with ju about it)
  1466. Lumage
    argh I can't find it anyway it's possible that range and speed do the same thing or something
  1467. randomouscrap
    no I already know his stance on it. Just keep doing what he says
  1468. Lumage
    http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=12928#post_12928oh wait i'm not married to 12me21 I forgot
  1469. 12Me21Admin
    I think speed is the oscillation speedand delay is delay before start of oscillationidk
  1470. randomouscrap
    guys I know all this why don't you just ask meI am an expert /s
  1471. 12Me21Admin
    hey random how does mml
  1472. MasterR3C0RD
    I seriously don't get why we need strict rules here honestly
  1473. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1474. randomouscrap
  1475. 12Me21Admin
    so speed is increase speed and range is wavelength
  1476. randomouscrap
    IDK how it actually works lol I'm just guessing from my previous workings with mml
  1477. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Because believe it or not we're a community. There's always going to be someone who will disrupt the chat for whatever reason
  1478. randomouscrap
    speed might be "attack" in this casewhich is how fast you achieve the max (modulation in this case)max being depth
  1479. 12Me21Admin
    Writing MML syntax guides is hard since it uses pretty much every symbol can't use [] {} <> ()the only unused symbols are % ^ * \ | / " ' : ; ` ~
  1480. randomouscrap
    And I'm sorry, I could've told you that it was amplitude and pitchthat's what vibrato and tremolo are
  1481. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I just looked at the wikipedia page
  1482. randomouscrap
    I do have experience in musackbut yeah IDK all this mml stuff lol
  1483. 12Me21Admin
    do you know how V and @V are different? It seems they do the same thing but are independant
  1484. randomouscrap
    V is volume isn't it? IDR
  1485. 12Me21Admin
  1486. randomouscrap
    Doesn't @ start an ADSR package?
  1487. 12Me21Admin
    no @ does a few things
  1488. randomouscrap
    what starts the adsr package again? There's some symbol
  1489. 12Me21Admin
    mostly it's the start of long command namesit's @E
  1490. randomouscrap
    ooohThen @V might allow fancy volume changes LIKE ADSR smooth volume decay and all that
  1491. 12Me21Admin
    I think the way volume is calculated is by multiplying the value set by V with the value set by @V so you can use @V to set the track volume and V to change the volume of parts within the track If you do that, you can change the volume of an entire track by just changing one command rather than changing every use of V@V only accepts one value I think
  1492. randomouscrap
    This isn't in the manual anywhere?
  1493. 12Me21Admin
  1494. randomouscrap
    pft it's not in the official mml spec either?
  1495. 12Me21Admin
    "official MML spec"?
  1496. randomouscrap
    MML isn't a magical thing that SmileBoom made up lolIt's been in use for a long time. Chances are they stole all this from some other implementation
  1497. Lumage
    sb mml is a little wonky
  1498. 12Me21Admin
    Every implementation of MML is differentlike markdown and BASIC
  1499. randomouscrap
    Sure but there's the "original" way toojust like with markdown and basic
  1500. 12Me21Admin
    original MML was only had a few commandsprobably just notes rest and octave
  1501. randomouscrap
    anyway, when working with music most of the things you want to be able to do with modulation are determine when it starts, how fast the effect reaches peak, the peak, and the modulation speed itself (the wavelength)
  1502. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Oh shoot I have to go. o/
  1503. randomouscrap
    so if you can fit any of these commands into those ideas, test it to determine which of those it alters and you're good
  1504. randomouscrap
    ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
  1505. 12Me21Admin
    it would be cool if you could use @V to modulate volumeBut that's what um@MA does
  1506. randomouscrap
  1507. 12Me21Admin
    if you mess with the settings you could probably get a smooth transition
  1508. randomouscrap
    A lot of this stuff mimics real audio hardware/processing. Maybe it'll help if you look into that stuff
  1509. Lumage
  1510. LacksHead Admin
    Lol miscommunication cleared up.
