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  1. banana
    YUKKURISHITTE (i dont even know what it means)
  2. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  3. randomouscrap
    yukkuri is ummm
  4. banana
  5. randomouscrap
    oh right it means "slow"
  6. lilstrubel
    he is a good one too <3
  7. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    huh what
  8. LacksHead Admin
    The tree swallows look like little killer whales sitting in their boxes lol
  9. banana
    I thought Trin was the chat mod
  10. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  11. randomouscrap
    motto yukkuri onegaishimasu
  12. banana
  13. Trinitro21
    yep i quit and lacks did a promote to chem
  14. lilstrubel
    I probably could of got promoted if I didn't talk about sexual things 24/7/365/892
  15. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  16. banana
  17. lilstrubel
    Yeah I'm 892...
  18. LacksHead Admin
    He plans on living a long life
  19. banana
    892 days
  20. MasterR3C0RD
    >>>>btw Randy when you say a song is easy for you when it's actually really hard it makes me feel like I suck at osu!
  21. lilstrubel
    @Lacks yes...
  22. LacksHead Admin
    He'll make it to a thousand. Only those last 108 will be sex free
  23. lilstrubel
    lol :P
  24. banana
    Sex free warranty
  25. randomouscrap
    o..oh, I'm sorry mbrI bet you could do that song thoughif you tried
  26. lilstrubel
    I am sorry though I can't help talking about it I try my best :)
  27. banana
    100% sex free! guaranteed!
  28. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why does everyone treat mod roles as really having "power" though
  29. MasterR3C0RD
    Dude, that was way too fast for meI know my limits
  30. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i only have power when i need to use it
  31. LacksHead Admin
    It is power lol
  32. randomouscrap
    you gotta push past them lol
  33. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm still trying to git decent at 3.0 stars3.5 is just out of my reach at the moment
  34. lilstrubel
    Hey It probably isn't fast for me I can play 10-11 tiles per second on piano tiles :Dlots of practice to get there though
  35. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    if you abuse the power you lose it, so basically you don't have it at all
  36. banana
    Have you anyone heard PC Music?
  37. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    yes personal computer music is nice
  38. banana
    Fick you
  39. LacksHead Admin
    Is that like floppy drives playing nirvana?
  40. randomouscrap
  41. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  42. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'll be going too. o/
  43. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  44. banana
    Morr like this:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFnKFqew_M
  45. Picy3
  46. banana
    Search in the comments for the sets of DeathSim, Lipgloss Sins, A. G. Spook and Danny Skel Harle
  47. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  48. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  49. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  50. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  51. Trinitro21
    http://trotyl.tk/i/srg.png what
  52. Omiwa gosh i look soo cute
  53. Lumage
    FFFnot enough spin pointsok
  54. SpiderLily
    sparky i agree
  55. Omiwa even without the lusty avatar
  56. Omiwa awwh thanks
  57. Omiwa has entered the chat.
  58. Omiwa
    Awwwh it'
  59. Picy3
    baby groot is here
  60. Omiwa
    s so cute
  61. Lumage
  62. SpiderLily
    you should have used the lewd one
  63. LacksHead Admin
    What is on her throat?
  64. SpiderLily
    that one looks like a dude
  65. Omiwa
    i think i could prepare it for use now but it looks cute still
  66. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, it's time for me to change my osu! username from Broken to Master
  67. Omiwa
    an icon youuu used looks like a dude...one moment
  68. banana
  69. Omiwa
    i guessit'
  70. SpiderLily
    it didnt look like a dude
  71. banana has left the chat.
  72. Omiwa
    s some kind of necklace
  73. Picy3
  74. Lumage
  75. Omiwa
    i expected something else lol
  76. Lumage
  77. lilstrubel
    Ugh I gtg. My gf keeps asking me to talk to her... She can't go 20 goddamn minutes without needing attention. Is this what all girls are like? This is my first gf
  78. MasterR3C0RD
  79. Lumage
    do you read what you type, lil?
  80. lilstrubel
    not really
  81. Omiwa
    I don't read what I type too maybeso yuuka called me impulsive one day :[iirc
  82. Lumage
    (usually may e)*maybe
  83. Omiwa
    lol i thought og that
  84. lilstrubel
    K see ya
  85. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  86. Omiwa
    Is that what you'd based the title off of?
  87. Lumage
  88. Omiwa
    Oh I'm thinking of switching it to the more lusty one levi is that actually good
  89. Lumage
    I'm playing the map because of mine
  90. Omiwa
    I see.Today or some other time, I thought of something about you.
  91. SpiderLily
    sparky switch it please that one looks deformed
  92. Omiwa
    You're so *not impulsive.*Oh okayyy
  93. Lumage
    Is that so?
  94. Omiwa
    I think it is.At least, you appear as such to me.leviiibut the lusty one is overwhelmingly lusty
  95. SpiderLily
    its cute thoughh
  96. Omiwa
    which is why i had trouble initially choosing it over this one
  97. Trinitro21
    my second n3ds's battery bulges a bit
  98. SpiderLily
    kinda like-nevermind
  99. Omiwa
    I think I've touched a 3ds battery that somewhat bulges
  100. SpiderLily
  101. LacksHead Admin
    A bulging LiPo battery is a fire waiting to happen triI would replace that ASAP
  102. Trinitro21
    ohit's been like this for a while
  103. Omiwa
    Lumage I thought of something you said recently
  104. Lumage
  105. Omiwa
    Want me to privately tell you?Yes?
  106. Lumage
    wait you might be perfect for thisWhat are some things that are important to Lumage?
  107. SpiderLily
    dang i hate when you privately talk to lumage
  108. Trinitro21
    i mean uh
  109. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  110. Trinitro21
    i have a spare o3ds batterybut that won't fitand i think it bulges a bit too
  111. Omiwa
    Am I to answer that privately?
  112. Lumage
    If you wish.
  113. LacksHead Admin
    A cell inside the battery is severely damaged if it is swelling. You will probably notice it doesn't hold a charge as good. Make sure it doesn't overheat and watch it like a hawk when charging.
  114. SpiderLily
  115. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  116. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  117. Omiwa
    OKay haha
  118. Lumage
    It's not a private matter, howeer.
  119. LacksHead Admin
    You have to smother a LiPo fire in sand. Water won't put it out lol
  120. Lumage
    I just need a list of things that are important to me And you're the one that notices more abstract things, it seems.
  121. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    fight fire with fire
  122. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  123. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  124. SpiderLily
    sparky are you discussing it privately
  125. RealTiP has left the chat.
  126. Omiwa
    i amnow it seems
  127. SpiderLily
  128. Lacks has left the chat.
  129. Lacks has entered the chat.
  130. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  131. Kuragen has left the chat.
  132. Omiwa
    does this outfit make my lust look highHECK YESIT DOESlevi whyy
  133. MasterR3C0RD
    I'm currently attempting Noisestorm - Solar [Normal] + HR PF NC HD
  134. Picy3
  135. 12Me21Admin
  136. SpiderLily
    its lovely sparky
  137. Omiwa
    state abbreviations?
  138. MasterR3C0RD
    That's Hard Rock (mod that makes everything slightly smaller and flips the map vertically), Perfect (auto-restarts if you don't click perfectly), Nightcore (doubles the speed of the song while adding a cool drum track thingy) and Hidden (hides approach circles and makes the circles disappear after a while)
  139. Omiwa
    butit's so lusty
  140. SpiderLily
    yeah like you
  141. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh right, and that map is 2.5 stars
  142. 12Me21Admin
    Are you sure it isn't 4.5?x4.5
  143. MasterR3C0RD
    There might be a 4.5 star diff on another beatmap for this songLol
  144. Omiwa
    um it's x6.5 actuallylevi HUSH maybe lolokay fine i'm keeping thisbut it's embarrassing as heck maybe
  145. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, if I successfully beat this, I'll get an SSH rating(greatest abbreviation amirite)
  146. SpiderLily
    its fine sparky i like it and only my opinion matters
  147. Picy3
  148. MasterR3C0RD
    It's the same as SS, but silver. It means "SS Hidden"
  149. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  150. randomouscrap
    wow if I go get S rankings on these songs I get so much ppNow I see why you always go for S ranks mbr
  151. LacksHead Admin
    Lol no, Omiwa. Wrong part of the eye is red:p her whites are still white. She's just lusty
  152. MasterR3C0RD
    Get an SS and it's ridiculous
  153. Omiwa
    Umm what?
  154. randomouscrap
    I'm not interested in being a machine lol
  155. Lumage
    i have two ssh's desuof course it's on easy so I only get 7 points
  156. Omiwa
  157. MasterR3C0RD
    I don't know if I have any SSH
  158. Lumage
    and I'm not doing any of that speed up crap
  159. MasterR3C0RD
    Try Hard Rock
  160. Lumage
    I have
  161. MasterR3C0RD
  162. Lumage
    https://osu.ppy.sh/u/10223652It's playable on the easy ones but just kinda annoying beyond my skill level
  163. MasterR3C0RD
    From my top ranks: (SS) Neople - Evil Tower 1 [Basic] +HR,NC,PF (100.00%) 33pp weighted 100% (33pp)Randy got a 30pp on his top ranked song
  164. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  165. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  166. HylianHoundoom
    hola como estas?
  167. MasterR3C0RD
    As you can see, just by enabling a few mods you can get a LOT of quick pp
  168. HylianHoundoom
    dela roshii-matushki
  169. Lacks has left the chat.
  170. HylianHoundoom
    yo no hablo espanol. Yo hablo roso.
  171. Omiwa
    i don't unbderstand spanishi understand rosohow areyou
  172. MasterR3C0RD
    Speak French plz
  173. Omiwa
  174. MasterR3C0RD
    Parler en francais s'il vous plait
  175. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    wrogn tba
  176. Kuragen
    Hello, how can i flip a sprite and animate it? if i write SPCHR and then SPANIM it just flip one sprite and the others animate to the right . .there are no tutorials about animating a sprite...on the forum...i wish there could be one.
  177. SpiderLily
  178. Omiwa
  179. SpiderLily
  180. Omiwa
  181. SpiderLily
  182. Picy3
  183. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, have you tried mods yet Randy?
  184. Lumage
    he has
  185. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh yeah Hard Rock a few times
  186. Kuragen
    i need help! :'0
  187. Kuragen has left the chat.
  188. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  189. MasterR3C0RD
    But yeah, one thing I can be proud of is that I have more SS than S ratings
  190. 12Me21Admin
    oh there is one way to flip spritesdue to a stupid mistake you can't use SPSCALE directly but
  191. MasterR3C0RD
    Sure, Random can get a lot of As
  192. 12Me21Admin
    SPANIM id,"S",1,-1,1 the -1 is the horizontal scale. -1 makes the sprite display backwards
  193. MasterR3C0RD
    On really difficult mapsBut I can get SS on slightly less difficult mapsSo meh
  194. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  195. Omiwa has left the chat.
  196. SpiderLily
  197. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  198. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  199. SquareFingers
    If SPSCALE allowed negative numbers, it probably wouldn't flip anyway - the sensible qsy to implement that would effectively be 180-degree rotation.way*
  200. Picy3
  201. Omiwa has entered the chat.
  202. SpiderLily
  203. Kuragen has left the chat.
  204. SquareFingers
    Oh wait, I didn't read it properly - I thought there was only one scale number. My mistake.
  205. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  206. Kuragen
    wait i am confused...when i do that the sprite goes crazy XD and disappears.
  207. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  208. Kuragen has left the chat.
  209. SquareFingers
    What do you mean by 'goes crazy'? That's not really usefully descriptive.
  210. Lacks has entered the chat.
  211. Kuragen
    lol XD ehm..i think it was a mistake...i did.. lol i just took my spanim command and just changed the "I" to S. lolanyway so i have to have 2 SPANIM COMMANDS? one for flipping the sprite animation and the other for actually animating?
  212. Omiwa
    what's going oni reconnected
  213. SpiderLily
  214. Omiwa
    but i still have chathistoryHIhi
  215. Kuragen
    anyway i saw on the instructions that there are 6 different ways to use SPSET. and on SPSET it says something about using #SPREVH. but idk how to do it on spset.. ._.
  216. SpiderLily
    how are you
  217. HylianHoundoom
  218. SpiderLily
  219. HylianHoundoom
    down b as kriby makes you rock hardduring smashi'm sorry
  220. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  221. SmileBot
    hmmLooks like I'm still connected
  222. SpiderLily
    nono bots
  223. Kuragen
    this sucks now i cant use spscale..this is so wierd.. XD....i have to scale it on SPANIM...hm..on the EXAMPLE game JUMP? how the progamers manage to flip the sprites then?
  224. Picy3
    yo kuri, (kuragen) http://smilebasicsource.com/forum?ftid=898
  225. SpiderLily
    sparky you didnt answer my questionnnn
  226. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  227. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  228. SmileBot
    I got permission *shrug*
  229. Picy3
    (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(")
  230. Omiwa
    i'm fine
  231. SpiderLily
  232. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  233. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  234. Omiwa
  235. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  236. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  237. SpiderLily
    nono why
  238. Omiwa
    "/uptonogfood"becausei want to
  239. Omiwa has left the chat.
  240. SpiderLily
    what about medang
  241. Omiwa you're still here
  242. Lumage
    am I still here?
  243. SpiderLily
    but whats the point if you arenti wish sparky would talk to me more
  244. Kuragen
    thanks picy! but that tut is...okeish....and ultrashort..and it still doesn't answer how the heck the sprites flips up on the jump example. ;'0
  245. Kuragen has left the chat.
  246. Joshuaham123 has entered the chat.
  247. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  248. Joshuaham123 has left the chat.
  249. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  250. LacksHead Admin
    I better catch some fish tonight
  251. Lacks has left the chat.
  252. Lacks has entered the chat.
  253. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  254. RealTiP
  255. Picy3
    so you want it to do it only when pressing the controls..?i stuggled with a similar problem not too long agostruggled'
  256. Picy3
  257. Kuragen
    yep :0 i want to flip sprites and animate them when i press the buttons.
  258. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  259. Kuragen
    and only when button is pressed ye.
  260. Kuragen has left the chat.
  261. Picy3
    ok i think i can help you
  262. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you need to learn the fundamentals instead of every single thing
  263. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  264. Kuragen
    cool picy! :0
  265. Picy3
    grabbing 3ds btw
  266. Kuragen
    ok cool .o. send link here after you finish :]!
  267. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  268. Kuragen
    i mean the key.
  269. Picy3
  270. Kuragen
    chem i am still a begginer but i know somestuff. i just need help. :,]
  271. Kuragen has left the chat.
  272. Picy3
    well your going at some more complicated stuffstill doing itbtwbut ill explain it real quick'so you use spanim like SPANIM (MANAGEMENT NUMBER),"I",ARR,0Ok i gtg, ill give you the key on miiverse
  273. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  274. Kuragen
    ok lol who are you on miiverse?
