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  1. 5logank has entered the chat.
  2. 5logank has left the chat.
  3. 12Me21Admin
    none really
  4. 5logank
    CmonWould you put stickers on you're 3DS?Nice
  5. 12Me21Admin
    you are 3dS
  6. LacksHead Admin
    I say this with all my love.
  7. randomouscrap
    that was fun
  8. LacksHead Admin
    Fuck you.That was amazing
  9. randomouscrap
    That was sight readingThank you lol
  10. Lumage
  11. Trinitro21
    did ptc do sprite/bg ordering in any way i don't remember like how sb has z coordinates that determine which things go above which
  12. randomouscrap
    You can totally play that though
  13. LacksHead Admin
    No, no I can't haha
  14. randomouscrap
    Nothing in that song was so ridiculous that you couldn't do it with practice
  15. LacksHead Admin
    Maybe once I get 50 hours under my belt :p
  16. randomouscrap
    No I mean eventually. It wouldn't take that much pft nawIt's a nice and regular rhythmYou'll definitely start feeling itok now I have to get killed by psycho pass
  17. LacksHead Admin
    The fast ones you do I can barely trackI have to take off for supper :/
  18. Trinitro21
    i know GPRIO was a thing but was there anything for sprites and bg
  19. randomouscrap
    oh no worires
  20. LacksHead Admin
    But, uh, Logan.
  21. randomouscrap
    I'm glad I got to play something you liked
  22. LacksHead Admin
    About the account. Are you just looking to tie up loose ends?
  23. 5logank
  24. LacksHead Admin
    The lockout ban would only really prevent you from coming back. There is no personal info linked to the account that wouldn't still be there if it was locked out
  25. 5logank
    can you change the username to something else?
  26. LacksHead Admin
    I can do that if you would like, this way if you do want to come back all you have to do is remember the new name.
  27. 5logank
    I dont think I'm coming back
  28. LacksHead Admin
    I understandSo, what do you want the new name to be?
  29. Lumage
    wen u move up 356 places on the global rank
  30. LacksHead Admin
    Feels good.jpg?
  31. 5logank
    I dont care really
  32. Lumage
  33. 5logank has left the chat.
  34. 5logank has entered the chat.
  35. MasterR3C0RD
    Why are you leaving @5logank
  36. 5logank
    LolI joined this community when I was like 10 or 11 or somethingI must have been annoying
  37. MasterR3C0RD
    Actually, out of most of the younger kids, you were pretty chillNever thought you were a kid actually
  38. 5logank
    Even back at the wiki>
  39. MasterR3C0RD
    I don't remember you there
  40. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  41. 5logank
  42. MasterR3C0RD
    I wasn't really active there
  43. 5logank
    I'm an old man now
  44. MasterR3C0RD
    LolHere, you only have like2 pieces of activityhttp://smilebasicsource.com/user/5logank
  45. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  46. MasterR3C0RD
    You joined the Wiki in 2013, so I'm assuming you're around 14 or 15 now
  47. 5logank
    For the love of god I was 9? (Basically 10)Probably 10
  48. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh, so you're 13 or 14
  49. Lumage has left the chat.
  50. Lumage has entered the chat.
  51. MasterR3C0RD
    Your join date was October 28, 2013http://petitcomputer.wikia.com/wiki/User:5logank
  52. 5logank
    9The thing is I don't remember ever misspelling anything
  53. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  54. 5logank
    That's what I use to judge when something happened lol
  55. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What's going on again?I don't know the context
  56. 5logank
    AhI was talking about when I joined the wiki
  57. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what sparked this anyway
  58. 5logank
    Me deleting my account
  59. MasterR3C0RD
    He wants to delete his accounts
  60. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i know but why
  61. MasterR3C0RD
    I think he thinks he was too much of a nuisance or smth
  62. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  63. ColinTNMP has entered the chat.
  64. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  65. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  66. MasterR3C0RD
    Which is honestly wrong, since he's rarely been active on SBS and no one really cares about Wikia at all anymore since it turned to shit last year
  67. 5logank
    That's not why I'm deleting my account lol
  68. MasterR3C0RD
    You never answered me when I asked lol
  69. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    "delete my account" "why?" "idk"
  70. Lumage
    you're too loud.
  71. 5logank
  72. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how can you make text loud...i stand corrected
  73. 5logank
  74. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  75. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    maybe you could tell us why you want to leave
  76. Lacks has left the chat.
  77. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    speaking of leavingo/
  78. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  79. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  80. Midnoclose has entered the chat.
  81. BrianXP7 has entered the chat.
  82. BrianXP7
    an oni told me you kids started playingosu!i'd like to interject for a momenti should leave. bye.
  83. MasterR3C0RD
  84. BrianXP7
    heyosu! mapping theory is horribly flawed, by the way.
  85. MasterR3C0RD
    Yeah, a lot of us have been playing osu!
  86. BrianXP7
  87. MasterR3C0RD
    I started, played for a month, got everyone else playing it, and now I'm second to Random
  88. BrianXP7
    here, have some bemani shithttps://p.eagate.573.jp/game/eacsdvx/iii/p/common/top.html"and everyone said no"you could make a religion out of thisno really though, osu!'s one of the worst rhythm games to even exist.
  89. MasterR3C0RD
    "and Brian returned after like a year" You could make a religion out of THIS
  90. BrianXP7
  91. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  92. randomouscrap
  93. BrianXP7
  94. MasterR3C0RD
    Oh hey look I found a weaboo
  95. randomouscrap
    If you're going to complain about osu feel free to do so, just know that I love the game
  96. BrianXP7
  97. MasterR3C0RD
  98. BrianXP7
    play a better game like project diva, lol
  99. randomouscrap
    nah I'm having funobjective goodness or badness doesn't matter in the face of enjoyment
  100. BrianXP7
    damn, you got me there
  101. MasterR3C0RD
    Heh, watching like 15-20 different anime in 6 months puts me somewhere near the border of "over-casual anime watcher" and "weeb lol", so I guess I can't call anyone a weeb lol
  102. CoinzReturns has left the chat.
  103. BrianXP7
    you can, but it's out of irony now i guess.
  104. MasterR3C0RD
    Definitely wouldn't call myself a weeb, just some guy who prefers anime over shitty teen dramas
  105. 5logank has left the chat.
  106. BrianXP7 has left the chat.
  107. BrianXP7 has entered the chat.
  108. BrianXP7
    anime is the only thing that exists anyway
  109. MasterR3C0RD
    Anyways, I'd check out Project Diva for 3DS if there wasn't a huge banwave right now
  110. pixel_voxel has entered the chat.
  111. pixel_voxel
    Damn it why
  112. randomouscrap
    hey pixle
  113. pixel_voxel
    Haven't you learned yet from that other server you were allowed intoHi
  114. BrianXP7
  115. pixel_voxel
    You know that other time you showed up to tell people who enjoy osu! that the game sucks and everyone just called you annoying and then you left and never returned
  116. MasterR3C0RD
  117. Lumage
  118. BrianXP7
    haha, /r/touaoii
  119. Lumage
    try typing some letters that mean something next time
  120. randomouscrap
    why are you installing texwe have tex on sbs
  121. Lumage
    I need latex to write a dictionaryno but I want to do it in emacs
  122. randomouscrap
    ...sbs doesn't have emacs?
  123. Lumage
    and I don't want to have to SFTP every time
  124. randomouscrap
  125. Lumage
    we don't, no.
  126. randomouscrap
    oh well that's easy to fix.
  127. Lumage
    I'm having second thoughts about TeX Live though. I know you said TeX was huge but I didn't think it was "79/3395 after 4 minutes" hugeI don't want you to install something huge if I don't use it on the server that often.
  128. randomouscrap
    yeah it's hugewe ALREADY have tex thoughthe full thing
  129. Lumage
    argh alright
  130. randomouscrap
    and now we have emacs. You don't have to ofc but it's an option
  131. Lumage
    okaylet's uhwhat's the best way to do thishmmm probably SSH through Powershellyeah that's it
  132. Lacks has entered the chat.
  133. Lumage
    I forgot what i was doing already
  134. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  135. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  136. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  137. Lumage
    oh yeah dictionary
  138. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  139. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  140. GeekDude
  141. Lumage
    awwwwh yeah
  142. GeekDude
    SSH through PowerShell?
  143. Lumage
    no not reallyI mean it's possiblebut I'm not installing a hotdog to do it
  144. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  145. Midnoclose
    I got banned after the sighax ban wave
  146. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  147. pixel_voxel
    gottedabsolutely and utterly gotted
  148. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Look and see if there's ways to unban. I'm sure someone has something
  149. Lumage
    this alignment isn't right
  150. BrianXP7
    i wasn't affected, thankfully
  151. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  152. Lumage
    oh well formatting is for losers
  153. randomouscrap
    do you need more packages?Am I missing anything you need for emacs
  154. Lumage
    yeah I love packagesnoIt's fineI need a better terminal
  155. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I haven't checked my friends list recently, thoughI...shouldbrb
  156. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  157. Lumage
    I need to get off my ass and install gentoo, reallyI'm sure I have a proper ssh client somewhere
  158. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  159. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    okay i'm good but why the heckeroni was my favorite title FBI
  160. Lumage
    the emacs installation is fine thoughPretty Alright™
  161. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why is "favourable" a word to this but "favourite" isn'tisn't favourable a british spelling too?
  162. Lumage
    oh shoot right caching in specialpick five lettersthree actuallytoo late
  163. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh random what's the highest difficulty you've gotten SS on?
  164. randomouscrap
    I don't go for ssaccording to this it's 3.33
  165. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i know but you have to have gotten ss somewhereoh okI should try beatmapping, the editor seems nice
  166. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  167. Lumage
  168. BrianXP7 has left the chat.
  169. BrianXP7 has entered the chat.
  170. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  171. Lumage
    also thank you for emacs randomit's a lot better than I thought it would beyeah suddenly I'm in slightly less pain that usual
  172. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  173. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    that usual
  174. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  175. randomouscrap
    oh no worries
  176. Lumage
    I can't tell what "internet number" is supposed to be, if anything.
  177. randomouscrap
    I have to go ( ゚▽゚)/
  178. pixel_voxel
  179. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  180. BrianXP7
    that was encoruaging
  181. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  182. Lumage
    is it still encouraging if I tell you he has a script that replaces "o/" with a random waving kaomojiOh it's off-center because it's two pages
  183. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  184. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  185. Lacks has entered the chat.
  186. Lacks has left the chat.
  187. BrianXP7
  188. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  189. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  190. pixel_voxel
    Extremely good join/leave messages
  191. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    thank you i'm quite proud of them
  192. pixel_voxel
  193. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    picking random image from my 3ds image library...awwh
  194. Lumage
    "Do you like hurting people?"
  195. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  196. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  197. RealTiP has entered the chat.
  198. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  199. RealTiP
    So I bought a gameboy micro>hi
  200. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    what for?
  201. RealTiP
    worked nicefor the first two minutesand then it died
  202. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    good investment
  203. RealTiP
    so I knew for sure I had an ac adapter to charge itbut then... turns out advance sp, advance, color, original, ds lite and so on don't actually fitI swear I have every nintendo charger except the micro's
  204. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    since when did the color have an ac adapter
  205. RealTiP
  206. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i've had like 1 color and 3 advances and they all used batteried
  207. andritolion has entered the chat.
  208. RealTiP
    >TiP's doin some nontendo offbrand rechargable junk
  209. andritolion
    The Switch kickstand sucks... Why couldn't they use a Surface kickstand/hinge?
  210. RealTiP
    "nontendo offbrand rechargable junk"so now I'm searching the internet for an actual charger
  211. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you don't just have AA batteries
  212. RealTiP
    AA batteries are bigger than the micro
  213. andritolion
  214. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  215. RealTiP
    this thing is truly pocket-sized
  216. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    for my size, everything is pocket-sizeheck i have a kindle in my pocket right now
  217. andritolion
    Why didn't they make the Switch have a better kickstand... I mean, it SUCKS...
  218. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I could fit a 10" tablet in my pocket lmao
  219. andritolion
    Can you put a Surface in your pocket?
  220. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    probably not
  221. RealTiP
    not my hand
  222. andritolion
    >for my size, *everything* is pocket-size
  223. RealTiP
    not my pic
  224. BrianXP7
    haha ~~fat~~
  225. pixel_voxel
    woah a gb micro
  226. andritolion
    for my size, *everything* is pocket-size
  227. ColinTNMP has entered the chat.
  228. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    is that your banana though
  229. andritolion
    What happened to ** for italics?
  230. RealTiP
    that'd scare me if someone took my nanab for scale
  231. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    welcome to /md
  232. pixel_voxel
    it's still there you knowyou're just not doing it
  233. RealTiP
    i has gameboy micro...
  234. andritolion
    I am not mding it...
  235. pixel_voxel
    oh wait
  236. RealTiP
    dead gameboy micro
  237. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    you're not doing it right
  238. pixel_voxel
    you said ** for italics
  239. RealTiP
    no charger ;-;
  240. pixel_voxel
  241. andritolion
    I have a GBC.
  242. RealTiP
  243. pixel_voxel
    wrapping i am a very not smart think
  244. RealTiP
    All my other gameboys are broken...
  245. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I have 3 GBAs, the best one
  246. RealTiP
    'cos childrens
  247. BrianXP7
  248. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  249. RealTiP
    GBA SP is best
  250. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  251. pixel_voxel
  252. RealTiP
    filthy no backlight things>how dare ye
  253. BrianXP7
    chao garden
  254. Lumage
  255. BrianXP7
    ~~petit~~ chao garden
  256. pixel_voxel
    don't even dare mention this filth in my presence
  257. BrianXP7
    got pastconcept
  258. pixel_voxel
    i meant it i will end you
  259. RealTiP
  260. BrianXP7
  261. Lumage
    no wait I don't have a penyou can't just start drawing crap without me
  262. RealTiP
    didn't even slow pen :/
  263. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  264. Lumage
    I tried to look for a chao doll to buy but they don't really exist, as it turns out
  265. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  266. RealTiP
  267. Lumage
    I think there was somebody on etsy but that was... that was bad yeah.
  268. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    protip don't stop fidget spinners with your eyelid
  269. RealTiP
  270. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ...or your teethdang frick that hurt a lot more than i thought it wouldfidget spinners become elite dentistry tool when
  271. Midnoclose has left the chat.
  272. RealTiP
    my n3ds is melting
  273. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  274. RealTiP
  275. pixel_voxel
  276. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    see what i did there
  277. RealTiP
    i'll just stuff it in the freezer
  278. pixel_voxel
    heuhehahahr freezer burn
  279. RealTiP
    it is now in the freezerit burns
  280. andritolion
    Did you try ARMS?
  281. andritolion has left the chat.
  282. andritolion has entered the chat.
  283. RealTiP
    gonna take a pic of my new micro... after my n3ds stops being on fire
  284. andritolion
    How is it on fire?
  285. Lumage
    that's kindathat's kinda almost acceptable
  286. RealTiP
    its still hot...
  287. andritolion
  288. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  289. andritolion
    Did you try ARMS?
  290. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  291. andritolion
  292. Lumage
    I think I already have those.They're okay.I wish I didn't.
  293. andritolion
    No, the game...Not your actual arms...
  294. Lumage
    oh the game yes of course right yessir just a moment
  295. andritolion
    The testpunch is over...
