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  1. randomouscrap
    oh good. I don't really want to write up anything else right now lol but I will if you needoh good. I don't really want to write up anything else right now lol but I will if you need
  2. GeekDude
    Not *that* much has changed, the protocol itself is still pretty straightforward
  3. LacksHead Admin
    If time is a valuable resource wouldn't it make sense to be somewhat selfish and use someone else's time
  4. randomouscrap
    Yeah it's basically still the same. Just a few thingsYes lacks. That doesn't make it fun for the other person though
  5. Lumage
    only if you're a selfish kind of person
  6. GeekDude is starting S4 of TWD
  7. Lumage
    I wouldn't want to hurt anyone else, so I can't stand the thought of taking something value from other people (their time)
  8. LacksHead Admin
    I know we're not governed by natural selection to the same extent anymore, but isn't being selfish kinda sorta how we got here?
  9. Lumage
    that said, I know I do it because I'm a human.
  10. randomouscrap
    I didn't say kuragen was being a bad personI just don't want to help him
  11. Lumage
    That's okay, I am.
  12. LacksHead Admin
    Lol I don't think we're talking about him anymore
  13. randomouscrap
    oh in general, I don't think that people wanting other people's time is necessarily badBut I'm not going to give you my time unless I want to give it.
  14. LacksHead Admin
    I suppose it's a balance
  15. Lumage
    All humans, for falling for things like this because of flaws of perception, are bad. To me.If you want to give then it's not an issue.
  16. LacksHead Admin
    You're only on S4 Geek!?
  17. randomouscrap
    And it's extremely arbitrary lol. Look, I'll spend an hour writing up stupid docs just so that geekdude MIGHT make another chat relay for himself, but I won't help Kuragen become a better programmer
  18. LacksHead Admin
    Some really goooooood stuff waiting for you :D
  19. Lumage
    But for someone to EXPECT that others devote time to them is disgusting.
  20. GeekDude is actually working on the relay. Docs are helpful but unnecessary
  21. randomouscrap
    It... well... ehhh maybe Also is that the Kero Ball?
  22. LacksHead Admin
    And some really REALLY bad CGI lmao
  23. Lumage
    It is.
  24. randomouscrap
    Is this some character from Keroro Gunsou or is it just a mashup
  25. Lumage
    mashupI think this is some furry bird girl or something
  26. randomouscrap
  27. Lumage
    Actually the term is kemonoshe's from that kemono friends thing.
  28. randomouscrap
    IDK what that is but ok
  29. Lumage
    wait no i'm not you
  30. randomouscrap
    pft it's not lewd
  31. GeekDude
    woah your picture changed
  32. randomouscrap
    well maybe it is lewdYeah the chat updates avatars in real timeSince there's so few of us it's not a big deal to check for avatar updates every message
  33. GeekDude
    I guess that's why so much info gets sent with every message
  34. randomouscrap
    ^I should make a streamlined version that doesn't send all that crap lol
  35. GeekDude
  36. Lumage
    The wonder of the internet!I already forgot what I was going to say!
  37. randomouscrap
    I hate working. I work all day and then I get home and I want to draw but I'm too tired to think straight. arrrgghhh
  38. LacksHead Admin
    Amen to thatI don't even have the energy to game
  39. randomouscrap
    so I goof off at work to keep my sanity
  40. LacksHead Admin
    too much effort
  41. Lumage
    I can send messages to a computer that will send it to people all around the world! Time to shitpost!This is a stolen joke, I hope.
  42. randomouscrap
    hence why I drew a reindeer and wrote docs instead of working lol
  43. Autz64
  44. Lumage
    is that an extra m
  45. randomouscrap
  46. Lumage
    have you started adding m's to get around random's filterI guess it didn't work.
  47. randomouscrap
    oh no my filter is regex
  48. Lumage
  49. randomouscrap
    oh jeez is he still doing that lolYeah there it is in my console
  50. 12Me21Admin
    it posts the message in all tabs and it stays at the top for a while
  51. Lumage has entered the chat.
  52. randomouscrap
    I'm sorry autz, you're not really doing anything wrong
  53. Autz64
  54. randomouscrap
    I just have weird issues with seemingly random thingsoh I'm still blockign your hmmm
  55. Autz64
    oh, okim fixing my dad's laptopugh
  56. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  57. Autz64
    also, i'm thinking of how i can update Defy3Di'm starting with array init
  58. randomouscrap
    does anybody want tooooo
  59. Autz64
  60. randomouscrap
    no wait there's nobody here with those games and I don't have the energy to do friend requests right now lol
  61. Lumage
  62. Autz64
  63. randomouscrap
    blegh I'll just go play a single player game. Sorry for being a bother ( ・ω・)ノ
  64. Lumage
    I had an idea for a petit idiots tribute
  65. Kuragen has left the chat.
  66. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  67. Lumage
    time to forget it
  68. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  69. Autz64
    whyi add cartoon outlines to defu3dbut making more polygons is bothersomealso, im stuck at SMT 4againgod, i hate turn-based rpgs
  70. PhilFish has left the chat.
  71. Kuragen has left the chat.
  72. GeekDude
    I have 3576320 pixels of screen space and I still feel like I'm running out
  73. Autz64
  74. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  75. MasterR3C0RD
    I have 1310720 pixels of screen space and I'm fine
  76. Lumage
    Can anyone else get me the smilebasic rom or am I going to have to wait for papa trinitro21
  77. MasterR3C0RD
    What do you mean by the ROM?.CIA or .3DS
  78. Lumage
    I've decided this might be the best way to do this
  79. MasterR3C0RD
    Hello? Grandpa Bork can get you the ROM in either form as well
  80. Lumage
    whatever citra needs lol
  81. Autz64
  82. Lumage
    I think that's 3ds
  83. MasterR3C0RD
    Okay, grabbing it now
  84. Lumage
  85. Autz64 has left the chat.
  86. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  87. Autz64
    freeshop?ups, sorryu
  88. Lumage
  89. Autz64
  90. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh, apparently Citra will take CXI
  91. Picy3 has entered the chat.
  92. Picy3
    ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggfuckin no
  93. Lumage
    3ds or cxi, yeah
  94. Picy3
  95. Autz64
  96. Picy3
    hi..hows this look?
  97. Autz64
    looks like a cardboard spaceship
  98. Picy3
    haha lolwe made a prop of it out of plastic-ish
  99. Autz64
    lol, that explains it
  100. Picy3
    but its actually really cool(itslike dark red)
  101. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  102. GoodGameGod
  103. Picy3
  104. Autz64
  105. Picy3
  106. MasterR3C0RD
    Yo G CubedLol
  107. Picy3
    haha lol
  108. RealTiP has left the chat.
  109. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  110. Picy3 has left the chat.
  111. Lumage
    yes i love aaaa
  112. MasterR3C0RD
    Note: You'll need VC++ 2015 Redist
  113. Lumage
    I noticed. Apparently copying the files in isn't good enough. Even though it doesn't complain about them missing.
  114. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  115. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  116. MasterR3C0RD
    Did you make sure to get the 64-bit DLLs?
  117. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  118. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  119. MasterR3C0RD
    They have to be the 64-bit libraries or crash
  120. blizord has entered the chat.
  121. GoodGameGod
  122. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  123. blizord has entered the chat.
  124. blizord has left the chat.
  125. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  126. Lacks has entered the chat.
  127. Lacks has left the chat.
  128. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  129. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    chat's so full yet so empty
  130. Autz64
  131. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'm not joking anymore i think i have a sleep fetish
  132. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  133. blizord has left the chat.
  134. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  135. Autz64
    well, i better goayyyyyyyy
  136. Autz64 has left the chat.
  137. MasterR3C0RD
  138. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  139. Lumage
    confusion I installed the c++ runtime dlls but it still says it can't find them
  140. GeekDude has left the chat.
  141. Lumage
    oh i guess that wasn't... the 64bitwindows is so stupidDebug <Critical> core\hle\kernel\vm_manager.cpp:Kernel::VMManager::MapMemoryBlock::<lambda_30f3bea5f94fc671fa0ce0949597e3c1>::operator ():74: Assertion Failed!
  142. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  143. Lumage
    Seems CXI dumping is bad.
  144. PhilFish
    I've fallen in love with osu!help
  145. Trinitro21
    oh it's not 3ds cxis is it
  146. Lumage
    It is.
  147. Trinitro21
    for what game?
  148. Lumage
  149. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Okay if I list off my PC specs do you think you could tell me if I could run a GCN emulator on it?Question for anyone
  150. Trinitro21
    what files do you have
  151. Lumage
    finally get orange working and record gives me a bad cxi (maybe) lol
  152. Trinitro21
    haha ownedwant mine
  153. Lumage
    yes please
  154. 12Me21Admin
    game cube N
  155. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    nintendo i think
  156. Lumage
    oh gosh 3 minutes for 9 mb from your server lol
  157. Trinitro21
    ikr i hate my interneti'm looking into a vps maybe
  158. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    OS: Windows 7 Professional RAM: 3GB 64-Bit OS Rating: 3.7
  159. Trinitro21
    that tells me nothing
  160. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I pressed enter accidentallyWasn't done
  161. Trinitro21
    cpu frequency and gpu
  162. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    where do i find those again ugh
  163. Trinitro21
  164. Lumage
    task manager
  165. Trinitro21
    that too
  166. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I have a lot of stuff open ATM though
  167. Lumage
    yooo i think this one might work
  168. blizord has entered the chat.
  169. Trinitro21
    wow all the stuff that doesn't mattercpu/gpu are what matter i thinknone of those tell me how fast your computer is that's just how much memory it has
  170. Sam
    why do you have an avatar representing neon?
  171. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  172. Lumage
  173. Trinitro21
  174. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  175. Trinitro21
    that doesn't happen on my machine
  176. Lumage
  177. Sam
    close enough
  178. blizord has entered the chat.
  179. blizord has left the chat.
  180. Lumage
    how about ~unknown / unimplemented function 'StoreDataCache'~oh wait I know what that was lol
  181. Trinitro21
    there end up being a ton of warnings it's ok
  182. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh hey lakcs
  183. GeekDude has entered the chat.
  184. GeekDude found a typo in his old code :(
  185. Lacks has entered the chat.
  186. Lacks has left the chat.
  187. LacksHead Admin
  188. Lumage
    mmmmI was hoping I could record through the audio emulation butThat doesn't seem feasible.could just need to free up ram though, sooo
  189. Lumage has left the chat.
  190. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  191. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  192. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  193. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  194. Lumage has entered the chat.
  195. Lumage
    yeah i can use audacity to fix emulation intervals but there's a lot of crunching
  196. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  197. Kuragen has left the chat.
  198. Lumage
  199. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  200. LacksHead Admin
    F sharp?
  201. Sam
    ow my ears
  202. Trinitro21
    ow my edge
  203. GoodGameGod
    I really should have watched the extra episode of "The future diary" a long time ago lol.A far better ending.
  204. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  205. Lumage
    it's Cinstrument 0 cIn spectrogram mode it's easy to see where the garbage comes frombuuut If that's part of citra I don't know what to do about it.
  206. Trinitro21
    ohh lumage was the graphical weirdness temporary or do you need the thing
  207. Lumage
    that was me removing the device it was stored on
  208. Trinitro21
    oh okright dumping the stuff was for omega ruby and smash, not sb
  209. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  210. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    hey tip-O\
  211. RealTiP
  212. Lumage
  213. RealTiP
    oh wowjust found that i have a set of art pencils
  214. Omiwa
    saaam where have you been
  215. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  216. Kuragen has left the chat.
  217. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  218. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Top check pms maybe
  219. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  220. Sam
    omg it's Omiwa!!!
  221. SpiderLily
  222. Omiwa
    fyi I am amazing actually maybe
  223. RealTiP
  224. Omiwa
    Awwh thank you 'w'
  225. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    omiwa I'm your biggest fan
  226. Lumage
  227. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm at least 6'3"
  228. Sam
    I'm at least married to Omiwa
  229. Lumage
    Okay so the problem was actually REALLY SMALL holeshaha owned
  230. SpiderLily
  231. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  232. Omiwa
    um but I don't know you wellOh dear
  233. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Maybe I'll get my GED next year
  234. SpiderLily
    excuse me sam but who said you could marry my man
  235. LacksHead Admin
    me too
  236. Lumage
    https://lumage.smilebasicsource.com/special/00C.mp3 fixed (mostly)
  237. Omiwa
  238. Lumage
    SmileBASIC Acoustic Grand Piano middle (I assume) C
  239. Sam
    uhhh still hurts my ears but ok
  240. Omiwa
    omg pls stop referring to me as male if making a marriage joke
  241. Lumage
    it's such a terrible soundfont lol
  242. SpiderLily
    is there something wrong with gay love sparky
  243. Lumage
    try turning your volume down
  244. LacksHead Admin
    Am I just your back up bitch, Lexi?
  245. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  246. SpiderLily
    apparently i am yours lacks you are married
  247. RealTiP just watches...
  248. Omiwa
    well umhmmm
  249. LacksHead Admin
  250. Sam
    actually yes gay is not okay
  251. Lumage
    girls can't love girls!
  252. Omiwa
    Sam am a girlSam am I a girl
  253. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Your...avatar is a girl
  254. SpiderLily
    if sam says yes to that question he obviously just wants you for your body
  255. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Close enough
  256. Sam
    Omiwa you're a Omiwa
  257. Omiwa
    I have a drawing readyy
  258. LacksHead Admin
    but his body is malewouldn't that mean he's saying it for his mind?
  259. Omiwa
  260. LacksHead Admin
    her mind*
  261. SpiderLily
    you would think sparky is a male if you saw what he has said to me too
  262. Omiwa
    that says omiwa apparently
  263. LacksHead Admin
    that's sexist
  264. SpiderLily
    trust me lacks
  265. Omiwa
    smile I love thesE conservations unless a certain someone ends up scaring me
  266. Lumage
    translation: reasons a <3 Sam ---------------------------- *calls me a (upside-down female sign)
  267. LacksHead Admin
    pics or it didn't happen
  268. Omiwa
    um what
  269. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Could you consider mailwoman an oxymoron
  270. Omiwa
  271. Sam
  272. RealTiP
  273. Lumage
    reasons 2 <3 Sam ---------------------------- *calls me a (upside-down female sign)
  274. Omiwa
    Oh my what how
  275. LacksHead Admin
  276. Lumage
  277. SpiderLily
    sparky sam only wants you if you are a girl i want you no matter what you are so obviously i am better
  278. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Use the smooth line tool jeez
  279. Omiwa
  280. Sam
  281. LacksHead Admin
  282. Omiwa
    but I want to be loved as a girl
  283. Lumage
    is that intersex omiwa
  284. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I drew Random's gender
  285. Omiwa
    um what
  286. Lumage
    it's very similar to just "sexual intercourse"
  287. Omiwa
    I think it means boys should love girls
  288. SpiderLily
    ill call you a girl when you marry me
  289. Omiwa
    or straight marriage or something
  290. Sam
    so omiwa
  291. LacksHead Admin
  292. SpiderLily
  293. Sam
    remember when I mentioned long ago that I'll once be going to new york with schoolI'm going this weekend
  294. Omiwa
    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sologamy time to buy a mirrorooo coolwait what but that speaks English doesn't it
  295. LacksHead Admin
  296. Sam
    it doesbut there's like ugh french tourist guides or something but I won't be listening probably
  297. Omiwa
    "Also, the person can have a private moment in a room where they can express self-love with a mirror and a candle, though the use of the candle is not specified.[citation needed]" this is exhilarating to me maybe
  298. LacksHead Admin
    I read that as French Toast Guide
  299. Omiwa
    yay you're theoretically closer to meDid you want to go to the school?isn't that complicated... being where you don't know how to verbally communicate
  300. RealTiP
  301. SpiderLily
    i know ive failed when sparky prefers to marry himself, sam, or a cat over me
  302. Sam
    I can speak english.?