  1511. Lumage
    random your search isn't working for mei need more than 10 results
  1512. randomouscrap
    ugh maybe later
  1513. LacksHead Admin
    I may be a bit of a dick about programming in the offtopic tab, but unless, like random said, it's disrupting current convos it's okay here. ESPECIALLY if programming already has a different topic being discussed. And ot isn't being used.
  1514. Lumage
    http://www.ams.org/samplings/feature-column/fcarc-synthesizer admin? http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=1290
  1515. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1516. snail_
  1517. randomouscrap
    hm I can't view it
  1518. snail_
    the prog tab was unused for 5 minutes when random said there was an active discussion, but it's not a big deal
  1519. LacksHead Admin
    I'm pretty sure semantics are the reason we don't have rules.
  1520. snail_
    it's easiest to keep separate discussions separateyeah, I guess
  1521. 12Me21Admin
    ok I think range is the amplitude, speed is the frequency, and delay is just delay before the startI don't understand depth though
  1522. Lumage
    i can put the thing I said on kland or whatever
  1523. 12Me21Admin
    it doesn't seem to do anything except when it's 0
  1524. snail_
    programming discussion in this tab doesn't bother me TOO muchbut fullblown off topic in the programming tab? that is bad
  1525. 12Me21Admin
    oh it controls I think um
  1526. snail_
    the reverse is often worse
  1527. 12Me21Admin
    when it's at 127, the volume is like
  1528. LacksHead Admin
    Why the double standard?
  1529. 12Me21Admin
  1530. randomouscrap
  1531. LacksHead Admin
  1532. snail_
    idk I see "off topic" as no topic at all
  1533. 12Me21Admin
    and at 0 it's like
  1534. randomouscrap
    ooohhh interesting
  1535. snail_
    so it doesn't annoy my categorical mind
  1536. Lumage
    is it a decimal value
  1537. snail_
    are you guys talking about ADSR envelopes or something else
  1538. 12Me21Admin
    modulation controls
  1539. Lumage
    something else
  1540. randomouscrap
    I think the solution is more tabs and then rename offtopic to "anarchy"
  1541. 12Me21Admin
    actually wait now it's not working what
  1542. LacksHead Admin
  1543. snail_
    more tabs is never the solution
  1544. randomouscrap
    then you enforce the rules strictly in the tabs and then don't care in anarchy OK then just the renaming
  1545. 12Me21Admin
    oh ok at 0 it's just off1 is the sine wave maybe
  1546. snail_
    "you got smilebasic in my programming tab!"
  1547. 12Me21Admin
    first argument is probably like
  1548. snail_
    "you got programming in my smilebasic tab!"
  1549. 12Me21Admin
    attack for each oscillation
  1550. snail_
    soon you have 80 tabsI tried to make a discord server, I had 15 channelsgave up
  1551. Lumage
    programming _> smilebasic, staff _> nerds, offtopic _> anarcho-capitalism
  1552. LacksHead Admin
    Don't forget Minecraft _> and Art
  1553. snail_
    oh modulationof what exactlyamplitude?
  1554. randomouscrap
    your mom
  1555. Lumage
    your father
  1556. snail_
    are you calling my mom ample
  1557. 12Me21Admin
    modulation of whatever settingvolume, pitch, or locationdepending on the command
  1558. LacksHead Admin
    Now to cleverly craft an excuse for me to not be here (work) on Friday to make an extra long weekend.
  1559. randomouscrap
    I'm sorry I won't go... where I was going to go with the joke
  1560. randomouscrap
    I should fly homeYesterday was the first day in a LONG time that I felt like a person again
  1561. 12Me21Admin
    Don't forget Minecraft _> and 4
  1562. snail_ has left the chat.
  1563. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1564. 12Me21Admin
    ok I'm going to call the arguments uhsomething range frequency delay
  1565. randomouscrap
    call depth "square"
  1566. LacksHead Admin
    Can't wait to go to the lake!
  1567. 12Me21Admin
    the first one could be... "smoothness?"