  275. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  276. Kuragen has left the chat.
  277. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  278. LacksHead Admin
    He is JP on miiverse
  279. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    my mouth suddenly tastes of milkbut...the bad aftertaste of milk
  280. RealTiP
    weirdmine too>i just ate goulash, so...>i guess that was some bad goulash.
  281. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i just ate nothing
  282. LacksHead Admin
  283. RealTiP
    last time i ate nothing, it tasted normal
  284. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i drank some milk, though
  285. RealTiP
    you should get your nothing checked:3
  286. RealTiP
    actually [JP]with asterisks
  287. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    my grandmother noted today she "barely noticed my existence"
  288. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    and italics?
  289. LacksHead Admin
    I thought you guys talked art
  290. RealTiP
    nopei hate art
  291. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    that was last night when i didn't feel normal
  292. RealTiP
    this is what happens when i get an art award for doing nothing>hates art>only his art
  293. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    today i sort of just...hid in the corner
  294. RealTiP
    my pc is in a corner
  295. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    like i normally would at home
  296. SpiderLily
    lacks i am still waiting for you to quench my thirst~
  297. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  298. RealTiP
  299. SpiderLily
    fuck offidiots
  300. RealTiP
    have a snickers
  301. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  302. LacksHead Admin
  303. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    yes i'll fuck off Soon™
  304. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  305. RealTiP
    you're not you when you're thirsty
  306. Autz64
  307. RealTiP
    >oh wait you are :/ >nevermind
  308. Autz64
    chat is quite populated today
  309. RealTiP
    it is.
  310. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    all week
  311. RealTiP
    really? all week?
  312. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    this is an amazing crowd for a saturday though
  313. Autz64
    what a nice dayi almost finished the shooteri just need to solve certain stuffs
  314. LacksHead Admin
  315. Autz64
    Food Splatterhouse
  316. RealTiP
  317. Autz64
  318. RealTiP
    but it's always BOLD
  319. Autz64
    sad thing i had to decrease the number of enemies onscreen to 50
  320. Autz64 has left the chat.
  321. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  322. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    let's just add other stuff while we're at it
  323. Lumage
    yo how the fuck do I skin the game elementes
  324. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  325. RealTiP
    * "[JP]" *
  326. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  327. randomouscrap
    lexi, why do you hate osu again?
  328. Lumage
    because gabe plays it
  329. SpiderLily
    its pointless and it ruined every conversation hereosu is the only thing people talk about anymore
  330. randomouscrap
    pft it's the same with any game we play
  331. LacksHead Admin
    Dark souls isn't pointless?
  332. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so am I but you don't-- ohh i see where you're going
  333. SpiderLily
    every game is pointless lacks its just that osu is extra pointless
  334. LacksHead Admin
    To you
  335. randomouscrap
    IDK I'm having loads of funI finally get to play a rhythm game again that doesn't suck
  336. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so opinionated even though i don't want to like osu either
  337. SpiderLily
    how does pressing buttons and listening to anime music help you improve your life
  338. Kuragen has left the chat.
  339. Autz64
    same could be said of being here
  340. RealTiP
    you get higher finger reflexesbut thats it
  341. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  342. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  343. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  344. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  345. Trinitro21
    "leisure activities"
  346. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  347. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  348. Autz64
  349. randomouscrap
    I get a special feeling when I play rhythm games. It's great. It rebuilds my soul lol
  350. SpiderLily
    also osu ruined r/place
  351. randomouscrap
    I'd say soul rebuilding is a good reason
  352. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bbl o/ i have a rhythm game to play
  353. RealTiP
    higher finger reflexes + "leisure activities" sounds promisingo/
  354. Autz64
  355. randomouscrap
    Anyway, all I wanted to know was why, and you gave a bunch of valid points, so thank you
  356. Autz64
    i need to put a potion on the game, but i want opinions
  357. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  358. Autz64
    should be user-activated (like pressing a button) or instantly activated?
  359. RealTiP
  360. Autz64
  361. RealTiP
    if it isn't exploit-able, user
  362. Autz64
    at some point of the game, the overall rhythm is insane
  363. RealTiP
    for mo' strats, and better potions, id say insta
  364. Autz64
    but i think user-activated should work
  365. RealTiP
    its like tloz, you can't just stock up on extra hearts (health item, not actual health)
  366. SpiderLily
    random why did you care about my opinion on it anyway
  367. Autz64
  368. RealTiP
    but in the newer botw, you can stock up on all the food ye like
  369. Autz64
    i think i have an ideawhat if you shoot the potion and the effect is instantly, while the rest is user-activated?
  370. RealTiP
  371. Autz64
    should help on wave 8 and upwards
  372. RealTiP
    that sounds neat
  373. Autz64
    hmmm, then i should add some stuff for checks
  374. RealTiP
    for your shooter, do bullets pierce?
  375. Autz64
    at level 6, yes
  376. Autz64 has left the chat.
  377. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  378. Autz64
    you gain EXP while killingthen, level upeach level increase damage and fire-rate
  379. MasterR3C0RD
    Ugh time for me to take a break from osu!
  380. RealTiP
    what's the algorithm for xp needed to level up?
  381. randomouscrap
    aw but I broke 300You should at least break 200
  382. Autz64
    the way i did was to increase the limit needed for level up, each time you level up
  383. RealTiP
    by how much?like is it lvl^2=xpneeded
  384. Autz64
    i increase the value by 1500, and reset a counterthen each time takes longer to level up, since elements are static
  385. RealTiP
    i see
  386. Picy3
    geez guys its *J.P.* nothing else
  387. Autz64
    500 - 1500 1500 - 4000 and so on
  388. Picy3
    tip my name does not have [] on itoh is your game done?
  389. RealTiP
    so a possible check for using an item could be so that user-interacted potions had a milder effect, or even a different onethat'd make auto/shot potions more valuable
  390. Lumage
    random teases record the it's still this joke
  391. Autz64
    hmmmmmcould work
  392. Picy3
    uh tip what game are you talking about
  393. RealTiP
    Autz' food splatterhouse
  394. Autz64
    it only needs to add the potion thingthe rest is complete
  395. Picy3
    yeha i just look back saw thatcool
  396. Autz64
    you can even play a custom match
  397. Picy3
    cant wait for itgtg
  398. Autz64
  399. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  400. Autz64
    how should i calculate the chance of spawning?
  401. Autz64 has left the chat.
  402. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  403. RealTiP
    lvl/wave based, prolly
  404. Autz64
  405. MasterR3C0RD
    Ugh fine RandomI'll SS an easy song
  406. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  407. RealTiP
    question: what happens when a wave is completed?
  408. Autz64
    a boss(es) appears
  409. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    surfers become sad
  410. Autz64
    up to 3 bosses
  411. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh that works too
  412. RealTiP
    * J.P. *
  413. RealTiP
    is there an intermission between waves?
  414. Autz64
  415. Autz64 has left the chat.
  416. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  417. Autz64
    once you kill the boss(es), the next wave plays
  418. RealTiP
    is there an ammo system?
  419. Autz64
    no, i though that would be bothersomeon waves were speed is insanewhere*
  420. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  421. RealTiP
    so this is gonna be a scarily fast paced shoot 'em up?
  422. Autz64
  423. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bullet hell
  424. Autz64
    the more insane, the better
  425. RealTiP
  426. Autz64
    once you get at wave 6, you will get it
  427. RealTiP
    what are your thoughts on differing weapons?
  428. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    more work
  429. Autz64
    i though about it, but i can barely handle different types of bullets and stuffi tried with a shotgun, but heh...
  430. RealTiP
    ah. i was just thinking of differing fire ratessmall breaks are always really engaging with any type of shooter
  431. Autz64
    yeahi was thinking how could you pause utit*is a non-stop disco
  432. MasterR3C0RD
  433. PhilFish
    ohoh damn
  434. RealTiP
    sounds like over time, it could lose engagement
  435. MasterR3C0RD
    One extra pp for doing it with Flashlight
  436. RealTiP
    cos interest curve
  437. MasterR3C0RD
    *Hidden not flashlight
  438. Autz64
  439. RealTiP
    small breaks like auto reloads can scare players, even if it's just two seconds
  440. PhilFish
    do it with all the difficulty mods
  441. Autz64
  442. RealTiP
    being faster than your enemy, is usually, no fun.hyrule warriors got a bad rep for that
  443. MasterR3C0RD
    I did it with all except flashlightFL requires a bit more memorization
  444. Lumage
    oh phil
  445. Autz64
    i don't worry about it, at some time they get more faster than you
  446. Trinitro21
    >installing kde in wine in kde
  447. Lumage
    i made a horrible beatmap
  448. RealTiP
    well, now that fixed the interest curve xD
  449. Autz64
    so i could say is "impossible" to pass wave 9 without potions
  450. Lumage
    actually never mind lol random will do it better anyways
  451. Autz64
    or invencible trick
  452. Lumage
    I was going to ask you to test it so I know what's wrong with it
  453. PhilFish
    I'll be able to test it tomorrow
  454. Lumage
    but I already do, I think.
  455. RealTiP
    its horribly engaging when games overwhelm you, but still seem to give you a chance
  456. Lumage
  457. PhilFish
    "The website is currently experiencing email issues. You cannot register new accounts or change your password right now." what's that?
  458. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  459. Autz64
    ok, the potion works when i shoot at it
  460. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  461. RealTiP
  462. Lumage
    "our email thing is borked"
  463. Autz64
    but i still need to improve the spawn probabilityoh, and i almost forgot somethingsaving the scoreswell, hands to work
  464. Autz64 has left the chat.
  465. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  466. 12Me21Admin
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/jmzkm.png this enderman just flooded a giant hole I was diggingand somehow didn't die from the water
  467. Autz64
    enders can now erase blocks?
  468. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  469. 12Me21Admin
    they added it maybe a decade ago
  470. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  471. Autz64
    i didn't recall that on 1.7 versionsbut well...
  472. 12Me21Admin
    over half a decadeIt's actually a huge problem on serversbecause endermen can ruin the land by removing random grass blocks
  473. Autz64
  474. 12Me21Admin
    if someone stays AFK for like 10 hours, you can get like 5 blocks movedover time it really adds up
  475. Autz64
    i recall them grabbing blocks, but not erase them
  476. 12Me21Admin
    they pick them up, which removes them from the landso if I go into a forest near spawn where there aren't any torches, there are tons of random holes and random grass blocks placed everywhere
  477. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  478. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  479. MasterR3C0RD
    @Lumage I can test the beatmap if you want
  480. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  481. Autz64
    wait, i think i made a probability calculation some time agogoing to look for it
  482. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  483. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  484. Autz64 has left the chat.
  485. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  486. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  487. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  488. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  489. RealTiP
    hey hylian
  490. HylianHoundoom
  491. Autz64
  492. RealTiP
    best bud, hylian
  493. HylianHoundoom
    kill me pleaseso uh
  494. Trinitro21
  495. RealTiP
    maybehow much are you paying?
  496. HylianHoundoom
    it's been a decade since Pokemon DP was releasedi feel old
  497. RealTiP
  498. 12Me21 : I don't
  499. Trinitro21
    so 8 years since i got my first main series pokemonprobably more since i got into it
  500. HylianHoundoom
    12 year's for me
  501. Trinitro21
  502. HylianHoundoom
    infinity years mate
  503. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    4 for me
  504. 12Me21 12year21's
  505. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i'm so young
  506. Autz64
  507. Trinitro21
    seriously why do people put apostrophes in plurals
  508. HylianHoundoom
    fuck off, mate
  509. 12Me21 : maybe 2 or 3 for me
  510. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    12 how old are you even
  511. 12Me21 : 7 grand dad
  512. HylianHoundoom
  513. 12Me21 thinks mouseover text is annoying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Or8EpGZoB2g
  514. SmileBot has left the chat.
  515. HylianHoundoom
    i honestly just want to die right now
  516. 12Me21 : I agree
  517. HylianHoundoom
    but in a painless way
  518. RealTiP
  519. HylianHoundoom
    ./kmsmaking a commercial game is so fucking stressful
  520. RealTiP
  521. Trinitro21
    when websites include fake windows why are they always mac style
  522. 12Me21 : "myself" was one word last time I checked
  523. Trinitro21
  524. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  525. RealTiP
  526. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    maybe don't make one at what, how old are you
  527. 12Me21Admin
    because mac users suck
  528. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  529. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  530. PhilFish
  531. Trinitro21
    12me you don't have to enter to use md
  532. PhilFish
  533. 12Me21 : yes you do
  534. HylianHoundoom
  535. PhilFish
    yay no period
  536. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  537. 12Me21 : you have to press enter lumage
  538. HylianHoundoom
    phil, you know what I'm doing with the commercial game
  539. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  540. RealTiP
    'cos iphones are technically "hip" to those weird enough to click on said windows
  541. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  542. Trinitro21
    oh wait when was this a thing now
  543. 12Me21Admin
    you have to press enter lumage*
  544. RealTiP
    your avatar scares me trinny
  545. 12Me21Admin
    You can no longer send normal messages unless you're in chat
  546. PhilFish
    oh by the way I did something maybe illegal I actually don't know if it isbut I did it
  547. Trinitro21
    it should
  548. RealTiP
    it looks into my soul
  549. 12Me21Admin
    only module messages like /me and /coingloat
  550. RealTiP
    and it sees some scantily delectible things
  551. Picy3
    though its technically *J.P.*[P]£ (but the [P] dosent matter)
  552. 12Me21Admin
  553. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  554. Picy3
  555. RealTiP
  556. 12Me21Admin
    >>>>>>>you need to write your regexes better
  557. Lumage
    owwait no
  558. Picy3
  559. Picy3
  560. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  561. Picy3
    "my days of breaking into places and stealing shit are over, what do you need me to do?" "i need you to break into some places and steal some shit">name that movie
  562. SpiderLily
  563. Autz64 has left the chat.
  564. RealTiP
    The Proffesional
  565. PhilFish
    kissanime made it too easy to rip videos from their website
  566. RealTiP
    if it isn't The Proffesional, its bad
  567. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  568. PhilFish
    I did a "security test" to see how easy it was to pirate the videos they have and it's ridiculously easystupid easytook 2 minutes
  569. Lumage
    oh I thought everyone knew that
  570. MasterR3C0RD
    Okay, I'm trying Evil Tower 1 + HR PF NC HD FLIt isn't even that hard
  571. Lumage
    the point is that under U.S. law streaming isn't illegal
  572. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  573. PhilFish
    was what I did illegal
  574. Autz64 has entered the chat.
  575. Lumage
  576. PhilFish
    oopswell I just deleted the video from my computer
  577. Trinitro21
    >you better have shift+del
  578. LacksHead Admin
    Night is falling on another fishless night
  579. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  580. Trinitro21
    or gone into recycle bin
  581. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  582. Picy3
    wrongguess again
  583. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  584. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  585. PhilFish
    1. use linux 2. emptied trash
  586. Lumage
    kiss is already unlicensed, but by streaming you remove the responsibility from yourself... kind of. It might require the service have license to serve the copyrighted materials, but obtaining a copy of works you don't have a license to by download is always not okay, temporary "streaming" is considered okay
  587. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Where in the world is Carlos Sandiego
  588. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  589. Picy3
    its in Carlos Sandiego
  590. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  591. PhilFish
    where on earth is carman san diegoplease tell me someone remembers that
  592. Picy3
  593. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i was referencing that
  594. Picy3
    yeah oy do
  595. PhilFish
    ya boi
  596. Lumage
    i'm waiting for someone to spell it right
  597. Picy3
  598. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i spelled it wrong on purpose though
  599. Autz64
  600. Lumage
    where in the world is carmen sus*carmin
  601. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no it's Carmen
  602. Lumage
  603. Trinitro21
    i'm trying to think of an obscure movie i've watched but i haven't watched any obscure movies
  604. Lumage
    PsychoAirplane!none of these are obscure oops
  605. Trinitro21
    leon's getting larger
  606. Lumage
    rise of the third reich
  607. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    paul blart
  608. PhilFish
    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003CT2A2M/ why the hell IS THERE A $1500 HDMI CABLE
  609. Lumage
    we've had this chat beforethe comments are amazingmoving on
  610. Autz64
    all the time
  611. PhilFish
    5.0 out of 5 starsRent or Cable? ByChris Son March 27, 2012 Format: Electronics It was either this or pay the rent this month. You can guess which one I chose. Now, my landlord comes over to watch TV and caress this cable and I charge HIM rent!! HAHAHAHAHA.