  303. Omiwa
    I have a few cats who love me maybe
  304. LacksHead Admin
  305. Sam
    I have a few billion bacteria who love me maybe
  306. LacksHead Admin
    One of our cats may have got got
  307. Omiwa
    lolll bacteria
  308. SpiderLily
    not even bacteria wants to come near me
  309. Lumage
    I have two HUMANS who love me!
  310. PhilFish
    I have at least one human who loves me
  311. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  312. SpiderLily
    lumage your hands arent individual people
  313. Lumage
  314. Omiwa
    mmm I might have a few people whom love mee
  315. Lumage
    you guys are really getting as close as possible without---
  316. Omiwa
    but why are they taken maybe
  317. LacksHead Admin
    You're taking this a bit quick aren't you, Phil?
  318. PhilFish
  319. SpiderLily
    im not taken~
  320. Lumage
    "Darn it it's just lexi" --Omiwa
  321. Omiwa
    arigato gizaimasu
  322. SpiderLily
    dont remind me
  323. Omiwa
    but you talk to me so much
  324. Lumage
    completely unrelated https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/303288240088154134/313507130747650050/spooky-scary-youkai.mp3do you want me to dm you omiwa
  325. SpiderLily
    are you saying you want to break up with me?
  326. Omiwa
    help I auto downloaded a scary spooky fileyes please
  327. RealTiP
  328. Omiwa
    wheeen are we datting
  329. LacksHead Admin
    dowload at your own risk?download*
  330. SpiderLily
    the second you realize i am perfect for you
  331. Omiwa
    but you're a not ggirl
  332. SpiderLily
    not yet
  333. PhilFish
  334. SpiderLily
    shut up phil you arent funny
  335. LacksHead Admin
    And it is at this point the young man realized he had other places to be. When he in fact didn't
  336. Lacks has left the chat.
  337. PhilFish
  338. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  339. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  340. Omiwa
  341. RealTiP
    Anarcho-Capitilism? Sounds dumb. >checks< It IS dumb.
  342. Omiwa
    ooo I have other places to be it may seem
  343. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    If you're a furry raise your hand
  344. Omiwa
    bye chinchillas and tdos
  345. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  346. SpiderLily
    no bye to me?
  347. Omiwa
    and geekdudeew are you not a chinchilla
  348. RealTiP
  349. Lumage
    what about amanozaku
  350. SpiderLily
    i see how it is.
  351. Omiwa
    omg I saw a chinchilla in a video today so my mind has been on them constantly maybe
  352. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  353. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm probably the chaotic neutral in my family
  354. RealTiP
    lawful evil
  355. PhilFish
    I'm lawful neutral I think
  356. RealTiP
  357. Kuragen
    hello whats the difference between between this V=-6 and V=V-6 this?
  358. RealTiP
  359. snail_
    0.03333 seconds is a really long time dude
  360. PhilFish
    one is assigning V to -6and the other is taking 6 away from V
  361. RealTiP
  362. Kuragen
    whats the difference between between this V=-6 and V=V-6 this? oh that was fast lol
  363. RealTiP
    v now equals old v - 6basic algebra
  364. PhilFish
    well mutability doesn't exist in algebra
  365. RealTiP
    >^i was typing that :3
  366. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  367. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  368. PhilFish
    I'm kinda half-existent currently I think
  369. RealTiP
    what do you mean?
  370. PhilFish
    half of my brain is still trying to figure out how I ended up dating someone I met in the psych ward
  371. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'll do things and not care about consequence. Not to purposefully hurt others, but I really don't end up caring if I doChaotic neutral
  372. RealTiP
    i do things for the betterment of the people and the state, what is that?
  373. PhilFish
  374. RealTiP
    ikri am
  375. PhilFish
  376. Lumage
    why tho
  377. RealTiP
    super patriot in a nutshell
  378. PhilFish
    fascism states that a person's existence is only to advance the stateso you're not entirely fascist
  379. RealTiP
    nationalistic socialism then
  380. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I think that's... lawful good?
  381. PhilFish
    lawful neutral master race
  382. RealTiP
    i still care about my existence, but i believe in the better for the state
  383. Lumage
    Oh umI have a chart
  384. Kuragen has left the chat.
  385. Lumage
    of sbs alignments
  386. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  387. RealTiP
  388. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    When did you do that lol
  389. RealTiP
    > national socialism >> communism
  390. Lumage
    We talked about it in chat once
  391. RealTiP
    am i in it?
  392. Lumage
    you probably weren't there
  393. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Who was in it though
  394. RealTiP
    >i guess i do have the personality of an anime backdrop character
  395. Lumage
    LG Guzzler, Lego_meister, ProgrammingChicken, Omiwa LN LE NG NN Random, Lacks, Lumage, PhilFish NE CG CN SpiderLily, 12Me21 CE
  396. RealTiP
    >3 frames is all that defines me
  397. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Hoe isHow is pchicken LG
  398. Lumage
    We had a quiz
  399. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  400. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  401. Lumage
  402. RealTiP
    taking the quiz... being a part of a community... :/
  403. Lumage
    oh oopshttp://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd%2Fdnd%2F20001222b
  404. HTV04 has left the chat.
  405. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    130 questions what the fuck
  406. RealTiP
    same quizim sure there are only 36
  407. Lacks has entered the chat.
  408. LacksHead Admin
    I got CN that time
  409. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I got NE
  410. Lumage
    when does 12 fix image importer
  411. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  412. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Which is what I thought
  413. RealTiP
    magistrates and serfs... medieval syntax much
  414. Guzzler829
    I got a 100% on my last two tests in algebra :3
  415. Lumage
  416. PhilFish
    I retook and I'm still a true neutralNN master race
  417. Lumage
  418. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm chaotic neutral so I guess I'm pretty self conscious
  419. RealTiP
    Alignment: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (27) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXX (6) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8) Chaos --- XXXX (4) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) Evil ---- XX (2) oh whoops
  420. Lumage
    INTJ True Neutral (with C/G modulation)
  421. Guzzler829
    Do you have a penny to spare for a poor boy in want of a calculator?
  422. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  423. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  424. RealTiP
    I be an LG
  425. Sam
    I got LN
  426. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Dang are you guys sure you answered honestly
  427. PhilFish
    Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9)
  428. RealTiP
    not too sure
  429. Sam
    It's a D&D test not some actually reliable test
  430. RealTiP
  431. GoodGameGod
    Is there a compatibility list for the GBA emulator on the 3DS?
  432. Lumage
    LG Guzzler, Lego_meister, ProgrammingChicken, Omiwa, RealTiP LN Sam LE NG NN Random, Lacks, Lumage, PhilFish NE Chemicalex CG CN SpiderLily, 12Me21 CE
  433. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm pretty sure all games work
  434. RealTiP
    neutral evil chem. good job. xD
  435. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  436. GoodGameGod
    All? That seems unlikely...Only because the SNES emulator(s) for the 3DS have some games that don't.
  437. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    It suits me
  438. Lumage
    yeah you're the only evil so far
  439. RealTiP
    ill lawful goodness the heck outta ye
  440. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    My spd gives gives me such a bad name lol
  441. GoodGameGod
    >Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (14) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXX (11) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXX (12) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9What is that?
  442. PhilFish
    my scores from the alignment test
  443. RealTiP
    d&d character alignment
  444. PhilFish
  445. GoodGameGod
    Oh, kkHmm...Interesting...
  446. PhilFish
    yay I'm the switzerland of D&D
  447. Kuragen
    why == (equal to) doesnt work for counting? and greater than works? >
  448. PhilFish
  449. PhilFish
    and what exactly are you asking?
  450. RealTiP
  451. PhilFish
    I don't really get the question
  452. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  453. Kuragen
    i mean that if i want my program to stop counting at a certain number. i have to write it like this if B>4 then stop. not like this if B==4 then stop. idk i find it wierd.
  454. blizord has left the chat.
  455. PhilFish
    what's your program
  456. Lumage
    probably because your counter can skip over 4it might get to five but you still want to stop
  457. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  458. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  459. PhilFish
    are you religious? I'd like to introduce you to my religion
  460. Kuragen
    is just something crappy...i will upload it to send the code here.
  461. Lumage
    church of emacsuniversal life?
  462. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  463. Lumage
  464. PhilFish
    rip jokeis supposed to go something like...
  465. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Your counter is probably skipping 4
  466. Trinitro21
    gimme a minute
  467. Kuragen
    BDEXX3N4thats the code.
  468. PhilFish
  469. Lumage
    oh shoot I totally forgot to write a syllabus for AP Lumage>>randomouscrap I'm not cramming ice into your mouth
  470. Trinitro21
  471. PhilFish
    I'll make one
  472. Guzzler829
    triwhat's thatdid you send those text or something?
  473. PhilFish
  474. Guzzler829
  475. Trinitro21
    it's a meme phil showed
  476. Guzzler829
    it's a meme that people change aroundthey edit it to things they like rite
  477. PhilFish
  478. Trinitro21
    two images before mine is what i think is the original
  479. PhilFish
    there are tons of these
  480. Guzzler829
    I'm gonna make one
  481. Lumage
    what the heckwhere isum
  482. PhilFish
  483. Lumage
    "I don't want to be called a fish by anyone except the vampire"
  484. Kuragen has left the chat.
  485. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  486. Guzzler829
    I think this is the originalwaitno lolmaybe
  487. GoodGameGod
    Oh, okay then lol.=P
  488. RealTiP
  489. GeekDude has left the chat.
  490. GoodGameGod
    I love making progress!I'm so progressive lolSO MUCH PROGRESSIVENESS!
  491. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  492. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  493. Kuragen has left the chat.
  494. RealTiP
    good jobwith the progress
  495. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  496. Lumage
  497. Kuragen has left the chat.
  498. Lumage
  499. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  500. Lumage
    sbs autolinker is better than discord
  501. Kuragen
    i want a sonic game like this.https://youtu.be/sMHmn8atkM4
  502. RealTiP
    ./15-12-24.txt:78: RealTiP[01:16]o: Someone stole my chocolate.
  503. Kuragen has left the chat.
  504. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  505. PhilFish
    I want to make a super low spec machinesomething like you'd have in the 80s and try to run a modern Linux minimal on itUbuntu 16.04 Server maybe?
  506. Lumage
    oh what the heckhow'd I end up as Sagume here and Doremy on discord
  507. GoodGameGod
    13 people, and nobody is typing a word>More like 9 if your splitting hairs
  508. Lumage
    which two don't countthree sorry
  509. RealTiP
    ikrno one is typingwe've finally reached Pax Conversa
  510. LacksHead Admin
    so.... How about that local sports team?
  511. RealTiP
    i think they're getting their official colors changed
  512. LacksHead Admin
    ahh, nice nice. about time. The last one was just off slightly
  513. RealTiP
    nawit was a controversial issue
  514. Lumage
  515. RealTiP
    they were the UH Rainbow Warriorsno actual respect from anywhere when homosexuality swept across the nation
  516. LacksHead Admin
  517. RealTiP
  518. LacksHead Admin
    I want this to be realdon't ruin it for me
  519. RealTiP
    it isi think its green and white now, but im not sure if they're gettin' their colors changed
  520. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  521. RealTiP
    hey random
  522. randomouscrap
    Lacks, I made the skeleton grinder. It works wonderfully
  523. Lumage
  524. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  525. RealTiP
    howya doin
  526. randomouscrap
    In case you need any of that crapHey realtip
  527. Lumage has left the chat.
  528. LacksHead Admin
    oh, nice!
  529. randomouscrap
    It got me to level 30 in an hour lol
  530. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Randommmmn lacks did a good but he still hates himself
  531. randomouscrap
    eh maybe 2 hoursWhat's wrong lacks
  532. LacksHead Admin
    lmaoAll I said was I wish I could mimic his style better
  533. randomouscrap
    I'm doing all right realtip
  534. LacksHead Admin
    I drew sleepy lee
  535. randomouscrap
    aw where is it
  536. LacksHead Admin
    on DA
  537. randomouscrap
    aww you drew my bunny too ^u^
  538. PikaRyan has left the chat.
  539. LacksHead Admin
    well I tried lol
  540. randomouscrap
    lol we all get way too hard on ourselveswell maybe not chem idkOh and lacks, you know that you can just use a stone sword and kill all the mobs at once in the grinder, right?
  541. LacksHead Admin
    but if you think you're hot shit then there's no need to improve ;)
  542. randomouscrap
    well that's true
  543. LacksHead Admin
    I do know that. I'm just not used to having a non-mending sword :P
  544. RealTiP silently watches
  545. randomouscrap
    pft it's just a stone swordKeep it down there in the grinder lol
  546. Kuragen has left the chat.
  547. Sam has left the chat.
  548. Lacks has entered the chat.
  549. Lacks has left the chat.
  550. Lacks has entered the chat.
  551. Lacks has left the chat.
  552. randomouscrap
    shoot I gotta go though. The skeleton grinder is down in my old mines. It's labelled. IDK if it gives more exp than the zombie grinder
  553. LacksHead Admin
    at least the bones are more useful than flesh :D
  554. randomouscrap
  555. Guzzler829
    admin - add minus
  556. randomouscrap
    ( ・ω・)ノ
  557. LacksHead Admin
  558. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  559. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ExCUSe me
  560. RealTiP
  561. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55BCdfUY5Z4where's snail
  562. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I am SO self belitlling
  563. LacksHead Admin
    he'd enjoy that
  564. RealTiP
    why>lacks, that is an amazing avatar
  565. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  566. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    There's no antlers it sucks
  567. LacksHead Admin
    lolbut dapper gecko is dapper
  568. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Dapper UGLY
  569. RealTiP
    antlers where
  570. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  571. GoodGameGod
    I don't like piracy, but it is nice to be able to play rare hard-to-get games like Chrono trigger and stuff... On emulators I mean
  572. RealTiP
  573. LacksHead Admin
    hard to get?I can go to a Next Level in nowhere-saskatoon and buy it right now
  574. GoodGameGod
    Obviously downloading games for the DS, 3DS, and everything new is just flat out wrong, but for games that would cost you some serious $$$, it's very useful.