  296. Lumage
    no I haven't considering I don't have a video entertainment console
  297. andritolion
  298. RealTiP
    gonna take a pic...
  299. andritolion
  300. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    his banana
  301. andritolion
  302. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    wait no that doesn't sound right
  303. Lumage
  304. andritolion
    No p*** here...
  305. RealTiP
    cant actually find my bananas...
  306. andritolion
    Chemo? Hot a switch?
  307. RealTiP
    i'll go check
  308. andritolion
  309. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    hear that tip we can't p*ick* fruityes i think the switch is hot
  310. snail_ has entered the chat.
  311. andritolion
    It is really hot... I once covered the air vent for fun, and I burned myself...
  312. RealTiP
    so... i have grapefuit, cucumbers, and ears o' corn*grapefruit
  313. snail_ has left the chat.
  314. andritolion
    I just had to touch the metal part of the heat sink...
  315. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    close enough
  316. RealTiP
    which shall i use?
  317. Lumage
    pixel_voxel[04:08]o: i'm six but i draw animeoh that's not how copy works
  318. pixel_voxel
    That's almost applicable if I could just put the pencil on the paper like a good boy.
  319. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  320. pixel_voxel
    Oh wait I couldn't do that for a whole year haha
  321. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    your hand
  322. Lumage
    "\item [chinese cartoons] Japanese cartoons."
  323. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    do a hand reveal tipperino
  324. Lumage
    it's been two daysI think it's too late for hand reveals
  325. RealTiP
    yeah, no thanksno hand reveals today
  326. andritolion
  327. RealTiP
    what is this madness???
  328. andritolion
  329. RealTiP
    i have way more 3dss than i thought xD
  330. andritolion
  331. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  332. andritolion
  333. RealTiP
    i have eight xD
  334. Lumage
    I like how emacs actually works unlike nano and vi
  335. RealTiP
    this is leli forgot about all o deez
  336. andritolion
  337. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how the hell do you forget about like 7 $200 investments
  338. RealTiP
  339. andritolion
  340. RealTiP
    i only forgot 4
  341. andritolion
    I am trying to say meow in reverse....Damn you autocorrect!!!Woes
  342. RealTiP
    can't find my 3 blu onesor meh red:(
  343. andritolion
  344. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  345. andritolion
    Finally !!!Sorry...
  346. RealTiP
    jelly, hex?:P
  347. andritolion
  348. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  349. andritolion
    Wonder why Nintendo made such a bad stand...
  350. RealTiP
    trying to stack all my current nintendo handhelds
  351. andritolion
    Make a Surface kickstand, will you???
  352. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no i'm just wondering why one spends $1400 on a $200 device
  353. andritolion
  354. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  355. RealTiP
    looking for ds lite now
  356. LacksHead Admin
    if they aren't balanced on a dogs nose....
  357. Lacks shakes fist in an eastwardly direction
  358. andritolion
    Should I stack all my Nintendo stuff?
  359. LacksHead Admin
    noyou tend to break stuff too often
  360. andritolion
    Y not?O
  361. RealTiP
    i found half of my 3dses
  362. LacksHead Admin
    top half or bottom?
  363. RealTiP
    4 3dses
  364. LacksHead Admin
    why so many?
  365. RealTiP
    3 o3dsxl, 1 n3dsxlthey're all xls>cos regularrr sssuuuuuccckks>kidding
  366. BrianXP7 has left the chat.
  367. andritolion
    Should I stack my Wii, Wii U, 3DS, new3DSXL, Game Boy Color, and Nintendo Switch
  368. RealTiP
    still searchin around
  369. LacksHead Admin
    stack physical game collections
  370. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  371. LacksHead Admin
    preferably cases
  372. andritolion
    Most of my games are download, so that stack will be rather small...
  373. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  374. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  375. RealTiP
    I just found all meh bluesno red though...
  376. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh lacks i can do that
  377. LacksHead Admin
    all consolesbrownie points if you got the cardboard boxes XD
  378. andritolion
    Should I stack my Xbox One S, and PS3 too?
  379. LacksHead Admin
    ps3 on the bottom!
  380. RealTiP
    k... taking a pic with my n3ds
  381. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    no put the smallest one down
  382. andritolion
    GBC on top?
  383. RealTiP
    gbm on topthis is a big stack xDit's not even all xD
  384. LacksHead Admin
    stack them in chronological order of release
  385. andritolion
    No, Xbox One controller on top...
  386. RealTiP
    cucumber on top
  387. andritolion
  388. RealTiP
    actually cucumber on side
  389. andritolion
  390. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    don't forget the whipped cream
  391. andritolion
  392. Lumage
    don't forget the shark tale on ps2
  393. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  394. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  395. HylianHoundoom
    why so many furries on this site?
  396. andritolion
    Gtg watch MacGyver (2017). Bye!Cuz there can.
  397. RealTiP
    cucumber, eggplant, ear o corn, or potato for scale?
  398. Lumage
    I prefer furries to anyone from that server at this point
  399. HylianHoundoom
    what server?
  400. LacksHead Admin
    dont bring your bs discord drama here
  401. Lumage
    I didn't say anything.
  402. HylianHoundoom
  403. andritolion
    I think I am one...
  404. HylianHoundoom
    what server?
  405. Lumage
  406. HylianHoundoom
    brian's server? or shadow's?
  407. RealTiP
    umm... veggie/fruit for scale?
  408. HylianHoundoom
    I'm not part of shadow's server, i think it's shit
  409. andritolion
  410. LacksHead Admin
    definitely chihuahua bye andrito
  411. RealTiP
  412. Lumage
    right well then there's only one option now isn't there
  413. RealTiP
    bye tolionI have an IMPORTANT question>cucumber, eggplant, ear o' corn, or potato for scale?
  414. LacksHead Admin
    none of those are good scales
  415. RealTiP
    >can o peaches, and grain of rice also an option
  416. LacksHead Admin
    the console itself is it's own scale, since we've all seen at least ONE of them lol
  417. Lumage
    cucumbers vary widely in size, eggplant is oblong, corn is ok, potato is overrated
  418. HylianHoundoom
    my brother is drunkwtf
  419. RealTiP
    i can also do pea for scale
  420. Lumage
    that works
  421. LacksHead Admin
    people get drunk sometimes it's not that big of a wtf
  422. RealTiP
    you know what? I'll just use all
  423. HylianHoundoom
    bannana for scalebanananananananananananananananananananananananananana
  424. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  425. RealTiP
    got a picusing a 3ds...(expect lo-quality)also, one of em is onlooks dumbshoots
  426. Trinitro21 eustachian tube blockage hurts
  427. Lumage
    "kawaii lightning pistol"
  428. RealTiP
    i need to open the back to access sd...using another 3ds
  429. Trinitro21
  430. LacksHead Admin
    ear ache?
  431. Trinitro21
  432. LacksHead Admin
  433. Trinitro21
    i removed the screws from my n3ds back coversi have stuff behind my eardrum
  434. RealTiP
    im too lazybut theres a stack of 3dses in front of mesooo...pardon my messy deskits a really messy desk2 of those are dsis4 are o3ds xls1 is a n3ds xland I'm holding a o3ds xl to take piccouldn't fit all meh 3dses
  435. Lumage
    is that plastic food
  436. RealTiP
    noall meh veggies are wet:/Proud of me?
  437. HylianHoundoom
    https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rising-storm-game-of-the-year-editionFREE SHIT
  438. RealTiP
    also,yes that is an mlp deck box
  439. ColinTNMP has left the chat.
  440. LacksHead Admin
    that is a good game if the mp is still alive
  441. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  442. RealTiP has broken chat
  443. Lumage
    it's like the buffet warren billionaire once saiddon't let your drears be frearfsshoot how do i kill a buffer
  444. Trinitro21
    sometimes i want there to be an option to open a js file in the browser without an associated html file where it starts you off with a blank html like <html><head><title></title></head><body></body></html>
  445. RealTiP
  446. Lumage
    about:blank and enter javascript:?
  447. Trinitro21
    no like "open with" in file managers
  448. Lumage
    I guess
  449. Midnoclose has entered the chat.
  450. Midnoclose has left the chat.
  451. Lacks has left the chat.
  452. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  453. Trinitro21
    ohno is there lag
  454. RealTiP
    idkno one knows
  455. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  456. Lacks has entered the chat.
  457. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  458. RealTiP
    hello guzzler
  459. RealTiP
    yes ptc did that, but with call codeslittle late, but whatever
  460. RealTiP
    chat feels sluggish
  461. LacksHead Admin
  462. RealTiP
    no chat
  463. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    It usually is at midnight
  464. RealTiP
    slow chatits 6 pm here
  465. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Nice timezone you got there
  466. RealTiP
  467. LacksHead Admin
    sometimes I wonder whats worse. To live on the east coast or west coast. and then I remember Hawaii
  468. RealTiP
  469. LacksHead Admin
    for time zones lol
  470. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Hawaii is way out there lolI've never lived on the west coast. I've only ever been to eastern and central
  471. RealTiP
  472. LacksHead Admin
    Central is where it's atnowadays time zones seem ever more irrelevant unless it's a midnight launch
  473. RealTiP
    whoopslooks way too big though
  474. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    How is this even the USA lol
  475. RealTiP
    we were forcibly annexed...after a promise we wouldn't be
  476. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  477. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  478. RealTiP
    ...but less about hawaiian history...
  479. LacksHead Admin
    I wonder why regina has a red dotand they didn't even put Vancouver on it even though it's WAY bigger
  480. RealTiP
    less text space maybe
  481. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Wow tip we're as far away from each other can be in the same country lol
  482. RealTiP
  483. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm in south Carolina
  484. RealTiP
    im that red dot in the middle of the ocean
  485. LacksHead Admin
    I'm slightly above that city that rhymes with fun
  486. RealTiP
    obviously quebecTripleG is scarily closea hop, skip and a leap away(and a 15 minute flight)
  487. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Put a fake gift at his doorstep
  488. RealTiP
    i could if i wanted to xDhawaii is purtrtrty boring
  489. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Not the way you out it
  490. LacksHead Admin
    lol did you see the pic I sent of saskatchewan the other day?We drove 30 minutes to look at a farmer burning stubbleTHAT'S Boring
  491. RealTiP
    i saw a pufferfish in the canal the other day
  492. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'd much rather live where you do than here
  493. LacksHead Admin
  494. RealTiP
    that was boring
  495. LacksHead Admin
    I know to you that's normal and boring, but that's super cool to us
  496. RealTiP
    i saw like three other pufferfish afterthey get real big in there
  497. LacksHead Admin
    I saw some northern pike
  498. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I have two neighbors: My grandparents and some lousy introverted old family
  499. LacksHead Admin
    bastards weren't biting tho
  500. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    There's literally 10 real people in my life
  501. LacksHead Admin
    http://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/yvtqw.jpglook at thisaw crap
  502. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Looks similar to where I live
  503. RealTiP
    damn manta got too close the last i went fishing. had to get outta da waterhttp://kland.smilebasicsource.com/i/yvtqw.jpgseems like another planet
  504. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  505. RealTiP
    The Ala Wai
  506. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    With what
  507. LacksHead Admin
    lol don't like your address!link*
  508. RealTiP
    literally water roaf*road/way
  509. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  510. LacksHead Admin
    what kind of fish are those?
  511. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  512. LacksHead Admin
    google hates you
  513. RealTiP
    you don't want to eat thoseor catch them
  514. LacksHead Admin
    I don't eat ANY fish hahaha
  515. RealTiP
    *actually they're okay to catch
  516. LacksHead Admin
    I just wanna make em late for something
  517. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Okay I need to lz this
  518. RealTiP
    the ala wai is a long, big canal that goes to the oceanunfortunately... its kinda...
  519. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  520. RealTiP
  521. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Not my address, I don't actually live in town
  522. RealTiP
    wow where are the mountains?http://lz.x10.mx/?i=Krn
  523. LacksHead Admin
    3,400 km away
  524. RealTiP
    mountains everywhere
  525. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    That place looks awesome though
  526. LacksHead Admin
    that does
  527. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'd love to live there despite my need for seclusion
  528. LacksHead Admin
    fuck thatI want the seclusion
  529. RealTiP
    Here's some more Ala Wai Canal things: http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/August-2014/It-Came-From-the-Ala-Wai/
  530. LacksHead Admin
    So I hope you like tourists TiPwe have a..... weir.....
  531. RealTiP
    tourists are very... ignorant... usuallyalso, those fish are just common tilapia
  532. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  533. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I swear I like seclusion but not the amount haveYou get REALLY tired of the same old 6 people every day
  534. ElzoBro
    Yesterday I leanred that it's possible to have both a Dutch Accent and a Southern accent at once?
  535. LacksHead Admin
    lmaothat must be goofy af
  536. RealTiP
    ^heres a cool thing:
  537. LacksHead Admin
    how far out of town do you live, Chem?
  538. RealTiP
  539. ElzoBro
    This one guy that i've been chatting with all year on my phone and we mever talk irl (but I've fallen hard for) approached me on the last day for the first time and I died of anxiousness, but it went well. He sounded way diffwrwnt than I thought he did/would
  540. RealTiP
    The Greater Amberjack // Kahala >not to confused with a certain mall
  541. ElzoBro
    He doesn't seem to be a 100% english speaker, he has some sort of accent
  542. RealTiP
    thats neat
  543. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    About, uhh2-4 miles
  544. ElzoBro
    And his conjugation is a little slow, although he may have just been nervous to talk to me lol
  545. LacksHead Admin
    ice fishing this winter
  546. ElzoBro
    But he kepy having random boughts of southern accent and it was funny to me lolOmg Lacks
  547. RealTiP
    you should catch a wild hawaiian kahalathen maybe eat it
  548. ElzoBro
    Fishing sounds like it would take too long for my low patience sadlyI went once in 5th grade for a field tripThe worms were nasty
  549. LacksHead Admin
    it does take patiencelol
  550. ElzoBro
    And I almost got stabbed lol
  551. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    http://lz.x10.mx/?i=9ti I live very close to this car dealership
  552. LacksHead Admin
    we got leeches in our fridge right now
  553. RealTiP
    (it'll kill you, 'cos their intestines had formed a sybiotic relationship with poison emitting worms)
  554. ElzoBro
    Not to mention drowning
  555. LacksHead Admin
    and if you don't get stabbed, did you fish? ;)the drowning I could go withoutrip colton
  556. ElzoBro
    LmaoI was like 9WoahI was 10 in 6th grade
  557. LacksHead Admin
    once you get older and you want life to slow down for a few hoursgo try fishing again
  558. RealTiP
  559. LacksHead Admin
    or golfdude
  560. ElzoBro
    Idk school went by so quick this year
  561. LacksHead Admin
    and I thought Burbot were weird
  562. ElzoBro
    I wonder if summer will be the same
  563. LacksHead Admin
    so colorful yet plain at the same time
  564. RealTiP
    what fish u talking about?
  565. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Tip you don't get it compared to us where you live looks awesome
  566. LacksHead Admin
  567. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Except the prices here are a bit better than there
  568. ElzoBro
    I want school to start already, but at the same time i'm kind of worried that wishing for it to come quicker is like wishing for my end to come sooner
  569. pixel_voxel
    whoops i'm still here gotta skedaddle
  570. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    How much does a simple meal cost down there?
  571. pixel_voxel has left the chat.