  612. RealTiP
    Finding Nemo
  613. PhilFish
    2.0 out of 5 starsGood cable, terrible instructions ByPatrick E. Hansenon January 13, 2013 Format: Electronics I love this cable. Crystal clear audio and video. My only problem was that the instruction manual was very vague and misguiding. Long story short, I got it stuck in my urethra.
  614. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  615. PhilFish
    .0 out of 5 starsI skipped the tv and jacked this magnificent cable directly ... ByHubert Farnsworthon August 11, 2015 Format: Electronics I skipped the tv and jacked this magnificent cable directly into my anus. Now I can see all the colors. these are fucking amazing
  616. Trinitro21
    If I plug this into my Flux Capacitor will I finally be able to time travel? Answer: Yes because I am actually answering this question from 2035 and its best supported with the flux capacitor By Trent on February 18, 2015
  617. Lumage
    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IL3TZSQ/this one is the best one"What differentiates this HDMI cable from normal, earth based HDMI cables?" "13,498.75 dollars"
  618. RealTiP
  619. Trinitro21
    >Why be a king, when you can be a god?
  620. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    because gods do more work apparently
  621. Lumage
    what kind of lazy-ass god are you
  622. Trinitro21
    >Needless to say, I bought two.>only had to re-finance my house 4 times and sell a kidne. I only need one so why not right?
  623. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    now that i think about it character artists play the role of god right?
  624. Lumage
    define god"god" doesn't mean muchin that they're a creator?Just like everyone else with an imagination and the resources?
  625. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    creator and controller
  626. Trinitro21
    >1.0 out of 5 starsOne Star >ByStephen P. Riceon February 10, 2015 >It doesn't work with my VCR.
  627. Lumage
    only a small subset of gods are strictly life-creationism godsI mean I guess.
  628. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  629. Trinitro21
    >Black backgrounds were seemingly "more blacker."should i put this in ooc
  630. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    lum my point is being able to control and see thoughts and emotions
  631. Lumage
    But again, that's like comparing anyone who can control something they've made to god. At that point, your comparison is meaningless.
  632. Trinitro21
    >Once again, upon recording, blacks were actually even more "more blacker."this can be misinterpreted
  633. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    not just control over something, over the entire "universe" in question
  634. Lumage
    I made a stick figure out of popsicle sticks and had him fight the cat. I am [practically] a god. I am also 5. The analogy doesn't mean anything.Again, ALL creative fields. What's the point of the analogy?
  635. Trinitro21
    >indications are that the new one will have more blacker "blacker blacks."
  636. RealTiP
    the paper is my universe, the pen is my will?
  637. Lumage
    An idea of a creator being is like creators. And?
  638. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you just rehashed my whole point
  639. Trinitro21
    >Very cheap cables tend to run out of zeros after you have been using them for too loud audio or video with a lot of blue in them.
  640. Lumage
  641. Trinitro21
    >Only 10 left in stock - order soon. ohno i better hurry
  642. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  643. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  644. Trinitro21
    OH https://www.amazon.com/WIREWORLD-Platinum-Eclipse-Speaker-Cable/dp/B00CHSRKJW/>Question: Why is it so expensive? >Answer: It cures polio.
  645. Autz64
  646. Lumage
    Improve your sex life !!
  647. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    set your uncle on fire!
  648. Lumage
    "It wiggled its way inside my rectum with a bright and upfront sensation but not harsh or aggressive and gritty at the same time."
  649. Trinitro21
    >it will show you the way into becoming a perfect and infinite ruler. Magnets.
  650. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  651. RealTiP
    become an anarcho-primitivist!
  652. Trinitro21
    freaking magnets
  653. Lumage
    "My wife never smelled so good."
  654. LacksHead Admin
  655. RealTiP
    anarcho-capitalism is lel
  656. Lumage
    >My wife gave me $1000 to upgrade our family entertainment system. I ended up buying this cable using the 1k she gave me plus all of our saving and my kid's college tuition. Now I don't have a theater system and my wife wanted a divorce.
  657. Trinitro21
    >How do they make it so good, yet sell it so cheap?
  658. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    >Answer: They don't.
  659. Lumage
    It cures cancer
  660. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  661. Trinitro21
    >Came with 10 pound bag of cocaine and then I understood. >While the wires didn't produce any noticeable difference in quality sound, the coke was good.apparently this was on the list of related items https://www.amazon.com/Farmland-Pork-Brains-Pound-case/dp/B01DVIYGR0/
  662. RealTiP
    this is better:https://www.amazon.com/Guardian-Gear-Nylon-Cat-Muzzles/dp/B002T1ICX0/ref=pd_sbs_325_4?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B002T1ICX0&pd_rd_r=TMCB9SBHAMB35A3YD7SV&pd_rd_w=aBxpx&pd_rd_wg=qMgZI&psc=1&refRID=TMCB9SBHAMB35A3YD7SVdang is that long
  663. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  664. Trinitro21
    you have to clip off everything after the last /*can
  665. RealTiP
  666. Lumage
  667. RealTiP
  668. Trinitro21
    oh i guess that works too>5.0 out of 5 stars I failed my bar exam and was highly disappointed with the quality of brains I currently use >By Toxik Shockon November 21, 2016 >I failed my bar exam and was highly disappointed with the quality of brains I currently use. I heard that pigs are the most comparable so I ordered these as a replacement. Installation was a tad messy but the test drive is so far so good. 5 stars>3.0 out of 5 stars but this doesn't taste like human brains at all >By WalletWreckeron March 13, 2017 >I was told pig brain would be similar to human brains, but this doesn't taste like human brains at all. I'm giving 3 stars for placebo effect thou
  669. Autz64
  670. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  671. 12Me21Admin
    They just haven't tasted GOOD human brains
  672. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  673. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  674. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  675. Trinitro21
    >Marvoll Unisex Lycra Fullbody Penis Costume Without Hood for Kids and Adults what why
  676. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  677. Trinitro21
    for kids and adults
  678. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  679. RealTiP
    i fear what i hear
  680. Lumage
    dress up as your favorite characters
  681. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i can't dress up as myself
  682. Lumage
    I can't run from my past
  683. MasterR3C0RD
    >"For kids"? Only if you want social services knocking on your door....
  684. Lumage
    my favorite subphrase is "fullbody penis"
  685. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  686. Picy3 has left the chat.
  687. Trinitro21
    >"I enjoyed the story, I took the WW1 path and tried to take him out early and successfully got myself mugged! Just like a Saturday night out at home!" guess that product
  688. Lumage
    ohhh shoot
  689. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  690. MasterR3C0RD
    It'd be one of those choose-your-own-adventure
  691. Lumage
    some kind of rifle
  692. Trinitro21
    yes it would be one of those choose-your-own-adventure
  693. MasterR3C0RD
  694. Lumage
    cyoa stopping hitler
  695. MasterR3C0RD
    If there's a WW1 path, there's probably a WW2 path too
  696. Trinitro21
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/149284232X/lumage wins
  697. Lumage
    do another
  698. MasterR3C0RD
    Aw that would have been my next guess
  699. Trinitro21
    >5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars >By Kindle Customeron March 20, 2017 >LAWD if u read this ur brain finna b WOKE af 100 a-ok emoji fire emojiguess that product
  700. Lumage
    mein kampf
  701. Trinitro21
  702. Lumage
    mmmsnail's autobiography
  703. Trinitro21
  704. Lumage
    anarchist's cookbookwalden
  705. Trinitro21
  706. Lumage
    idktoo vagueChuck Tingle?
  707. Trinitro21
  708. Lumage
  709. Autz64
    ughfinally i finished the potion thing
  710. Trinitro21
    >5.0 out of 5 stars Not for the lame and easily offended >By Eon January 14, 2016 >Hilarious and offense. Buy this for your jerk friends. They will love it as well old, racist grandparents. I know you've got one.
  711. Lumage
    ehh Three Men in a Boat?
  712. Trinitro21
  713. Lumage
  714. RealTiP
    good job, Autz
  715. MasterR3C0RD
    Something about racismUhhhhA movie?Or game?
  716. Trinitro21
    actually didactic after i looked that word up
  717. Autz64
    now i need to sabe the scores
  718. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  719. Autz64
  720. Lumage
    the bible
  721. MasterR3C0RD
  722. Trinitro21
    kek no
  723. MasterR3C0RD
    Is it a book?
  724. Trinitro21
  725. MasterR3C0RD
    So a book about racism
  726. Trinitro21
  727. Lumage
    mein kampf
  728. Trinitro21
  729. MasterR3C0RD
    A Practical Guide to Racism
  730. Trinitro21
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/1592404308/ ding
  731. MasterR3C0RD
    Alright I have one>5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars >By Rayon March 18, 2017 >I put this in place of my car battery 10 years ago and haven't had to change it since!
  732. Lumage
    mein kampf
  733. MasterR3C0RD
  734. Trinitro21
    oh i actually have that one open2500 9 Volt Camelion Alkaline Batteries
  735. MasterR3C0RD
  736. Trinitro21
    this one is kind of a giveaway but>5.0 out of 5 starsHow cute is this kitten? Awesome! >ByRobon December 21, 2015 >I really needed to find out how my Zombie fighting cat came to be and every time I read this book it's a different adventure!
  737. Lumage
    mein kampf
  738. MasterR3C0RD
    Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
  739. Trinitro21
  740. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  741. MasterR3C0RD
    Welp, I guess you'll be fucked then
  742. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  743. Trinitro21
  744. Lumage
    don't say sw- swears
  745. MasterR3C0RD
    >3.0 out of 5 stars Not what expected. >By Addicted to Amazon on May 11, 2017 >Was kind of funny but mostly everyone rolled their eyes. Asked for too many repetitive descriptions.
  746. Lumage
    "you are a kitten"
  747. LacksHead Admin
    Out of nowhere I just started throwing up...mGod I hate this
  748. Trinitro21
    >5.0 out of 5 stars Jesus HAS to love this book... >So. Much. Fun. >My friends and I not only tried some of the moves, but got an amazing ab workout because we laughed so hard. Pretty sure Jesus was laughing with us...guess that product
  749. Lumage
    mein kampfP-50 Flex
  750. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  751. Lumage
    uh nowaitKung-Fu Jesus?
  752. Trinitro21
  753. Lumage
    sounds like a real thingoh it's a bookidksome martial arts or dance guide
  754. Trinitro21
    you were close
  755. Lumage
    featuring jesus christ
  756. Trinitro21
    oh you got therehttps://www.amazon.com/dp/0762444142/
  757. MasterR3C0RD
    Tae-Kwon-Do with JEsusThatNop*nohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESx_hy1n7HA
  758. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    jesus is our...blackbelt
  759. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  760. MasterR3C0RD
    Jesus = cancerous brain tumor that needs to be removed
  761. Trinitro21
    >5.0 out of 5 starsThis book will save your life! >This book is the best garden gnome defense book I have ever read! Thanks to this book I have already fortified my home by creating a moat, securing my gardening implements and set several strategic quicksand traps! The best piece of advice is to hide a second bicycle as part of my escape plan. This book will save your life!!!
  762. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  763. MasterR3C0RD
    How to protect your house from garden nomes?*gnomes
  764. Trinitro21
  765. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  766. MasterR3C0RD
    That one was ridiculously obvious
  767. Trinitro21
    i know
  768. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  769. MasterR3C0RD
    https://www.amazon.com/dp/158008463XAnyways, I gtg\o
  770. RealTiP
  771. Autz64 has left the chat.
  772. Trinitro21
    >1.0 out of 5 stars Taste like cardboard with a consistency of saw dust >Taste like cardboard with a consistency of saw dust. No BBQ flavor that I could pickup. Suggest buying the none flavored pack it taste better
  773. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  774. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  775. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  776. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  777. Trinitro21
    guess that product
  778. RealTiP
    paint sealant
  779. Trinitro21
  780. RealTiP
    ohk...i know what this is
  781. Trinitro21
    what is it
  782. RealTiP
    >'cos i cheated>usin' google
  783. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  784. Trinitro21
    tastes like it, yeah
  785. Lumage
    pizza bagel
  786. RealTiP
    bbq mixed bugs...yum.
  787. Trinitro21
  788. andritolion says "Randy?"
  789. andritolion says "Randomouscrap?"
  790. andritolion asks "Why was the site down earlier?"
  791. RealTiP
    i hear a tiny voice
  792. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...probably nothing.
  793. RealTiP
    yea... i'll just ignore it for now
  794. andritolion says "It's me!!!"
  795. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  796. andritolion says "No, dorito!"
  797. RealTiP
    we already have a dorito here
  798. Trinitro21
    doritos taste good
  799. andritolion says "No, Andritolion...
  800. andritolion says "Random?"
  801. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    once upon a time, random wasn't here.THE END
  802. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  803. RealTiP
    fav story
  804. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  805. RealTiP
    gets a +1 on google
  806. andritolion says "Why is he there?"
  807. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  808. andritolion says "He is in the userlist."