  575. RealTiP
  576. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Why are yo isulting me
  577. GoodGameGod
    ...Am I?
  578. LacksHead Admin
    See your argument shouldn't be just waaah money
  579. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  580. RealTiP
    like tri force heroes
  581. LacksHead Admin
    it should be this $90 ISN'T going to the developers or licence holders in any way shape or form
  582. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I own TTYD but I also can emulate it because I pirated another copy
  583. GoodGameGod
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chrono-Trigger-Super-Nintendo-Entertainment-System-1995-/292108643356?hash=item4403082c1c:g:jTYAAOSwR29ZDjP0That, and an old SNES
  584. LacksHead Admin
    Idk about USA, but up here that's legal, Chem
  585. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  586. RealTiP
    my snes is so broken...
  587. Trinitro21
    ohhhhhhhhh i fixed all my problems and it feels so good
  588. GoodGameGod
    I'd buy the game if Nintendo would fucking remake it.Or sell it
  589. RealTiP
    i have a gamegenie still
  590. GoodGameGod
    (Like in stores)
  591. Trinitro21
    oh, chrono trigger?they did port it to the ds
  592. Kuragen has left the chat.
  593. RealTiP
    and some old games like a link to the past and smb 3
  594. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    How is that legal
  595. GoodGameGod
    It's mostly an example, I was just making a point.
  596. LacksHead Admin
    If you own a physical copy (Digital too, maybe) you can emulate it
  597. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...wait, why DIDN'T I dump TTYDthat would have been so much easier
  598. GoodGameGod
    That's what I want to do lacks.
  599. Trinitro21
    lacks that's not true i don't think
  600. LacksHead Admin
    you paid the money, how you play it is up to youIn canada it is
  601. Trinitro21
    oh huh
  602. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Tri that's in Canada though
  603. GoodGameGod
    >For the most part.
  604. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I don't think that's legal here
  605. PhilFish has left the chat.
  606. GoodGameGod
    Yeah, US isn't as strict in morals
  607. GoodGameGod is laughing his ass off
  608. GoodGameGod
    it is illegal, but to an extent.
  609. Trinitro21
  610. GoodGameGod
  611. Trinitro21
  612. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    >Can I Download a Nintendo ROM from the Internet if I Already Own the Authentic Game? There is a good deal of misinformation on the Internet regarding the backup/archival copy exception. It is not a "second copy" rule and is often mistakenly cited for the proposition that if you have one lawful copy of a copyrighted work, you are entitled to have a second copy of the copyrighted work even if that second copy is an infringing copy. The backup/archival copy exception is a very narrow limitation relating to a copy being made by the rightful owner of an authentic game to ensure he or she has one in the event of damage or destruction of the authentic. Therefore, whether you have an authentic game or not, or whether you have possession of a Nintendo ROM for a limited amount of time, i.e. 24 hours, it is illegal to download and play a Nintendo ROM from the Internet.
  613. Trinitro21
    >a copy being made
  614. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    So if you dump it yourself it's legal?
  615. Trinitro21
    i guess, as long as you don't share it with anyone
  616. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...HuhMaybe I can move up from a neutral evil to a lawful evil
  617. Trinitro21
    so i could for example, buy pokemon red on the eshop, use godmode9 to dump the rom, and play it on an emulator?
  618. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  619. Trinitro21
    >i mean, it is downloading and playing a Nintendo ROM from the Internetbut i did buy itfrom nintendo
  620. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    >People Making Nintendo Emulators and Nintendo ROMs are Helping Publishers by Making Old Games Available that are No Longer Being Sold by the Copyright Owner. This Does Not Hurt Anyone and Allows Gamers to Play Old Favorites. What's the Problem? The problem is that it's illegal.Rick move by nintendo
  621. LacksHead Admin
    when do the games become abandonware?
  622. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    75 years after they're released
  623. Trinitro21
    sheeshthat's a long time
  624. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Basically until the trademark runs outI need to learn how to dump GCN games then
  625. Trinitro21
  626. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I don't trust sites that end statements with "Happy Dumping! =)"
  627. RealTiP
  628. Trinitro21
  629. RealTiP
  630. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    No uh
  631. RealTiP
    i think joke is just joke
  632. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  633. Trinitro21
    yeah i saw that too i don't trust it
  634. RealTiP
    oh so much more lel
  635. Trinitro21
    >First you need one of this drive in order get this working doesn't describe what kind of drive you need>If you got one of this drives Congrats you ready to rip youre games! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMwait no it just didn't tell me that "this drives" refers to the big list below it
  636. RealTiP
    seems sum(legit=1,i,(legit)+log(pi))
  637. Trinitro21
  638. Lacks does the truffle shuffle as he heads towards the door
  639. Trinitro21
    wait take away the i-1
  640. Lacks has left the chat.
  641. Trinitro21
    i forgot how counting numbers work
  642. RealTiP
    lelits the sum
  643. Trinitro21
    dangit 1-indexed math
  644. RealTiP
    x=sum(x=1,3,x+3) is x=15
  645. Trinitro21
    i know how summations work ok
  646. RealTiP
  647. Trinitro21
    mmmmmmm it just didn't click at first
  648. RealTiP
    yeits imaginarily legitimate
  649. Trinitro21
    i don't like that sums and things start at 1 the equations for arithmetic and geometric sequences actually adjust for that a(n)=a(1)+d(n-1) a(n)=a(1)*r^(n-1)how do you do a sum from 1 to i even i was just assuming that i was a variable because how do you get from 1 to i with increments of 1
  650. RealTiP
    >its imaginarily legit
  651. Trinitro21
    so does the sum just not exist because you can't go from 1 to i?
  652. RealTiP
    thats just there cos you can't just hop onto a complex plane out of nowhere
  653. Trinitro21
    and how advanced is your latest calculus
  654. RealTiP
    technically, what i specified is more so a loopholeends up being a simple radical
  655. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  656. Trinitro21
    >so it's irrational
  657. RealTiP
  658. Kuragen has left the chat.
  659. Trinitro21
    which does actually make sense in context
  660. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  661. RealTiP
    but irrational icos there is two solutions
  662. Trinitro21
    again, how advanced is your math
  663. RealTiP
    cos i squared it :3calc - i didn't pre calc much, and im only a sophomore... so don't kill me
  664. Trinitro21
    huhhow come you learned this and i didn't
  665. RealTiP
    idkwhat are you at?
  666. Trinitro21
    i just finished ap calculus bc
  667. RealTiP
    nice, nice
  668. Trinitro21
    i'm a year ahead of you in the high school year thingies
  669. RealTiP
  670. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  671. Trinitro21
  672. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  673. RealTiP
    i took summer school when i didn't really need it :)and i took college classes too
  674. Trinitro21
  675. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    You are very strange
  676. RealTiP
    so i got dual credand more cred'
  677. Kuragen has left the chat.
  678. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    How did they manage to fit such big games on the n64Paper mario was literally 22mb
  679. RealTiP
    smartslots of smarts
  680. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    But a
  681. Trinitro21
    they did a typey thing on a pooter and it got smaller
  682. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    TTYD was 1.1gb, that's 50x larger
  683. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  684. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    For a not that much more expansive game
  685. Trinitro21
    mhmm, probably more complex models, shaders, more high-res textures
  686. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    So you're saying that full extra gigabyte was just assets
  687. Trinitro21
    idk, where else could it come fromi genuinely don't knowi've never played the game
  688. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Woah I can play paper mario on my tablet at 60fpsAnd it's only moderately broken
  689. Trinitro21
    n64 games usually don't require that much blast processingmy old 1.33ghz laptop-tablet was enough for at least near 60fps
  690. andritolion
  691. Kuragen has left the chat.
  692. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    It works fine but my screen keeps flickering and some sprites are misplaced
  693. RealTiP
    lelits beautiful
  694. andritolion
    lol... What happened to that sprite?Why just a box mow?
  695. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  696. andritolion
    That's bad...
  697. RealTiP
  698. andritolion
    What happened?
  699. GoodGameGod
    I'm back.I won't be talking much, I'm in the middle of a skype call lol.
  700. andritolion
  701. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    It's just emulator being sit
  702. andritolion
  703. GoodGameGod
    loltypo typo typo
  704. andritolion
    Did you mean shit?
  705. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  706. Trinitro21
    nahcouldn't be
  707. andritolion
    lolY not? Lol
  708. Trinitro21
    because it's text slangit's supposed to be 'lit'
  709. GoodGameGod
    That's so swag
  710. andritolion
  711. Trinitro21
    chem only mistyped the L as an S because he uses dvorak
  712. andritolion
    I use QWERTY...
  713. GoodGameGod
    I use keyboard
  714. Trinitro21
  715. GoodGameGod
    It's common I hear.
  716. RealTiP
  717. andritolion
    Why did they invent QWERTY?
  718. RealTiP
    gotta love dovrack
  719. andritolion
    What's wrong with ABCD?
  720. Trinitro21
    o nothat doesn't fit on the hands at all
  721. RealTiP
    >*dvorak soz
  722. Trinitro21
    that would be terrible
  723. andritolion
    Just arrange the ABCD keys like QWERTY and same experience...
  724. Trinitro21
    the reason keyboard layouts aren't just alphabetical order is because they're based on making the finger patterns easier
  725. andritolion
  726. Trinitro21
    i rarely type with the same finger twice in a row, and the letters alternate hands a lot
  727. andritolion
    As in mostly used keys are more accessible?
  728. Trinitro21
    that's part of ithave you ever learned touch typing?
  729. andritolion
    Wonder why they can't make a keyboard that adapts to you...No.
  730. Trinitro21
    because then you'd have to adapt to itah, that's why
  731. andritolion
    It'll rearrange the keys based on the ones that you use most often.
  732. GoodGameGod
    I really should learn the proper way to type...right now I use two fingers lol.
  733. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Happy Dumping! =)
  734. Trinitro21
    yeah but then you'd have to change the habits you've developed, andritolion
  735. GoodGameGod
  736. andritolion wonders why Sia's I Go To Sleep only plays at night for me...
  737. Trinitro21
    and you'd have to actually look at the keyshttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QWERTY has some historyso letters commonly paired were spaced apart to avoid typebar jams
  738. GoodGameGod
    Hey trinitro21,
  739. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Hey trinitro21,
  740. GoodGameGod
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Xb7cZWHWc&t=0s I got to the point where I made a video for reference...
  741. Trinitro21
    ufhaushausjdaiusfhau i really can't help uo sorry
  742. GoodGameGod
    I made it for a youtuber called MKchip who's helping me with 3DS audioI just thought I would give you a link in case you or someone takes a look at it and goes "Oh that's easy!"Or something...
  743. andritolion
  744. Trinitro21
  745. andritolion
    How?I am invisible...Hello?Ggg?Teen fox? (Chemicalex?)
  746. Trinitro21
    you always ask with such urgency, like if chat is dead for 30 seconds then everyone must be literally dead
  747. andritolion
    Huh?It was 5 minutes...
  748. Trinitro21
    you try to stoke the fire, but there's no oxygen left
  749. andritolion
    Um.. pulls out can of compressed oxygen
  750. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What the fuck did you just call me
  751. Trinitro21
    you have to blow on the embers to reignite the flame
  752. andritolion
  753. andritolion
  754. Trinitro21
    and he's not getting the analogy, is he
  755. andritolion
    Huh?/b testOops...
  756. Trinitro21
    this chat is like a fire that has used up all the available conversation material, or oxygen in the analogy
  757. RealTiP
  758. Trinitro21
    it goes out until some more oxygen is introduced
  759. andritolion
    So, should I say that my HDD quit?
  760. RealTiP
    its more like the potash cycle
  761. Trinitro21
    ehhhhhhhhhhh i just felt like making a comparison
  762. andritolion
    Or I scratched my phone screen?
  763. Trinitro21
    what about something that doesn't involve you and only you
  764. andritolion
    Or I found 10$ on the ground?Um... The Windows Update went on my mom's laptop today...
  765. RealTiP
    that was a good analogy, but i see chat more as the potassium cycle... plants, dirt, and death.
  766. andritolion
    * Creator's Update
  767. Trinitro21
    and how does that topic affect the other people in chat?
  768. andritolion
    Forced updates?Or how about the WannaCry virus that could be fixed by forced updates?
  769. RealTiP
    trin, are you talking to tolion, or me?
  770. Trinitro21
    ok now that's interesting and not selfishtolion
  771. RealTiP
  772. Trinitro21
    that's one perspective to take on the forced updates issue
  773. andritolion
    I mean, if they updated their dumb 'puters, the WannaCry virus would not have made a big impact...
  774. Trinitro21
    but that costs lots of money because windows isn't freeand the virus only exists because windows implemented backdoors or zerodays or whatever it was
  775. andritolion
    Still, they pay more for repair/maintance for older OS than actually upgrading...
  776. Trinitro21
  777. andritolion
    Yes, they do in the long run.
  778. Trinitro21
    well they just chose not to i guess thenof coursewhen you're in a hospital, you don't want your computers to have forced updates
  779. andritolion
    But, you don't want files encrypted...And held for ransom.
  780. Trinitro21
    simple solution to the problem is nhkbuntuwait did i get that acronym right
  781. andritolion
    Or tell the IT to update their damn computers...
  782. Trinitro21
    and when you do update, do you get forced updates in the future?
  783. andritolion
    Plus, they don't have to worry about upgrading anymore, because Windows will be free forever after you pay the initial fee...You can postpone upgrades in Windows...
  784. Trinitro21
    how long can you do thati've never been able to postpone it past rebooting
  785. andritolion
    For Home, up to 10 days, for Pro, 30 days, and Enterprise, 1 year. (off the top of my head)Those are feature updates.
  786. Trinitro21
    wow, so eventually your computer has to updateand the amount you can postpone is based on how much you pay huh
  787. andritolion
    I'll get exact times shortly...
  788. Trinitro21
    increasingly stupid
  789. andritolion
    This is taking longer than expected... Hang on...
  790. Trinitro21
    anyways yeah if uo're in a hospital and the pooter you need to use is updating then you have to wait however long to be able to use it
  791. andritolion
  792. Trinitro21
    >of reboots
  793. andritolion
    Set the Active Hours to outside your business hours.