  572. LacksHead Admin
    I want to catch a sturgeonI mean
  573. RealTiP
    saimin is 50c
  574. LacksHead Admin
    on accidentyou didn't see that fish and game >.>
  575. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  576. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  577. ElzoBro
    I remember enjoying Golf camp though
  578. RealTiP
    Lemme s'plain my fish
  579. ElzoBro
    The kids were nice
  580. RealTiP
    .img http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xzaVawxJ8Kk/VXKIdqPt1jI/AAAAAAAADrs/5mXVpWK3XTM/s1600/Uparg_u0.jpgwhoops
  581. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I used to go to a camp, then I became introverted
  582. ElzoBro
    My instructor got a skull fracture on the first day
  583. RealTiP
    anyways, thats the bandtail goatfish aka weke pueo (weke=goatfish)aka the Nightmare Weke
  584. ElzoBro
    Some girl scolded me for my nervous laughter panicing after he sat there with brain damage
  585. LacksHead Admin
    lol wot
  586. ElzoBro
    But he was fiiiiiiineI also remember almost dying a few times with the Golf Cart
  587. RealTiP
    Nightmare weke will give you intense hallucinations, cause poisoning, nightmares, and can kill you in your sleep
  588. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    And he only suffered a minor concussion!
  589. ElzoBro
    I drove into a pond lmaoIt was shallow, so I didn't drown but like
  590. LacksHead Admin
    hahahabeen there done that
  591. RealTiP
    well... only if you eat the poison parts
  592. ElzoBro
    Black Person + Water = Suffocation via water
  593. LacksHead Admin
    racist XDyou can swim
  594. ElzoBro
  595. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Lmao lol I saw a thing today
  596. ElzoBro
    I have no idea how to swim I sink in water I'm not fat enough like you people
  597. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Let me explain this
  598. ElzoBro
    No I'm just being mean lol
  599. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  600. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  601. RealTiP
    there is almost no white people in Hawaii
  602. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    This friend of mine is a living iDubbz
  603. Lumage
    do black parents just avoid getting their children swimming lessons because of historical pool racism
  604. ElzoBro
    My parents don't know how to swim either I think
  605. RealTiP
  606. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    He joked about another online friend of mine being a "white kid" and I just pointed out subtly
  607. ElzoBro
    That's actually kind of weird, they're from Africa so I guess the only water they had was for utility and not for fun
  608. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    "Liam, he's not....."
  609. Lumage
    I mean swimming sucks anywayI hate water
  610. LacksHead Admin
    So do I but bikinis
  611. ElzoBro
    Swiming isnt fun all I do is almost drown and get judged
  612. LacksHead Admin
    or in elzo's casedick abs
  613. Lumage
    but I could probably not drown for a while
  614. RealTiP
    bikinis are everwhere in hawaii
  615. ElzoBro
    Swim trunks leave little for the immagination anyways smhLmao
  616. RealTiP
    waikiki is right next to the oceanso its extremely common to see people in bikinis
  617. LacksHead Admin
    lolI love the diving boardI just do goofy shit
  618. ElzoBro
    I love being humid and miserable
  619. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Lacks at least you're able to look presentable
  620. RealTiP
  621. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I wear a white t shirt usually with holes in it with black/grey sweats all the time
  622. RealTiP
    still looking for charger
  623. ElzoBro
    Lol my poor jeansThey're all ripped
  624. RealTiP
    I'm wearing sexy black skinny jeans, a white polo, and a striped bowtie>sexy
  625. ElzoBro
    I only have 1 pair of jeans and my mom almost never lets me wash them because they f up other clothes
  626. LacksHead Admin
    presentable haadequate at best
  627. ElzoBro
    Sexy and skinny jeans don't go in the dame sentence.
  628. RealTiP
    hugs my non existent curves
  629. ElzoBro
    Follow Chem's example and find some grey sweatpants, that's what everyone needs.
  630. RealTiP
    i'll never wear freakin hot sweatpants
  631. ElzoBro
    Except me, I obsseively wear jeans and sweaters
  632. RealTiP
    i'll die of heat
  633. ElzoBro
    No matter the heatI'm always chilly, wind blows directly through me lmaoMy arms are like 2-3 inches in diameter, why can't I be a large child like my friends
  634. LacksHead Admin
  635. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'll draw myself in my regular attire tomorrow to help you get a better mental picture of me
  636. RealTiP
    feels like 79 F
  637. ElzoBro
    I promise you I'm not starving myself guysLmao
  638. RealTiP
    kill take a pic maybebut censor everything xD
  639. ElzoBro
    I can take a pic of my arm compared to like
  640. RealTiP
    a banana?
  641. ElzoBro
    My 3DS lol
  642. randomouscrap always wears bluejeans. even in florida
  643. randomouscrap : and a plain t-shirt
  644. ElzoBro
    Yesss Random
  645. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Random you're like me except slightly less comfortable
  646. ElzoBro
    Now just buy the same sweatshirt in multiple different colors and you'll be me
  647. LacksHead Admin
    I have pics of your arm if you need to borrow some, elzo
  648. RealTiP
    i never wear shorts, or excessively baggy pants
  649. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I hate shortsFuck fursuits, I'm a living fursuits
  650. RealTiP
    shorts would be smart, but i like meh legs covered
  651. LacksHead Admin
    i agreecover my chicken legs
  652. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  653. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    My legs are fine except they're covered WITH HAIR OH MY KEK
  654. RealTiP
    i have okay legs... but i kinda grew up [liking] wearing only pants
  655. RealTiP never misses leg day
  656. LacksHead Admin
    OH MY GOD! NOT HAIRIT'S LIKE YOU'RE A MAN!Mine just blind people with their shining whiteness
  657. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    No not regular Like I said I'm a living fursuit lol
  658. RealTiP
    i has sexy hairless legstan legs
  659. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  660. ElzoBro
  661. RealTiP
    lemme find my skin color in hex
  662. ElzoBro
    Thanks LacksHairy legs have no character, you honorless shrike*HairlessLmao
  663. LacksHead Admin
    just go to youtube.com that's my legs XD
  664. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    What was my skin color in hex again? Oh right, #ffffff
  665. randomouscrap is going crazy from osu so I guess it's time for bed ( ゚▽゚)/
  666. LacksHead Admin
  667. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  668. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  669. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  670. ElzoBro
  671. RealTiP
    LELnight(dang caps)
  672. ElzoBro
  673. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Honestly though I'm probably #fff0c9
  674. ElzoBro
    I'm starting to feel like we talk about this topic way more often then we should lmao
  675. RealTiP
    I'm close to #d18447 but that might be my lighting
  676. LacksHead Admin
    what topic?
  677. RealTiP
    skin in hex color
  678. ElzoBro
    How ugly we are
  679. RealTiP
  680. ElzoBro
  681. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    That's some red skin
  682. RealTiP
    thats just an assumption thoalso, I ain't red...
  683. ElzoBro
    Then I convert the conversation into uncomfortable male beauty tips
  684. RealTiP
  685. LacksHead Admin
    pro tip: don't give a fuck
  686. RealTiP
  687. ElzoBro
    HonestlyIf you're so good looking, you'll probably look fine in whatever you wear anyways
  688. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Actually tip I think my skin fits the same scheme yours does
  689. ElzoBro
    But never dress for other people, unless itms something where you have to lol
  690. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Probably #ffe0c6
  691. RealTiP
    >doin intense sciences to probably get my skin color as close as possible
  692. LacksHead Admin
    Unless you're trying to reflect some sort of image I don't see the point in strutting around like a peacock
  693. ElzoBro
    ^Dress for yourself, and maybe your mom
  694. LacksHead Admin
    and definitely your grandma
  695. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  696. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  697. LacksHead Admin
    that's the only reason my hair gets cut
  698. ElzoBro
    Yes lol
  699. LacksHead Admin
    don't wanna give her a heart attack
  700. ElzoBro
    Same my parents hate long curly hair for some reason
  701. andritolion has left the chat.
  702. ElzoBro
    But it's not the end if they cut it i guess
  703. LacksHead Admin
    I want to grow mine out but I am WAYYYY too lazy to deal with that mess
  704. RealTiP
    welp, usin' 3ds expect inaccurate color
  705. Lumage has left the chat.
  706. ElzoBro
    I can barely comb my hair anyways I guessMy hair is such a sponge, I can never completely dry it
  707. RealTiP
    this is kind of close: #BB8C70 | probably
  708. LacksHead Admin
    do you got the nice tight curls?
  709. ElzoBro
    Curly hair problems ripYeag
  710. RealTiP
    actually that's quite dark
  711. ElzoBro
    My curls sometimes fall out and roll around on the ground sometimes lmao
  712. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Just say #000000 and we'll accept that you're a piece of charcoal
  713. ElzoBro
    That's how thicc they end up
  714. LacksHead Admin
    at least short and curlies don't immediately get called pubes XD
  715. RealTiP
    Maybe it's #dda482... who knows?
  716. ElzoBro
    LmfaoI still want white people hair, it's so stylish, and cute.
  717. RealTiP
    I'm not dark... i'm just a like 3 drops coloring
  718. ElzoBro
  719. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Wow tip we have the same gradient of orange
  720. RealTiP
    demands picture>i'm more golden tan>idk how to describe
  721. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    #ffe1d1Actually I have a hand reveal you can go off of
  722. ElzoBro
    But I guess I have to be happy with what I have, which is curly hair that's too short to style and gets way too thick to comb without self harm
  723. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    There's my basic skin color
  724. ElzoBro
    But I'm pretty good with my hair actually. All I have to do is grow and shaveMy whole body is multiple different shades of brown, from milk chocolate to Congo shades lolLike my face is just pretty dark but my arms are lighter
  725. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I'm pretty sure that's common
  726. ElzoBro
    Oh okay, well I just know it's not just a farmers tan
  727. RealTiP
    doing a hand revealheh
  728. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  729. RealTiP
    i'm wearin' some ol' chainmail
  730. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    For some reason I imagined your stature to be exactly that
  731. RealTiP
    i also have shades on in that pic xD
  732. LacksHead Admin
    idk what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't chainmail
  733. RealTiP
    totally ignoring camera xD
  734. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    I don't have an old picture of me nmnmmI could check this camera log but mmmffff
  735. RealTiP
    that was about 8 mo. back, greek festival(no, im not greek)also my hair was died too*dyedhehfor all you know, i probably look crazily differentmade me feel cool
  736. LacksHead Admin
    does your family collect this stuff?
  737. RealTiP
    weight is extremely obvious tho.no, thats at a greek festival
  738. LacksHead Admin
  739. RealTiP
    I was just trying EVERYTHING on
  740. Lacks has left the chat.
  741. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  742. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  743. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  744. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  745. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  746. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  747. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  748. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  749. Guzzler829 has left the chat.
  750. GoodGameGod has entered the chat.
  751. GoodGameGod
    Awesome!I've always been fascinated with medieval weapons/armor and Greek mythology If someone calls you a bitch just remember. 1. bitch means female dogs. 🐩 2. Dogs bark. 3. Bark comes from trees. 🌳 4. Trees come from mother nature. 5. Mother nature is beautiful. 6. So people are basically calling you beautiful. Remember that. Life lesson #1.Lol
  752. RealTiP
    oh hi
  753. GoodGameGod
    Hi indeed
  754. RealTiP
    i got a microa gameboy micro
  755. GoodGameGod
    Gameboy micro?Is that a tiny Gameboy?
  756. RealTiP
  757. GoodGameGod
    Sounds cool, is it made by Nintendo? Or somebody else. (Like the guy who made the mini arcade machines)
  758. RealTiP
    yes, its a nintendo thingits on that stack of ds and 3dses
  759. GoodGameGod
    Wow that thing is small lol!It looks like a game and watch.
  760. RealTiP
    eggplant, corn, tater, cuke for scaleits pretty neatdidn't come with a charger though
  761. GoodGameGod
    Lol, where did you get so many 3DSes?Dumpster diving behind the gamestop =P
  762. RealTiP
    thats not even all, which is scary xDeven the pi was taken with a 3ds*pic
  763. GoodGameGod
    Geez, did you spend all your money on a pile of 3DSes?
  764. RealTiP
    maybeso, according to https://techcrunch.com/2006/10/31/top-10-worst-gaming-handhelds/ , the gameboy micro is the second worst handheld of all time
  765. GoodGameGod
    Then why did you buy it lol? Collecting value?>Or wait, I'm guessing you got it by...other means
  766. RealTiP
    collectingalso all my gameboy advances are brokenin my lifetime i probably had the same amount as my ds-3ds line>(around twelve)>they're all broken
  767. GoodGameGod
    Lucky, I use to buy huge LEGO sets when I was younger.>I wish I had da consoles now though...Oh hey! I almost forgot, make sure you have your "Send data to Nintendo" turned off
  768. RealTiP
    i used to have a big tub of legos... but then somebody thought putting the bin next to it was a good idea
  769. GoodGameGod
    On your CFW 3DS
  770. RealTiP
    yep banwavehttps://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/ouch-the-10-worstselling-handhelds-of-all-time-thi-25814844/ http://purenintendo.com/gameboy-micro-the-10-worst-selling-handhelds-of-all-time/both those say micro was unfortunately the worst
  771. GoodGameGod
    I had never actually heard of the GB micro before now...Huh
  772. RealTiP
    googling "worst selling handhelds of all time" gives the micro a bad rep
  773. GoodGameGod
    I remember most of they're consoles to.Including obscure ones...I have a GBA sp, but the screen light doesn't work.
  774. RealTiP
    the pluses i can think of so far is that its freakin' pocket sized, and its got a backlight... other than that "meh."i have only played for 5 min, but i bought it while it was nearly dead anywaysi swear you an fit this thing ANYWHERE
  775. GoodGameGod
    You know what would be cool? Is if there was a way to turn off the screen light on the 3DS.
  776. RealTiP
    Pocket? yep. Wallet? yep.
  777. GoodGameGod
    I'm sure you wonder why, yes?
  778. RealTiP
    there isits NTR, last i checked
  779. GoodGameGod
    >Wallet? Geez that's unnecessarily slim Oh you can? Well I mean without hacks lol, not everyone does that...
  780. RealTiP
    well its like a cm thick but it's totally possiblewell, you can turn down brightness, but thats it without cfw
  781. GoodGameGod
    But it would be good for anyone who plays it outside. (I don't know why anyone would, but they show it in the ADs for it a lot)Because when you do it with screen light, you can't see jack.But without...
  782. RealTiP
    yea, the backlight and faceplate on this work hand in handexcept... its got a really small screen
  783. GoodGameGod
  784. RealTiP
    240×160 pixels2 inches diagonal
  785. GoodGameGod
    Gameboy: "Wow! What a large screen!" DS: "Wow 2 big screens! Even better then the last!
  786. RealTiP
    when my charger comes in, i'll provide a better reviewmicro was the last of the gameboys... successfully killing its kin>"The Game Boy Micro features a removable face plate, and designs with special faceplates were sold as a customization feature." >that's actually pretty neat.
  787. GoodGameGod
    3DS xl: "How did I ever play on such a small screen before? Wow!" n3DS xl: "No wonder everything took 5 hours to load on my o3DS! This is way better!" n2DS xl: "WTF Nintendo?!?!"That is pretty neat
  788. RealTiP
    checks if n2ds xl was releasedoh.