  809. Lumage
    and yet you aren'tdesu
  810. andritolion says "I'm talking about Randy..."
  811. RealTiP
    Hey, RandomI just wanted you to know...
  812. andritolion says "lol"
  813. RealTiP
    ...that this is my 8000th message on chat :3yey
  814. andritolion says "yay."
  815. RealTiP
    lets go partayjk...i'll be quiet now
  816. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    this is my 39326th message
  817. Trinitro21
    >2.0 out of 5 stars This is much too large to fit in my mouth ... >This is much too large to fit in my mouth. I think it might fit in some adult mouths, but not all! guess that product
  818. andritolion has a count of 12495 total messages. Let's not forget that /me isn't counted!"
  819. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    a....never mind
  820. andritolion says "What?"
  821. Trinitro21
  822. andritolion says "Is it a ........... Um...."
  823. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    a male human being
  824. andritolion says "The dick?"
  825. andritolion says "lol"
  826. Trinitro21
    and you have fallen into my baitit's not
  827. RealTiP
    pfff my score is so insignificant.
  828. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ironically your avatar looks like a pedophile
  829. Trinitro21
  830. andritolion says "lolol"
  831. Trinitro21
  832. andritolion says "Did u mean kek?"
  833. Lumage
  834. RealTiP
    i would like some kake*cake
  835. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  836. andritolion says "kek"
  837. Trinitro21
    neither my avatar nor the product are in any way inappropriate
  838. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  839. RealTiP
  840. andritolion says "How 'bout keke?"
  841. andritolion says "I mean cake"
  842. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    look at my avatar, looks innocent but what is the face pointing to...off-camera?
  843. RealTiP
    reminds me of the fox and the hound scene
  844. andritolion says "Girl fox"
  845. andritolion says "I bet."
  846. RealTiP
    with the 'milk' squirts
  847. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    w....i don't think lee is a fox
  848. andritolion says "Raccoon?"
  849. RealTiP
    it just reminds me of that scene
  850. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    OH i see what you're talking about
  851. RealTiP
    cos the mask, the mouth, and the eyes
  852. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  853. andritolion says "U see how it can be a fox?"
  854. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  855. andritolion says "Or racoon?"
  856. andritolion *raccoon
  857. andritolion says "Chem, your avatar reminds me of Tails..."
  858. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i hate....me
  859. Trinitro21
  860. andritolion says "Huh?"
  861. Trinitro21
  862. RealTiP
  863. Trinitro21
    nothing inappropriate kek
  864. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  865. Trinitro21
  866. RealTiP
  867. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  868. RealTiP
    flip flop fru
  869. andritolion says "lol"
  870. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    don't go booping in my agglhu
  871. RealTiP
  872. Trinitro21
    the other part of the urlhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PAGGLHU/ B00PAGGLHU
  873. andritolion is making a list of music he should download.
  874. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    say that out loud lmao
  875. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  876. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  877. andritolion says "Say what?"
  878. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  879. Guzzler829
    I'm gonna take some pictures of small things tomorrow(If I even have time)
  880. RealTiP
    i also like birds
  881. andritolion is gonna download 100 tracks of music tomorrow and add metadata with MusicBrainz Picard.
  882. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  883. andritolion will look up the metadata and make MusicBrainz put it all automatically.
  884. andritolion uses http://www.flvto.biz/ to convert music.
  885. Trinitro21
  886. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  887. andritolion says bye.
  888. RealTiP
    luvya trinny
  889. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  890. andritolion says "Hello?"
  891. andritolion says "Anyone here?"
  892. andritolion has entered the chat.
  893. andritolion
  894. andritolion has left the chat.
  895. andritolion says "TiP, can you hear me?"
  896. RealTiP
    unfortunately, yesneed something?
  897. andritolion says "Is it bad to copy music?"
  898. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  899. andritolion says "Huh?"
  900. RealTiP
    yesthat is called p i racyyyy
  901. andritolion says "What if I just use it for personal use?"
  902. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    OBJECTION!personal use is fine...for one copy
  903. andritolion says "I'm ripping it off Youtube... That's how ALL of my songs are ..."
  904. RealTiP
    well then those are okayyy
  905. andritolion says "I keep one copy on OneDrive."
  906. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  907. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  908. andritolion loves free music...
  909. andritolion says "Well, not exactly free..."
  910. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  911. andritolion says "The only time I actually got a free copy of music legally without a subscription is when I got a deal for buy one album, get another free.
  912. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  913. andritolion asks "Chem, why do you go in/out?"
  914. andritolion has a dripping nose...
  915. andritolion turns to the other side of the bed.
  916. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  917. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  918. andritolion wonders why does Chem always leave then come back 10 seconds later...
  919. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  920. andritolion says "I wonder what Disney is gonna do because of WannaCry..."
  921. andritolion says "I heard it encrypted one of their movies..."
  922. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  923. Lumage
    "Mutation type" is a good phrase
  924. andritolion says "Yay! Spider can't hear me!"
  925. andritolion says "Don't respond to him!!!"
  926. RealTiP wonders if andritolion knows i can't see his /mes in pms
  927. andritolion says "What is pms?"
  928. Chemicalex Chemicalex Chemicalex
  929. RealTiP also wonders if andritolion knows /mes don't give notifications
  930. andritolion /me /me
  931. andritolion 's /me engine /me/me
  932. andritolion says "lol"
  933. andritolion needs a NAS other than his aging laptop he calls a NAS.
  934. RealTiP RealTiPped RealTiP's RealTiPs.
  935. andritolion says "New
  936. andritolion says "???"
  937. andritolion says "Hello?"
  938. andritolion says "Randy?"
  939. Chemicalex Chemicalex'd Chemicalex's Chemicalex
  940. andritolion andritolioned andritolion's andritolions
  941. RealTiP is surprised and disappointed. He can't wait 'til Chemicalex hears about what Chemicalex did to Chemicalex's Chemicalex
  942. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  943. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  944. andritolion says "I'm coughing! Alot!"
  945. RealTiP says: "You ain't doin' it right, whippasnappah!"
  946. andritolion says "Huh?"
  947. RealTiP
  948. andritolion noticed blood in his cough... (jk)
  949. RealTiP says: "Whippasnappahs, these days. Alot o' 'em too! Whippaspappahs!"
  950. andritolion si
  951. andritolion says "Hello?"
  952. RealTiP says "Buh-bye!"
  953. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  954. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  955. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  956. RealTiP has left the chat.
  957. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  958. Lacks has left the chat.
  959. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  960. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  961. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  962. NecroStudios has entered the chat.
  963. NecroStudios
    How do I submit a program?
  964. Lumage
    go to uhh submissions and scroll down
  965. NecroStudios
  966. NecroStudios has left the chat.
  967. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  968. Lumage has left the chat.
  969. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  970. GoodGameGod
    WowThat's a foreshadowing message on SBSIn dark red too."The website is currently experiencing email issues. You cannot register new accounts or change your password right now."That's a lot of people doing nothing.Were you all waiting for me?Aww
  971. GoodGameGod knows that's a lie
  972. RealTiP
    dun dun dunyes>I was waiting anyways>mwahahahahafinedon't chat with me :ii'll just talk withmeh best browith his messed up fezhis cheap sideways fez
  973. GoodGameGod
    Hey tip>I was on another tab lol>It happenzfine don't chat with me :i
  974. GoodGameGod lol
  975. RealTiP
    ohk\bye:Ithe tab strikes back
  976. GoodGameGod
    Heh heh3DSController is being a bitchD-pad inputs are being assigned to the keys 2468Instead of the arrow keys.=/I have them on the right inputs...LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN...I'll have to ask someone when I get the chance tomorrow...
  977. randomouscrap
  978. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  979. GoodGameGod
    Hey randomBye randomThat was random
  980. RealTiP
    HEEYYYY RANDOM BEST BUDDYoh.he left.thirteen minutes ago.
  981. GoodGameGod
    I'm here!We have to stop this miss, talk, miss, talk thing lol.I wonder if anyone will know who this is...
  982. GoodGameGod probably not
  983. RealTiP
  984. GoodGameGod
    You watch dorkly?I always enjoyed his workThe older stuff was really funny
  985. RealTiP
    not really... (not often)
  986. GoodGameGod
    Oh, lolWhat do you like to watch?
  987. RealTiP
    i have no idea how to describe what i watch.
  988. GoodGameGod
    That's ether really good, or really badlol
  989. RealTiP
  990. GoodGameGod
    I like danger Dolan, game theory, and animators like theodd1sout, Jaiden animations, timtom, etc.
  991. RealTiP
    well, i guess we're the same xD
  992. GoodGameGod
    And a bunch of other things about hacking, and programming.Lol
  993. RealTiP
    hmm, hobby based vids tooi do the same :)
  994. GoodGameGod
    Cool, cool
  995. RealTiP
    Yoyos and things
  996. GoodGameGod
    I outta learn something like using Yo-yos...I'd like to learn piano.
  997. RealTiP
  998. GoodGameGod
    That'd be a fun hobby
  999. RealTiP
    yoyos are best skill toy
  1000. GoodGameGod
    To me, anyway...I feel the need to learn how to play a musical instrument.Yo-yo's take skillSkill I have not in that department. =P
  1001. RealTiP
    right next to return tops, and bandaloresbest skill toys(they are all yoyos)
  1002. GoodGameGod
    You know you're yo-yosDo you do performances and stuff? Or is it just a personal hobby.
  1003. RealTiP
    i do both
  1004. GoodGameGod
    SweetI think the only thing I'm good at skill-wise (As in toys) is probably LEGOs*LEGOI was pretty good when I was youngerI don't play with them much anymore...Not enough room in my room to really set up a table to spread them out on...Also I used a ton of them to build a 3DS recording stand
  1005. RealTiP
    legos are best toy
  1006. GoodGameGod
    ^TrulyI also liked playing with knightsThe well-made kindStill plastic, but with lots of detail, and they were like, $15 each sooo...They were niceIt's funny, but I didn't grow up liking many toys.Aside from building toys like LEGO, I played outside a lot, we had 4 acers or forest, so there was always an advancer to be had.
  1007. Omiwa I wish someone I ed were here
  1008. GoodGameGod
    I'm here>Not sure what "I ed" meansFunny, usually perska is hiding...
  1009. RealTiP
  1010. GoodGameGod
    I'm going to go watch anime now>I should program, but, I won't.Cya
  1011. RealTiP
  1012. GoodGameGod
    WtfMan, is my luck really this bad?I left a light on in the truck; I go to get the keys to unlock the car; the door is locked; I go back into my room to get the keys for the door; I get the keys for the truck, but I'm concerned the car being unlocked will wake up mom; so after all that, I go back to return the keys; I step in a puddle of water, soaking my right foot entirely; I put the keys back and head to my room, with my wet foot; then I can't find any socks, and I forgot to lock the door back up; I go inside looking everywhere for a pair of socks; I end up having to put on my brother's socks; why do I have no luck?
  1013. RealTiP
  1014. GoodGameGod
    Poor melolI'm surprised, your usually asleep by nowoh rightSaturday huh?
  1015. RealTiP
    yepTotal messages: 8065 (0.53%, #32) || Beat that, TripleG.
  1016. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  1017. GoodGameGod when did it become competitive lmao
  1018. AnswerXOX
    Total messages: 29848 (1.96%, #17) || Beat that
  1019. RealTiP a very long tim ago
  1020. RealTiP
    TIIMMheyo XoX
  1021. AnswerXOX
  1022. GoodGameGod
    Total messages: 7084 (0.46%, #34) Beat thatOh you didcrap
  1023. AnswerXOX
  1024. GoodGameGod
  1025. RealTiP
  1026. AnswerXOX
    My account is only slightly older than yours, so it kinda makes sense
  1027. GoodGameGod
    I swear one of these night, I'm just going to create a PM room with tdos
  1028. RealTiP
    How old?
  1029. GoodGameGod
    And just type random shit
  1030. RealTiP
    And where to check?
  1031. AnswerXOX
    Hover over my name
  1032. GoodGameGod
  1033. AnswerXOX
    and it'll say when I joined
  1034. GoodGameGod
    With mouse
  1035. AnswerXOX
  1036. RealTiP
    odd. it says i "Joined: 10/16/2015"oh pfff2015
  1037. GoodGameGod
    I joined not that long ago ironically...Even though I've had SB since about early 2015.
  1038. RealTiP
    Consider me your SmilePapa.
  1039. AnswerXOX
    Joined: 2016-01-16I guess my account is one year old at least :P
  1040. GoodGameGod
    Joined: ‎5‎/‎27‎/‎2016Noob is me
  1041. AnswerXOX
    You've been on for almost a year nowit'll be your birthday in 6 days :)
  1042. RealTiP
    five more months...
  1043. GoodGameGod
    Mm...I suppose that's true huh?
  1044. RealTiP
    and I'll get the legendary unspoken Avatar badge
  1045. GoodGameGod
    Now that I think about it, I'm pretty active...
  1046. AnswerXOX
    I think I've gotten thatactually
  1047. RealTiP
    two years without changing your avatar...
  1048. AnswerXOX
  1049. GoodGameGod
    Is that real?>I don't think that's real
  1050. RealTiP
    who knows?
  1051. AnswerXOX
    >nvm lol
  1052. GoodGameGod
    Fair point
  1053. RealTiP
    I'll just never change my avatar, anyways :P
  1054. GoodGameGod
    I have a serious desire to obtain the "Deep sleep" badge...
  1055. RealTiP
  1056. GoodGameGod
    Even though, that'll never happen
  1057. RealTiP
    Autz has it :I
  1058. GoodGameGod
    ^I know a few more people have it too actually...I can't remember who...
  1059. RealTiP
    I wonder if he tried to get it, or just did accidentally...
  1060. GoodGameGod
    The latter I'd betAnybody who's interested in getting it, is probably an active user, thus won't ever get it lol.
  1061. RealTiP
    I'd like to be the only person with a two year no-avatar change...I'm just five months away
  1062. AnswerXOX
    That's quite a heavy task to put upon yourself
  1063. GoodGameGod
  1064. RealTiP
    but then you realize I have only changed my avatar during my first week. >mwahahaha
  1065. GoodGameGod
    I have the silver badge, but not the taboo one...
  1066. AnswerXOX
    I have the RNG badge
  1067. RealTiP
    I... don't
  1068. AnswerXOX
    *only a 0.02% drop chance*
  1069. GoodGameGod
    I do toooooooooooooo
  1070. RealTiP
    wanna drop "subtle" hints?
  1071. GoodGameGod
    It's a cruel badge to getSureBut XOX kind of gave it away lmao
  1072. RealTiP
    so... i have a chance to get it just by being logged in? or making a post?