  1568. randomouscrap
    Because that's what it's doing: making a square wave
  1569. 12Me21Admin
    I'm not entirely sure how it works
  1570. Lacks has left the chat.
  1571. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1572. snail_ has left the chat.
  1573. 12Me21Admin
    I think
  1574. randomouscrap
    inded mabe
  1575. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1576. 12Me21Admin
    either that or it somehow generates a wave that's in between a sine wave and square wave
  1577. snail_
    is it a multiplier?
  1578. 12Me21Admin
    don't even ask about the units or anything
  1579. snail_
    since the amplitude is clamped, not scaled
  1580. 12Me21Admin
    I have no idealengths are relative to tempo if anythingnot note length
  1581. snail_
    multiplying the amplitude of a sine by some amount and clamping it makes a square wave for large nbut idk
  1582. 12Me21Admin
    oh maybeyeah it might be
  1583. Lumage
    and now for something I like to calldying horribly
  1584. 12Me21Admin
    if I reduce the range, then it's not a square wave anymore
  1585. snail_
    record the result in your computer and use the magic of spectral analysis and whateverreverse engineering!
  1586. 12Me21Admin
    it almost seems like the first two arguments are interchangable
  1587. Lumage
    wait no that's called
  1588. 12Me21Admin
    they just get multiplied or addedmaybe
  1589. snail_
  1590. Lumage
    uhhh nvm I thought there was a name for the curve smoothness in audacity but this is just "length of filter"
  1591. Lumage
    is that a good choke or a bad choke
  1592. 12Me21Admin
    It's not actually smoothnessit was just going above the max volume so it got cut off
  1593. Lumage
    oh okay
  1594. snail_
    is there a difference ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
  1595. 12Me21Admin
    WOAHnew MML errorIllegal & or _
  1596. Lumage
    yeah I can't tell if you're laughing or performing an erotic routine
  1597. snail_
  1598. 12Me21Admin
    also I think & and _ are note settings like . or #yeahBGMPLAY A_#Boops add a " therethey must be after the number though
  1599. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1600. 12Me21Admin
    regex time maybe[A-Ga-g][.#_+]*[\d]*[.#_+]*[_&]?[.#_+]*
  1601. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1602. snail_
    agagI have an aux cable and a working mic in so I might analyze the results or somethinglater
  1603. Lumage
  1604. snail_ has left the chat.
  1605. 12Me21Admin
    snail your eyebrows are falling off
  1606. Lumage
    these are called pictures with words under them
  1607. 12Me21Admin
    https://pastebin.com/raw/RWEAvhDA maybe
  1608. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1609. Lumage
  1610. 12Me21Admin
    I think what they do is like
  1611. snail_
    so if I write @MONC is that illegal syntax
  1612. Lumage
    what you need is some org markup
  1613. 12Me21Admin
  1614. snail_ has left the chat.
  1615. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1616. 12Me21Admin
    IF S$[I]=="@" THEN IF S$[I+1]=="M" THEN IF S$[I+2]=="O" THEN IF S$[I+3]=="F" THEN disable modulation ELSEIF S$[I+3]=="N" THEN enable ELSE
 error ENDIF ELSEIF S$[I+2]=="A" THENELSE error ENDIF ELSEENDIF ENDIFthey just check 1 character at a time I think
  1617. snail_ has left the chat.
  1618. 12Me21Admin
    It's almost like there's an @M command and the rest are arguments
  1619. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1620. 12Me21Admin
  1621. snail_
    Monf APL is my favorite language
  1622. 12Me21Admin
    I expected that
  1623. snail_
    I'm gonna make an APL that's all ascii characters and call it Monf APL
  1624. randomouscrap
    mon fapl
  1625. snail_
  1626. 12Me21Admin
    APL but it's also valid MML code
  1627. LacksHead Admin
    but dick jokes are hilarious and should totally be the base of your language
  1628. snail_ has left the chat.
  1629. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1630. snail_
  1631. snail_ has left the chat.