  789. GoodGameGod
    I also hate how Nintendo removed the little wifi switch on the 3DS, it doesn't bother me much anymore since I got wifi, but back when I had to go somewhere to get wifi, that little switch was super helpful when the eshop would take 10 minutes to "Load" before it would say that you didn't have a strong enough internet signal.
  790. RealTiP
    i wonder if its better than the n3ds xl, performance-wise
  791. GoodGameGod
    I could flip the switch, and have it say "No wifi" immediately...Again, this isn't a problem anymore luckily.It's not
  792. RealTiP
  793. GoodGameGod
    Mmm...NoWait...Yeah, yeah okay I think it isI think it is equal
  794. RealTiP
    that'd be weird if it isn't
  795. GoodGameGod
    It weights less then the n3DS and is slimmer for those who care. (Not me)Really the only difference is that it has no 3D of any kind.Aka, what I would have bought instead lol.
  796. RealTiP
    meh. i like my 3ds xls aleady i might get thoughgotta focus on the gameboy gamesbought tloz:minish cap, an old favorite
  797. GoodGameGod
    I've been meaning to try that ^I own it, but Ihaven't played it yet
  798. RealTiP
    its a really good game, one of the most memorable gameboy games i've played
  799. GoodGameGod
    Also, you should/could check out super star saga for your collection, it's a great game.One f the best on the GBA for sure.>And my favorite for GBA
  800. RealTiP
    oh yesin my lifetime, thats a game i had the most copies ofit was good, but i never was able to beat after the soda place.i kept losing 'em.
  801. GoodGameGod
    I REALLY got hooked on games when I was 10, before that I had a WII, but it was when I got a DSI that things kicked off.So I've owned about 3 GBA games before.And have played 6
  802. RealTiP
    i like the ds lite and fatty more than the dsicos that backwards compatibility with gba
  803. GoodGameGod
    Really? Huh, I never had a DS lite.
  804. RealTiP
    yep, also helped for progressing thru pokemon
  805. GoodGameGod
    The backwards comparability was a great feature.
  806. RealTiP
    i still have my first pokemon ever(except its evolved of course)from pokemon blue to pokemon sun + moon
  807. GoodGameGod
    I don't know much about Pokémon...I never was interested in turn-based combat games...I enjoyed final fantasy VII (The GBA one) but other then that...And I guess some other RPGs but...Meh
  808. RealTiP
    yeah... i don't see why i still like pokemon other than nostalgia
  809. GoodGameGod
    Yeah that's what I assume, is that you have to have grown up with it to understand it.
  810. RealTiP
    gradually, they're getting mo' heavily story based... which is boring. (one reason i didn't purchase oras)
  811. GoodGameGod
  812. RealTiP
    i like the old roots of the frachisenone of this dlc special event junk
  813. GoodGameGod
    The older games look like fun to me ^The newer ones? They look way to complicated.
  814. RealTiP
    they actually feel like a challenge, as well as beatablenewer ones are "meh." i beat one... but i could care less about the other :3I liked trading and evolving and playground rumors of impossible things
  815. GoodGameGod
    Anyway, I have to go to bed, a friend of my family has a boy who just had his first birthday, so there's a big celebration that's going to happen and we got invited.Haha I miss that...My dad remembers people writing out maps of tLoZ before there was internet.There's still glitches so that's something. =PBut yeah, sleep, need, bye
  816. RealTiP
  817. GoodGameGod has left the chat.
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  828. Lumage has entered the chat.
  829. Lacks has entered the chat.
  830. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  831. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    today is bad so fari tried brushing my hair with a lint rollerthat was fun
  832. LacksHead Admin
  833. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    my cousin is so sarcastic i hate him
  834. Perska has entered the chat.
  835. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    i go to visit my grandmother and the first thing i get is my cousins coming out and yelling "DID YOU BRING YOUR FIDGET SPINNER!?" like that was a super important fact or somethingboy, if they could hear the things I say under my breath...
  836. Lumage
  837. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  838. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  839. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    ugh god they're shushing each other extremely loud now
  840. LacksHead Admin
    Oh, whoops. I thought it was 8, not 6....
  841. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  842. LacksHead Admin
    So much for sleeping in I guess.
  843. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  844. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    hehehshoot i gotta gommmnno/
  845. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  846. Lacks has left the chat.
  847. Lumage
    http://namapann.com/mp3/110.mp3 i'd play this one on osu
  848. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  849. ElzoBro
  850. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  851. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  852. HTV04 has left the chat.
  853. Lumage
    ah i have the picture somewhereI mean i guess maybe it's on kland
  854. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  855. ElzoBro
    Omg lmao
  856. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  857. Lumage
    shoot who's the artistwarugaki
  858. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  859. Lacks has entered the chat.
  860. lilstrubel
  861. LacksHead Admin
    Hi hi
  862. lilstrubel
    I'm thinking about learning Chinese is that a good idea?Mandarin Chinese I want to learnI feel like pokemon games are a little TOO easy... And short I think they focus so much on graphics and gameplay that they don't focus on the story or the length of the game. They make it easy for people new to pokemon I'm pretty sure
  863. lilstrubel I feel ignored lol
  864. LacksHead Admin
    Mandarin would be a good choice
  865. lilstrubel
    Thank you <3 @Lacks Is my profile okay? You can't really see it unless you go to my profile but she is wearing a really suggestive bra xD
  866. LacksHead Admin
    I mean, I guess?
  867. lilstrubel
    good enough lmao
  868. Lacks has entered the chat.
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  870. LacksHead Admin
    "Always had the feelin' I could never be the villain 'cause the villain in the film is always back lit."
  871. lilstrubel
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocg0dfseea0 I love this song <3 It's just lyrics because I don't want to get in trouble.@Lacks Am I allowed to send you PM's once in a while?
  872. LacksHead Admin
    of courseBut I won't watch the k-pop lol
  873. lilstrubel
    Okay. I just thought because you were head admin I should ask first <3Does anyone remember this song? It's called Boulevard of broken dreams and it's not kpop don't worry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5EXKDlf44M
  874. LacksHead Admin
    it's not korean, but I like this j-pop songhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WKkmmP7JibYthe flow to the lyrics is nice
  875. lilstrubel
    ooooh I like this song!
  876. LacksHead Admin
    When I was into jpop I mostly only listened to Gacktsome Alice N9neman, that was a long time ago now
  877. lilstrubel
    I like jpop but I like Kpop a little more :)
  878. LacksHead Admin
    that was almost 15 years ago o.o
  879. lilstrubel
    wow that's a long time!Hoq old are you now lacks?How*
  880. LacksHead Admin
  881. lilstrubel
    Oh so you started listening to Jpop at the same age as me:)
  882. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3Uw9YClm2Ethis is gacktDamn lol I still find him hotI thought I was over that xD
  883. lilstrubel
    he is hot lol
  884. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amXKQ351QBwmwhahahahaI spam you with all MY porn now hahahahthis song isn't porn. Just sad
  885. lilstrubel
    okay haha I would fight back but you have 10x more power than me xD
  886. LacksHead Admin
    if I rememver correctly, the lyrics are a bout a woman waiting for her husband to return to warfrom* war
  887. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  888. LacksHead Admin
    and the other errors are obvious enough for brain autocorrect
  889. ElzoBro
  890. Lumage
    here start with this onehttp://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/1012029?pool_id=4335
  891. ElzoBro
    I feel that people who use drugs shouldn't be the ones taken to jail (I'm pretty sure that happens), the people selling it shouldThe people abusing them should be able to get help
  892. LacksHead Admin
  893. ElzoBro
    Without fear of prison or persecution
  894. Lumage
    maybe a little persecution because you made a dumb choice
  895. ElzoBro
    Well yeah
  896. lilstrubel
    Um Lumage? Are you helping me??? What did you do to the real lumage
  897. LacksHead Admin
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbWpXYOg4OQthere you go elzo
  898. Lumage
    The premise is that he's preparing for Reitaisai, a Japanese manga festival
  899. LacksHead Admin
    dumb decision pfft
  900. Lumage
    He draws the people in the story (mostly other manga artists but also family) as Touhou character
  901. ElzoBro
    But I feel that going to prison for the better part of your life, then not beinf able to get a job afterwards is a terrible punishment
  902. LacksHead Admin
    not everyone has to be a productive member of societyjust don't hurt or be a burden on others
  903. ElzoBro
    Yeah I saw that video just now Lacks lol
  904. lilstrubel
    I want to wear a dress for a full day and see how that goes xD
  905. ElzoBro
    Is drug abuse a criminal offense?
  906. Lumage
    In these "reports" he draw in manga style his experiences with going to these big manga conventions
  907. lilstrubel
    i think so
  908. ElzoBro
    Or a misdemeanor?
  909. lilstrubel
    depends on the drug I think
  910. LacksHead Admin
    drug abuse isn't a crimethe drugs are the crimeso it's more about personal use or traffickingthat is, like you said, the main problem with drug laws
  911. ElzoBro
    So it's more about having them than using them?
  912. LacksHead Admin
    there is no money spent on rehab
  913. lilstrubel
    I shared my adderal with someone once and I didn't know that was bad
  914. ElzoBro
    People don't get help either, because they're worried of the potential jailyime
  915. LacksHead Admin
  916. lilstrubel
    I take two so I gave one
  917. LacksHead Admin
  918. ElzoBro
  919. lilstrubel
  920. LacksHead Admin
    Yes, ElzoI agreeCanada just passed a law that if you call 911 for an overdose they cannot charge you with posession of drugs :DI hope this saves more lives
  921. ElzoBro
  922. lilstrubel
    that's good haha
  923. ElzoBro
    That's one part there
  924. Lumage
    so if you want to read warugaki's stuff with that style, start with http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/4335 then http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/4735 optional http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/3548 http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/5815 http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/5913 http://safebooru.donmai.us/pools/8677
  925. LacksHead Admin
    not being able to get the help you need for fear of prosecution seems backwards as hell to meBut the War on Drugs is a profitable warso ofcourse the goverment don't want to stop it
  926. ElzoBro
    I think that people who call a clinic to get help, shouldn't be punished with jail or finesAlso a prison reform would be nice but uh
  927. lilstrubel
    I just heard in school that the rate of teen pregnancy in America is insane
  928. Lumage
    prison reform when
  929. lilstrubel
    that true?
  930. Lumage
    that's a really easy statistic to look up yourselfthe answer is yes
  931. ElzoBro
    Like, prisons shouldn't be like the ones in Norway, because Americans are supwr selfish but they should be a little nicerAnd focus more on helping peope
  932. LacksHead Admin
    prisons should be like the ones in norway
  933. ElzoBro
    Okay so I guess I have my goals as a politician down slightly
  934. LacksHead Admin
    look at their repeat offender statistics
  935. lilstrubel
    Yeah but I didn't want "What are the rates of teen prenancy" on my history LOL
  936. ElzoBro
    No, I don't think they should because American culture wouldn't work qith themThey should adopt ideas from it though
  937. Lumage
    like not being awfulfor example
  938. LacksHead Admin
    fuck american cultureMake america great again
  939. lilstrubel
    Oh god not that LOL
  940. ElzoBro
    Norway prisons are way too nice
  941. Lumage
    MAGA is *exactly* american culture though
  942. LacksHead Admin
    Norways prisons treat people like peoplenot rats
  943. Lumage
    we've got an ego fetish
  944. ElzoBro
    I jnow for a fact that people here will do crimes to get in I'm 100% on that
  945. Lumage
    that somehow any concession that we "have work to do" is denying that
  946. ElzoBro
  947. Lumage
    the only proper "we have work to do" is "because somebody else messed us up from how perfect it was"
  948. ElzoBro
    You can't have them be too nice, but you have to have them be not awful
  949. lilstrubel
    Anyone here live in New Jersey?I do
  950. ElzoBro
  951. LacksHead Admin
    maybe if your prisons are a better alternative than life outside of prison your country is more fucked than you let on
  952. ElzoBro
    Mmm no I don't think that
  953. Lumage
    if we didn't have such toxic cults we wouldn't be losing to China and Russia and several European countries and in many areas Canada
  954. ElzoBro
    I was more thinking people already without homes or who are running out of money
  955. LacksHead Admin
    maybe a universal basic income would be a good idea then
  956. Lumage
    haha but that's socialism and that's illegal
  957. ElzoBro
    Lol communism
  958. LacksHead Admin
    with automation on the rise we need to find a way to feed and house all these soon to be jobless people
  959. Lumage
    not in the US!Our solution to automation is evangelism
  960. LacksHead Admin
    USA is literally the devil
  961. ElzoBro
  962. lilstrubel
    is watching videos of squirrels getting run over illegal
  963. Lumage
    no go back to 4chan
  964. lilstrubel
  965. ElzoBro
    Does watching videos of squirels getting run over make you a school shooter in the making?
  966. lilstrubel
    That is exactly the site too xD
  967. LacksHead Admin
    how about that guy killing 2 people for defending a muslim in portland, yesterday?
  968. ElzoBro
  969. lilstrubel
    that's fucked up
  970. Lumage
    how do i ignore
  971. ElzoBro
    Am I suppsied to feel any other way than bad when people die?
  972. lilstrubel
    I have some Muslim friends
  973. Lumage
  974. ElzoBro
    Yeah that's true
  975. Lumage
    i mean no culturally you're not
  976. LacksHead Admin
  977. Lumage
    wow wtf apparently "prison comparison" doesn't give me an international comparison of prisons
  978. ElzoBro
    Does anyone else worry that memes are ruining society in some way?
  979. Lumage
    I got "Prison vs. School" on BuzzFeed
  980. ElzoBro
    Well, not the way you think I mean but
  981. Lumage
    only morons
  982. LacksHead Admin
    no, the age of offense is ruining society
  983. lilstrubel
    I'm watching Deers VS Cars I'm a horrible person
  984. ElzoBro
    It's probably just he people I'm near are ruining it
  985. Lumage
    there are always "unintelligent" people that will enjoy unintelligent things
  986. ElzoBro
    What i mean is that
  987. LacksHead Admin
    fidget spinners for example :p
  988. Lumage
    it doesn't matter what "dumb" thing they enjoy, it doesn't have that big of an impact
  989. lilstrubel
    yes LOL
  990. ElzoBro
    They make normies have a bad understanding of certain serious topics, and when those topics are discussed, they have a jokes understanding of it, and don't want to actually think about it
  991. Lumage
    having a trend appear in the media might give you an averse reaction because your brain wants you to either feel part of the group or superior to it
  992. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  993. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  994. lilstrubel
    yeah that's true
  995. Lumage
    but it doesn't actually lead to anything
  996. ElzoBro
    ^^^That's what i find happens near me^^^^
  997. Lumage
    oh political memes
  998. ElzoBro
  999. Lumage
    like "when the school shooter says you want to go to the bathroom"
  1000. lilstrubel
  1001. ElzoBro
    Well not those kind, the ones that are like "LOL gay people" or "60 million genders", then normies think that all gay people are that way because they don't actually know gay people and that's their only exposure
  1002. lilstrubel
    I feel bad for those kids involved in school shootings :(
  1003. ElzoBro
    Are you supposed to feel good for them?
  1004. lilstrubel
  1005. Lumage
    so exactly those kind because they racialize school shootingidk That's just information age in general. You have more access to implications. I don't know how it really affects people's beliefs. There's no reason to believe it doesn't, but it seems foolish to say that it's a serious problem
  1006. ElzoBro
    Yeah, it's not a swrious problem i suppose, but it makes things hard
  1007. LacksHead Admin
    "It's for the lulz, man, calm down!"