  794. Trinitro21
    so you can't postpone past rebootkjust gonna stay with linux kek
  795. andritolion
    No, you can postpone up to 35 days.
  796. Trinitro21
    but if uo decide to reboot the update will apply, right?anyways it's 2am i need to use the sleeps
  797. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  798. andritolion
  799. RealTiP
    byyehave good night trini'll miss youcall me
  800. andritolion
    I'm used to sleeping at 12 and waking 5...
  801. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  802. RealTiP
  803. GoodGameGod
    Have a good night tip.I'll stay up for you.It'll be hard, but I'm up to the task.Jk, I have dishes.bye
  804. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  805. RealTiP
  806. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  807. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  808. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  809. Kuragen has left the chat.
  810. Perska has entered the chat.
  811. Perska has left the chat.
  812. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  813. GoodGameGod
    Wow, the minute I leave...The chat diesI'm so important!
  814. GoodGameGod lol
  815. andritolion
    Yawn!!!Gee, i woke up 4, not 5!
  816. snail_ has entered the chat.
  817. snail_ has left the chat.
  818. GoodGameGod
    Well you're going to be lonely.
  819. snail_ has entered the chat.
  820. GoodGameGod
    I'm going to bed.Goodnight!
  821. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  822. snail_ has left the chat.
  823. andritolion is here.
  824. Lacks has entered the chat.
  825. snail_ has entered the chat.
  826. Lacks has entered the chat.
  827. Lacks has left the chat.
  828. GeekDude has entered the chat.
  829. snail_
    who up
  830. Lumage
    who woke
  831. Lacks has entered the chat.
  832. Lacks has left the chat.
  833. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  834. Lumage
    who hashtag receivingphotosensoryinput
  835. LacksHead Admin
  836. snail_
  837. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  838. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  839. MasterR3C0RD
    Lumage, any luck with CItra?
  840. Lumage
    Oh, yeah, I got it working. I had to get a working cxi from tri anyway.
  841. MasterR3C0RD
    My CXI did work?
  842. Lumage
  843. MasterR3C0RD
    Worked for me on my computerDunno why it didn't for you
  844. Lumage
    Either that or I did something. Wrong. Either way, Tri's did.Check this out. https://lumage.smilebasicsource.com/special/00C.mp3
  845. MasterR3C0RD
  846. snail_
    I tried to download emacs to my flash drive and my school firewall told me i was getting a trojansure, firewall.
  847. MasterR3C0RD
  848. Lumage
    YeahHaven't you heard of the assault on Troy and the Trojan Gnu?oh I think you left when I actually posted this
  849. snail_ has left the chat.
  850. MasterR3C0RD
    I thought it was a horse
  851. Lumage
    Here's the document I keep around. http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/152 I picked out the commands I felt were actually common useful things. As I keep using it there are some that I should have added but it's still so much better than those giant pages. Neotree is a directory list thing you can install.
  852. MasterR3C0RD
  853. Lacks has entered the chat.
  854. Lacks has left the chat.
  855. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  856. randomouscrap
    That avatar looks pretty badassFor a rooster
  857. MasterR3C0RD
    What avatar?
  858. randomouscrap
  859. MasterR3C0RD
    LmfaoDidn't see Lacks>add a function to /query/request/user to find user by avatar URL
  860. randomouscrap
    >chatJSvar username = document.querySelector(".userlist img[src~="theavatarurl"]").getAttribute("alt");oops except it has to be single quotesvar username = document.querySelector('.userlist img[src~="1494867052"]').getAttribute("alt");huh it didn't work. I wonder whyAh of course. *=, not ~=
  861. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  862. Lumage
    I think this thread might be a good organization tool. http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/154#p13295oops ignore anchor
  863. randomouscrap
    organization for...people with lots of time on their hands?
  864. Lumage
    you're pretending we've never done anything before
  865. snail_ has entered the chat.
  866. Lumage
    It might not be often but we do make things sometimes.
  867. randomouscrap
    I guess so
  868. snail_ has left the chat.
  869. snail_ has entered the chat.
  870. Lumage
    Anyway the point is that in three months when someone does decide to take a shot at one of these things they don't have to dig through logs to find it
  871. randomouscrap
    yeah but why are we using a place where we can't even edit the postsyou might as well use dev
  872. Lumage
  873. snail_
    haha owned
  874. Lumage
    ok here's conclusive proof that kland is better than devhang on how do I webbrowser in emacs
  875. snail_ has left the chat.
  876. snail_ has entered the chat.
  877. snail_
    SCIENTIFIC METHOD http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/154#p13296I don't know how soundfonts/sample kits work, do they expect the samples to be at a reference duration too?
  878. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  879. Lumage
    I think you can define all kinds of defaults by instrumentYou have to mark a loop point or something idk
  880. snail_ has left the chat.
  881. Lumage
    "libxml2 library not found"
  882. randomouscrap
    whereis this sbs server?
  883. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  884. GeekDude
    What are valid values for stars/level?
  885. randomouscrap
    Sorry to ask, but why?It might change
  886. GeekDude
    I'm trying to identify who the admin/operators/etc are so I can reflect that on the IRC side
  887. randomouscrap
    ahuse um... use the level then. Are there different levels of operators in IRC?If you want to be super proper about it, you can parse the first box of this page: http://smilebasicsource.com/staff
  888. GeekDude
    Yes, though I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. Users can be distinguished with symbols preceding their name, which are defined (I think) by the server. Freenode has @ which is operator, and + which is "voiced" (another level of distinguished user)
  889. randomouscrap
    That will give you all the staff levels and ranks currently in use
  890. GeekDude
    Would it be reasonable to assume that if stars is set the user is an operator?
  891. randomouscrap
    Y.. use the level thoughbut yes
  892. GeekDude
    if level > 0: isOperator
  893. randomouscrap
  894. GeekDude
    Okay, thanks
  895. randomouscrap
    OH no wait some of those are only power users let's see
  896. GeekDude
  897. randomouscrap
    if level >= 2level 1 doesn't mean anything really lolI know the system is terrible; I'm sorry about that
  898. GeekDude
    How do I mark something as code when sending from your web interface?
  899. randomouscrap
    This is my first website lol/codeThis is code
  900. GeekDude
    if user['level'] == 0: rank = '=' # Normal elif user['level'] < 2: rank = '+' # Distinguished else: rank = '@' # Operatoreh, it's code
  901. randomouscrap
    Lol yes' is a comment in SB so
  902. GeekDude
    Yeah :D
  903. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  904. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  905. randomouscrap
    But yeah if distinguished is just "eeeyyyyy I'm goooo" then sure, level 1 (power users) would fall under that
  906. snail_ has entered the chat.
  907. GeekDude
    It means whatever I want it to mean, I'm writing the IRC server :D
  908. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what level is owner
  909. randomouscrap
    8 I think?
  910. snail_
    120000wait EIGHT
  911. randomouscrap
    here let me check
  912. snail_
    but it was a 5 star systen
  913. randomouscrap
    Ah it's 7It USED to be a 5 star systemnow we have Power User, Chat Moderator, Forum Thingy, Admin, Head Admin, Ownerand I get + 1 because I'm the owner so instead of being 6 I'm 7
  914. snail_ has left the chat.
  915. LacksHead Admin
    Roll a d20 and add your owner modifier.
  916. randomouscrap
  917. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so regular users are level 0?
  918. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  919. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  920. randomouscrap
    yes chem
  921. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  922. snail_ has entered the chat.
  923. randomouscrap
    oh geekdude I hope you're adding "lessData" to the bind message like it says in the spec
  924. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so what's the last rank though
  925. randomouscrap
    apparently MBR tried it without that field and it defaulted to false and he got way too many byteslast rank is 7
  926. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    there's 6 roles and 7 ranks
  927. randomouscrap
    because I get +7
  928. Lumage
  929. randomouscrap
    There is no 6 technically
  930. Lumage
  931. Lacks has left the chat.
  932. randomouscrap
    oh you can access kland through emacs?
  933. snail_ has left the chat.
  934. Lumage
  935. randomouscrap
  936. Lumage
    Seems I can't actually post with w3 though.I think EWW would work but it complains about not having libxml2
  937. randomouscrap
    The database access failed... hmm are you posting the thread?
  938. snail_ has entered the chat.
  939. randomouscrap
    *sending the thread ID
  940. Lumage
  941. GeekDude has left the chat.
  942. randomouscrap
    and it all has to be post data
  943. GeekDude has entered the chat.
  944. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what are you doing gd?
  945. snail_ has left the chat.
  946. Lumage
    You send it as a hidden input, I can't imagine that it clears it.Hang on let me see if I can get EWW working.
  947. snail_ has entered the chat.
  948. snail_
  949. Lumage
    oh that might be a problem
  950. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  951. Lumage
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/154#p13302 YOOOOOO
  952. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bbs o/
  953. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  954. snail_ has left the chat.
  955. snail_ has entered the chat.
  956. randomouscrap
    your editor messed up the unicode when you did the styling btw
  957. snail_
  958. Lumage
    the problem is that it displays the nickname and trip fields as one big _______________|___________________ the split is in the middle but it's not shown or separated in any way so nickname was set to lumage@phytotentillum trip
  959. randomouscrap
    Welcome <FRDKJFLDKS> hell
  960. Trinitro21
    wooo got everything set up on my reinstall
  961. Lumage
    and trip was set to tripit whatI'm pretty sure I was using nano. Maybe. IDK sorry
  962. snail_ has left the chat.
  963. snail_ has entered the chat.
  964. randomouscrap
    pft dont' worry about it
  965. GeekDude forgot the 'self.' on 'self.users = userListData'
  966. Lumage
    there ok got it http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/154#p13303
  967. snail_ has left the chat.
  968. randomouscrap
    self being... the current object?
  969. GeekDude
  970. snail_ has entered the chat.
  971. snail_
    self is this
  972. snail_ has left the chat.
  973. Lumage
    oh how come double bracket only works at the beginning of the line I feel like this is something I should remember but oh well
  974. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  975. MasterR3C0RD
    I just got an insane ideaWriting a 2FA script for SiteJS
  976. Lumage
    sensing a theme
  977. snail_ has entered the chat.
  978. MasterR3C0RD
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/thread/148#p13260I can confirm that it definitely doesn't default to trueErr, that lessData doesn't default to trueWhat is that formatting anyways
  979. snail_ has left the chat.
  980. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh Org
  981. randomouscrap
    I can confirm that it does INDEED strip the data though
  982. snail_ has entered the chat.
  983. randomouscrap
    I just tested it in polychat. The only time I get extra data is if I specifically pass "lessData":false
  984. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, I didn't set anything on my logger and I got a bunch of junk
  985. randomouscrap
    IDK how. I'm looking at it right now
  986. MasterR3C0RD
    I had to specifically set that lessData was true
  987. randomouscrap
    You can even see the code on github: if the field doesn't exist, it sets minimalData to truemaybe it's a recent thing though... IDKno the dev server has been running the same as this one
  988. snail_ has left the chat.
  989. MasterR3C0RD
  990. randomouscrap
  991. MasterR3C0RD
    Lemme see here
  992. snail_ has entered the chat.
  993. randomouscrap
    If you hop into randomouscrap98.smilebasicsource.com/chat you can inspect the messages*the consoleI have it logging all the objects to the console. The badges array is always empty unless I specifically set lessData to false
  994. Lumage
    What are you talking aboutDid I do something wrong
  995. MasterR3C0RD
    Okay, I'll just show it with TDoS
  996. randomouscrap
    no, one day MBR saw a bunch of data coming from the chat and made a big deal and I told him to set lessData to trueBut the system DEFAULTS to true; I test it on polychat and you can even see it in github
  997. The SmileBASIC Source chat is mostly self-moderated. This means we expect you to conduct yourselves in a civil manner and deal with conflicts on your own. However, should extreme behavior arise, the admins can take action and enact punishment at their discretion. If a user is bothersome, there is an "ignore" option available. If there are no moderators available and you wish to report a situation that isn't getting resolved, you can send an email to smilebasicsource@gmail.com, and a moderator should show up shortly if they're available. You use the chat at your own risk; neither SmileBASIC Source nor any member of its staff are responsible for the actions of any user within the chat.
  998. randomouscrap
    try { minimalData = (bool)json.lessData; } catch { minimalData = true; }
  999. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1000. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1001. randomouscrap
    oops. Anyway, json is a dynamic variable, so accessing fields that don't exist with throw an exception
  1002. MasterR3C0RD
    { messages: [ { tag: 'any', encoding: 'text', subtype: 'leave', safe: true, sender: [Object], sendtype: 2, recipients: [], type: 'system', id: 636305424310228100, Parameters: [Object], message: 'MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.', time: '5/16/2017 2:40:31 PM UTC' } ], type: 'messageList', id: 636305424310811600 }Note Parameters
  1003. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    (not calling anyone out or anything but HINT HINT <<<)
  1004. randomouscrap
    we are talking about the website. Please try to see the conversation's subject and not just the fact that we're using code brackets
  1005. MasterR3C0RD
    Parameters: { Tag: 2, Replacements: { Username: 'TheDarkOfShadows', Seconds: '-7211290' }, Language: 'en', User: { LoggedIn: true, UID: 564, Username: 'TheDarkOfShadows', Avatar: '/user_uploads/avatars/t1487712298.png', AvatarStatic: '/user_uploads/avatars/ts1487712298.png', StarString: '', Language: 'en', Level: 0, UnixJoinDate: 1464124354, LastPost: '2017-05-08T12:48:05.642708+00:00', LastPing: '2017-05-16T14:42:03.606565+00:00', LastJoin: '2017-05-16T14:42:03.606566+00:00', Active: true, Banned: false, Blocked: false, Shadowed: false, BannedUntil: '2015-10-13T00:00:00+00:00', BlockedUntil: '2017-02-22T03:33:51.726221+00:00', SpamScore: 0, GlobalSpamScore: 0, SecondsToUnblock: -7211291, CanStaffChat: false, CanGlobalChat: false, ChatControl: false, ChatControlExtended: false, TotalChatTime: '125.17:33:02.2888620', AverageSessionTime: '04:10:25.1483940', CurrentSessionTime: '00:00:00.5573280', SessionCount: 723, BadSessionCount: 0, OpenSessionCount: 1, LastSessionID: 112182, Badges: [Object] }, SendingUser: { LoggedIn: true, UID: 564, Username: 'TheDarkOfShadows', Avatar: '/user_uploads/avatars/t1487712298.png', AvatarStatic: '/user_uploads/avatars/ts1487712298.png', StarString: '', Language: 'en', Level: 0, UnixJoinDate: 1464124354, LastPost: '2017-05-08T12:48:05.642708+00:00', LastPing: '2017-05-16T14:42:03.606565+00:00', LastJoin: '2017-05-16T14:42:03.606566+00:00', Active: true, Banned: false, Blocked: false, Shadowed: false, BannedUntil: '2015-10-13T00:00:00+00:00', BlockedUntil: '2017-02-22T03:33:51.726221+00:00', SpamScore: 0, GlobalSpamScore: 0, SecondsToUnblock: -7211291, CanStaffChat: false, CanGlobalChat: false, ChatControl: false, ChatControlExtended: false, TotalChatTime: '125.17:33:02.2980760', AverageSessionTime: '04:10:25.1484067', CurrentSessionTime: '00:00:00.5665430', SessionCount: 723, BadSessionCount: 0, OpenSessionCount: 1, LastSessionID: 112182, Badges: [Object] }, RawSendingUser: { Hiding: false, Lock: {}, Username: 'TheDarkOfShadows', Avatar: '/user_uploads/avatars/t1487712298.png', AvatarStatic: '/user_uploads/avatars/ts1487712298.png', AnimatedAvatars: true, StarString: '', Level: 0, Language: 'en', BanReason: '', UID: 564, UnixJoinDate: 1464124354, Badges: [Object], LastPost: '2017-05-08T12:48:05.642708+00:00', LastPing: '2017-05-16T14:42:03.606565+00:0
  1006. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    b...but i did see the subject
  1007. randomouscrap
    What is "Parameters"The subject is the website. I want to talk about the website here
  1008. MasterR3C0RD
    That's the data I was getting sent if I didn't set lessData
  1009. randomouscrap
  1010. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    that's fine
  1011. MasterR3C0RD
    YeahUnder system messages
  1012. randomouscrap
  1013. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh yeah tip drew lee last night in his style
  1014. MasterR3C0RD
    Whoa wait what
  1015. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i was amazed at his attention to detail
  1016. MasterR3C0RD
    WHATI just set to true, and I'm still getting kilobytes of data
  1017. randomouscrap
    Is this happening only for system messages? What even is "Parameters"
  1018. MasterR3C0RD
    System messages onlty*only
  1019. randomouscrap
    I don't HAVE a "Parameters" field on my object
  1020. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1021. MasterR3C0RD has entered the chat.