  1632. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1633. 12Me21Admin
    Ok mml vars work with: P V @V @ N A B C D E F G R @E @D ] but not: : T L Q O ( ) @MA @MP @MLN fails if the variable hasn't been set before for some reason
  1634. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1635. 12Me21Admin
    none of the other ones do*`Command unsupport variable`*ohwrong commandCommand unsupport variableCommand unsupport variable
  1636. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1637. snail_
    they work with @?that's a surprisealso you didn't mention @MON and @MOF ehen.
  1638. 12Me21Admin
    they don't take any arguments
  1639. snail_
    then they don't support variables do they
  1640. 12Me21Admin
    maybe they doif you 0 variables to them it works@MOF 'with 0 vars @MOF 'without varssee they do the same thingbrb
  1641. Perska has entered the chat.
  1642. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1643. snail_
    hello mr pasta
  1644. Perska
    why do you associate me with pasta
  1645. snail_
    because spaghet gamesalso you seem to eat a lot of pasta in generalalso it kinda sounds like perska
  1646. Perska
    ok fair enough
  1647. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1648. LacksHead Admin
    My co-workers logic: "I'm trying to quit smoking. So I better bring a pack of smokes, 18 mg nicotine vape stick, AND chewing tobacco"
  1649. snail_
  1650. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1651. snail_
    oh... pastebin is blocked at school now?paste.ee here we come hehe
  1652. randomouscrap
    pft pastee
  1653. snail_
    what are we pft ing at
  1654. Perska
    bleg i want to try out google cardboard but my phone has no gyroscope also all the ones google shows on their site are overpricedi'd make my own but i have no lens to use
  1655. snail_
    gaggle cradbord
  1656. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1657. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1658. randomouscrap
    I think it's time for a different animal
  1659. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1660. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1661. snail_
    the dee oh dee underscore five two two zero zero dot two two dash em standard
  1662. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1663. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    dash 'em
  1664. snail_
  1665. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    DAH SHEMYepaton
  1666. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1667. snail_
  1668. Lumage
  1669. randomouscrap
    did you take that picture
  1670. Lumage
    yeah but now i'm in the wrong tab
  1671. snail_
  1672. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1673. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    old friend just died, huh
  1674. snail_ has left the chat.
  1675. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1676. LacksHead Admin
    Well that sucks, chem
  1677. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'm not worried about myself, i don't get phased by this
  1678. Lumage
    that's not a good thing
  1679. randomouscrap
    I was going to complain about my abysmal drawing abilities but now I'm just sad for you instead. How old was he?
  1680. Lumage
    I can only conclude that you haven't talked to them in years and were never close to them at the time.
  1681. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    actually i talked to him about 2 weeks agouhh idk, 70-ish?
  1682. randomouscrap
    oh so an actual old friend not a friend you've had for a long time
  1683. Lumage
  1684. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i mean bothi've known him growing upalso your avatar is amazing i love the expression
  1685. Lumage
    what is it
  1686. randomouscrap
  1687. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1688. randomouscrap
    it's an um... a reindeer maybe? I like them
  1689. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    my whole family will be depressed for like a week mmn
  1690. randomouscrap
    It doesn't look as bad when you can see the whole thing imo
  1691. snail_
    the first thing I thought was "moose" even though that's CLEARLY wrong
  1692. randomouscrap
  1693. Lumage
    oh I was asking for a link more than asking something stupid like "what did random draw"
  1694. LacksHead Admin
    Not ugly enough for a moose lol
  1695. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    awh alright i'm saving this one it's beautiful
  1696. snail_
    also not even close to the right antlersit looks like an actual reindeer thoughwell, a cartoon…actual…reindeerIT'S GOOD is my point
  1697. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    random how can you say i'm better in any field than you
  1698. randomouscrap
  1699. LacksHead Admin
    It sucks watching these Robins build nests on the air tubes. We gotta move the hoppers and then their babies will be 500 km away.
  1700. snail_
    it doesn't make me uncomfortable. marked improvement.