  1008. lilstrubel
    I'm surprised there weren't any shootings in my school because I'm in a school for kids who need additional help
  1009. ElzoBro
    People group me with those extra people
  1010. lilstrubel
    cause I'm special...
  1011. ElzoBro
    Or they see jews and think "MEMEZ"
  1012. lilstrubel
  1013. LacksHead Admin
    I fucking hate memes
  1014. ElzoBro
    But that's just idiots
  1015. LacksHead Admin
    repetition is not funny
  1016. ElzoBro
    Some people can meme responsibly lmao
  1017. lilstrubel
    You hate memes too???'Well I like em a little bit but they get annoying af after a while
  1018. ElzoBro
    I like memes, but they get annoying after while, and they often go too far
  1019. lilstrubel
    lol same comment
  1020. ElzoBro
    A lot of people i know don't seem to understand something
  1021. lilstrubel
    pretty much
  1022. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1023. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1024. ElzoBro
    You can think something morbid or really offensive is funny, but you also have to sort of understand if some people don't think it is
  1025. LacksHead Admin
  1026. Lumage
    "60 genders" DEFINITELY either influenced people or became an argument for an existing belief, though
  1027. lilstrubel
  1028. LacksHead Admin
    there's 2 genders and 58 types of people in desperate need of real therapy
  1029. Lumage
    aaand you fell for it too
  1030. LacksHead Admin
    tell megeneticallywhere is foxkin?
  1031. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1032. ElzoBro
    Like I got told that I had "No sense of humor" by Michael(He's cool now but he was an ass earlier this year) when I got uncomfortable by Javi making a N-word jokeJavi is nice, he felt bad for making me uncomfortable, but Michael was a homophobic douche them
  1033. Lumage
    The concept of gender is pretty simple, the "60" one is an unofficial attempt to compartmentalize weird stuff. But of course, it's easy to say "oh everyone that has any non-binary sense of gender believes this"
  1034. ElzoBro
    I'm just happy I seem to have changed peopleYeah@Lumage
  1035. LacksHead Admin
    I've never heard this 60 gender bs
  1036. Lumage
    And then every time "gender" is mentioned you get someone mentioning "60 genders xddd" as a denouncement of... that misrepresentation of an opinion. A strawman.
  1037. ElzoBro
    Like I said that I'm gay and someone said that gay is a gender and I'm really uncomfortable being grouped with them because people won't take me seriously
  1038. Lumage
    It's mostly tumblr. You go from "I don't feel male" to "how do I feel?" to "must be demiultragender lol also check out my OC" to "let's make a chart"
  1039. ElzoBro
    Yeah, the 69 genders is a huge strawmanLol
  1040. lilstrubel
    I have lots of social problems because I only have a couple of friends but I try my best to get along with people in the chat (Besides my sexual things)
  1041. Lumage
    i'm not getting along with you because you're unnecessary to this conversation
  1042. ElzoBro
    Who lol
  1043. Lumage
    lilanyway my understanding is this
  1044. LacksHead Admin
    i don't really care what you "feel"feelings are irrelevantif you're genetically a male you're a male
  1045. ElzoBro
    As I said, there are two sexes, but people can feel however they want to, just tell me your pronouns and I'll use them, it's not tgat big of a deal
  1046. lilstrubel
    @Lumage And he's back xD
  1047. LacksHead Admin
  1048. Lumage
    Sex is the genetics. You are literally either an XX or an XY.
  1049. LacksHead Admin
    I'm not playing your stupid offens gameoffense gameyou get they and thats it
  1050. ElzoBro
    Offense game?
  1051. Lumage
    lacks thinks people actually use "xir"
  1052. lilstrubel
    Are you guys talking about trans people
  1053. LacksHead Admin
    telling me I have to call you something gives you a trump card to claim offense
  1054. ElzoBro
    I just call it being nice to people
  1055. LacksHead Admin
    fuck that
  1056. ElzoBro
    I don't really wanna be "that guy", and it doesn't really hurt me
  1057. LacksHead Admin
    (I'm canadian. It's TECHNICALLY hate speech if I don't call you a zhee)
  1058. Lumage
    There are abnormalities in chromosomes too, but these are exactly that and so rare and at a genetic level that it's not that much of an issue because what sex really determines is what equipment you have
  1059. ElzoBro
    The only thing I find bad is if someone diesn't tell you their pronouns and expects you to just knowYeah, Sex is binary, but I'll say that gender is a spectrum because it's not my place
  1060. Lumage
    But gender is the /social/ concept of masculinity and femininity. Masculinity is whatever is typically associated with "being male" Femininity is whatever is typically associated with "being female" cars vs hairstyling. Do you follow so far, Lacks?
  1061. LacksHead Admin
    I think this is all a problem of life being so good we need a new bitch
  1062. lilstrubel
    Life isn't so good for me
  1063. LacksHead Admin
    by bitch I mean something to bitch about
  1064. lilstrubel
    I only get 7 meals a day... jk
  1065. ElzoBro
    Oh but LUmage, if you try to explain it to people, they'll get mad at you and say "THIS IS TOO COMPLEX, WEEB!! I DONT NEED UR GENDRZ!!! JUST BE NORMAL! HISSSSSSSS 2 GENDERS BINCH!"
  1066. Lumage
    You don't generally think of women wanting to grill on their RAM 1500 while hunting bears. You don't expect men to 'care' about fashion or be weak.I only have two genders right now elzo
  1067. LacksHead Admin
  1068. 12Me21Admin
    "doesn't tell you their pronouns"
  1069. Imasheep has entered the chat.
  1070. 12Me21Admin
    well there's a good one
  1071. lilstrubel
    I'm a dog secretly
  1072. 12Me21Admin
  1073. LacksHead Admin
    My wife is way more manly than meshe doesn't claim to be a man tho
  1074. ElzoBro
    Well yeaaah
  1075. Lumage
    But do you agree with the social concepts of masculinity/femininity? You're getting ahead of yourself.
  1076. ElzoBro
    That's a given
  1077. LacksHead Admin
    noI agree with society viewing it that way I guessbut people are dumb
  1078. ElzoBro
    Just because you're manly soesnt mean you're a man lol
  1079. LacksHead Admin
  1080. lilstrubel
    I don't understand this conversation at all so I guess I'm dumb haha
  1081. Imasheep has left the chat.
  1082. Lumage
    So there aren't behaviors that are associated with males (sex) and females (sex)?
  1083. LacksHead Admin
    In my opinion, it's "Just because you're womanly doesn't mean you're not a man if you are a male"
  1084. Lumage
    You're still getting into transgenderism which isn't what I'm talking about
  1085. lilstrubel
    transgenderism is a word?
  1086. LacksHead Admin
    There are behaviors that seperate the genders
  1087. lilstrubel
  1088. Lumage
    there you go
  1089. ElzoBro
    I feel that all if the different genders is just a weird way to say "I'm a woman who likes manly things" and the like
  1090. Lumage
    The "behavior" is what people mean by gender
  1091. ElzoBro
    They don't really all have to be named
  1092. LacksHead Admin
    I feel like this would go a lot better if it was just me and lumage lol
  1093. Lumage
  1094. lilstrubel
    I'm a man but I act a lot like a girl so what am I ]
  1095. Lumage
    shut up desu none of you are helping
  1096. lilstrubel
    I don't want to help haha
  1097. ElzoBro
    Oh well I'm just being a part of this because I want to take notes
  1098. lilstrubel
    I'm confused
  1099. LacksHead Admin
  1100. Lumage
    This is different from the biological sex because they /refer to different things/ Sex is chromosomes, gender is the social expectation of behavior
  1101. LacksHead Admin
    I think i get itI hate the people who feel they need a defining factornot that they're men who think they're women
  1102. Lumage
    Sex and gender are linked
  1103. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1104. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1105. Lumage
    Usually an XY will also "behave" like a manUsually an XX will "behave" like a female--
  1106. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1107. Lumage
    that's having the same sex and gender, and that's how it is usually
  1108. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1109. Lumage
    here's why people make such a big stink about gender though:who's the MOST MASCULINE person you can think of?
  1110. LacksHead Admin
  1111. lilstrubel
    My momma
  1112. LacksHead Admin
    lol hahah
  1113. lilstrubel
  1114. LacksHead Admin
    true lil
  1115. lilstrubel
  1116. LacksHead Admin
    she definitely hit harder :p
  1117. lilstrubel
  1118. Lumage
    Like, Bruce Willis type of guys.
  1119. LacksHead Admin
    yeaharnold I can't spell his last name an neggerwarriorslol
  1120. Lumage
    So when we think of masculinity, that's the kind of "absolute masculine" our society gives uhAnd when we think femininity we have a similar concept/perfect examplebut... most of us aren't Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  1121. LacksHead Admin
    I'm not, myself
  1122. Lumage
  1123. LacksHead Admin
    but how does that make me less manly
  1124. Lumage
    Because "manliness" is defined by society. You're less manly, in value, than Arnold because you aren't that kind of man
  1125. LacksHead Admin
    ahhhhfuck society
  1126. Lumage
    I'm farrr from the muscley guys. I'm like a 30% masculine, maybe
  1127. LacksHead Admin
    This is why I want to go live in the bush
  1128. Lumage
    That's where the spectrum comes from
  1129. lilstrubel
    @Lacks what's the Girliest thing you have ever done in your life? :D I still wear female underwear lol
  1130. Lumage
    you can act "more feminine" or "more masculine" because NO ONE is the PERFECT masculine man
  1131. lilstrubel
    @Lumage what about you Lumage?
  1132. Lumage
    somewhere in there there's a middle line. Random is probably around there.
  1133. LacksHead Admin
  1134. Lumage
    you don't really think of him is manly, but he's not ultrafeminine either
  1135. LacksHead Admin
    I would have a big problem calling him a heras you can tell by coinz
  1136. Lumage
    he acts kind of independently of gender
  1137. lilstrubel
    I'm not gay I only wear female underwear because tighty whities hurt my circulation and I don't like to wear boxers
  1138. Lumage
    Ah-- see that's where I'm going But let me soldifiy the "spectrum" concept Anyway you end up with something like this F=====O=====M And you can be wherever on there. Most XYs are on the right. Most XXs are on the left.
  1139. ElzoBro
    Lol well I'm gay and I don't wear panties sorry
  1140. LacksHead Admin
    i'm straight and have worn thembut that was to make the girl laugh
  1141. ElzoBro
  1142. lilstrubel
    I'm just saying that because everyone calls me gay :(lol
  1143. Lumage
    So having the separate Sex/Gender kind of makes senseBut pronouns are another issue
  1144. lilstrubel
    @Lumage can we talk about something else?
  1145. Lumage
    Because that's not how *you* feel, that's how people /perceive you/
  1146. LacksHead Admin
    only because there's 7 billion of us and natural selection went out the window a while ago
  1147. ElzoBro
    Then sexuality is added in and things get even harder because society
  1148. lilstrubel
    ugh I hate sexuality
  1149. Lumage
    "they" should be fine
  1150. LacksHead Admin
    they is what I use
  1151. Lumage
    only a few special snowflakes have extra words
  1152. LacksHead Admin
    if the snowflake wants a special word they just want troublesuffer not the fools
  1153. Lumage
    But if you feel female, it's--more than anything else--weird by social standards to be /called/ "he"
  1154. lilstrubel
  1155. ElzoBro
    Yeah, reasonable people (The majority) are fine with they
  1156. Lumage
    And pronoun use is, ultimately, just determined by what we see, lol
  1157. ElzoBro
    LolYeah, it's what you see, then what you're told
  1158. LacksHead Admin
    If I started dating a male-presenting-female I wouldn't be offendedunless subterfuge was their goal
  1159. Lumage
    If I see someone that looks masculine, I assume it's a guy. If I see someone that looks feminine, I assume it's a woman. There's no reason to go against that for at least first contact.
  1160. LacksHead Admin
    I mean my last girlfriend is now presenting as a man and I saw that coming when we were dating. i was okay with that
  1161. Lumage
    So many trans will specifically go to change their appearance not so much because they want to look how they feel but because it's just easier for other people to recognize
  1162. lilstrubel
  1163. LacksHead Admin
    That I understand
  1164. ElzoBro
    I thought the larger point IS to look howthey feel, because dysphoria and all thatAlthough pronoun use is of part of dysphoria
  1165. Lumage
    I mean maybe for stronger cases. But in a social context, it's the presentation
  1166. LacksHead Admin
    MAYBE THAT'S THE PROBLEMWHOOPSI've met a few that insist on their pronoun not matching the presentation
  1167. Lumage
    If someone doesn't even try to present, doesn't ask you politely, and doesn't accept "they" when it's ambiguous, they're just another rude face and it's not even discrimination they're just not people who you want to get along with
  1168. LacksHead Admin
    usually I just sever all ties as fast as possible as those people always seem to be surrounded in a toxicity
  1169. ElzoBro
  1170. Lumage
    if you do make a mistake and someone asks you for he/she/they it's kind of rude to not try to change because it's a sign that you just don't believe it's "possible" to think of yourself another way which gets interpreted as complete rejection
  1171. LacksHead Admin
    the problem is
  1172. ElzoBro
    I'm pretty sure my friend Molly is FTM but she's okay with 'She'
  1173. LacksHead Admin
    there is a proposed law that could make it hate speech for me to not call them by their gender
  1174. Lumage
    yeah at some level, if you know that your appearance is confusing, it's on you to not be offendedI thought they passed it with no comment a few days ago?Or was that something else
  1175. LacksHead Admin
    and these people are so quick to anger and offense that how do ytou defend agaings this aside from cowtailing to their bullshit
  1176. Lumage
    oh maybe that was the drugs thingAnyway yeah that law is stupid
  1177. ElzoBro
    If I run a presidential campaign, will I rrt any votes if I say "don't listen to a party, listen to an opinion"
  1178. Lumage
    the social justice court is canada is stupid
  1179. LacksHead Admin
  1180. ElzoBro
    Yeah from what i read
  1181. LacksHead Admin
    comedians getting fined $10,000 for shutting down a hecklereven if it was offensiceive*
  1182. Lumage
    I listened to the professor debate thing
  1183. LacksHead Admin
  1184. Lumage
    YeahI was hoping the opponents would do something like what I'm saying and just make some point like "you need to respect that because it's more harmful that you think" or something
  1185. LacksHead Admin
    I've only listened to the 2 joe rogan podcasts he's been on
  1186. Lumage
    but instead their rhetoric was I CAN'T BELIEVE SOMEONE DOESN'T AGREE WITH USYOU'RE EVIL (even though he said he would use he/she/they if asked)SCIENCE SAYS THERE ARE MULTIPLE GENDERS
  1187. LacksHead Admin
    yeah, these are the people I hate
  1188. Lumage
    (because wow okay have fun explaining that)
  1189. ElzoBro
    Yeah that's the problem
  1190. LacksHead Admin
    which is why I call this the age of offenseor willful ignorance
  1191. ElzoBro
    They make everyone look bad
  1192. LacksHead Admin
    I'm still not sure which one it osis*
  1193. Lumage
    I mean you saw it here (I hope) The spectrum thing actually makes sense: it's not too much of a stretch to say "no one is fully masculine or feminine"
  1194. LacksHead Admin
  1195. Lumage
    but "3 genders" just triggers memes for everyone
  1196. LacksHead Admin
    that was me communicating poorlyI agree with all that stuffThe special snowflake stuff drives me bat shit crazy
  1197. Lumage
    part of it is that it *is* overrepresented in media specifically to make people upset
  1198. ElzoBro
    Hence what I Said about memes
  1199. LacksHead Admin
    :( I'm just a stupid sheeple
  1200. ElzoBro
  1201. Lumage
    I mean I'm irritated that people like Yellow Hat Person of Unknown Gender Identity exist but I also recognize that I'm not going to go outside and immediately meet people like thatmaybe if I went to an antifa rally idk
  1202. ElzoBro
    I usually come here to temper my ideas so I can propose them to my IRL friends
  1203. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  1204. ElzoBro
    Because SOMEONE I know has to be educated lol
  1205. Lumage
    someone told me to "get learned" on twitter onceI was right.