  1022. randomouscrap
    OH maybe... hm
  1023. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1024. randomouscrap
    only system messages eh...MBR who did you tell this to btw
  1025. MasterR3C0RD
    You, Lumage, Snail, and LacksLumage might not have noticed itSnail read it, and Lacks did
  1026. randomouscrap
    HmThis is interesting. This might be hard to fix
  1027. MasterR3C0RD
    https://github.com/randomouscrap98/SmileBASICSourceChat/blob/master/messages.csNot one thing that says "Parameters"
  1028. randomouscrap
    I know what this is. But guh
  1029. MasterR3C0RD
    chatManager.cs: tag = ChatSettings.GlobalTag}){ Parameters = parameters };There's the culprit
  1030. randomouscrap
    Yes I know what it isI just said itThat's not the culprit either
  1031. MasterR3C0RD
    > Parameters = new LanguageTagParameters(ChatTags.Join, thisRealUser)https://github.com/randomouscrap98/SmileBASICSourceChat/blob/master/modules/adminModule.cs#L32
  1032. randomouscrap
    MBR I know what this is please stopWell I guess you don't have to stop but please... I know what this is and I'm trying to figure out how I want to fix it
  1033. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1034. MasterR3C0RD
    What is it, if you don't mind me asking?
  1035. randomouscrap
    OK I guess I'll fix it like thisI tried to be clever and make system messages automatically update themselves based on a user's language
  1036. MasterR3C0RD
  1037. randomouscrap
    They do update themselves because they implement the "ILanguageConvertibleBaseJSONObject" interface, which gives access to the LanguageTagParameters for a user
  1038. MasterR3C0RD
    But it also leaks it into the system messages?
  1039. randomouscrap
    It's because newtonsoft.json stores the whole object, not whateve rthe object is cast asSo even though the object is cast as a SystemMessageJSONObject, it still has all the data from the LangaugeConvertibleSystemJSONObject
  1040. MasterR3C0RD
    So just delete the Parameters property from the object before broadcasting?
  1041. randomouscrap
    NoWhat if I need to rebroadcast it
  1042. MasterR3C0RD
    Good point
  1043. randomouscrap
    oh shoot I forgot how ot c#
  1044. MasterR3C0RD
    Just delete it on the messages being sent out then?
  1045. randomouscrap
    do void functions need voidThen I'd have to copy the messages
  1046. MasterR3C0RD
    I think so, yeahgtg, bbl
  1047. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1048. randomouscrap
    No this is easy. I'll just use a getter/setter
  1049. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1050. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1051. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1052. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1053. snail_
    >ILanguageConvertibleBaseJSONObjectthat's the longest interface name ever
  1054. randomouscrap
    Maintainability dawgI knew exactly what that was when I read it
  1055. 12Me21Admin
    Why do order of operations lists always include parentheses?they aren't operators
  1056. GeekDude
    Circumfix Operator
  1057. snail_
    IMultilanguageJSONObjectIPolyglotJSONObject lol
  1058. 12Me21Admin
  1059. GeekDude
    At least, according to Wikipedia"circumfix operator consists of two or more parts which enclose its operands. Circumfix operators have the highest precedence, with their contents being evaluated and the resulting value used in the surrounding expression. The most familiar circumfix operator are the parentheses mentioned above, used to indicate which parts of an expression are to be evaluated before others."
  1060. 12Me21Admin
    I guess but they aren't actually parsed as operators reallyplus they don't need to be on the list since they MUST be evalutated before anything elseevaluated*
  1061. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1062. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1063. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1064. 12Me21Admin
    Last night I had a dream that SmileBoom read all of our bug reports, and fixed all the bugs and they sent us a message telling us this, and saying that we argue too much lol
  1065. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    last night i didn't dream because i have no soul
  1066. 12Me21Admin
  1067. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    color splash was badsame lame fame as sticker star
  1068. snail_
    IMultiLangJSONBase maybe? well actually it's an interface and technically I wouldn't call it a real object because I can't instant itand I guess interfaces are usually named like adjectives that imply some form of action
  1069. 12Me21Admin
  1070. randomouscrap
    After working with dozens of systems, I can safely say that shortened names are an absolute nightmare
  1071. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1072. randomouscrap
    "How many letters was that interface again? Lang? Lan? Ln?
  1073. snail_
  1074. 12Me21Admin
    JSON notation
  1075. randomouscrap
    OK I have to restart the server. What changes did you guys want that I wasn't going to do because of the runtime?
  1076. 12Me21Admin
    oh there was umlet me find it 12Me21[14:30]a: can we have actual error messages for /pm /md rather than `An internal error occurred for the pm module` randomouscrap[14:33]a: er randomouscrap[14:33]a: uh randomouscrap[14:33]a: but randomouscrap[14:33]a: I don't want to break that beautiful runtime streak
  1077. randomouscrap
    oh right actual error messages
  1078. 12Me21Admin
    oh and multiline chatJS commands
  1079. randomouscrap
    that doesn't require a restart
  1080. ProgrammingChicken has entered the chat.
  1081. ProgrammingChicken has left the chat.
  1082. 12Me21Admin
    also you should log /md and /me
  1083. randomouscrap
    oh right uhhhh yessss maybeoh and I guess I could... remove.... newlines from the chatlogs.... maybe
  1084. 12Me21Admin
    Oh, and a few more things *pulls out a huge list*
  1085. randomouscrap
    or force everything to be alignedactually yeah, forcing things to be aligned would fix the problembecause you wouldn't be ABLE to put things in the same area as the username and whatever
  1086. 12Me21Admin
  1087. randomouscrap
    oh but then the wrap from the browser will interfere
  1088. 12Me21Admin
  1089. randomouscrap
    well user-inserted newlines would align with the other messages, but the browser's wrapping of messages that are simply too long would place it at the startIt would look horribly ugly
  1090. 12Me21Admin
    disable text wrap
  1091. snail_
    yes, forcing chat logs to be aligned actually FIXES the parsing ambiguity
  1092. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1093. snail_
    then make the chatlog list a php that prettyfies it as wellor something idk
  1094. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1095. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1096. 12Me21Admin
    TLoC has been in development for like 2 years
  1097. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1098. randomouscrap
    ok why does this fail
  1099. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1100. 12Me21Admin
    Did you press ---uh
  1101. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1102. randomouscrap
    OOOHHHH I see now
  1103. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1104. randomouscrap
    I'm dumb lol
  1105. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no that's my job
  1106. randomouscrap
    I'm using the super mega ultra generic "AddError" function instead of actually... you know... producing output. But the new output won't be much better, because I don't want to say which user it corrected to...although I ugess I could. It's jsut SO MUCH WOOOORK
  1107. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Here's a paradox: Someone saying they're noy self-consciousnot
  1108. Kuragen
    hi i need a little help here......anyway i wrote this. IF BUTTON(2) AND #2 THEN V=-4 then on the line after that i wrote IF BUTTON( ) AND #A THEN V=V-.2..i want my button input to stop after -4.2...sorry i am not very good at explaining things. i dont want my character to keep jumping after that number. like if i keep pressing the button he keeps jumping on the air....can someone help?
  1109. snail_
  1110. Kuragen
    the 2 inputs its so my character should jump exactly like mario when the button is held down.
  1111. 12Me21Admin
    what you should do is something likeIF BUTTON(2) AND #A && (somehow check if the player is on the ground) THEN VY=-4 'This makes the player immediately stop moving upwards if they release the button, so they can make smaller jumps by pressing it quickly IF !(BUTTON(2) AND #A) && VY<0 THEN VY=0 VY=VY+1 'gravityoops that second one should just be BUTTON(0)
  1112. snail_ has left the chat.
  1113. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1114. snail_
    tfw accidentally close window
  1115. Lumage
    oh ya
  1116. randomouscrap
    ok pm thing is fixed. Let me fixeroo the loggerua
  1117. Lumage
    cloudbugdreamflare detects my "lumage@phytotentillum" as an email and serves email_protected plus javashitOn kland I mean.
  1118. snail_
    yo how do I make my own theme for emacs
  1119. randomouscrap
    what am I supposed to do about that lum
  1120. snail_
    I know there's a customize-current-theme macro thing
  1121. Lumage
    I'm not making a request I'm just complaining.
  1122. snail_
    leuven is my favorite but it has really ugly xml tags
  1123. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1124. 12Me21Admin
    you just have to press enter lumage
  1125. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    enter lumage is depreciated though
  1126. 12Me21Admin
    but it works
  1127. randomouscrap
    I don't want to buy a new phone
  1128. Lumage
    IDK Alice https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Creating-Custom-Themes.html
  1129. 12Me21Admin
    then steal one?
  1130. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    3d print one
  1131. randomouscrap
    but my phone is so horrible and I can't call anybody
  1132. Lumage
    I don't know anything about themes besides that I installed the doom one
  1133. randomouscrap
    but the cheapest phone at sprint is over 200 dollars even though I could buy the same phone at best buy for 80
  1134. 12Me21Admin
    how is it a phone if you can't call people
  1135. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it's a very small tablet
  1136. randomouscrap
    Because you CAN call people, the receiver just craps out after 2-7 minutes
  1137. Lumage
    a pocket tablet
  1138. randomouscrap
    Like the phone actually sort of "crashes" after a few minutes on the phone, it says there's absolutely no cell service, then after about 20 seconds it goes back to full 4G coverage. I'm pretty sure the receiver is just super bad
  1139. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how many objects with physics on a 2d plane could sb support at once
  1140. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1141. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1142. randomouscrap
    I mean the phone is 5 years old and I know wireless devices degrade and all that
  1143. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    (eg. updating position every frame)
  1144. randomouscrap
    But I don't WANNA spend all that MONEY
  1145. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    get a flip phone
  1146. randomouscrap
    I can't. I'm on my parent's plan and you HAVE to get a smart phoneCell servicers are atrocious and they all need to be nuked and we need to start over. I hate it
  1147. Lumage
    this is a very bad question, I feel
  1148. 12Me21Admin
    depends on what you're doing
  1149. randomouscrap
    I had a dream that Trump launched nukes
  1150. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    get one of those $40 4.0 android phones from general stores
  1151. randomouscrap
    and that we got nuked in responseAnd then I diedI can't chem. It HAS to be a sprint CDMA phone
  1152. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1153. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1154. Lumage
    Do you have a benchmark for a particular engine at 1 object?
  1155. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    your parent's plan sounds awful
  1156. randomouscrap
    CDMA networks don't allow you to use sim cards
  1157. Lumage
    I think a lot of people are having that dream.Not me, as it turns out.
  1158. randomouscrap
    I'd rather use AT&T because at least GSM (the OTHER major cell network protocol) uses sim cards and I could buy the phone from literally anyway*anywhere
  1159. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1160. Lumage
    Aaa I remember I slept nicely last night.
  1161. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1162. randomouscrap
  1163. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why would anyone use this
  1164. randomouscrap
    Because sprint is extremely cheap and their coverage is amazing and their audio quality is unmatched It just sucksCDMA IS technically better than GSM
  1165. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it's great except it sucks
  1166. snail_
    welcome to sprint
  1167. 12Me21Admin
    random why did you change it from data-selectedColor to data-selectedwithout telling meeee
  1168. randomouscrap
    because now it's generic and is used for both tools and colors
  1169. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how much does a supported phone cost?
  1170. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1171. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1172. randomouscrap
    It depends on the phone. Which phone do you want me to check
  1173. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1174. 12Me21Admin
    also how do I tell when the chat draw canvas is existing
  1175. randomouscrap
    check to see if the element with id "chatdraw" exists
  1176. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ask nicely
  1177. 12Me21Admin
    oh so i just have to put it in a looplameI mean a setinterval whatever
  1178. randomouscrap
    errrr I meaaaanI could make an event but... it's not reliableIt's because I have to wait for the server to respond that it supports drawingSo you have to wait for bindingchem which phone
  1179. 12Me21Admin
    I can never remember the syntax for setintevalis it function first or time first
  1180. randomouscrap
    A Samsung Galaxy S8 is $850I don't remember it either
  1181. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1182. randomouscrap
    An iPhone 7+ is $770
  1183. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1184. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1185. 12Me21Admin
    yay everything works again
  1186. snail_
    setInterval(fun, time)
  1187. randomouscrap
    fun time
  1188. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why don't people use the forum to ask sb questions
  1189. randomouscrap
    I'll remember that if it's actually the thing
  1190. 12Me21Admin
    it is
  1191. randomouscrap
    ok it's totally fun time from now onok quick more fixes before I restart the server and NEVER restart it again75 days of runtime. 75. Days.
  1192. 12Me21Admin
  1193. randomouscrap
    I love amazon's servers
  1194. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    NEVER again?