  1701. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1702. randomouscrap
    Because I don't look at your drawings and vomit, chem
  1703. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i really should change my avatar it's starting to get on my nerves
  1704. randomouscrap
    And lol did my NORMAL drawings make you uncomfortable? All the recent ones for the past few months have been purposely icky. I kinda don't want to do those anymore right nowOh but I didn't mean to suck the conversation away from your friend dying.
  1705. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what no you're fine lol
  1706. snail_
    the implication here is that you look at your own drawings and vomit. but you being your own artist, have a completely different perspective on your art than chem's art, which you didn't make.
  1707. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'm the one who changed the subject anyway
  1708. snail_
    grass is always greener blah blah
  1709. randomouscrap
    yeah but like on this reindeer his eyes bug so much that it's actually all I can focus on. It's hard for me to look at what it looks like overall
  1710. snail_
    his eyes look totally fineit's different for you though
  1711. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1712. randomouscrap
    eh yeah maybe you're right
  1713. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the eyes give off a great emotion
  1714. randomouscrap
  1715. snail_
    which emotion is the great one
  1716. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    actually it sort of reminds me of my level of emotion(not that mine are good just the similarity)
  1717. Lacks has left the chat.
  1718. snail_
    WHICH emotion
  1719. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1720. randomouscrap
    yeah well your drawings definitely motivated and inspired me so...
  1721. snail_
    oh you meanok
  1722. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    awh that's nice of you to sayit's the same vice-versa as well
  1723. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1724. snail_
    one letter off from awwh
  1725. randomouscrap
    I save most of your drawings. I think they're super cute
  1726. Lumage
    haha whoa what you save drawings
  1727. snail_
    maybe I should make a kland mass downloaderwho knows when this stuff will disappear
  1728. randomouscrap
    He uploads them onto his own serverI don't trust that crap. If it was on kland I wouldn't bother downloading it lol
  1729. Lumage
    i only save cropped avatars desu ok that's not true I've been saving my own chat drawings but that's only because you don't log them anymore
  1730. randomouscrap
    oh snail there's an interface for that maybeoh shoot I don't log... chat drawings? Jeez manwhat's wrong with me
  1731. Lumage
    you don't log any commands now remember
  1732. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what lz isn't that bad lol
  1733. snail_
  1734. randomouscrap
    guh but I thought I had provisions for certain commands to be saved
  1735. snail_
    blimey wot are you up to m8
  1736. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    lz's system is the same as kland's
  1737. Lumage
    it goes through /drawsend or whatever
  1738. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    alright i gotta go. maybe i'll draw a less crap avatar while i'm goneo/
  1739. snail_
    my avatar is hard to look at hol up
  1740. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1741. Lumage
    lumage feels as if he may as well is the longest kland thread followed by elzo's apartment game spec followed by lumage puzzle hunt threadalso there are 149 threads somehow
  1742. randomouscrap
    Oh as for the kland images, the only reason they'd disappear is if the server crashed and I completely lost all data somehow. You should know me by now, I don't delete stuff.
  1743. snail_ has left the chat.
  1744. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1745. randomouscrap
    I guess now that the chatdraw is up to scratch I can fix stuff on kland if you want lumageimages or threads or whatever. I know you wanted multiline tags or whatever
  1746. snail_ has left the chat.
  1747. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1748. snail_
  1749. snail_
    is it illegal to use whitespace in MML
  1750. randomouscrap
    In PTC I dont' think soI'm pretty sure I separated sections of songs with spaces
  1751. snail_ has left the chat.
  1752. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1753. Lumage
    basically fix the html parser and add a code block tag err no the code block exists I just need to add the css I think
  1754. snail_ has left the chat.
  1755. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1756. Lumage
    or maybe it's alreay there
  1757. snail_
    html has <pre> I guess
  1758. Lumage
    no we have a code tag
  1759. snail_
    but it sucks because unbalanced indents
  1760. Lumage
    I think it's <c-b>
  1761. snail_
    us specifically?user defined tags is the best and worst feature of html
  1762. Lumage
    yeah thread 23
  1763. snail_
    needs an org parserklandJS when???????????¿????