  1073. GoodGameGod
    Anything I think
  1074. AnswerXOX
    It just happens
  1075. GoodGameGod
  1076. RealTiP
  1077. GoodGameGod
    It's a bitch to get in that regard...Same with robot
  1078. RealTiP
    I've been here for one and a half years... but I haven't seen any hidden badges pop up
  1079. AnswerXOX
  1080. GoodGameGod
    >Robot because nobody says how to get it, and just gives a crappy hint.
  1081. RealTiP
    just banana
  1082. GoodGameGod
    I still don't know how banana is obtained...
  1083. AnswerXOX
    I got that as well
  1084. GoodGameGod
    Everyone says it's an image thing, but...That makes no sense to me.
  1085. AnswerXOX
    There's a special thing you have to do
  1086. RealTiP
    really? special?
  1087. GoodGameGod
  1088. RealTiP
    never noticed xD
  1089. AnswerXOX
  1090. GoodGameGod
    I would have never guessed, I thought I needed to do something non-speciallol
  1091. RealTiP
    idk how i even banana'd
  1092. GoodGameGod
    Sarcasm: Something you use instead of punches
  1093. AnswerXOX
  1094. RealTiP
    >Herro! I does art and stuff. I'm most likely the least experienced old "pruhgremmer" here, but I get things done. >I'm free most of the time, and I love creating graphics/sprites and whatnot, so if you ever need a beautiful (or not) hand crafted job, ask meh. >I also linger around the site suspiciously whilst being unnoticed... but that's not important.
  1095. GoodGameGod
    I wonder if it involves using images in the chat, or forums
  1096. RealTiP
    self promocan't notice this.
  1097. AnswerXOX
    >I'll do something... if I want to...self promo
  1098. RealTiP
  1099. GoodGameGod
    Sprite-ing is a skill yo.I want to change what my profile says, because it kind of feels like a life story lmao
  1100. RealTiP
    I really am one of the least experienced old programmers here xD
  1101. GoodGameGod
    >It's way to long, it's cringe.Hahaha
  1102. RealTiP
    I don't do much either :P
  1103. AnswerXOX
    Really? How unexperienced would you say you are?
  1104. RealTiP
    not very unexperienced any more*anymore
  1105. GoodGameGod
    There's always someone above you, and the same can be said about someone below you.
  1106. RealTiP
    I'm actually quite good now
  1107. GoodGameGod
    Just saying.You're better then him: http://smilebasicsource.com/page?pid=747
  1108. RealTiP
    the only things I don't touch is audio... but I don't care about audio so whatever
  1109. AnswerXOX
    I have a weird technique for programmingIt's kind of like I favour flexibility> where I can just plug things in wherever
  1110. RealTiP
    same :P
  1111. GoodGameGod
    I want to learn audio, and music making, so that I can help out programmers who aren't as good at it.Like Nathaniel.
  1112. RealTiP
    gonna update meh little tree badge now
  1113. GoodGameGod
    >He uses the default audio, so maybe he's good at it?>idkYou have the tree badge?
  1114. RealTiP
    "E X P E R T"
  1115. GoodGameGod
    Oh, nvmlolI though you were talking about the "Good page" badge
  1116. AnswerXOX
    'Where all the magic happens DEF _MAIN _INIT WHILE TRUE _UPDATE _DRAW WEND END 'Initialize stuff here DEF _INIT END 'Update any coroutines or something here DEF _UPDATE END 'Graphics commands go here or something DEF _DRAW END _MAIN
  1117. RealTiP
    i dont do forums much
  1118. GoodGameGod
    It looks like a tree...
  1119. AnswerXOX
    kind of a template I use for making programs in SmileBASIC now
  1120. GoodGameGod
    Damn your smart Answer.
  1121. AnswerXOX
    R-really?lolI just
  1122. RealTiP
    >I do the same :P
  1123. GoodGameGod
    -_->You know it
  1124. RealTiP
    >PRAISE ME FEWLS >>>jk.
  1125. GoodGameGod
    >I mean in general btw
  1126. AnswerXOX
    >I just like to keep things organized :POh thanks :#:3
  1127. GoodGameGod
    >Smarter then me =P>Which isn't an achievement lmao
  1128. RealTiP
    >not me tho mwahahahah >>> jk
  1129. AnswerXOX
    I feel gross for using two billion imports in my programs in Lua rather than keep it all in one file :P
  1130. GoodGameGod
    There are at least one hundred accounts like this: http://smilebasicsource.com/user/jjjjjwtfhttp://smilebasicsource.com/user/Backup
  1131. RealTiP
  1132. AnswerXOX
    ewwwwww, labels
  1133. GoodGameGod
    And some that were made as 2nd accounts for people, which broke the rules
  1134. AnswerXOX
  1135. GoodGameGod I still use gosub, so...
  1136. GoodGameGod offended
  1137. GoodGameGod so harsh lol
  1138. RealTiP
    Use DEF, lad!
  1139. GoodGameGod
    I can't use a gosub inside a def
  1140. AnswerXOX
    *or COMMON DEF**depending if you're making a lib or not*
  1141. GoodGameGod
    Don't hit me for saying that lmao
  1142. RealTiP
    >also for/of
  1143. GoodGameGod
    Until I figure out...More, it's easier.
  1144. RealTiP
    >in meh /codeWanna praise my PTC tactics?
  1145. GoodGameGod
    Mmm...You may be better then me code wise, without knowing it tip. =P
  1146. AnswerXOX
    I loved PTC, then I tried SmileBASIC, then I hated PTC :P
  1147. RealTiP
  1148. GoodGameGod
    I never had PTC...
  1149. RealTiP
  1150. AnswerXOX
    It was a painful experience
  1151. RealTiP
    freaken newbjk
  1152. AnswerXOX
    Trust me, you don't want to touch that underpowered and slow beat
  1153. GoodGameGod
    It was nice that there seem to have been more...Relaxed copyright policies.
  1154. RealTiP
    thats like the old veterans' dead mans' land.
  1155. AnswerXOX
  1156. GoodGameGod
    Since you used QR codes for games if I'm thinking correctly
  1157. AnswerXOX
    woah woah woahthat was shit
  1158. RealTiP
    QR for games was badtook FOREVER
  1159. AnswerXOX
    >but I also liked it at the same time in case no internetz
  1160. GoodGameGod
    I agree, I'm just saying it wasn't copyrighted
  1161. RealTiP
    true, but you needed internet to look it up
  1162. GoodGameGod
    I like the idea of sharing a QR code locally though
  1163. RealTiP
    US Copyrights are in place the time a work is created
  1164. GoodGameGod
    "Go to [place] to download [awesome game]"
  1165. RealTiP
    You registrar for a copyright for infringement and legal stuff
  1166. GoodGameGod
    It would be interesting if SB had a (More complex obviously) QR code system.
  1167. AnswerXOX
  1168. GoodGameGod
    Oh, okay then. @Tip
  1169. RealTiP
    The QR idea was "bleck".
  1170. GoodGameGod
    Let me put it this way:
  1171. RealTiP
    shhh my english not native tonuge
  1172. AnswerXOX
    Imagine if someone put watermarks on their QR codeslol
  1173. RealTiP
    some did ;-;halfway thru, they slap a watermark on their codeon the freakin' 43rd QR, you couldn't continue scanning ;-;
  1174. GoodGameGod
    10 years (Probably less) from now, you probably won't be able to upload games to SB, if you recall, Nintendo shut down internet stuff for the DSI, and then the WII, so somewhere down the line, the 3DS will be too.That's pretty far away, but I like the idea that people could still play SB games through another means.
  1175. RealTiP
    well, if you has homebrew, you're safe-ish
  1176. GoodGameGod
    Maybe homebrew...
  1177. RealTiP
    'cos trinny made a thinglike artificial smilebasic servers
  1178. GoodGameGod
  1179. RealTiP
    with preservatives
  1180. GoodGameGod
    lolLots of smileJAM
  1181. RealTiP
    natural coloring, too
  1182. GoodGameGod
    Okay, akame ga kill is getting interesting, BRB
  1183. RealTiP
    processed in Chinese Smithy Food Inc.>IN
  1184. AnswerXOX
  1185. RealTiP
  1186. AnswerXOX
  1187. GoodGameGod
    Wtf with that last oneFor all the people out there, you don't make an account for you're birthday only.
  1188. RealTiP
  1189. AnswerXOX
    https://youtu.be/XBZWwRMF_o4 just... why...the keys were taken down for a perfectly valid reasonthis person doesn't know what he's doing
  1190. RealTiP
    cos canalso cos dum
  1191. AnswerXOX
    >It also feels like he's giving away something that's perfectly open-source for subscribers -_-
  1192. RealTiP
    ikr>i was beta tester for fnafsb... but the first release only...>the first release doesn't have much...
  1193. AnswerXOX
    He also doesn't know how to use unlisted vidoes*videoswhen they're directed towards certain peopleso I can basically just plunge into what he's doing, but I'm not going to do that
  1194. RealTiP
    mmmthe comments are funny tho"retro gamer" constantly asks for a reupload (lel)
  1195. AnswerXOX
    he made a lets-play of smilebasic once
  1196. RealTiP
    then claims that he made it
  1197. AnswerXOX
    omfg, the comments were hilarious
  1198. RealTiP
  1199. AnswerXOX
    wait, he calimed to make it*claimedI FEEL SO FUCKING TRIGGERED RN
  1200. RealTiP
    ikrit was hylian, for anybody who doesn't happen to know...Hylian's the best... yey.
  1201. AnswerXOX
    >tfw you love your own comment
  1202. RealTiP
    pfffi had the first copy. all it had was the background, and blank ineccessible cameras
  1203. AnswerXOX
    I feel like shitting on him, but I'll look like a cyberbully ;-;
  1204. RealTiP
    i think the doors were toggle-able though^
  1205. AnswerXOX
    I literally found the definition of clickbaitREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  1206. RealTiP
    REEE?everything youtube is just badnow, anywaysremember the old youtube?
  1207. AnswerXOX
    You know, I loved those Youtube poops :Pthey filled me with such joyhttps://youtu.be/RM6EHcPFKCQ
  1208. RealTiP quentions, but backs off
  1209. AnswerXOX
    https://youtu.be/I0gXomy5Dxw this fills me with happiness
  1210. RealTiP
    too bad my speakers don't work...
  1211. AnswerXOX
    it would probably break them if it hadn't already lo*lol
  1212. RealTiP
  1213. AnswerXOX
    I wonder if people make userscripts for SBS
  1214. GoodGameGod
    >I scrolled up
  1215. RealTiP
    userscripts...?i am not familiar with said term
  1216. AnswerXOX
    Basically just plugins that you inject into a site
  1217. GoodGameGod
    Wtf, he posted his own comment anyway
  1218. RealTiP
  1219. GoodGameGod
    I can't even get 64 views on a single one of my videos...This is wrong.lol
  1220. AnswerXOX
    The most I've ever gotten is 124 viewsand I didn't deserve it
  1221. RealTiP
    what was your vid?
  1222. AnswerXOX
    it was a terribly recorded watermark filled Minecraft lets-play
  1223. RealTiP
    hehi feel like watchingwithout sound :P
  1224. AnswerXOX
    I took it down a while backit was garbage basically
  1225. RealTiP
  1226. AnswerXOX
    What if I told you
  1227. GoodGameGod
    If I had noly used clickbait...But I'm not a jerkHmm...*Only
  1228. AnswerXOX
  1229. GoodGameGod
    >I'm not calling people who do it jerks fyi
  1230. RealTiP
  1231. AnswerXOX
    >they are>fyi
  1232. RealTiP
  1233. AnswerXOX
  1234. RealTiP
  1235. GoodGameGod
    They're false advertising...And a pain for people who were interested. (Me)
  1236. RealTiP
    mhmmWOAH MY EYEShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk_MNhwdQCsthat is trippy
  1237. GoodGameGod
    WhoaEverything spinny
  1238. AnswerXOX
    trips on fidget spinner
  1239. GoodGameGod
    1: Get a life2: Unless the spinner is your life3: Fidget cubes are gay, buy a spinner instead
  1240. RealTiP
    this is crazy trippy
  1241. GoodGameGod
    It gave me a headache thoughnot fun
  1242. RealTiP
    i keep watching the video, and its starting to freak me out
  1243. GoodGameGod
    My eyes kind of hurt too.
  1244. RealTiP
    its like being dizzy but not
  1245. GoodGameGod
    Mm...I feel car sick
  1246. RealTiP
    i feel ver y uncoordinated*very
  1247. GoodGameGod
    >I'm not going to throw up, it's just the feeling of a headache
  1248. RealTiP
    wooahbaby is that weird>seventh goI'm starting to not see thingsi think thats a sign to stop"meh."
  1249. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1250. lilstrubel
    good morning :)
  1251. RealTiP
    morning2 in the morning
  1252. lilstrubel
    It's 2 in the morning where you live???
  1253. RealTiP
  1254. lilstrubel
    @RealTiP I'm making a game for Smile Basic where you drink juice.... that's it.... you get money for drinking juice and use that money to buy more juice...
  1255. RealTiP
    sounds neat
  1256. lilstrubel
    Thanks! Are you doing anything for the contest? :)
  1257. RealTiP
    prolly not
  1258. lilstrubel
    I'm not either
  1259. GoodGameGod
    I amnotmaybeishif I can get my shit together and finish it
  1260. RealTiP
    ^pretty much the same here
  1261. GoodGameGod
    I have no idea why, but it's as if I start a project, and then I get bored and want to move to a different oneThese contests aren't good for me lol
  1262. lilstrubel
    same here xD
  1263. RealTiP
    ^At least I can program fairly quickly tho
  1264. GoodGameGod
    That takes skill.I can'tI like to take my time
  1265. RealTiP
    i like to know what I'm gonna do exactlythen boom! done.>like boom but more boom!GoodGameGod Maybeee
  1266. GoodGameGod
    When I'm passionate, it gets done faster
  1267. RealTiP
    pfffi can't even type /pmtrue
  1268. GoodGameGod
    lol, probably doesn't matter too much, as long as he doesn't change it to something worse
  1269. RealTiP
    you have more willpower, the anti-lazy/tired/bored
  1270. GoodGameGod
    I guess I can't say "His avatar is annoying, ban him!"lolI don't really get bored, I do sometimes get lazy
  1271. RealTiP
  1272. GoodGameGod
    But I think tiered sums it up
  1273. RealTiP
  1274. GoodGameGod
    I get annoyed when I can't figure something out, so I get back to it laterlater
  1275. RealTiP
    didya hear of Autz' game?