  1206. ElzoBro
  1207. Lumage
  1208. LacksHead Admin
    >Drake Nathen1 year ago had a successful masturbation. :D
  1209. Lumage
    "successful masturbation" kek
  1210. ElzoBro
  1211. LacksHead Admin
    he did it in 1:34 so.... I'm impressed :p
  1212. 12Me21 has left the chat.
  1213. Lumage
    hm the user's account was remove
  1214. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1215. Lumage
    pixel_voxel[04:52]o: i think you people are severely overestimating lumagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4blEgdUX260
  1216. LacksHead Admin
    overestimating? how so?what's your opinion on the water erosion on the sphynx?
  1217. Lumage
    "LOOK WHERE ALL THE QUALITY WENT"are people really worried about the sphinx eroding thoughoh i seeI'm not going to take a position on historical dating lol
  1218. LacksHead Admin
    I was gonna make a joke about overestimating you.... but
  1219. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1220. LacksHead Admin
    yeah, this stuff is more just a fun thought experiment than anything without being able to 100% prove anything
  1221. Lumage
    idk what the real implications of an earlier sphinx are sure it would be interesting but I can't see the connection they're trying to make
  1222. LacksHead Admin
    I think it's simply civilization is older than we think
  1223. Lumage
    Oh right 5000 years is a lot I uh I'm really not good with dates lol
  1224. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1225. Lumage
    Egyptian history is pretty cool. Would be a nice specialized class to take.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9_mMpZCY7w
  1226. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1227. lilstrubel
    hello :D I'm so happy I caught my first shiny pokemon!!!it was a ledyba
  1228. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  1229. HylianHoundoom
  1230. Lumage
  1231. HylianHoundoom
  1232. Lumage
    munna hunaa
  1233. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1234. HylianHoundoom
  1235. randomouscrap
  1236. Lumage
    just pretend you opened the tab on accident
  1237. HylianHoundoom
    gabe says you need to chill when playing osu!
  1238. randomouscrap
    o..oh?I'm still 1000 pp away from him
  1239. HylianHoundoom
    he said you got 1000pp when it took him a year to do that?
  1240. Lumage
  1241. HylianHoundoom
    idk what th efuck that means, but
  1242. randomouscrap
    What no I have 825
  1243. Lumage
  1244. randomouscrap
    ANd I don't think I'll be reaching 1000 this weekend. I need to take a breakI've been pushing too hard
  1245. LacksHead Admin
  1246. HylianHoundoom
    well, did you hear about mhxx switch?
  1247. randomouscrap
    I don't like monster hunter. I'm sorry
  1248. HylianHoundoom
    well it's the first game on the switch to have cross play with the 3ds
  1249. randomouscrap
    that's cool
  1250. Lumage
    oh somehow I got to 160
  1251. randomouscrap
    I need to play a relaxing game that doesn't require skill
  1252. Lumage
    like mario kart
  1253. randomouscrap
    maybe mariokart
  1254. lilstrubel
    random I caught a shiny Ledyba a few minutes ago~ :D
  1255. LacksHead Admin
    94 :/
  1256. Lumage
    or land maker
  1257. randomouscrap
    Oh cool, what game?
  1258. lilstrubel
    Pokemon Sun :D
  1259. randomouscrap
    Ah awesome!
  1260. Lumage
    "Aqua Blend Server"wow okay apparently I have more S+SS than A
  1261. randomouscrap
    I just have to keep telling myself that pp doesn't matter. But even when I don't care about pp, I still care about doing well on the songs for personal reasonsLast night I played this stupid 4 minute song and failed on the last 5 notes like 4 times
  1262. HylianHoundoom
    Randy, wanna play mk8d?
  1263. randomouscrap
    I was so sad. I threw my headphones awayI don't have deluxe and I actually don't want to play mk8. It'll just make me tryhard againI need to rellaaaaax
  1264. HylianHoundoom
    play fast rmxlol>it'a one of the most stressfull games I've ever played
  1265. randomouscrap
    And if you look at my history on osu you'll see the other song that made me pull my hair out
  1266. Lumage
    play tetris
  1267. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  1268. Lumage
  1269. randomouscrap
    that stupid "unbeatable" song is so easy and I COULDN'T S RANK IT AARRGGHHH
  1270. LacksHead Admin
    tooo much coffee
  1271. Lumage
    is bloody tears actually good
  1272. LacksHead Admin
    shaking too much to do the spinners lol
  1273. randomouscrap
    I played it what, 75 times?
  1274. Lumage
    I thought I played a low level and didn't like ityes
  1275. randomouscrap
    Bloody tears is all right. I played it so much because I knew I could do well on it. It's a bit complicated on the higher level
  1276. Lumage
    wait...a user named bubblun...
  1277. HylianHoundoom
    oh neat
  1278. Lumage
    maybe there's some puzzle bobble stuff
  1279. HylianHoundoom
    you added a fullscreen button randy
  1280. LacksHead Admin
    yay now I'm over 100 pp
  1281. randomouscrap
  1282. Lumage
    ending theme, huh
  1283. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1284. randomouscrap
    I'm really proud of that S rank on Sora-iro days
  1285. Lumage
    alright time to play this stupid game i guess
  1286. randomouscrap
    I have no idea how I pulled that off. That's a 3.98 star
  1287. Lumage
    lol but ofc people hate the map
  1288. randomouscrap
    sometimes I'm really on top of things for like... an hour. And then I suck for the rest of the day lol
  1289. LacksHead Admin
    I hear that lol
  1290. Lumage
    kekplay the almost 4-star puzzle bobble ending
  1291. randomouscrap
    puzzle bobble
  1292. Lumage
    it started out ok tho
  1293. randomouscrap
    NO wait I'm not playing osuno no no
  1294. LacksHead Admin
  1295. randomouscrap
    I need to relaxevery time I start it up I have to beat a harder songIt's already so fast that I really can't follow itI can't find the puzzle bobbloh is it unranked/?
  1296. 5logank has entered the chat.
  1297. Lumage
  1298. randomouscrap
  1299. Lumage
    yeah never mind this map sucksyeah
  1300. randomouscrap
    I... oh nooh no osu is drawing me inno there HAS to be a relaxing game somewherewhy are none of my steam games relaxing
  1301. PhilFish
    man wtf this osu map failed me at 88% and gave me an X during a break where I had 92%this is bs
  1302. LacksHead Admin
    got stardew valley?bailey seem pretty relaxed atm
  1303. randomouscrap
    no I'm not embarking on a stardew valley binge in the middle of osuI just need a short gamelike 10 hours
  1304. LacksHead Admin
    yeah, that's about how long her save files last :p
  1305. randomouscrap
  1306. Lumage
    land maker
  1307. randomouscrap
    oh no I saw undertale in my steam library and now I want to play the "hopes and dreams" song in osu
  1308. HylianHoundoom
    oh no
  1309. randomouscrap
    gaaahhhhh if I keep playing osu I'm going to explode from the tryhard
  1310. HylianHoundoom
    i accidently smacked my cat in the nose
  1311. randomouscrap
    oh oh I know
  1312. Lumage
    land maker
  1313. PhilFish
    I'm going to try through the fire and the flames on nofail
  1314. Lumage
    mein kampf
  1315. randomouscrap
    lum let's play coop tag mode in osuyou can pick all the maps. I'll just relax
  1316. PhilFish
    who wants to spectate how poorly I do
  1317. Lumage
  1318. randomouscrap
    you have to make the room
  1319. Lumage
    yeah yeanaming things is hard hang on
  1320. HylianHoundoom
  1321. randomouscrap
    make sure you add a passwordand then tell me
  1322. Lumage
    okay room name is emacs > vimpass is weebs
  1323. randomouscrap
    lol nice
  1324. PhilFish
    jesus shit I'm hovering around 12%
  1325. randomouscrap
    oh pick whatever gamemode you wantwe're doing head to head?
  1326. Lumage
    are we? what do I have to dotag something?tag coop ok that sounds scary
  1327. randomouscrap
    coop tag is the only one that's coopWe take turns playing the combos in the song
  1328. Lumage
    that sounds hardI still don't think I understand so... we'll see
  1329. LacksHead Admin
    time to see what this new set of rocks looks like. Finally no more droning rock polisher!
  1330. randomouscrap
    oops I messed up too
  1331. 12Me21 has entered the chat.
  1332. Lumage
    that wasn't bad
  1333. Lacks has left the chat.
  1334. Lumage
    "there's just so much mountain dew"
  1335. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1336. 12Me21Admin
    http://12me21.github.io/sbhighlight/ If anyone finds any bugs I'll pay them 7000 coins
  1337. Lumage
    for some reason it needs javascript
  1338. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1339. Lumage
    wait is - really not part of numbers
  1340. 12Me21Admin
  1341. Lacks has left the chat.
  1342. Lumage
    I mean I get why but that seems stupid
  1343. 12Me21Admin
    SB originally didn't highlight the - but they changed it- is an operator not an inherent part of a numberthings like1-1 1+1 1*1 1/1are inconsistent since - has 2 usesI think they changed TO and STEP in that same updateoriginally they weren't highlighted but now they're highlighted as keywords even though they aren't true keywords since you can make variables with the same nameI put them in the "separator" group along with , : and ;
  1344. Lumage
  1345. HylianHoundoom
  1346. 12Me21Admin
    oops TRUE is not getting highlightedhaha good thing no one noticed
  1347. HylianHoundoom
  1348. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  1349. 12Me21Admin
    (in my new system, that is)
  1350. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1351. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1352. snail_ has entered the chat.
  1353. PhilFish
    okay so I installed synergy and it's the absolute best thing everthis is awesome (I'm on Linux but using a keyboard linked to my Windows machine)
  1354. 12Me21Admin
    does it let you press enter lumage?
  1355. HylianHoundoom has entered the chat.
  1356. PhilFish
  1357. snail_
    richard stallman is a bit of a nut
  1358. Lumage
    I couldn't find anything but if you're looking for programs to test you should probably use Ochame Nako's QSPshttp://ochameclub.web.fc2.com/petitcom3/soft/qsp.htm
  1359. 12Me21Admin
    http://ochameclub.web.fc2.com/petitcom3/soft/image/1GQ_AITE.jpg ooh they use SPSET 0SPSET. is shorter
  1360. PhilFish
    dude this was amazingdefinitely worth $20
  1361. 12Me21Admin
    I could make this program 4 characters shorter immediately
  1362. snail_
    isn't Synergy open-source
  1363. Lumage
    it's not quite code golf
  1364. snail_
    can't you build it without paying
  1365. Lumage
    it's "get it on 1/4 a screen and you're done"
  1366. 12Me21Admin
    but if it's shorter you can then add more features
  1367. snail_
    yeah but @Lumage if you're good at code golf you can get so much on 1/4 a screen
  1368. Lumage
    QSP contest please?
  1369. 12Me21Admin
  1370. Lumage
    12 make a QSP edition highlighter
  1371. snail_
    code golf is basically just size-restricted programming
  1372. 12Me21Admin
    IF B*C THEN TALK M$[RND(M)] TALK M$[RND(M)]*(B&&C) maybeidk if talk can have more than oneat the same timeoh it can'thmanyway 12OS=best OS
  1373. Lumage
    \=strongly disagree
  1374. 12Me21Admin
    tbh it's better than most of the other fake OS's though it's not REALLY a QSP since the commands have to be in an external fileI used it for finding files for a LONG time on my o3DSI mean I was only successful like 40% of the time but still
  1375. Lumage
    maybe we should make that javascript smilebase interpreter soonit *might* not be illegal if you don't copy their bytecode format
  1376. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1377. 12Me21Admin
    also my OS had a 512 KB GRP file for the "12OS" logo lol
  1378. Lumage
    I like how chiptune as a genre just means "bad" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8jQM7wjZscbut actual tracker compositions are still like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQtT2xPez8Ais emacs a tracker program also
  1379. Lumage has left the chat.
  1380. Lumage has entered the chat.
  1381. Midnoclose has entered the chat.
  1382. snail_
    lamoj clearly hasnt heard good chiptune
  1383. Lumage
    the context is that I said "GNU[guhnoo] Project" in a real conversation
  1384. Lumage
    if it calls itself chiptune it isn't good chiptune
  1385. snail_
    well that's how you say it
  1386. Lumage
    yeah and then trinitro questioned it
  1387. HylianHoundoom
  1388. Lumage
    can we get Bad Apple on Tiny Computerwhere's the guide
  1389. snail_
    I would be massively impressedthough I guess with all the processing power available to TC it wouldn't be hardthough TC has no mechanism for data storage whatsoever, so it would just be a lot of add 2638746278638462,m31
  1390. 12Me21Admin
    FO CK DN DJ NU WS LU AP NB ZF ME EP VN NR other two letter acronyms that have no meaning probably
  1391. Lumage
  1392. 12Me21Admin
    I made arrays
  1393. snail_
    oh right macro abuse exists
  1394. snail_
    FO CK
  1395. snail_
    well do you have macros that can store arbitrary data in memory
  1396. 12Me21Admin
    yeah I made a rraysaok sort ofhttp://smilebasicsource.com/tinycomputer/?username=12Me21&program=pressenterlumage
  1397. PhilFish
    when I first started programming I didn't know that "arrays" was meant to be pronounced "uh-RAYS" and I pronounced it "AIR-rays"
  1398. 12Me21Admin
    where is the I lol@set 500 @index @array 31599 @_ 29850 @_ 29347 @_ 14499 @_ 20340 @_ 14543 @_ 31694 @_ 18727 @_ 31727 @_ 18927 @_ 23530 @_ 15083 @_ 29263 @_ 15211 @_ 29391 @_ 04815 @_ 27470 @_ 23533 @_ 29847 @_ 31524 @_ 23277 @_ 29257 @_ 23549 @_ 23403 @_ 31599 @_ 05103 @_ 28527 @_ 23275 @_ 14478 @_ 09367 @_ 31597 @_ 11117 @_ 24557 @_ 23213 @_ 09389 @_ 29351 @_ 00000 @end
  1399. snail_
    oh godI guess it works
  1400. 12Me21Admin
    anyway I'm going to make a QSP file search thing that supports ? and * wildcard things
  1401. Lumage
  1402. randomouscrap has entered the chat.