  1195. randomouscrap
  1196. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1197. Lumage
    today I tested BURR for the first time.
  1198. randomouscrap
    what is burr
  1199. 12Me21Admin
    Use of mozImageSmoothingEnabled is deprecated. Please use the unprefixed imageSmoothingEnabled property instead.
  1200. Lumage
  1201. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    eternity is a long time maybe
  1202. randomouscrap
    imagesmoothing wherethat's not a server restart thing either
  1203. 12Me21Admin
    it says chatcommands.js but I can't find itoh is that chatjs
  1204. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    random what are you and lacks doing in oboy lately
  1205. randomouscrap
    we're making towersbut idk what lacks is doing. He wasn't on yesterday
  1206. 12Me21Admin
    I made a villager death machine
  1207. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    huge towers
  1208. randomouscrap
    12me you killed your mending book villager
  1209. 12Me21Admin
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/gmcdc.pngno I didn'tit's trapped
  1210. randomouscrap
    Where is he then
  1211. 12Me21Admin
    in the glass thingI hope
  1212. randomouscrap
    there's like 10 villagers in there how am I supposed to click on him
  1213. 12Me21Admin
    oh yeah hmm
  1214. randomouscrap
    *10 villagers in the glass thing
  1215. 12Me21Admin
    they might start dying eventuallywhat's the limit actually
  1216. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1217. randomouscrap
    idkI wanted piles of mending books now that I have an XP farm of my own
  1218. 12Me21Admin
    it's 24
  1219. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1220. snail_
  1221. 12Me21Admin
    just leave emeralds in there they're 16 eachoops
  1222. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1223. 12Me21Admin
    did chat just not send my message*there are a few mending books in the chest outside you can take thoseif you can't reach the villager
  1224. randomouscrap
    Yeah IDK why it does that. I can't fix that right now though because it's probably REALLY bad
  1225. Lumage
    Buffering Utility-Restricted editoR, or burr for short, is the command-line text editor I'm creating in Powershell, a port of the Python application Crookes. It features being almost entirely unusable. As of version p0.14, no interface is available, and only basic document and undo buffer structures have been implemented. Even basic functions like writeln are broken. I've been working on it since... December 2016, though it came out of cted from September 2016.
  1226. randomouscrap
    I took one already, thanks 12me
  1227. snail_ has left the chat.
  1228. randomouscrap
    Oohhh it's that thingGood luckAnd chem they're just average sized towers
  1229. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    random what's the chat character limit per message
  1230. 12Me21Admin
  1231. randomouscrap
    This is what mine looks like (except this is just the blueprint):
  1232. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no thank uo
  1233. Lumage
    I mention it because I never tested it since I started slowly writing. It's sitting right here so I decided to go through and do it lol.
  1234. randomouscrap
    chem it's 65K I believe
  1235. Lumage
    Was not as broken as I expected.
  1236. randomouscrap
    minus the message wrapper
  1237. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    dang that's impressive random
  1238. 12Me21Admin
    lol I saw that image and thought that the server map got corrupted at first
  1239. randomouscrap
    The shaders make it look better than it actually is
  1240. 12Me21Admin
    that's the point of shaders though lol
  1241. randomouscrap
    this is night:It's already built on the map but I'm waiting for Lacks to start building his tower again so I can work on the courtyard
  1242. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1243. LacksHead Admin
    Lol sorry sorry
  1244. randomouscrap
    what no don't worry about it lacks
  1245. LacksHead Admin
    I hate gaming on mondaya
  1246. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how big is oboy (filesize) now?
  1247. randomouscrap
    don't play until you actually want to
  1248. LacksHead Admin
  1249. randomouscrap
    it's about 2gb I believe
  1250. Perska has entered the chat.
  1251. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh random have you played any paper mario games
  1252. randomouscrap
    no sorry
  1253. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why does nobody know what good games are
  1254. LacksHead Admin
    Because good games are subjectiveI, for one hate ff7
  1255. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    there are no GOOD games...except paper mario. that's the exception
  1256. 12Me21Admin
    the last "good" paper mario game was like 10 years ago, wasn't it?IDK
  1257. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1258. 12Me21Admin
    everyone says the new ones suck
  1259. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    sticker star and color splash sucksuper paper mario was .... okay
  1260. 12Me21Admin
    yeah probably
  1261. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    TTYD was the best by a longshot
  1262. 12Me21Admin
    I've only played sticker star and I only got like 3/4 of the way throughbut I never finish games so whatever
  1263. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1264. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    sticker star turned me off SO MUCH
  1265. randomouscrap
    nice avatar
  1266. snail_
    I beat sticker star
  1267. 12Me21Admin
    the only good part was collecting all the stickers really
  1268. snail_
  1269. 12Me21Admin
    and exploringonce I get to the final boss battle, it's not really worth itin most games
  1270. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    there was no story on sticker star
  1271. snail_
    anyway uh randomproxy autoconf when
  1272. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it was just "oh no bowser stole the thing and the princess"
  1273. Perska
    actually ss did have a plot an excuse plot
  1274. randomouscrap
    never. You can write a chatJS for it but you KNOW if you open it in two browsers it'll bounce back and forth
  1275. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    12 if you want to/can handle it, emulate ttyd on dolphin
  1276. randomouscrap
    Why do I need to keep explaining it
  1277. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it'snactually good
  1278. 12Me21Admin
    it was basically like super mario 3d 3ds land whatever but with stickers and battles
  1279. snail_
  1280. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    yes, but regular mario games aren't known for story
  1281. snail_
    if I try to connect over socket and it doesn't work, try again on proxy
  1282. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    paper mario was
  1283. Lacks has left the chat.
  1284. randomouscrap
    It's hard to know if the server is down or if it's your internet blocking it snailand I don't want to generate tons of requests when it's just the server being down
  1285. snail_
    aaaaah fine
  1286. randomouscrap
    You can write a chatjs for it. Polychat is completely configurable
  1287. snail_
    at LEAST set an option to make proxy the default
  1288. randomouscrap
    You can do that with chatjs also
  1289. GeekDude is doing a fish
  1290. snail_
    so I don't have to reload when I click the stupid chat button
  1291. GeekDude
    flop flop
  1292. snail_
    on the site?
  1293. Lumage
    what is wrong with thisfunction _write { param([String[]]$args,[HashTable]$kwargs = @{}) $newline = $kwargs.newline -or $False $args | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_.ToString() } if ($newline) { Write-Host } }
  1294. randomouscrap
    snail you can force polychat to use proxy with chatjs
  1295. 12Me21Admin
    what language is that even
  1296. snail_
    then tell my how
  1297. Lumage
  1298. randomouscrap
    uhh let's seeeeYou know I'm kinda trying to do 100 other things right now lol
  1299. Lumage
    >@("wacky") | ForEach-Object { > Write-Host $_.ToString() > } >wacky
  1300. GeekDude is trying to do at least 3 things
  1301. GeekDude
    fish role playing being the most important among them. Blub
  1302. snail_
    then leave me alone lol
  1303. Lumage
    >_write(@("wacky")) >silence
  1304. randomouscrap
    uh well the easiest way is a hack. Simply add this to your chatJS:
  1305. GeekDude slaps his tail
  1306. snail_ has left the chat.
  1307. GeekDude
  1308. Lumage splashes about
  1309. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh are you cosplaying a fish again
  1310. randomouscrap
    polyChat.close(); polyChat.start(useruid, auth, PolyChat.ForceXHR);
  1311. Lumage
    roleplayit's roleplaynot cosplay
  1312. GeekDude
    I'd kinda like to do a magikarp cosply
  1313. randomouscrap
    close will not throw an error if it's already closed I believe, and then you just restart it with proxy enabled
  1314. GeekDude
    cosplay*He *is* the best pokemon
  1315. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    splash splash
  1316. GeekDude
  1317. randomouscrap
    heh no I have a better way snailAdd this to your siteJS:var links = document.querySelectorAll("header nav ul li a"); if(links) links[4].src = "/chat";And then make sure you're always using https on the websitebest hack 10/10
  1318. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1319. Lumage
    magikarp is the best pokemon you can have favorites but the best one is magikarp
  1320. 12Me21Admin
    For some reason the editor we use for chatjs and stuff has the buttons reversed in the search tool
  1321. randomouscrap
    except it's hrefvar links = document.querySelectorAll("header nav ul li a"); if(links) links[4].href = "/chat";
  1322. 12Me21Admin
  1323. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i should make a kland bucket for drawing of lee by others
  1324. 12Me21Admin
  1325. randomouscrap
    it's special sure chem
  1326. Lumage
    I don't get it.
  1327. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    drawings*I think i have....4
  1328. snail_ has left the chat.
  1329. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    except i don't know what happened to lacks'
  1330. Lumage
    oh I got it
  1331. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    his first one
  1332. Lumage
    I was missing [Parameter()] on them
  1333. 12Me21Admin
    random how do I get the X button in the chatdraw thing
  1334. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1335. 12Me21Admin
    without just assuming it'll always be the first button
  1336. randomouscrap
    are you just trying to clear it?
  1337. 12Me21Admin
    because that failed beforeI need it for my converter
  1338. randomouscrap
  1339. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1340. randomouscrap
    There's not really a way. Clearing the canvas is easy though
  1341. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1342. randomouscrap
    Snail did you see?
  1343. snail_
    sí see c
  1344. randomouscrap
    The chat automatically picks proxy for httpsSince websockets don't work on httpSo if you replace the link in the header with /chat and use https, the chat will default to proxy
  1345. 12Me21Admin
    I need the X button to tell the image converter to stop converting the image when it's clicked
  1346. randomouscrap
    OR (and this is way easier) just add ?proxy=1 to the url lolvar links = document.querySelectorAll("header nav ul li a"); if(links) links[4].href += "?proxy=1";
  1347. snail_
  1348. randomouscrap
    I forgot about that
  1349. 12Me21Admin
  1350. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what does proxy=1 do again
  1351. 12Me21Admin
    makes proxy=1
  1352. Perska
    yeah but then it won't be https
  1353. randomouscrap
    It uses HTTP requests for chat instead of a websocket
  1354. snail_
    did you ever fix the mouse speed shit
  1355. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    isn't that harder on the server though
  1356. randomouscrap
    no snail
  1357. snail_
  1358. randomouscrap
    It's only slightly harderI wouldn't mind if everyone used proxy, but... eeehhhhh
  1359. snail_
  1360. randomouscrap
    That's how the paint tool works in MSPaint too lol
  1361. 12Me21Admin
  1362. randomouscrap
    pft nice
  1363. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    but why is it in the url and...not in the user settings or something
  1364. randomouscrap
    because you almost never need to use proxy unless you're at school or something
  1365. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1366. snail_ has left the chat.
  1367. 12Me21Admin
    ohit switched my colorsthe yellow part is supposed to be brownhttp://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/fwtmq.pngnow it works...
  1368. randomouscrap
    so this is hwo you want logs to work?
  1369. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    >super paper mario bros 64 3d U &knuckles
  1370. randomouscrap
  1371. 12Me21Admin
    yeah that's good
  1372. randomouscrap
    ok and then..... we need md to show up BLEGHand chat drawings mayube?
  1373. 12Me21Admin
    yeahand /me
  1374. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    not complaining but any idea why chatdraw doesn't send/recieve correctly on n3ds?
  1375. randomouscrap
    I can't log me
  1376. 12Me21Admin
    I think it was the LZSS whatever
  1377. randomouscrap
    Oh no wait what am I also supposed to disable /md while hiding?
  1378. 12Me21Admin
    I think you should
  1379. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the whole point of hiding is not sending messages
  1380. randomouscrap
    discord lets you send messages while "not logged in"
  1381. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you'll piss some people off like andrito and lexi probably
  1382. 12Me21Admin
    discord sucks though
  1383. randomouscrap
    uhhh hm
  1384. Perska
    just make them automatically unhide when they use /md while hiding
  1385. randomouscrap
    so what if I disable BOTH md AND mewill I piss off everybody?
  1386. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    not reallyjust the edgy people
  1387. randomouscrap
    I use it a lot too. It's annoying to have to pop into chat just to say one thingIDK about this
  1388. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it's your chat lol
  1389. 12Me21Admin
    I think /me is fine because it doesn't show their avatar and it's smallerbut /md just looks like they're actually here
  1390. Perska
    probably allow /me while hiding
  1391. randomouscrap
    I can just add a little command to the pm module that outputs something like
  1392. randomouscrap : Lol hiding message
  1393. randomouscrap
    not the pm module the hiding module
  1394. Perska
    yeah that could work
  1395. randomouscrap
    but I guess me works fine too
  1396. Perska
    so there's no more need to do some stuff like this
  1397. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    but maybe put something before the name
  1398. Perska says: "the potatoes killed dinosaurs"
  1399. randomouscrap
    for now I'll only disable md
  1400. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1401. randomouscrap
    I should alias the command too so instead of doing /uptonogood there's just like... /sneak
  1402. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1403. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1404. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1405. snail_
  1406. snail_ has left the chat.
  1407. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1408. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    random device-specific settings are just stored in cookies right?
  1409. LacksHead Admin
  1410. randomouscrap
  1411. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    do they have a set expiration time
  1412. randomouscrap
    idk chemmaybe it's localstorage
  1413. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    on some devices they only last 1-2 sessions then reset
  1414. snail_
    if I ask someone to change my name to frog_ and then to change it back later will they get mad
  1415. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    yesask lacks to do the first change and random to do the second
  1416. Lumage
  1417. Perska
    i probably should try out ShareX
  1418. Lumage
    if you do it the other way around random just denies it
  1419. snail_ has left the chat.
  1420. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1421. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1422. snail_
  1423. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1424. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1425. randomouscrap
    I hope you guys are thinking of more things you want changed before I restart
  1426. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1427. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1428. Lumage
    can you change it to IRC
  1429. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1430. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1431. randomouscrap
    yeah let me just do that
  1432. Kuragen
    why if not button (0)? the exclamation mark means not right?
  1433. 12Me21Admin
    >>>>make a way to reload the page without being disconnected
  1434. randomouscrap
  1435. Kuragen
  1436. Lumage
    add guns if no one says anything for five minutes
  1437. randomouscrap
    If you set a custom proxyID in the GET parameters, you will continue to use the smae proxy connection
  1438. snail_
  1439. Perska
    the last sock in a web crash was 99 days agoisn't that already a thing
  1440. 12Me21Admin
    but I want to use normal chat
  1441. snail_
    it looks like the ignore list for http and https are totally differentthey don't cross persist
  1442. randomouscrap
    yes because chrome is an idiot
  1443. snail_
    what the heckfirefox is an idiot too?