  1276. GoodGameGod
    a little laterlol
  1277. RealTiP
  1278. GoodGameGod
    No I haven't...I think
  1279. RealTiP
    Its a top-down shooter
  1280. GoodGameGod
    Oh yeah, it had straw barry
  1281. RealTiP
    I somewhat influenced it :) by giving TiPs and Suggestions
  1282. GoodGameGod
  1283. RealTiP
    It sounds pretty good so far
  1284. GoodGameGod
    It looks pretty goodI can't wait for thrust to be finishedMy money is on that game winning
  1285. RealTiP
    i've seen something like thrust before
  1286. GoodGameGod
    It might be second though, a lot of people seem to be making some good entries.And then there's mine lol
  1287. RealTiP
    I felt like doing something... but then I lost my grip on that idea
  1288. GoodGameGod
    It happens>a lot
  1289. RealTiP
    I'd make a 3D boss fight...
  1290. GoodGameGod
    >to meThat would be cool
  1291. RealTiP
    where you play as a paraglider or whatever
  1292. GoodGameGod
    People seem to like the 3D stuff
  1293. RealTiP
    but I feel like only having one boss fight
  1294. lilstrubel
    I liked the raycaster
  1295. GoodGameGod
    I find it funny, it's as if smileBASIC is slowly crossing over into the 3D scene just like games like DOOM did.
  1296. RealTiP
    if my game only works on n3ds, is that okay? xD
  1297. GoodGameGod
    >DOOM wasn't technically 3D but whatecerYou might not get as many votes...Since not as many people have a n3DS
  1298. RealTiP
  1299. lilstrubel
    Smile Basic has so much capability I feel like. I never knew you could transfer images from PC to Smile Basic! Who knows what else you could do
  1300. RealTiP
    i guess ill get started
  1301. GoodGameGod
    There is a poll somewhere that addressed how many people owned a n3DS and an o3DS...
  1302. lilstrubel
    I own both :)
  1303. RealTiP
    SBS is very very limited, unfortunately
  1304. GoodGameGod
    Get started now lol?
  1305. RealTiP
  1306. GoodGameGod
    How's it limited?>At least you'll get a badge =P
  1307. RealTiP
    color spectrum, sprite sheet size
  1308. lilstrubel
    yeah that's true
  1309. RealTiP
    there is no smooth placement of text (not counting putchr())
  1310. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1311. GoodGameGod
    I must be confused...But what do you mean with SBS?
  1312. lilstrubel
    What do you mean by "Smooth Placement" :)
  1313. RealTiP
  1314. GoodGameGod
    Do you mean like pictures?
  1315. RealTiP
    i meant SB
  1316. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1317. GoodGameGod
  1318. RealTiP just noticed it's just SmileBasic... minus Source
  1319. GoodGameGod
    "SBS is very very limited, unfortunately" -RealTiP 2017
  1320. RealTiP
  1321. GoodGameGod
  1322. lilstrubel
  1323. RealTiP
    i did not say that, folks
  1324. GoodGameGod
    I'm telling lumage
  1325. RealTiP
    no, no, NO.
  1326. GoodGameGod
    heh heh
  1327. RealTiP
    I did not say that folks...
  1328. GoodGameGod
  1329. RealTiP
    theres no problem down there, folks
  1330. AnswerXOX
  1331. GoodGameGod
    >People still use that word
  1332. RealTiP
    I didn't say that
  1333. AnswerXOX
  1334. RealTiP
    I didn't do that
  1335. GoodGameGod
  1336. lilstrubel
  1337. RealTiP
    >expressive faces
  1338. AnswerXOX
    and you can probably find it in the chat logs
  1339. RealTiP
    >arm gestures
  1340. GoodGameGod
    *Picture saved**Uploaded**Going viral*
  1341. RealTiP
    never said that
  1342. GoodGameGod
  1343. RealTiP
  1344. AnswerXOX
  1345. RealTiP
    thats a common typo.VERY COMMON
  1346. AnswerXOX
    How common?
  1347. GoodGameGod
    >Not very
  1348. RealTiP
    [IIIIII ]that common
  1349. AnswerXOX
    I feel so cruel
  1350. RealTiP
    you are
  1351. AnswerXOX
    I just rammed into a police motorcycle and dragged it into that water with my car
  1352. RealTiP silently cries in a corner, hoping to has better english.
  1353. GoodGameGod
    I prefer happy games
  1354. lilstrubel
    Hey RealTiP Take a look at this... it's a website someone made with some Smile Basic projects on there :) http://goo.gl/2B3wMq
  1355. GoodGameGod
    Mario, Zelda, happy mchappiness town
  1356. RealTiP
    english ain't meh first languageI actually spoke gibberish the first thirty-seven years o' my life.
  1357. AnswerXOX
    Yo, RealTiP - here's another website with some SmileBASIC tips if you want to see https://goo.gl/N9iAGz
  1358. RealTiP
    oh goodie!thanks!*back
  1359. AnswerXOX
    I hope it helped :)
  1360. lilstrubel
  1361. RealTiP
    it was very emotional for meespecially since i have a broken audio system
  1362. AnswerXOX
  1363. lilstrubel
  1364. RealTiP
    i couldn't hear the tips, and i think the program keys were corruptedye should check on sites, befor ye give em, m8
  1365. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1366. GoodGameGod
    Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh heh @Xox
  1367. RealTiP
    oh thank goodness, its spiderlily
  1368. lilstrubel
  1369. RealTiP
    someone decent
  1370. SpiderLily
    fuck off
  1371. lilstrubel
    oh no
  1372. GoodGameGod
    I'm going to watch another episode, and then pass out
  1373. RealTiP
  1374. lilstrubel
  1375. GoodGameGod
    Nice to see you too spiderlily!> Optimistic
  1376. lilstrubel
    Hey SpiderLily cheer up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7rCyll5AeY
  1377. RealTiP
  1378. GoodGameGod
    >No, I'm being optimistic>That's...What I meant
  1379. lilstrubel
  1380. SpiderLily
    lil i dont want to watch your shitty korean videos
  1381. RealTiP 's entire mood and morning has been ruined... all 'cos the FREAKIN' INTERNET... why'd it have to host angsty pessimistic emos?! WHhhhyyyyyy!?
  1382. RealTiP
    sooo... dark souls?
  1383. SquareFingers has entered the chat.
  1384. RealTiP
    it was a good game i'm bad at.
  1385. lilstrubel
    Come on Spider... CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY jom deo himeul lae yeojaga swipge mameul jumyeon andwae geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureochi anke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP
  1386. GoodGameGod
    You can hardly see it, but it's still funnyHeh heh heh
  1387. RealTiP
    Oh wow.
  1388. lilstrubel
    LOL I see it
  1389. RealTiP
    that makes me feel so much better
  1390. GoodGameGod
    I can be cruel to. ;)
  1391. RealTiP
    top drawer, my dear lad. top drawer.
  1392. GoodGameGod
    Soooo there...Wha?
  1393. RealTiP
    I'll get you one day >:Dand I'llabuse your promise of a free pizza
  1394. GoodGameGod
  1395. RealTiP
    i'll leave a tipand ask for the pizza to be gluten-free
  1396. GoodGameGod
    That's sickSo evil lol
  1397. RealTiP
  1398. GoodGameGod
    >Plz stopz
  1399. RealTiP
    when your not looking...
  1400. GoodGameGod
    Gawd naw
  1401. RealTiP
    i'll drink your beverages straight from the pitcher
  1402. lilstrubel
    Here Spidey. lol CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY 좀 더 힘을 내 여자가 쉽게 맘을 주면 안돼 그래야 니가 날 더 좋아하게 될걸 태연하게 연기할래 아무렇지 않게 내가 널 좋아하는 맘 모르게 Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP
  1403. GoodGameGod
    ...We sell canned juices ha.
  1404. SquareFingers has left the chat.
  1405. lilstrubel
    I had to find the korean lyrics lol
  1406. AnswerXOX
    Heh, I never thought GTA could be so fun - or it could be so fun to ram into other people's cars and crash into everybody :P
  1407. lilstrubel
    I love gta
  1408. Lumage has entered the chat.
  1409. GoodGameGod
    >That's not surprising somehow...
  1410. lilstrubel
    Hi Lumage :)
  1411. AnswerXOX
  1412. RealTiP
    Herro Lum
  1413. AnswerXOX
  1414. GoodGameGod
    *Yawn* 3am, and everyone is here.
  1415. Lumage
    why are you greeting me
  1416. AnswerXOX
    It's 8:52AM here lol
  1417. GoodGameGod
    My night guard duties are over
  1418. RealTiP
    how dare ye say 3 am
  1419. lilstrubel
    same here lol
  1420. RealTiP
    its only 2:53
  1421. GoodGameGod
  1422. lilstrubel
    cause your amazing lumage lol jk'
  1423. GoodGameGod
    but whatever lol
  1424. AnswerXOX
  1425. RealTiP
    its 5 till 3
  1426. GoodGameGod
    Hey lumagelumage
  1427. RealTiP
    love ya lumage
  1428. GoodGameGod
    Look at my avatar
  1429. RealTiP
  1430. lilstrubel
    look at it xD
  1431. AnswerXOX
  1432. GoodGameGod
    Don't time correct me lol
  1433. RealTiP
    common typo
  1434. GoodGameGod
    Dis wat u git
  1435. AnswerXOX
    uncommon typi*typo
  1436. RealTiP
  1437. GoodGameGod
  1438. RealTiP
    typoed typo
  1439. lilstrubel
  1440. GoodGameGod
    that's gold
  1441. lilstrubel
    Spidey are you still online?
  1442. SpiderLily
    no go away
  1443. GoodGameGod
    so nice
  1444. lilstrubel
    he's so sweet xDshe*
  1445. RealTiP
    the [Idiot] tag though...
  1446. AnswerXOX
    he's such a good friend - he's perfectly honest with people :)
  1447. GoodGameGod
    That's just his way of saying he likes you lol
  1448. lilstrubel
  1449. RealTiP
    Spiderlily, is that true?
  1450. GoodGameGod
    Why do you have an idoit tag? I didn't get that lol
  1451. AnswerXOX
    Everybody has an [Idiot] tag except for staff and myselfIt's a chatJS thing
  1452. SpiderLily
    is what true
  1453. AnswerXOX
  1454. GoodGameGod
  1455. AnswerXOX
  1456. GoodGameGod
    heh heh
  1457. lilstrubel
    I'm going to ask random if I can have an idiot tag
  1458. AnswerXOX
  1459. lilstrubel
    I need it
  1460. AnswerXOX
  1461. GoodGameGod
  1462. AnswerXOX
  1463. GoodGameGod
  1464. AnswerXOX
  1465. lilstrubel
  1466. AnswerXOX
  1467. SpiderLily
    leave random alone he doesnt need to deal with your stupidity you already know he wont do it
  1468. AnswerXOX
  1469. lilstrubel
    nonono bad spidey... cheer up CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY 좀 더 힘을 내 여자가 쉽게 맘을 주면 안돼 그래야 니가 날 더 좋아하게 될걸 태연하게 연기할래 아무렇지 않게 내가 널 좋아하는 맘 모르게 Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP
  1470. AnswerXOX
    I should stop lolREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0gXomy5Dxw
  1471. SpiderLily
    lil stop spamming this chat with korean lyrics
  1472. AnswerXOX
  1473. lilstrubel
    does spidey want english instead? Okay :) CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY Cheer up a little more A girl can’t give her heart too easily That’s how you’ll get to like me even more I’ll act calm, as if it’s nothing So you won’t know that I like you just get it together and then baby CHEER UP
  1474. AnswerXOX
  1475. SpiderLily
    you are so lucky no mods are online
  1476. AnswerXOX
    @12Me21, reviveT-T
  1477. lilstrubel
    sorry lolthat's a korean song@Answer
  1478. AnswerXOX
    IkReactOS sucks ass ._.
  1479. lilstrubel
    I should stop harassing Spidey xD
  1480. AnswerXOX
    pfffttt, you want to harass him - use the special - - marks or * * marks, and have a fun time:^)
  1481. lilstrubel
  1482. GoodGameGod
    Stop posting Korean lyrics/videos please.
  1483. lilstrubel
  1484. GoodGameGod
  1485. lilstrubel
    can I post just one more?
  1486. GoodGameGod
  1487. AnswerXOX
    Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little.
  1488. lilstrubel
  1489. AnswerXOX
    - That girl was hot. - She's my cousin! - She is? - Yes, we're all cousins.
  1490. GoodGameGod
    Wtf are you...singing?You want to see the lyrics to my favorite song? Here:........................................................................
  1491. AnswerXOX
    Wait a minute... Are you her little... ...bedbug?
  1492. GoodGameGod
    (It's instrumental)
  1493. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1494. lilstrubel
    want to see mine I'll show you the full lyrics :)maeil ullineun belbelbel ijen nareul baeryeo haejwo baeteori nangbihagin sirheo jakkuman wa jakku jakkuman wa jeonhwaga peong teojil geotman gata molla molla sumdo mot swindae na ttaemune himdeureo kung simjangi tteoreojindae wae gyae mareun na neomu yeppeudae jarang haneungeon anigu a akkaneun mot badaseo mianhae chingureul mannaneura shy shy shy mannagin jom geureoku mianhae jom itda yeollakhalge later joreujima eolma gaji anha bureuge haejulge Baby ajigeun jom illeo nae mam gatgin illeo hajiman deo boyeojullae CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY jom deo himeul lae yeojaga swipge mameul jumyeon andwae geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureochi anke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP anjeolbujeol moksoriga yeogikkaji deullyeo ttame jeojeun jeonhwagiga yeogiseodo boyeo baro baro daedaphaneun geotdo maeryeok eopseo mesijiman ilkko hwagin an haneun geon gibon eoeoeo neomu simhaenna boy ireodaga jichilkka bwa geokjeongdoegin hago eoeoeo an geureomyeon naega deo ppajil geotman gateo ppajil geotman gateo a dapjangeul mothaejwoseo mianhae chingureul mannaneura shy shy shy mannagin jom geureoku mianhae jom itda yeollakhalge later joreujima eodi gaji anha doeeojulge neoui Baby neomu ppallin sirheo seonguireul deo boyeo naega neol gidaryeojulge CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY jom deo himeul lae yeojaga swipge mameul jumyeon andwae geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureochi anke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP nado niga joha sangcheo ibeulkka bwa geokjeongdoejiman yeojanikka ihaehaejugil sok maeum deulkil kkabwa geobina jigeumcheoreom jogeumman deo dagawa geuri orae geollijin anha Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP Be a man, a real man Gotta see u love me Like a real man Be a man, a real man Gotta see u love me Like a real man CHEER UP BABY CHEER UP BABY jom deo himeul lae yeojaga swipge mameul jumyeon andwae geuraeya niga nal deo johahage doelgeol taeyeonhage yeongihallae amureochi anke naega neol johahaneun mam moreuge Just get it together And then baby CHEER UP
  1495. SpiderLily
  1496. AnswerXOX
  1497. GoodGameGod
    Please ban
  1498. lilstrubel
    omg I didn't think it swould be that big sorrysorry guys
  1499. AnswerXOX
    pastebin exists for these very reasons but still ban
  1500. GoodGameGod
    I'm no admin, but that should qualify for a temp ban please
  1501. LacksHead Admin
    The chat has spoken.