  1403. randomouscrap
    someone who is touhou weeb plz helpwhat is this song https://youtu.be/AIKHHs-SgPU?t=2004no touhou weebs want to help? T_T I will forever be missing this in my osu life
  1404. Lumage
  1405. snail_
    12 did you get that list from scrabble
  1406. Lumage
    is it ceimson belvedere again
  1407. randomouscrap
    Is it? IDK I really like it
  1408. Lumage
  1409. randomouscrap
    do I need to link the time?
  1410. Lumage
    you did?this sounds mutilated like bad remixes usually do
  1411. randomouscrap
    I thought at some point you couldn't use timestampsawww bad remix. I like this song anyway, even if it sounds nothing like the originalYou don't know what the original is?
  1412. Lumage
    jeez did you even try using google
  1413. randomouscrap
    I didevery link is japanese
  1414. Lumage
    Kid's Festival ~ Innocent Treasureshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CbvqJAfCRc&feature=youtu.be first video result
  1415. randomouscrap
    Ah I saw that but I also saw a million other titles so I couldn't sift through it
  1416. Lumage
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTlA_Lfssp0the original is better
  1417. randomouscrap
    that wasn't the first link for me though
  1418. Lumage
    well use duckduckgo :)
  1419. randomouscrap
    it's not even on the first page of links
  1420. Lumage
  1421. randomouscrap
    I'm sorry for bothering you lum
  1422. Lumage
    wait what is dream of arcadia fromoh no it's just people pretending it's a yuuka themeriiight arcadian dream okay
  1423. randomouscrap
    thank you for the help
  1424. Lumage
    it's wasn't a bother
  1425. randomouscrap
    oh of course all the maps are Xtremeargh I guess I'll just have to get betterI love this song
  1426. Lumage
  1427. randomouscrap
    guess I'll play osu then. I need to get up to 4.4 stars
  1428. Lumage
    "2.9 *"
  1429. randomouscrap
    some people are mean
  1430. 5logank has left the chat.
  1431. Lumage
    oh wait i have mods on lol
  1432. randomouscrap
    I like this one too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhQ0CQ-m4Xc
  1433. Lumage
    subtrranean animism has the best musicafter lotus land storywalking the streets of a former hell is also corpse voyagelullaby of a deserted helluhh dark blowholelast remotepeople like hartmann's youkai girl too
  1434. randomouscrap
    I see them
  1435. PhilFish
    random I got Synergy
  1436. randomouscrap
    they don't seem to have this song ranked though T_T
  1437. PhilFish
    best software ever
  1438. randomouscrap
    I only vaguely know what synergy is because someone linked it in chat
  1439. Lumage
    sealed away youkai - lost place is amaze too
  1440. PhilFish
    probably me
  1441. randomouscrap
    Congratulations on your software purchase I guess lolIs this all subterranean animism lum?
  1442. Lumage
    yeah over half of the SA soundtrack is good yes yes
  1443. PhilFish
    well I ended up buying it and now it treats my Linux PC just like a 3rd monitor on my Windows PC, except the monitor is actually linuxbasically one mouse, one keyboard, two computers, three monitors
  1444. randomouscrap
    I searched "subterranean animism" earlier but I didin't like the remixes they had
  1445. randomouscrap has left the chat.
  1446. Guzzler829 has entered the chat.
  1447. Guzzler829
    You shouldn't get dish soap in your eyeIt's no fun
  1448. PhilFish
    oh I'd never have guessed
  1449. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1450. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1451. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1452. andritolion
    Time for ARMS!The Testpunch is starting in 10 minutes!
  1453. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1454. andritolion has left the chat.
  1455. andritolion
    Gtg. I am in a fight.NookNooo..Yes!Bye. Gonna play.
  1456. Lumage
  1457. snail_
    in the sewer
  1458. andritolion has left the chat.
  1459. Lumage
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz7P46GUzXA-AA3TJws9DPjrTSm7S3CY6masochistic pleasure from appendage numbing
  1460. HylianHoundoom has left the chat.
  1461. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1462. Lumage
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrM-SQoHAfw What's this intro """inspired""" from?
  1463. Lacks has left the chat.
  1464. Lumage
    I'm not going to take "nothing" for an answer when it's FREAKING FRAGILEONLINE THAT'S THEIR THING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9H4KYFAok4
  1465. snail_ has left the chat.
  1466. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1467. lilstrubel
    hello :)
  1468. Lacks has left the chat.
  1469. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1470. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1471. andritolion has left the chat.
  1472. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1473. andritolion
    Done!ARMS Global Testpunch is DONE!
  1474. andritolion has left the chat.
  1475. andritolion has entered the chat.
  1476. Lumage
  1477. 12Me21Admin
    http://12me21.github.io/sbhighlight/ If anyone finds any bugs I'll pay them 7000 coins
  1478. lilstrubel
    I really love this song <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dMz8RBG7g
  1479. Lacks has left the chat.
  1480. Guzzler829
  1481. andritolion has left the chat.
  1482. PhilFish
    I'm gonna load up my WinXP VM and delete System32and rebootI want to see what happens
  1483. Guzzler829
  1484. Lumage
  1485. Guzzler829
  1486. Lumage
  1487. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1488. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1489. PhilFish
    I have identified System32
  1490. Guzzler829
    you don't like the equation?
  1491. Lumage
  1492. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1493. Lumage
    Seven Color MonotoneFour Letter Magic
  1494. RealTiP
    vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh whoops sorrycomputer was messing around
  1495. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1496. ElzoBro
    Weird how infatuation worksYou get so many ideas of how someone actually is, and when you finally get to talk to eachother, it's completely different. Not necessarily bad, but it's odd.
  1497. Trinitro21
    yeah and you have like a 50% chance of your attack failing
  1498. Lumage
  1499. ElzoBro
    I suppise you shouldn't expect your assumptions and educated guesses to be rightLol
  1500. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1501. ElzoBro
    Or you start mimicking your team member's moves and kill eachotherI'm excited for Track/Cross Country and DebateAlthough I think Track/Cross Country are two different things, I'd have to look into itOr I guess I can ask my brother lolIs it in bad taste to post my school's website?
  1502. PhilFish
    "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\hal.dll. Please re-install a copy of the above file."
  1503. ElzoBro
    Meh, since when was that a concern anywayshttp://school.fultonschools.org/hs/cambridge/Pages/
  1504. PhilFish
    okay so deleting system32 is bad
  1505. ElzoBro
    I'll he going to cambride next year ye
  1506. PhilFish has entered the chat.
  1507. PhilFish has left the chat.
  1508. ElzoBro
    I wonder what high school will be likeI hope I have good people in my classesAnd maybe some new friends tooIt's weird to look in the yearbook. I always wonder who I'm gonna befriend the next year when i get it
  1509. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1510. ElzoBro
    Here's the list of clubs i wanna talk about sone of themhttp://school.fultonschools.org/hs/cambridge/Documents/Extracurricular/CLUB%20List%202016.2017.pdf
  1511. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1512. PhilFish
    okay if anyone wants me to do stupid shit to a WinXP VM just ask
  1513. ElzoBro
    Bible Club sounds like a meme tbh
  1514. PhilFish
    I've already deleted system32 and I've already run the MEMZ virus so don't ask about those
  1515. Lumage
    fencing club
  1516. ElzoBro
    Is there a Torah Club?
  1517. Lumage
    yes'jewish culture club'
  1518. ElzoBro
    Lmao Defense Tactics Club sounds like a way to incite school violencwI should joinLol nice
  1519. Lumage
    sounds like one of those "have martial arts so you don't get raped' things
  1520. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1521. ElzoBro
    Idk how many actually good clubs are at this schoolProbably2
  1522. PhilFish
    is there a kawaii desu~ club?
  1523. Lumage
    what are half of thesemy school had like
  1524. ElzoBro
    Not counting athletics
  1525. Lumage
    one pageand they all sucked
  1526. ElzoBro
    I think there's anime clubI'm not gonna do it, at least not this yearLol @Lumage
  1527. PhilFish
    there's an atheist club at college
  1528. Lumage
    "young dem/young rep" that's interesting I wonder if they ever team up with debate club
  1529. PhilFish
    >and ofc I'm joining
  1530. ElzoBro
    I wanna do debate every year, and maybe Model UN
  1531. Lumage
    yeah don't join belief clubsonly activity/hobby clubs
  1532. ElzoBro
    I'm curious what they do in young Dems and Repubs
  1533. PhilFish
    but it's a lack of belief clubheuhuehuehueheuheuhue
  1534. Lumage
    inb4 brainwashing
  1535. ElzoBro
    I wanna join Young Independent
  1536. Lumage
  1537. ElzoBro
    Omg Lumage I'm wheezing lmfao
  1538. PhilFish
    oh yea I'm not joining any political club
  1539. Lumage
    wtf is VegYouth
  1540. PhilFish
    vegan youth?
  1541. Lumage
    Vegetable? As in mental retardation?
  1542. ElzoBro
    I wanna join Young Republicans so that I can cause a fight—Omg
  1543. Lumage
    or like plantsoh veganyeah probably that
  1544. PhilFish
    oh elzo are you dem?
  1545. ElzoBro
    > Brain Dead Youth ClubI'm an independent, I hate political partiesthey suck
  1546. Trinitro21
    how do you make a circle in gimp
  1547. Lumage
    they should just merge braindead club with the political clubs
  1548. Guzzler829
    I has a banjo now
  1549. ElzoBro
  1550. PhilFish
    I'm libertarian but they don't have a libertarian club at college (not like I'd join it anyway)
  1551. ElzoBro
    I feel like Young Rep/Dems is literally gonna be echo chambers for both sides lmaoAnd then there's probably gonna be bullying and some shitBetween the teoBetAt least in Debate, you have both sides
  1552. Lumage
    it's an interesting concept though
  1553. ElzoBro
    Yeah I suppose
  1554. Lumage
    new to me anyway
  1555. ElzoBro
    But they'll probably just be wrong about everything
  1556. PhilFish
    I hate how 99% of political things are two-sided like you're either for or against it, the end
  1557. ElzoBro
    And be biased like IRL political parties
  1558. Midnoclose has left the chat.
  1559. Lumage
    less "wrong" and more "you have to agree with every single one of these unrelated things"
  1560. Trinitro21
    ok i'm just going to assume that you cannot make a circle in gimp
  1561. PhilFish
    "democrat or republican" "pro-life or pro-choice" "liberal or conservative" "socialist or capitalist" "gun control or pro-guns"
  1562. ElzoBro
    Either that ir they'll refuse new information because that means they can be "wrong" and "grow as people"
  1563. Lumage
    use the circle tool
  1564. PhilFish
    like everything is 2-sidedbut there are way more than 2 sides
  1565. Trinitro21
    the circle tool
  1566. ElzoBro
    Maybe I wont be cut out as a politician with my non-bipartisan views buutI think I'll join both of them at some point just to see what it's like lol
  1567. Lumage
    I'm on the "don't sell assault weapons but other funs are alright" side
  1568. PhilFish
    >other funs
  1569. Lumage
    but that just makes me horrible to BOTH parties
  1570. ElzoBro
    I hope I get bullied in Young Republicans, I'll giggle
  1571. Lumage
  1572. Trinitro21
    other funs
  1573. ElzoBro
  1574. Trinitro21
    i know how to select a circle but how do i draw a circle outline
  1575. PhilFish
    I'm on the "we need strict background checks but otherwise all guns are okay" side
  1576. Lumage
    but noooo background checks are EVIL
  1577. ElzoBro
    I'm on the, "I guess you can have assault weapons, but no assault ammo, and guns should have more checks and stuff, but if bad people want guns they'll find a way to get them either way so"
  1578. PhilFish
    yea honestly what will making guns illegal do when was the last time making heroin illegal prevented people from using heroin
  1579. lilstrubel
    Hey Phil :)
  1580. PhilFish
  1581. Lumage
    I mean my real opinion is more complicated than what I said but yeah
  1582. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1583. Trinitro21
    this is the best i can do for circle outline in gimp
  1584. ElzoBro
    Idk my brother is of the "I played Call of Duty so I'm a gun expert durrrrrr" variety and he got mad at me when I said selling Assault Weapons is literally asking for death
  1585. lilstrubel
    Hey Phil I want to learn this song on the piano. This song is beautiful <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dMz8RBG7g
  1586. PhilFish
    piano can be difficult
  1587. ElzoBro
    But back to clubs i guess
  1588. Lumage
    I mean idk about that rhetoric but you certainly don't use a submachine gun for deer hunting
  1589. PhilFish
    make the "white pride" club and be hated by everyone
  1590. ElzoBro
  1591. Lumage
    I considered it.
  1592. lilstrubel
    it sounds like it's not too hard? Did you listen to it?
  1593. ElzoBro
    Black guy makes white pride club
  1594. Lumage
    ^that way it's "not racist"
  1595. ElzoBro
    This is gonna happen thatms gonna be my legacy>European-American Culture ClubWhite People Appreciation Club
  1596. PhilFish
    oh yea name it European-American and it'll be fine
  1597. ElzoBro
    I'll probably get an ISS tbhIdk what you do in clubs where you don't just eat Pocky and watch Steven UniverseI wonder if the Young Republicans teacher hates gays, now I HAVE to join
  1598. PhilFish
    "Straight Appreciation Club"
  1599. ElzoBro
    I wonder if the Young Dems has a hit-squad for people who don't align with their views
  1600. Lumage
    I wanted to make a white something-or-other club but just eat cookies and play smash bros. and wait for the very nationalistic Black Student Union to be upset about its existence
  1601. ElzoBro
  1602. Lumage
    they were very um "strongly-spoken"
  1603. Lacks has left the chat.
  1604. ElzoBro
    I wonder if there's a black appreciation club
  1605. lilstrubel
    I'm already learning things :) 你好 你 好*
  1606. ElzoBro
    I wonder if Class Council will be awful
  1607. Lumage
    what is TSAI think my school had one too
  1608. ElzoBro
    I'm gonna win Freshman Class council I'm sure
  1609. lilstrubel
    Did I mention that I caught my first shiny pokemon today?
  1610. Lumage
    "Technology Student Union"
  1611. ElzoBro
    My frieds are very... outspoken
  1612. Lumage
    what does that even mean
  1613. ElzoBro
    LolI though it was TSA like airport security
  1614. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1615. Lumage
    pat-down club?
  1616. ElzoBro
    Lol wait, the Young Dems leader is also the gay Straight Alliance Leader
  1617. Lumage
  1618. lilstrubel
    Speaking of clubs I ate a turkey club sandwich today...
  1619. ElzoBro
    I feel like that says something but I cant put my finger on it.. @Lumage
  1620. Lumage
    >Conspiracy Club
  1621. ElzoBro
    OohFuture Homeless of america will be the club i make
  1622. Lumage
  1623. ElzoBro
    I wanna so a bunch of clubs if I can
  1624. Lumage
    conspiracy sounds like half the group is looking at interesting bullshit and the other half just say "bush did 9/11" until no one laughs anymore
  1625. ElzoBro
    That way i can have some fun^Yeah lol
  1626. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1627. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1628. ElzoBro
  1629. Lumage
    also that's the club adviser, not club president or anything so possibly more just there to watch over people
  1630. ElzoBro
    >Political and social Debate
  1631. lilstrubel
    I'm starting to like Chinese Porn...