  1444. randomouscrap
    it treats localstorage as separate between http and httpsok web is an idiotIt's all part of their push for https
  1445. Kuragen
    hello. ehm why are there 2 ANDS? LIKE AND OR && arent they the same thing?
  1446. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1447. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1448. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1449. Perska
    AND is bitwise and && is logical
  1450. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Tip did this for me
  1451. 12Me21Admin
    because we want to stop jumping when you AREN'T pressing the button
  1452. randomouscrap
  1453. 12Me21Admin
    I made it so right clicking the size button in chatdraw reduces the size, but it doesn't actually update it
  1454. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1455. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1456. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1457. 12Me21Admin
    until I click it normally
  1458. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1459. snail_
    call 911 I think random is having a stroke
  1460. randomouscrap
    oh the click event doesnt' get called for right clicks?
  1461. Perska
    also chatting via multiple devices when?
  1462. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    his attention to detail was amazing
  1463. 12Me21Admin
    no right clicks are onmousedown
  1464. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    he got the right amount of tail stripes
  1465. 12Me21Admin
    what I did is uhsizeButton.addEventListener("mousedown",function(event) { if (event.buttons & 2){ var newWidth=event.target.dataset.width-1 if (newWidth<=0) newWidth=7 event.target.dataset.width=event.target.textContent=newWidth } }) sizeButton.addEventListener("contextmenu",function(event) { event.preventDefault() })
  1466. Kuragen
    i am confused...i dont get it
  1467. randomouscrap
    I should just let the interface use the regular zoom events
  1468. 12Me21Admin
    && is for checking if two conditions are both true
  1469. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    one of you should probably move tabs
  1470. Lumage
    sorry my message got eaten by my bad design"I like the girl on the left"
  1471. randomouscrap
    no it's MY bad design for minichat
  1472. 12Me21Admin
    so !(BUTTON(0) AND #A) && VY<0 checks if A is not being pressed and the y speed is less than 0
  1473. Lumage
    It's my tab system in the first placeoh wait i guess that doesn't have to do with pms
  1474. 12Me21Admin
    AND is used for comparing binary numbers, and basically the only place you'll use it is when checking BUTTON
  1475. randomouscrap
    it's because all messages get put in the same area
  1476. GeekDude
    random: Is there a way to query what tags are available for chat messages? Right now I just hard code them
  1477. randomouscrap
    That's really the whole thingErrrrrrr yes I thinksomewhere
  1478. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1479. Lumage
  1480. randomouscrap
  1481. snail_
    would you do the girl on the left
  1482. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1483. Lumage
    you asked this before and random said "oh i should" and then never didI'd do all of them
  1484. GeekDude
  1485. randomouscrap
    OK I'll add it now then. They'll be included in the bind message
  1486. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1487. Lumage
  1488. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1489. randomouscrap
  1490. snail_
    this is a really bad example for beginners
  1491. GeekDude
    Right now your chat.js pulls from the page's html form
  1492. snail_
    complex condensed logic expression
  1493. 12Me21Admin
    why does the chatdraw canvas keep getting set to some random old image when I reload the page
  1494. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1495. 12Me21Admin
  1496. randomouscrap
    chatjs is stupid
  1497. 12Me21Admin
    I did that YESTERDAT
  1498. Lumage
    chat.js not chatjs
  1499. 12Me21Admin
  1500. randomouscrap
    yes i know it's all stupidAnd IDK 21me
  1501. GeekDude
  1502. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1503. Lumage
    hahaharandom sounds flustered
  1504. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1505. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1506. snail_
    yeah? your nose is bleeding.
  1507. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1508. randomouscrap
    just a little maybe lol
  1509. 12Me21Admin
    AHA I did it
  1510. randomouscrap
    I should draw a flustered animal
  1511. 12Me21Admin
    sizeButton.addEventListener("mousedown",function(event) { if (event.buttons & 2){ for (var i=1;i<=6;i++){ sizeButton.click() } } })it just clicks the button 6 timeslol
  1512. Lumage
    draw a flustered giant death monster*dinosaur
  1513. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1514. randomouscrap
    I don't know if I like dinosaursIt kinda has to be mammal for oneand fluffyand maybe it'll have horns because I kinda like horns right now
  1515. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no those are MYYYY rules randommm
  1516. snail_
    random's feelin horny
  1517. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1518. 12Me21Admin
    var sizeButton=document.querySelector("#chatdraw button-area button[data-width]") sizeButton.addEventListener("mousedown",function(event) { if (event.buttons & 2){ for (var i=1;i<=6;i++){ sizeButton.click() } } }) sizeButton.addEventListener("contextmenu",function(event) { event.preventDefault() }) chatJS to make right clicking reduce the brush size
  1519. snail_
  1520. randomouscrap
    what if I just add that to the chatdraw.js
  1521. snail_
  1522. Kuragen
    Ohh ok. anyway why button has to be enclosed on this? ( BUTTON ( ) and #A) < ('_' ) is the the only way to use the other &&? so i doesn't give sintax errors? when using buttons?
  1523. 12Me21Admin
    well if you're going to do that just do it the right waybut yeah that would be nice
  1524. randomouscrap
    no later
  1525. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1526. snail_
  1527. 12Me21Admin
  1528. Lumage
    it's just circles and lines
  1529. 12Me21Admin
    is this white spraypaint on a black background, or black on a white backgrounfdcolon
  1530. randomouscrap
    white spraypaint
  1531. Lumage
  1532. randomouscrap
    You can tell because the edges
  1533. 12Me21Admin
    because AND gets calculated before &&, just like multiplication happens before addition
  1534. randomouscrap
    unless you purposefully sprayed the edges more just to throw us off
  1535. 12Me21Admin
    I did most of it with blackand yes I did do the edges more to trick you
  1536. randomouscrap
    I don't believe you
  1537. snail_
    I knew it was black paint this whole time lol
  1538. 12Me21Admin
    though I added some white on top
  1539. snail_
    the black is splotchy, especially on the left
  1540. 12Me21Admin
    here's what it looks like without the cheating
  1541. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1542. snail_
    yeah that's black
  1543. Lumage
    it looks red to me
  1544. 12Me21Admin
  1545. snail_
    actually it's 6x6
  1546. Lumage
    wanna get high on viagra
  1547. snail_
  1548. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1549. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    okay here's all of yepaton's mains:
  1550. snail_ has left the chat.
  1551. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    sorry for the bad pic
  1552. randomouscrap
    wow that pic is awful but the drawings are goodgeekdude are you there?
  1553. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the originals (pat, lee) the new "mains" (Alex, Mike), the side characters (noah, liam, teagen) and the crazy super exaggerated one (christopher)
  1554. randomouscrap
    I need geekdude I'm going crazy
  1555. 12Me21Admin
  1556. Kuragen
    ok...eh...so logical && is for comparing two bitwise ands? or can it be used to compare more than two bitwise ands?
  1557. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1558. randomouscrap
    12me what other information should be sent with "bind"It tells you about the server. I have the module list, the tag list, and the version
  1559. 12Me21Admin
    the uhmissile launch codes
  1560. randomouscrap
    ah right yes those
  1561. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1562. 12Me21Admin
    you can use it to compare two of anything
  1563. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1564. randomouscrap
    I should also send a list of all the pokemon
  1565. 12Me21Admin
    if you need more than two you can use another &&, like
  1566. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1567. 12Me21Admin
    something && something && something && something
  1568. randomouscrap
    and the GPS coordinates for every public restroom in your area
  1569. snail_
    what the hell is yepaton
  1570. 12Me21Admin
    something && something is 0 if both of them are 0, otherwise it's 1
  1571. snail_
    it sounds like an evil robot, or an antiparticle
  1572. 12Me21Admin
    sorry I meant0 if either of them are 00 && 0 -> 0 2 && 0 -> 0 3 && 4 -> 1 0 && 7 -> 0 9 && 1 -> 1
  1573. 12Me21Admin
    or both
  1574. randomouscrap
    gekdud plz
  1575. GeekDude
  1576. randomouscrap
    I include the version and the tags in the bind response nowWhat else do you think you'll want there?it's in "extras"
  1577. snail_
    0 && 0 == 1 0 && 1 == 0 1 && 0 == 0 1 && 1 == 1
  1578. GeekDude
    I dunno, haven't gotten that far yet
  1579. snail_
    wow that first one is wrong
  1580. randomouscrap
  1581. GeekDude
    I know everything I need to do is at least technically possible since your web chat does it, and I've done it (mostly) before
  1582. 12Me21Admin
    snail that's nxor not and
  1583. randomouscrap
    yeah but I should make it easier on you
  1584. snail_
  1585. 12Me21Admin
    I guess
  1586. randomouscrap
    Anyway the tags are in the response extras.basicTags. Those don't include pm rooms but that's why it's basicTagshopefully that'll be enough
  1587. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1588. GeekDude
    PM room data gets sent in user list, right?What you've done so far is more than enough :)
  1589. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1590. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1591. snail_ has left the chat.
  1592. 12Me21Admin
    exclusive not or VS not exclusive orI think NXOR makes more sense but XNOR sounds better
  1593. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1594. randomouscrap
    yes pm room data gets sent in user list
  1595. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    also guess who's going to make their first canon appearance?my photography is awful today
  1596. Autz64
    still looks good
  1597. randomouscrap
    Are you using an electron gun to light your paper or something?
  1598. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    3ds camera maybe
  1599. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1600. 12Me21Admin
    you can do better with the 3DS camera
  1601. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'm too lazy to turn on a light so i just turned up the brightness
  1602. randomouscrap
    No but that stupidly hard shadowI've never seen anything like it
  1603. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1604. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1605. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1606. 12Me21Admin
    I keep getting disconnected sort of
  1607. Autz64
    i'm curious
  1608. randomouscrap
    stop it
  1609. 12Me21Admin
    I think the wifi here is just shit though
  1610. Autz64
    how can you edit GRP pages using code?
  1611. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bleh time to ROM dump and probably break my only working copy
  1612. randomouscrap
    ok so everyone is FINE with me stopping /md from working while hiding?
  1613. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1614. 12Me21Admin
    use GPAGE to switch to the page you want to editGPAGE displayPage,editPage
  1615. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1616. Lumage
    wait why isn't it just logged
  1617. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    andrito will be pissed though
  1618. snail_ has left the chat.
  1619. Autz64
    GRP can be used on graphics screen?
  1620. 12Me21Admin
    because /md is just like sending regular messages
  1621. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1622. randomouscrap
    It's logged now
  1623. 12Me21Admin
    if we allow it we might as well allow sending all messages while hiding
  1624. randomouscrap
  1625. 12Me21Admin
    and then the only point of hiding would be to block /pm and not be on the userlist
  1626. randomouscrap
    So it's either allow all messages or disallow md
  1627. GeekDude
    tfw I write some text escaping code, then call it, then use the unescaped variable when actually sending the message :|
  1628. randomouscrap
    text esacping is not funlysdexia is not fun either
  1629. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i've never esacped text before
  1630. randomouscrap
    ok anyway I'm disabling mdin emnda
  1631. Autz64
    hmmm, im going to try copying BG assets into Sprite page
  1632. Kuragen
    how can i use those ands on this? it gives me sintax error. IF Y==160 AND F=1 && V=0 THEN PRINT "SOMETHING"
  1633. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    if i sent a full 10000 character text wall would it block me for spam
  1634. randomouscrap
  1635. Autz64
    should be
  1636. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    (in theory, not in practice)
  1637. randomouscrap
  1638. Perska
    random how do i set up sharex for kland
  1639. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so it does account for message size
  1640. Autz64
    IF Y==160 AND F==1 && V==0 THEN PRINT "SOMETHING"
  1641. 12Me21Admin
    if you try to send a message that's too long it just blocks you immediately without sending itI think
  1642. Autz64
    you put one "=" on F and Vand when doing comparisons, should be 2
  1643. randomouscrap
    uh yes perska hang on
  1644. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1645. 12Me21Admin
    you should use && instead of AND there
  1646. randomouscrap
    { "Name": "kland", "DestinationType": "None", "RequestType": "POST", "RequestURL": "http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/uploadimage", "FileFormName": "image", "Arguments": { "bucket": "yourBucketHere" }, "ResponseType": "Text" }import that change bucket though
  1647. Perska
    import WHERE though
  1648. randomouscrap
    sharex -> right click -> destinations -> destination settings
  1649. Perska
    oh i think i found ityeah what you just said
  1650. randomouscrap
    in that window, scroll to the bottom to find Custom uploaders, click it, then click import around the middle of the page on the leftmake sure you set your bucket though
  1651. Perska
    yes yes
  1652. Autz64
  1653. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1654. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1655. Autz64 has left the chat.
  1656. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  1657. Perska
  1658. randomouscrap
    I can't do the md thing sorry
  1659. Perska
    i presume that's because modules can't interact with each other?
  1660. randomouscrap
    It's because hding doesn't "exist"So the fun module can't know that you're hiding or not
  1661. Perska
    oh right
  1662. randomouscrap
    I'd have to incorporate the fun module into the main chat system and I don't want to do that
  1663. Perska
    maybe check whether the user is in userlist, or is that not going to work? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1664. randomouscrap
    I always think I'm going to run out of image names whenever a new user starts using kland
  1665. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1666. randomouscrap
    And then I remember that there's 11 million combinations so lol
  1667. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1668. Perska
    just add a prefix if that ever happens
  1669. randomouscrap
    yeahexcept there's only uhhh
  1670. 12Me21Admin
    just remove hiding
  1671. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1672. randomouscrap
    perska's thing will workHe's a genius
  1673. snail_
    tried to write a sentence like one of those generic sans typefacesit took me like 30 seconds
  1674. 12Me21Admin
    oh nice my title thing is brokenunlesssnail is your avatar broken
  1675. Perska
    12me12 chatdraw image upload fix when
  1676. randomouscrap
    there's only 2705 avatars*images on kland
  1677. 12Me21Admin
    yeah snail your avatar won't loadcool
  1678. randomouscrap
    we could get 1000 times more and still not even be 20% of the way to full
  1679. 12Me21Admin
    I already fixed it I guess I'll release
  1680. snail_ has left the chat.
  1681. randomouscrap
    what snail's avatar is fine
  1682. 12Me21Admin
  1683. Perska
    maybe firefox just sucks
  1684. randomouscrap
    yeah it's fineI can seeeeeee it
  1685. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1686. 12Me21Admin
    that took like 2 minutes to load for some reaosn
  1687. randomouscrap
    it's a froggy
  1688. 12Me21Admin
  1689. randomouscrap
  1690. snail_
  1691. 12Me21Admin
    it was displaying in chat, but it wouldn't load as a favicon and I couldn't view it outside of chat
  1692. snail_
    i tried hard
  1693. randomouscrap
    what is that snal
  1694. snail_
    trying to write like a generic le 2017 sans typeface
  1695. randomouscrap
    oh sey
  1696. GeekDude
    oy vey
  1697. snail_
    >above: how i really write
  1698. randomouscrap
    what are users
  1699. snail_
  1700. Perska
    hm i wonder if it's possible to set up ShareX to upload the image only if uo press a button after pressing a key when the image is toasted
  1701. randomouscrap
  1702. 12Me21Admin
    toasted?Perska are you toasting some RGBread?