  1502. GoodGameGod lacks has been watching too much survivor lol
  1503. AnswerXOX
    - Where should I sit? - What are you? - I believe I'm the pea. - The pea?
  1504. SpiderLily
    hey atleast they finally cheered me up
  1505. AnswerXOX
    It goes under the mattresses. - Not in this fairy tale, sweetheart. - I'm getting the marshal.this is a beautiful song Wait a minute. I think I'm feeling something. - What? - I don't know. It's strong, pulling me.
  1506. GoodGameGod
    Well, goodnight!
  1507. AnswerXOX
    gn o/~
  1508. GoodGameGod
    3:12am, bedtime lol
  1509. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
  1510. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1511. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1512. Lumage
  1513. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1514. LacksHead Admin
    I feel better this morning I don't know wtf last night was about*sigh* 2 program pages made with NO public keys.
  1515. ElzoBro
    Was there an issue last night? I wasnt here lol
  1516. AnswerXOX
    Why is there an issue with the emails now?I just saw that this morning
  1517. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1518. LacksHead Admin
    I don't know what is going on. It all started with a requested name change. Sorry for crashing the server XD
  1519. GeekDude
    Someone crashed the server?
  1520. LacksHead Admin
    Yesterday when it was down. I think that was me, trying to change a user's name. Something is borked on the back end.
  1521. GeekDude
    2017-05-20 19:56:47 @randomouscrap ok there's somethign I can't fix right now so um... the website has to be broken for a bit2017-05-20 19:56:55 @randomouscrap that means no registrations and no email changes. Ugh
  1522. Lumage
    my finger hurts so baddedbad stylus holding
  1523. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1524. LacksHead Admin
    From OSU? @Lummy
  1525. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    OH Lacks yeah that's not your fault
  1526. LacksHead Admin
    I use fault in a loose, jokey term. I just found the problem is all, really.
  1527. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1528. LacksHead Admin
    I tried changing Boxycloud name, the site went down. Tried it again once the site was back up, it went down again. Lol
  1529. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1530. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1531. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1532. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1533. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1534. LacksHead Admin
    Dang it looks like rain today.Just wouldn't be may long without shit weather lol
  1535. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    it looks like rain every day up here
  1536. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1537. lilstrubel
    hi again lol
  1538. AnswerXOX
    I made a huge mistake
  1539. lilstrubel
  1540. AnswerXOX
    I went on /b/ on 4chan by mistake x.x
  1541. lilstrubel
    what's 4chan?
  1542. AnswerXOX
    ...A forum site
  1543. LacksHead Admin
    Lol avoid it and keep your innocence as long as you can.
  1544. lilstrubel
  1545. AnswerXOX
  1546. lilstrubel
    Hey Lacks why did you remove the ban??? :P
  1547. AnswerXOX
    It's temporary
  1548. LacksHead Admin
    Because an hour seemed excessive
  1549. lilstrubel
    ohWhat did I even do xD
  1550. LacksHead Admin
    Next time, tho link to the lyrics
  1551. AnswerXOX
  1552. lilstrubel
    ok hahaDo any of you go on Miiverse?Memeverse*
  1553. Omiwa oh yay at least 2.5 fun people
  1554. AnswerXOX
  1555. LacksHead Admin
    On mobile I had to scroll 3x to reach the next comment in chat. I find that disruptive
  1556. Omiwa has entered the chat.
  1557. Omiwa
  1558. LacksHead Admin
    English translations too :3
  1559. AnswerXOX
    People still use Miiverse?Hi
  1560. LacksHead Admin
    Hey there Omiwa
  1561. Omiwa
    It's gotten so late...
  1562. lilstrubel
  1563. LacksHead Admin
  1564. AnswerXOX
  1565. lilstrubel
    Did I not put english?
  1566. AnswerXOX
  1567. SpiderLily
  1568. LacksHead Admin
    You should post a link to the English lyrics instead of Korean. Since you may be the only one here capable of reading korean
  1569. Omiwa
    Both of those are late if I've stayed up all night, maybe.HII
  1570. LacksHead Admin
    U cray cray Omiwa lol
  1571. Omiwa
    lol i should stop slackinjg maybe but i am sick of working on my assihgnmentjsandja
  1572. lilstrubel
    Oh okay. Funny thing is I don't really know any Korean except for like two words xD
  1573. AnswerXOX
  1574. SpiderLily
    just dont so it sparkydo*
  1575. Omiwa
    hush not goodadvice maybe
  1576. lilstrubel
    Hi Spidey :D
  1577. SpiderLily
  1578. lilstrubel
    well that's nice...
  1579. AnswerXOX
    >there's an ignore button for a reason> *wink wink*>that sounded so cringy
  1580. SpiderLily
    hey lil can you post more lyrics for me
  1581. Omiwa
  1582. lilstrubel
    nice try xD
  1583. Omiwa
    Lilynever mind lol
  1584. lilstrubel
    Cheer up tho
  1585. SpiderLily
    hi sparky
  1586. Omiwa
    d-delete nodehello
  1587. SpiderLily
    can i speak to you privately
  1588. Omiwa
    there, all g-gone lolyes you can
  1589. lilstrubel
    who me?
  1590. Omiwa
    i did not say you may help i'm being verbally assaultedwhatthe it came back
  1591. lilstrubel
    Spidey is the cutest spiderJk
  1592. AnswerXOX
  1593. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1594. SpiderLily
    spiders are gross
  1595. Omiwa
  1596. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1597. Omiwa
    i didn't mean you btw chemcial
  1598. AnswerXOX
    you're gross
  1599. Omiwa
    or chemical
  1600. SpiderLily
    excuse me sparky i am a she not an it
  1601. lilstrubel
    They are so cute though I had a pet tarantula <3
  1602. Omiwa
    dear i was not talking to you
  1603. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ack i'm being talked to just by entering mnbbbnn
  1604. SpiderLily
    you should be talking to me
  1605. Omiwa
    remove.kebab/fishntbuti have an assignment
  1606. SpiderLily
    just dont do it
  1607. AnswerXOX
    you can ask for an extension maybe...?
  1608. SpiderLily
    dont show up the day its due
  1609. lilstrubel
    I don't know why I'm always hated on just because I like korean related stuff. It hurts my feelings a little
  1610. SpiderLily
    lil you can like your underage looking girls but no one here cares
  1611. lilstrubel
    okayI understand
  1612. Omiwa
    ummmhm i don't knowi don't think soi've had like 4 weeks to do this maybe
  1613. lilstrubel
    I love my school because we don't have any tests besides the state test meaning I don't have to study at all :D
  1614. SpiderLily
    ropes always work too
  1615. lilstrubel
    cause I'm in a behavior school :)
  1616. Omiwa
    i think korean things are good don't worry maybeespecially if they're female korean things that are cute
  1617. lilstrubel
    I don't think I need to explain why I'm in a behavior school as you probably all know already xD
  1618. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1619. lilstrubel
    right spidey?
  1620. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1621. SpiderLily
    dont talk to me when i am speaking to my other half.
  1622. lilstrubel
    why the fuck do I keep calling you spidey lol@Omiwa do you mean stuff like this?well that came out horrible
  1623. SpiderLily
  1624. lilstrubel
    that's a korean teddy bear <3
  1625. Omiwa
    i see a half pictureno loli meanasians but in girl form and koreans are part of thatsometimes
  1626. lilstrubel
    oh okay haha
  1627. SpiderLily
    sparky likes them as long as they have a maid costume on
  1628. Omiwa
    meido kawaii <3flowerstop being AWAY
  1629. LacksHead Admin
    I had a girlfriend who would wear her French maid outfit in publicShort skirt and all
  1630. Omiwa
    that's adorable maybe
  1631. SpiderLily
    will you love me if i dress up as a maid sparky
  1632. Omiwa
  1633. LacksHead Admin
    Guys would tell "you are SO fucking lucky!" At me
  1634. Omiwa
  1635. lilstrubel
  1636. Omiwa
    gosh life is so funny atmi need sleep maybe
  1637. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1638. Omiwa
  1639. SpiderLily
  1640. lilstrubel
    I got no sleep last night I barely ever get sleep.
  1641. Omiwa
    FLOWER STOPBEING AWAY OR I"LL CUT YOU WITH Xissors maybehow do you live maybe
  1642. lilstrubel
    cause I'm a man of wisdom...
  1643. Omiwa
    tres bien
  1644. lilstrubel
    I thinkHola
  1645. Omiwa
  1646. SpiderLily
    sparky stop trying to summon the devil i am a better flower than him
  1647. Omiwa
    That's messed up french not spanish lolyou kill people with your buds
  1648. LacksHead Admin
    Make sure to cut him on an angle so he can still accept water and may last a bit longer
  1649. lilstrubel
    잘 지냈어요?
  1650. Omiwa
    thatmeans you kill with your friends so obviously thats a bad influience flowerwaitso am i supposed to summon youbut you're alreadyhereFLOWER awwh it's so futile
  1651. SpiderLily
  1652. Omiwa
  1653. SpiderLily
  1654. Omiwa
    yaylilyno lolnever mind
  1655. SpiderLily
  1656. Omiwa
    hiiilily will you dress up as lumage
  1657. SpiderLily
    only if i get to strip you down first
  1658. Omiwa
    hmmlilyi'm afraid lolTime moveeees
  1659. SpiderLily
  1660. Omiwa
    time passessis that not the most horrifying thing tolearn
  1661. SpiderLily
    dont worry no matter how horrible things are it will eventually pass and then we will get married and we will be happy
  1662. lilstrubel
    @Lacks I never asked are you a boy or girl? :)
  1663. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1664. Omiwa
    FEMALEjokingI don't actually knowawwh that's cute lol
  1665. SpiderLily
    lacks is a sexy middleaged woman
  1666. lilstrubel
    @Lacks if that's the case what is your number?JK LOL
  1667. Omiwa
    i thought of something gross to reply with~two things
  1668. lilstrubel
    oooooh tel me I love gross things <3
  1669. Omiwa
    one is just weird to look up the other ismorbid maybenoooo lolnot now
  1670. SpiderLily
    can you tell meeee~?
  1671. Omiwa
    noooo lol maybenot now
  1672. SpiderLily
  1673. GeekDude
  1674. Omiwa
  1675. SpiderLily
    spam ban him
  1676. GeekDude
  1677. Omiwa
    levi i will shadowban you if you say that again maybe
  1678. GeekDude
    There are a lot of things in the unicode standard
  1679. SpiderLily
    id love to feel sparkys nice ban hammer on my bum
  1680. lilstrubel
  1681. Trinitro21
  1682. Omiwa
    eeeek loli was going to say something
  1683. Trinitro21
  1684. Omiwa
    but i got embarrassed
  1685. lilstrubel
    @Omiwa I like cats hnu?Hbu*
  1686. Omiwa
    I love cats~awwh i love cats
  1687. Trinitro21
  1688. lilstrubel
    Me too~ What is your favorite kind <3
  1689. Omiwa
    I don't know lolUmmm
  1690. lilstrubel
    tabby for me <3
  1691. Omiwa
    Maybe it's tortoiseshellsor maybe black cats <3
  1692. lilstrubel
    I never heard of that kindI like black cats too but people say they are bad
  1693. SpiderLily
    you are bad
  1694. Trinitro21
  1695. Omiwa
    gosh i'm laughing so much butlolol what's so funny
  1696. SpiderLily
    are you laughing about our meager existence
  1697. Omiwa
    black cats are beautifuloi think 'm just so sleep deprived that my intelligence is shortcircuiting just kidding loli'm not a robot *theoretically*
  1698. LacksHead Admin
    Long hair or short hair cats?
  1699. SpiderLily
    you arent a robot i already checked
  1700. Omiwa
  1701. SpiderLily
  1702. AnswerXOX
  1703. lilstrubel
    Short hair are cute too <3Cats are so fluffy I love to cuddle with them But I don't have one sadly
  1704. Omiwa
    awwh loleeeksleepinessawWh NeSS
  1705. SpiderLily
    can i join you in bed
  1706. AnswerXOX
  1707. Omiwa
    are you asking too, answer?
  1708. AnswerXOX
    Of course~!
  1709. lilstrubel
    I get banned for sending lyrics and you can ask to get in bed with someone... -_-
  1710. AnswerXOX
    that was spam
  1711. Omiwa
    oh myyhmmmm
  1712. SpiderLily
    answer i will rip out your throat and urinate on your corpse if you ever do that again
  1713. Omiwa
    i think you two can join me in bedbut
  1714. AnswerXOX
    Don't worry Spider, we can share ;)
  1715. Omiwa
    you have to be physically inside of my bed and not ever come out unless i've left maybe
  1716. lilstrubel
    Yes but Spam is Pancakes
  1717. Omiwa
    i like pancakes~i like thicc pancakes B)eek gosh why did i say itlevi please tape my mouth shut
  1718. lilstrubel
    I like pancakes too~
  1719. LacksHead Admin
    Can I run the camcorder?
  1720. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1721. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1722. AnswerXOX
    Pls film Lacks
  1723. Omiwa
  1724. SpiderLily
    sparkyyyy you made me forget to charge my phone
  1725. LacksHead Admin
    Ok, answer you feed him the thicc pankakes. Lexi, you cover him in syrup
  1726. lilstrubel
    Hey Lacks can I send lyrics? The thing is they only have Korean and english on the same page...
  1727. Omiwa
    pro tip say yes
  1728. AnswerXOX
  1729. lilstrubel
    they have no just english ones
  1730. Omiwa
    ewlewd implications
  1731. Lumage
    fuck this map
  1732. Omiwa
    how indecentohh hiiiiiiiiiii~
  1733. LacksHead Admin
    Post the link, yes. But not the lyrics right in chat. Lol
  1734. SpiderLily
    answer we all know it's tiny
  1735. Lumage
    I want pancakes
  1736. lilstrubel
    okay haha I won't make that mistake again :)
  1737. SpiderLily
    I'll give sparky real thiccness
  1738. Lumage
    Are you making pancakes?
  1739. Omiwa
    thicc pancakes?yes master!~
  1740. LacksHead Admin
    <-- had pancakes this morning
  1741. AnswerXOX
    owo;; Fine... I'll spread the syrup.......
  1742. Omiwa
    hecking braggers
  1743. lilstrubel
    I regret saying pancakes xD
  1744. LacksHead Admin
    Is a thicc pancake a Belgian waffle?
  1745. Omiwa
    no a thicc pancake is a
  1746. lilstrubel
    Lacks I'm a curse... Every time I come to the chat the chat turns sexual xD
  1747. Lumage
    Oh, excellent.