  1764. Lumage
    kland ORGKLAND ORGkland needs org?kland org
  1765. snail_
    well considering you wrote an entire post in orgmode
  1766. Lumage
    yeah I was going to pester random about it as a joke but then I forgot when he asked just now
  1767. snail_ has left the chat.
  1768. randomouscrap
    ok considering that this is the manual... IDK man http://orgmode.org/org.html
  1769. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1770. Lumage
    no please don't look at thatthat manual sucks
  1771. snail_ has left the chat.
  1772. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1773. snail_
    basic org->html markup doesn't seem very complicatedthe actual org MODE doesn't matter (tab completion, inline latex etc)
  1774. Lumage
    shoot um where's the guide I gave you yesterday snail;
  1775. snail_
    snail;I don't actually know but it would be in my history probablybut I KEEP RUNNING OUT OF RAMthis or something http://emacsclub.github.io/html/org_tutorial.htmlI have to keep restarting pandora maybe I'll bye
  1776. Lumage
    shit it's not in logs because md
  1777. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1778. snail_ has left the chat.
  1779. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    name a mammal that can potentially be cute
  1780. randomouscrap
    all of them
  1781. Lumage
  1782. randomouscrap
    You just have to draw them cuteSugar gliders are pretty cute
  1783. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh those are both nice suggestions uhn
  1784. Lumage
    dolphins are one of a few animals that aren't garbage that needs to get out of the way of plants
  1785. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1786. randomouscrap
    lagomorphs, otters, hedgehogs, just pick something lol
  1787. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1788. Lumage
    what's a good function for taking the volume of?
  1789. randomouscrap
    the... what... butit depends on the shapeor you could get all calculus up in here(still depends on the shape though)
  1790. Lumage
    sorry I mean "what's a good function for construction a volume by square cross-sections of the integral of"
  1791. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1792. randomouscrap
    I... don't... what?
  1793. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1794. Lumage
    okay random what you should do is take <org-mode></org-mode> tag content and run org2html on it server-side and just serve that directly into the kland post Then I'll write a custom css for the org outputoh you'd need a black wrapper for it*block
  1795. randomouscrap
    s..so we just get rid of the html systemand replace it with um... orgmode
  1796. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1797. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1798. randomouscrap
    I don't want to write an org parser AND an html parser. Although maybe I broke the html parser and it's not php's fault idk
  1799. Lumage
  1800. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    okay i got a sketch down, lining
  1801. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1802. Lumage
    HMMMYEAHI like it.Yeah. Replace HTML with ORG for markup. I forgot the html thing we had was supposed to be for markup
  1803. randomouscrap
    hnnngg look at this otter. Otters are the cutest predatorsok I guess I could do that. But wait, is this the most important thing you want me to do for kland right now?And IDK when I can do italso if I make an org converter it'll most likely be client side. Otherwise, if I mess up, I can permanently disfigure people's posts. Plus it's not like it's impossible to read posts without the converter
  1804. Lumage
    Yeah, I think it should get org markup in there. But we should talk about it later
  1805. randomouscrap
  1806. Lumage
    and that's part of what I was thinking too
  1807. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1808. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i hope this is what a sugar glider looks like
  1809. randomouscrap
    In your style, yeah
  1810. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bleh i can't use this
  1811. randomouscrap
    Also I should give you some lessons on cleaning up photos lol
  1812. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1813. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1814. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh i know how to clean them i'm just too lazy
  1815. randomouscrap
    yeah but it's like... one step lolcuuuurrrvveeesss that's all you need. And saturation I guess if you don't like the color
  1816. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i dunno, i sort of like sharp edgesgives it a sort of low-poly lookhold on i need to draw another thingehhhhh ferrets are nic
  1817. randomouscrap
    no not that kind of curve. Color curveInstead of just doing contrast/brightness, alter the curve directly so you can get the darks and lights exactly where you want them
  1818. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i know that's what i'm talking aboutanyway bbs o/
  1819. randomouscrap
  1820. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1821. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1822. Autz64
  1823. snail_
    this is a day.