  1703. Perska
  1704. randomouscrap
    ok users is everthgnbut who is log
  1705. Perska
    how the fuck did it not send to the bucket
  1706. randomouscrap
    are you having atouertroubgel
  1707. Perska
    uh wait whatOH
  1708. randomouscrap
    perka the upload limit is 2mbmake sure you tell sharex that maybeI should moave kland over to S3 so the upload limit can be 10mb
  1709. 12Me21Admin
    yeah the normal uploader converts to jpeg if png is too big
  1710. Perska
    i thought i broke something, so i removed the custom destination and readded itbut i forgot to change the bucket again
  1711. 12Me21Admin
    so if that uploader thing you're using always uploads png it will just fail if it's too big
  1712. randomouscrap
    12me is md the only thing I should blcok?what about /img /clode /whten
  1713. Lumage
    please do not let people spam 10mb images to the kland frontpage
  1714. Perska
    random do you mind removing the images in yourBucketHere
  1715. randomouscrap
    oh maybe you're right lumg
  1716. 12Me21Admin
  1717. randomouscrap
    I can only move them. I'll move themto "test" I guess. Unless they're privatre nd you want them in your bucket
  1718. 12Me21Admin
    yeah block those as well, I supposewhat is /whten
  1719. randomouscrap
    aww por hider
  1720. Perska
  1721. randomouscrap
    perska do you want them in your bucket?
  1722. GeekDude
    Fun fact: The author of ShareX hangs out in the AdiIRC IRC channel, and I'm an operator in that channelThat being said, I've only talked to them once or twice
  1723. randomouscrap
    tell him I love him
  1724. 12Me21Admin
  1725. snail_ has left the chat.
  1726. randomouscrap
    ok done perska
  1727. Autz64
    well, it workedbut now i forgot what i was going to do
  1728. Perska
  1729. randomouscrap
    npI really should add deletion to the admin powers on kland
  1730. 12Me21Admin
  1731. randomouscrap
    /chatdarwdrawsubmit whatever
  1732. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1733. 12Me21Admin
    yeah block that too
  1734. randomouscrap
    I think I'll only block md though
  1735. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what the fuck
  1736. 12Me21Admin
    I just don't want people spamming /code just because they want to talk while hidden
  1737. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i put a disc in the disc drive and it opened back up but the disc wasn't there
  1738. 12Me21Admin
  1739. randomouscrap
    wait no there's a problem with this 12me
  1740. Perska
    and now random knows what is my bucket name TIME TO GET THE GUN THAT MAKES YOU FORGET STUFF~
  1741. randomouscrap
    What if you're hiding but you're just talkin' with ur buds in a pm roomit's ok perska I'll probably forget it anywayok here's what will do can doI putting messages into rooms yes? But no message into chat if hide from outside in chat
  1742. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1743. Lumage
    say some words that make sense
  1744. Perska
    have you tried turning it off
  1745. randomouscrap
    so is blocking all coamands but not block the command that is command module not message
  1746. 12Me21Admin
    ah good yes
  1747. Perska
    and poking a stick through a hole near the disc drive
  1748. 12Me21Admin
    just put a gamecube into it and maybe it will eat the disc
  1749. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    poking a stick through a holeoutofcon.txt
  1750. Perska
    or just punch the computer ... that still works, right?
  1751. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'll just open up the pc and take the disc out then make sure the computer is horizontal next time
  1752. 12Me21Admin
    just put your gamecube games in the floppy disc slot instead
  1753. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1754. Perska
    it's floppy disk
  1755. 12Me21Admin
    fine whatevernew chat image convert thing I guess https://pastebin.com/raw/ehPXHP9G
  1756. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1757. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    shit i'm not a hardware person
  1758. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1759. randomouscrap
  1760. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how do i open up the PC again
  1761. Perska
    you slap it in the CPU
  1762. randomouscrap
    make it real cold then real hot then punch it
  1763. 12Me21Admin
    I remember when I first made the image converter and it barely worked, I thought it looked so good
  1764. Lumage
    yeah but like
  1765. 12Me21Admin
    but now all the images look horrible
  1766. Lumage
    if you want to killlike you have absolute bloodlustthen you join the girl scoutsthat's your place in society
  1767. 12Me21Admin
  1768. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1769. randomouscrap
    ok so literally NO commands that produce regular messagtes work while hiding now. Unless it's in a pm roomis this the kind of restriction you want to live with
  1770. 12Me21Admin
  1771. randomouscrap
    Nothing. Nothing nothing. this is what you wantok any other insane requests
  1772. 12Me21Admin
    uh there was the uhmaking the message limit be per tab rather than for the entire chat IDK if that's reasonably possible or if it even requires restarting the chat serverI guess it's probably just done in the JS anyway
  1773. randomouscrap
    it doesn't require restarting the server
  1774. Perska
    multiple sessions
  1775. 12Me21Admin
    I guess what I could do is if there are more than 500 messages in chat, remove the top message from the tab with the most messages
  1776. randomouscrap
    I can't do that
  1777. Perska
    not even with proxy?
  1778. randomouscrap
    it's even harder WITH proxy
  1779. snail_ has left the chat.
  1780. Perska
  1781. 12Me21Admin
    so what I need to do is just
  1782. randomouscrap
    The chat is inherently designed for a single session. I'd have to rewrite the whole thingok am I just doing itare there no more requests
  1783. 12Me21Admin
    >keep track of total messages >if this number exceeds 500, find the number of messages in each tab >from whatever tab has the most messages, get the first message element and KILL IT TO DEATH I think that as soon as you restart the server, someone will think of something
  1784. Perska
  1785. randomouscrap
    too bad this is the final strawthe final sentifh
  1786. 12Me21Admin
    DO IT
  1787. randomouscrap
    the wernfal yertyaldkfj
  1788. 12Me21Admin
    wait um
  1789. randomouscrap
    ok yes yes what
  1790. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1791. RealTiP
    ugh... mornin'.
  1792. 12Me21Admin
    um randomouscrap[14:23]o: The sand can be eaten.
  1793. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1794. 12Me21Admin
    ok donedo it
  1795. randomouscrap
    oh let me test that actually
  1796. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1797. randomouscrap
    no wait I already tested it
  1798. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1799. randomouscrap
    goodbye, wonderful stats
  1800. 12Me21Admin
    oh I totally got the wrong time on that message lol
  1801. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    okay all jokes aside i recovered the disc
  1802. randomouscrap
    75 days
  1803. Perska
    Sand eating confir- oh
  1804. randomouscrap
    I'm actually crying
  1805. Perska
    99 days since last crash, and counting up
  1806. 12Me21Admin
    hahaha randomouscrap[14:06]o: The sand can be eaten.
  1807. randomouscrap
    the tears are making it hard to build the serverThat's the wrong time too :P
  1808. snail_ has left the chat.
  1809. Perska
    +7 GB of outgoing data
  1810. randomouscrap
    and now it's TWO LATTE
  1811. Perska
    ACTUALLY76 days of running
  1812. 12Me21Admin
    here randomouscrap[18:07]o: The sand can be eaten.
  1813. randomouscrap
  1814. System is shutting down in 5 seconds for maintenance...
  1815. Perska
  1816. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1817. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1818. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1819. GeekDude has left the chat.
  1820. Disconnected from server
  1821. Hey losers, 12Me21 has 139103 coin(s).
  1822. Hey losers, Chemicalex has 100 coin(s).
  1823. Hey scrubs, RealTiP has $0!
  1824. 12Me21Admin
    when do we get a /marquee command
  1825. Lumage
    hey you might have badmin but I still have the super secret powers that you gave me
  1826. LacksHead Admin
    Obviously someone doesn't know how FoS works
  1827. 12Me21Admin
    ooooh spooky secret powers>Received error response from chat: Command error: "/minerrefresh" was not recognized. Maybe something was misspelled, or you were missing arguments :(I keep forgetting
  1828. randomouscrap
    <marquee direction="right" scrollamount="12">NEEVEEEERRRR</marquee>
  1829. 12Me21Admin
    I should design a chat game sometime
  1830. RealTiP
    that would be neato
  1831. randomouscrap
    I was going to make a proper rpgWith an actual hub and actual dungeons
  1832. RealTiP
    that would be neato++
  1833. randomouscrap
    and actual treasure and actual combatbut with my extremely limited time it would take ages
  1834. Lumage
    but he's not heeeeere
  1835. randomouscrap
    I like my avatar
  1836. RealTiP
    its pretty neat
  1837. randomouscrap
    ok I'm dead inside after that programming storm (=゚ω゚)ノalso thank you realtip
  1838. 12Me21Admin
    does js have like a DIV thing or do I have to just use Math.floor or |0
  1839. Kuragen
    hi can someone help me on this code? the logical and is confusing the hell out of me. i want to change my sprite when it jumps. but when i do it,it stays that way....plz look at the code...plz...plz dont make a completly new different code...plz just look at my code and fix it...someone?.....anyway here it is. ADCXNK8E
  1840. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1841. MasterR3C0RD
    Okay there's seriously no reason to be a tab Nazi
  1842. 12Me21Admin
    in this case there is
  1843. MasterR3C0RD
    In this case sure
  1844. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm trying to be more lenient but in this case there's a tab for a reason
  1845. 12Me21Admin
    >>var test="abc" undefined >>test[1]="D" "D" >>test "abc"I hate JS sometimeswhy can't strings be good
  1846. Perska
    if i ever bother to work on that paper mario fangame i'll make a shoutout character whose catchphrase is "Tabs" or a variant of it
  1847. MasterR3C0RD
    You're overwriting the object, creating a new one
  1848. 12Me21Admin
    I always do some really nice fast string operations in SB, and JS feels like a step backwards
  1849. MasterR3C0RD
    SO nothing will happen
  1850. 12Me21Admin
    how am I supposed to replace characters in strings now>
  1851. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1852. randomouscrap
  1853. 12Me21Admin
    ew grosswait hold on there is no splice
  1854. MasterR3C0RD
    You entered: var test = "abc"; test = test.substr(0, 1) + "D" + test.substr(2, 1); test Result: aDc
  1855. Kuragen
    hi can someone help me on this code? the logical and is confusing the hell out of me. i want to change my sprite when it jumps. but when i do it,it stays that way....plz look at the code...plz...plz dont make a completly new different code...plz just look at my code and fix it...someone?.....anyway here it is. ADCXNK8E
  1856. 12Me21Admin
    that is disgusting
  1857. MasterR3C0RD
    Too bad
  1858. randomouscrap
    oh I guess substr then
  1859. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1860. 12Me21Admin
    about on the level of using MID$(STRING$,index,1)
  1861. MasterR3C0RD
    You can ALSO
  1862. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1863. Lumage has entered the chat.
  1864. 12Me21Admin
    I think I'll use an array of strings instead
  1865. randomouscrap
    12me it's "slice" not splice sorry
  1866. 12Me21Admin
    slice is just the same as substring
  1867. Lumage
    12me it's "alice" not splice sorry
  1868. 12Me21Admin
    str.substring(indexStart[, indexEnd]) str.slice(beginIndex[, endIndex])
  1869. MasterR3C0RD
    substr is different from substring (the same as slice)Makes a lot of sense, I know
  1870. 12Me21Admin
    substr is different I knowAND to make even more fucked upthey act differently when you omit arguments, use negatives, go past the end of the string, etc.it's just a big mess
  1871. MasterR3C0RD
    Bitwise or conditional AND?\
  1872. 12Me21Admin
    all you need is um
  1873. MasterR3C0RD
    World peace
  1874. MasterR3C0RD has left the chat.
  1875. 12Me21Admin
    LEFT$ RIGHT$ DELLEFT$ DELRIGHT$ MID$ SUBSTR$SUBSTR$ would be um substr(start,end)delleft/right are inverses of right/left these have the small advantage of, you knowactually having names that aren't all the sameand explain what they do
  1876. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1877. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1878. Kuragen
    ...hm :,[
  1879. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND i crashed dolphin
  1880. LacksHead Admin
  1881. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...waitI'm getting sound input....but no video
  1882. 12Me21Admin
    What I hate about "real" languages is how all the simplest things are just so annoyingly complex
  1883. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    my pc is 3ghz why isn't there videoall of the explanations say the asker's PC is too awful
  1884. 12Me21Admin
    your graphics card sucks or somethingwhy don't you just use a wii to play gamecube gamesdon't tell me you don't have a wii
  1885. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I have a black wii....and also a gamecube
  1886. Lumage
  1887. Kuragen
    does nobody look at codes here?
  1888. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the black ones don't have GCN support
  1889. 12Me21Admin
    wow racist
  1890. Kuragen
    i am stuck...can someone look at my code? i asked on the tab but i dont see any response.
  1891. 12Me21Admin
    It's just that... downloading a program takes a while
  1892. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    kuragen, if anyone can/wants to help with your problem they'll talk in the other tab. you won't get any more help by asking here
  1893. 12Me21Admin
    ok what you can do isin the spot where you check the floor,IF Y>160 THEN Y=160:V=0you should set a variable to keep track of whether you're on the ground or notIF Y>160 THEN Y=160:V=0:GROUND=1 ELSE GROUND=0and then you can also change the sprite in there, likeIF Y>160 THEN Y=160:V=0:GROUND=1:SPCHR 0,walkingsprite ELSE GROUND=0
  1894. 12Me21Admin
    I need to think of a chat game that doesn't get pointless after a few minutes
  1895. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1896. 12Me21Admin
    like coinx just get completely useless once you get banned from the casino forever
  1897. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    wonderful it's locked on OpenGL
  1898. 12Me21Admin
    you probably only have opengl
  1899. Kuragen
    ok i am sorry i bother people alot here. if smilebasic had official tutorials i wont be bothering here. but since i saw this forum it gave me hope that i could learn a thing or two here.
  1900. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    wwwwwwwMaybe consider asking on the forum kgSometimes you can get better help that way
  1901. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1902. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1903. 12Me21Admin
    I wish someone would make tutorials about collision detection and jumping and other things that people always ask about
  1904. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    12 I want to use D3D but i apparently don't have it?
  1905. 12Me21Admin
    what is that
  1906. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Alt for OpenGL
  1907. 12Me21Admin
    It's probably not supported by the emulator if it doesn't show upI guess I could make tutorials but I should really be working on my contest entry
  1908. ChemicalexChat Moderator