  1748. Omiwa
    thicc pancake 'w'
  1749. Lumage
    "i think you two can join me in bed but"
  1750. AnswerXOX
    trust me, this isn't even really that bad lol
  1751. Omiwa
    are you collecting things i say and not including the "catches" to them
  1752. AnswerXOX
    there's much worst*worse
  1753. Lumage
    I'm just skimming history lol
  1754. SpiderLily
    lumage hes mine you don't get a spot in his bed or his anywhere for that matter
  1755. lilstrubel
    yeah it's worse when I start acting sexual xD
  1756. Lumage
  1757. Omiwa
    welll did you look belowit and see my apparent innocence
  1758. lilstrubel
    I'm trying to control it
  1759. Omiwa
    lumage can sit inside myyyyyycoffee makier
  1760. Lumage
    lacks can you make me head admin so I can put a banner on my profile
  1761. AnswerXOX
    Come on Spider, we can share ^w^
  1762. Lumage
  1763. Omiwa
  1764. AnswerXOX
  1765. SpiderLily
    no one gets a taste of sparky other than me I will execute all of you
  1766. Omiwa
    can i taste sparky
  1767. Lumage
    oh lol my current profile is great
  1768. SpiderLily
  1769. lilstrubel
    @Lacks I'll just send the vid instead cause it's easier :)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4JJmDuv_C0
  1770. Omiwa
    better than the one you had me save?
  1771. Lumage
    What a lovely poem.
  1772. AnswerXOX
    Fine... I'll settle with Omiwa instead of Sparky ^w^
  1773. Lumage
    I don't remember what you saveeeed
  1774. AnswerXOX
  1775. Lumage
    But probably ys.
  1776. SpiderLily
    omiwa is lame sparky is mine though
  1777. LacksHead Admin
    Lol you know I can't, Lumage.
  1778. Lumage
    https://smilebasicsource.com/user/Lumageshouldn't you be looking somewhere else for sparkylikerobloxI bet you can find a bunch of sparkys on roblox
  1779. LacksHead Admin
    Best I can do
  1780. lilstrubel
    I want you guys to imagine something... Imagine if I was the head admin...
  1781. SpiderLily
    die lumage
  1782. AnswerXOX
    If that happenedSBS wouldn't be here anymore
  1783. Omiwa
    want to seeitlumage
  1784. LumageAdmin
    hahaha mouth fingers
  1785. lilstrubel
    yup xD
  1786. Omiwa
    that's mean lol
  1787. LumageAdmin
    sure sparky
  1788. Omiwa
    lumahge talking aboutwolves is forbidden on user pages because wolves eat kittensDid you forget?
  1789. LumageAdmin
    Why so?
  1790. Omiwa
    Your pancakes are theoretically ready now, master!
  1791. LumageAdmin
    why does that make it illegal
  1792. Omiwa
    because lumage
  1793. LumageAdmin
    yay thank you
  1794. Omiwa
    my pleasuree
  1795. SpiderLily
    don't call him mastterrrrr
  1796. Omiwa
  1797. lilstrubel
    Hey Lacks what do I have to do to be admin??? :P
  1798. LumageAdmin
    become a war casualtyoh what the fuckwhy am I
  1799. AnswerXOX
    Get on your knees so I can put the syrup on the pancakes, an Eevee like me can't reach up there :3
  1800. LumageAdmin
    dang I always laughed at people who didn't notice
  1801. Omiwa
    la la
  1802. LumageAdmin
    nade nade
  1803. Lacks has left the chat.
  1804. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1805. AnswerXOX
    >this chat has turned to cancer lol
  1806. SpiderLily
    it's been cancer
  1807. LumageAdmin
    anyway what I was referring to is that the head admin can actually use BBCode on their profile lol
  1808. lilstrubel
    who wants to watch korean porn with me
  1809. AnswerXOX
  1810. lilstrubel
  1811. SpiderLily
    your mom
  1812. lilstrubel
    I'll ask her
  1813. LumageAdmin
    your mom
  1814. lilstrubel
    okay she may of shot mejk
  1815. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    bad joke
  1816. AnswerXOX
  1817. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    this drawing is done and it's proof that i wasn't supposed to exist
  1818. lilstrubel
    Hey Chem What is a good time to change avatars? Every few days? Weeks?
  1819. AnswerXOX
    any timeand every time
  1820. SpiderLily
    I am gonna go cry a little and listen to music because no body loves me bye
  1821. Omiwa
    "You're very nice! I hope you feel happy and have a great day l, sweetie."i sent this to me but i'm noticing thatit doesn'
  1822. LumageAdmin
    bye levi
  1823. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    any time as long as it's not 6 times a day
  1824. Omiwa
    t make sense 5 months later
  1825. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1826. Omiwa
    Bye darling kun
  1827. AnswerXOX
    Fine, while you're gone - I'll have some fun with Sparky ^w^
  1828. LumageAdmin
    nodon't touch sparky
  1829. SpiderLily have fun answer
  1830. lilstrubel
    okay thanks <3Just don't give up~ and then BABY CHEER UP
  1831. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    is that k-pop lyrics
  1832. AnswerXOX
  1833. lilstrubel
  1834. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1835. AnswerXOX
  1836. lilstrubel
    I play that song for Spidey when he is mad
  1837. Omiwa
    "That was a terrible" dream. Oh well," whatever." sigh. please store that quote somewhere.""""
  1838. lilstrubel
    it makes him feel good
  1839. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    so he gets madder?
  1840. lilstrubel
    nope so he will feel better
  1841. SpiderLily please don't talk about me while I am absent.
  1842. Omiwa
    Sent to: You Why does Lumage always ban me for 2 hours?Sorry, someone. ^w^
  1843. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    that's the intent but what's the real outcome
  1844. LumageAdmin
    That was a terrible dream. Oh well, whatever. sigh.
  1845. Omiwa
    You were chat banned for 1 hour. Reason: stop being disgusting This is an automated message from SmileBASIC Source.
  1846. lilstrubel
    I'm talking about you because I know you are here haha
  1847. LumageAdmin
  1848. Omiwa
    lol what
  1849. SpiderLily well assume I am not here.
  1850. LumageAdmin
  1851. Omiwa
    Did you remember something bad?
  1852. lilstrubel
  1853. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    o/ i have to go sulk over this horrid thing i "drew"
  1854. LumageAdmin
    Nah it was just a weird ban.
  1855. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1856. LumageAdmin
  1857. AnswerXOX
    You were chat banned for 1 hour. Reason: bye lol don't bother This is an automated message from SmileBASIC Source.I don't remember what happened here :P
  1858. Omiwa
    "Please do not say words similar to the first word you said in your message to me, X."
  1859. lilstrubel
    You were chat banned for 1 hour. Reason: Korean spam is inferior spam This is an automated message from SmileBASIC Source. That's why I got banned this morning lol
  1860. Omiwa
    I apologize, unidentified possibly flying user.
  1861. AnswerXOX
  1862. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1863. LumageAdmin
    why are you getting messages from pixel
  1864. Omiwa
    Question marque?Oh my
  1865. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1866. LumageAdmin
    ehe it just reminded me of something
  1867. Omiwa
    I watched scary videos yesterday lolooh what
  1868. LumageAdmin
    no it's not a thing I can say.It's just that the phrasing is similar.
  1869. Omiwa
    oh darn lolWaitawwhAre you saying they talk like the writer of that request?"Hmmm... 200/5. That's not 48. That's not 2 days. Do you know how to divide properly?"
  1870. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  1871. Omiwa
    choking on laughterI apologize to someone~omg thanks; you're my new waifu | ------------------------------------------------- | From: -- | To: Omiwa | Date: XX/XX/XX | ------------------------------------------------- | | Your chat ban was removed. Reason: FREE OUT OMIWA | | This is an automated message from SmileBASIC Source.
  1872. SpiderLily has entered the chat.
  1873. SpiderLily
    I couldn't make myself cry
  1874. Omiwa
    "Greetings, 12Me21. If you would be motivated enough to do so, without an award of any kind, with the exception of a possible "thank you" of some manner; I request that you create something in ChatJS that completely hides a specified user. Said hidden user will basically appear like that of an ignored user. However, the difference is that I request that said hidden user appears absent from the user list, regardless of whether or not they're in chat. In addition to this, I would like that in the event that said hidden user creates a private room with me, that said private room will not be shown to me, if you are willing to do so. What I am desiring is that the hidden user can only stop being hidden if I were to change the specified user to an other or remove the code from my ChatJS. Simply; something that can only be changed without being in chat. I requested this of you, out of all users, because when I showed behaviour indicating that I desired to ignore a user who was not visible in chat, I believe you attempted to assist me via a ChatJS function, which I believe indicated that you possess a moderate, or higher, amount of experience in ChatJS coding. Although, mentioned code was not tested by me; the fact that you had something that appears to have had a moderate amount of effort put into it, as I believe, influences me to think it would have worked. In the event that you are not capable of fulfilling my request, I ask of you if you have any suggests of someone you think might be able to. Thank you for your time, 12Me21."awwhbut crying feels so goodand is apparently proven to be good because itmakesyou feel better etcI'm sorrrry
  1875. SpiderLily
    wwow spam
  1876. AnswerXOX
    ban>jk - it's not *that* bad
  1877. Omiwa
    "I cordially apologise for whatever I did that made you feel that way, X. I hope you are able to forgive me, but if you are not then LLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLOLLOLOLOLOLLLOLOLL~"
  1878. LumageAdmin
    I love you | ------------------------------------------------- | From: Lumage | To: LexiCelJir | Date: ‎8‎/‎31‎/‎2016 ‎8‎:‎47‎:‎58‎ ‎PM | ------------------------------------------------- | | You were chat banned for 1 hour. Reason: Alright... I'm sorry this is a thing that needs to be said, but you're really unapproachable when you do this attachment act. I don't think anyone actually wants it, and you're enjoyable when you aren't trying to be annoying, but I think you've forgotten that a little. Let's just take a step back and reconsider. | | This is an automated message from SmileBASIC Source.
  1879. Omiwa
    Gosh I am so disgusting maybe awwh lol
  1880. SpiderLily
    lumage die
  1881. Omiwa
    ohhhhi just rememberedigottagodosomething
  1882. LumageAdmin
    I thought you wanted help crying
  1883. Omiwa
    whichis demtoing lumage and promoting levijustto finish the joke
  1884. LumageAdmin
    sparky it was that they made a similar request
  1885. SpiderLily
    you don't make me cry you only make me want to break something
  1886. Omiwa
    ohdarnThat manner of speaking is so cute
  1887. LumageAdmin
    "the concept of x is inconceivable.""don't ever call me master for any reason"
  1888. Omiwa
    Heeheewhatoh dearDid you tell that tome?to me
  1889. LumageAdmin
    I did not.
  1890. Omiwa
    oh phew
  1891. SpiderLily
    lumage did you actually think I "loved" a middle aged man like you
  1892. LumageAdmin
    you were pretty into the jokemaybe more than with sparky, at its peak
  1893. Omiwa
    oh my i have cleaning to doso much cleaning ~
  1894. LumageAdmin
  1895. Omiwa
    but i don't feel like doing it so oh darn
  1896. SpiderLily
    lumage if you have heard what I have said to sparky in private you wouldn't think so
  1897. LumageAdmin
  1898. AnswerXOX
  1899. Omiwa
    i've remembered something funny
  1900. LumageAdmin
  1901. Omiwa
    hmmph i can't demotebecuase it blocked me too quickbecause it doesn't like vpns i guesswikia you meanieAm I not allowed to log out?h-harsh
  1902. LumageAdmin
    Sent to: You I don't think I'm into that."He just really wants to tell you something in a private fashion. Either that or he spread out a 14 word sentence to get your attention because he's a needy little child.""what is your problem, first you didn't want to talk to me for some reason and now you're telling me to kill myself. i haven't done anything to you and i haven't even talked to X in almost a week. what is your problem."https://i.imgur.com/yegfQSh.png"I think I am able to carry out your request, Lumage. Would you like me to do so?"LARGE eek
  1903. SpiderLily
    can you stop posting quotes with literally no context
  1904. LumageAdmin
    oh sorry I was talking to omiwaI'll make a room I guess
  1905. Omiwa
    Good luck on yourooo that picturesilly little whatever his silly name is ^w^i got what i'd wanted anyway
  1906. LumageAdmin
  1907. Omiwa
    you called me impulsive theremaybemmmmI don't like that person ever so much lol
  1908. LumageAdmin
    OwOI dowww
  1909. AnswerXOX
  1910. Omiwa
    little little haaaag
  1911. LumageAdmin
    you made a creepy request and they reported itYou were trying to see something I said about you, anyway
  1912. Omiwa
    i asked ever so politelyI was.and I did 'w'
  1913. LumageAdmin
    It was suspicious.
  1914. Omiwa
    mmmmm if i ever seee them in a dark allyyyyyy
  1915. LumageAdmin
  1916. Omiwa
    well then i'd see them in a dark alley
  1917. SpiderLily
    bye sparky I'll miss you
  1918. Omiwa
  1919. SpiderLily has left the chat.
  1920. Omiwa
    why am i going through so much trouble why don't i just go to the logyessss.I remembered your quote perfectly it may seemoh waiti like that person toodarn itawwhi just remembered trinitro was my darling-savior that day maybeawwh lolyou expected me to do certain things apparentlyAm I that obvious?Well... there's not much fun keeping secrets forever, maybe, anyway. lollololI remembered how nice being unknown is...HmmToday or yesterday or soI imagined a cute scenario
  1921. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1922. Omiwa
    where'd i'd disappear for a long time then come back and be treated anew
  1923. LumageAdmin
    this sounds familiar to your old dream>familiar*similar
  1924. Omiwa
    i still would have this date attached to me though sadly lolbecauseof chuuumaybeWhat old dream, anyway?
  1925. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1926. Omiwa
    why is this conversation scaryYou're not a head admin.ACKWhAT THE HECK IS THAT When did you become admin?Sorry for being so mean lol
  1927. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1928. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1929. Omiwa
    your userstats do not show when you ignore yourselfweirdI still have an assignment
  1930. Omiwa has left the chat.
  1931. MasterR3C0RD
    YesssI found out my shitty iGPU has an updated driver with AMD CrimsonIf I'm lucky, this'll let me push graphics performance a bit further
  1932. AnswerXOX has left the chat.
  1933. AnswerXOX has entered the chat.
  1934. MasterR3C0RD
    Well, I shouldn't say shittyIt's actually pretty decent for an iGPU
  1935. LumageAdmin
  1936. MasterR3C0RD
    It won't win any awards for power bu-Wait Lumage is Admin again
  1937. LumageAdmin
    oh huh