  1824. randomouscrap
    You know you're doing something right when you fix and crop an image and it turns out 2.5 times bigger
  1825. Autz64
    yesim getting out of ideasfor the dialogue gaim
  1826. snail_ has left the chat.
  1827. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1828. snail_
    dialog game?
  1829. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1830. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1831. snail_
    woah hold on vpn
  1832. Omiwa exclaims "Wow. Cute drawing (?), randomouscrap!"
  1833. Autz64
  1834. Omiwa where is lilyyy
  1835. snail_
    it's trying to connect when it's not even open
  1836. randomouscrap
    thanks omiwa
  1837. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no never mind this is bad
  1838. Omiwa replies, telling you you're welcome
  1839. Autz64
    gaim is called "A normal day"
  1840. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1841. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1842. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ferrets are too similar to raccoons blbblbl
  1843. Omiwa
    Wow. It is so awesome that I ... wasn't sure it was your drawing.
  1844. Autz64
  1845. randomouscrap
    OUCH lol but at the same time thank you very much
  1846. Autz64
    same here
  1847. Omiwa
    You're welcome.
  1848. randomouscrap
    IDK I think it looks like my style
  1849. Omiwa I apologize if that was more offensive than complimenting.
  1850. randomouscrap
    what nah I knew what you meant
  1851. snail_ has left the chat.
  1852. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it looks like you've improved your style
  1853. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1854. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1855. Lumage hello omiwa ^w^
  1856. Autz64
  1857. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1858. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1859. Omiwa Oh good.
  1860. Omiwa
  1861. Autz64
  1862. randomouscrap
    Is it really that different? It just looks the same as everything else to me lol; maybe it's because the only avatars I've used recently are the creepy ones and you guys forgot what I actually draw like
  1863. Autz64
    my subconscius always tells me that such drawings come from a devian sitecan't help
  1864. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the eyes look different than what you usually do, which is a good change(including your sane things)
  1865. Omiwa
    It's awesome. Lol
  1866. Lumage did you perhaps assist yourself to spooky-scary-youkai.mp3?
  1867. randomouscrap
    well thank you very much again!
  1868. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    this one seems much more alive than your older ones
  1869. Omiwa
    Bye and noYou're welcome
  1870. Autz64
    no what
  1871. randomouscrap
    idk what I did differently... oh no I'm not going to be able to keep drawing like this lol
  1872. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it's the eyes and general face mostly
  1873. Autz64
    offtopic but i can barely think of more dialogue
  1874. randomouscrap
    maybe it's just because I didn't include the top of the eyes this time and you can actually see the eyebrows. IDK I'll see what happens next timeGo talk to your friends autzor read a story. It'll give you inspiration
  1875. Autz64
    yesand no
  1876. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    this one looks less....lazyit's a nice change(the character, not the art)anyway i'm done nowi need to draw somethingggggggggrandom what's one of your made up words
  1877. randomouscrap
    lolorpleidk what kind of feeling are you going for in the word
  1878. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i can use this
  1879. randomouscrap
    heh it kind of sounds like "lol color purple"
  1880. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1881. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1882. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1883. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1884. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  1885. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1886. Guzzler829
    wow, this page loads fast
  1887. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1888. 12Me21Admin
    whitespace is ignored mostlythere's a really disgusting horrible bug involving it though
  1889. randomouscrap
    uhhh THIS page?
  1890. Guzzler829
  1891. randomouscrap
    lol are other websites not loading or something?
  1892. Guzzler829
    noI just meanIt just has been loading faster than usual(on my particular computer)
  1893. randomouscrap
  1894. Guzzler829
    I haven't really done anythingOh waitI think I restarted kinda recently
  1895. randomouscrap
  1896. 12Me21Admin
    "A2_B&C2" == "A2_B4&C2" "A2_B& C2" == "A2_B C2"basically what happens here is uh