  1632. ElzoBro
    Oh so that's like, if Young Dems and Young Reps fused into a war zone
  1633. Lumage
    probably shouldn't join debate clubs first year
  1634. ElzoBro
    Oh yeah I totally needed to know that thanks much, yup yup
  1635. PhilFish
    what the fuck lil
  1636. ElzoBro
  1637. lilstrubel
    I forgot I shouldn't share that stuff xD
  1638. PhilFish
    why in SBS chat
  1639. ElzoBro
    But Debate sounds funnnAnd all my friends are there
  1640. Lumage
    oh i mean
  1641. ElzoBro
    And I get to fight people
  1642. Lumage
    if you like low standards lol
  1643. ElzoBro
    And learn them stuffOh awBut the clubs are for the whole school and stuff
  1644. Lumage
    debate is better after a few years of Lang
  1645. lilstrubel
    I can teach you something interesting ;)
  1646. ElzoBro
    I mean, I finished 9th Grade Lit last year so
  1647. Lumage
    I can teach you about my foot in your ass
  1648. ElzoBro
    Or this year? Idk when the statue of limitations on calling 8th grade this year starts*ends
  1649. lilstrubel
    @Lumage That sounds like fun
  1650. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1651. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  1652. lilstrubel
    @Lumage Why are you so mean man
  1653. PhilFish
    so there's a fidget spinner anime now
  1654. Lumage
    I should go donate blood again but ask for "whatever hurts the most"
  1655. PhilFish
    I wanna donate blood I guess
  1656. Lumage
    It's hecka fun(for me)
  1657. PhilFish
    there's a place where I live where you donate plasma and they pay you like a LOT of moneytalking about >$100
  1658. Lumage
    oh i didn't do it for payI did it at school
  1659. ElzoBro
  1660. Lumage
    The only bad part was that I missed part of class
  1661. lilstrubel
    who cares about class when your a savage
  1662. PhilFish
    I wanted to donate at school but the administrators didn't let me because I had a performance the next day
  1663. lilstrubel
    Is it weird that I tell you guys what kind of porn I watch?
  1664. PhilFish
  1665. Lumage
  1666. lilstrubel
    Awww but it's so interesting to know how people enjoy their "Private time"
  1667. Lumage
    usually I spend it killing people like you
  1668. PhilFish
    I spend my private time building PCs so there you go
  1669. lilstrubel
    what do you do in your bedroom besides sleep
  1670. Lumage
    mmf why can't the web be keyboard-navigation
  1671. PhilFish
    sit at my computer
  1672. lilstrubel
    sameHey Phil what's the girliest thing you have ever done? :)
  1673. Lumage
    remove smileyremove address
  1674. lilstrubel
    I wear female underwear (I'm straight)
  1675. Lumage
    remove boring repetitive grammars
  1676. lilstrubel
    @Lumage you should listen to this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0dMz8RBG7g
  1677. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1678. lilstrubel
    Hi Lacks :D
  1679. LacksHead Admin
    I bought a fidget spinner
  1680. lilstrubel
    why xDwhat color :)
  1681. LacksHead Admin
    Idk it was shinyBrass and silver
  1682. lilstrubel
    cool :)Sorry about before lacks...]I got carried away again
  1683. Lumage
    I don't want to listen to vocal music. Sorry.
  1684. lilstrubel
    I feel horrible. I always tell lacks I'm going to stop saying bad things and I keep doing it anyway :(
  1685. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1686. lilstrubel
  1687. PhilFish
    I did it
  1688. lilstrubel
    what did you do?
  1689. PhilFish
    look at the picture
  1690. lilstrubel
    I did but I don't get it
  1691. Lumage
  1692. PhilFish
    I don't really know what there is to not get
  1693. lilstrubel
    OH nvm I'm an idiot I got confused sorry
  1694. PhilFish
  1695. lilstrubel
    @Phil How come people hate me in this chatAka lumage
  1696. PhilFish
    well for one you discuss what kind of porn you watch
  1697. Lumage has left the chat.
  1698. Lumage has entered the chat.
  1699. PhilFish
    that's...not normal when it comes to IRCs
  1700. lilstrubel
  1701. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1702. lilstrubel
    I saw some people doing that so I thought it was okaynot herein another chat
  1703. PhilFish
    yea this is a programming chat not a porno chator, supposed to be a programming chat
  1704. ElzoBro
    Why is this still happning, rule of thumb, people like you less if you ask why people don't like you
  1705. Lumage
    "not here in another chat'every community has different rules
  1706. ElzoBro
    And if you wouldn't talk about it to someone's face, you shouldn't say it in chat
  1707. lilstrubel
    But I would say that to someones face :(
  1708. PhilFish
    that's not cool
  1709. lilstrubel
    it's not that bad is it
  1710. PhilFish
    it kinda is'
  1711. Lumage
    I mean you act like you've never been on the internet before
  1712. lilstrubel
    I know there are rules and all but I don't know the rules for this chatI still don't know
  1713. Lumage
    There aren't definite rules for what "is" and "isn't" okay to talk about, but as a rule of thumb, if people don't *want* to talk about it, you shouldn't talk about it
  1714. ElzoBro
    Part where Lil is an Andritolion alt trying to evade my ignores?????Lmao
  1715. RealTiP has left the chat.
  1716. lilstrubel
    you tried to ignore me? XD
  1717. PhilFish
    yea if people think it's not cool to talk about then you shouldn't talk about it
  1718. ElzoBro
    Not you, Andritolion lol
  1719. Lumage
    if other people are having a genuine discussion about something sexual and someone has a real contribution it's no problem to say it But if you're just talking about porn for no reason then you're just being annoying
  1720. lilstrubel
    but how do I know if people know it's cool or not until after?
  1721. Lumage
    keep to the current topic or keep quite*quiettyping too fast
  1722. ElzoBro
    You make an educated guess
  1723. PhilFish
    you use your brain and anticipate fellow human behavior
  1724. Lumage
    also yeah use your brain instead of your penis
  1725. lilstrubel
    Good one...But yeah I'll try
  1726. ElzoBro
    Keep to the current topic, smoothly transition to another topic, or keep quiet
  1727. lilstrubel
    Also sometimes I like getting different reactions from saying things like that
  1728. ElzoBro
  1729. lilstrubel
    Sometimes It's funnybut I don't want people to hate me for it
  1730. ElzoBro
    No I just don't like people trying to get reactions out of others just for the sake of it in general, but it's fine
  1731. Lumage
    >I want to do something dumb but I don't want people to think I'm dumb
  1732. ElzoBro
    At least you own up to it(?)
  1733. lilstrubel
    yeah I guessI barely have anything to talk about :(Nobody likes my music and everybody hates when I post links.
  1734. Lumage
    then don{t post them hereit's not specific to you
  1735. lilstrubel
    I really like music and that's something I like to talk about but it's hard when nobody listens to the same music as you.
  1736. Lumage
    because we AREN'T A-POP SOURCE
  1737. lilstrubel
    That's true then what counts as off topic???
  1738. Lumage
    >https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/just because it's off-topic doesn't mean everyone is going to want to discuss the same topicYou're not being clever
  1739. lilstrubel
    no that's not what I meant sorrywell what stuff do you like to talk about lumage
  1740. Lumage
    I don't talk about things so much as I talk with people, sorry.
  1741. lilstrubel
  1742. Lumage
    I can show you what I'm working on if it'll make you happy, though.
  1743. lilstrubel
  1744. Lumage
  1745. lilstrubel
    This is cool :)Anyway I'm going out to eat so I'll see you guys in like 20 min. Sorry to be a bother
  1746. lilstrubel has left the chat.
  1747. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1748. Lumage
    pixel_voxel[17:05]o: oh look free and open source software pixel_voxel[17:05]o: all i need to do now is dance in a circle and it'll summon gabe the ghost
  1749. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1750. Lumage
    define peer pressure fetish
  1751. ElzoBro
    define define
  1752. Guzzler829
    pier pressure lolanyway
  1753. Lacks has left the chat.
  1754. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1755. Lumage
    "you can't get inside a hand"
  1756. Perska has left the chat.
  1757. Lumage
    "I'm going to hold an apple on my head and I need you to shoot me in the face""I'd beat sparky to death with my umbrella if you know what I mean"
  1758. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1759. ElzoBro has left the chat.
  1760. HTV04 has entered the chat.
  1761. HTV04 has left the chat.
  1762. Trinitro21 has entered the chat.
  1763. Guzzler829
    http://htwins.net/unicrush/ good stuffor rathergood stu∬lol only saved me one character
  1764. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1765. 12Me21Admin
    http://smilebasicsource.com/user/bugm3not Possible alt of Midnoclose
  1766. Lumage
    not sure if I like you guys IPchecking every new user
  1767. PhilFish
    what would happen if I made an alt over a feigned IP and onion routed my connection?
  1768. Lumage
    they wouldn't catch you, but Lumage might
  1769. Trinitro21 has left the chat.
  1770. Lacks has left the chat.
  1771. Omiwa "Also cannot be eaten by dinosaurs"
  1772. Lumage
  1773. Omiwa Is this a reference to something from a game?
  1774. Lumage
    Maybe?It's definitely something the pixel voxel sus said
  1775. Omiwa That's a lovely file. Haha.
  1776. Lumage
  1777. Lumage Was it greatly enjoyable?
  1778. Omiwa https://www.mariowiki.com/List_of_Super_Mario_64_and_Super_Mario_64_DS_quotes#Boo The first one.
  1779. Omiwa Mildly Amusing, to say the least.
  1780. Lumage Ah, probably, then.
  1781. Lumage
    ./16-01-26.txt:2133: pixel_voxel[04:09]o: GHOSTS DON'T DIE ./16-01-26.txt:2137: pixel_voxel[04:09]o: (they also can't be eaten by dinosaurs)
  1782. Omiwa Your avatar is cute. Is it Yuuka? If no, please don't tell me what it is.
  1783. Lumage I'm a fish!
  1784. Lumage Would you kiss a fish?
  1785. Omiwa Maybe if this fish is named Mero.
  1786. Lumage http://safebooru.donmai.us/posts/2621711
  1787. Omiwa Angry.
  1788. Omiwa I think you threatened to ban me for having a close-up of a clean picture of Yukari by that artist.
  1789. Omiwa Anyway way, I'm surprised that's Iku. I thought it was someone from Touhou 14.
  1790. Omiwa Anyway, I'm*
  1791. Lumage Ms. Sweet?
  1792. Lumage https://smilebasicsource.com/forum?fpid=15919#post_15919
  1793. Lumage ofc i'll still probably do it in accesskeys
  1794. Omiwa openjs
  1795. Omiwa Have you seen How to Train Your Dragon?
  1796. Lumage No comment but continue.
  1797. Omiwa The dragon which the protagonist befriends is so cute, isn't it?
  1798. Lumage It's not.
  1799. Lumage Flawless Clothing of the Celestials
  1800. Omiwa It reminds me of a black cat.
  1801. Lumage It's not.
  1802. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1803. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1804. Lumage if you like degeneracy like that maybe you'd like Dragon Drive
  1805. Omiwa Why isn't it cute? Why don't you like it,?
  1806. Lumage I don't like the anime but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC2AjClszTc
  1807. Omiwa I don't want to watch anime.
  1808. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1809. coucou_COA has entered the chat.
  1810. Lumage read the manga then; it's better It's the plot that that series you mentioned stole.
  1811. coucou_COA has left the chat.
  1812. Lumage and the dragon is actually cute instead
  1813. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1814. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1815. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    why can't people use the chat normally
  1816. Lacks has entered the chat.
  1817. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    oh hi lacks
  1818. LacksHead Admin
  1819. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    how was your day so far
  1820. LacksHead Admin
    Pretty good
  1821. ElzoBro has entered the chat.
  1822. Omiwa
  1823. Chemicalex Omiwa
  1824. Lumage Chemicalex Omiwa
  1825. Lumage look it's literally the same show https://youtu.be/gC2AjClszTc?t=914
  1826. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1827. Kuragen has left the chat.
  1828. Omiwa No
  1829. lilstrubel has entered the chat.
  1830. lilstrubel
    hello :)
  1831. Omiwa It's not.
  1832. Omiwa Hello
  1833. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1834. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1835. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1836. Omiwa Darn I wish I had a normal family
  1837. Lumage define normal
  1838. Omiwa "normal"
  1839. Chemicalex nor·mal/ˈnôrməl/ adjective conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. (of a line, ray, or other linear feature) intersecting a given line or surface at right angles. (of a salt solution) containing the same salt concentration as the blood. denoting a fault or faulting in which a relative downward movement occurred in the strata situated on the upper side of the fault plane.
  1840. Lumage omiwa you're the one that isn't normal in your family
  1841. Lumage remember?
  1842. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1843. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1844. Omiwa maybe that's why I don't see them as normal because my perception is messed up
  1845. Chemicalex has left the chat.
  1846. Lumage would you kiss a plant
  1847. ColinTNMP has entered the chat.
  1848. Kuragen has entered the chat.
  1849. Kuragen
  1850. ColinTNMP
    hi there.
  1851. Kuragen
    hru colin? .o.
  1852. ColinTNMP
  1853. Kuragen
    im fine and you xd
  1854. Omiwa "How are you?"
  1855. Omiwa How aRe yoU
  1856. ColinTNMP
    .... oh sorry, I'm not good with abbreviations.
  1857. PhilFish
    okay so I discovered that nightcore is amazing
  1858. Lumage omyaw?
  1859. ColinTNMP
    I'm fine.
  1860. Omiwa Are you sure it's not stupid?
  1861. Lumage ^
  1862. Lumage omywa?
  1863. Kuragen
    hahahha is ok .o. and cool. hello phill.
  1864. lilstrubel Omiwa Why are you always hiding in the darkness it's not healthy
  1865. Lumage do you have any like this maybe? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLz7P46GUzXA-AA3TJws9DPjrTSm7S3CY6
  1866. ColinTNMP lol
  1867. PhilFish
    a touhou playlist without night of knightswhat is thisSoRcErY
  1868. Omiwa J'aime la nuit.
  1869. Omiwa No.
  1870. PhilFish
    und spreche ich kein Franzoesisch :(
  1871. Lumage
    it's night of nights
  1872. PhilFish
    I've seen it both ways
  1873. Lumage
    and the fifth one IS night of nightsI have too
  1874. lilstrubel
    french really xD
  1875. Omiwa Oui. 'u'
  1876. Chemicalex has entered the chat.
  1877. Lumage
    It's a remix of "Flowering Night" so I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be Night of Nights
  1878. lilstrubel
    你 好
  1879. Omiwa I don't understand. ewo
  1880. Kuragen
    hey guys i have a question..ehm why when i divide by hand 2÷3 i have 0.66666666 and doesnt end and why on a pc or a calculator when i divide 2÷3 i get 0.66666667 why do i get a 7 at the end?
  1881. ChemicalexChat Moderator
  1882. Kuragen
    .o. when i do it by hand i always have a remainder of 2.oh .o. ok
  1883. ColinTNMP
    Computers don't really use remainders
  1884. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    Remainders don't really exist digitally^^
  1885. ColinTNMP
    which kinda sucks sometimes...
  1886. Lumage
    https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/KWSmQpEVrY0?start=171&end=173 oh my [w]gosh where have I heard this before
  1887. ChemicalexChat Moderator
    the seven is rounding up the infinitely repeated 6.
  1888. Kuragen
    oh ok. but on smilebasic you can use mod to get a remainder of a number colin. .o. chem alright thanks!
  1889. Omiwa Ugh. I want to understand dreams.